10 Days in Hollywood: Day 10

Title: 10 Days in Hollywood: Day 10

Author: RTMinotaur

Celebs: Felicity Jones, Freya Mavor

Mystery Celebrity Revealed

Codes: MF, cons, oral, facial


This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. I am always looking for feedback and conversing about my stories. If you would like to, please send an email to feedback.minotaur@gmail.com. I am sorry, I don’t do requests.




*Bo bo bo bo*


The repetitive noise started rang around as my eyes slowly opened to the bright room. I was alone so it took a few moments to register what the noise was. The repetitive beep was a video call coming through on the phone but I couldn’t immediately locate it. Eventually I found it and answered the voice call to be greeted by the face of Freya Mavor.


“Hey boss, you still in LA?”


“Yeah but I’m flying back this evening. Why’s that?” I asked as I left the bed and started to make my way to the kitchen.


“Well the ginger slut told me she couldn’t get you into bed last night so challenged me to instead. Guess I can’t if you’re not here.”


“And why would you want to go and do something stupid like that?”


“Well I’ve heard a few things. One is how nice your cock is. Can I see?”


I looked at her with a quizzical look. We’d been a bit flirty during the making and release of my first filme but she had been in a long term committed relationship. The revelation of that ending a few days before had been surprising but I hadn’t expected her to be so forward.


“I’m not too sure Freya. I mean, he’s not exactly awake at the moment.” I replied as I turned on the coffee machine.


“Maybe this will wake him.”


I looked at the screen as Freya lowered it down to bare her pert breasts. Her hand rested on her pert breast and pinched her nipple making it harder. I could feel my cock start to get hard so decided why not? I moved the camera down to show my cock and could hear a gasp on the other side. I returned the camera to my face and could see Freya smiling.


“Fair enough, that is lovely. I’ll have to arrange my schedule.”


With that Freya terminated the call after giving me a wink. I chuckled at the interaction before picking up my coffee.


“Better get packed then.”


10 Days in Hollywood: Day 10

Starring Daisy Ridley.

Featuring Felicity Jones and Freya Mavor

Mystery Celebrity Revealed

MF, cons, oral, facial,


It wasn’t long after I got changed that they arrived to collect the car. I’d enjoyed my time driving the Porsche, my mind briefly returning to my experience with Kat Dennings earlier in the week, and I resolved to buy one when I could afford it. I took up my remaining time ensuring the house wasn’t wrecked because I didn’t fancy having to pay a repair bill when I got back to London. I text Daisy to find out where she was and it didn’t take long for her to reply.


‘I’m at the hotel, hurry up. I’m gonna be so wet for you.’


I muttered to myself as I heard the horn from Emilio’s car. I picked up my small bag and walked out to his vehicle, putting my bag in the trunk before joining him up front. He pulled out of the drive and headed down the hill.


“Why am I picking you up so early?”


“Got an appointment in Malibu before I fly.”


“Malibu? Jesus, you’ll be cutting that tight. You meeting that Felicity girl again?”


I shook my head as I looked at him.




“Oh. Well let’s get you there, huh! I know some shortcuts I learned from some flip flop wearing fucker.”


He spun the car around and we headed towards Malibu. It was a long drive due to traffic which gave us time to chat and catch up over the last few days events. He was impressed with my interactions with Summer and my experience with Elizabeth at the Marvel party. He told me about a similar experience he had in the past but noted it didn’t improve his relationship with that person.


“Well I will wait and see if Elizabeth starts to like me or not.”


“I would be surprised, she seems to dislike you because you’re a cocky prick. I doubt sleeping with her is going to make you less cocky.”


“Probably not but she liked my cocky inside her.”


We both laughed at my terrible joke as we arrived at the hotel. Emilio placed the car in park and we headed around to the pool area, the same place where I met Felicity the week before. I quickly spotted Felicity who was relaxing in the sunshine but she was all alone. She looked exquisite in a British racing green bikini, her amazing body on full display.




She removed her sunglasses and looked up to me.


“Cole. I didn’t order any delivery for deep dicking today.”


“Afraid I’m not here for your use.”


“Ah, my dear lady Ridley is finally opening them, huh? Is the perverted Mexican yours?”


I turned around to see Emilio chatting to two girls, one of whom was relaxing on her front with her thong clad ass in full view for him to stare at. I coughed to get his attention and called him over. His eyes lit up as he saw Felicity and what she was wearing.


“Hello my darling, I’m going to babysit you. Come here and rub some sunscreen in my back.” she said as she tapped the lounger next to her. “As you for you, Cole, Room 77.”


Felicity gave me a wink as she sent me on my way. I walked towards to the entrance to the rooms and peeked a view back over my shoulder. Felicity was quickly texting something on her phone as Emilio started to rub the screen over her shoulders. I studied the wall to see where room 77 was and quickly ascended the stairs. I reached the room to see a hotel worker standing outside. He appeared to be guarding the room and tuned to me as I approached.


“Richard Cole?” he asked.


I nodded my head.


“ID please?”


I looked at him confused before I grabbed my UK drivers licence from my wallet. It showed my face with my name, along with my address and date of birth. He handed it back to me before unlocking the door.


“Thank God, you’re here. I can go home now. Enjoy… I guess.”


I walked into the room and it was much larger than I expected. The lounge area was deserted but there was a sheet of paper on the coffee table. I sat down on the sofa and picked up the paper.


‘Turn the telly on. Go to HDMI2 and press play on the second remote.’


I followed the instructions and an image of Daisy popped up on the screen. She was dressed in a pair of fishnet tights and a blazer but no top or bra on underneath. She wore a bow tie and a top hat on her head. The ever-present smile graced her face.


‘Welcome Richard. I know this is a bit weird but don’t worry, it’s not a VR porn experience. I thought I could model a couple of outfit choices to help decide which is the best one to wear. The Zatanna look or…”


She clicked her fingers and instantly changed into a red bathing suit.


“Maybe the Baywatch look. Although you’d feel a bit short changed as I’m not blonde or stacked enough.” She said as she grabbed her boobs and shook them.


“I have a better idea.”


She clicked her fingers and appeared in the Princess Leia bikini.


“Too obvious?” she asked as she looked down. “Yeah, too obvious. Okay, one last look.”


I wasn’t too sure if she was speaking to me or whoever she was filming with but she clicked her fingers and appeared in a West Ham United football shirt. It was a ladies fitted version and her hand obscured the view of her pussy.


“A little birdie told me you were a fan and which guy doesn’t want to fuck a girl in his favourite teams top?”


She spun around and and I could see her bare arse peeking out before she returned to face forward.


“Now all you have to do is turn the telly off and turn around to see what I chose.”


I did as she asked and I was greeted by the view of Daisy dressed in a white bra and panty set, garter and stockings. The white material looked fantastic on her tanned body with enough see through material to give me a tease of what was underneath. Without saying a word, she walked around the sofa so that she could stand in front of me. I was able to get a quick peek of her arse and could see it was a French knickers style with half of her arse cheeks uncovered.


“Wow, you look stunning.” I spluttered out as I looked up at her.


“Well I thought I’d teased enough so would put on something nice.” she said with a smile. “Even better for you to take off.”


She pushed my body back into the sofa and straddled my lap to get closer. She brought her lips down to my own and we drifted into a soft kiss. I thought it was a bit restrained but she soon parted my lips with her tongue and the kiss became more passionate. Her hands were placed on either side of my head and guided the kiss as her tongue thrashed around my own.


As the kiss went on, Daisy started to buck her hips a little and rubbed her panty covered pussy into my lap. She was a little off rhythm so I moved my hands from my side to her hips and helped guide her. As the rhythm became more fluid, I moved my hands around and squeezed her arse cheeks. This elicited as moan from her as our kiss continued. She broke this kiss and looked down at me.


“I’ve been waiting for this since I saw you on the plane.” She whispered.


“You’ve been planning it this long?”


“Well I was gonna fuck you last week but the ex wouldn’t leave in time. Then I had to go on that trip.”


“And now?” I asked as she smiled down at me.


“Now you’re mine.”


As Daisy finished her reply, she pulled the bra to the side revealing her left breast. She wasn’t endowed massively in the breast department but she had nice round areolas and beautiful small nipples. She pulled my head down to her breast and I took the nipple into my mouth, gently sucking on it. A moan came from her lips and she rubbed her pussy into my lap with more fervor. Her nipple grew as it became more erect and I bit down onto the skin. To my surprise she moaned more as she seemed to enjoy the pain.


Daisy leaned down and kissed me on the lips again as her hands started to remove my shirt, her fingers running along my chest as it became uncovered. They lingered around my nipples as I shuffled the shirt off, leaving me topless. I quickly unhooked her bra and whipped it off to the side so her other breast was also revealed. Daisy continued to grind into me and her moans became louder as I lifted my hands to her breasts and gave her nipples a rub. I wanted to test her pain level and pulled on the two nipples.


“Oh God, yeah. Treat me rough, I’ve been a bad girl.”


“What have you done?” I asked as I looked up at her, my hand still playing with my nipples.


“I fantasized about another man while I was getting fucked by my ex-boyfriend.”


“And what did you fantasize about him doing?”


“Fucking me in the arse. Slapping me in the face with his cock.Treating me like his little whore.”


“And are you his little whore?”


“I am now.”


To highlight the point, Daisy grabbed one of my hands and lowered it to her panties. I rubbed the front and could feel the wetness of her pussy coming through, it felt like she was ready. I decided to play around with her a little bit first.


“Sounds like you’ve been a naughty little slut. And you know what naughty sluts get?”


Daisy shook her head as a smile came across my face. I moved her from straddling my lap to being bent over it. I didn’t have to say anything but Daisy knew straight away what was going to happen. I raised my hand and brought it down onto her arse with a thud. An excited squeal came out of her mouth as she felt my hand touch her skin and she gave it a shake for me to provide a target. I brought my hand down again and left a little red mark onto her arse.


“Yeah, go on daddy, spank me! I’m such a naughty slut.”


Buying into the dirty talk pleased me so I continued to spank her. I swapped over to other cheek and brought down a couple of quick arse slaps and the red marks starting to even up. Daisy looked head the entire time but I could feel that she had creeped her hand down to her pussy, playing with herself as I treated her arse roughly.


“God, I need your cock in me!” she moaned.


She tried to get up off my lap but I placed my hand on her back to stop her.


“You have to say please if you want to get up.”


She looked at me and shot a wink my way.




I released my hand and Daisy stood up off my lap. She walked around the sofa to the bedroom and I could see her starting to remove her panties. I didn’t want to keep her waiting so I stood up and took off the rest of my clothes. Didn’t think I would need to tease her as she had already seen me naked after I hooked up with Felicity for the first time. I followed in her wake and I could see her laying on the bed naked, she was on her side and I got an excellent view of her arse. She beckoned me over and opened her legs slightly for me.


I grabbed hold of my cock and slid it into her waiting pussy, she was already soaking wet. The teasing and foreplay had certainly done its job for Daisy. I kneeled at her legs and pushed myself into her while she continued to lay on her side. Daisy looked at me in silence and bit her lip as I continued to slide my cock into her. As the cock ran between her pussy lips, Daisy started to moan some more as we got into the rhythm a little bit more


“Oh God, it does feel good. Felicity was right.”


“Did she say anything else?” i asked as I eased into her.


“That you know how how to pound.”


We met eyes and I could tell she was ready to turn it up a little bit more. I moved my hands to hold her by the arse and knees and steadily increased the rhythm into her. The moaning of Daisy continued as I held onto her arse, it was easy to control the rhythm in the position she had chosen. My finger also started to slide towards her arsehole. Daisy’s eyes were closed as I increased the rhythm and her enjoyment was obvious by the sounds coming out of her mouth.


“You’re enjoying this, huh?”


Daisy opened her eyes and looked up to me. She nodded her head slightly and smiled at me, moans still coming out of her mouth. The smile got wider as she felt my first digit start to slide inside of her. I looked over her body to see her breasts bounce as I fucked her pussy. They were beautiful to look at. As my finger worked its way in and out of her arse, Daisy lifted her leg slightly. This adjusted the angle and I could feel the tightness of her pussy even more.


“Oh fuck yeah, use me daddy. Use me like a whore, fuck me like a slut!” she moaned.


I grabbed Daisy’s leg and lifted it up to my shoulder as I increased the pace of my thrusting. Her breasts bounced more and the moans started to get louder, I had to take my finger out of her arsehole and hold onto her.


“Please yes, fuck me doggie like a fucking cumslut.”


The sound of Daisy’s voice was getting louder as my cock went into her pussy, a squelching sound happening as she got wetter. I was able to turn her onto her front without pulling out and Daisy pulled herself up onto all fours. I grabbed both hips and thrusted into her with power, the room filled with the thwacking sound of our two sweaty bodies hitting into each other. Daisy grabbed hold of the sheets on the bed to allow her to push back into me. Remembering her words from earlier, I grabbed a hold of her hair and yanked it back.


“Yes daddy, fuck me, fuck me, yes yes yes!”


I could feel how close she was getting so I started longer thrusts into her. The moans started to move into screams as she pushed back into me and her hand hit the bed as she felt my cock in her.


“I’m cumming, yes, I’m cumming!”


Daisy screamed through her orgasm as she continued to push back into me. A bead of sweat ran down her back before she collapsed onto the bed. She was breathing heavily to try and compose herself. She rolled onto her back and looked up at me. It was the first time that I saw her naked form in full. Her pert breasts rose with her breathing and her pussy was completely hairless. It was a nice neat slit with her clit poking out.


“Wow, that was worth the wait.”


“Yeah it was. You’re a dirty girl, huh?” I said as I looked over her.


“Why don’t we make me a little dirtier?”


Daisy beckoned me over with her the curl of a finger. I shuffled my way over to her as she sat up and grabbed hold of my penis. She let out a little giggle as she moved her hand long my cock, ensuring it was at its full length. Daisy leaned in and devoured my cock in one go, her tongue running along the length as it passed.


“Oh god, your mouth feel so good.”


Daisy moved her mouth up and down my cock as her fingers moved along my balls in a soft motion. She was an expert at sucking dick and I just watched as she mouth moved along it.


“Fucking hell, I’m gonna cum soon, this is too good.”


This spurred Daisy on as she started to gorge my cock with an eagerness. She brought one hand up to jerk the cock that wasn’t in her mouth while the other massaged the cock. She made a squishing sound as she sucked, the saliva in her mouth gathering up and spilling out a little bit. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last with the power of her suction.


“I’m gonna cum in a second.”


“Good!” Daisy said as she took the cock out of her mouth.


Her hand continued to run along my cock and balls as I started to feel them tighten. I closed my eyes as I was about to cum and could feel Daisy monouver my cock. The first load shot out with a great force and, when I opened my eyes, I could see that it had landed just on her nose. The rest of the cum followed and landed on several places on her face. She stuck my cock back into her mouth once the shots finished so she could swallow the rest. As it finally ended, Daisy took my cock out and smiled as she felt the cum started to slide down.


“That was wonderful!” someone said from behind.


We both looked to see Felicity watching us. She looked slightly flustered.


“Your little Mexican friend was very eager to taste my little English pussy. Shame I didn’t have time to fuck him too but he was very good at making me cum.”


“I’m glad he could be of service.” I said as I sat down next to Daisy


“Yes, well he told me to ask you to hurry as you have a plane to catch.”


I rolled my eyes as I turned to Daisy. She smiled at me and placed her hand on mine.


“You better be going then but this isn’t the end. I’m not saying I want a relationship but I certainly enjoyed this. How about we take it fuck by fuck and see what happens?”


“That sounds like a good plan. I would kiss you but your covered in my cum.”


“Return to sender!” Daisy said before grabbing my head and kissing.


A little bit went into my mouth as I felt her tongue massage my own. The kiss had the desired effect and my cock started to switch, a shame I didn’t have the time to do anything with it. When the kiss broke, we could see Felicity standing next to me. She offered a hand and helped me off the bed before taking my place and licking the cum off of Daisy’s face.


“You still taste nice.” Felicity said to me with a wink.


I started to get dressed as the two Star Wars actresses got very comfortable with each other, Felicity’s clothes were making a quick exit. I grabbed my shirt from just outside the bedroom and watched at the two as they kissed.


“Threesome when we’re back in London?”


“No.” Felicity answered.


“We don’t share guys with each other, well not at the same time anyway.” Daisy explained.


“I do know a threesome we can have though, if Daisy is willing to loan.”


“We’ll see, I quite like this penis. The person it’s attached is alright I suppose.” Daisy answered before giggling with her smile returning.


“Charming! I’ll see you across the pond.”


I turned around and exited the hotel room to leave the girls to it. I had to find Emilio who, I was in no doubt, would tell me all about Felicity. It was going to be an interesting drive to LAX.




Being dropped off at the airport was a much quicker experience that I had imagined. Emilio dropped me off at the door and wished me best, I promised I would get in contact when I was back in the States. Security took a little long to get through but there wasn’t any apparent delay. For the several hours for departure, I sat down at the bar and decided to spend my time celeb watching. Early on I spotted Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander but it was slim pickings after that.


I boarded the plane towards the back of the queue as, being in first class, I didn’t feel the need to be in any rush. The cabin wasn’t full as I arrived but I did spot Alicia and Michael. I gave him a wave as we’d met previously and Alicia seemed to give me a strange look.


The stewardess walked me to the seat and I put my luggage in the overhead locker. I looked down and stopped in my tracks, sat in the chair was a mask. I instantly recognised it as the one worn by my secret liaison just a few days before at the sex party. I immediately looked towards Alicia but she had disappeared. I moved the mask to the side and sat down ready for take off. The time I’d spent in LA caught up with me and I quickly fell asleep.


I awoke a few hours into the flight as the map on the screen showed the plane over the Atlantic ocean. The mask was no longer on the side and I could feel the presence of someone sat next to me. I looked to see the girl from the party. My eyes shot to Michael Fassbender’s seat and Alicia was nuzzled into his shoulder.


“Not a bad guess I suppose but she’s got a hairier bush than me.”


“Well why don’t you take the mask off?” I asked as i turned back to her.


“No screaming like a teenage girl.” she said as she dropped the fake American accent she’d used in our previous interactions.


I recognised the voice straight away and this was confirmed as the mask peeled away to reveal Emma Watson.


“Sorry I wasn’t here for take off but the pilot offered to let me sit in the cockpit and I couldn’t turn that down. Though you should has seen his face go red when I asked if I could sit on this lap.” Emma said as she laughed.


“So why the masked parties?”


“Well I’m into some kinky shit, why do you think we fucked in the viewing room? I can’t risk any of that coming out and ruining all of my good work. I learned at Brown early on how a little bit of sex can ruin a reputation. That prick couldn’t wait to tell everyone how he fucked Hermione.”


“So why are you revealing yourself to me? I could call The Sun when we land!”


She nodded her hand and dropped her hand to my crotch, gently stroking my cock through my clothes.


“This is true but Felicity and Summer vehemently argued that you could be trusted. I’m sure Daisy would agree considering what you did to her today.”


“How do you know that?”


“Daisy confides in Felicity and Felicity can’t keep her mouth shut. Much like her legs.”

I laughed at her joke.


“So everyone is asleep and we’re stuck in this tube for several hours. What say we get to know each other?”


The end.


Richard Cole will return.

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