10S-NE1 – Tennis Anyone Part One”

The following story is a work of fiction. Its contents are of a
graphically sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts
between underage partners. Any resemblance to persons either alive or
dead is purely coincidental. This story is intended for ADULTS only.
If you are under the legal age of consent in your local jurisdiction,
or if you are easily offended, kindly STOP READING NOW.

10S-NE1 – by – The StoryMaster

News of this magnitude was simply too Earth shattering to remain a
secret for very long within the closely knit group of Handlers and

Associates at The Youth Training Center. Rumor had it that the van
driver was the first to “spill the beans”, bragging to a friend that
he’d actually touched her while she lay unconscious in rear of his
transport vehicle. He’d gone on to claim that her scent was still on
his fingers, asking his buddies down at the loading dock if any of
them wanted a sample.

In general this sort of lewd behavior was frowned upon by the
Administrative Department, but given the circumstances, it was decided
that a certain amount of leniency was in order.

It had been a difficult collection, and the fine men and women in that
highly specialized division deserved commendation. The young woman’s
security was top notch, undoubtedly costing her a ton of money, but in
the end the patience and professionalism of the TYTC Collections Team
paid off. In fact she was being unloaded and transported to Recovery
at that very moment, and it seemed that everyone knew about it. The
hallways and corridors of the massive underground complex fairly
buzzed with excitement and anticipation.

“Well, Boss, do you think we can pull it off?” Rick Adams asked
good-naturedly of the man seated opposite him behind a big oaken desk.

Adam North, the Headmaster of the Center thought for a moment before
answering as was his custom. Then with an ironic smile he said to his
Chief Handler, “Don’t you think it’s a little late to be worrying
about that? She’s in Recovery as we speak and is due here for her
“Double I” within the hour.” After a thoughtful interlude the
Headmaster went on. “Consider this, Rick. She’s no different than
any other female in a purely anatomical sense. So I don’t see any
reason why our program shouldn’t work for her as flawlessly as it’s
worked for countless other young ladies for nearly two decades.”

Rick understood the logic behind his employer’s statement, but still
he had his doubts. “What about her age?” he challenged.

Again there was a period of silence preceding North’s response.
“Granted, her advanced age is troublesome. She’s had what… nineteen
years, during which time she’s no doubt developed some very bad
habits. We all know that much past the age of fourteen, members of
the ‘fairer sex’ can become pretty stubborn and set in their ways,”
North stated, thinking out loud. “Couple that with her considerable
wealth and celebrity, pour in an extra dose of good looks, and we have
all the makings for a real challenge, don’t we?” he asked his second
in command with a wry smile.

“Yes we do, Boss,” Rick answered with a nod and a sigh. “But if we’re
successful, imagine what a marketing coup this will be for us.” Both
men nodded then sat in silence for a time.

“I think we have to focus on the positive side,” Adam North began when
the intercom extension on his desk chirped. He picked up the receiver
and held it to his ear. “Uh, huh.. Uh, huh,” he muttered. “Very
well, send her down. Two escorts please, and track down Mark Haskel.
Tell him we’re ready for him.” His voice carried a sense of authority
and power that had been absent during his earlier conversation with
Rick Adams. Now, however, it was time to get down to business. North
replaced the receiver in its cradle.

“I’m giving her over to you, Rick,” the Headmaster stated for the
record. “I’d like for you to be her Principal Handler. Additionally,
I’m assigning Mark Haskel to her team. He’ll work under your
direction and supervision, but I believe Mark possesses qualities
which might be useful in helping our newest Guest to concentrate.
After all, she has a lot to ‘unlearn’,” North added with another wry

“I appreciate your vote of confidence,” Rick Adams said to his
superior. “I’ve worked with Mark before, and I know that he’s quite
competent and very thorough. Don’t worry, Boss. We’ll make you
proud,” Rick assured the TYTC Headmaster.

“I know you will,” North replied then glanced at his wristwatch. “She
should be here any minute.” Another moment of silence followed before
Rick spoke up in order to break the growing tension in the air.

“Her new owner is the guy who I don’t envy,” he said with a chuckle.
“Even with the benefits of our training, this little lady’s going to
be difficult to keep under wraps.”

“Not if he can keep her under the sheets,” North shot back with his
legendary dry sense of humor, and both men laughed good naturedly.
Then there came a knock upon the door.

“Come,” North spoke curtly.

The heavy wooden door opened abruptly and through it walked a large
man dressed in white coveralls. Turning as he entered, the man looked
back, awaiting his charge.

The girl looked a little dazed which was certainly to be expected
considering the rather large dose of tranquilizer she’d received upon
collection. She did not, however accept the assistance of her escorts
and stepped boldly into the unfamiliar office surroundings followed by
a second man dressed in identical clothing to the first, the same
clothing, as a matter of fact, that Rick Adams wore; the spotless,
white coveralls of a TYTC Handler.

Adam North stood. “Welcome. Do come in, my dear,” he said politely.
He then held up a hand when she started to respond. Adam North
enjoyed a mysterious power over young women, and this girl was
apparently no exception, for she fell silent instantly, never uttering
a sound. “We’ve been looking forward to your visit for quite some
time now. You posed a considerable challenge for the good people of
our Collections Department, but I’m happy to see that they were at
last able to arrange for you to join us,” he said with a smile. “I do
hope that you will come to enjoy your stay.” He took his seat and
opened a file folder which lay on the desk blotter in front of him.

Anna was extremely confused. For the life of her, she couldn’t
remember how she’d arrived in this place. She recalled going out for
her usual morning run through the posh south Florida neighborhood
where she resided for part of the year. She’d quickly outdistanced
Stephan, her bodyguard, as usual, even though she’d been cautioned
repeatedly about personal security and the need to be vigilant at all
times when she was out in public.

“We can’t do our job, if you insist upon thwarting our security
measures, Miss,” Gerald, her Head of Security, had admonished her just

Anna was seriously considering firing the man. “He’s such a pest. I
pay him a fortune, and for what? All he ever does is tell me what to

More than once she’d been forced to explain to the head security man
that the palatial estate in which she lived was built like a fortress,
and that the neighboring property owners were all extremely wealthy
and equally concerned about their own privacy and security. “Why else
do you think I paid almost three million to live here, Gerald?” she’d
asked the professional man in an arrogant and patronizing tone of
voice. Anna was not used to answering to many people, and certainly
not to those for whom she’d paid good money.

The elegant estates in Anna’s neighborhood were walled and gated and
set back from the immaculately landscaped lane lined with huge Banyan
trees and interspersed with Queen palms. The marksman was well
concealed, yet commanded a clear view of the shaded street below. He
recognized his target immediately when she rounded the curve
approximately twenty meters distant from his position. He’d been
informed by spotters placed strategically along the subject’s route
that she was in the clear. “Ready collection?” he queried in a

“Roger that,” came the hushed reply in his earpiece.

“Taking the shot,” the marksman spoke softly to the rest of his team
as he applied gradual pressure to the trigger of the sophisticated
pneumatic rifle. Fifteen meters away a tiny red dot danced
momentarily on the flank of his target. There was no recoil and no
report as the red marker of the targeting laser was instantly replaced
by a small dart-like projectile which protruded from the shining
surface of spandex covering her right hip. The marksman watched as
she skipped one step, glancing down at the sudden source of
discomfort. Then she dropped.

“Subject down,” the shooter whispered into his tiny mic. There was no
verbal acknowledgment, but in the lane an unmarked white van appeared,
seemingly from out of nowhere. Had anyone been around to witness the
operation, they most certainly would have been impressed, for in less
than a minute the nondescript service vehicle pulled away, leaving the
shaded street silent and empty.

Two blocks away the safety shooter lowered his weapon and disappeared
into the wooded area behind his position. His services would not be
required that day. On the street below the young body guard raced to
catch up with his errant charge. “Damn that blond bitch!” he hissed
under his labored breathing. Then silently he promised himself that
he would step up his sprinting drills.

Anna awoke on a cot in a medical facility of some sort. The walls and
floor were white tiled and there were several stainless steel cabinets
arranged around the perimeter of the room. No sooner had she opened
her eyes it seemed, than a young man dressed in white entered the
room. Anna recalled thinking that he was rather good looking.

“Feeling better?” the man inquired politely.

“I… Where?” Anna tried to sit up, and immediately the room began to
spin crazily.

“Whoa! Take it easy there, young lady. Just lie still for awhile
longer. You’re gonna be just fine,” the orderly instructed her.

Anna didn’t argue with him. Suddenly she felt terrible. She was weak
and shaking and felt mildly nauseous. “I hope I’m not hurt or
anything,” she reflected groggily before drifting off again.

She had no way of knowing how much time had passed, but when next she
regained consciousness, she felt a little better. When Anna opened
her eyes she found that she was in the same room on the same cot, and
the same young orderly was leaning over her. Out of the corner of her
eye, Anna noticed him quickly return his hand to his side. As she
gazed up into his dark eyes, suddenly an inherently female alarm
sounded in her subconscious. “Had he… had he been… been…
touching me?” a panicky little voice in her mind cried. Then her
reason stepped in and assured her that she was obviously mistaken.
“No way,” she’d quickly managed to convince herself.

“Welcome back,” the orderly said in a friendly voice. His smile was
warm and genuine. “If you’re feeling up to it, there are some folks
who would like to make your acquaintance.”

“I… I guess I’m OK,” Anna replied. Her accent was unmistakable. A
thousand questions came to mind, but all she could manage in her
current state of grogginess was, “Where am I?”

The young man smiled pleasantly and said, “Come with me, please, Miss,
and all of your questions will be answered.” Then he held out his
hand to her and helped her up.

The orderly led her from the exam room and out into a wide corridor
where another man dressed in white materialized out of nowhere and
fell in behind them. Anna recalled thinking that she was really being
given the VIP treatment. “This is some hospital,” she said casually
as she was led down the empty corridor. Her attendants didn’t

All of the hallways had been cleared between the Recovery Room and the
Headmaster’s Office as was the routine during new admissions to avoid
unnecessarily upsetting the new Guests. As a result, Anna arrived at
the door of the office of The Headmaster of The Youth Training Center
without incident.

“Let’s see, Miss Kournikova,” Adam North began reading out loud from
the file folder. “According to our records, you are nineteen years of
age. You are five feet, eight inches tall and weigh approximately one
hundred twenty-three pounds. Blond hair, natural I assume, and green
eyes,” North continued down the list of personal statistics. Then
looking up at Anna he made a curious remark. “We’ll need to get a few
additional measurements and statistics from you a little later.”
North returned his attention to the file, ignoring the rather
impertinent look she directed at him. “Currently dating one Sergei
Fedorov, favorite dessert is chocolate ice cream, nickname Murzik,
menstrual cycle starts around the fifth of each month.”

His last statement got Anna’s attention. “Who are you people, and
what do you want? When will I be allowed to go? I have a very busy
schedule, in case you didn’t know,” she stated, her inherent
arrogance, beginning to rear its ugly head.

“All in good time, Miss Kournikova,” North responded calmly. “And
yes, indeed you do have a busy schedule, my dear, so I suggest we get
started right away. Oh, and by the way, I love your accent.” He
smiled warmly at the slightly miffed and confused young woman.

Glancing at the two large, white clad men who flanked the lovely blond
tennis star, North said curtly, “Ted, Curtis, if you would be so kind
as to assist Miss Kournikova we’ll begin the Interview.”

“I.. What the…?” Anna sputtered in surprise as the two attendants
seized her arms.

Just then there came another knock at the door.

“Come,” Adam North responded.

“Let me go, you big ape!” Anna snarled at the man on her left as she
tried unsuccessfully to wrench her wrist free from his powerful grip.
She was not accustomed to being touched or handled without her
expressed permission.

“Ah, Mark, here you are,” North said cordially, ignoring the struggle
going on in front of his desk.

“And just in time, it appears,” Mark Haskel said with a grin. The
Handler moved gracefully for a man of his stature. As he stepped
through the door, he was forced to duck his head. Mark Haskel was
just over six and a half feet tall, weighed nearly three hundred
pounds and not an ounce of it was fat. Behind him, Mark rolled a
stainless steel frame which looked like a coat rack on casters.
“Thought I might bring this along in case we need it,” Mark said.

“We might very well need it,” Rick Adams said, rising from his seat.
“Good to see you again, Mark,” he said, side stepping around the
struggling young woman and her two attendants. Shaking hands with the
big man, Rick marveled at the fact that his own hand, which was fairly
large, was completely swallowed up by Mark’s huge paw.

“The man’s a bear,” Rick thought to himself. Rick had seen him in
action on several occasions, though, and despite his enormous frame,
the Mark Haskel was as agile as any man could be, and surprisingly
gentle as well.

“I’ve had just about enough of this!” Anna spat when Rick stepped in
front of her. “I don’t know who you are or what kind of operation
you’re running here, but if you don’t release me this instant, there’s
gonna be hell to pay!” she threatened bravely. Anna had been trained
in self-defense and wasn’t afraid to make use of her skills.

Rick was willing to be tolerant of misbehavior to a degree, in light
of the celebrity of their new Guest, but he certainly was not
interested in making a bad impression in the eyes of the Headmaster or
his peers. Rick stared evenly at the young woman and said, “We
understand that you are accustomed to receiving preferential
treatment, Miss Kournikova.” His statement seemed to have a calming
effect upon the pretty Russian as he glanced covertly at the two
Handlers who stood to either side of her.

Although Anna had ceased her struggles for the moment, the two men
maintained a light hold on her arms. They had, naturally been briefed
about their Guest’s abilities and training, and as a result they
remained focused and ready to take appropriate action if necessary.
When the two men saw Rick’s unspoken signal, they readied themselves,
but not in such a way as to alert or alarm their Guest.

“In answer to your question regarding who we are, Miss Kournikova,”
Rick began. “You are presently a guest of The Youth Training Center,
and I am the Senior Handler here second in command only to our
Headmaster, Mr. North,” Rick explained as he turned and acknowledged
his superior with a polite nod. “While you are with us at TYTC, you
may rest assured that you will receive very special treatment, from
myself and my staff.” Rick noted that her expression brightened a
little. “If you have any difficulties during your stay with us, I
hope that you will let me know right away so that appropriate action
can be taken. It is our sincere desire that your time with us be as
productive as possible. I hope I am making myself clear, Miss

Anna gazed into the young man’s dark eyes. He seemed genuine and
confident, and Anna felt a certain unexplainable attraction to him.
She nodded her understanding.

“Excellent,” Rick said with a smile. “Then we may begin. Mark if you
would take over please,” Rick said, glancing in the big man’s
direction. Then turning back to Anna, “Mark will be working with you
throughout your stay with us, Miss Kournikova. Mark has been with us
for many years, and I’m certain that you will come to appreciate his
considerable talents.” With that, Rick moved aside to make room for
Mark Haskel.

On either side of the comely Russian, her two attendants braced
themselves. Anna actually had to tip her head back in order to look
into the big man’s eyes when he stepped before her. There was no way
Anna could have prepared herself for what happened next, and the
professional man naturally gave her no warning. As she gazed up into
his cool blue eyes, Anna was actually thinking that this giant of a
man was somewhat attractive, when the unthinkable happened.

“Good morning, Miss Kournikova,” Mark Haskel said in an even tone of
voice while maintaining a perfectly neutral expression. He had to
stoop ever so slightly in order to reach her, but as casually as one
would shake hands with another, Mark forced his big right hand between
the unsuspecting blond’s legs and clamped it firmly over the most
private area of any girl’s body.

At first, Anna was too stunned to move. Her facial expression,
however, changed fairly quickly from one of curiosity, to astonishment
and then soon after, to one of fury. In addition to a startled
squeak, Anna’s immediate reaction was to take a swing at the overtly
presumptuous man. Instantly, however, she realized that her arms were
held fast by the two men who flanked her. Then as she felt the man
begin to kneed her intimate flesh through the thin fabric of her
spandex running pants, Anna tried to lash out with one foot in an
attempted front kick. Unfortunately for her, the blow was blocked
most efficiently by the man to her left, who seemed to somehow
anticipate her move. Anna shrieked a string of profanities, many of
which were in her native tongue, as the big man in white continued to
manipulate her where no one had ever before dared touch her without
her direct permission.

There followed a period where time became compressed. Perhaps because
she was in a mild state of shock, Anna would later be unable to
clearly recall the exact sequence events which led to her being
effectively restrained at the ankles and wrists to a stainless steel
frame affectionately know as the “A-Frame”, the “A” standing for
“Acceptance”. Her curses and cries of protest continued until Anna
was nearly exhausted and stood gasping for breath and perspiring
profusely. Feeling the cool steel of the bar which crossed behind her
shoulders, Anna continued to struggle ineffectually against the
restraining device for several minutes, glaring malignantly at those
men standing within her field of vision.

“Let me go!” she snarled at the giant of a man named Mark who, during
the process of restraining her, had thankfully dropped his hand from
between her legs. But for Anna, the insult remained fresh, and in her
mind she could still feel his touch. “Don’t you come near me!” she
hissed, when in answer to her demands the big man in white stepped
closer. So close in fact that as he went about checking the velcro
restraint bands at Anna’s wrists and elbows, his massive body pressed
against hers, causing her to cringe in disgust.

“Be still, Miss Kournikova,” Mark said, sternly, but not in an unkind
way as he adjusted the restraint cuff which bound her right upper arm
to the shining horizontal bar of the A-Frame. “You will learn many
things during your stay with us, and one of them is manners,” Mark
said casually. “We have a few simple rules or standards which we
expect our Guests to abide by,” he explained. One such standard,
number five to be exact, states that Guests shall not speak unless
instructed to do so. Do I make myself clear, Miss Kournikova?”

Anna stared at the man in utter disbelief, and for the first time in a
long time, she was speechless.

“We have eight Non-negotiable Standards at The Youth Training Center,”
Mark went on to explain as he stepped back and made a quick visual
inspection of the bands around the young woman’s ankles. “And as time
goes on, you will become familiar with each and every one of them.
And I might add, Miss Kournikova,” Mark continued evenly in spite of
the vicious look she gave him. “These standards as well as most all
of our rules and regulations regarding Guest behavior are not
debatable. Disregard for them will not be tolerated,” Mark stated

Anna Kournikova was not in the habit of taking orders from anyone, and
in addition, she was fiercely competitive to the point of being
combative at times. So in spite of the fact that she was bound
spread-eagled to the four corners of the hateful A-Frame device by her
wrists and ankles with additional restraint bands around her arms just
above her elbows, Anna refused to submit. She would fight these men
to the bitter end. Somehow, some way, she would manage to beat them.
“Sooner or later she would break free of their clutches, and then
there would be hell to pay!” she silently vowed.

Anna, of course, was not alone in these sorts of rebellious
sentiments. Adam North had seen these and other such behavioral
patterns manifest themselves time and time again in the newly admitted
Guests during their Induction Interviews. Many young ladies reacted
in exactly the same manner as the young tennis star, with wrathfulness
and threats, vulgar language and fits of rage interspersed with tears
of dismay, and at times with violence. Others attempted to elicit
pity from their Handlers and Attendants, using beguiling pleas and
prolonged crying jags in an effort to express their displeasure at
being handled against their wills, many for the first time ever.

North recalled a pair of twin sisters who to everyone’s surprise
reacted completely oppositely to their initial indoctrination, and
continued to do so throughout their stay at the Center. The Nesbit
twins, Marina and Melanie, had been fourteen years old at the time.
This is a very impressionable age for a young lady, and widely
considered to be the ideal age for a girl to begin the TYTC Program.
Breaking protocol, North had elected to administer the “Double I” to
the twin girls together rather than one at a time as was the norm.
Alex, who was his right hand man in those days had been in charge, so
North had little worry that all would go well, which it had,
naturally. The only surprise, which hadn’t really represented a
problem, per se, was the way the two sisters responded so differently
to treatment.

Marina Nesbit, who was the more precocious of the two siblings, had
reacted with the expected alarm and rage usually associated with
initial contact. Melanie, the demure sister, on the other hand, had
become almost catatonic under the expert touch of the then Senior
Handler, basically allowing him to have his way with her without
opposition. Two identical twins; two distinctly different reactions
to the Program.

What was interesting moreover, was that although the two girls had a
known history of competitiveness with one another, when Marina Nesbit
had sensed that her sister’s well being was threatened, she’d
attempted to come to her aid even at the expense of her own comfort
level, demonstrating that a very strong emotional bond existed between
the two girls. This bond soon became the focus of a special
behavioral study. The daily conditioning routines of the two sisters
had been modified such that their performance could be monitored
together as well as with separate Handlers.

Alone Melanie Nesbit had quickly become the darling of the Center due
to her sweet and accommodating nature. However, when the two sisters
were brought together under the tutelage of a single Handler, things
changed dramatically. Marina, who throughout her program of
conditioning, remained renitent and unobliging, oddly enough became
more accommodating in a group setting, presumably in order to spare
her sibling the perceived emotional stress of being handled against
her will. Melanie, who had progressed to the point where she
appreciated the attentions of many of her partners at the Center,
responded to her sister’s unrequested attempts to protect her by
becoming even more precocious and seductive. Together the two
fourteen year olds were very entertaining indeed. In fact, for
several weeks, Adam North had taken the Nesbit sisters under his wing
and had shared much of his considerable personal knowledge and
experience with the two lovely girls.

The TYTC Headmaster sat calmly behind his desk, monitoring the
progress of Anna Kournikova’s Induction Interview. He watched with
pride as his staff members went about systematically removing her
clothing. They used EMT style shears to cut away the expensive
spandex running attire she’d been picked up in, for as is stated in
another of the TYTC Standards, “Guests shall remain disrobed at all
times.” In other words, the pretty blond tennis star would not be
needing her clothing any more after this morning.

As North expected after having read her dossier carefully, Miss
Kournikova persisted in her rebellious behavior even after having been
forcibly stripped. For many young ladies, finding themselves suddenly
disrobed among a group of strangers will put a “chink in their armor”,
so to speak. Being both unclothed and restrained tends to instill a
sense of vulnerability in a girl that can evolve into the first
turning point along the road to a new self-image. But not so with
Anna. In fact, even as her stylish running shoes were being cut from
her feet, she stared straight at North with the unmistakable glint of
defiance in her green eyes. Adam North wasn’t interested in Anna’s
eyes just now, though.

“Take your hands off me, you monsters!” Anna screamed, her accent
unmistakable in her present state of unrest. She refused to believe
that any of this was happening to her, after all the money she’d spent
on security and body guards and self-defense training. But now, in
spite of her best efforts to resist, Anna found herself bound hand and
foot to an apparatus of obviously evil design and unable to prevent
these horrible, disrespectful men from stripping her naked and ruining
her expensive running outfit in the process. The fact that they’d
actually cut away her clothing incensed Anna almost as much as being
forcibly disrobed.

“Silence, Miss Kournikova!” Mark ordered in a powerful voice, and to
her never ending surprise, the blond tennis star immediately fell
silent. She stood blinking stupidly up at the huge man, not knowing
what to do next.

It took many months of hard work and training to master the Command
Tones, and Mark Haskel was one of the best. Considered by many to be
a martial art form, voice command inflection was a powerful tool if
used properly. The technique required perfect control of voice
modulation and could confound and confuse a Guest, rendering her
temporarily immobilized for several seconds, giving the Handler or
Attendant time to act. As an added benefit, the emotional impact of
being suddenly thrust into state of submissiveness with nothing more
than a spoken word, was undeniable.

In fact, Anna was in the process of considering that very concept when
the man put his hand on her again. For several seconds Anna was too
stunned to react to the renewed trespass on her person, but as her
green eyes began to widen in utter disbelief, the rage welled up
within her.

“Good morning, Miss Kournikova,” Mark Haskel stated for the second
time that morning as he separated his fingers into two pairs, sliding
each pair over one of the young woman’s labia majora. Anna’s reaction
was tempestuous as expected, but the A-Frame lived up to its
reputation and effectively prevented the blond tennis star from
injuring herself or her Handler. Mark rested his left hand on the
horizontal bar of the A-Frame next to Anna’s right elbow and studied
her facial expression closely as with his right hand the Handler
pressed upward against her substantial labia. He was careful not to
lean too close and risk a head butt from the irate young woman as she
thrashed and spat and screeched obscenities in Russian.

Mark’s manual attentions were by no means random. To the contrary,
the professional man manipulated Anna’s most private flesh in a very
systematic manner. Making a mental note regarding the texture and
consistency of his subject’s pubic covering, Mark continued with the
regimen known as the TYTC Standard Greeting. Between upward
palpations of the labia majora, the Handler alternately spread his
fingers and closed them together, in turn opening and closing the
young woman repeatedly. Mark took care not to accidentally allow his
fingers to slip between his subject’s heavy outer lips until he was
ready to enter her.

“You bastards!” Anna screamed, her face not six inches from that of
her attacker. “Let me go!” she snarled viciously.

Totally ignoring her heated outbursts, Mark commented almost casually
to his colleagues, “She has an splendid, full coat.” He then began to
tug playfully at her tight, golden curls, thoroughly incensing and
enraging the head strong Russian celebrity. “Did anyone notice that
she’s trimmed herself into the shape of a heart?” Mark added, smiling
at the young blond as he brushed the backs of his fingers gently from
side to side over the surface of her pubic fur. “Did you do that for
Mr. Fedorov, my dear?” the Handler asked in a condescending tone.

“Fuck you!” Anna hissed then spat in the man’s face.

Mark had lost track of the number of times his angry young charges had
spit on him. In fact, he was surprised if they didn’t do it at least
once during every session of their early training. Mark brought his
hand up and wiped the smear of liquid from his cheek with his
fingertips. Then while he stared directly into the young woman’s
wrathful green eyes, he licked the spittle from his fingers and
smiled. As predicted, his action left the girl speechless with a
mixture of shock and disgust. Then he reached out unexpectedly and
placed his hand almost tenderly onto Anna’s cheek. “Your ‘hairdo’ is
very pretty, my dear,” Mark murmured as though the spitting incident
never happened. He was forced to jerk his hand away when Anna turned
and tried to bite him, but by then the Handler had already scored
several emotional points in the cat and mouse game associated with
introductory female conditioning. “She’s a feisty one. That’s for
sure,” Mark thought to himself as he squatted down in front of the
young tennis star.

Placing his hands onto the tops of Anna’s hips, the Handler pressed
inward on her pelvic crests then squeezed the resilient flesh behind
them, known affectionately as “love handles”. “Broad pelvic
structure,” Mark stated in a clinical tone, knowing that someone in
the room would be taking notes. “Somewhat heavy waisted,” the Handler
commented, noting Anna’s overall physique. “But all in all, a fairly
utilitarian anatomy,” Mark added almost casually.

The young blond remained reasonably still while he examined her
pelvis, but when Mark pressed his fingertips to the center of her
pubic bone just above the upper edge of Anna’s soft, golden heart, she
went ballistic. Screeching and cursing at the top of her lungs, the
irate young woman twisted her body and thrashed her hips from side to
side within the limits the A-Frame would allow, making it rather
difficult for Mark to finish his inspection. Turning to Rick Adams,
the big Handler said, “I think we’d better CAP her right away, or
we’re gonna be here all day.”

“I agree,” Rick replied and rose from his seat.

“And while you’re up, let’s get her started on Thelazine,” Mark added
as his colleague headed for a cabinet on the far side of the office.

“You’re the boss,” Rick responded, smiling over his shoulder at his
fellow Handler.

Meanwhile Mark did his best to complete his immediate task of
determining the size of Anna’s pubic arch which was an integral part
of the process involved in assessing a girl’s “Carrying Capacity”.
Working from the center Mark traced in one direction along the line of
tight curls with his fingers, compressing the resilient flesh against
the gracefully curving structure beneath until he reached her thigh.
Then he repeated the procedure in the opposite direction. Next Mark
placed the tip of his index finger at the top center of Anna’s pubic
covering, and with his thumb he located the top of Anna’s carnal
cleft. “Wow! Nearly two inches,” the Handler muttered to himself,
estimating the distance between. “Excellent breadth and prominence,”
Mark reported for the record.

From across the room Rick Adams called to his partner who was still
kneeling in front of the thrashing blond. “What size do you want to
start her on,” Mark?” Rick turned and looked at the row of torpedo
shaped devices arranged neatly by order of size on the middle shelf of
the supply cabinet. While he awaited Mark’s reply, Rick took one of
the many small, cylindrical auto-injectors located on the top shelf
and dropped it into the top pocket of his coveralls.

Mark knew full well the girl would react badly to his next action, but
it simply had to be done. The C.A.P. Device is an extremely effective
training aid provided the correct size is used. Granted, Miss
Kournikova would be measured much more thoroughly later on and if
necessary, she would be re-sized accordingly, but for now a rough
estimate was required.

Seated at his desk, Adam North felt a tremendous sense of pride as he
watched the dedicated men of his staff function like a well oiled
machine. Men such as these were as rare now-a-days as they were
exceptional, and it did his heart good to see them work closely as a

Anticipating his colleague’s needs, Curtis stepped up behind the young
woman, and grasped her firmly by the hips.

“What the…?” Anna croaked hoarsely as she turned and stared at the
man behind her.

At that exact moment while the young blond was distracted by Curtis,
Mark reached between her legs. With practiced ease he located her
clitoral hood with his thumb. Then sliding the tip of his first
finger back and between the girl’s ample buttocks, Mark quickly found
Anna’s puckered anal portal.

“Let’s try a size six,” Mark shouted above the caterwauling that
continued even after he removed his hand from the girl.

“Size six it is,” Rick responded good naturedly and reached for one of
the small, black instruments in the cabinet. Glancing at the butt end
of the little torpedo, Rick noted the numeral six embossed in the
specially formulated composite material.

This number represents the distance, in inches, between a young lady’s
clitoris and her anus which is how the C.A.P. Devices are sized.
Their diameter varies according to their length such that the change
in volume of one size CAP as compared to another remains consistent.
The size six CAP is approximately three quarters of an inch in
diameter at its largest section.

[Author’s Note: A great deal of information and history is written
about the Continuous Anal Presence Program and C.A.P. Devices in
previous chapters of The Youth Training Center saga. The CAP
principle and use of these extraordinary devices plays a major role in
the conditioning program of every Guest of the Center. – SM]

Having completed his examination of the nineteen year old in the areas
of her anatomy below her waist, Mark regained his feet with a
noticeable groan and cracking of his knees. Turning to the Headmaster
the big Handler shrugged his broad shoulders. “It’s hell getting
old,” he said with a grin.

“You’re doing an outstanding job,” Adam North said, complimenting the
man. North’s personnel management skills were second to none, and all
of his staff members respected and admired him.

Anna’s most recent tirade subsided to a degree once the two monsters
took their hands off of her. She was shaken by the outrageous
invasion on her person, but her spirit was far from broken. “These
people are completely insane,” she thought to herself as she listened
to the big man and the one behind the desk exchange pleasantries as
though they were simply passing the time of day. Although her
situation appeared grave, to say the least, Anna remained confident
that she would eventually prevail over these demonic maniacs. If
nothing else, the authorities had to be searching for her at this very
moment, and sooner or later she would doubtlessly be found and freed.
“Then I’ll make them all pay for their insults and perversions,” she
silently vowed. Anna was a wealthy young woman, and she’d met a lot
of very influential people. A couple of names came to mind as she
stood bound to the hateful A-Frame, awaiting the next round of the
match. Names of men who associated in circles that were, shall we
say, frowned upon by the gentry of South Florida. These men were not
to be toyed with except in ways that only a member of the “fairer sex”
would dare, and over the years the comely Russian had become an expert
at wielding “the power of pretty”.

Anna felt a renewed sense of power and confidence as she watched the
giant of a man turn toward her. “Dig deep, Murzik,” she heard her
coach say.

“Let’s have a look at these,” the big man in white said, reaching for
her. “They look larger on TV,” Mark said with a smirk as he slid his
hands beneath Anna’s breasts and hefted the two golden orbs
indifferently. “Obviously you sunbathe in the nude, my dear,” the
Handler said, as he slid his thumbs up over the areolae and then
pressed inward on the nipples. Marc noted that there wasn’t a tan
line on her.

“That’s most fortunate, Miss Kournikova,” the man behind the big desk
added with a wry smile.

Momentarily disregarding her assailant, Anna stared at him in
disbelief. She had correctly assumed that this was the man in charge.
He hadn’t said much thus far, but he’d taken a keen interest in every
detail of the atrocities the others perpetrated upon her. “Mr.
North,” Anna reminded herself. She would not forget that name, and
when the time came, she would make arrangements with her South Florida
“acquaintances” to have Mr. North dealt with in a suitable fashion.

Mark clearly recognized the expression of calculated hatred on her
face as the blond tennis star stared past him at his boss. “My, my,
but aren’t we the head strong one,” Mark thought to himself. She
would be a challenge, but Mark enjoyed a challenge. Even as he hefted
her nicely rounded breasts, noting their weight and composition, the
lovely Russian girl raised her eyes confidently. “She’s a proud one,
alright,” Mark noted. “She’s practically ignoring me,” the big
Handler marveled as he watched Anna watch his boss. He considered
applying a bit more pressure to the firmer mammary glands he felt
beneath the fatty breast tissue in an effort to gain her attention,
but thought better of it. Mark knew that in a matter of minutes Anna
would be given her first dose of the wonder drug, Thelazine, and soon
thereafter she would become much more attuned to her “inner female”.

“I beg your pardon,” Anna responded to Adam North’s comment. Her
voice was clear and steady, surprising even Mark.

“I said it’s fortunate that you appear to be accustomed to spending
time in the nude, Miss Kournikova,” the Headmaster repeated patiently.

“And w..why is that?” Anna retorted, wincing slightly when Mark
pinched the lower edge of her right areola. Steeling herself, the
blond athlete disregarded Mark’s attentions and concentrated on the
man behind the desk. She was down love thirty and needed to keep her
wits about her.

Adam North, as was his habit, paused in silence as he regarded the
headstrong young blond. North, like every man in the employ of the
Center, had through exhaustive study and training, developed the
ability to read a woman’s body language like one would read the
morning newspaper. He too noticed the unmistakable glint of challenge
in the girl’s eye and recognized the air of confidence in her stance.

So far, Miss Anna Kournikova was proving to be as defiant as he’d
anticipated, but Adam North wasn’t at all worried. Over the years
he’d witnessed some very impressive attempts at resistance. Bravery
and belligerence, willfulness and wanton hostility, yes he’d
definitely seen it all. North had been struck and spat upon, kicked,
scratched and bitten, but in the end, each and every one of his
contentious young ladies had come around.

At times even Adam North marveled at the effectiveness of the TYTC
Program, but “the proof was in the pudding,” as they say. Since 1986,
The Youth Training Center had enlightened literally hundreds of young
women of all ages, re-acquainting them with their “inner female” and
restoring them to sanity and normality. With the exception of a
single unanticipated situation which reared its ugly head about a year
ago, the TYTC record of achievement remained unblemished. The afore
mentioned incident involved the recall of a group of Guests and was
dealt with promptly and efficiently to the satisfaction of all
concerned parties. Although the Center’s methodology had undergone
many changes through the years, thanks in part to the development of
some truly remarkable systems and devices, the underlying premise
remained the same. Unshakably based in doctrine which has withstood
the test of time, the TYTC Mission Statement says it all:

“We believe that today’s ‘modern woman’ has become misaligned.
Everything we see in the media today places the physical beauty of the
female of our species upon an unreachable pedestal. Males, on the
other hand, are frequently portrayed as buffoons, and are the only
group remaining that it is politically correct to ridicule. It is our
mission to remedy this embarrassing situation and restore the female
to her rightful position in society. Our methods are not cruel. Not
a single one of our Guests has ever been harmed. Our training
philosophy is based upon the following premise:

Given a suitable amount of sexual impetus by a partner, partners or
apparatus, employing the proper techniques, for an adequate period of
time, any female, regardless of the circumstances of her involvement,
will eventually become an active and willing participant in the

Armed with these immutable truths, the dedicated men and recently, a
few women, of The Youth Training Center perform their duties and
fulfill their individual callings with conviction and assuredness.
Adam North had every right to marvel at the TYTC Program, for it was
indeed marvelous.

“Because, my dear Miss Kournikova,” the TYTC Headmaster began, resting
his elbows on his desk for effect. “For the next few months, or until
such a time as we decide that you are ready to begin your new life,
you will remain disrobed at all times.” Anticipating an argument,
North held up his hand, cutting the young woman off in mid breath. “I
realize that much of what has been said thus far sounds like madness
to you, but in a surprisingly short period of time I feel certain that
you will come to appreciate our methods and see the wisdom behind our
teachings.” Again, the Headmaster paused. Then with a warm smile he
said, “Welcome, Miss Kournikova, to our TYTC family.”

Following his customary thoughtful pause Adam North spoke to his
confederate in a more businesslike tone of voice. “You may proceed,

Mark in turn glanced at Rick Adams who had discretely positioned
himself directly behind the blond tennis star. An unspoken message
passed between the two professional men, and as Mark grasped Anna’s
nipples in his powerful fingers, Rick’s hand dropped behind her.

Anna who was still wrestling with the ominous words spoken by the
Headmaster, never saw it coming. “Months!” she repeated over and over
in her head. “Months, he said! I’m going to be held prisoner in this
madhouse for months!” Anna considered as the first inklings of
trepidation crept into her heart like icy fingers.

Mark noted the signs of apprehension in the girl’s facial expression
and knew that he and his associates were on the right track. Still
holding her by the nipples, Mark reminded himself, “She’s no different
than any other female,” and began to shake Anna’s shapely breasts
rapidly from side to side. He made a mental note to schedule her for
an EFIRS evaluation, based upon the consistency of her breast mass, as
he watched the rage flash in her green eyes. “That’s it, little one.
Look this way,” Mark thought. “Just one more second…”


It was the distinctive sound made by the auto-injector as it
discharged its contents into the firm flesh of the girl’s right
buttock, and it was followed as usual by a surprised squeak from the
handsome blond Guest.

Turning quickly, Anna saw the man named Rick drop the spent instrument
into his breast pocket. When he only smiled at her and didn’t speak,
Anna snapped her head around and faced the big man in front of her.
Bristling with indignation, the tennis star fairly hissed at Mark.
“Drugs! You cowards are gonna use drugs on me.” Then she shot her
gaze about the big office, lancing each of the perverted monsters in
white with an icy stare. She felt panic swell in her heart and mind
as she waited to swoon. “Would they rape her? Would they all have
their way with her?” Anna struggled to control herself and regain her
composure. She’d had to do it innumerable times on the tennis court,
and once again Anna had to dig deep, forcing herself to calm down
enough to think.

Suddenly Anna imagined herself lying unconscious on the floor.
Between her widely splayed legs a figure in white hammered away at her
while others waited their turn in a line that stretched off into
infinity. Then to her dismay, the dreamscape shifted and Anna saw
herself awaken and reach out to her phantom lover. The first hint of
self-doubt trickled into her psyche as Anna envisioned herself
beginning to participate in the nightmare coupling. Rolling her hips
wantonly, she encouraged her devil in white, pulling him closer and
locking her legs around him. All the while Adam North, the head demon
of them all sat silently at his dream desk, observing the proceedings
and smiling knowingly as Anna witnessed herself becoming increasingly
more aroused. Those early twinges of self-doubt forming at the roots
of Anna’s subconscious were just beginning to evolve into a healthy,
budding sense of self-loathing when the nineteen year old tennis star
was abruptly snapped back into the present by the feeling of a man’s
hand between her thighs.

“Welcome back, Miss Kournikova,” Mark said politely as he parted his
fingers and pressed upward on either side of her carnal cleft,
compressing the resilient flesh of her meaty labia majora.

Based upon the initial findings of his previous external tactile
examination of the young Russian, Mark judged that Anna had a
reasonably good “carrying capacity”, and soon he would begin the
internal portion of her induction interview which would reveal a good
bit more about the young lady. Later, of course, she would undergo a
more extensive internal examination at which time the precise volume
of each of Anna’s abdominal passages would be accurately measured,
using a brand new device known as the Portal Micrometer, a state of
the art version of the old Vaginal Micrometer. Her individual passage
volumes would then be added together and recorded in her permanent
file as her initial total passage volume, expressed in cubic

This benchmark data would be used to determine Anna’s training
routines. The frequency that she would be expected to accept partners
each day, be they human or mechanical, would then be adjusted up or
down accordingly.

The goal with Anna, as with every Guest of the Center, is to
systematically increase her “carrying capacity”, which naturally means
expanding her passage volume. However, as always when dealing with
the female of our species, there are other factors which must be taken
into account.

“Elementary,” you say. “Why not simply give the girl numerous
opportunities each day to host ‘well endowed’ lovers,” you ask?

Consider this. Would it be in anyone’s best interest for The Youth
Training Center to turn out fully functional females, accommodating in
every way, but who were so stretched out of shape from overuse that
coupling with one of them would be like making love to a bucket of hot
mayonnaise? We think not. Enter into the formula, muscle tone. To
make a suitable partner who is capable of making the long haul, so to
speak, a young lady must be taught the finer points of muscle control.

To a degree vaginal and anal muscle application comes naturally to a
girl, but the strength of her internal grip and the knowledge and
willingness to use it effectively are achieved only with patient
tutoring and practice…practice…practice. Using a wide variety of
training regimens, including Kegel exercise as well as several other
interesting routines developed by the TYTC staff, the Guests at the
Center are taught to use their God given talents both efficiently and
productively, while maintaining muscular fitness and stamina.

Naturally their progress must be monitored and recorded, so once again
the Portal Micrometer is used to collect the girls’ personal
measurements. Internal Grip Strength, or IGS, is measured weekly in
both passages, and the readings compared with each other as well as
with benchmark data. Additionally, much like a pressurized cylinder
is hydrostatically tested, the Guests’ muscle resilience and
elasticity, commonly referred to as muscle memory or “M&M’s”, is
closely monitored. Of course, passage volume is checked on a regular
basis as well, and when combined with grip strength and muscle memory
we can decide a female’s true Carrying Capacity.

Conversely, when viewed independently, these personal measurements can
be used to track a young lady’s progress or lack thereof. Take for
example a Guest who exhibits increased passage volume with decreased
IGS readings and low M&M’s. Obviously she’s spending too much time in
the sack and not enough in the gymnasium. On the other hand, suppose
a young lady shows progress in the area of passage volume, and she has
acceptable IGS numbers from one week to the next. However, when our
girl is examined for muscle tone she comes up with low M&M’s. What
would you prescribe for her? If you suggested that she take regular
night partners, or perhaps that she be required to carry a Kegel
weight or two during her waking hours, then you’ve done your homework.
What our hypothetical young lady lacks is stamina. She scores well on
volume, and her grip strength is good, but she will undoubtedly fall
short if you intend to take her for an extended ride.

Thus we see that accurate measurement, the routine collection of fresh
data, and meticulous record keeping of personal information on each
and every Guest who walks or is carried through the doors of The Youth
Training Center is absolutely crucial to the overall re-education

Checking his day timer, Adam North noted that Miss Kournikova was
scheduled for personal measurement and CAP sizing that very afternoon.
However, as is sometimes the case, especially when a young lady is
particularly unmanageable during her Induction Interview as Miss
Kournikova had been thus far, at the request of her Handler she would
be CAP’d on the spot. For this reason, North kept a full compliment
of CAP Devices in every available size in the supply cabinet in his

Adam North looked on as Rick Adams and Mark Haskel worked with the
stubborn nineteen year old tennis star. “It’s good to see that Rick
is still so much at home with the Guests,” North thought to himself as
he admired the ease with which his second in command handled himself
around the head strong Russian. He’d administered her dose of
Thelazine at precisely the right moment, and presently he stood by
with Anna’s CAP Device, ready to install it when Mark Haskel gave him
the signal. “Mark’s a good man,” North mused as he watched the
Handler employ the Standard Greeting technique with remarkable
dexterity. Adam often wondered how a man of Mark’s size and weight
could move with such exceptional swiftness and grace, but after
watching him in action on more than one occasion, North remained
impressed with the big man’s speed and agility.

Anna, on the other hand, was not at all impressed with Mark. In fact,
she was beginning to detest the big man and had already added Mark to
her mental list of people she would mention to her South Florida
“acquaintances”. No sooner had she snapped out of her brief but
hideous nightmare than the man jammed his big paw between her legs
again. The discovery that whatever the drug was that the other man
had injected into her butt wasn’t going to render her unconscious
offered little consolation to Anna, since she quickly realized that as
a consequence, she would have to endure the atrocities performed on
her person by these deranged men fully conscious.

“God damn you, you inhuman pig!” Anna shrieked at the big man in
Russian. His hand was driving her crazy, the way he kept opening and
closing her down there with his fingers. Each time Mark parted her
lips, Anna felt a draft of cool air, for unbeknownst to her at the
time, she was already beginning to self-lubricate thanks to the
effects of Thelazine.

One of the most desirable side effects of the miraculous compound was
that it caused the Bartholin’s and hymen glands, which are responsible
for the production of lubricating mucous needed in the vagina during
intercourse, to make the jump to light speed. The “Thelazine Effect”,
however, tended to be extremely subtle at first. So subtle, in fact,
that a Guest rarely noticed the delicate changes to her person, both
physiological and emotional. With the new, faster acting compound the
initial effects such as increased production of vaginal mucous, could
begin in as little as ten minutes following injection. Then like the
original “flavor” of this superb medication, its influence gradually
gained strength over time. However, due to the very nature of the
drug, the subtle changes it wrought in the Guests generally remained
unrecognized. Because of this particular quality, emotional inroads
of inestimable value could be achieved in a surprisingly short period
of time.

[Another Author’s Note: TYTC 4.5 contains an excellent description of
Thelazine and its remarkable effectiveness.]

“Be still, Miss Kournikova,” Mark spoke in a steady voice. She
certainly was a scrapper. That much was certain, and if it hadn’t
been for his years of experience, Mark might have lost her, for Anna
Kournikova was in excellent physical condition. As it stood, though,
the talented Handler easily stayed with the enraged teenager. Each
time she tried to remove herself from harm’s way by twisting her hips
or by thrashing back and forth or side to side against the restraints
of the A-Frame, Mark moved with her. It was almost as if he could
read her mind, and this coupled with his infernal politeness was
utterly infuriating to Anna, causing her to fight him that much

“Settle down, please, my dear girl. You’re going to hurt yourself, if
you’re not careful,” Mark said to the struggling blond. His voice was
filled with genuine concern, whereas his right hand was filled with
Anna. Parting his fingers, he spread her open again, then he pushed
upward against her several times, repeatedly compressing the
teenager’s resilient outer lips between his fingertips and her pelvic
bones. Watching her face closely, Mark noted the telltale flare of
her nostrils and the first glint of bewilderment in her green eyes
just before she spat on him for the third or forth time. Miss
Kournikova was becoming aroused.

“F…fuck off, you sick bastard,” Anna hissed in English this time as
a strong involuntary tremor passed through her body.

Mark returned the Russian girl’s profane remark with a patronizing
smile as he pressed his fingers together, squeezing her heavy labia
between them. A quantity of warm, silky fluid seeped from within the
unhappy teenager and onto Marks fingers which he promptly rubbed into
her lush golden pubic curls. Anna was ready, Mark decided at last, so
with no further ado, the big Handler stared directly into her green
eyes. “She knows something is about to happen,” Mark thought to
himself. He could see it in her face as plain as day.

A shuddering exhale of breath escaped the pretty blond tennis star as
his thick middle finger slid effortlessly up into the cradle of her
femininity. Mark did everything by the books, so naturally his
technique was perfect. Following the well documented entry protocols
to the letter, Marks initial foray into Anna was both fluid and
thorough. In one uniform motion he propelled his middle finger up
into her vagina until his other fingers pressed firmly upward against
her labia majora, such that the blond was completely compromised.
Gazing into her startled green eyes, Mark could plainly see the
beginnings of the realization that she had been taken against her will
and that there was nothing she could do about it. Mark smiled at Anna
and was about to withdraw his finger in preparation for the remainder
of the entry protocol when suddenly he felt her contract tightly
around his invading digit. A look of surprise and dismay came over
Anna as a hot flush of blood shot up her neck and into her cheeks like
mercury up a thermometer. Her hands clutched at the horizontal rail
of the A-Frame and she began to cast her gaze about the room almost
desperately in an effort to avoid eye contact with the man in front of
her. Mark pulled his finger back to the first knuckle which triggered
as second powerful vaginal contraction, followed closely by another,
then another as Anna threw her head back and gasped.

“Well I’ll be,” Mark muttered. Then in a much louder voice, for the
benefit of his colleagues, he stated with a soft chuckle, “Our little
lady’s going to cum for us. I do believe.”

Anna looked quickly in Mark’s direction with a pleading expression
painted upon her flushed face. Her mind was in a total turmoil. She
simply couldn’t believe this was happening to her, but as she opened
her mouth to speak, to beg the man not to go any farther, the Handler
chose that very moment to deliver the three to four shallow and rapid
testing thrusts required by the entry protocol.

That was all it took to tip Anna over the edge. Granted she generally
achieved orgasm with reasonable ease, but the stunned blond celebrity
would never have believed, given the circumstances of her predicament,
that she would become aroused sexually by this monster, let alone
reach climax. She was mistaken, of course. It was as though fire
leapt from the man’s hand and crackled like static electricity
throughout Anna’s entire being. Her mind seemed to go blank
momentarily as she threw her head back and gave a most unladylike
gurgling groan. Anna’s broad hips pumped two or three times, and then
as Mark pushed his finger fully into her once again, the young blond
rose up onto the balls of her feet and trembled violently from head to
toe, inside and out, as an orgasm of epic proportions washed over and
through her like a hot tsunami.

Mark kept his hand perfectly still between her trembling thighs,
allowing the young tennis star to service herself on his finger while
her orgasm ran its course. The entire episode took several minutes
and left Anna exhausted and out of breath. It also left her with a
deep sense of bewilderment, dismay and the unsettling realization that
her own body had betrayed her.

For the fact of the matter was quite clear. These horrible men had
abducted her, drugged her and for all intents and purposes, were in
the process of gang raping her. Anna had done her utmost to resist
their wicked advances and to fight them at every turn, but in spite of
her best efforts she had actually become aroused to the point of
climax in spite of her deplorable predicament. This realization
utterly floored Anna. And although she possessed amazing strength of
will and depth of character, the Russian tennis celebrity felt her
resolve begin to slip.

Mark could see it in her eyes. And as her contractions began to
subside, he slowly extracted his thick middle finger from the girl’s
vagina. “Look at me, please, Miss Kournikova,” he was forced to
instruct the unhappy blond, for she was reluctant now to meet his
gaze. Just a very few minutes ago her green eyes had been filled with
willfulness and contempt, but now as Mark began to slowly palpate her
heavy labia once again, rubbing his hand firmly back and forth between
her legs, the Handler noted a certain amount of uncertainty, even
timidity in her gaze when at last she raised her eyes to his. It was
a good sign for this was indicative of the blossoming of self-doubt.
As the weeks and months went by, Anna Kournikova, like all the Guests
at the Center would experience a steady erosion of her pre-conceived
self-image. In time, her self-confidence and willfulness would
gradually be sapped away, to be replaced in the end by acquiescence
and submissiveness. Until such a time as her training was complete,
Anna would continue to resist these changes, but Mark knew, as did
everyone at TYTC, that the headstrong blond bombshell would begin to
participate more and more with each passing day.

“We’re going to have to work on these incontinent orgasms, Miss
Kournikova,” Mark stated evenly as he raised his hand up to inspect
his fingers. A slight trace of moisture glistened on his middle
finger, but nothing of any consequence yet. “Do you always cum so
quickly, my dear?” Mark asked as though he were asking Anna the time
of day.

“Go to hell!” Anna muttered, refusing to look at him. Although as she
stood staring at the floor in front of her, a heated blush rose in the
blond tennis star’s neck and cheeks, adding to and enhancing her
existing glow of post-orgasmic radiance.

Mark made another mental note, later to be entered into her permanent
file. “Handlers should exercise caution and employ strict Climax
Management protocols when working with Miss Kournikova. She must only
be allowed to climax under carefully controlled conditions, and even
then she should be monitored closely for the signs and symptoms of
Emotional Free Radical Stimulation (EFIRS).

“Look at me, Miss Kournikova,” Mark spoke employing a hint of Command
Intonation in his voice. Still she kept her gaze stubbornly averted.
Placing three fingers beneath her chin, the powerful Handler raised
her face to his with practically no effort at all. When Anna tried to
look away, he grasped her face in his big hand and forced her eyes
back to his. Mark once again pressed his body against that of the
young Russian athlete, pushing her back against the cold steel bar
that crossed behind her shoulders. Their noses almost touching, Mark
stared into Anna’s green eyes, noting the undisguised loathing
therein. “Guests shall maintain direct eye contact with their partner
or partners while being attended to,” Mark stated, reciting the Sixth
Standard with a patronizing smile.

“Fuck you!” Anna hissed. Then abruptly jerking her chin from Mark’s
grasp, she stared directly at Adam North and spoke with venomous
conviction. “Fuck you all!”

It was all the men could do to control themselves. Ted and Curtis
were forced to look away in an effort to maintain their composure.
Rick Adams brought his hand to his mouth and looked in the
Headmaster’s direction.

Adam North remained silent for a moment, and then with legendary
acumen he responded. “Indeed you will, Miss Kournikova. Indeed you

Rick Adams, only barely maintaining control, looked from North’s dead
pan expression into the eyes of the head strong young Russian. The
office was suddenly hushed and still. Just seconds ago, in spite of
her rather dire predicament, Miss Kournikova had managed an air of
confidence and even contempt when she addressed the Headmaster of The
Youth Training Center. But as the silence deteriorated first into
guarded chuckles and then finally into raucous guffaws, Anna felt her
resolve start to slip away.

“Look at me, Miss Kournikova,” Mark ordered, catching Anna with her
guard down. Her eyes snapped to his before she could stop herself,
and at that exact moment the big Handler entered her again.

“Nnngghh!” Anna groaned and raised up onto the balls of her feet,
straining against the diabolical A-Frame. Instead of the customary
fury she’d exhibited thus far, the pretty blond’s face was now a mask
of shock and dismay.

Mark’s expression, on the other hand, remained utterly neutral as he
delved even deeper than before into the core of Anna’s femininity with
his highly educated digit. Inexplicably the big Handler held Anna in
his gaze as helpless as a deer in a hunter’s jack light as he began a
more thorough internal examination.

Anna was no stranger to sex. In fact she’d used it quite effectively
on more than one occasion to influence the right people and achieve
her objectives, but always she maintained the upper hand. Anna called
the shots, doling out her charms or withholding them as she deemed
appropriate. But something was entirely wrong here. Granted, she
tended to climax easily, but at the hands of a hulking rapist while
his perverted friends watched and laughed? Something was definitely
wrong here. This hulking rapist knew just where to touch her. Even
now as Anna felt his repulsive finger dip and probe, the big man in
white managed to locate places inside of her that no one had ever
touched before. Exquisite places, deeply female places which, in
spite of the repugnance she held for him in her very soul, would make
Anna’s big green eyes suddenly grow wide with startled wonder. She
despised what he was doing to her, but beneath her hatred of the man
who defiled her, was a blossoming sense of self doubt which crept
slowly but inexorably into her psyche. Wasn’t she at least partially
to blame? “She was the one who had the orgasm, after all,” she
reminded herself subconsciously.

“Get your hands off me, you depraved monster!” Anna’s mind screamed,
and then in the next breath the voice of little Murzik would whisper,
“Touch me there. Oh, please touch me there!” And when he did, Anna’s
“inner female” would cry out, seemingly with volcanic intensity in a
voice that would not be denied, oozing around her like warm mud and
obliterating cognizant thought.

Mark hooked his finger forward ever so slightly then pushed upward
firmly in the direction of her pubic bone. He smiled knowingly when
Anna’s lips parted slightly, and she inhaled a short hissing breath
through her teeth. Even without the telltale tremors which passed
unbidden through the bewildered blond with ever increasing frequency,
the Handler was able to keep tabs on Anna’s level of arousal. Mark
had again placed his free hand onto the horizontal bar just behind
Anna’s right shoulder, his face mere inches from hers. Anna’s eyes
were deep pools of smoldering emerald that flickered and flashed each
time he shifted his finger. Mark’s training allowed him to gaze into
those emerald pools and discover secrets hidden deep down. Through
those windows to her soul the professional man witnessed the dialog
between Anna and her “inner female” – the doubts and the fears, the
fire and the passion. And thanks to the wonder drug, Thelazine,
urging her to acknowledge those songs that her body was singing, Anna
began to gaze into that fire.

Mark monitored her facial expressions and bodily responses very
closely. He had no intention of allowing the girl to achieve another
orgasm. He’d allowed her previous climax to proceed partly for the
amusement of his colleagues, but primarily to introduce the arrogant,
blond teenager to the concept of self-betrayal which points the way
down the path toward submission. There was no doubt in Mark’s mind
that her injection of Thelazine had kicked in. Less than fifteen
minutes ago, Anna Kournikova had spat in his face when he touched her,
and now he went about his internal examination of the young Russian
girl virtually unimpeded. Additionally she’d begun to produce an
abundance of vaginal mucous, allowing him unfettered access to the
more remote reaches of her reproductive anatomy.

Mark tried two fingers which she accepted without complaint. Her eyes
were beginning to take on that muzzy, preoccupied look indicative of
the early stages of Womb Centering. Mark knew that he was skating on
rather thin ice, when the comely blond moaned softly and then leaned
her cheek against his forearm. She was getting close again, and as a
result, Mark took great care to keep his hand clear of her clitoral
area as he pushed both his middle and ring fingers deeply into her
vagina and held fast.

Mark was looking for something that should have occurred naturally by
now, and that, of course, was a vaginal contraction. “Nothing,” the
Handler muttered to himself after a full minute had passed.

“I beg your pardon?” Rick Adams spoke up from his position directly
behind blond teenager. He toyed with a black, torpedo shaped device
in his right hand, rolling it back and forth between his thumb and
four fingers. Soon it would belong to Anna, but not until Mark called
for it.

“It appears that although Miss Kournikova is a renowned athlete and
keeps herself in excellent physical shape on the outside, she has what
I call a “Lazy Vagina”,” Mark advised the group.

His comment got Anna’s attention, if nothing else and helped to clear
the cobwebs a little. Lifting her head, she stared at him scornfully.
She was about to speak, but Mark cut her off with only a raised hand
and a harsh look.

“Progress,” Adam North thought to himself.

Pushing his fingers firmly up into her, the Handler looked the Russian
blond directly in the eye and said, “Squeeze my fingers, Miss

“What?” Anna responded indignantly. With each passing second her
thoughts seemed to be getting more organized. “Screw you,” she hissed
in disgust, her fiery temper returning rapidly. Such are the effects
of Thelazine.

Unlike an aphrodisiac which arouses or increases sexual drive, the
phenomenal compound developed in the TYTC Labs, acts more like a
traffic cop than a fire engine. When physical stimulation of a sexual
nature occurs, Thelazine opens the freeway, allowing those impulses to
speed directly to the pleasure centers of the brain. At the same
time, it holds back unnecessary traffic, be it emotional or physical,
in order to guarantee a clear path for the impetus that really
matters. In short, Thelazine allows a young lady to hear those
natural signals that her body sends to her mind more clearly, with far
less interference and distraction. When sexual stimulation is
discontinued the “traffic cop” allows other traffic back onto the
freeway, and “normal” female thought patterns resume, usually leaving
the subject in a temporary state of mild disbelief and confusion.

That is where Anna found herself when the perverted white clad monster
made his revolting request. “What the hell, happened to me?” she
wondered and not for the last time.

Mark, of course, knew that by holding his hand perfectly still, the
Thelazine Effect would be temporarily lessened, and would quite
possibly cause the girl to become agitated again, but he needed her
undivided attention to complete his examination. It was a simple
request, but one that most Guests in the early days of their training
consider to be both repugnant and demeaning. The demeaning part, Mark
could understand, but repugnant? “It’s a perfectly natural bodily
function,” Mark reasoned. In any case, he had a job to do, and unless
they wanted to be here all day, the stubborn tennis star would have to

“Squeeze my fingers, please, Miss Kournikova,” Mark repeated, giving
her a second chance. After all, she was Anna Kournikova.

The Handler waited patiently with his two fingers ensconced in the
warm confines of the girl’s vaginal passage. While he waited, Mark
assessed some of her other attributes even though she would undergo
more precise tests later. Her vaginal temperature seemed normal.
Mucous production both before and following her initial Thelazine
dosage appeared to be above average. Passage volume, at least
vaginally seemed adequate, of course it was hard to tell with only two
fingers. Her vaginal M&M’s (Muscle Memory) proved to be acceptable.
Earlier when Mark tried stretching her a little by spreading his
fingers apart inside her birth canal, she’d regained her original
diameter in a suitably short period of time. Mark decided that, all
things considered, Miss Kournikova was quite serviceable and would
make a suitable lover after receiving the proper training, naturally.
Furthermore, that very training would take care of her “Lazy Vagina”.

Anna wasn’t the first young lady Mark had encountered with this
problem, and he firmly believed that the condition was a direct result
of a lack of use. Interestingly enough it seemed to appear
predominantly in females with more willful dispositions. In any case,
the problem is easily solved. Muscles that go unused become weak and
flabby. It’s as simple as that. All a girl needs is exercise.

Mark was losing patience with her. Anna was about to learn that the
request of a TYTC Handler is not to be taken lightly, nor is it up for
debate. Her lesson would begin by Mark taking her on an in depth tour
of the female reproductive anatomy and introducing her to one of the
many special points of interest that most females don’t even know
exist. Those women who do know about some of these places would
rather they didn’t.

One such spot is located at the very back of the birth canal just
below and posterior to the fornix. It’s a long reach on a good day
and can be difficult to find for someone lacking the proper training.
Additionally, this particular point is far easier to reach by
approaching the vaginal passage from the rear. In fact, there were
only a few individuals in the employ of The Youth Training Center
today who could effectively palpate this area using a front entry, let
alone possess the strength and dexterity to utilize this pressure
point to its full potential.

Anna was fortunate because, as she’d already discovered, Mark Haskel’s
hands were quite large and his fingers very long and powerful, and as
fate would have it, it was Mark Haskel who first attempted and later
perfected the use of this particular “sweet spot”.

“Squeeze my fingers, Miss Kournikova,” Mark ordered.

His tone of voice was different somehow, and it caught Anna’s
attention, but still she chose to ignore his request. Mark gave her
no warning of what was to come, and it all happened so quickly that
Anna was still in the process of dreaming up a scathing remark to fire
back at the man, when abruptly she found herself hanging by her arms
from the horizontal bar of the A-Frame, breathless and very close to
fainting. It took about a half a minute for what had been a mind
blinding nova of pain in her lower back to subside. Anna thought that
surely one of the ogres standing behind her had kicked her in the
spine with a steel towed work boot. An aftershock coursed up her back
and down the backs of her thighs when she tried unsuccessfully to
regain her feet, and again she dropped and hung by her arms.

Standing quietly before her, Mark Haskel waited patiently for Anna to
recover sufficiently to stand, albeit still attached spread-eagle to
the A-Frame. Without a word, the Handler stepped forward and inserted
the same two fingers into Anna’s vagina, causing her body to stiffen
reflexively in the expectation of further pain. Inside, however, she
remained soft and pliable. Mark gave Anna a moment to catch her
breath while he pushed his big fingers up into her to the hilts.

“Squeeze my fingers, Miss Kournikova,” he said in an almost
conversational tone of voice.

Anna wanted more than anything on Earth to defy the man and to spit in
his ugly face or, given the opportunity, maybe bite his ear off.
Unfortunately Anna didn’t think that she would survive a second attack
like the first. She wasn’t even certain exactly what he’d done to
her, but she was reasonably certain that she didn’t wish to repeat the
experience. Steeling herself like she’d had to do so many times on
the tennis court, Anna Kournikova dug deep. She gritted her teeth,
swallowed her pride and…

“Again, and a little harder this time please,” Mark commented
matter-of-factly after Anna’s first attempt. If the truth be known it
had been a puny effort at best.

Anna reluctantly tried again. She couldn’t remember ever having been
ordered by a man to do anything even remotely as dehumanizing as this.

“Pretend you’re using the bathroom, Miss Kournikova, and suddenly you
wish to stop,” Mark coached, further humiliating the blond teenage
celebrity. It’s practically the same muscle group, I promise you.
One more try, and then we’ll move on,” Mark assured her and wiggled
his fingers a little.

Anna couldn’t believe this was happening to her. It had to be some
kind of fiendish nightmare or something, and sooner or later she would
awaken and all of this evil perversion would be gone – all just a bad
dream. Unfortunately, Anna was pretty darn sure she wasn’t imagining
the two large fingers that were inserted into her vagina. Anna bore

“Internal Grip Strength (IGS) is well below average,” Mark stated for
the record. Glancing at Rick Adams, the big Handler then said, “I
recommend that Miss Kournikova be started on Kegel weight program
right away.” Rick nodded his approval, and at the same time the two
men exchanged an unspoken plan.

“We’re almost finished here, Miss Kournikova,” Mark said as he
unexpectedly began to slowly fuck her with his two fingers. Her
surprise registered quickly on her handsome face and in her green
eyes. Anna opened her mouth to make some remark, but only a low moan
came out as Mark applied firm pressure with his thumb to the small
hood of skin which shrouded her clitoris. Almost immediately as the
Handler began to swirl his thumb in tight circles, the “traffic cop”
blew his whistle, signaling rush hour.

As Mark continued to move his fingers in and out with a slow, even
cadence, the first of many wet, snapping sounds escaped from between
Anna’s thighs. Mark heard it and smiled. Anna heard it and groaned
as her spirits took a dive. Rick heard it and nodded as he applied a
dollop of K-Y Jelly to the blunt end of Anna’s size six CAP Device.

Sizzling waves of pure delight leapt from the fingers of the big man
in white and onto the neurological super highway provided by the
Thelazine which by now had reached its full effectiveness. Anna saw
the others gathered around her but no longer comprehended their
significance. She heard sounds around her and behind her and even
snippets of conversation but nothing that was said made sense anymore.
Nothing was getting through. Only the white fire in her belly got
into the fast lane and assaulted Anna’s conscious mind.

A moment later Anna sensed a strange touch on her right hip –
someone’s hand – but its significance was effectively shunted onto a
side street. Then as though from a great distance, Anna felt a new
sensation of pressure. It didn’t hurt exactly, but it was unexpected.
Suddenly it was just there, and if Anna’s mind hadn’t been so tied up
with other anatomical concerns she might have wondered just exactly
where “there” was. Then without warning, Anna’s world changed. One
moment she was all alone and in the next she received a constant
companion, one that would remain with her day and night, possibly for
the rest of her life.

Rick nodded to Mark as he stood and wiped the lubricant off his
fingers. As usual the CAP insertion had gone without a hitch, thanks
to the newly designed Mark IV’s. With just a tiny amount of
lubricant, natural or otherwise, the space-age composite anal
appliances virtually leapt into the bodies of their recipients with
only a small amount of coaxing.

A shudder passed through Anna as her available passage space was
quickly filled, and her anal sphincter closed around the slender neck
of the device. At the same time Mark removed his hand from her and
allowed stunned young blond a couple of minutes to adjust around her
new companion. He’d managed Anna’s arousal with practiced ease,
keeping her right on the threshold of orgasm throughout the CAP
insertion procedure without allowing her to slip over the edge.
Mark’s legendary skill and timing combined with the amazing effects of
Thelazine made the process practically painless. The headstrong
teenager’s advanced state of arousal served to distract her while her
CAP device was introduced into her rectal passage by Rick Adams. It
would take several days for her to completely acclimate to the filling
presence in her abdomen, but she would adjust, just like every Guest
of the Center has over the years. The CAP program was nothing short
of remarkable, providing the young Guests with a focal point, and
thereby reducing distraction.

While Anna remained bound to the A-Frame restraint device, the men in
white discussed the morning’s project, congratulating themselves on
how smoothly everything had gone. In a few minutes, Anna would be
escorted to the Guest quarters where she would begin her new life.
Curtis and Ted stepped forward in preparation for Anna’s release from
her bonds, but Rick wasn’t ready to let her go just yet.

Turning to Adam North, Rick asked, “You don’t by any chance have a set
of Kegel weights up here do you?”

“No, I’m afraid not,” North replied. “But if you’ll stop by the
Gymnasium on the way to the dormitory, I’m sure the Coach will provide
our new Guest with everything she needs,” the Headmaster added with a

“Alright, then,” Rick replied with a smile. “Let’s cut her loose,
shall we. Mark, would you do the honors, please.”

“No worries,” Mark said as he stepped to the A-Frame and its comely
occupant. Smiling down at the girl, Mark turned and asked, “Anyone
want to take a turn with Miss Kournikova, before we release her into
the general population?”

Anna’s mind staggered in disbelief and outrage that these diabolical
mad men would actually place some evil thing into her body. For
awhile afterward she’d been wracked with horrible cramps, but they’d
quickly dissipated into what was now a dull but consuming ache that
pervaded her lower abdomen and made it very difficult for her to
concentrate on anything else. She knew the men were talking about
her, no doubt plotting more vile deeds, but she wasn’t entirely
certain what was being said. The big man had just offered his
colleagues something, and although she wasn’t sure what it was, Anna
was sure she wasn’t going to care for the idea.

“Might as well get her started,” Rick agreed, but unfortunately I’ve
got to run. “Mark, I’ll check in with you in a couple of hours, and
we’ll get Miss Kournikova integrated into the schedule, OK?” Mark
nodded. “Ted, Curtis, why don’t one of you guys take her for a spin.
You might not get the chance again for awhile, and who knows, she
might be fun,” he added casually as he gave his friend Adam North a
farewell wave and crossed the room for the door.

Ted looked at Curtis and shrugged. “Do you mind?” he asked his

“No problem, Teddy. You go right ahead,” Curtis replied graciously.
“I’ll wait and apply for Night Partnering with her later on, after
she’s had a bit more training.”

Mark nodded at the two men, simultaneously dismissing Curtis and
giving Ted the go-ahead to proceed.

“You gentlemen take your time,” Adam North interjected as he rose from
his seat and stepped around the desk. “Use the office for as long as
you need,” he offered. Then, ignoring the young blond celebrity
completely, the TYTC Headmaster turned to leave saying, “Curtis, if
you have a minute. There are some things I need to discuss with you.”

The two men made their exit already engaged in discrete conversation,
leaving Mark and Ted alone with their new charge.

Eyeing the two men in white with baleful curiosity Anna spoke up as
the two Handlers switched places. “I don’t know what you two are
planning, but I’m willing to offer you both a lot of money if you’ll
let me go and help me to get away from this place.”

Neither man said a word. Anna stared nervously back over her right
shoulder as Mark stepped close behind her. “Look,” she bargained.
“You’ve had your fun. If you stop this craziness now, I promise you
there’ll be no repercussions. No one ever needs to know what went on
this morning.”

Mark smiled as he placed a hand onto her shoulder. “Be still, Miss
Kournikova and pay attention,” he murmured as one would speak to a
misbehaving puppy.

Anna was about to argue when she heard a long, slow, “zip…” Turning
quickly, she gave a start when she discovered that the man named Ted
now stood very close in front of her. He to was smiling at her in a
patronizing way as he extended his left arm and grasped the horizontal
frame behind Anna’s right shoulder.

“What’s the matter with you people?” Anna snapped. “Are you all
retarded or something?” Ted remained utterly silent as he leaned even
closer until their noses practically touched, and Anna felt his breath
on her lips. The blond tennis star turned her face away in disgust
and was about to launch into another indignant tirade when suddenly
she felt something warm and distinctly hard, press against her belly.

Snapping her eyes back to Ted, she hissed venomously, “You just hang
on there big boy!”

Ted’s response to her theat was to use his free hand to push his
sizeable erection down, and allow it to spring up against the
posturing blond’s personal assets.

Anna looked down in alarm when she felt the heat of his manhood spring
upward against her exposed intimate flesh, but her view was blocked by
the man’s belly. Anna Kournikova tried to bolster her courage with
more threats in an attempt to ignore the cold a sense of helplessness
which began to creep into her mind, filling her with dread. “You’ll
stop right now, if you two know what’s good for you!” she snarled at
the man behind her when she felt his hand on her right buttock.

“Be still, Miss Kournikova!” Ted spoke flatly as he used his right
hand between her legs to push his shaft upward and between Anna’s
heavy outer lips.

“Nnnnno!” she shrieked through clenched teeth as she jerked her hips
back violently in an effort to remove herself from harm’s way. Her
green eyes flashed with seething, emerald hostility. “I have
friends,” she gasped breathlessly as the hot mass began to saw back
and forth slowly. “Powerful friends,” she snarled and started to

“Look at me, Miss Kournikova,” Ted instructed the irate blond in
preparation for entry. Then he shifted his left hand from the
horizontal bar of the A-Frame to the back of Anna’s neck. “Look at
me,” he repeated and nodded at Mark who stood at the ready.

“Fuck you!” Anna screamed, and with unexpected speed, she snapped at
Ted’s forearm with flashing white teeth.

She might have caused him some serious harm, but just as her teeth
made contact with his skin, Ted’s colleague, Mark gave the puck shaped
butt of Anna’s CAP Device which protruded slightly from between her
rounded buttocks a firm slap. The result was almost comical, as the
advanced polymer construction of the anal appliance magnified and
conducted the full force of Mark’s blow directly into Anna’s abdominal
core. From her open mouth pressed against Ted’s forearm came a
visceral grunt followed by a rush of expelled breath. At the same
time Anna’s broad hips shot forward.

“Look at me, Miss Kournikova,” Ted repeated calmly as he grasped her
by her thick braid of golden hair and pulled her head back and away
from his arm, leaving a slick of saliva on his skin. Her green eyes
were round and staring and a few croaking sounds escaped her lips as
she struggled to catch her breath.

From behind, Mark grasped the end of Anna’s CAP and pushed it forward
and up, causing her pelvis to rise upward in response to the internal
pressures it generated. Like a well rehearsed dance, Ted bent his
knees slightly and moved himself into position. He held her head
back, forcing her to look him in the eye and nodded almost
imperceptibly to his colleague. On cue, Mark released the pressure on
her CAP, and Anna Kournikova lowered herself helplessly onto her first
lover of the day.

End… for now SM

Regards… StoryMaster

10S-NE1 (Tennis Anyone) – Part Two – by – The StoryMaster

Chapter One

“Ted… Hey Ted,” the burly black man dressed in snow white coveralls
called to his colleague as the other man rounded a corner up ahead in
the broad central corridor. “Hey, wait up, man,” he said breathlessly
after racing to catch up.

“Hello, Roger,” Ted responded but continued his rather fast pace down
the hallway.

“What’s your hurry, my man?” Roger asked as he fell into step with his
friend and coworker.

“No real hurry,” Ted replied. “Just got a busy schedule, that’s all,”
he explained.

Roger understood very well what his friend meant, for he too was quite
busy. It seemed that lately the new inductees at The Youth Training
Center came in waves. Weeks would go by without much activity from
the Collections Department, then all of a sudden a flurry of new
Guests would arrive, and as all the TYTC Handlers knew, new Guests
required extra attention during their acclimation period. There were
myriads of interviews and tests to conduct as well as medical exams
and orientation sessions, all absolutely necessary in order to
effectively integrate the new inductees into the TYTC family and their
new way of life.

Suddenly, back down the corridor in the direction from which they’d
come there arose a tumultuous uproar. “Let go of me you bastards!” a
female voice shrieked.

Picking up on the girl’s accent, Roger turned. “Is that her?” he
asked somewhat excitedly as he took his friend by the arm, halting his
progress. “Frank told me she was here, but I thought he was just
messin’ with me,” the big black man added.

“That’s her, alright,” Ted responded, raising his eyebrows. “We just
finished her Double I, and now she’s on her way to Medical.” The two
men stared down the hallway in the direction of the trio of
individuals who moved slowly away from them. Between the two large
men who were dressed in the standard issue white coveralls of a TYTC
Handler, a blond she-cat fought furiously, spitting and kicking and
shouting obscenities in at least two languages. Even from a distance,
her sun bronzed skin appeared to glow, and as she thrashed to and fro
between her two attendants; her thick braid of golden hair whipped
about like a mad python.

“Well I’ll be damned,” Roger exclaimed, shaking his head. “She looks
like a real handful,” the black Handler commented with a wry chuckle.
“Who’s her Principal?” Roger inquired.

“Rick Adams drew the long straw,” Ted answered, turning away. “Or
perhaps it’s the short straw,” he added with a sardonic smile as
another ear piercing shriek split the air and reverberated down the
otherwise silent hallway. Roger continued to watch the noisy
proceedings until the trio turned and entered a side chamber. The
most recent, loud string of profanities was abruptly cut off as the
sound-proof door hissed closed behind them.

Turning and falling in with his colleague once more, Roger continued
to press his friend for details as the two of them progressed up the
hallway. “So you attended her Double I,” Roger muttered almost to
himself. “So how did it go? Who else was there? I want to hear
everything, my man,” the black man said cheerfully.

“It really wasn’t all that remarkable, Roger,” Ted told his curious
coworker. “Expecting a confrontational interview, the Boss called in
Mark Haskel and assigned him to her team. Rick began the interview,
but deferred regularly to Mark, especially once matters started
heating up,” Ted explained. “We put her in the A-Frame, and Curtis
Clark and I filled in as control and composure attendants. Mark
performed her personal assessment and field sizing, and Rick
administered Thelazine.” Then after a pause, “Yeah, we had to CAP her
at the Double I,” Ted explained with a shrug when he saw his partner’s
expression of surprise. “We gave her a size six, but I suspect she
can handle more. Surprisingly, she’s rather sloppy inside,” the
Handler commented. “One would think that with all the physical
training she gets, somebody would have paid more attention to the
muscles that really matter to a girl,” Ted added with a grin.

“You mean you…?” Roger asked his colleague, unable to hide his

“Yeah, I took a turn with her, vaginally and in the A-Frame; Matter of
fact, I believe I was her first N/C, and like I said, the young lady
needs a lot of exercise,” Ted commented casually. Roger was
speechless for the moment so Ted went on. “There’s no question she
has potential. She’s quite fit on the outside with a good utilitarian
physique, although she’s a little heavy in the waist for my tastes,”
Ted stated for the record. “Breasts are reasonably solid, but large
enough to cause some potential FRS problems. Rick mentioned possible
reduction, but he might elect to go with support instead. We’ll have
to check with her new L.C. (Life Companion),” Ted explained. She cums
fast,” the Handler then added with a smile, getting Roger’s undivided
attention. “Rode Mark’s finger all the way home, and only ten minutes
after her Thelazine injection.”

“Well I’ll be damned,” Roger exclaimed and slapped his friend on the
shoulder good naturedly. “So you got to bring her into the fold.
That’s pretty cool, my man.”

“I’m tellin’ you Roger, she’s nothing special. Unless, of course, you
like a Russian accent.” Both men laughed. “Her IGS (Internal Grip
Strength) is extremely weak, and her M&M’s (Muscle Memory) are way
low. Like I said, she’s pretty sloppy. She’s gonna need a lot of
time in the Gymnasium, and as soon as Medical’s finished with her,
Rick’s going to start her on Kegel weights around the clock.” The two
men stopped in front of a closed door marked “Admitting”. “Well,
here’s where I get off,” Ted said to his black colleague.
“Collections just brought in a couple of sisters, so I’ll probably be
tied up for the afternoon. Tell you what though,” he went on. “I
understand our Russian Guest goes up on the big board later today.
Keep an eye out and sign up for Night Partnering, if you think you
want to take her for a spin. Sometimes I like to do that just to get
a feel for the “before and after”, if you know what I mean,” Ted added
with a wink.

“I do indeed, my man,” Roger replied with a discerning smile. “Hey,
thanks for the heads up and the details. You take care, Ted,” the big
Handler said as the two men shook hands.

“See you around, Roger,” Ted replied then turned and passed through
the door behind him which whispered open then closed practically
without a sound.

Chapter Two

“Silence, Miss Kournikova,” the man who stood next to her snapped.
“Guests shall remain silent while being attended to,” he stated,
reciting the seventh Non-Negotiable Standard.

“Fuck you, you pervert!” Anna snarled as she strained against the wide
velcro bands which bound her arms to the unwholesome looking chair
she’d been placed in. “You people don’t know what you’ve gotten
yourselves into. When I get out of this despicable mad house, I’ll
see to it that all of you pay, big time,” the blond tennis star
postured bravely and continued to test her restraints. “I have
powerful friends,” she added for effect, but glanced nervously in the
direction of a second white clad individual who sat beside her on a
low stool.

Anna cautioned herself not to underestimate these men. She’d already
been raped once by one of them today and had no desire to repeat that
experience. Never in all of her nineteen years had Anna felt so
vulnerable and helpless, not only against this crew of diabolical
monsters, but much worse, she’d discovered that she was also powerless
over her own body. Anna shivered as memories of the past couple of
hours flooded into her mind.

She tried to convince herself that she’d put up a good fight. After
all, there had been five men in the room, and it had taken four of
them to subdue her and bind her spread-eagled to that horrible metal
frame. They drugged her, with what she still wasn’t sure, but
whatever the drug was, it didn’t knock her out like she’d expected.
Then they’d put that repulsive thing into her.

Unconsciously Anna’s rectal muscles flexed around the hard presence
inside of her, and for a brief moment her thoughts turned inward,
focusing on the dull sense of fullness it produced.

Anna hadn’t been with a man for several weeks. Her last lover, not
counting today, of course, was an older gentleman who just happened to
be a rather high ranking official with the U.S. Tennis Association.
Anna wasn’t proud of the liaison, but some times those kinds of things
were simply unavoidable for a girl with ambitions such as hers. Prior
to that she’d spent time with Sergei. This last visit, the young
Hockey player had stayed with her for almost three weeks, and despite
her strong feelings for him, Anna was beginning to believe that her
athletic beau was, shall we say, somewhat less than satisfying in

Anna had always known that she had a “hair trigger” and that she
became aroused quickly, and as a result practically since her first
time, she liked to call the shots. Anna liked to be in control of
herself as well as the situation. So it’s no wonder that she felt a
profound sense of powerlessness at the hands of these men, and the
depth of her humiliation was utterly soul wrenching when one of the
wicked monsters caused her to reach orgasm using just one finger.
Then while she was still weak and wobbly from that unexpected yet
intense climax, another of the demons in white had mounted her.

Anna had never been taken against her will before that day, and the
experience had proven to be altogether unnerving, especially for one
who was in the habit of calling the shots and controlling the pace of
the play. It wasn’t at all what she’d expected. The man hadn’t been
the least bit brutal. To the contrary, Ted, Anna recalled the man’s
name, had taken his time with her. He’d moved slowly and
purposefully. He’d stood face to face with Anna who was bound hand
and foot to the hateful A-Frame, so close in fact that their bellies
touched. And with each authoritative thrust of his hips, his course
dark pubic hair mingled with Anna’s soft, golden curls as their pubic
bones ground together. As his considerable manhood moved steadily in
and out, delving into Anna’s deepest unexplored regions, he’d forced
her to look him in the eye. It was utterly abasing, and worse still,
while the man made love to her, he whispered instructions to her and
words of encouragement or criticism. “Squeeze now, please, Miss
Kournikova,” he coached. And when at last, and to her never ending
shame, Anna began to succumb to the moment, Ted had scolded her for
uttering some small unconscious groan or other sound, reciting one of
those hateful standards of his. Anna couldn’t have known it at the
time, but her resulting flare of anger, however brief, served to
temporarily derail her train of arousal, keeping the young Russian
emotionally off balance and confused. In this manner, the
professional Handler had managed to string her along for nearly an

In fact, Anna was later unable to recall the sequence of events of the
last fifteen to twenty minutes leading up to his inseminating her, for
Ted had played her like a fine instrument, keeping her on the very
knife edge of orgasm, in that mindless state of near climax but never
allowing her to fulfill herself. And when Anna sensed those first
tendrils of liquid heat radiate outward from the core of her
womanhood, quickly spreading to every corner of her abdomen, Ted had
grabbed her by her cheeks and squeezed. As the pain generated by his
powerful fingers cleared her muzzy thoughts, the man stared intently
at Anna, his own dark eyes laughing as he watched the realization and
resignation fill her emerald green eyes while his copious offerings
filled her belly.

If Anna had later been asked to describe the experience, she would
have had to call it “thorough”. At first she took some comfort in the
knowledge that she’d kept herself from climaxing a second time, but as
bits and pieces of those final, misty minutes gradually took shape,
Anna recalled her mind and body, crying out in unison, praying for
blessed release, a freedom that would never come. In the depths of
her subconsciousness, Anna knew that she’d given in. The suspicion
that her own body had betrayed her was extremely unsettling to the
willful young celebrity, not to mention the fact that there now
existed the distinct possibility that she may soon be with child. At
that very moment, unwittingly Anna Kournikova stepped onto the path
that leads a girl to right thinking.

“Pay attention, Miss Kournikova, and look at me, please.” The man’s
voice interrupted Anna’s nightmare.

“Huh? Nnno,” she moaned softly when she felt two fingers “walk” deftly
across her right inner buttock. No matter how gentle his touch, when
the man seated on the stool to her right took hold of the composite
appliance lodged deeply in her rectal passage, Anna felt his every
move for it was amplified and conducted by the space age polymer
device directly into her spiritual center.

“Relax your muscles, please, Miss Kournikova,” the man on the stool
instructed her as he began to twist the horrible thing slowly back and
forth inside of her, causing Anna to shudder uncontrollably and her
teeth to chatter.

Anna attempted to shift her position, but found she couldn’t move more
than an inch in any one direction. Steeling herself as best she
could, Anna turned and glared at the man on the stool, but his
expression remained absolutely neutral as he continued to manipulate
the gadget in her rear end. Another violent tremor passed through the
blond tennis star.

“Look at me, please, Miss Kournikova,” the other man repeated. The
man on the stool nodded and smiled. Suddenly furious, Anna snapped
her head around to where the first man had stood moments ago. She
hated these men and their infernal politeness, and was about to lash
out at the man verbally, but he wasn’t there. Startled, Anna let out
a little squeak when she felt a pair of warm hands on her knees.
“Guests shall maintain direct eye contact with their partner or
partners while being attended to,” the man quoted. Anna glared at him
icily where he stood near her knees.

“That’s much better, my dear,” the man in white said with a genuine
smile. “My name is
Tony and my partner here is James.” Following Tony’s eyes, Anna
glanced quickly in the direction of the man seated on the low stool.
When their eyes met, James smiled and gave her CAP device a tiny tap
with the tip of his middle finger. James’ eyes smiled back at her
when Anna’s green eyes shot open wide and her nostrils flared.

“Look at me please, Miss Kournikova,” Tony spoke, dragging her
attention back to himself. “I am going to examine you now, and James
will assist me,” he explained to the somewhat shaken blond teenager.
“During the course of my examination I will be asking you some
questions, and I expect for you to answer each of them quickly and
accurately. Do I make myself clear, my dear?” he asked pointedly.

Anna looked away, refusing to cooperate. The man’s hand moved like
lightning, yet his touch was surprisingly gentle as he pinched Anna’s
areola just beside her right nipple between his thumb and index
finger. “Do I make myself clear, Miss Kournikova?” Tony repeated as
he increased pressure on the satiny flesh. A sudden fiery pain lanced
up Anna’s right shoulder and neck, eliciting a gasp from the startled

Anna gritted her teeth and tried to endure, but the pain was simply to
great. In less than a minute her big green eyes began to water and
her lower started to tremble. Seconds later, she nodded her head
enthusiastically and gasped words of capitulation.

Releasing her breast, Tony went on as though nothing had happened.
“When we are finished with your exam, my dear, we will all know each
other a lot better.” He gave her a patronizing smile, then depressed
a foot pedal located on the side of the pedestal base of the strange
looking chair. With a soft whirring sound, the entire chair began to
lean back. At the same time supports under Anna’s thighs and calves
moved up, bending her legs and raising her knees. The whirring
stopped and Anna found herself leaning back at about a forty-five
degree angle with her legs together and her knees elevated slightly
higher than her shoulders. During the move, she had of course tried
to resist, but since her legs were bound to the lower extremity
supports of the chair at her ankles and above and below her knees, her
efforts proved fruitless.

“It’s an interesting chair, is it not, my dear,” Tony said in a
conversational tone of voice as he stepped up and placed his hands
onto Anna’s knees. Anna stared down at him suspiciously. “We call it
our “Cooperation Seat”,” Tony explained casually as he moved his hands
apart, spreading her legs. Of course at the same time, the Handler
stepped on another of the chair’s control pedals, so although it
looked like he was effortlessly spreading the blond teenager using
only his hands, it was actually the powerful hydraulics of the
Cooperation Seat that did the work.

[Author’s Note: The Cooperation Seat is a specialty apparatus used for
physical examinations or any time that restraint is required, for
example during the early days of a Guest’s period in residence before
she has had a chance to acclimate to daily life at TYTC. The
Cooperation Seat is made of fiberglass and is anatomically shaped .
It has hydraulic controls that allow it to be raised or lowered to any
height. The chair can also be tilted, allowing its occupant to be
seated upright or leaned back into a recumbent position. The
principal distinguishing feature of the apparatus is the seat itself.
The seat bottom is divided into two halves with an opening between
them such that the occupant’s thighs are cradled and supported while
leaving her buttocks and abdominal orifices free and accessible.
Attached to the seat are the lower extremity extensions which are
articulated, allowing them to be adjusted into several practical
configurations. The arm supports, like the leg extensions, are also
fully adjustable. Additionally, like the leg rests, they are equipped
with restraint straps which fasten with velcro closures. Attached to
the base of the head rest is a wider, padded restraint band designed
to fit around the occupant’s neck. A similar band can be added at the
occupant’s waist, much like a cummerbund to restrain a particularly
aggressive subject. Once properly positioned in the Cooperation Seat
and restrained, the Guest is completely immobilized yet remains
eminently accessible.]

“Nnnnn,” Anna groaned as she fought vainly to preserve her dignity.

“Silence, Miss Kournikova,” Tony cautioned as he watched the comely
blond’s gates open before him. Stepping on another pedal, Tony then
raised her calves until her feet were almost level with the top of her
head. Cradled in the anatomically shaped bucket seat, Anna Kournikova
lay spread open like a ripe melon. “That’s very nice,” Tony said at
last, gazing at the moist pink flesh visible between the girl’s meaty
labia majora. “Are you comfortable, my dear?” he asked factitiously
as he stepped between her knees. Anna jumped when James’ stool
scraped across the tile floor as he moved to a better position.
“Relax, my dear,” Tony murmured, tracing the backs of his fingers
softly down her right inner thigh. “Just sit quietly now and let us
have a closer look at you. There’s a good girl.” Tony’s finger tips
strayed into her soft blond bush. “James, did you notice the pretty
heart shape our young lady’s trimmed herself into?” the Handler added
offhandedly as he began to tug playfully at her curls.

Anna thought about objecting to his invasion of her privacy, but
quickly reconsidered when James, anticipating her reaction, pushed
nimbly upward on her CAP, causing Anna to groan softly in response to
the increased internal pressure.

“I understand that you entertained a lover this morning, Miss
Kournikova. Is that true?” Tony asked rhetorically, noting the
overall puffiness of her vulva as well as the milky substance which
seeped from her vaginal opening.

“I was raped, if that’s what you mean,” Anna muttered under her
breath. Inside she was seething at being treated in such a demeaning
manner, and again she vowed vengeance upon the demented members of
this wicked institution.

Tony decided to ignore her most recent transgression for the time
being, and press on with the examination. Turning to his assistant he
asked, “James would you be so kind as to fetch me the FCU (Feminine
Cleansing Unit) and an auto-injector of Contra-6.”

Contra-6 is meticulously designed systemic contraceptive which is
highly effective and lasts approximately six weeks. In the past,
longer lasting contraceptive drugs were used, but recently, the staff
psychologists had begun experimenting with forced pregnancy and its
effects as a character eroding mechanism. Prior to the development of
Contra-6, antidotes had to be given in order to counteract the effects
of the longer lived contraceptives. With Contra-6 it was only
necessary to suspend the dosage if one wished to impregnate a
particular young lady. As a rule, however, the Guests were not
informed initially that they’d been given a contraceptive at all. The
theory being that during a Guest’s orientation period, the specter of
possible pregnancy provided a powerful influence in initial shaping of
her persona.

While he awaited his assistant, Tony picked up a metallic clip board,
studied the data it contained for a few seconds, and then looked down
at the young blond who for the moment appeared to be behaving herself.

“You are nineteen years of age, Miss Kournikova,” the Handler stated
for the record. Anna hesitated and then nodded her head. Her
expression was one of pure loathing. “You’re single and were a
resident of South Florida. Correct?” Anna glared at him. “I’ll take
that for a “yes”,” Tony responded with a chuckle. “Are you currently
under a doctor’s care, Miss Kournikova?”

Anna gave the man a calculating stare for a second then answered
flatly, “No.”

“Are you taking any medications?”


“Do you have a history of any medical conditions, or allergies?” Tony
asked, pausing and glancing up from his clip board when James arrived
with a piece of equipment in tow that resembled a canister vacuum
cleaner. Anna also noticed the strange apparatus and didn’t like the
looks of it one bit. “Thank you, James,” Tony said, taking a small
pen-like device from his partner. “Do you have any allergies to drugs
or otherwise, Miss Kournikova?” the Handler repeated his earlier

“Uh..uh,” Anna replied a bit absently as she continued to eye the
machine parked beside her chair.

“Are you currently using any sort of recreational drugs, tobacco or

Turning to the demon in white, Anna responded indignantly, “Are you
crazy? Don’t you know who I am?”

“A simple yes or no will do, Miss Kournikova,” James stated bluntly as
he again took his seat on the low stool and reached beneath the blond
tennis star. Anna stared at him briefly with a mixture of hatred and
concern when she felt his touch on her CAP Device.

“Let’s continue, shall we,” Tony said after clearing his throat.

Anna turned toward the man when he spoke then shuddered reflexively
when she felt the filling object in her nether passage begin to rotate
slowly back and forth..back and forth. “God, it was infuriating!”
Anna’s mind silently screamed, “and so distracting.”

Ted ignored her obvious discomfort and said, “Regarding your menstrual
cycle, Miss Kournikova.” That got her attention. “Are your periods
regular and predictable, and would you say that your menstrual flow is
heavy or light on the average?”

Quickly becoming incensed again, the willful blond glowered at the man
who stood between her legs. “Just who the hell do you think you are,
asking me that kind of a question?” Anna thought indignantly to
herself. But to Tony she said with unveiled scorn, “You must think
you’re some kind of doctor of something,”

Tony responded with a patient smile, for he’d lost track of the number
of times he’d conducted primary physical examinations. “Actually,
Miss Kournikova, I am a doctor. Now answer the question, please.”

Anna was caught off balance by the man’s unexpected response to her
expression of contempt and unwittingly replied, “N…not too heavy and
p…pretty regular.” She was suddenly quite flustered and confused.
“How could a doctor be involved with a place like this?” she puzzled,
finding the thought very disquieting.

“There, you see. That wasn’t so bad,” he commented patronizingly.
Then he added, “Obviously at age nineteen you are sexually active, my
dear. Tell me then, at what age did you lose your virginity, and how
many lovers have you entertained since that time; not counting this
morning, of course?”

Both men noticed her face begin to flush with rage, long before she
spoke. And having performed this very same interview on countless
other occasions, they knew pretty much what to expect from her. As
they predicted, the attractive blond celebrity was speechless for a
time, before she boiled over into a seething tirade of virtually
unintelligible gibberish, consisting of both Russian and English
expletives interspersed with promises of wrathful retribution and

The two professional men stood by and waited for the storm to pass.
James let go of her CAP Device temporarily to give her room to thrash
about within the confines of the chair’s restraint bands. Tony used
the time to ready her injection of Contra-6, and as soon as the
struggling blond showed the first signs that she was running out of
steam, he pressed the tip of the pressurized auto-injector against the
soft skin on the inside of her left buttock.

“Snick” and Anna received her first measured dosage of the designer

The Contra-6 compound, by the way, also contains a fast acting and
extremely efficient spermicide. Nearly twenty-four hours can pass
between copulation and injection, and still the recipient will be
rendered unfertile. Anna would not, therefore be bearing Ted’s child;
at least not as a result of this morning’s coupling.

“Owwchhh,” the blond banshee squawked, the slight sting of the
injection momentarily distracting her and halting her angry diatribe.
Anna sat for several minutes, flushed and out of breath as a result of
her fruitless battle with the Cooperation Seat and its restraint
system. Then at last she stared pointedly at Tony and declared, “Just
who the hell do you people think you are. What makes you think you
can kidnap a person, rape her and then ask brazen questions about her
personal life. I think you’re all totally insane. That’s what I
think,” Anna said unequivocally.

The two Handlers looked at each other, but remained silent.

Anna mistakenly interpreted their response as being indicative of
sheepishness or even timidity, and all of a sudden a plan of action
sprang to mind. Anna had learned through years of practice and
experience that all men could be bought. One only had to determine
the right price. In most instances, the promise of sexual favors was
more than adequate, but it seemed pretty clear to her that such an
offer would be of little value here. “Money,” Anna thought to
herself. After all, she was a very wealthy young woman, and she
didn’t think she would have any problem at all negotiating her

Strapped naked to what amounted to an instrument of torture with a
total stranger standing between her widely splayed legs, Anna was in a
rather compromising position, to put it mildly, but still she thought
she could pull this off. She’d had to dig deep within herself to find
the courage and resolve she needed to come from behind and win many,
many times out there on the tennis court, and although matters
appeared to be pretty grim at the moment, Anna knew she would prevail
over her adversaries.

And she had yet another ally in addition to her monetary wealth and
strength of character. Anna possessed the “Power of Pretty”, and
believe you me, she knew how to use it. Time and time again Anna had
wielded her good looks like a broad sword, cutting a wide swath
through those who disagreed with her, and bending them, particularly
the males, to her way of thinking. Armed with wealth, good looks and
depth of character, Anna sensed that victory was pretty much assured.

Dialing up the “Power of Pretty” to the maximum, Anna turned her
sparkling emerald eyes on the supposedly unsuspecting Tony. “I can
make you a wealthy man, you know,” she stated, trying to keep her
voice low and even.

“I beg your pardon, my dear?” Tony answered, feigning ignorance. From
outside of Anna’s field of vision James caught his eye, smiled and
winked. Tony maintained a neutral expression, and let the girl

“I said, I can make you a very wealthy man,” Anna repeated. “How does
a million dollars sound?” she asked with a seductive smile.

“I… I don’t know, I..” Tony stammered in response to her proposal.
He was quite a good actor, really.

When Anna noticed him looking in the direction of his partner, she
turned and said to James, “The same offer goes for you.” Then to both
men she said, “One million dollars each, and all you have to do to get
it is to untie me and then show me the way out of this place.” Then
Anna had a second thought. Locking eyes with Tony, who obviously held
the more senior position between the two men, the beautiful blond
celebrity allowed her true arrogance to flare like a star gone nova.
Firmly ensconced in her belief that no man could resist either her
beauty or her feminine wiles, Anna purred in a rather unladylike
manner, “And once, I’m free, who knows. Perhaps you and I could….”
She left her thinly veiled proposal hanging in the air like a living
thing, warm and moist.

The room fell into silence for what seemed like hours. The only sound
to be heard was the whispering of the cool, filtered air wafting in
through the overhead vents.

Then… “We could what, Miss Kournikova?” Tony asked obtusely.

Anna couldn’t believe her ears. “Was the guy an idiot?” she asked
herself. Granted, Anna had absolutely no intention of following
through on either of her offers. In fact, no sooner than she could
get to a telephone, she meant to summon the authorities and have this
shit hole full of perverts busted, but good. “But the big moron
dressed in white farmer johns had no way of knowing that,” Anna
concluded. “Don’t panic, Murzik,” she told herself. “He’s just a
little stupider than he looks.” Anna decided to give him one more

Smiling demurely at the man, Anna fairly glowed with an aura of
bewitching female seductiveness. “You know,” she began in a low
throaty voice. “I have a big house, and it’s very private. Maybe you
could come by or something.” Her smile shown like the sun, almost
blinding in its intensity, and practically as hot. “There, is that
plain enough for you, you big ape?!” Anna snarled in her thoughts.
“God, if he doesn’t get it now, he’s too dumb to be walking around!”
Anna was so pleased with herself that she almost laughed out loud, but
she maintained her composure, never allowing her opponent to see her
plan until it was too late. Finally, after an eternity had passed,
the man in white – “Tony,” Anna wanted to remember that name – looked
at her and spoke.

“I see, Miss Kournikova.” Then he paused for yet another eternity
before continuing. Turning to his partner in crime, Tony asked him,
“So what do you think, James?”

Anna looked quickly in James’ direction, and noticed right away the
somewhat queer expression on his face. James wasn’t as good an actor
as Tony was.

“I don’t know,” he said from his seat on the low stool beside her.
Thankfully Anna could see both of James’ hands for the time being.
“Come on, you moron!” she screamed silently.

“A million bucks is a lot of money,” James commented, his words as
slow as time itself.

“Duh!” Anna thought, raising her eyebrows.

“It sounds like a pretty fair offer to me, Tony,” James stated at
last, boosting Anna’s spirits tenfold. “A million dollars each,”
James muttered and faded into silence.

“Yes indeed,” Tony exclaimed. “It’s a very reasonable proposal,” he
said, winking at Anna. She smiled even brighter in response if that
were possible. “And one that I will strongly consider; you can count
on that,” he added, then was forced to control himself to keep from
bursting out laughing as he watched the blond’s cocky smile begin to
fade, and an expression of confusion and uncertainty creep in to take
its place. “But what intrigues me more, James,” Tony began, by
pretending to address his colleague. “Is Miss Kournikova’s offer of,

Anna was no longer smiling.

“Do you think she meant… you know?” James asked, playing along and
grinning from ear to ear. He loved this part.

“Yes, James, I believe she was,” Tony answered his partner. Then
turning to Anna who was frowning profusely now, he asked, “It wasn’t
my imagination, Miss Kournikova, was it? You were proposing that you
and I have sex in return for my cooperation and help. Is that not

Anna once again was reduced to a state of stunned silence. She tried
to speak, but although her mouth opened and closed repeatedly, no
sounds issued forth.

Holding up his hand, Tony squelched her efforts to speak. Then
talking as if to a class of trainees the Handler continued. “I feel
pretty certain that indeed Miss Kournikova’s offer implied that she is
willing to exchange sexual favors in return for services rendered. I
suspect therefore that were we to do a little investigating, we would
discover that she has a history of this kind of behavior.”

Glancing down at the blond teenager, Tony made note of her discomfort.
Then with a warm smile he said to her, “I want you to know that we’re
not judging you personally, my dear. You have simply been living your
life and making decisions based upon those principles which were
taught to you by your mother and she by her mother and on, ad
infinitum. Unfortunately, my dear Miss Kournikova, most of those
precepts are severely dated, and many are just plain wrong.”

Anna was simply too bewildered and dismayed by the apparent failure of
what she had considered to be a very well conceived plan, to hear
much of what the man in white was saying. And if the truth be known,
she didn’t really want to hear it anyway. In Anna’s humble opinion,
the monster named Tony was either completely crazy or totally full of
shit and perhaps both. “Now he’s bringing my mother into this mess,”
Anna thought to herself. “What the hell’s he talking about?” she
wondered distractedly. Then a thought crossed her mind. “Hey, at
least he’s not raping me.” Anna almost smiled at the irony of her
reflection. Since she apparently wasn’t going to be going anywhere,
anytime soon, the headstrong blond decided to listen to the man for
awhile. Maybe she could still find a chink in his armor. She had to
do something. She couldn’t just give up. Then without warning,
memories of how she’d reacted in the hands of the men who’d raped her
earlier that morning flooded her thoughts, forcing Anna to fight
against a rising tide of despondency and hopelessness. Somehow Anna
managed to shake it off one more time and rise above the abyss, but
she was tiring emotionally.

Gradually Tony’s voice trickled into her conscious thoughts. “One
very common misconception, and one that you have clearly chosen to
believe, Miss Kournikova, is that the female of our species has been
given the gift of sexuality to be used as a bargaining chip and to
compensate for the fact that she is the weaker sex, physically. This
sentiment is not only incorrect, it is also manipulative and
destructive. Are you listening to what I’m saying to you, Miss
Kournikova?” Tony asked.

Caught somewhat by surprise, Anna responded thickly with a nod of her
head. And she had to pee.

“Very well,” the Handler said. Then he went on. “History is littered
with instances where unchecked female seductiveness caused heartache
and pain, not to mention several major world conflicts. But remember,
my dear,” Tony said, patting Anna on the leg. “None of this is your
fault. You were simply going on what you were taught. But as these
maternal teachings are passed down from generation to generation they
get altered, sometimes intentionally, and sometimes accidentally, much
like that game where you line up several people and whisper a secret
to the first in the line, who whispers it to the next person and so
on. By the time the message reaches the last person in the line it
scarcely resembles the original. You with me?”

Anna had made up her mind at least. The man was full of shit. Anna

Then in an almost reverent tone of voice Tony recited the first part
of the TYTC Mission Statement. “We believe that today’s “modern
woman” has become misaligned. Everything we see in the media today
places the physical beauty of the female of our species upon an
unreachable pedestal. Males, on the other hand, are frequently
portrayed as buffoons and are the only group remaining that it is
politically correct to ridicule. It is our mission to remedy this
embarrassing situation and restore the female to her rightful position
in society.”

Placing his hand onto the tennis star’s well proportioned right thigh,
and startling her in the process, Tony held her gaze with his dark
grey eyes as he spoke. “You must understand, my dear girl, that we
sincerely believe that female sexuality was intended as a gift. A
gift which can be very satisfying when managed properly as it was
meant to be handled – as a commodity.”

Tony smiled at the questioning expression on her face. She was
totally out of her element, embarking upon a journey along the road
less traveled. And fortunately for her, Miss Kournikova would have
the dedicated staff of The Youth Training Center to guide her down
that path of discovery.

“You appear to be willing to use your sexuality as a commodity, Miss
Kournikova,” Tony said to her and received a scornful look in return.
“In a way that gives you a head start of sorts, and all that remains
is for us to help you to give freely of yourself. You will have to
forget much of what you believe to be truths about morality and
normalcy, but we will be here to guide you along the way. At The
Youth Training Center you will never be alone. I promise you.” Then
after a prolonged pause during which he and the blond gazed intently
at each other, sizing each other up, Tony squeezed Anna’s thigh
affectionately and said, “So, now that you have some idea of who we
are and what we intend to accomplish, perhaps you’ll cooperate and
help me to complete your examination.”

Anna remained silent for several seconds and then responded unbidden
to the man in white. “You seem intent upon abusing me, and I
obviously can’t stop you,” she began calmly. “But if you think for
one second that you and your band of deviants are going to turn me
into some kind of sex slave, then you’ve got another thing coming,
buster,” Anna hissed.

“Very well, my dear,” Tony responded in a patronizing tone of voice.
Eventually like every Guest of the Center, she would have to learn to
obey the Non-Negotiable Standards, but for now, all Tony wanted to do
was to complete her exam so he could get some lunch. He was starving.
“Baby steps, Miss Kournikova. We need to begin our journey with baby
steps and then we’ll progress gradually. You’ll see. Now, where were
we?” Tony said consulting his clip board.

Anna looked away. She would not give in to these mad men. She still
had to pee.

“How old were you when you lost your virginity, my dear?” Tony asked
in a friendly voice.

“Fourteen,” Anna answered.

Tony made a note in her file and then continued with the interview.
“Approximately how many lovers have you entertained since age

Anna hated the way the man referred to her as having “entertained”
lovers, but after thinking about it for a couple of minutes, she
answered, “Eight, I think. Maybe nine,” she added. Anna found it
hard to believe that she would divulge information of such a personal
nature to a perfect stranger, but if it kept him happy such that he’d
keep his hands off of her, Anna felt it was worth it.

“OK,” the Handler muttered thoughtfully as he made another note.
“James, we’re almost finished here. Would you be so kind as to get
the FCU ready.”

“Sure thing,” James replied. “Vaginal or anal?” he asked, referring
to the choice of attachments available for the apparatus.

“I think we’ll start with her vagina,” Tony answered, glancing down
between Anna’s widely splayed thighs. She was still leaking a little.

Anna didn’t like the sound of their conversation at all, and she
blushed hotly when she saw Tony staring at her. “What’re you gonna do
to me?” she asked in a slightly fearful voice.

“Silence, Miss Kournikova,” Tony snapped. “Guests shall remain silent
while being attended to,” said, quoting the seventh standard. “I’ll
not tolerate any further outbursts from you.” And something in his
voice told Anna that he wasn’t kidding.

“Now, as to the nature of your sexual activities. What sort of sexual
experiences have you had, Miss Kournikova?” Tony inquired offhandedly.
From the breast pocket of his coverall the Handler removed a small
plastic cylinder about the size of a “BIC” pen. In it was a typical
rectal style thermometer. “Vaginal sex only, or have you experimented
with oral or anal sex as well?” Tony asked as he tore open an alcohol
wipe and cleaned the glass barrel of the instrument. “Have you ever
entertained more than one lover at a time?” Tony rattled off a string
of demeaning questions as though he were asking Anna what her favorite
color was or what kind of car she drove. He took a moment to shake
down the mercury in the thermometer.

Anna was utterly outraged by the questions the white clad deviant had
just asked her, and she was about to commit yet another transgression
and tell him about it when without warning the man slipped the
thermometer into her vagina.

“Be still, Miss Kournikova,” Tony cautioned as he pushed the tiny
glass rod up into the blond teenager until his finger tips made
contact with her labia minora. Then he took his hand away and glanced
at his wristwatch. “And answer my questions, please,” Tony added

Anna could feel the slender glass shaft inside of her, and she began
to wonder what the men in white would do to her next. Meanwhile, she
struggled with her pride and sense of modesty over the answers she was
expected to produce momentarily.

“I’m waiting, Miss Kournikova,” Tony pressed as he glanced at his
watch again. She still had about a minute on her vaginal temperature.
Tony was willing to be patient to a degree with the young Russian, for
if she did have a history of “unusual” sexual habits, and he could get
her to admit it to him, it would represent another major hurdle
overcome by the girl.

“Come, come, my dear,” Tony said as he reached for the end of the
thermometer. “You might just as well tell me all about it, because
I’m going to find out anyway. I promise you that.” Tony was having
trouble getting a handle on the end of the little glass rod. “Damn
thing is slippery,” he muttered to himself as he fished around at the
girl’s entrance, causing her to squirm a little from his touch.

“Oral sex. I’ve had oral sex,” the blond suddenly blurted out.

“Very good, my child,” Tony complimented her. “And did you take your
lover’s penis into your mouth or did you allow him to sample your
charms?” At last he managed to get a purchase on the end of the
slender glass rod and was able to remove the thermometer from Anna’s
interior. “99.1… You’re quite warm inside, my dear, and that’s very
a desirable attribute in a girl.”

Anna turned beet red. “Both,” she murmured almost inaudibly.

“I see,” Tony said, making another entry into her permanent file.

“Anything else?” he asked as he wiped the thermometer clean of its
mucous coating.

Anna shook her head a little too quickly, and Tony suspected she had a
skeleton in her closet, but he decided to let her off the hook for

“OK, then,” Tony commented as he closed the file and dropped the clip
board onto a nearby lab table. “That concludes the interview portion
of your examination, my dear, and now we need to get a few personal
measurements.” Anna stared at him warily. “So, tell you what we’re
gonna do,” Tony said, waxing colloquial. “I’m going to let James make
you nice and clean inside, while I take a few outside measurements.
Afterward we’ll move inside for a series of internal dimensions. How
does that sound?” he asked rhetorically.

Anna was becoming quite concerned as the man named Tony stepped from
between her legs and let James take his place. Anna really couldn’t
see what was going on down there, but she listened while James went
about assembling the vacuum-like contraption. Tony had disappeared
temporarily, but Anna was far more interested in the proceedings going
on between her legs at the moment than where the other man had gone.

“Well, well, somebody left quite a mess,” James commented as he put
his hands on her without the slightest reservation. “Who did you say
your lover was this morning, sweetheart?” the brazen little man asked
as though he were asking the time of day.

Another thing Anna despised was the way these people referred to her
rapists as lovers. Their hateful euphemisms coupled with their
incessant politeness tended to add legitimacy to their diabolical

Anna refused to answer the man. He looked like a weasel, and when he
touched her, it made her skin crawl.

“Well, whoever he was, he sure filled you up, sweetheart. You’ve
still got cum running out of you, baby.” He was disgusting. “But no
matter, because old James is going to make you all nice and clean
inside.” And with that the man slid his middle finger into Anna until
the backs of his knuckles pressed against her meaty labia.

“Hrrrrruughh,” Anna groaned through clenched teeth and, she shuddered
reflexively as the man’s invading digit delved deeply into her most
private and most female area.

“Be still now, sweetheart and let Uncle James have a look around in

Anna’s tummy heaved in response to the man’s probing which, of course,
brought more pressure to bear on her full bladder.

“Well, I’d say we’re definitely wet enough, but the rumor going around
that you’re kinda sloppy down here is right on the money. We need to
get you down to see the Coach so he can make this little pussy nice
and tight.”

Anna had never been so humiliated in all her life when next the man
shook his finger rapidly from side to side, causing a chorus of wet
snapping sounds to emanate from between her legs.

“Yes indeed, we’re a sloppy little pussy, aren’t we,” James said as he
amused himself for awhile longer inside of the young blond tennis
star. Then after what seemed to Anna to be an eternity, the horrible
little man removed his hand from her and stooped to retrieve God only
knew what.

“I think you’re gonna like this, sweetheart. Most of our young ladies
do,” James said holding up the hand wand of the Feminine Cleansing
Unit, FCU for short, for Anna to see. Anna stared at it fearfully.

It was made of white plastic and looked very much like a larger
version of a typical feminine douche wand. It’s bulbous tip was
perhaps three quarters of an inch in diameter and tapered down to a
more slender handle which had about a ten degree bend in it half way
down its length. Two clear vinyl hoses were attached to the butt end
of the handle and led down to what was referred to as the
pump/filtration unit. One hose supplied cleansing solution to the
hand wand while the other served to suction the effluent back into the
filtration chamber where it would be cleaned and recycled. The beauty
of the device was that it could thoroughly cleanse either female
abdominal passage without spilling so much as a drop of the cleansing
liquid. The cleaning fluid usually consisted of a mild soap and
water solution with a few drops of scented oil added for lubrication
and to ensure freshness.

“There we go, baby. That’s not so bad is it,” James purred as he used
his fingers to spread Anna’s labia majora before pushing the bulbous
tip of the hand wand into her vaginal entrance. Her green eyes
widened and her lips parted slightly in reaction to being penetrated
once again, and she stared downward toward the despicable little man
standing between her legs as he slipped the vile plastic hand wand
effortlessly into her interior. “That’s it, sweetheart. Take it all
in,” James cooed. Meeting with virtually no resistance what so ever,
the Handler continued to advance the device into the famous blond
teenager until the tip arrived at the very back of her vaginal
passage, an area known as the fornix. There he met with a slight back
pressure as the wand pressed against those moist hidden tissues.

James noted a couple of additional signs which indicated that the girl
was fully involved. First, her facial expression changed ever so
slightly, reflecting what can best be described as curious
introspection. This “inward stare”, as it is referred to among
professionals, always accompanies complete penetration, but often it
takes a trained eye to recognize it. This expression of uncertainty
and the somewhat misty cast to her eyes often lasts no more than a few
seconds, particularly in a non-consensual setting, but it is widely
believed to be a precursor to “womb centering”. The second more
obvious sign was the flexing of her abdominal muscles. Anna’s already
flat tummy, became noticeably more taught, her “abs” flexing in
sympathetic reaction to her reflex vaginal muscle contractions.

Placing the heel of his free hand onto Anna’s broad pubic mons, the
Handler allowed his finger tips to rest lightly on her lower belly
where he could feel every twitch and tremor as she responded to his
work. Due to the convoluted nature of the vaginal walls, it is
recommended that muscle activity be encouraged during the cleansing
process to ensure thorough job.

“OK, sweetheart. Here we go,” James said with a smile. Then he
stepped on the on/off foot switch on the side of the pump/filtration
unit, activating the apparatus. The FCU made a soft whirring sound
and the two vinyl hoses jerked slightly as the clear cleansing
solution flowed quickly up the supply hose and into the handle of the

Almost immediately Anna’s green eyes grew wide and staring as she felt
a liquid warmth begin to permeate her interior. It wasn’t an
unpleasant sensation, really. In fact it felt much like a normal
douche only more palpable and penetrating.

James felt her tummy muscles begin to tic and quiver as the pre-warmed
solution was channeled through the center of the wand and ejaculated
from its tip in a pulsating flow similar to a water pick. The pulsing
action of the fluid stream tended to stimulate vaginal muscle activity
as well as working its way more efficiently into all of her nooks and
crannies. James could see the results of his efforts right away as
the discharge hose rapidly filled with the milky effluent liquid
suctioned from the blond’s fluffy internal folds.

Anna did her level best to maintain some semblance of composure, but
subconsciously she was taking a beating. Even in her darkest
nightmares she would never have imagined being placed in such an
embarrassing and demeaning position. Although Anna was loth to even
look at the disgusting little man, her gaze seemed to be inexplicably
drawn to his dark blue eyes and his patronizing grin. From time to
time a pronounced sucking sound would reverberate around the otherwise
silent exam room as the wand found some hidden air pocket deep in
Anna’s interior, causing her to flush with renewed embarrassment.

Anna had always been a rather wet young lady, especially when aroused,
and she was extremely self-conscious about it. Many times she’d felt
compelled to ask her lovers to slow down when she started to get
“noisy”, usually feigning soreness or fatigue. Something about the
“spooching”, sputtering sound of trapped air being forced from her
vagina made her feel coarse and unclean.

James, of course, recognized her expression of discomfort, and putting
two and two together, he made a mental note to make and entry in her
file regarding her distaste for vaginal reports. Toying with the
headstrong celebrity, James worked the wand from side to side,
stretching her vaginal walls and making one hell of a racket. It
sounded kind of like someone sucking on a straw at the bottom of a

Anna was totally incensed. Gritting her teeth, she fought to endure
the thrusting and probing of the heinous contrivance. Then to her
utter dismay the despicable creature in white coveralls started to hum
a little tune under his breath. Soon he was moving the invasive
apparatus in and out and side to side in time to his humming, and Anna
fully expected for him to break into a chorus of “Whistle While You
Work”. Then when she thought that she couldn’t stand another second
of this debasing ordeal and would simply die of humiliation, Anna felt
a hand on her right breast.

Tony was back. “How are we doing, Miss Kournikova?” he asked calmly,
his finger tips flirting with her nipple. When she refused to answer
he removed his hand from her breast, and leaned to get a closer look
at the cleaning operation.

“She’s coming right along,” James said happily. The two men glanced
in unison at the hoses of the FCU. The suction hose which a few
minutes ago had been filled with a milky discharge, now ran
practically clear. “Shouldn’t be too much longer now,” James
commented offhandedly. “I just need to get her moving inside for
awhile,” he added. Tony nodded his agreement and left the man to his

James had been one of the first Handlers to use the new Feminine
Cleansing Unit, and was now considered by all to be the resident
expert in its operation. Over the past few months James had developed
a few tricks of the trade. In fact it was he who’d first recognized
the advantages of encouraging vaginal muscle activity in his patients
in order to achieve a more complete cleaning. The placement of his
free hand on the pubic arch so he could use his finger tips to monitor
internal exertion through abdominal muscle movement was one such
maneuver. Then one day, when James was feeling particularly playful,
he’d slipped his thumb down into a Guest’s carnal cleft where he began
to manipulate her clitoris while he went about the cleaning process.
The results were so spectacular that James, as well as every other
Handler who’d tried the FCU, couldn’t believe that no one had thought
of the technique before.

Anna’s hips jerked and, of course, her tummy flexed when the wicked
man in white located and began to palpate that small organ so densely
packed with nerve endings. Then her mouth popped open and she gasped,
“Ahh…ahh,” as fiery impulses of raw female energy raced up the
“Thelazine Highway” and arrived in the pleasure center of her brain
with shocking intensity.

“Silence, Miss Kournikova,” Tony said from a position near her right
shoulder. Anna stared up at him with startled green eyes. Just then
a particularly loud slurping sound came from between her thighs
causing her to snap her gaze in James’ direction. “Let’s have a look
at these,” Tony muttered as he leaned over the girl and grasped her
full breasts firmly, one in each hand. Anna’s expressions of shock
and confusion were priceless as her attention was immediately drawn to
the growing dull ache in her breasts and the man who caused it. The
Handler smiled down at her as his expert fingers palpated the softer
fatty breast tissues, seeking the firmer mammary glands beneath.

“These will more than likely present a problem,” Tony commented as he
hefted first one breast and then the other, evaluating their
consistency and weight. “But we’ll find out for sure when we run the
sway and travel tests.”

[Author’s Note: A very good example of the Breast Sway and Nipple
Travel tests can be found in the TYTC tale entitled “Recall Part

Next Tony grasped Anna’s right nipple between his index finger and
thumb and shook the breast from side to side with some authority,
eliciting an audible gasp from the unhappy teenager. Tony glared at
her, warning her to be silent with his cold dark eyes. When he
released her nipple, the Handler made note of the approximate time it
took for the breast mass to come to rest. Then he repeated the
procedure with the left breast. It wasn’t a highly accurate test, but
it was an adequate indicator that a potential problem existed.
Earlier when he reviewed her file, he noticed that Rick Adams had made
a notation about the need for breast mass support right away and
possibly breast reduction surgery later on. Tony agreed with the
assessment and added his own comments to her file.

“There we go, little lady. You’re all done and clean as a whistle in
there,” James said cheerfully as he shut the pumps down and deftly
extracted the hand cleansing wand from the girl’s vagina.

More importantly in Anna’s opinion, he ceased his attentions to her
clitoris, for in spite of her efforts to resist, the young athlete
found herself slipping inexorably into that mindless abyss of
Thelazine fired arousal. She didn’t want to admit it to herself, but
she probably wouldn’t have been able to hold out much longer.
Surprisingly, the only thing that had prevented Anna from being rolled
beneath a boiling orgasmic tidal wave was the fact that her need to
urinate had become critical. And as Anna lay, enduring the attentions
of her defilers, she had no idea what she was going to do about the
growing concern.

Glancing in his partner’s direction, James noted that Tony was in the
process of measuring her nipple girth using a small stainless steel
caliper. Knowing that Tony would be a minute, James decided to follow
through on a suspicion he had.

Every TYTC Handler spends many hours of extensive training dealing
with the psychology of the human female, and James was no exception.
He’d been taught to read facial expression and decipher the nuances of
body language. James was a rather intuitive person to begin with, and
armed with the knowledge he’d gained through training and experience,
he could read a girl like the Wall Street Journal.

“I wonder,” he mumbled to himself as he placed the vaginal cleansing
wand into its protective case. “There had been something about her
expression,” James thought to himself as he turned back to the girl.
“She was definitely responding to the clitoral stimulation,” he
reflected. “But something was distracting her.” James glanced at his
wristwatch. “She’s been in residence since this morning, and
according to her chart she went straight from Recovery to her Double I
and then directly here. “I’ll bet our young champion has got to pee,”
James concluded as a smile spread on his lips.

She was looking up at Tony who was still gathering breast dimension
data and didn’t notice James’ approach. “Let’s see what kind of a job
we did,” the Handler said and slipped his middle finger quite
unexpectedly into Anna’s vagina. He caught her completely off guard,
and even if her vaginal muscles had been strong and fit, which they
certainly were not, James would have had no difficulty in performing a
proper manual entry.

At TYTC it is widely believed that in order for an entry to be
effective, one that a girl will remember, she should be penetrated
fully on the first thrust. It didn’t have to happen quickly or overly
forcefully. Actually, many feel that a firm, fluid ingress is best,
because it gives a girl time to consider the fact that she’s been

As it was, with Anna’s lack of vaginal fitness and aided by the traces
of scented oil left behind by the FCU, the tip of James’ long middle
finger arrived at the entrance to her womb unchallenged.

“Mm… nnn,” Anna groaned through clenched teeth and pursed lips. She
closed her big green eyes for several seconds then opened them again,
like a prolonged blink.

“Feels pretty good in here to me,” James commented cheerfully, placing
his other hand stealthily onto the blond’s tummy just above her pubic
bone. Looking up at her face, James confirmed that he had her
attention as he started probing about inside of her. “Yes indeed,” he
said. “Nice and clean in here,” James murmured as he began to fuck
his finger slowly in and out of the girl. Then to Anna’s surprise
James’ ring finger joined his middle finger, moving slowly in and
out…in and out…in and out. The Handler saw her nostrils flare and
knew that he was making an impression upon her. James had already
confirmed his theory that she needed to urinate, when as if by
accident he’d pressed down lightly on her tummy. Her whole body had
gone instantly rigid for a moment. He’d even felt it inside. “This
little girl’s gotta go,” James thought gleefully.

Catching Tony’s eye, James winked and said, “I know something you
don’t know.” He kept his fingers moving slowly in and out. Anna
looked up at him questioningly.

Tony knew exactly what his partner was referring to for the two of
them had worked together in the past on more than one occasion. “Oh,
yeah. What’s that?” he challenged playfully.

Without giving the girl any hint of his intentions, James readied his
hand on her lower abdomen, leaning forward slightly for better
leverage. Inside of her vagina he moved his finger tips to a special
spot just below her urinary bladder. The willful blond looked at him
at the last minute as if to ask what was going on, but it was too
late. Hooking his two impaling fingers quickly upward, while
simultaneously pressing forcefully inward and down on her belly just
above her pubic bone, James compressed Anna’s brimming bladder swiftly
and with no warning. “Our little girl’s gotta pee,” James said
jubilantly at the precise moment of compression.

The results were spectacular. It all happened so quickly, there was
no way Anna could prepared herself. If the truth be known, she
doubted that she could have done much to prevent the appallingly
humiliating incident anyway. Anna really had to pee. In fact, even
as she heard the man’s gleeful cry and saw the wicked gleam in his
eyes, her hot urine was spraying out of her with the force of a fire

“That’s a good girl,” James cooed, grinning at Anna’s obvious
distress. “Just let it all come out for Uncle James,” the small man
purred as he pressed upward rhythmically inside of her vaginal
passage, forcing her bladder to contract again and again, literally
pumping what urine remained inside of Anna out of her and onto the
palm of his hand.

Anna couldn’t believe all of this was happening to her. It had to be
some kind of diabolical nightmare or evil hallucination. Why just
that morning she’d awakened in her own bed, in her own house with all
the creature comforts money could buy. Staring down at the evil
little troll who stood grinning between her knees, Anna felt his
filthy fingers pushing and prodding inside of her. More than anything
in the world, Anna wanted to wake up and roll over in her bed at home,
but instead she felt yet another trickle of hot liquid dribble down
between her buttocks. Anna couldn’t remember ever having felt so
utterly defiled and filthy. When the first jet of urine had burst
forth from her, much of the acrid smelling liquid had ricocheted of
James’ hand and sprayed all over her inner thighs and her belly,
leaving the blond celebrity wet from her knees to her navel. Anna
Kournikova felt supremely wretched.

Both James and Tony knew that they’d created more work for themselves,
but it was worth it. Although the two of them would have to spend
extra time cleaning the girl, both men understood the significance of
what had just happened. Forced urination can be used as an extremely
effective tool for eroding self-image. In fact it’s the basis for the
entire TYTC program of public bathing and hygiene, and the proof is in
the pudding.

The once haughty teenager appeared crushed. Her broad shoulders were
slumped forward and her proud gaze downcast. Anna did glance up
briefly at James when he placed the palm of his right hand onto the
warm, damp surface of her belly, but when he dipped his fingertip into
the little puddle of urine which had pooled in her belly button, she
looked away in disgust.

“Why the long face, my child?” Tony asked in a fatherly tone of voice
as he raised Anna’s face with three fingers beneath her chin.

Anna didn’t know whether to spit at the man or burst into tears. She
chose the former.

Tony had worked with many, many young ladies over the nearly eight
years he’d been with the Center, and he knew that although miracles do
happen, the don’t happen overnight. So as Tony wiped Anna’s spittle
from his left cheek, he smiled at his partner, James, and winked.
Being the professional men that they were, neither felt the slightest
bit discouraged. “It’s all in a day’s work,” Tony thought to himself.

“OK then,” Tony said placing his hands together in front of his face.
“Let’s get her cleaned up and press on. We’re going to run short of
time before too long,” he spoke mostly for the benefit of his
colleague. “Miss Kournikova,” he said addressing the irate teenager.
“I am afraid I am going to have to insist that you cooperate in the
interest of time.”

Looking up at the big man in white, Anna put up a bold front. “And
what if I don’t, big boy,” she said defiantly. “What more can you do
to me?” She glared at Tony with all the contempt she could muster.
“Are you gonna rape me? Been there, done that,” she hissed coldly.
“Besides, I don’t think your little pip-squeak pervert friend can even
get it up,” Anna added with a smirk in James’ direction. She felt
much better. Her old confidence was coming back. She would beat
these deranged monsters.

Neither man spoke for several moments, then at last it was Tony who
broke the uncomfortable silence. “This is your final warning, Miss
Kournikova. You will remain silent while James and I finish up with
you other than to respond to our questions, or you will be corrected,”
the Handler said in a calm controlled voice. “I hope I’ve made myself
clear,” he concluded, and that was the end of the conversation.

The timbre of the man’s voice worried Anna a little, but she’d faced
down tougher opponents before. She thought about firing off another
salvo of insults, particularly ones aimed at the little troll named
James, but decided to save her strength and not waste words on these
two. Besides, it sounded like their heinous examination was almost

“What’s left, James?” Tony asked his partner. That odd, threatening
tone in his voice had vanished.

“Well,” the little man said as he turned and walked to a nearby supply
cabinet. Speaking over his shoulder as he retrieved the few objects
they would need, James continued, “We need to get her other end tidied
up and record her internal dimensions. Do you want to get her sway
and travel out of the way or leave it `til another time?” James asked
as he returned to the side of the Cooperation Seat. He’d brought with
him a large towel and a big squeeze bottle filled with water.

“Let’s put the sway and travel off until later. That data isn’t quite
as critical as the rest. Besides, Rick might wish to perform those
tests himself,” Tony said and nudged his partner with his elbow. Both
men chuckled. “When we’re done, remind me to fit her with a breast
supporter just in case her night partner doesn’t want to hold her with
his hands.” James nodded his understanding.

“Why don’t you get started with the cleanup. I’d like to try my hand
at the FCU. I haven’t had as much time on it as you have,” Tony
informed his colleague.

“No problem, my friend,” James replied. “If you need a hand, just

Anna watched the two men warily as James tossed the towel over his
shoulder and flipped the cap off the water bottle. Meanwhile Tony
moved to the foot of the Cooperation Seat and stepped between Anna’s
outstretched legs.

“Hey, what the…” Anna cried when without the slightest hesitation,
James sprayed her down with cold water from her breasts to her belly.
He glanced at Tony to see if he wished to correct the girl for her
outburst, and received an almost imperceptible shake of the head from
his co-worker. James understood completely, knowing that the
headstrong teenager was about to receive all the attention she could
wish for in just a very few minutes. James waited for Tony to step
back before spraying Anna’s thighs from her knees inward, paying
particular attention to their juncture. Surprisingly the girl didn’t
object too loudly to the cold shower. Then while Tony assembled the
FCU, James began patting Anna down with the big white towel. He
started with her thighs and genital area since that’s where his
partner would soon be working.

Teamwork was essential in this effort as it was in all aspects of
their work at The Youth Training Center. One of the qualities the
Headmaster looked for in potential Handler Candidates is a person’s
desire to be a team player. Both Tony and James were definitely team

“Thank you, sir,” Tony said politely when James finished with Anna’s
buttocks. “That should do nicely,” he commented. In his hand Tony
held an apparatus similar too, but actually quite different from the
vaginal hand wand of the Feminine Cleansing Unit. “Do the hoses
attach in the same way?” Tony asked his more experience co-worker.

“Yup,” James answered. “That part is exactly the same.”

“Thanks,” Tony replied, hefting the white plastic anal wand in his
right hand. “It’s a little heavier,” he thought to himself as he went
about attaching the two clear vinyl hoses to the clearly marked
apertures on butt end of the apparatus. One was labeled “Supply”, the
other “Discharge”. “Seems straight forward enough,” Tony muttered
gazing down appreciatively at the fully assembled device resting in
his big hand.

On the exterior the bulbous head of the anal hand wand looked
practically identical to its vaginal counterpart. Although the tip
was slightly more blunted than the vaginal wand, it too tapered to a
slender curved stem. The most noticeable difference in the anal wand
was its handle. Whereas the vaginal hand wand ended in a simple
cylindrical handle, the anal appliance had what looked like a pistol
grip complete with a trigger guard and trigger at the butt end. The
reason for the difference may not be readily apparent to the
layperson, but it’s really quite obvious. Thankfully the wizards at
the TYTC Research and Development recognized the potential challenges
that staff members such as Tony would face when delving into the anal
passages of their young charges and designed in the necessary

Friction comes to mind as being one problem which must be dealt with.
Unlike the vagina which comes thoughtfully equipped with its own
lubrication system, the rectum isn’t. So unless discomfort is
something the user deems appropriate for the job, an artificial
lubricant had to be introduced into the “work area”. The simplest
answer to a problem is often the best answer. More scented oil was
added to the cleaning solution. Problem solved.

The more difficult issue, however, required a more elegant solution.
Although the anal/rectal passage provides an excellent means with
which to introduce oneself to a young lady, the fact remains that it
does have another function. And that, of course, is waste removal and
discharge. Often as not when one goes exploring in the “out back”,
one meets with obstructions in the form of feces. “Just give her an
enema,” you say. Granted that would be one way to deal with the
problem, but it kind of defeats the whole reason that the Feminine
Cleansing Unit was developed, and that was to provide the Handlers
with a self-contained sanitation device that’s reasonably portable,
easy to use and doesn’t make a mess. If you’ve ever given a girl an
enema, then you know how messy it can get. R&D sought to provide the
TYTC staff with a tool that was sanitary and could be used practically

The FCU is just such a unit. For housed within the pistol grip handle
of the anal hand wand is a small but very powerful high speed turbine.
The turbine is powered by ducting a part of the cleaning fluid stream
through it after first boosting the pressure at the pump. Naturally,
the flow rate is reduced again before being injected into Guest to
avoid discomfort and possible injury. The turbine in turn drives a
flexible shaft housed inside of a central conduit in the wand body and
connected to a set of stainless steel macerator blades located in the
head of the apparatus. The reason that the tip of the wand head on
the anal device is more blunt than its vaginal counterpart is because
there is an iris aperture in the its end which is opened by depressing
the trigger in the handle of the wand.

In practice then, when an obstruction is detected, the operator simply
squeezes the trigger, and deep inside of the Guest’s rectal passage
the iris dilates, admitting the obstacle (usually feces) into the
chopper chamber where it is quickly and efficiently ground into
particles small enough to be carried away in the effluent discharge
hose. The water turbine delivers power to the macerator from the
moment the anal wand is powered up, so unlike the vaginal appliance
which is virtually silent, the anal device emits a constant high pitch
whine much like a dentists drill, but not as loud. Some Guests
experience mild anxiety because of this and later models will no doubt
be much quieter, but all in all it’s and elegant device. Problem

“Hmm, only a size six,” Tony muttered under his breath as he knelt
down and inspected the butt of Anna’s CAP Device which had the sizing
code printed on its end. Then smiling at her from between her thighs
Tony said, “I think we can do better than a size six, my dear.”

Anna had no idea what he was talking about, but didn’t like the sound
of it anyway. James had finished toweling her off and was amusing
himself with her breasts which angered Anna to no end, and it was
extremely distracting. However, by design her attention instantly
became focused the moment that Tony took hold of the end of her CAP.
A most unladylike grunt escaped the blond tennis star and a violent
shudder passed through her when the Handler deftly extracted the
little torpedo from her interior in one swift motion. When Tony held
it up for her to view, Anna stared at the six inch long black cylinder
which had been forcibly inserted into her rear end and remained for
the better part of the day. Anna felt inexplicably disoriented for a
second, as she experience mixed emotions at the sight of the device.
Disgust, certainly, but what else? Longing perhaps?

It is truly amazing how quickly a girl becomes accustomed to her CAP
Device. What begins as discomfort soon becomes a source of comfort,
and more often than not when the device is later removed, feelings of
loss and longing and emptiness emerge. Females can be puzzling
creatures, but not to the dedicated staff of Handlers at The Youth
Training Center.

Tony set the CAP aside then knelt down so that Anna could just see the
top of his head above her pubic mons. James seemed to be contented to
pinch her nipples, rolling them between his fingers until they were
erect and hard. Anna, of course, found this to be quite demeaning,
for any display of arousal on her part at the hands of these men was
something she sincerely wished to avoid.

When the high pitched whining sound started, Anna looked fearfully in
James’ direction, but the man simply smiled at her and winked. Then
when she felt something smooth and cold touch her “back there”, she
let out a startled squeak. James smiled and brought a finger to his
lips, “shooshing” her. The Handler could almost gauge the progress of
the anal wand into Anna’s body by the changes in her facial expression
and the size of her eyes. “Huhuh,” she inhaled a rapid shuddering
breath just as the whirring sound of the turbine became muted.

Although Tony hadn’t had a lot of experience with the FCU to date, he
had a light touch. Pushing against the resistance of Anna’s anal
sphincter he watched her dilate until suddenly the broader head of the
hand wand literally popped into her rectum. He heard her gasp and
felt her clamp down on the wand. Then when he flipped on the
pump/filtration unit, her flat tummy heaved outward as the cleaning
solution began to flow into her. “Easy, Miss Kournikova,” Tony
murmured. “Just relax now, my dear,” he spoke softly, concentrating
on the business at hand. Tony monitored the color and clarity of the
liquid in the discharge hose as per his training, noting that it had a
slightly darker tint to it than her vaginal effluent. Tony advanced
the wand ahead by an inch or two, finding that in spite of her
instinctive efforts to clamp down on the device the increased oil to
water ratio of the cleaning solution made the going much easier.
Again Anna’s belly heaved and her inner thighs started to spasm.
Halting his ingress for the moment, Tony worked the wand around a
little until the discharge hose ran almost clear. Then he proceeded.

The combined length of the head and shaft of the FCU anal wand was
approximately ten inches with the ten degree bend in its shaft after
the first four. Tony had just passed the four inch mark and was using
the angled shaft to stretch the girl’s rectal walls in order to ensure
a thorough cleaning, when he detected his first obstruction. Falling
back once again on his training, Tony whispered soothingly, “Nice and
easy, Miss Kournikova. Relax your muscles, please.”

Anna could only moan softly in response. It was as though her
thoughts had become frozen, locked onto the slowly advancing pressure
and warmth that sought to invade the very core of her being. Never
before had she experience such an all consuming sensation. It was
nothing short of riveting in its exquisite intensity.

Tony tried again to proceed, but she remained blocked. Yes, he could
have resorted to the macerator, but he’d learned through experience
that one should never underestimate the potential power of a girl’s
anal or even vaginal grip. In fact, Tony’s friend and colleague, the
Coach, had developed a program of vaginal weight lifting for the
girls. Tony had personally witnessed one young lady lift nearly
twenty-five pounds using only her internal muscles. It was very

With this in mind, the Handler looked up at his partner. “You busy?”
Tony asked.

“No not really,” James replied as he continued to knead the supple
flesh of Anna’s right breast. “You got a problem?”

“Yeah, we have a little blockage back here, but it could just be a
case of nerves. You mind checking at the front door and see if she’s
clamping down unconsciously.”

“No problem,:” James replied cheerfully. “Always glad to help.”
James watched the firm mass of Anna’s breast jiggle to a stop after he
released her. “God, I’d hate to see those babies go under the knife,”
he thought to himself. Professionally, though, James understood that
large pendulous breasts presented a huge problem with regards to Free
Radical Stimulation, or FRS for short. And over time as gravity takes
its toll, the problem would only get worse. “Too bad,” James thought.

Smiling warmly at the befuddled young blond, James reached down and
placed his hand on her. “So how are we doing, sweetheart?” he
murmured as he rubbed her firmly two or three times then entered her
vaginally with his middle finger. Anna’s eyes widened noticeably, and
she parted her lips slightly revealing her sparkling and painfully
white teeth. “Are we making it hard for Tony to care for us?” James
cooed in his infuriating way as he began to move his disgusting digit
slowly in and out.

Anna shuddered violently as the sensation of having both of her
abdominal passages occupied brought back an unwelcome memory. She’d
lied, you see, during the interview portion of her exam. Well,
actually she’d only omitted a small, but significant part of her
sexual history. It had happened two years ago near the end of the
French Open. Anna had been forced to retire in the early rounds of
the championship because of a foot injury, but she’d stayed around for
the parties. They had great parties at the French. She’d gotten
really drunk at one such gathering, and was flirting with a couple of
the locals. One of the guys was really cute and Sergei was in Toronto
at a hockey game, and one thing had lead to another, and well… A
good bit of the evening was pretty sketchy in Anna’s memory which was
probably for the best. She remembered leaving the party with the good
looking boy after successfully dodging her body guard. The young man
had taken her to a “friend’s” house where they’d smoked a bunch of
pot. The next thing Anna recalled was going to the boy’s room and
hopping into the sack with him. Circumstances progressed as one might
expect and then suddenly there were two guys in the bed with her. She
remembered lying on her side with one man facing her and another close
behind her. She could still feel their hair covered bodies pressing
against hers, crushing her between them and hurting her deeply. Anna
had been way to far out of it to resist, especially since there were
two of them, and as a result they’d managed to have their way with her
for a very long time. The rest was pretty much a blur, and Anna could
only recall bits and pieces of the next several hours. The thing that
was most troubling to the comely blond athlete was that she wasn’t
entirely sure that there had been only two men in her bed that night,
or at least not the same two. She’d awakened late the next morning
alone. The bed was a wreck, looking as though someone had staged a
professional wrestling match in it. Anna couldn’t remember every
having been that sore after making love before, and when at last she
found her way to the living room and hobbled through the doorway,
there were four guys lounging around talking among themselves. All
four of them looked up at her hungrily when she entered, and all four
of them were grinning.

Anna shuddered from the memory, and also from the expert attentions of
her current companions. Her spirits plunged as she recognized that
once again two men were having their way with her and again, there was
nothing she could do about it. Anna felt dirty and cheep.

“I don’t detect any undo vaginal activity,” James commented as he
continued his tactile reconnaissance. “I’d have to say that she’s
truly blocked.” Then as an aside he added, “Geez…This young lady
really needs to see the Coach!”

Tony nodded. “Very well then, let’s see if we can’t help to unburden
you a bit, Miss Kournikova,” the Handler said, glancing over her pubic
mons at Anna’s face. While the blond athlete looked on with growing
trepidation, Tony moved the hand wand around a little until he was
satisfied that he’d located the foremost bulk of the blockage, then he
depressed the trigger in the pistol grip. Deep inside of the anxious
teenager the iris aperture in the blunt end of the FCU dilated,
admitting the tip end of a rather sizeable turd. Immediately, the
discharge hose leading down to the pump/filtration unit bucked once
then twice, and it’s contents turned dark and opaque. The steady
muffled whirring of the macerator suddenly deepened in pitch as the
turbine came under load. Inside of Anna’s rectum, fecal matter was
drawn into the chopper chamber, reduced to a fine particle suspension
then injected into the discharge effluent flow. As Tony continued to
direct the wand here and there inside the girl’s rectal passage, the
FCU emitted muted, oscillating sounds as it encountered material of
varying density. The sound reminded those present of a tiny garbage
disposal working at peak capacity.

Anna was in a state of near shock. She hadn’t been aware that she had
to use the bathroom, most likely because the volume of fecal matter in
her bowel hadn’t reached a critical level yet. However, as the high
speed stainless steel blades growled in her belly, hungrily digesting
everything in their path, the stunned teenager could actually feel
herself being emptied. Never before had she experienced such an
exquisite sensation of invasion and supreme violation. Anna’s mouth
literally fell open as she stared up at James from the confines of the
Cooperation Seat with unseeing eyes. Her tummy muscles flexed and
heaved, as intermittent wet suctioning sounds filled the otherwise
quiet exam room. Anna soon forgot all about the fact that James
continued to finger fuck her as the loathsome cleaning process
continued for what seemed like an eternity.

Between her quivering thighs, Tony concentrated on the work at hand,
moving the anal wand of the Feminine Cleansing Unit in and out while
slowly rotating the pistol grip handle one way and then the other.
The discharge hose continued to buck and jerk from time to time
whenever an obstruction was encountered and Tony activated the
macerator, but before too long, the effluent cleaning solution flowing
out of the blond tennis star gradually turned a lighter shade of
brown, eventually becoming practically clear.

At last Anna felt an unusual tugging sensation at her anal opening and
realized that Tony was attempting to remove the horrible device.
Instinctively, however, as her bowel sensed the egress of a mass, her
anal sphincter tried to get into the act by clamping down in order to
regulate traffic. “Relax your muscles, please, Miss Kournikova,” her
Handler requested as he continued to tug gently on the pistol grip of
the FCU. To Anna it felt like she’d taken a huge dump, when at last
her anal sphincter capitulated, allowing the broader head of the wand
to be withdrawn.

From Tony’s vantage point, the FCU wand literally popped from the
clutching confines of the tennis star’s back side, and right before
his eyes, he watched her contract and close. Before her gates shut
completely, however, Tony reached out with his left hand, and without
compunction slipped his middle finger into Anna as far as he could
reach. Anna groaned under her breath as the man began to rotate his
finger inside of her, probing about indiscriminately.

The sensation was nowhere nearly as invasive as what she’d just been
forced to endure, but the emotional impact of once again having a
stranger shove his filthy finger up her rear end without her
permission was enormously disturbing to Anna. She was beginning to
imagine that she was running some kind of a reprehensible “Open
House”. Little did the blond celebrity know, but that very thought
was immensely significant. For she was beginning to believe that her
body and its various orifices and entrances existed to be explored and
enjoyed by others at their leisure.

“She feels pretty clean to me,” Tony commented casually as he slipped
his finger out of Anna. Meanwhile James removed his finger from her
vaginal passage, and for the first time in a very long time, Anna
existed as a single entity. “I’m impressed with the FCU’s
effectiveness anally,” Tony said to his partner as he and James
prepared for the next phase of the examination.

Chapter Three

Anna had been so absorbed by the loathsome cleaning process that she
failed to notice when James temporarily exited her field of view.
Soon the Handler returned carrying yet another ominous looking device
which he handed to Tony.

As though he were passing the time of day, Tony began to explain,
“This instrument, Miss Kournikova, is called the Portal Micrometer.”
Anna eyed the device with disgust. “As I mentioned earlier, we are at
that point in our examination where we need to collect a few personal
measurements from you. Based upon the data we gather, your Principal
Handler, Rick, will be able to put together a more effective training
and exercise program for you, Tony explained as without further ado he
stepped on another of the Cooperation Seat’s control pedals, elevating
the specialized examination chair and positioning Anna’s genital area
at the approximate level of his chest. Anna suddenly had an unbidden
mental picture of an automobile on a lift in a garage. Tony then held
the phallic device up and made a few adjustments while Anna stared at
the evil looking instrument with obvious misgivings. Due to its
rather distinctive shape, there was little doubt in the blond
celebrity’s mind where the repulsive thing would end up.

The Portal Micrometer is the latest evolution of the older Vaginal
Micrometer, used for many years by the dedicated staff of The Youth
Training Center. Like its predecessor, the Portal Micrometer is
shaped like an elongated phallus, measuring approximately one inch in
diameter and eighteen inches in length. Smaller sizes are of course
available for the very young. Made of white plastic, the length of
the shaft is calibrated in both inches and centimeters with inlayed
black bands. One end of the device tapers to a rounded point, while
the other is blunted. On the blunt end can be found the controls.
There is a round, black button covered with a protective rubber boot
on one side of the instrument along with two smaller silver control
buttons immediately below the LCD display. Using rows of tiny
pressure sensors located along the length of the device, in the hands
of a trained individual, this sophisticated device measures and
records muscle tension exerted at full contraction as compared to full
relaxation. From this information, its tiny computer calculates the
serviceable volume of any passage. Additionally, data on Muscle
Memory (M&M’s) and Internal Grip Strength (IGS) can be obtained and
recorded, useful in evaluating a girl’s true Carrying Capacity.

“You people disgust me!” Anna was only just able to exclaim bitterly
before being penetrated.

“Silence, Miss Kournikova,” James ordered. Placing a hand on Anna’s
right breast, the professional man grasped the very outer edge of her
areola between his thumb and index finger. “Guests shall remain
silent while being attended to,” he said, quoting the Seventh Standard
for what seemed like the thousandth time. As he spoke, James gave her
satiny pink flesh a little warning pinch, causing the comely blond to

Meanwhile, between her thighs, Tony used his fingers to spread Anna’s
labia minora as he introduced the tip of the Portal Micrometer into
her vaginal opening. “Look at me please, Miss Kournikova,” the
Handler instructed as with practiced ease, he slid the smooth plastic
instrument into Anna’s vagina. Ring after calibrated ring disappeared
into moist pink flesh until a slight resistance was felt. Then after
releasing the blond’s inner lips, Tony slid the thumb of his free hand
up to her clitoral shroud and using a slow swirling action, he began
to stimulate her. Anna groaned softly, and a prolonged shiver passed
through her as raw impulses of delight raced to her brain along
enhanced neural pathways. The untrained observer might think that the
Handler was actually attempting to please the young tennis pro,
however this was certainly not the case. At the Center any and all
sexual stimulation of the female is performed with an express purpose
in mind. In this instance, Tony was seeking to arouse the headstrong
blond in order to facilitate more complete penetration.

Surprisingly, the average vaginal canal is only three inches long,
possibly four in women who have given birth. This may seem short in
relation to the male appendage, but during sexual arousal the cervix
will lift upwards, and the fornix may also extend upwards into the
abdomen for as long as necessary in order to receive the penis or
other volume. Similarly, following intercourse and insemination, the
contraction of the vagina will allow the cervix to rest inside the
fornix, which in its relaxed state is a bowl-shaped fitting, perfect
for the pooling of semen. The female reproductive system is truly
marvelous in its design, but it takes an informed individual to
utilize its full potential. And Tony, of course, was just such a man.

Feeling a series of fitful contractions transmitted to his practiced
hand through the hard plastic shaft of the Portal Micrometer, Tony
recognized that his efforts were beginning to pay off, thanks in part
to the wonder drug, Thelazine. Easing the instrument forward as the
girl opened up for him, the Handler counted the calibration rings as
they vanished inside of her. “That’s my girl,” Tony muttered when he
again felt resistance. Smiling up at the blond, he commented with a
wink, “We just passed the eight inch mark.” Anna glared at him
scornfully. “Now what kind of a look is that, my dear,” Tony inquired
with a hurt look. “I should think that you’d be proud to know that
you can accept a reasonably sizeable lover, Miss Kournikova. It’s an
important attribute for a girl to have.” Again he winked at her.

“Fuck you!” Anna mouthed.

“I see,” Tony responded and glanced in James’ direction. Anna groaned
softly as without warning, Tony reached out and slipped his middle
finger fully up into her rectum. “Now, Miss Kournikova, I would like
for you to please bear down on my finger,” the Handler spoke in a
clinical tone. It has been known for quite some time that the muscle
groups which govern vaginal contraction are sympathetically linked to
the rectal sphincter groups. With sufficient instruction a young lady
can be taught to control these two muscle sets independently, but to
the untrained female, differentiation between the two is difficult.
This instinctive sympathetic coupling of muscle groups can be used to
the advantage of a trained examiner, since most young ladies have
little difficulty bearing down upon an object inserted into her nether
passage, whereas vaginal agility can take weeks or months to master.

“Up yours!” Anna hissed, glaring icily between her thighs at Tony’s
passive face. “Oww!” she gasped and snapped her gaze in James’
direction when the other man, using his vast knowledge of the most
sensitive areas of the female breast, gave her a correcting pinch.
“You skinny little prick!” she snarled, her Russian accent becoming
markedly pronounced in her rage. “Owww!” she squealed, receiving
another correction.

“Silence, Miss Kournikova,” James stated flatly. “Guests shall remain
silent while being attended to,” he droned.

“Squeeze my finger, please, Miss Kournikova,” Tony ordered from
between her widely splayed thighs. “The sooner you learn to
cooperate, the easier it will be for all of us,” the Handler explained
in his easygoing and utterly enraging tone of voice.

Anna stared at the man with renewed wonder and thought, “How can he be
so indifferent? I mean, for all intents and purposes he and his evil
little partner are in the process of raping me. Are any of these men
even human beings?” Then she groaned softly and her nostrils flared
as the man’s impaling finger twisted and probed deeper into one of
Anna’s most private spaces. Unconsciously she bore down on the
invasive digit.

“That’s better,” Tony responded, glancing down at the LCD readout of
the Portal Micrometer. “Again, please,” he requested as he depressed
one of the small silver control buttons on the handle of the
instrument. At the same time, he hooked his finger slightly inside of
Anna, stimulating her rectal sphincter reflex once more. Inside the
anal passage of the indignant blond tennis star, her powerful ringed
sphincter contracted around the invasive foreign object in an attempt
to excrete it from her body. Simultaneously the series of muscles
responsible for propelling the fetus down the length of the birth
canal during childbirth flexed, causing the convoluted walls of Anna’s
vagina to close around the shaft of the imbedded Portal Micrometer.
Tiny contacts arranged in multiple rows along the entire length of the
instrument recorded individual pressure values exerted upon each by
the girl’s vaginal embrace. The device’s micro-computer then
calculated an average vaginal tension value which it flashed in pounds
per square inch on the tiny LCD display. The data would be used in
order to determine several important personal measurements. Not the
least of which would be to benchmark Anna’s Internal Grip Strength, or
IGS and Muscle Memory (M&M’s).

The truly remarkable feature of the Portal Micrometer was yet to be
demonstrated to the angry young celebrity, however, and Anna who
currently was trying to take her mind off the blatant violation of her
personal space by imagining the retribution that her “powerful
friends” would visit upon these despicable men in white, was in for a

“Ready?” Tony inquired of his partner.

Anna gave James a questioning look when the smaller man abruptly
removed his hand from her breast, and she was about to violate
standards again and inquire what was going on, when suddenly she found

There was no question that the young tennis pro’s body was in
excellent shape, at least externally as she bucked violently upward to
the limits of the restraint bands of the Cooperation Seat. Falling
back into the fiberglass seat, Anna lay stunned and breathless while
between her legs, Tony released the blunt end of the specialized
instrument momentarily and wiped his forearm across his coverall bib.

“I thought we’d taken care of that,” he said in an ironic tone of
voice as he winked at James. James only shrugged good naturedly.
When the Portal Micrometer emitted its nearly 200 watt/second pulse of
electrical energy deep into Anna’s interior, by design it caused every
muscle in her lower abdomen to abruptly contract with remarkable zeal.
Her urinary bladder was no exception, and despite the fact that the
smaller man had forced Anna to urinate for him a few minutes earlier,
either a small amount remained in her bladder, or more likely, she had
produced more. In any case, that was the source of the wetness which
Tony now dabbed away on his clothing. Every TYTC Handler is trained
to deal with unanticipated excretions of one sort or another during
the many phases of the conditioning process. It’s all part of the

“Let’s see how we did, my dear,” Tony muttered when he caught Anna’s
stupefied gaze. Grasping the shaft of the high-tech white plastic
phallus, the Handler seated it gently into the stunned blond until
once again he felt resistance. “Nine, point five,” he said, looking
at the telltale black calibration bands. “Let’s just relax now, Miss
Kournikova,” Tony murmured as he reached between her legs and placed
the palm of his free hand flat onto her tummy. “You’re abdominal
muscles are quite fit, my dear,” the man commented offhandedly as he
massaged her belly slowly. Meanwhile he began to move the Portal
Micrometer slowly in and out.

“Oh, God,” Anna’s mind cried in dismay as she slowly recovered from
the brutal internal attack on her person. In and out…in and
out…in and out, the horrible instrument moved, and as the blond
teenager fought to regain her equilibrium, unconsciously her
femininity began to respond to the perception of copulation.

Meanwhile the Portal Micrometer recorded each and every twitch and
tremor of her vaginal walls no matter how insignificant. Tony felt
the young woman begin to relax both internally and externally as he
slowly and expertly wielded the phallic shaped instrument. “Look at
me, please, Miss Kournikova,” the professional man ordered from his
position directly between Anna’s knees. Tony was pleased to see how
much more readily the teenager complied with his request, and with an
affectionate smile, the Handler looked into her hazy green eyes and
advanced the instrument to the ten inch mark. Her face clearly
portrayed her sense of invasion, as Tony felt her clutch the impaling
device. The Handler knew that the Micrometer would record that
contraction and time stamp it for it had been significant both in
power and because from her expression, Tony had deduced that the young
woman was becoming womb focused. He depressed the button, activating
the pulse discharge one more time.

“Much better, my dear,” Tony spoke to the nearly paralyzed celebrity.
Glancing downward, he made a mental note of the fact that Anna
Kournikova’s vagina presently contained nearly eleven and a half
inches of hard white plastic. Rotating the handle of the Portal
Micrometer so that the LCD faced upward, the Handler began to rattle
off the numerical values that scrolled across the tiny screen to James
who stood nearby, noting them in Anna’s file.

“P…ppplease..no..m..more!” Anna gasped after several minutes. Her
face was streaked with perspiration, and her expression was wild with

“Be still, Miss Kournikova,” Tony cautioned a little less severely,
knowing that the blond was weak and uncertain. “We are finished with
the one passage. I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath before
we proceed to the other,” the Handler informed the unhappy tennis pro.
“Oh, and by the way,” he said, interrupting her before she could
argue. “You will be happy to know,” he began as he consulted the LCD
display on the remarkable device he’d only recently extracted from
Anna’s vagina, “that according to my instrument, instead of eight or
nine inches, you can safely entertain a lover who is considerably
better endowed.” Tony grinned at Anna’s expression of shocked

The Portal Micrometer gathers a good deal more information about a
subject In addition to her depth capacity. By introducing a high
energy pulse into a young lady’s interior, the Portal Micrometer
records her Internal Grip Strength in full contraction, in partial
contraction during copulative stimulation, as well as at rest. Then
by comparing these various values and applying a specific algorithm, a
Guest’s Passage Volume can be calculated. Indeed, according to the
Portal Micrometer, Miss Anna Kournikova can safely accept a male organ
or other artificial device of approximately eleven to eleven and one
half inches in length, two and one half inches in diameter or ninety,
point two, seven, five cubic inches of mass into her vaginal passage.

Much to her dismay, after an all to brief cessation of the
examination, similar readings were taken in Anna’s other abdominal
passage using the very same instrument. Then while the famous blond
tennis pro lay gasping for breath within the confines of the
diabolical Cooperation Seat, Tony and James recorded their findings
into her permanent records:

Vaginal IGS – 1.8 psi (poor)

Rectal IGS – 5.3 psi (moderately acceptable)

Vaginal M&M’s – Poor

Rectal M&M’s – Acceptable

Vaginal Passage Volume – 90.275 cu in

Rectal Passage Volume – 51.5 cu in

Total Abdominal Volume – 141.775 cu in

Mind you, these were benchmark values. As her training progresses
there would be marked improvement, and for this reason the calculation
of her true Carrying Capacity would be done at a later time.

“I think that about does it,” Tony said with his maddening smile as he
went about cleaning the unwholesome device he’d only recently removed
from Anna’s back side. “Can you think of anything we’ve missed,
James, my friend; any last minute considerations before we call for
escort?” he asked his partner who was in the process of lowering the
vile seat in which Anna was bound.

“Not that I know of,” the smaller man responded. “I think we’ve
covered everything. What do you think, Miss Kournikova?” James said
with a wicked grin. Reaching out unexpectedly James placed his hand
onto Anna’s right breast and began to kneed her supple flesh.

Anna glared at the detestable little man but managed to remain silent
in spite of his loathsome touch. “Just get it over with, you little
prick,” she screamed in her thoughts. Little did she know that she
might just as well have vocalized her feelings, because James, like
every Handler in the employ of The Youth Training Center, read her
facial expressions and body language like an owner’s manual. James
saw her sigh with relief when at last he removed his hand from her.
There was little doubt in anyone’s mind that the young blond despised
him even more so than his partner, even though it had been Tony who
had performed the majority of the exam. Anna was beginning to believe
that this part of her ordeal might just be over when James said
something to his partner that made her blood run cold.

“You know, Tony, there is one more thing, but I can handle it alone if
you need to get going,” he added when his more senior co-worked turned
and acknowledged him.

“No problem at all, my friend,” Tony responded with a knowing smile
then glanced in Anna’s direction. “In fact her file contains specific
instructions that our young celebrity be given preferential treatment
and that she be welcomed by all,” he added with a wink.

“Ahhh goddd!” Anna Kournikova groaned loudly.

On his way to the door, Tony turned and looked back at the happy
couple in the center of the white tiled room. He watched for a moment
as his colleague flexed his thighs, driving another inch of himself
into the young blond’s nether passage. Although James was slight of
build, he was exceptionally strong, and having seen the man work with
other Guests in the past, Tony knew that James was quite well endowed.

“Silence, Miss Kournikova,” the smaller Handler instructed his
headstrong blond companion as he began a slow rhythm.

As Tony turned for the door he heard a most unladylike and visceral
grunt come from the direction of the Cooperation Seat.

“Slap…Slap…Slap” the sound of thigh upon buttock echoed briefly
into the hallway until the door whispered silently closed.

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