10 Days in Hollywood: Day 7

Title: 10 Days in Hollywood: Day 7

Author: RT Minotaur

Celebs: Amy Adams, Candice Patton, Felicity Jones & A Secret Celeb
Featuring Summer Glau, Miranda Cosgrove, Janina Gavankar  & Zoey Deutch

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to feedback.minotaur@gmail.com.


The sun crept through the curtains as I woke up, the sound of a car pulling away from the house resonated as I returned to the world. I looked around the room to ensure I was by myself and all was as I left it. Walking to the window, I looked out to see Emilio sitting by the pool. I decided to go and join him, checking my phone to see a text from Felicity.

“Remember about tonight, I’ll be there at 5 to dress you! And you can undress me.”

I quickly hit a reply that I was looking forward to it as I walked out to join Emilio. My eyes scanned the room to see that there was no sign of Maisie.

“Good night?” I asked Emilio as I sat on the same lounger that Emma Stone had used to ride me the day previous.

“Very good, that Natalie Dormer is an animal.”

He turned around and took off his shirt to show me the scratch marks.

“Jesus, she do all that?”

“She had to, Maisie fell asleep fairly quickly.”

“She give you her number for another go?”

“No, just these.” Emilio said as swung a pair of turquoise knickers around his finger.

“Classy!” I said as he smiled at me. “Right, I have to go to a casting call with Amy. I’ll see you later.”

I slapped him on the shoulder and left for the car. It was my first ever casting call and I was excited, especially as I might be able to sneak away for a third go with Amy.

Amy always looked gorgeous and glamorous, the fact she was standing outside a shitty office block only slightly diminished it. She placed a kiss on my cheek as I hugged her and she gently blew into my ear, only a little subtle bit of desire as we were out in public.

“Nervous?” she asked as we walked into the building.

“What have I got to be nervous about? I’m only sitting down to watch some actresses read lines.”

“Well we may get you to do some reading, show you director people how hard acting really is.”

I nodded my head as we arrived at the room they were using. Amy stalled at the door, placing her hand on it to stop me from entering.

“Listen, I know you will but remember, we’ve got to act professional in there. This whole me and you fuck buddy thing needs to stay under wraps.”

“Of course,” I replied. “The me you thing is great, I’m enjoying what we’ve done. But c’mon, I’m not a love-struck teenager. An affair with a married woman is not gonna do anything positive for my career.”

“Good boy.” Amy said before pulling me down into a kiss.

Amy pushed her tongue into my mouth and I happily took it, massaging it with my own. My arm went around her back and I took a big squeeze of her arse. She let out a moan as I my hand took a good grip of her booty.  She snaked her hand down and rested onto my crotch.

“Fuck it, we’ve got five minutes.” Amy said as she broke the kiss.

Grabbing me by the shirt, Amy walked across the hall and opened what appeared to be a store cupboard. Forcing my back against the door after we entered, she launched into another kiss. I placed my hands on the side of her head as I took her tongue into my mouth, our eyes closed in a passionate embrace.

Knowing we didn’t have a lot of time, Amy dropped her hands down and undid my belt and trousers, fishing my semi-erect penis out and stroking it quickly. I let out a little moan as the redheads hand wrapped around my cock. As Amy continued to stroke, she pulled away from the kiss and looked around for the best place to fuck.

There wasn’t anywhere for her to bend over comfortably so I spun around so we swapped positions. I pulled up her dress, exposing her black panties, and lifted her up off of her feet. Knowing what I wanted, Amy wrapped her legs around my waist and moved her panties to the side. I slid my hard cock into her waiting pussy as I pressed her against the door.

“Oh God,” Amy moaned as my she felt my cock in her. “Fuck me quick and hard, I’ll come quickly. I need this!”

I put my right hand on her arse and my leaned on the door to support our weight, pushing my full length into her. Her pussy was incredibly wet for such a short time and I quickly got into a good rhythm with my thrusting. Amy tightened her legs around my waist and moaned into my ear.

“Oh yeah, just there. Fuck me with that big cock.”

Amy nipped at my earlobe as I continued to thrust my full length into her. I could tell she was struggling to keep her moans muted as the pleasure flushed through her body. As I leaned forward with a thrust, I pressed my lips against hers and she moaned into my mouth. Amy dropped her hand down and tried to reach for my arse but it was just out of her reach. I pushed my cock harder into her, her pussy feeling wetter with every thrust.

After giving up on feeling my arse, Amy leaned her head forward and bit my neck. The pain caused a good sensation and I started to thrust so hard her back was creating a rhythmical knock on the door. The expectant shushing never came so I continued to thrust at the same speed. Amys moans started to creep up and I could see her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

“Oh my God yes, just there. I’m gonna cum.” Amy moaned as her hands gripped my shoulders.

It felt like a gush as her orgasm took over her body, her nails digging into me. I continued to thrust into her as I felt her juices coat my penis. It pushed me over the edge and I shot my load into her waiting pussy. We both closed our eyes and I continued to thrust as I allowed my entire load to fill her pussy.

“Oh my God, that was so good.” Amy said as she collapsed into me.

I lowered Amy down onto her feet as I pulled out and tucked my cock back  into my boxers.

“Well the idea of staying professional lasted long.” I chuckled.

“Actually I said in the room. We weren’t in the room.”


I watched Amy adjust her dress down to cover her panties and she let out another laugh.

“Leave it five minutes and then follow me. We’ve already started so you can just watch after.”

Amy gave me a wink and walked out of the room, leaving me all alone. I let out a long breath thinking about the quickie that came out of nowhere when my phone rang. I looked down to see that I’d received a text from Daisy.

“Back tomorrow night, will come see you x”

I smiled as I read her message and quickly replied.

“Looking forward to it beautiful. X”

I put my phone in my pocket and exited the cupboard. Almost immediately I walked into someone, knocking them down onto the ground. I reached out my hand and helped the person up, only to be greeted by the girl from two nights before.

“Holy shit! I’m so sorry.” I said.

“Um… that’s fine. You!”

“Me! I’m Richard.”

“Why are you here? You’re in the industry?”

“Yeah. They’re casting a film I’m going to direct so I got invited to see the process.”

“Then good news, you’re gonna direct me. Janina.”

“I’d say nice to meet you but I think our last experience was more exciting.”

“Then let’s hope it’s not our last.” Janina said as she leaned in to kiss my lips.

I felt her hand reach round and pinch my arse before she left me standing there. I watched her go before hearing a cough behind me, only to be greeted by the casting director. I made my apology for being late and walked in behind her.

Amy greeted me with a smile and introduced me to the her agent. She seemed rather nonplussed at my attendance so I quickly sat down in the corner and left the girls to it.

Amy had explained to me that they had done the casting for one character in the morning so would be concentrating on the best friend this afternoon. The role wasn’t defined so there were a lot of people trying out. The first few were newcomers to the film industry and did okay, none of them stood out so their names were quickly crossed out. The next girl walked in and I instantly recognised her, sort of. She wore a tight pair of jeans that hugged her curves and a striped open shirt over a green vest top. Her dark skin shone under the lights and there was a big beaming smile on her face, a contrast to the worried face I’d seen earlier in the week at the party.

“Candice, isn’t it?” Amy said looking at the girl.

“Yes. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“Well Melissa spoke very highly of you and, as she’s the star, I’ve got to believe her word.”

That brought her smile out even more.

“You know our director?” Amy said turning to me.

“Not personally but Melissa spoke very highly of him. I look forward to getting to know him better.”

I looked over to Candice and her eyes were fixed on me intently. I smiled back before she started to read the monologue she had prepared. I wrote down some notes about the scene and occasionally looked up to her reading. As far as I could tell, her eyes did not leave me during the entirety of the reading.

“Thank you Candice, that was excellent.” the casting director said

Candice smiled with glee.

“Yes, very good. We’ll be in touch.” Amy said rather sternly.

The casting director escorted her out as Amy approached me.

“That girl wants to fuck you!” Amy said with contempt in her voice.

“So… Melissa has. You have too.”

“I don’t care, I don’t want every cast member trying to fuck you.”

“Just limit it to you and Melissa?” I asked.

“When I visit the set, you fuck me and only me. Melissa can provide a temporary distraction when I’m away. She may be younger than me but my God, the girl is a terrible fuck.”

“Well she doesn’t have the confidence and experience you have.”

“Just remember that when you get on set.”

Amy shot an aggressive smile at me before returning to the desk as the next auditionee, Miranda Cosgrove, entered the room. She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a white shirt. She seemed almost nervous as she walked to the center of the room.

“Welcome Miranda. Thank you for taking up my invite.” Amy said as she leaned forward.

“Thank you for inviting me, i’ve always been a big fan.”

“Let’s see how you do then. Take it from the top.”

Miranda started to read a monologue that I didn’t recognise. It was very poetic and funny in parts but it suddenly turned into a seduction. Miranda licked her lips as she slowly walked towards the table, undoing the buttons of her shirt. Miranda allowed the shirt to slide off as she stood in front of Amy wearing only a bra. She leaned down and whispered the rest to Amy, I was out of earshot and couldn’t hear the words but I could see Amy leaning forward and licking her lips.

Their heads got closer so that their lips were about to touch when Miranda’s head shot back and she walked back to center spot, picking her shirt up as she went along. She stopped to lower her jeans down slightly showing off her matching thong.

“I’ll be outside.” Miranda said as she shot Amy a look over her shoulder.

The room remained in silence as Miranda exited. There was a cough from the casting director as the two girls either side of Amy looked at her. I gave a giggle as Amy stood up and started to walk to the same door, stopping as she reached it.

“I think we should call it a day, I think we’ve found the actress anyway. Do you mind Richard?”

“No. No, that’s no problem with me. Thank you Amy.”

She quickly exited the room as the other two women looked slightly embarrassed. The casting director left first leaving me with Amy’s agent.

“Sorry about this Richard, I kinda thought you fucking her in a cupboard would be enough but she seems insatiable at the minute.”

“That’s ok…wait you knew?”

“Of course, I’m her agent, I know everything. I’ll get that contract over to your people before you get back to London, savour it though. She’s a hard taskmaster out of the bedroom too so don’t expect to get a lot of sleep while working on this.”

I nodded my head and moved to leave the room. There were a few actresses waiting outside who were being told that the casting was over and they all seemed disappointed. I left the building and walked to the multi story car park across the way where I’d left my car. It was for all the offices around so would be empty of people by now with all the spaces taken up. I entered the lift and went up to the fifth floor to collect the Porsche when I got another text.

‘Arranged a lift from someone, very hot girl.’

I smiled to myself as I read Felicity’s text while leaving the lift. I seemed to be lost in my own world that I didn’t immediately notice the girl leaning over the Porsche. The jeans clung tightly to her round arse and she gave it a wiggle as I looked up from my phone. Candice Patton’s face shone brightly as she looked back at me, catching me checking her out. She turned around and leaned against the bonnet, taking in a good look of me.

“You know, despite Melissa putting in a good word I know I won’t get the role.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked as I moved to approach her and the car.

“Well first of all, the character has been written as a white girl and I’m anything but. Secondly, she’s supposed to be older and I’m younger than Super girl.”

“And thirdly?”

She smiled.

“Thirdly, she didn’t like how I looked at you.”

“And how did you look at me?” I asked as I reached her, standing close to her tight body.

“Melissa told me how she made it up to you. She told me in detail about how you and Amy fucked her in that hotel room. She told me how you and Amy licked her pussy and how she came hard as you fucked her while Amy licked her arsehole.”

“And what conclusion did you come to?”

Candice ran her hands down my chest as she looked over my body. She very deliberately traced my muscles underneath. A smile came over her face before her hand quickly slid down and grabbed my crotch.

“When was the last time you fucked a black girl?” she asked.

My mind flashed back to the last time I’d fucked Nathalie. It had been 18 months since we last had sex but she wasn’t the last black girl I’d fucked. That had been six months before I came out to the U.S. She hadn’t been famous but her body was out of this world, I felt Candice’s would be better.

I leaned forward and placed my lips to Candice’s, my hand creeping around to her back to grab a hold of her plump arse. She let out a moan as she opened her mouth, welcoming my tongue in. Candice allowed her body to sink into mine as her hand moved the zipper of my jeans out. Candice fished my hardening cock out as she withdrew from the kiss and dropped down to her knees. I looked around to ensure the coast was clear as I felt Candice’s tongue run around the head of my cock.

“Fuck, that’s feels nice. You sure you wanna do this here?”

I looked down at her and our eyes met, a smile across her face as she took the head into her mouth.

“You naughty girl!”

I kept an eye to ensure no one appeared as I felt my cock slide down her mouth, the warm saliva coating it. Surprisingly she was able to take the full length in her first go, licking the entire length as she took it out. I let out a moan as I felt her lick her the sensitive head before taking the cock out of my mouth.

“It’s okay, I’m hidden by the car.” Candice said as she pumped my cock with her hand.

“Why don’t you take your top off then.” I suggested.

“Who’s the naughty one now?” She asked.

Candice let go of my cock and removed her shirt. She handed it to me so it didn’t go on the floor and I placed it on the top of the car. By the time I looked back down, her green vest was off and her breasts were on full display. Her dark skin shone in the artificial light and her large brown nipples stood out, showing how horny she was.

“You like?” She asked looking up at me.

“Oh yeah, they’re great breasts.”

“I get many compliments on them.” Candice replied as she grabbed my cock again and continued the pumping.

I was thankful that her hair was tied in a ponytail as I could see everything as she took my cock back into her mouth. Her lips were pursed as she moved up and down my cock, only taking half of it this time so as not to rush though. I moved my hand down to her head but she swatted it away so she could control the pace of the sucking. I closed my eyes as I felt the pleasure of her tongue go up and down.

“Fuck, I won’t last long with you being this good.” I said as she continued sucking.

“Good, I can’t wait to swallow it.”

Candice continued to suck up and down my cock, her tongue circling the head as she reached the top. Her hand went down and massaged my balls as she pushed her mouth down, taking my entire length in her mouth. Candice massaged my balls in my hand as she started to deep-throat my cock. The gurgling sound came from her mouth as she expertly deep-throated my cock without choking.

“Oh shit Candice, I’m gonna cum.”

Candice reacted instantly to my words and pulled half of my cock out if get mouth. She held it in place as our eyes met and kept hold of the look as my cum shot into her mouth. The initial shots went into her mouth and I could tell she was smiling as she swallowed my cum. After the initial amount had shot out, Candice pumped my cock with her hand to drain it. To make a point, she pulled my cock out her mouth with a pop and swallowed the amount remaining in her mouth.


“That was…”

“Excellent? Fantastic? The best?” Candice asked as she cut me off.

“It was very good, best blow job I’ve had all day.”

“I do try.”

Candice took my hand and got back up to her feet. She looked down to see that I still supported a semi and a smile came across her face.

“This environment isn’t really suited to getting my pussy licked but maybe I can find out how good you are at other things.”

Candice leaned in and placed another kiss on my lips, her tongue massaging my own, and she draped her body into mine. My dropped down to her arse and gave it a squeeze as I felt her erect nipples dig into my chest. Her hand had dropped down to my cock and starting to massage it back to its full erection.

“Come with me.” Candice said we ended the kiss.

I expected her to take my hand but she took hold of my cock and led me to the open wall of the car park. Being on the fifth floor, no one would be able to see by looking up. Candice let go of my cock and bent over the low wall, her chest pressed against the concrete.

I instantly knew what was wanted even before she wiggled her shapely behind at me. I wrapped my hand around her as I reached for the button and zipper of her jeans. Placing some kisses on her neck, she let out a moan as she felt my body pressed against her. I grabbed hold of either side of her jeans and lowered them down her legs. I looked up to see her looking down at me, her arse clad in only a tiny g-string.

“Use your mouth to take it off!” Candice commanded.

I nodded my head with a smile as she oozed with sexual confidence. I leaned forward and grabbed the top of the string with my teeth, my face pressed against her smooth black skin. I couldn’t resist and gently nipped her skin, Candice letting out a little giggle. I dragged the skin down, the smooth aroma of her pussy filling my nostrils as I moved it down her legs, leaving her complete naked.

I moved back up to my feet and ran my hand along the inside of her leg. Her body shook as I did so, showing how ticklish she was. I ran my fingers along her smooth pussy to see how wet she already was.

“Tell me you want my cock.”

“I want your cock so much! I want you to fuck me like I’m your little Nubian whore.”

I smiled at her reply.

“Here it is!”

I plunged my cock straight into her pussy from behind, the wetness allowing me to slide straight in. Candice let out an audible moan as my full length entered her pussy. She didn’t feel as tight as Melissa but I quickly got into a smooth motion of thrusting into her. Considering we were in a public place, I was surprised by how vocal Candice was. It started with some guttural moans as I pushed my cock into her but it quickly became more high pitched.

“Please, please, yes, yes.”

I held tightly onto Candice’s hips as I thrust further into her pussy. The enjoyment caused her body to go all over the place as she started to rut back into my cock. I had my hands on her hips and held body in placed as I thrust harder into her.

“Please, fuck me! Just there…Mmm…Call me your slut, call me your little black slut” she commanded.

“You are, you are my little black slut. Now take my hard cock in your pussy, enjoy it ramming into you.”

I pushed harder in, Candice leaned up and reached around for my head. She pressed her lips hard against mine, passion had completely taken over her body and she demanded my body close.

“I’m so close…” She whispered. “Make me cum and then cum in my pussy!”

As she finished whispering, I pushed her body back down and continued to push my cock into her. Her moans started to get louder as her legs started to shake.

“Oh fuck, your pussy feels good. Scream for me slut, let everyone know you’re coming!”

I pushed harder into her as her moans got louder and her body shook more.

“Yes! Yes! YES!! Yeah!! CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!!”

I could feel her pussy get wetter as her orgasm reached its pinnacle. I could feel myself being close so continued thrusting into her pussy. Her moans continued as I pushed my cock into her soaking pussy. I swapped my hands from her hips to her shoulders and pushed her lithe body back into me.

I closed my eyes and filled her pussy with my hot spunk. Her hands had been gripped into her concrete and she finally allowed herself to relax as she felt me finish inside her. I continued to thrust as I allowed all my cum to shoot out before pulling myself out.

I pulled up my jeans as Candice stood up and looked at me. She gave me a quick smiled before ducking down very quickly. I didn’t realise why until I had turned around. There was a guy stood there who had clearly been watching. He gave me a thumbs up before walking off.

“You can get up now, he’s gone.”

Candice stood up but kept her arm over her breasts. She had already put her thong back on and grabbed her vest from the floor by the car.

“Do you think he recognised me?”

“Nah, he was too far away. Plus no one is gonna believe Candice Patton got fucked in a car park.”

She laughed.

“That’s true. And what a fuck!”

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips gently before grabbing her jeans and pulling them up.

“You need a ride?“

“Nah, mine is over there.”

“Cool, you got much planned?”

“Yeah, I’m off to tell Melissa how good a fuck you are. I’ll call you.”

Candice sauntered off leaving me on my own. I thought back to how good an experience the casting call had been for me but I knew I had to get some rest before meeting up with Felicity; if anyone could tire me out, it would be her.

It took about an hour and a half to get back across town and only left me two hours to rest up before Felicity arrived. I decided to kip on the sofa and soon drifted off to sleep. I woke up to the banging on the door and looked at my watch. I’d overslept by ten minutes and opened the door to a furious Felicity Jones.

“The hell dude? I’ve been knocking for like fifteen minutes! You got a girl back here or something?”

“No, I’m on my own. Just needed a kip, I got a bit tired out this morning.”

“Names! And wine me, please.” Felicity said as she sauntered into house.

I closed the door behind her and walked into the kitchen. The bags that she had brought with her had been laid over a chair and she sat on a stool at the breakfast bar. I grabbed two wine glasses and a bottle of red, pouring the liquid for us to consume. She took a sip and smiled at me.

“Mmmmm French, lovely. Now, names please.”

“Amy Adams and Candice Patton.”

“How diverse! Together?”

“No, not together. I’d gone to a casting call for a film I’m going to direct and I fucked Amy in a store cupboard.”

“How naughty, I must meet her. We can compare notes. How did you fuck Candice?”

“She was waiting by my car.”

“Oh please tell me you fucked her in it.”

“Afraid not, I fucked her over the wall in the car park. She could see a lovely view of LA as she came.”

“You dirty bastard! I love it.”

I gave Felicity a wink before we both took a sip of the wine. It was very smooth and went down easily.

“And have you had anything since our time in the hotel?”

“I wish!” she blurted out. “I haven’t had any spare time to find some real penis to fuck. Only opportunity was hilarious. Daisy dumped that prick and he ran into me, thinking I would just ride his face.”

“And what did you say to him?”

“I told him I got a good seeing to by you in the shower and I would ensure that Daisy got it too. He didn’t like the idea of Daisy getting some real cock in her.”

“Well I’m glad you’re making enemies for me.”

“Oh, he disliked you the moment he saw you. He knew that Daisy wanted it and that it was a case of when, not if.”

“Excellent. To me?” I said as I offered the glass to her.

“To you.”

Felicity smiled back and clinked her glass against mine. She drank the rest of her wine before placing the glass onto the table, her eyes locked onto me the entire time.

“So tonight, you need to be dressed well and dressed sexily. This part is a bit… unique.”

“How do you mean unique?”

“Think Eyes Wide Shut with less murderous conspiracies. Just a chance for the rich and or famous to have some drinks, some chats and plenty of anonymous sex.”

“Anonymous?” i asked before finishing my drink.

“Masks are a requirement and you can’t take them off. I mean, secretly you can guess who they are but what happens in the party, stays in the party. Like Vegas but cooler and with less STD’s.”

“Sounds fun, maybe I should shower.”

“Maybe you should you smelly bastard. While you’re doing it, I will decide what colour thong I’m wearing.”

“A girl like you, I thought the question would be if you’re wearing a thong.” I said as I walked around the breakfast bar.

Felicity gave my arse a slap as I walked past and headed to the stairs to shower. I wasn’t sure how long it would take for the lift to arrive but I decided I didn’t want to hurry, I wanted to enjoy the shower. I stripped naked in the ensuite and allowed the hot water to run over my body. It felt refreshing considering the day I had endured and I stood there for 10 minutes before I commenced washing my body. If she was taking me to a sex party, I wanted to ensure the goods were in tip top condition so took some time to shave my balls and trim the pubis area. I wasn’t a strict adherent to the porn star look but I always wanted to ensure I was presentable.

After cleaning myself up, I walked out of the shower and commenced to trim my face, ensuring the beard was in a presentable condition. I was going to leave my hair as it was and walked out of the ensuite into the bedroom. The sight that awaited me was Felicity laying on the bed completely naked. She laid on her tummy with her back to me, her arse popping up in the air slightly. She spread her legs slightly and I could see her freshly shaven pussy lips poking through.

“Jesus,” She said as she turned her head to me. “I thought you were never coming out you took that long. Sure you didn’t have a wank in there?”

“I’m sure.”

“Come and prove it then!” She commanded.

I didn’t need much more instruction than that and walked towards the bed, dropping the towel as I did so. Felicity licked her lips as i approached and started to move onto her back. I grabbed hold of her body to stop her and brought her close to the edge of the bed.

Dropping down onto my knees, I placed some kisses along her firm cheeks. Felicity could tell what I had in mind as she dropped her front down onto the bed, arching her back slightly. Reaching my hand up, I slowly ran a finger along her slit to try and find her clit.

“Mmmm, that feels nice.” Felicity moaned.

I looked over to see Felicity snuggling her face into the bed as my finger found her little button and started to massage it. The brunette actress moved her body in rhythm with my finger as my kisses continued on her butt cheeks. Her moans started to get louder as my movement started to increase.

“God your fingers feel good!” she moaned.

“Wait until my cock gets in there.”

“Can’t wait, that cock feels amazing in my pussy.”

Felicity started to buck her hips on my fingers as they began to thrust into her. Her moans increased in volume as her pussy got wetter, her juices covering my fingers. I could resist as her hole became exposed to me and I brought my lips to it. I kissed along her arse, my tongue occasionally dipping in.

The combination proved to be too much as her orgasm took over her body. Her arse bucked back and enveloped my face, my tongue going in and working its way around to generate more moans. After her initial pleasure finished, Felicity collapsed onto the bed and rolled onto her back. She looked up at me and played with her nipples between her fingers.

“That was very nice, thanks. A good warm up for the party.”

“What kind of party are you taking me to?”

“This kind of party.” She said as flitted her fingers between the two of us. “Thought you could do with going to at least one sex party on your visit here.”

“And the masks?”

“This isn’t a networking event and some people have rather specialists tastes. There’s still too many prudes in this country, they want to keep it secret. Some people know some identities, you can confide secretly.”

The doorbell rung as Felicity leaned back on the bed and looked towards me.

“That’s our ride, go let her in. And keep your cock out.”

I got up off the bed and followed her instructions. I don’t condone opening the front door naked but Felicity must have known they would be comfortable, especially considering where we were going. I looked through the peephole to see a short girl with black hair. She was looking down at her phone as I looked through but her head popped up and she had a smile on her face.

“Let me in then Richard before it shrivels up.”

“Felicity text you.”


She held the phone up to show the text but it wasn’t very clear. I unlocked the door and the girl walked in, taking the view of my naked form in.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Summer.” She said as she held her hand out.

“Yeah, I know who you are. Big fan of Firefly.” I said as I shook her hand.

“Favourite episode?”

She walked past me and I took in her body. It was lithe like a dancer and clad in a tight dark red dress, her arse standing out.

“Out Of Gas.”

“I was barely featured in that. I suppose I’ll have to compliment something about you.”

Summer span on her heels and looked over me.

“Your cock looks nice, sure I’ll give it a good ride.”

“Would love you to. Could be a while until Felicity is ready.”


I turned around to see Felicity dressed in a dark green dress showing off plenty of cleavage. She walked down the stairs and took Summer into an embrace, their lips pressing against each other. Her hand crept around to Summer’s arse and gave it a hard squeeze.

“How did you get ready so quick? I only left you freshly fucked like three minutes ago.”

“Freshly fucked was the look I was going for.” Felicity answered with a smile. “There’s a suit and a mask through there for you. Hurry up, we’ll meet you in the car.”

Felicity took Summer in her arm and the two women walked to the door to leave the house. I nodded my head and walked into the other room to get dressed. Felicity seemed to have got all my correct sizes and I walked to the limo to join the ladies after I got my clothes on. They had stopped kissing and were drinking together when I arrived and sat down in the car. The driver pulled off and Felicity started to explain the rules to me.

“Don’t take your mask off. And don’t ask anyone who they are. And don’t stick your dick in anyone unless they ask.”

“Seems simple.”

“It will be for you. You’re in decent shape, a good dick and, from what I’ve been told, you’re a decent fuck. Shame we can’t have a go.” Summer said after finishing her glass.


“Oh we’ve already made plans I’m afraid. You’ll find someone though.”

The two girls regaled me with stories about parties they had been to and prepared me for everything that I might see while there. It seemed incredible that they could do this in complete anonymity but I suppose that’s how it had to work so they could remain pure in the eyes of the public. The stories continued for about 40 minutes before we pulled into an underground car park.

“So we’re going to arrive in a minute. Put your mask on and keep it on.” Felicity said as she placed hers over her face.

She had gone for a half mask, so her mouth was free but Summer had one that covered her entire face. I shrugged my shoulders and put the domino mask on. I guess it’s because I was a lot less known. We walked out into a very unglamorous parking lot, plenty of security and cars but no other guests. The girls took either arm and we walked into an elevator as a threesome. The large black security nodded his head as we entered and advised us to go to the 27th floor. Felicity pressed the button and up we rose.

It only took a moment or two for the elevator to rise up to it’s final destination and the view when the doors opened differed incredibly from when they closed. A mass of bodies appeared from people in the party, all wearing masks and in different states of undress. As we stepped out, there was a group of people watching a man getting pegged by a very busty redhead.

“See I told you it would be a sight.” Felicity said as I felt hand move to my arse. “You’re gonna enjoy it here. You won’t be alone for long.”

“Alone?” I asked as I turned to look at her.

“Well me and Summer have an appointment. She’ll show you around and then join me.”

“Thought you invited me to stay with you.”

“She invited you so we could have a guy with us. Plus I imagine you would like to have some anonymous fun with one of these whores. You never know, she might tell you who they are.” Summer said as she appeared behind Felicity.

“Okay, well lead the way River Tam.”

Summer took my hand in hers and we walked further into the party leaving Felicity alone. She showed me various room where people were indulging. There was a thin white girls getting double teamed by two Arabic men while a group of people watched a black woman getting eaten out.

As we walked around Summer told me that she had first met Felicity at a party in London that was very similar to this. Summer was being fucked against a wall when the guy decided to go down on her. They dropped to the floor where Felicity was lying down having the same treatment. By now both girls had their masks off and reached an orgasm at nearly the same time. They’d been firm friends ever since.

After walking about for twenty minutes, Summer excused herself to go meet up with Felicity and left me alone. There was a group of bodies intertwined with each other while other couples paired off with each other. No one seemed to be paying attention to me so I leaned back against a wall and continued to drink the wine I was given by a passing waitress. The group seemed to be really into each other and made no differentiation between man and woman. I didn’t know how long I was watching but I broke out of my trance when I felt someone breathing on my neck. I went to turn my head to see before they soft small hand stopped me.

“It’s an interesting sight, isn’t it?”

“People fucking? It’s not exactly unusual.”

“They’re not fucking. The couple in the other room are fucking. The two people without masks that are definitely not Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens fucking. Spoiler alert, it’s actually Stella. But those people there, they’re not fucking at all.”

“If they’re not fucking, what are they doing?”

“They’re servants of Dionysus. They are giving themselves up to the ultimate pleasure and worshiping all the God has to offer. Man fucks man; man fucks woman, woman fucks woman.”

“I suppose when you look at it like that, those people are the ones who got it right.”

“Have you fucked anyone today? Anyone here?”

“I have fucked today but not here. Haven’t had anyone speak to me yet, never mind offer me a fuck.”

“Well I’m speaking to you.”

“I thought at one point you were going to monologue. You do a lot of research into Bacchus?”

“Dionysus. And no, I just wanted to speak to the new guy.”

“How do you know I’m new?”

“Well I’m not saying I’ve fucked everyone here but I don’t recognise you. I also saw you enter and she told me a few days ago.”

“Bloody Fel… girl. For a party that’s supposed to be anonymous, she certainly enjoys telling people that I am here.”

“Don’t blame her, you should give her a reward.”


“Because you get to fuck me.”

I turned around to see the back of the girl walking toward a room, her back was exposed and her arse clad in only a red thong. I followed her into the room and watched as she slammed the door shut. She was shorter than me and had brown hair with a highlight of blonde throughout. She leaned back against the door and I could see that she worse a small see through vest to cover her front. I could see through to her breasts and her nipples stood on end.

“You’re trying to figure out who I am, aren’t you?”

I nodded my head.

“I am.”

“Any idea?” She said as she took her top off, leaving her only in her thong.

“Well your breasts are too small to be Anna Kendrick.”

“And they’re perter. Nice to see you think I’m American, the accent’s working.”

“Where are you from?”

“Maybe Canada. Maybe Sweden. Maybe New Zealand. Not Australia. Why am I the only one getting naked?”

My eyes followed her as she walked over to the bed and leaned back into the pillows. I nodded my head and started to take the suit off, her eyes watching my body through her mask. As I was down to my boxers, I could see her lick her lips as she admired my body.

“You look like you could be fun. Hope that won’t bother you.”

My eyes followed where she was looking and could see several holes in the wall for people to watch. Every position seemed to be taken up by naked women.

“One always appreciates an audience.”

“Excellent!” She replied while pinching her nipples. “Now come taste my pussy.”

Her legs were slightly akimbo and I could see a small wet patch in the front. I walked over and knelled between her legs, she raised her foot to my mouth. A smile came across her lips as I took her toes into my mouth and I sucked each one individually. A moan came from her lips as I moved my tongue around her toes.

“How can anyone not love their toes being sucked?” She said as she started to suck on her own fingers. “Do the other foot!”

I grabbed her left leg and lifted it up as her right dropped down. I started by kissing the base of the foot before bringing her toes into my mouth. I gently nibbled down on her big toe before taking the other individually into my mouth.

“That feels so good.”

I watched her as I took the foot out of my mouth and I kissed around her ankle. Her smile widened as i started to move my lips to her calf and continued to kiss. I snapped a quick look to the peek holes and could see more people had joined to watch so I knew I had to give a good performance as I moved further along her leg. Her soft moans got louder as I reached her thigh. I kissed my way around as I allowed my fingers to run along the inside of her other leg.

“Oh God, you’ve done this before.”

“Once or twice, aye.”

“Enough of the entree, let’s move to the starter.”

The girl moved her foot to my chest and pushed me back up onto my knees and we locked eyes. It was only for a moment as her hands hooked into the side of her thong and started to slide it down her body. She had a landing strip of hair above her pussy but it was neatly waxed and her pussy lips were accessible.

The thong unhooked off her leg and she threw it carelessly to the side. I wasn’t in any doubt what she wanted me to do as she hooker her leg around my neck and dragged my head down towards her body. Within moments I was directly in front of her pussy, her clit already pressing through her labia.

I dropped my mouth down and places some soft kisses along the side of her lips, eliciting a slight jolt in her pelvis. I could hear her breathing start to get louder as my tongue teased her pussy, not quite wanting to dive straight in. I moved my head to kiss the top of her thigh and I could feel her rub her pussy against my cheek, leaving a slick on my face. I returned my mouth to her pussy and let my tongue lick up her slit from the bottom. A loud moan came from her mouth as my tongue reached the top but stopped just short of her slit. I knew she expected me to pay her clit some attention but I decided to go another way for now.

I raised my fingers to her pussy and parted her lips, allowing my tongue to slide into her. She sighed loudly as she felt my tongue spread out inside and I started to thrust it in and out of her pussy.

“Oh yea, that’s it. Tongue fuck my pussy!” She said breathlessly.

I felt her hand drop down to my hair tussle it as my head bounced. I could feel her thighs press against the side of my head as I pushed my tongue into her pussy, trying to find her G spot. I turned my tongue into a cylinder and pushed it in and out and fast as I could. The mysterious girl started to gyrate her crotch in my face as her moans started to get louder.

“God yeah, just there. Push in harder just there.” She whispered in between moans.

I followed her instructions to the t and pushed as hard as I could into her pussy. I tried to move my head back but she wouldn’t let me as hands pushed hard into the back of my head. Knowing I had little room to maneuver but I pushed my head up slightly so my nose was in contact with her clit. I continued to thrust my tongue into her deeply as my nose pressed down onto her clit, eliciting louder moans that started to turn into screams.

“Oh yeah, that’s it! Just there!” She moaned loudly.

I knew that she wouldn’t last for much longer, her moans were getting louder and her body was shaking more as I applied pressure onto her clit. I wanted to get her to scream before her orgasm so I forced my head back to separate her legs. She instantly spread them wide allowing me to get into a better position and placing my tongue onto her clit. The moan that came from her lips escaped all of her breath and she looked at me shocked, or as shocked as she could look in a mask. I flicked my tongue over her clit in quick motion as her hands reached up to rub her hair. She bucked her hips more her breathing got more intense and i pushed harder onto her clit.

“Oh God, yes! Just there! Oh my, I’m cumming!!”

The girl screamed loudly as her orgasm came over her and her juices squirted out onto my face. I licked up the juices as I licked on her clit some more to try and prolong her pleasure. As her body finally settled down from the orgasm, I looked up to see her breasts go up and down as she tried to settle her breathing. They were small but very pert and her nipples looked very tasty.

“You want to fuck me now?” She asked. “I want you to cum as hard as I did.”

“Funny you say that, I want to do that as well!”

“Then stick it in.” She said as she opened her legs some more.

“I hope you’re not one of those feminists who refuse to be manhandled.”

The girl shook her head and I moved over to her side. She rose up into sitting position as I touched her arms and I leaned into her ear.

“I just don’t want to fuck your pussy.”

She looked at me confused for a moment but she came to a quick realisation and a smile came across her lips. She nodded her head and moved onto all fours, spreading her legs wide. I moved behind her and grabbed a bottle of the lubricant from the side table. A little giggle came from her mouth as I poured some of the contents over her shapely posterior. It was a good meaty arse for a small girl and it gave a little jiggle as I gave it a slap.

“Do you want me to loosen you up first?”

“No. Just go straight in and fuck me. I want to shoot your load into my arse.” She said as she stuck her arse out towards me.

I rubbed the lube over her arse and she let out a little of moan of pleasure, enjoying the feeling of the cold liquid. I rubbed some over my erect penis and started to slide it into her arse. She out a little moan as it slid in but it was obvious from the feel that she would regularly have anal sessions. The head of my cock had only just penetrated her arse when she leaned up onto her haunches and pulled my head forward. She placed her lips onto mine to give us our first kiss and my hand went instinctively to her breast. I pinched her nipple as she pushed her tongue out along my lips and giggled before dropping down onto her arms.

“Now that we’ve done the romantic thing, fuck me like a man!”

I grabbed her hips and started to push my cock further into her arse. The girl pushed back to allow my cock’s full length to go into her, her cheeks wobbling with every push into her. I could feel a wave of pleasure to come over me as I pushed into the girl and I could feel myself start to get more into it. I reached my left hand back and I struck her arse with my palm, a red mark left on her cheek.

“Yes! Spank and fuck my ass! Brand me like your whore.” The girl in the mask shouted.

I laughed to myself at her words and then drew my hand back to spank her again. I looked forward and could see her reflection in the mirror staring right at me. I smiled back and lowered my hand forcibly on her cheek. The red mark started to stay and the smile got wider as I hit it more. Her moan started to turn into grunts as I started to fuck her arse more deeply with longer strokes.

The tightness started to creep up on me and I could feel such pressure on my cock. I closed my eyes with pleasure as I pushed further into her arse, the result of combined pressure from thrusts by me and her. I held onto her arse tightly as I could feel my own orgasm approaching and I wanted to finish insider her. I opened my eyes to look and I could see her still staring forward at me.

“I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Good, I want to see your eyes as you do.”

I looked directly forward as I directed her hips back to me and pushed myself forward into her. My breathing became heavier as I felt her arse getting tighter somehow. I let out a grunt as my orgasm came and I shot my cum into her arse. I continued pushing forward as my cum filled her arse until the load was completely done and I dropped back onto the bed. I closed my eyes for a moment and felt her move up and cuddled into my chest.

“You know what new guy, that was a good little fuck you gave me. Our unnamed friend was very right about you.”

“I’m glad I could live up to it.”

“I’ll have to try you again, I would certainly love to suck that cock.”

“You could happily do it now.”

The girls laughed and kissed me onto the cheek.

“I don’t like to hang out with the same person for too long at these things, you never know what could be around the corner. You’re lucky I let you fuck me.”

The girls rose up off of the bed and picked up her thong, sliding it up her legs and covering her, moist pussy. She found her see through top and put that back on too.

“I’ll see you around Richard.”

I looked at her shocked and she quickly disappeared from sight. I was about to get up when a naked Summer Glau walked in. Her lithe body looked amazing and completely smooth with no hair in sight.

“There you are. Felicity was feeling sick so had to go home and I’m about to go home to an orgy. Thought it would be common courtesy to let you know we’d gone.”

She noticed I was staring at her naked body and spun around for me.

“Are you free tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, I think so.” I said as I stood up and started to put my clothes back on but noticing my tie was missing.

“I’d like to take you for dinner. Maybe I’ll let you see this body closer.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Good. Gravicci’s at 9. See you then.”

Summer then disappeared and left me alone in the room once more. I looked quickly at my phone to see a picture message from Daisy. It was the window of an airplane, notifying me she was on her way back. I smiled and looked up to see one guy was in the peek hole area.

“Enjoy the show?”

He nodded his head.

“Which way is out?”

He pointed his arm to his side so I nodded my head and said thanks. All I wanted after this day was a nice long sleep.



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