10 Days in Hollywood: Day 6

Title: 10 Days in Hollywood: Day 6

Author: RTMinotaur

Celebs: Emma Stone, Elizabeth Olsen, Nathalie Emmanuel, Emilia Clarke

Codes: MF, FF, cons, oral

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to feedback.minotaur@gmail.com.

I sat down next to Daisy. She looked incredibly beautiful clad in a flowery dress and leather jacket. She smiled at me as she put a hand on my thigh.

“I shouldn’t have done what I did last night. Running away like that wasn’t cool.”

I nodded my head and was about to speak when Daisy put her finger to my lips.

“No, I need to explain before I let you talk. I know you’ve seen how I’ve been with Ian, the relationship hasn’t been the same since I became successful but I thought I could make it work. But since I’ve become close to Felicity and see how she lives her life and I’ve come to realise it’s not worth it.”

“I hope you’re not blaming Felicity for the break up.” I interjected.

“God no, she’d punch me in the vadge.”

I chuckled at her comment.

“He’s not that awesome so why bother when I could be free and have some fun.”

I looked up at her as she leaned in and placed a kiss on my lips. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I allowed her to sink into me. Placing a hand on her cheek, I massaged her tongue with my own as I felt her soft lips on me. I pulled back and looked into her eyes with a smile.

“I’d love to fuck you right now..” Daisy said.

“I’ve got to go to LAX, I’m flying to San Francisco for a Star Wars thing.”

“Wow, George Lucas is such a cock blocker.”

Daisy laughed and placed her hand on my chest.

“I’ll be back in a few days and, if you’re not here, we do live in the same city.”

“Yeah but you live in the rough end.”

She hit me on the arm. Daisy plunged into me and kissed me on the lips again. Her hand stroking my chest. She pulled away and started to walk towards her car, which I hadn’t noticed being parked in the drive.

“You can keep this for the walk bank.”

Daisy spun around and whipped up her dress, her round arse clad in a black thong. Her skin was smooth and it had a lovely shape.

“Much better quality than that shitty picture Felicity sent you!”

Daisy gave a little giggle as she jumped into the car. She drove away and I was left alone by the front door.

“Better to go to bed then.”

10 days in Hollywood – Day 6
Starring Emma Stone, Elizabeth Olsen, Nathalie Emmanuel and Emilia Clarke
Featuring Daisy Ridley, Sophie Turner. Maisie Williams, Natalie Dormer & Lena Headey
MF, FF, Cons, Oral

After Daisy left, I was able to get plenty of sleep without any worry of a mass of images running through my brain. I’d also forgotten to drink any water so woke up with a killer hangover. Luckily for me, my day was relaxed with plenty of pool side relaxing before heading to a Game of Thrones party with Emilio later on in the evening.

After plenty of searching, I was able to locate the drugs and took some paracetamol to calm my headache. My phone started to ring on the sideboard so I grabbed it on the walk out to the pool before answering in the sunshine.


“Hey Richard, it’s Brett. How are you doing?”

“Ah, I’m not too bad Brett. You okay? I’m not missing a meeting, am I?” I asked as I took a seat next to the pool.

“Nope, not at all. I wanted to see if you’re free this morning. Amy has given me some notes on the casting call tomorrow and wants me to run it through with you.”

I remembered that I’d agreed to attend the casting session for a part in the film I’d agreed to direct. The character was for the leads best friend but they’d also consider the actresses for the part of the love rival.

“Well I’ve got a little hangover so if you’re coming then bringing a Kitkat would be ideal.”

“Let me guess, you and Emilio went all boys on the town yesterday?”

“Something like that, yeah.”

“No problem, I’ll be with you in a few hours.”

I hung up the phone and looked over the pool, my hangover seemed to get to me a little though as I drifted off into a nap.

I opened my eyes slightly as the sun peeked through. Not too sure how long I had been out but the LA sun was higher and much hotter than when my eyes closed. I felt in a daze as I got used to the daylight but I could feel my hangover had started to leave. There was the sound of running water but the pool directly in front of me was still and calm.

I turned my head and could see someone underneath the outdoor shower. Their back was to me so I couldn’t make out who it was but even in my haze I could tell they had a good body. I sat up on the lounger and rubbed my eyes, making everything much clearer.

I looked towards the figure again and had a much better view. Her red hair was to the side as she was combing it with her fingers and her back was completely exposed. I looked down to see her wearing only a pair of bottoms that had a cut similar to a pair of French knickers. The girl was thin but she had a decent arse on her.

“A good view right?” someone said from behind me.

I looked around slightly startled to see Elizabeth Olsen sat behind me. The brunette actress was topless and had a small bikini bottom, the thin straps giving me the impression of a thong.

“Both views are pretty marvellous.”

“Yeah but you don’t get to touch this one I’m afraid.” Elizabeth said as she ran her hand along her breasts.

“Then why are you here?” I asked, not hiding the fact I was checking out her body.

“Just to enjoy the show. Why don’t you go join her?”

Confident that she was a woman of her word, I stood up from the lounger and started to walk towards the mysterious figure. Elizabeth gave a forced cough and was pointing at my clothes as I turned to face her.

“You might want to lose them.”

Taking her advice, I removed my shirt and threw it back towards her. Deciding they were coming off anyway, my shorts and underwear followed quickly and Elizabeth’s face was a picture of shock when she saw my cock. I gave her a wink as I threw the rest of my clothes towards her.

Without waiting for her reaction, I walked towards the figure under the shower. She still had her back to me so I stopped just short of her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She wanted to hide her identity for a moment as her hair covered the side of her face that my head went so I placed some soft kisses on neck.

The girl let out a moan as I kissed along her neck and my cock nestled against her arse. My hands snaked up to her breasts and I started to play with her nipples. Small and very pink, they were perky enough for me to get a good hold of and her soft moans let me know they were sensitive.

The girl spun around and leaned down to kiss my chest, working her way down my body. She’d done a good job of hiding her face and I felt her stick my cock into her mouth immediately after grabbing it. I was taken aback by how easily she took my cock into her mouth, covering my cock in plenty of saliva to make it sloppy.

“That feels so good!” I moaned.

The girl started to move her mouth up and down my cock quite quickly, a speedy blow job that I hadn’t had for a while. She took me by surprise by taking my cock out of her mouth and started to rub it along her face. I closed my eyes as I felt her roll the head along her face, feeling really soft, while still stroking my cock.

Her head dropped down and started to lick along my balls, her hands stroking my cock hard. She popped a ball into her mouth and started to suck in it, speeding up her stroking.

“Oh fuck!”

“She’s good, right? Her freak side is only just starting to come out but she’s a quick learner.” I heard Elizabeth shout from behind me.

I popped a look over my shoulder to see that she was rubbing her nipples as she watched us. She was a bit more tanned than the girl current sucking on my balls and she looked very enticing. She circled her finger for me to turn back around so I followed her command and looked down to see the girl below me return to my cock.

Rather than sucking straight down on it, the girl stopped at the head and encased it in her mouth. I could feel her run her tongue along the head of my cock, paying attention to the sensitive area.

Feeling the attention I was getting, I knew I wouldn’t last long. I moved my hands to her head and moved it down to take more of my cock. She didn’t resist and went back to downing my cock, starting to deep throat it. I could hear her glug on my cock as it hit the back of her throat.

She had one hand on my balls and could feel them start to tighten and knew I was about to cum. She took the cock out of her mouth and looked up as she lined the cock up with her face.

My face was a picture of shock as I got my first look at Emma Stone’s face as the first stream of cum shot onto her. She smiled as the cum started to cover her face, holding the cock firmly.

“Fucking hell.” I said as the cum shot a final stream onto her face.

Without saying a word, Emma released my cock and walked over to where Elizabeth was lying down. Leaning in, the two actresses kissed each other on the lips. It was only a soft kiss but there seemed to be real emotion behind it. Elizabeth grabbed a hold of Emma’s head and licked some of the cum off of her face.

“Mmm, he tastes nice. Why don’t you come join us?” she shouted.

I looked over to both girls who smiled at me, clad in only their bikini bottoms. The two of them looked very enticing so I made my way over to them and sat down on the sun lounger next to the girls. By the time I reached them, Emma had removed Elizabeth’s thong and was starting to kiss her way down, similar to what she did to me.

“You see Richard, after we left the coffee shop; Emma got a text message from Jessica Chastain. I assume you know who she is considering she let you sodomise her.”

“I do.”

“Well the text made it very clear what she was going to do. What did she say about Emma?”

“I believe she said intimidated sexually and frigid.”

A smile came across Elizabeth’s face and she closed her eyes as a moan escaped her lips.

“Does that look frigid?”

I dropped my eyes down to see Emma kissing the inside of Elizabeth’s thighs, teasing her slowly as she led up to going in harder. I licked my lips as I enjoyed the view of the two of them.

“Since Jessica fucked Emma’s boyfriend, she’s tried to come out of her shell more. Luckily, she knows I can fuck like a train.”

“And was the deal you’ll teach her as long as she learns to lick you out.”

“Sim… ilar. “ Elizabeth tried to speak.

I looked down again to see Emma had moved closer to Elizabeth’s pussy and was starting to kiss around her clit.

“I said I’d teach her but she has to do everything I say. Including a facial from her favourite British director.”

“So I have you to thank. Should I join her?”

“No, you’re not allowed to touch me today. You get to enjoy the view before I let her ride you.”

I nodded my head as Elizabeth closed her eyes to enjoy the pleasure as Emma’s mouth moved onto her clit, giving it short licks. Elizabeth seemed to enjoy it as the moans started to come more often and her hands idly played with her breasts.

My angle wasn’t the best as I looked down at Emma, only getting to see her hair bob up and down. There was plenty of entertainment on top as Elizabeth squirmed in her place, moaning from the pleasure coming from Emma’s mouth. Her fantastic breasts heaved up and down as her breathing quickened.

“Oh God Emma, that’s the spot.” Elizabeth moaned.

I moved down the lounger to get closer to Emma as she held her head in place. I moved her hair out of the way to see Emma holding her tongue on Elizabeth’s clit, moving it only slightly. When my sight returned to Elizabeth, her hands were above her head playing with her hair.

“Oh shit, do that more!”

Emma was happy to oblige as she paid more attention to the clit, giving it very light strokes with her tongue. Noticing how close I was to her, Emma gave me a smile and a wink before closing her eyes. I returned up to the top of the sun lounger and looked over Elizabeth.

“Play with your breasts more.”

“Mmm…” Elizabeth moaned as her hands returned to her large breasts. “How much would you love to get your tongue around those nipples?”

“Is that an invite to?”

“Nope!” she said as her giggle turned into a moan. “One day maybe…”

Elizabeth squirmed more as Emma increased the pace of the licking on Elizabeth’s clit. Her moans got louder and more frequent that it started to make my cock hard again. I started to stroke it as I watched Elizabeth completely give into the pleasure as her moans started to become screams.

Looking down, I saw that Elizabeth had locked Emma’s head between her thighs. Emma didn’t have a lot of space to move but her head did occasionally nod as Elizabeth got closer to her orgasm. All of a sudden, Elizabeth dragged my arm over to her and pulled me in to kiss her lips.

Forcing her tongue into mouth, she stroked my tongue ferociously as her orgasm started, moaning into my mouth. Wanting to flout her rule, I placed my hand on her left breast and gave it a squeeze, my thumb circling her nipple.

Elizabeth stopped kissing me as she screamed through her orgasm, allowing me to sit back and just watch her bask in her pleasure. As she was released from the thighs, Emma kissed up Elizabeth’s body before kissing her lips and laying into her body.

“Was that good?” Emma asked.

“Oh yeah, really good. You’re getting so much better at it.”

“Thanks.” Emma replied as she started to blush.

“Do you still want to fuck him?”

Emma nodded.

“What position?”

“I want to ride him.” Emma said as she looked down to my cock.

Elizabeth seemed to nod her head to give Emma permission; the dynamo of the two seemed really interesting. Emma got up off of Elizabeth and placed her hand on chest, pushing me onto my back. She quickly shimmied to get bikini bottoms off to reveal her wet pussy. I was surprised to find she was clean shaven, I kind of expected Emma to have pubic hair.

At Elizabeth’s encouragement, Emma leaned down to kiss me on the lips as she straddled my hips, her pussy teasing my erect penis but stopping me from entering her. She slid her tongue into my mouth and caressed softly as her hard nipples dug into my chest.

“She can be really sensual at times.” Elizabeth said as Emma started to kiss around to my neck.

I could feel her tongue run along my earlobe as she rubbed her pussy along my cock, slowly teasing me. I tried to lean up but was pushed back down immediately.

“Nuh uh.” Emma said as she stared at me.

She put her weight down on my shoulders and slowly slid my cock into her.

“Ooohhh.” Emma moaned at the initial penetration.

Emma took a moment to get used to the feeling of the cock inside her before starting to rock her body. I could feel immediately how wet she was but could still find a lot of traction from her tightness.
A pair of hands appeared from behind her and started to pinch her nipples. I could feel Elizabeth’s legs rest against my own as she pressed her body against Emma’s.

“Mmm.” Emma moaned louder as she enjoyed the double attack on her senses.

Emma had waited some time for her own pleasure after servicing my cock and Elizabeth’s pussy with her tongue and she certainly seemed to want to take her time to enjoy her pleasure.

I looked up to see Elizabeth kissing Emma’s neck as she moved along my cock, her eyes shut and a moan coming from her mouth. Emma’s hands released my shoulders as her nipples were busy being pinched by Elizabeth. Moving my hands to the middle of my stomach, I started to rub her clit as it appeared out of its hood.

“Oh my God, this feels so good.”

Feeling her clit being stimulated, Emma started to increase the pace of her movement, starting to buck her hips in shorter strokes. Elizabeth jumped across to the other lounger and watched me rub her clit. I felt her hand join mine and change the pattern of my rubbing.

“Ohhh… ohhh… ohhh…” Emma moaned.

The movement Elizabeth changed my hand to have an instant effect on Emma, her moans became louder and it felt like my dick had got further into her. The pace started to pick up as Emma was determined to reach her orgasm.

“Cum inside her.” Elizabeth whispered in my ear.

I looked at her and she winked.

“Cum inside her and I’ll let you fuck me next time we see each other.”

Elizabeth moved off and shook her bare arse to me as she walked towards the shower. I looked up at Emma whose eyes were closed and her hands were playing with her nipples.

“I want you to cum.” I said to Emma.

She didn’t seem to pay any attention to my words as she continued to bounce hard on my cock. Her breasts were bouncing as she flicked her nipples with her index finger and I sped up my fingering of her clit.

The tightness off her pussy pressed down on my cock and I felt myself getting closer. Emma looked at me in the eye as her orgasm seemingly got closer.

“Ohhh.. I’m… ohhh… yes…”

Emma’s moan turned into a scream as her orgasm thundered around her body. She continued to bounce through and I hoped my orgasm would follow but the wetness of her cum made her pussy too wet.

Ignoring how Emma was, I leaned up to kiss her breasts. She wrapped her legs around me, allowing me to spin her around and place her back against the lounger. I pushed my cock into her hard and her pussy felt tighter due to the change of position. Emma moaned as her eyes rolled towards the back of her head.

“Oooh… fuck me… fuck me… cum in me…”

I looked over her body as I fucked her pussy as quickly as I could. My thrusts were deep into her as I felt myself reaching closer. My balls started to tighten and I shot my load into Emma’s waiting pussy. Her moans had continued through and she lay back, enjoying the ambient glow of the sex.

As her legs released me, I moved back to the other sun lounger and closed my eyes as the sun beat down on us. Suddenly Elizabeth re-appeared fully dressed.

“Did you do it?”

I looked up at her and nodded my head.

“Good boy, I looked forward to feasting on that cock. C’mon Stone, get that slutty ass dressed. I’ve got a set to get you to.”

I looked over as she pulled Emma up and handed her the clothes. Emma slowly put them on and followed Elizabeth out around the side. She gave a little wave before disappearing around the corner. I stayed where I was for a couple minutes to get myself together, enjoying the break from my activities. At least it had got rid of my hangover.

After resting, I returned to being dressed and walked back into the house. I started to make coffee using the French press when there was a knock at the door. Opening it, Brett welcomed me with a hug and I allowed him in.

“So I just saw Emma Stone leaving, she looked um… satisfied.” he said with a cheesy grin.

I didn’t say a word but laughed as he dabbed me in the chest.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Amy. Can’t be dealing with her getting all cray cray.”

It surprised me that he seemed to know.

“Well I don’t see why she should.”

“Well usually when she’s fucking a guy, she doesn’t want him fucking other people without her knowledge. Massive hypocrite like that.”

“Well we can agree to both stay silent.” I said as I passed him a coffee.

“True dat.”

We clinked the mugs and walked outside to go through the notes. We spent a good few hours going over notes and letting me know where I needed to meet Amy for the casting call.

“So which actresses did Amy have in mind?”

“Well she originally wanted Alison Brie but she’s busy with GLOW and Amy doesn’t think she’d play second fiddle to Melissa.”

“I could understand that.” I replied.

“Zoey Deutsh and Miranda Cosgrove are coming into read for you. There’s a few girls reading before you come in but Amy isn’t particularly interested in them.”

“Anyone I would know?”

He stumped his shoulders and shook his head.

“Well I’ll find out tomorrow I guess.”

Brett looked at his watch and saw that it was approaching four.

“Okay my darling, I’ve got to go. Nice meal with the husband before getting a flight tomorrow. We’ll catch up in London.”

We shook hands and he left the condo, leaving me the notes to read over in preparation for tomorrow. Checking my itinerary, I knew that I had an hour to get ready before Emilio was due to arrive for the party. I had no idea where the party was being held but I had a feeling that he would want to leave as soon as he got here.

After I finished my shower, I saw that I’d received a picture message. Opening it up, I saw a picture of Gemma Arterton flipping me off while wearing a Charlton Athletic bikini top. I read the text…

“Until Monday fuck-o”

I quickly snapped a picture of me in a towel and sent it to her.

“Leave me alone, I’m very vulnerable right now!”

I tossed my phone onto the bed and got dressed into a dark maroon suit with a white shirt and matching tie. I reached the kitchen as just as Emilio arrived.

“Holy crap you’re ready on time. Miracles do happen, eh homes?”

“I always sometimes maybe do. Let’s go.”

We walked to the car and both got into the back. Emilio pointed out that we both deserved some drinks so he hired a driver for the night. We left the neighbourhood when my phone vibrated and I checked the reply from Gemma.

“Damn, you’ve been working out! Don’t worry about being vulnerable. I’ll ensure you’re comfucktable! ”

I smiled to myself as I saw what she said. It was something to look forward to on Monday. I continued my conversation with Emilio and explained about the night before. He nodded his head and smiled, clearly aware of what happened in the bar.

“You can’t trust places like that! You never know, they might have had a secret camera filming you.”

“I’ll ensure to keep an eye on TMZ.” I said as the car pulled down a bright avenue.

“Or pornhub. Maybe they’ll tweet you.”

The car pulled to a stop and the driver opened the door for us. I looked around to see we’d arrived at Griffiths observatory, which was bedecked in Game of Thrones regalia. There was an Orchestra playing the show’s theme tune at the side of the red carpet and a woman handed up a glass of champagne.

“Please make your way inside for the mixer please.” the waitress said to us.

The two of us walked into the hall to see a large screen playing clips from earlier seasons. I thought we wouldn’t know anyone when I felt someone jump onto my back and wrap their legs around me.

“If I ask you to be my horse, will you take me to the bar?” a girl whispered in a thick London accent.

“Depends how you treat me.”

“You’re my animal, aren’t you supposed to do what I say.”

“You’re supposed to guide me there, that’s how horses work.”

Nathalie leaned closer.

“Just cos you’ve got a dick as big as a horse, doesn’t mean you need a brain like one too.” she said as hit my head lightly. “Bar. Now.”

I turned my head to look at Emilio who just looked at me shocked.

“You want anything?” I asked.

“Nah, I’m gonna circulate.”

I nodded my head and walked to the bar with Nathalie Emmanuel on my back. We reached her desired location and dropped her down onto the floor.

“Good horsie!” Nathalie said as she rubbed my arm. “Maybe I’ll ride you properly later.”

We waited at the bar to get our drinks. It was a free bar so didn’t have to spend the money like the previous night. She took a moment to sip from her gin.

“I can’t believe they’ve dressed you in a fancy suit, brought you to a fancy party and you’re still drinking ale.”

“You can take the boy out of London… “

“They should’ve left him there. Let’s go see how your friend is doing.”

She nodded her head and I noticed that Emilio was surrounded by a group of the female stars.

“You think he needs saving?”

“Well you see the way Maisie is stroking his arm?”

I noticed the young actress seemed to be standing very close to him. One arm was hooked around his and she was stroking it with her other arm. I leaned back a little and saw his hand was planted firmly on her arse. I then noticed a hand on his and it seemed to be giving it a pinch. I followed the arm up to see it was attached to Natalie Dormer.

“He seems to have two of them competing.” I said nodding towards the sight.

Nathalie followed my eye line and laughed a little before finishing her drink.

“No competing at all. They’ll share him. Come on; let me introduce you to Emilia.”

She hooked her mine into hers and we walked around to find her. After asking a few people, we found out she’d gone to a balcony to make a call. After we found her, we stood to the side while she finished her conversation and I got the opportunity to check her out. The brunette actress wore a dark blue dress that was almost black and dropped all the way to the floor.

As she turned and waved at us, I saw the dress dropped down a lot at the front and it displayed a lot of cleavage. I remembered from the show that her breasts weren’t the biggest but she had nice cute nipples and her breasts were quite pert. Emilia walked to us as she finished the call and gave Nathalie a big hug.

“So this is the Richard Cole you keep telling me about.”

“Only good things I hope.” I said as Emilia came to hug me and kiss on the cheek.

“Mostly good yes, she’s in awe of you quite a bit.”

“Yeah, only because he wrote me a great part. Once. Years ago. What I’m trying to say is you better put me in something new!” Nathalie piped up.

“I’ll send you my new script and you can pick a role.”

Nathalie smiled as her phone rang before excusing herself to take it.

“Nathalie is a great girl. I’m so lucky to have made friends with her.”

“Yeah, she was only a teenager when we first met but she’s really grown up. A shame she doesn’t get to do more in ‘Fast and Furious’.”

“She’s just waiting for the right part. Maybe you’ll give it to her.”

Emilia left a slight lilt on the words as she ran her hand along my chest. She bit down on her lips as her eyes drifted down.

“Sorry Rich, there’s a director downstairs who wants to speak to me. They want me to be Ricky’s sister again.”

“You’d love that! You and Ricky work so well together.” I said.

“I know but I hope it’s more American Gods than Hollyoaks. Emilia, you mind babysitting him until I come back?”

“Sure. I’ll get to dig a little deeper.” Emilia said as she put her arm on my back.

Nathalie smiled as she walked back to lift and I felt Emilia’s hand drop into my arse as Nathalie disappeared out of sight.

“She’s told me everything, you know.” Emilia said as she gave my arse a squeeze.


“How she met you and Ricky on the Hollyoaks set and that you both looked after her. You were friends for what? Four years before you fucked her?”

“Oh that everything.” I said as I turned to look at her.

“Yeah, said she had a wild time. That’s why she keeps going back for a top up. How often?”

“About once a year. We had the dating conversation but it wouldn’t work out for us.”

“You let her down easy?”

“She let me down actually. She’d just started on Thrones and decided to put her career first. Understandable and we’ve moved on.” I said as I walked to the balcony.

“From what she tells me, I can see why she regularly beds you.”

“What did she say?”

“That you’re a caring lover that can go rough when needed. Excellent tongue too, really knows how to get a girl squirming and screaming.”

“Is that what you want? For me to make you squirm and scream?”

Emilia let out a laugh as she stood behind me, placing her arms on either side of me.

“I’d love you to but Nathalie said you’re hers tonight. Said I can’t take you to my hotel and fuck you.”

I turned around to face her and saw Emilia lowering down to her knees.

“She didn’t say I couldn’t suck you off though.”

Emilia’s fingers went to my belt and undid the hook. I’d seen her be forceful on the show but this seemed completely different. There was a fire in her eyes as she undid the buttons on my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles. My boxers quickly followed and Emilia smiled as she caught sight of my cock.

“Wow, she wasn’t lying.”

I chuckled at Emilia’s words as she reached up and took hold of my rod. Her hand started to slide up it rhythmically, her eyes keeping a close eye on the head. Her hand continues along the length as she started to lick her lips.

“Why don’t you slide your top open while you do that?”

“Far too complicated a procedure I’m afraid.” Emilia said before licking the side of my cock. “You won’t be complaining though.”

Emilia licked along the other side of my cock as she lathered it up. I let out a little moan as I felt Emilia tease my cock. Looking down at the brunette, Emilia slipped my cock into her mouth while her eyes stayed on my face. She didn’t break eye contact as she took more of my cock into her mouth.

“Oh that feels so warm.” I moaned as she started to move up my cock.

The silence around us was just pierced by the slurping sound coming from Emilia’s mouth. It moved along my length while her tongue swirled along my skin.

“Oh Emilia, that feels good.”

I looked down to see her take more of my cock into her mouth, taking it in quickly but pulling out slowly with her eyes closed. The actress seemed to be enjoying the experience of giving the blow job. I placed my hand on her head as she continued sucking, one of her hands reaching up and massaging my balls.

Emilia took my cock out of her mouth and gently rubbed her face along the head of the cock. I licked my lips as she smiled at me before her hand and mouth swapped places. I felt her hand stroke along my cock quite quickly as her tongue licked along my balls. She took one into her mouth and sucked on it.

I could start to feel myself getting closer as she paid more attention to my balls. Emilia kept her eyes locked on me as she returned to the head of my cock, licking all over it.

“I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Good, been awhile since I’ve swallowed a big load.” Emilia said as she hit my cock onto her tongue.

Taking it like a professional, Emilia sucked on my cock in whole, allowing the head to hit the back of her throat. Her glugging became louder as her hand swiftly massaged my cock in time with her mouth moving along it. I felt my balls start to tighten up as she licked the head of my cock as it was held in her mouth.

I held onto the top of her head as the first load shot into her mouth. She continued to suck up and down as the cum sprayed into her mouth, Emilia seemingly swallowing it down as soon as it arrived. As the cum slowed to a stop, Emilia took my cock out of her mouth and licked her lips.

“Well that was tasty.” she said as she held her hand out.

I grabbed hold of her hand and helped her up to her feet. Emilia grabbed my shirt and pulled me into a long kiss, her tongue licking my own as her hand drifted to my arse and gave it a squeeze.

“I have to give it to Nathalie, she knows how to pick them!”

“Are you sure I can’t get you out of that dress? I’d love my own chance to go down on the mother of dragons?”

Emilia laughed as she hit me in the chest.

“I would love you to but I’m a woman of my word… mostly. Maybe in the future I can ride your face like Dany rides Drogon.”

“I’ll hold you to that. We should get back to the party.”

Emilia nodded as we walked to the lift.

“Yeah. Kit will be annoyed if I abandon another speech because I’m with a guy.”

She leaned over me to press the lift button, brushing her lips close to mine.

“Is this a regular occurrence?”

“I’m a single woman Rich. If I want some, I’m going to get some. And boy, have I had some?!”

“You’re full of surprises Clarke. Maybe I should hang out and find out more.”

“You could but you have a different cock hungry slut to service. Until later.”

Emilia winked at me before walking out of the lift. I chuckled to myself about my short experience with Emilia and set out to find Nathalie and Emilio. After a couple of minutes, I saw Nathalie was still in conversation with a few different men and decided to leave her to her works chats. I grabbed a drink from the bar and joined Emilio at his table, several of the Game of Thrones ladies still enjoying his company.

“Ladies, this is my friend Richard. He’s a director.”

“Really? What show do you work on?” Natalie Dormer asked.

“Well I’ve not actually done any television. My history has mostly been in theatre but I made my first film last year.”

“Oh really, what’s it called?” Maisie Williams asked.

“Dandelion. It’s a love story featuring Freya Mavor.”

“I’ve seen that, it’s quite enjoyable. Have you got anything else planned?” Lena Headey asked.

“Well I’m in talks with an actress about directing a story she’s written but nothing is signed yet.”

“Can you tell us anything about it?”

“Not much I’m afraid. It’s another small story but a little bit more complicated than Dandelion.”

“I’ll check it out.” Lena said before she excused herself.

There was going to be a speech by Emilia and Kit Harrington about some charity work they were doing and she wanted to listen to.

“We’re going to head off too.” Natalie said standing up.

“Emilio promised to show us the views from upstairs.” Maisie added.

They dragged Emilio off leaving me with Sophie Turner. She smiled at me but it was clear that she was quite wasted and not able to hold a conversation. I left her to it and returned to the bar for a drink.

As I drank down my beer, my phone rang and I saw that Daisy had sent me a picture message. I opened it up to see her standing in a bikini while wearing a storm troopers helmet.

“How is Rey’s new look?” The message underneath said.

I quickly replied that it would look better without a top. I didn’t expect much but, quickly, I received a reply. The image was the same but the bikini top missing. Unfortunately her hands covered her breasts.

“You’ll see them soon enough.” was the reply.

I laughed to myself and quickly typed a reply calling her a tease. I enjoyed seeing her playful side come out.

“Can you believe that guy?”

I looked up to see Nathalie had joined me.

“He said I could star in his franchise if I sucked his cock. I referred him to Emilia as she likes sucking dick.”

I laughed at her comment considering what had happened earlier in the evening.

“I told him that I was only shagging one director tonight and he’s not American.” she asked as she stood in front of me.

“Is there another director here?” I joked.

“Very funny.” Nathalie said as she stepped closer to me. “I have an early flight, do you want a lift back to yours?”

“Sure.” I said as I finished my beer.

Nathalie took my hand and led me out of the building. I quickly shot a text message to Emilio to let him know I was leaving but considering who he left with, I don’t think he’d care much. We approached the car and the driver opened the back door of the limousine. Nathalie climbed in first and slinked her body into the leather seats as I joined her.

“Are you sure you’re not disappointed to have to leave early?”

“Not at all,” she replied. “I’ve got no intention of flying across the country with a hangover.”

She grabbed a tablet and handed it to me.

“Type” Nathalie commanded.

I looked down at the computer interface and saw it was connected to a sat nav. I typed in the address and handed it back to Nathalie. She moved herself to the front and handed it to the driver through the window.

“Take your time.” Nathalie advised.

The beautiful black girl turned around to look directly at me. She reached up to press a button above her head and the divider started to go up, blocking his view of us. I smiled as I caught onto the idea that she had.

“You first!” Nathalie said as she kneeled on the other side of the limo.

I quickly removed my jacket and hung it up on the side of the door. I knew she had a thing for torsos so slowly undid my shirt, giving Nathalie a slight peek of what was on underneath. As the final button came undone, I turned my back to her and slid the shirt off my shoulders.

I could hear her laugh behind me as I threw the shirt in her direction. I made short work of taking my shoes and socks off and allowed my belt to slide off. I placed in on the seat next to me as, due to past experiences, I knew it was likely to be used later on. The trousers came down and I gave my arse a little wiggle before taking them completely off. I turned around to face Nathalie and sat down on the seat.

“You little tease!” she said as her eyes wandered around my body.

I curled my index finger, beckoning her to me, and Nathalie dropped down to all fours before crawling to me seductively. As she reached me, I kissed her lips and slid my tongue into her mouth. As she kissed back, I could tell she was just as eager and I could feel her hand rubbing my crotch through the underwear.

“Now now, we don’t want to go diving in!” I said as our kiss separated.

“How do you want me?” she asked.

“On your back. I haven’t tasted you in so long.”

Nathalie giggled as her hands went down to the straps of her heels. I placed my hand on hers to drop her.

“No, keep them on.” I said.

Nathalie smiled at me as her hand returned to her front. She dropped down onto her arse and scooched back so there was plenty of room in front of her.

“Come and get me!”

Immediately, I kneeled down and moved to her. Grabbing her left leg, I kissed her foot, remembering from past experiences how she liked it. A soft moan came from her lips as I moved past her ankle onto her calf.

“God I’ve missed your lips.” Nathalie said as she closed her eyes.

I slowly kissed along her calf, lifting her leg up into the air. I reached her knee cap and placed a kiss on it before dropping her leg back down. I turned to her right leg and repeated the process, another moan escaped her lips.

“God you’re such a tease!”

As I lowered myself down to my stomach, Nathalie spread her legs slightly to expose her bare pussy, no underwear in sight. I looked at her with a cocked eyebrow.

“I came prepared.” Nathalie said as she leaned back.

Nathalie kept her eyes on me as I leaned into her right thigh and kissed along it, causing a shiver to go through her body. As I reached the top of her thigh, my tongue went along her skin getting closer to her pussy. Another moan came from her mouth as she bit her lip and a look of disappointment appeared on her face as I moved away down to her left thigh.

“Ooohhh.” she moaned as my lips worked up her body again.

I stayed silent through the whole process as my lips moved closer to her pussy. As I reached the top of her thigh, Nathalie moved to lie down on the back. She moved her dress up slightly to allow me more access to her pussy. I spread her legs to see her moist lips waiting for me. I kissed around her lips to tease her and the moans started to get louder.

“Ohhh… Yeah… tease me… tease me more….” Nathalie moaned.

I looked up and could see her massaging her breasts through her bra, the straps of her black dress already moved to the side. Following her moans, I licked around more to get as close to her slit and clit as I could without actually touching them. Her moans started to get louder and I allowed my tongue to quickly brush against her clit before returning to the teasing.

“Oh God! I’m so wet already.” Nathalie said as one hand dropped down to play with my hair. “Eat me! Make me scream.”

Following her instruction, I dropped my tongue down and licked up along her slit. As my tongue reached the top, I could feel her clit move more out of its hood. I could hear a large sigh escape from Nathalie as she my tongue initially came into contact with her clit.

“Oh, I’ve missed that.”

Feeling the encouragement, I paid more attention to her clit and gave it a strong tongue lashing. My tongue flicked the little button on its way up and down. Her body squirmed under me as she relaxed into it more, my nose continually coming into contact with her smooth dark skin.

“Mmm yeah, lick me good. I’ve needed this all night.” Nathalie moaned.

Nathalie’s body changed position slightly and I lowered my tongue to her clit. I knew she liked it when her arse was given attention, particularly with a tongue, but I had set my course to bring her to orgasm. My head bobbed up and down as my tongue darted between her clit and her pussy lips.


Nathalie’s moans started to get louder and turned into screams as I continued to lick her clit. Deciding on a slight change of pace, I rubbed her clit with my thumb while my lips dropped back down to her thigh. I licked along the parts I knew were sensitive and watched as her body shook. At this point her eyes were closed; her hands rubbed her breasts that were barely encased in her bra, nipples starting to poke through.

“You like that, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, only your tongue can make my pussy quiver so much!” she moaned.

“Beg for it..” I said as I removed my thumb from her clit.

“Please… please make me cum…” She said as she shuffled closer to my mouth.

“I’m not… too sure… if you… deserve it.” I said as I kissed more on her thigh.

“I do. You know I’ll fuck you good. You can fuck me any which way, cum where you want. Just make me scream.”

I lowered my lips down to her clit and run my tongue along it. Nathalie hadn’t missed a beat and immediately went back to squirming. I managed to look up and saw her squeezing her right breast, now free from her bra. I absolutely loved her breasts and couldn’t wait to get them in my mouth.

“Oh yes, there, just there.”

My head bobbed in a steady motion as I licked her clit, her pussy getting wetter as she her orgasm approached. Her hand dropped down and held my head in place. I felt her button regress slightly as her orgasm started.

“Yes… yes… I’m cumming!” Nathalie screamed.

I felt her juices flow out and go into my mouth, allowing its sweetness to go down. I lapped at her to tease her more until she couldn’t take anymore and pushed my head away.

“Oh my God! That was so good. When we get back to London, I’m gonna let you fuck my arse and cum on my face.”

I knelt up and looked down at her.

“Why not tonight?” I asked as I looked up from the bald wet pussy to her beautiful face.

The door opened and the driver stood there looking at us.

“Emilia ruined it for you.”

I looked at her surprised.

“You know how precious I am, I’m not being the second girl tonight to get your cum.”

I laughed and nodded my head.

“Until London?”

“Until London.” Nathalie said as she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

I pushed my tongue into her mouth and kissed her passionately before walking out of the limo. I noticed it had stopped outside of my condo. The car drove off and I picked up the pile of clothes from the floor.

Walking into the house, I could hear moaning coming from the spare room. Walking into the living room. I saw Maisie Williams, clad in only a thong, asleep on the sofa.

“Guess she couldn’t hack it.” I said to myself.

I grabbed a blanket from the side and laid it over Maisie. She made some sort of noise before turning over and going back to sleep.

“Well that was a fun day.”

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