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Picture it, September 2002, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Some completely non-creative type has an idea for a smut story with Elisha Cuthbert, but no one wants to write it for him. So rather than letting it go, he decides to do it himself. It was a complete and total mess, but it sparks a little something inside him. Somehow 12 years and 99 stories later, he’s still carrying on his silly little hobby. He’s still probably the least creative person you’ll find, but he’s proof that a decent grasp of the English language can make up for a lot of sins. (And yes, I just went third person for several sentences, and yes, you can punch me for it if you want.)


By voodoojoe

“Come on, don’t hog the remote,” Sarah Hyland whined as her friend teased her by holding the remote just out of her reach.

“No way,” Peter Spratt said, using the arm closest to her to hold her off. “If I give it to you, we’ll wind up watching Toy Story again.”

“I thought you loved Toy Story,” Sarah gasped, renewing her efforts to free the prized remote from his hands.

“I do, but not every day,” Pete said, trying to focus on the movie listings while keeping her at bay.

“Hey, go back, go back,” Sarah squealed, seeing Some Like It Hot listed.

“At least it’s not toys coming to life for the billionth time,” Pete said, grinning as she frowned at him. “We can watch Woody and Buzz this weekend, okay? Maybe do all three movies right in a row?”

“You’re forgiven,” Sarah said, smiling as the movie began.

“Good, now pass the popcorn,” Pete sighed, feeling the usual mix of emotions as she cuddled up against his side. She was easily one of the most beautiful women he’d ever met, but she was also one of his best friends and as much as he might have loved to fool around with her, the risk just wasn’t worth it.

It had started when they were both sixteen. He’d bumped into her at a party and fallen into lust with her almost immediately. Barely over five feet tall, she was really petite and tiny, yet had these big eyes that one could easily fall into and happily drown in them.

Unfortunately, after exchanging numbers she’d disappeared on him and it wasn’t until he’d called her a couple days later that he’d found out she’d had to go to New York for a few days. When she got back though they’d gone out on a couple dates and found that they got along quite well and rather enjoyed each others company. They just never really had that spark that made a good couple, so they’d decided to just be friends instead.

Of course, just because two people chose to be friends didn’t mean the strong attraction between them went away. It just meant they pushed it down deep and ignored it as best they could. Occasionally it popped up in moments of crackling sexual tension, but outside of one little kiss, and maybe a little groping, a year ago, it had never gone beyond that.

Part of that was because Sarah had a long term boyfriend, but even after they’d broken up, Pete had refrained from offering to be her rebound. He’d had a few dreams about giving Sarah the fucking she so desperately needed, but he had girls he could call up if he got horny without risking the one female relationship he didn’t want to risk by letting sex get in the way.

For Sarah’s part, she’d had the occasional passing fantasy as well, but after almost five years with the same guy, and the the way it had ended, she wasn’t in a hurry to jump into another. Though after living with her boyfriend she’d gotten used to getting laid on a regular basis and now after several months of nothing but her fingers to keep her company she’d started finding herself daydreaming about even the chunky guy who lived next door. If she didn’t find something a little more substantial soon, she was sure she’d do something stupid.

Laughing at the movie, Sarah moved to grab her drink. Putting a hand on Pete’s stomach she used it to brace herself while her other hand closed around the stem of her wine glass. Lifting it to her mouth she took a nice sip of the fruity liquid. When she reached to put it back though, Pete shifted just enough to make her other hand slip against the material of his shirt.

“Whoa,” Pete gasped as Sarah’s hand slipped all the way to his crotch.

Trying not go tumbling, her hand had instinctively closed upon his cock, feeling it start to stiffen against her palm. Her eyes widened in shock at how big it felt, though she couldn’t tell whether it was actually that big or if it was just that she was that deprived. Either way, her brain suddenly forgot about everything but the piece of meat in her hand.

“You can let go now,” Pete hissed as Sarah’s hand closed around his cock.

Not bothering to answer, Sarah started to softly caress his shaft. She could feel saliva starting to flood her mouth as she felt her first cock in months. That it belonged to Pete made it even better, and yet somehow didn’t matter at all.

“Please?” Sarah asked quietly as she moved her other hand to the waist of his pants.

Before Pete could even make up his mind, let alone answer, Sarah was also unbuttoning his jeans. Tugging down the zipper Sarah slipped her hand into his pants and through the hole in the front of his boxers. Closing her hand around his now-hard penis, she moaned and pulled it out into the warm air of the room.

“Wow,” Sarah hissed, seeing his cock and realizing that it wasn’t her sex-deprived brain after all, it really was that big.

While Pete’s cock wasn’t a foot long and thick as a python after eating a big meal or anything, it was still probably a solid eight inches and as her fingers closed around the shaft, they didn’t even come close to touching. In short, it was the biggest cock she’d ever felt, and it dwarfed her ex’s by a mile.

Without bothering to ask, Sarah lowered her head to his crotch. Getting an up close view, Sarah marveled at the veins sticking out and the slight curve in the shaft for a moment before sticking her tongue out and dragging it along the surface of Pete’s cock.

Normally if a hot chick wanted to give him head, Pete had no problem with it. However, Sarah was not a normal situation and as her lips wrapped around the head of his cock warning lights started going off in his head. Realizing what was happening, Pete tried to push her away, or at least tried as much as one could while a gorgeous woman was sucking his dick.

Pete put a hand on top Sarah’s head and tried push her away but in response she sucked even harder on the couple inches of cock in her mouth. As his will started to weaken, Sarah worked another inch into her mouth and felt the hand on her head start to change its grip. Instead of pushing with the heel of his hand, his fingers dug into her hair and actually held her in place.

In general Sarah was rather indifferent towards sucking cock. For the most part it was just something that was expected, but seeing how big Pete’s was, she’d been tempted to see if she could even fit it in her mouth. And now that she actually had it in her mouth, she wasn’t going to stop until she got fucked.

“Ohh, Sarah,” Pete grunted as she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock.

Gripping his tool by the root, Sarah sucked as she pushed her mouth further down his shaft. As he bumped against the back of her throat, Sarah felt him both relax and tense up at the same time. Taking a moment to breath around the wand protruding from her mouth, Sarah slowly started to pull up, using her lips and tongue to massage his shaft on the way up.

“You sure about this?” Pete asked, even though the fact that she’d instigated this little blowjob would have seemed to be all the answer he needed.

“Mmhmm,” Sarah half murmured, half moaned around his cock.

“Okay then,” Pete said, turning his head to where Sarah’s ass was sticking up in the air.

Since his options were apparently to either remain passive while she used his body or become an active participant, he decided on the latter option. While the thought of her using him like that was quite the hot mental image, he’d wanted to fuck her for so long that he wasn’t about to just sit there while it finally happened.

Moving his hand from Sarah’s head he reached out and grabbed hold of her ass. He’d always been a bit of an ass man and knowing that, Sarah had often teased him by giving her ass a little shake whenever she caught him looking, or even just when he was behind her and figured that’s where his eyes were fixed.

“Mmm,” Sarah moaned as Pete’s strong hand squeezed her ass through her shorts.

“If you don’t stop soon, you’re going to get a bit more than you might want,” Pete said as Sarah started stroking his shaft while working about four inches of his cock in and out of her mouth.

At his warning, Sarah was torn. She really wanted to get laid, but his warning seemed to indicate that he was in that middle ground where even if she stopped, he’d still be close enough to coming that she’d probably have to wait if she wanted him to last more than a couple minutes. On the other hand, if she kept going, she could finish him off with her mouth and then after a little recovery time could have him ready to go. Of course, the second choice meant trying to figure what to do with his cum, which she’d never been a fan of, but she was so horny that even that prospect didn’t faze her as much as it might under normal circumstances.

Increasing her suction on his cock, Sarah bobbed her head up and down. Jerking him off with her hand, she felt Pete start to hunch his hips against her. Reading the signs, Sarah moved even faster, hoping to finish him off quicker so she could get him inside her quicker as well.

“Fuck,” Pete groaned, feeling like she was trying to turn him inside out.

Gripping the arm of the couch so tight his knuckles turned white, Pete’s breath caught in his throat as the sensations she was causing got more intense by the moment. Finally unable to take any more, Pete’s body went stiff as a board. A low growl started deep in his throat as the cum raced up from his balls. The growl turned into a howl as the cum erupted out of his cock, splashing against the back of Sarah’s mouth and making her suddenly pull off his cock to keep from choking.

“Ugh,” Sarah sputtered as she took the next spurt on her upper lip, a little of it getting into her nostrils.

“Urrrgggg,” Pete grunted through gritted teeth as he finished by leaving nice streaks of jizz across Sarah’s chin and neck.

“Shit,” Sarah hissed, realizing she’d panicked and made a mess.

“Sorry about that,” Pete said, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a handkerchief for her to use to clean up.

“Thanks, but it’s my own fault,” Sarah sighed, using his hankie to clean his stuff off her face.

“Want me to do you? I’ve been told I’m very adequate at it,” Pete said, smirking. But as self effacing as he was trying to be, Sarah had talked in depth to more than enough of Pete’s girlfriends over the years to know he was very practiced at eating pussy.

“Maybe later,” Sarah said, sliding off the couch and hooking her fingers in the waist of her shorts. “First I need you inside me.”

“Shit, I don’t have a condom,” Pete said, watching Sarah push her shorts and panties down over her ass and legs. They’d been having movie night for years without anything like this happening, so it was no wonder he hadn’t thought to slip a condom or two into his pocket before leaving the house.

“It’s okay, I trust you,” Sarah said, too caught up in the moment to let anything stop her. Her parents probably could have walked through the door at the moment and she still would’ve mounted him right then and there.

“You sure?” Pete asked as Sarah moved to straddle his lap.

“Definitely,” Sarah said, grabbing hold of his cock. She was on the pill and while he wasn’t exactly celibate, he didn’t really sleep around either. Besides, she really wanted to feel him fucking her without the condom getting in the way.

Positioning his cock at her entrance, Sarah slowly lowered herself, feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate his large penis. Between the months without sex and his relative size compared to her ex, it felt like she was trying to fit a telephone pole into her pussy.

“Soooo big,” Sarah moaned as she put her hands on Pete’s shoulders and starting to slowly work herself up and down on his cock, fitting a little more inside her with each movement.

“Soooo tight,” Pete groaned as he was gripped tighter than a vise. She was so tiny to begin with so he wasn’t surprised by the sheer tightness, but that didn’t make her any looser.

“Finally,” Sarah sighed when she was sitting in his lap with every inch of him ensconced in her snatch.

“It only took eight years,” Pete said, smirking as Sarah planted her knees in the couch and started to lift herself up.

“Worth the wait,” Sarah said, pausing at the top of her arc with about half of his cock out of her pussy before biting her lower lip and dropping back down to take him back inside her to the root.

“Shit,” Pete grunted as his cock was plunged back into her vise-like grip.

As Sarah started lifting up again, Pete decided that she was still wearing far too many clothes. Putting his hands on her lower back, he slipped them underneath her t-shirt. Caressing her skin he slid them up her back and sides, pushing her shirt up as he went. Reaching her shoulders, he grabbed hold of her shirt and pulled, making her lift her arms over her head so he could pull it off the rest of the way.

With just Sarah’s bra now in the way of finally seeing her completely naked after so many years of imagining it, Pete wasted no time in reaching behind her. Finding her bra strap, he concentrated as first one hook, then the second popped free and allowed him to pull the garment away from her body and down her arms.

“Ooohhh,” Sarah moaned as one of Pete’s hands moved to her chest to cup one of her breasts. His other trailed down her back to grab hold of her ass and help her move on top of him.

“How does it feel to finally be fucking me?” Pete asked, finding her rhythm and lifting his hips to meet her thrusts.

“So good,” Sarah gasped as the long layoff coupled with the inner knowledge of who was fucking her had her soaring towards orgasm so much faster than she would’ve expected.

“Someone’s worked up,” Pete said, feeling her tremble against him and recognizing the signs.

“Yeahhhh,” Sarah whined, pressing her body against his as she felt the first blush of climax start to hit her. Since it had come so quickly it wasn’t a particularly big orgasm, but after so long, it was the most welcome thing in the world.

“Feel better?” Pete asked as Sarah slumped against his chest, head resting on his shoulder.

“Mmhmm,” Sarah sighed, feeling completely relaxed.

“Good, now how about we go upstairs so I can finish?” Pete asked, wrapping an arm around her.

With one hand still on her ass and his cock still buried in her pussy, Pete held her tight against him as he moved to the edge of the couch. Sarah moaned as he stood up and she slipped down another fraction of an inch onto his cock.

Knowing her house almost as well as she did, Pete made short work of the stairs and turned to head down the hall to her bedroom. Kicking open the door with his foot, Pete entered Sarah’s bedroom for about the hundredth time, but for the first time like this.

Moving to the foot of Sarah’s bed, Pete laid her down. Reluctantly pulling his cock out of her, he watched her slide up the bed and slip under the covers as he quickly stripped off his clothes. He could feel her eyes on him, looking at him in a new light after what they’d already done and were about to continue.

Standing naked in front of her, Pete turned to the side and struck a pose, making Sarah giggle at the obscene way his still-hard cock stuck out in front of him. Shrugging his shoulders and then grinning, he hurried around to the side of the bed so he could slip under the covers with her.

“Come here,” Pete demanded, putting a hand on Sarah’s furthest hip and pulling her towards him.

She squealed slightly as she was manhandled, but as he rolled over on top of her, the squeal turned to a moan. He pressed his body to hers, his cock trapped between them and she could’ve sworn she felt it almost up to her rib cage.

Reaching a hand between them, Pete grabbed hold of his cock. Shifting above her, he positioned his cock against her opening and pushed forward, sliding back into her. After her orgasm and their previous experience, she was a little looser this time but she was still incredibly tight as she squirmed underneath him in an effort to help him sheath his cock in her pussy.

After a couple minutes of effort he finally had his balls resting against her ass with every inch of his cock stuffed into her cunt. Taking a moment to let her adjust, he bent his head and gave her a tender kiss, realizing with shock that they’d both somehow managed to come already tonight, yet he hadn’t kissed her.

“Mmm,” Sarah moaned as Pete’s tongue darted into her mouth just as his cock started to pull out.

Keeping it nice and slow, Pete made love to Sarah. There was no other term for it as he slowly and gently moved inside her, all while pressing his chest against hers and their tongues took turns invading each others mouths. It certainly wasn’t “fucking” and even “sex” seemed a little crude for the softness he was exhibiting towards her.

And as much as she hadn’t realized it, it was exactly what she needed. Their first coupling, with her on top, had been rather frantic and entirely designed to give her the release she needed as quickly as possible. Their second one was more about showing her how much they cared for each other, even if they weren’t really couple material. It was about taking their time to luxuriate in what they were doing without putting too much thought into how it might affect things tomorrow or down the road.

“Ohh, so close,” Sarah hissed, finally breaking the kiss as she felt a second, significantly stronger orgasm threatening to crash down on top of her.

The pace had been slow enough that Pete wasn’t in any danger of coming himself, so he kept right on going, grinding his pelvis against hers with each thrust. When she let out a low scream and her body quaked underneath him, he paused his thrusting and swiveled his hips, stirring up her insides and drawing out her climax as he kissed her neck.

“Oh god,” Sarah groaned as she came around to find Pete still going.

Grinning at her surprise, Pete straightened up. As the blankets slipped down his back, he was treated to the sight of her smallish tits that actually perfectly fit her frame to a tee. Hooking his arms behind her knees he pushed her legs back and resumed his thrusting, this time with far more power behind them.

“Uhhhh,” Sarah grunted as Pete started really laying the lumber to her for the first time. Each thrust with his huge cock took her breath away as the air was expelled from her lungs.

“You like that?” Pete asked, even though the answer was obvious from the guttural growls that accompanied each thrust.

“Uhhh huhh,” Sarah hissed, nodding her head as she lifted her hips to meet his thrusts.

Grinning, Pete showed her that he’d been paying attention to her all those years when she’d talk about stuff various guys did, both good and bad. Originally he’d just taken mental notes to apply them to other girls never expecting to actually put them to good use on her. But now that he was getting that chance, he purposely avoided things he knew she disliked and put extra emphasis on what he knew she liked. And the stuff he wasn’t sure about, he experimented with and was quick to move on if he didn’t get the right reaction.

“Ohhh, fuck me, Pete,” Sarah pleaded, her eyes open wide and imploring him to make her come again.

Even if that wasn’t what he wanted more than anything, Pete never would’ve been able to refuse those eyes. He’d never been able to refuse those eyes, which was why she broke them out whenever she really wanted something from him. And right now she desperately wanted the same thing he did.

Feeling his own orgasm finally approaching, Pete pounded away at Sarah’s pussy. By now he was getting good at picking up the difference in her breathing as she neared her climax. It was getting shallower with each plunge, a clear sign that she was getting closer.

“Hurry,” Pete hissed, clenching his teeth in an effort to hold off enough for her to join him in ecstasy. He was pretty sure this would be their last go round, possibly ever, and he wanted to leave her with a positive memory.

“Almost,” Sarah whined, lifting her head so she could watch his cock spear her pussy over and over. Finally she was pushed over the edge, throwing her head back against the bed and arching her back as she came all over his cock.

Reaching the very limits of his stamina, Pete was finally rewarded with the feeling of her pussy gripping his cock in a stranglehold. Unable to take any more, his eyes rolled up in his head as he slammed his cock as deep into Sarah as he could. His lips curling into a snarl as he exploded, unloading spurt after spurt of molten cum into her pussy, basting her insides with his seed.

“OHHHHH,” Sarah gasped before he collapsed on top of her.

“That wasn’t terrible, was it?” Pete asked, panting as he rolled off of her.

“Definitely not terrible,” Sarah panted, feeling his jizz starting to ooze of her.

“We’re going to have to talk about this, you know,” Pete pointed out as he pressed against her side.

“Later,” Sarah sighed. She knew he was right, but putting it off a little longer, maybe even until tomorrow, wasn’t going to hurt anything. While it might not have been too hyperbolic to say everything between them had changed, she was convinced enough they were on the same page that it likely wouldn’t change that much in the long run.

“Okay, but I’m telling you now, until we have that talk and you tell me we’re back to being friends that don’t fool around, I’m going to just assume you’re willing,” Pete said, dipping his hand down to play with her pussy to punctuate his comments.

“That’s fine,” Sarah said, rolling onto her side and pressing herself back against him. If anything, his comment confirmed to her that he was on the same page when it came to their compatibility, relationship-wise. Plus, it left the door open for a bit more fun in the morning before they officially went back to being just friends and acted as if this had never happened.

* * * * *

Feeling the sunlight hit his face, Pete groaned and instinctively buried his face in Sarah’s hair. While it helped block the light, it didn’t halt the waking up process though as he became keenly aware of the soft skin pressing against him. He could feel her taut stomach under his hand, her back pressed against his chest, her firm ass against his cock and lower stomach.

Listening to her breathing, it was clear that she was still asleep though. He’d done a really good job of wiping her out and for the first time in months, maybe even years, she was sleeping the sleep of the truly satisfied.

Remembering what he’d told her about how he was going to assume he had a free pass to her body until she told him otherwise, Pete started getting a mischievous idea. Ducking under the covers, he was essentially blinded, but that just meant he’d have to use his hands to help him out.

Reaching out, Pete put a hand on Sarah’s hip and pulled until her body she rolled onto her back. Slipping a knee between her legs he used it to nudge her legs apart so he could settle between them. Pausing to listen, he heard her soft snoring and knew she was still asleep.

Being inches from her crotch, Pete could smell the strong odor of their mixed juices dried on her skin, as well as in the sheets, but he pushed that thought out of his mind. He wasn’t a big fan of tasting his own cum, but sometimes it was a price that had to be paid. And if he wanted to wake her up in grand fashion, then he had to deal with it as best he could.

Mind made up, Pete groped in the dark until his hands found the insides of her thighs. He moved them up her legs until he reached the spot where they joined her body and gave way to the gloriousness of her pussy. Extending his thumb he dragged it along her slit before using it to pull her labia apart and he cursed to himself that he had such an up close view of her pussy and no light whatsoever with which to see it.

Shrugging his shoulders and chalking it up to bad luck, Pete leaned his head in and took a tentative lick at her labia. Hearing a low moan escape Sarah’s still unconscious throat, he dragged his tongue upwards until he found the hood at the top. When he nudged at it with the tip of his tongue, he felt her tense up before returning to her slumber.

Deciding to step it up a notch, Pete curled his lips over his teeth and used them clamp down on her nub. Feeling her buck against his face, he moved his jaw from side to side, trapping her little pearl between them, finally achieving his goal as Sarah’s eyes shot open.

“Ohhh, fuckkkk,” Sarah hissed, disoriented at first before realizing what was happening to her.

Letting go of her pebble, he reached up to pull the blankets back to say good morning, but before he could, Sarah’s hand grabbed the back of his head and pushed it back against her pussy. So instead he let his hand grab one of her tits, kneading the tender flesh and using his fingers to tweak her nipple.

“Oooohhh,” Sarah moaned as his tongue flicked at her clit. It had been ages since she’d been woken up in such a manner, and she could already tell it was going to be a fabulous day.

But as good as his tongue felt, she still remembered how his cock had felt as well. So big and hard, her pussy wanted to feel it inside her at least once more before they went back to being just friends and let this be a warm memory.

Grabbing Pete’s arms, Sarah pulled. Luckily he seemed to get the message as he gave her clit one last flick with her tongue before disengaging. Rather than move up her body though, Pete grabbed hold of her hips. Lifting her midsection off the bed, he twisted, forcing her to roll over before planting her on her stomach.

Roughly tossing the blankets aside and letting the light stream in, Pete took in the sight of her pert little ass right in front of him. Bending back down, he parted his lips and pressed his tongue against her skin as he planted a kiss on her left butt cheek, right above where they met her thighs. When she squirmed under his touch he dragged his lips across the surface of her skin, skipping over the crack of her ass, before repeating the kiss on her right cheek.

“You always did like my ass,” Sarah said, giggling as he added a little nip with his teeth, just enough to let her feel it without actually hurting.

“You have no idea,” Pete said, taking the opportunity to let his hands palm and squeeze the flesh of her ass as long as she was willing to let him play around.

Kneading the flesh, he pulled them apart, exposing the tight little pucker of her asshole to his view. Having been her sounding board for whatever problems or questions she had about boys, not to mention a confidante when she wanted to tell someone she trusted about her exploits, he remembered her mildly-drunken confession about the time her ex had wandered a little far afield during oral sex. She’d rather enjoyed the brief contact his tongue had made with her anus even though he’d claimed it was disgusting and never tried it again.

With that memory pushing to the forefront, Pete hoped she’d been telling the truth rather than just fucking with his head. After all, she’d made the confession right after he’d told her about tossing the salad of the girl he’d been seeing at the time.

Taking a deep breath, Pete pulled the cheeks of her ass apart and leaned in to flick his tongue against her asshole. Her reaction was swift and decisive, leaving no room for interpretation. She moaned and lifted her hips to open herself up even more.

Buoyed by her response, Pete went in for seconds, with more confidence this time. Fresh juices had leaked out of her pussy from his ministrations and coated the surface of her asshole. Poking his tongue against the center of her anus, he pushed, waiting for her reaction.

“Uhh, yeahh, lick my ass,” Sarah grunted, reaching back to grab his head and hold it in place.

While she’d been telling Pete the truth when she’d had a couple drinks and told him about her accidental introduction to anilingus, she hadn’t told him the entire truth. What she hadn’t told him though was that a few months later she’d begged her ex to do it again, and had really gotten off on it. Her hadn’t though and stopped after just a couple minutes and barely touched her for a week afterward.

That didn’t mean she’d stopped experimenting on her own though. She’d touched herself back there, even slipping a finger into her own ass on occasion while masturbating. But without anyone willing to explore with her, and the only one she even knew that was into it was totally off limits, or at least had been until last night, Sarah had kinda given up on her newfound kink.

“I want you fuck my ass,” Sarah suddenly blurted out, taking Pete by surprise and stopping him in his tracks, tongue still pressed against her asshole.

“You what?” Pete asked, hoping to god he wasn’t dreaming.

“Fuck my ass,” Sarah said, much quieter as she worried that she’d pushed him too far. Though from her research online, anal seemed to be a pretty common thing so she couldn’t imagine him eating her ass with such enthusiasm and then balk at fucking it.

“For the record, if you ever want to torture me, just whisper ‘fuck my ass’ into my ear in public and then laugh as I have to hide the massive tent in my pants,” Pete said, trying to think of anything he’d ever heard, or could even conceive of, that was hotter than his sweet Sarah begging him to butt fuck her.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Sarah said, giggling nervously. “Does that mean you’ll do it?”

“Do you have any lube, or am I going to use even more saliva?” Pete asked. “Because I’m okay with either option.”

“I bet you are,” Sarah said, feeling a shiver of anticipation run up her spine. “But there should be some in the top drawer.”

“Excellent,” Pete said, unable to resist giving Sarah a light spanking as he walked on his knees to the edge of the bed.

Clambering off the bed, Pete reached down and pulled open the drawer. Finding her little stash, his eyes opened in shock at what he found. He knew she had a couple vibrators, he’d even bought her one as bit of a joke for her birthday a couple years ago, but he hadn’t been expecting handcuffs.

“You kinky little slut,” Pete said, holding up the metal bracelets. When she blushed and buried her face in the bed, he put the cuffs down and grabbed the tube of lubrication.

Climbing back onto the bed, he moved behind Sarah once more. Popping the cap on the lube, he squeezed out a blob onto the tip of his finger. After working the lube between his fingers to warm it up, he dragged his finger along the crack of Sarah’s ass, leaving a glistening trail in its wake.

“Oooh,” Sarah moaned when Pete made contact with her asshole and spread the lube around.

Looking back over her shoulder, Sarah shuddered as she watched Pete carefully lube her up. She moaned as he eased a finger into her asshole, the feeling so much better than when she did it to herself. And any qualms she might have had disappeared under the look of concentration on his face as he gently pumped his finger in and out of her ass.

“Are you ready?” Pete asked, withdrawing his finger from her back door.

“I think so,” Sarah said, feeling her heart beat a mile a minute.

“So how do you want to do this?” Pete asked, smearing enough lube onto his cock to drown a rat.

“I don’t know, isn’t this how you usually do it?” Sarah asked.

“Shit, that’s right, you’ve never done this before, have you?” Pete asked, feeling a surge of anticipation at getting to fuck Sarah’s virgin, perfectly unfucked ass.

“No, does that make a difference?” Sarah asked, hoping it wouldn’t dissuade Pete.

“It adds a little iron to my rod that’s for sure,” Pete said. “Hmm, lets try it in the spoon position.”

Grabbing hold of Sarah’s hips he eased her down onto her side. Sliding in behind her, he pressed himself against her back. Using one hand to pull her butt cheeks apart, he took hold of his cock with the other and aimed it at Sarah’s asshole.

Poking around, Pete finally found the yielding spot that was her anus. Pushing against it he heard Sarah gasp and hold her breath. Leaning his head forward, he kissed her shoulder, feeling her start to relax and loosen up just as he pushed forward.

“OH HOLY-,” Sarah hissed as the head of his cock suddenly punctured her virgin ass. It was so much bigger than his finger and the pain was intense and made every molecule in her body clench up tighter than a drum.

“Shhh,” Pete whispered into her ear before nibbling on her earlobe.

Pausing with just the tip stuck in Sarah’s ass, Pete moved his lips down to her neck. Slipping one hand underneath her to rest on her stomach, he used it to pull her tight against his body. As he used his hand to caress her stomach and his lips planted little kisses all along her neck and shoulder, he finally felt her start to calm down enough for him to push his cock a little deeper into her ass.

“Ohhh,” Sarah gasped, still feeling the pain, but the intimacy and tenderness Pete was creating was rapidly overpowering it.

When Sarah didn’t immediately tense up, Pete kept pushing. A couple times Sarah groaned and he paused, but each time she quickly pushed her ass back against him, letting him know that she wanted him to keep going. Then after several almost agonizingly slow minutes, Pete found his pelvis pressed squarely against the cheeks of her ass with his cock as deep inside her as it could go.

“Oh, geez,” Sarah groaned as Pete swiveled his hips, swirling his cock around in her ass. The feeling was electric and nerve endings she didn’t even know existed suddenly sprang to life, sending back messages to her brain.

As Pete started to pull out, Sarah sucked in a lungful of air. When he got about halfway, he paused and then pushed back in, emptying Sarah’s lungs in one quick burst as his pelvis and her butt cheeks came together once more. Reaching her hand back she put it on his hip as a sign to take it a little slower.

“Want me to stop?” Pete asked, pausing what he was doing.

“NOOOO! No, just go easy,” Sarah said, grabbing his ass to keep from pulling out.

“I’ll go as slow and easy as you want,” Pete promised, slowly withdrawing.

Taking a deep breath, Sarah couldn’t believe what she was feeling as Pete started to slide in and out of her ass with great care. The pain was almost completely gone, replaced by a weirdly pleasurable sensation of fullness combined with the friction of his cock rubbing against all those nerve endings centered around her anus.

“You like it?” Pete asked, feeling her start to push back to meet his thrusts.

“Sooo much,” Sarah answered as he increased his speed incrementally.

With her okay, Pete started putting more power into his thrusts into her ass. He was still only using about half of his cock, but neither of them were particularly complaining about it. Pete was still getting to feel his cock pumping Sarah’s ass and Sarah got to feel his pelvis thump into her ass and send even more vibrations through her with each thrust.

“Ohhh, fuck me,” Sarah moaned, her brain being slightly overwhelmed by the sensations.

With one hand still on her stomach and the other on her hip, Pete decided it was time to bring them into play. Moving his left hand from her stomach, he shifted it up until he reached her chest and his palm covered her tit. Meanwhile, his right hand snuck around to her front and dipped between her legs.

“Oh fuck,” Sarah gasped as his middle finger suddenly tapped against her clit.

Rubbing her clit with his finger, Pete lengthened his strokes. He could feel Sarah responding as he probed a couple of her major erogenous zones, while fucking her ass at the same time. On top of that she was experiencing the mental rush of doing something she’d wanted to try for a long time, and with someone she really shouldn’t be doing it with. In short, Sarah was quickly being sent into orbit, already more than primed to explode.

“Fuck my ass, Pete, fuck it so good,” Sarah pleaded as he worked her into a frenzy.

“Such a tight ass,” Pete grunted, working almost his entire cock into her ass.

While she’d felt it building inside her, her orgasm still took Sarah by surprise a bit. One moment it seemed to still be out on the horizon, the next it was hitting her full force. With a loud squeal of ecstasy, Sarah stiffened, waves of orgasmic bliss washing over her as she came from being fucked in the ass.

“That was hot,” Pete said, making small strokes into her ass as it clamped down on his cock hard enough to threaten to break it off.

“Ohhhh god,” Sarah moaned as her body finally went lax after her climax.

Pulling his hand away from her pussy, he grabbed her hand that had still been resting on his hip. Moving it around to her front, he pressed her fingers against her pussy. When she took the hint and started frigging herself, he moved his hand up to rest on her stomach, the tip of his middle finger pressing against her belly button.

“Now it’s my turn,” Pete said ominously.

Using his hands on her chest and stomach, he pulled her tight to him and then rolled. With her on her stomach and him on top, Pete shifted his hand from her stomach to join his other hand on her chest. Nudging her legs apart with his knees he put his weight on his elbows and knees while still keeping his chest pressed against her back.

Holding her tits, Pete used them as handholds as he resumed his thrusting. This time however, he wasn’t nearly as gentle. He wanted to pump his cum deep in Sarah’s asshole and he didn’t want to wait forever to do it. She got her orgasm, now he wanted his.

“Fuck,” Sarah gasped as he started slamming into her, pressing her into the mattress with each stab he made into her bowels.

As Sarah pressed her forehead into the bed, her moans turned into full-on shrieks. They were loud enough that if Pete hadn’t been there the whole time to know she was into what he was doing to her, he might have been concerned. But as he pumped her ass for all he was worth, he could see her right arm moving as she diddled her clit, not to mention the fact that she was lifting up to push her ass up to meet each of his thrusts.

“Nnnngggghhhh,” Pete snarled into Sarah’s ear, giving her another reminder of the savagery he was unleashing on her poor little ass, and she was loving every second of it.

Finger a blur on her clit, Sarah was getting close to succumbing to the nastiness of it all again. As his hands kneaded and massaged her tits underneath her, Sarah couldn’t take it any more. Turning her head to the side, she pressed her cheek against the bed and slammed her ass against him before letting out a strangled cry of pleasure that almost sounded more like anguish.

“That’s it, babe, come for me,” Pete hissed, driving his cock as deep in ass as he could.

With her asshole clamping down on him, Pete felt himself being drawn towards the point of no return. As her anus pulsed, clenching and unclenching as her orgasm rolled through her, he knew he wasn’t going last much longer. He had two options, either pull out or keep going, and he wasn’t going to pull out until he absolutely had to.

So with his decision made, Pete started making small thrusts into her clutching asshole. The feeling was unbelievable, her already tight asshole milking him as they both sought to feel his cum pumping into her asshole.

“Oh fuck, here it comes,” Pete warned as he felt his jizz racing up from his balls.

Driving every available inch, and maybe even an inch or two more, into Sarah’s backside, Pete threw his head back. Letting out a roar that could rival the meanest lion protecting its territory, Pete unleashed a torrent of cum into Sarah’s bowels. In reality it was his third load in just a few hours, so it was probably significantly less than an actual flood, but it was more than enough for Sarah to feel his hot gravy splattering the inside of her ass.

Completely drained for the moment, Pete let his body droop a bit. He still had most of his weight on his elbows so he didn’t crush Sarah, but he still pressed her even harder against the mattress than he might have liked. Luckily she was too wiped out from her own orgasm to notice, or even care.

“Mmm,” Sarah moaned when Pete finally started to lift up off of her. His softening penis had finally slipped out of her ass, leaving her feeling rather empty.

“So, should we have the talk now, or do you want to put it off long enough for me to get it back up?” Pete asked, giving Sarah a purposely lascivious look as she rolled over onto her back.

“I don’t know if I could handle more right now,” Sarah sighed as he pressed himself against her side. “But I was thinking that we should include some kind of slump clause in our friendship.”

“So if one of us hasn’t gotten laid in a while, we could help them out?” Pete asked. “But how long?”

“I was thinking maybe a month,” Sarah said. “And we’d both have to be single because I wouldn’t want either of us to have to cheat just help the other out of a slump.”

“I can accept that,” Pete said. “I’d also submit that there should be some sort of exemption for anal. Like if you got a hankering to have your ass fucked again and couldn’t find someone to take care of it for you, then I should be able to help you out no matter how long it’s been since you got laid or even relationship status. I mean, if you really need to have your ass worshiped and your boyfriend just won’t do it, then someone is going to have to do it, so it might as well be good old Pete.”

“I’m sure that would be a heavy burden to carry,” Sarah said, rolling her eyes. “But you’re right, I’m going to want to do that again, maybe often, and I’d hate to be in between boyfriends and suddenly feel a strong urge for ass play and have to wait a few weeks or something.”

“Okay, so we’re just friends who occasionally fool around, but only when it’s been a while for at least one of us, or if your ass is feeling lonely,” Pete said.

“Wait, maybe we should wait a couple hours before putting it into effect,” Sarah suggested, feeling his cock start to swell against her hip.

“Deal,” Pete said as Sarah started descending down the bed to suck his cock back to life.

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