10 Days in Hollywood: Day 8

Title: 10 Days in Hollywood: Day 8

Author: RTMinotaur

Celebs: Gemma Arterton, Natalie Alyn Lind. Summer Glau, Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, Felicity Jones

Codes: MF, oral, anal, facial

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. I am always looking for feedback and conversing about my stories. If you would like to, please send an e-mail to feedback.minotaur@gmail.com.



The clock struck 10:00 and the lie in was complete. The day before had been a busy one for me with the hookups and the party but my week was slowing down as I approached the end of my trip. One set visit and one party were all I really had to do before heading back to London. This morning though would reunite me with an old friend.

Gemma Arterton had been my first big fling and she taught me plenty about the industry and about sex. The affair was an open secret in the theatre but it came to an abrupt end when her his husband found out. We hadn’t seen each other since so today would be special.

I’d prepared by showering and making sure I looked good, a casual outfit would be perfect. While eating breakfast, my phone vibrated and I saw a message come in from Felicity.

“Sorry for abandoning you last night. Something turned on me and I was sick all over this guy’s cock, well awks! Hope this makes up for it.”

Attached underneath was a picture of her right breast, exposed by her hand pulling her bra aside. I smiled at the sight of it, Felicity had the best nipples to suck on.

“It does! Hope to see them in person again before I go home.” I text back.

“Maybe… Enjoy Summer,” she replied.

I smiled at her comment. I certainly intended to enjoy my evening date with her friend, the image of Summer Glau standing before me naked flashed in my memory. Her body was supple, tight and would happily be a ground for me to play with. But first there was Gemma.

The bar that I was told to go to had a stupid name, O’Callagheys. It was a merger of two different bars and they decided to squish their names together rather than find a new one. But despite all this, they showed football games from the UK and today’s important match would be shown here. I’d supported West Ham United since I was a child, growing up close to the stadium and I’d bonded with Gemma over our love of football before our affair started. It was that bonding that would probably lead to the affair; in addition to the chemical attraction.

I walked into the bar to see it completely empty save the barman and a curvaceous woman dressed in a complete football kit; socks and all. It was obvious that Gemma had come prepared. The barman looked up to see me and said something to Gemma, I was too far away to hear what was said but the brunette beauty turned around to look at me.

“Too embarrassed to wear that claret nonsense?”

“You know I haven’t worn colours since I was 15. Your mother let you out of the house looking like that?”

“She said it’s fine as long as I’ve got clean underwear on.”

“In case you get hit by a bus?”

“Well she said in case I get fucked in an alley but same difference,” she said with a smile as she grabbed two drinks from the bar. “If you’re wondering, there’s no alley here. I’ve checked.”


Gemma placed both drinks on the table that I was stood by and jumped into my arms, her smooth legs wrapping around me. I wrapped my arms around her to support and hugged her in my arms.

“I’ve missed you bubble fucker.”

“I’ve missed you too Arty. We gonna stay friends this time?”

“No husband to stop me. You got a wife who’ll get in the way?”

“Not yet.”

“Good! Put me down.”

I reluctantly lowered Gemma onto the ground and she took a quick sip of her drink. The football was already on the screens and the barman had seemingly disappeared. I sat down on the chair and took a drink, it was a rum and coke.

“You remembered what I drink.”

“I do.” Gemma said as she sat down next to me. “Considering you’re gonna lose today, I thought I would give you something you could appreciate.”

“You’re a fucking angel! Where’s the barman gone?”

“Well as this place is closed for renovation, I thought I would pull a few strings and get the two of us in here to watch the game. So we are gonna be alone for the next few hours.”

“Well here’s to us.”

I raised my glass to offer a cheers which Gemma gladly took and finished the remainder of her drink. She walked to the bar and I checked out her body. The socks showed off her calf muscles excellently and he curvaceous arse looked great in the white shorts. I could tell she was wearing a thong underneath. After gathering her drink, she came bouncing over and her large breasts bounced with her. The shirt was a ladies cut and her breasts looked like they wanted to burst out of the material.

“So I saw Alice at the hotel the other day. She seems to have cooled her attitude towards you.”

“Yeah, we met up the other day, thrashed things out.”

“Well I’m not sure I’d class giving the girl a facial in a changing room thrashing things out but I’m old school.”

“She told you that?”

“Oh yeah. When I told her I wanted to fuck you again, she couldn’t stop herself spilling all the details. She might be a bit of a bitch but the girl knows how to enjoy sex, I’ll give her that.”

“You want to fuck me again?”

Gemma put her drink down and looked me in the eyes.

“Why would I go to the effort of getting a private bar rented out if I only wanted to watch the football? We would go to a bar where more of your bubble headed friends are. You can’t swing a cat without hitting one in this town.”

“What do you say we make this interesting then if us fucking is a foregone conclusion?”

“Speak.” she replied as she drank more of what I would guess is vodka.

“Neither team can defend so I offer this. Every time the opposition scores, you take off an item of clothing. Shoes don’t count.”

“And if it’s four four after 20 minutes?”

“Then we can forget the game.”

Gemma took a moment to consider it before standing up off the chair and walked around the table to my side. She lowered herself onto my lap and wrapped her arms around me. Her breasts pressed against my chest and she leaned in to kiss me on the lips softly.

“This is why I’ve missed you.”

I ran my hands along her legs and looked into her eyes.

“We could forego the football?” I suggested before Gemma slapped me on the chest.

“Nope, can’t just give it to you on a plate. So tell me, who have you fucked since you’ve been here other than Alice.”

“All of them? I don’t think I have time.”

She giggled and jumped off my lap to gather us some more drinks.

“Ah come on! Match is just starting and it’ll be a slow start. I’m not gonna tell anyone, just need to size up my competition.”

“Okay.” i said as my eyes drifted to the television. “Amy Adams, Melissa Benoist, Felicity Jones, Janina Gavankar, Emma Stone, Brie Larson, Candice Patton Jessica Chastain and some random person last night in a mask.”

“Jesus,” she said as she placed the drink in front of me. “You got enough in the tank for me?”

I returned my eyes to her face and smiled. I grabbed the drink and took a large gulp.

“Get on your knees and we’ll find out. Oh and Karen Gillan.”

“Maybe after. In the meantime, take your top off.”

I looked up to the screen to see the Charlton Athletic players celebrating.

“Ah, for fucks sake.”

I returned my gaze to Gemma who had a hungry look on her face and I knew I wouldn’t get out of it. I took off my shirt and placed in on one of the spare seats that littered the bar. Gemma lifted herself from her chair and closed the couple of paces that separated us. She ran her fingers along my torso.

“Nice, you appear to have worked out since we last saw each other. You lift bro?”

I smiled at her comment as she lifted her fingers to my pectoral muscles. Gemma was looking her lips as she looked over my body and could tell her interest in the football match was starting to wain. I then nodded my head to the television for Gemma’s attention to leave my chest. She looked at the screen to see the image of Mark Noble running away in celebration.

“Shit!” Gemma said as she span on her heels to look at me.

I smiled at Gemma as she started to lift up her football top, exposing her stomach. I noticed how flat it was before I stopped her lifting it up anymore.

“I seem to remember you chose what item I took off so I should be able to do the same.” I said as I looked over her body. “I seem to remember how much you enjoyed having my cock in it so let’s give it some air. Take your shorts off.”

A smile came over her lips as she looked at me. There had always been a lot of attention on her breasts but her arse would go with no attention at all. That was a shame as it was very underrated and she loved getting it fucked. She walked over to the table that I was sat at and bent over, sticking her arse out for me to admire. She hooked her fingers into the waistband and started to lower it down, her white thong getting some air.

I reached my hand over and stroked the smooth skin as it became exposed. It was bigger and less firm than the last time we had fucked but it felt good to get in my hand. Gemma stepped out of the shorts and moved around to sit on my lap. She brought her lips down to mine and kissed softly.

“I made the right decision getting you here. I’ve missed kissing and fucking you.” Gemma said.

“I missed looking at your body, just as good as I remember.”

We kissed again but with a little bit more passion as her hand idly played with my chest. Her tongue massaged my own as she closed her eyes, I kept mine open to look over her. There was a loud cheer on the television and we both looked up after the kiss finished. Gemma’s head dropped down as she saw that West Ham had scored again. She returned to look at me.

“This isn’t going to plan, we were supposed to destroy you so i could get to look at that beautiful body of yours.”

“Now I get to look at yours.”

“Well I suppose you’ll need to. Is it boobie time?”

I shook my head before pinging the strap of her thong. Gemma rose up off my lap and grabbed hold of her underwear, sliding it down to reveal her pussy. She had a neat landing strip above her slit but the labia was smooth and had easy access. Gemma could see my desire as I looked at her pussy closely.

“Still looks good?”

“It looks very good. How strict are we being with the game?”

“They’re more guidelines than rules.”

“Good! Lay down on the table.” I ordered her.

Gemma smiled with glee as she jumped up onto the table next to me. She leaned down and placed a kiss on my lips before gently lowering herself backwards. With her back on the table and her legs hanging off the side, I moved my chair to sit directly in front of her. The smell of her excitement rode up my nostrils and I could tell she was ready. I grabbed Gemma’s legs and moved them onto my shoulders so I had easy access to her, the sight of her slit very enticement. We could heard the crowd cheer on the television but we paid it no mind. I had a task ahead and Gemma eagerly awaited the result.

A shiver went through her body as I placed my mouth onto her slit, she didn’t expect me to go straight to her pussy. I ran my tongue along it before, careful to avoid coming into contact with her clit. Gemma let out a moan as I gently teased around but I knew I didn’t want to make contact with her pleasure centre too early. Gemma leaned back to give me better access and I moved my head to the side to kiss her thighs. I remembered from the past how sensitive these were and she let out a loud moan as I kissed along.

“Oh, just there you little tease.” Gemma moaned as I kissed along her thigh.

As I returned to her moist pussy, I looked up to see Gemma had slid her top up and was playing with her breasts. She had two of the largest nipples i had had the pleasure of putting in my mouth and they looked tantalising as she played with them. I returned my gaze to the main objective and allowed her pheromones enter my nostrils. She smelled sweet and i lowered my mouth down to cover clit. Her body shook a little as I came into contact with her clit again and she moaned a little louder. The sound of her moaning gave me encouragement and my tongue flicked her clit with more aggression and speed.

One of Gemma’s hands had dropped down to rustle my hair as it bobbed up and down. It was obviousshe was getting closer due to the tongue lashing because her thighs had got closer to my head throughout the experience, to the point they were now touching my ears.

“Oh God, Richard I’ve missed you tongue.” She said loudly as she weighed under my attention. “Tongue fuck me, I want your tongue inside me.”

Never one to disappoint, I slid my tongue away from her clit and stuck it into her pussy. It was sopping wet by the time I got inside her and it was very easy to slide my tongue in and out of her. I knew she wouldn’t cum by my tongue alone so I moved my hand over to her pussy and massaged her clit with my index finger.

“Yes yes yes.” Gemma moaned in a quick pattern.

I continued to tongue fuck Gemma as she squirmed on the table, releasing my hair and grabbing both sides of the table. Her body was overcome by the pleasure from my tongue and I knew the finale was around the corner. The tongue fucking was slower than she expected as she thrust her body onto my tongue, creating more speed.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh yes I’m cumming. Lick my juices you motherfucker, lick it all up.” Gemma screamed.

As Gemma stopped shouting at me and just screamed with pleasure, her pussy exploded on me. Her juices squirted all over my face as her hips bucked through her orgasm. I was able to lick up most of her juices but a lot ended up on the table. After what seemed like a eternity, Gemma’s orgasm subsided and she collapsed back onto the table.

Dropping backwards, I leaned into the chair and looked over the Gemma’s body, I was pretty pleased with my work. It had been years since we last fucked but everything worked the same. Her thighs were as sensitive as before, she could still squirt and her juices tasted just as sweet.

“I really missed you licking my cunt.” Gemma said as she sat up on the table. “Lose the pants so I can ride you.”

I smiled at her suggestion and it seemed like a race between us to get naked. My clothes were thrown into a pile next to the chair and I turned around just as Gemma leaped on me. Her lips found my own quickly and was matched by my cock sliding effortlessly into her pussy.

“I hope I’m not too wet for you to cum.”

“No chance you sexy beast, won’t take me long with how good you are either.” I said as I looked over her large breasts.

I leaned down and kissed her breasts before sliding her right nipple into my mouth. I sucked on the large brown nipple to elicit a moan from the brunette. I continued to suck until she pulled me away.

“Sure you can even remember?”

Gemma start to move her hips up in a slow motion to emphasise her point.

“I may have been young but I’m sure you’re still the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

“You’ll say anything to get in my pussy.”

I smiled at Gemma before we kissed with more passion and I could feel my cock slide further inside her. For all the times we’d fucked in the past, she still felt as tight as the first time.

“I love riding your cock.” Gemma whispered in my ear.

She licked my lips before pulling her body back and resting her hands on my shoulders. Gemma kept eye contact with me as she rocked her body along my cock, keeping a slow rhythm as she gently teased me. She looked incredibly sexy with her post orgasm glow. A single strand of hair had remained dangling over her face and it rocked back and forth with her motion of her bouncing. My hand remained planted on her arse and stroked her soft skin. It was the final barrier in our relationship; one I hoped we would overcome in time. Especially now that we were re-acquainted.

“It feels so good inside me.” Gemma whispered as she laid her head close to my ear.

Gemma started to rock on my cock with more gusto and closed her eyes with pleasure. The friction felt great on my cock as it thrusted in and out of her pussy. I kept my hand on her arse but I started to move my finger towards her hole. As I reached and started to penetrate both sides, Gemma stopped bouncing on my cock and started to rut instead. Her tempo increased and I could tell she was getting closer to her orgasm.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, make me cum!” she yelled.

Gemma leaned back as the second orgasm hit her body; her erect nipples pointing right at me. I leaned down and sucked each one in turn, her moans increased as she felt the added pleasure. Her pussy was soaking so I knew I had to act quick if I was going to cum. I pulled the actress off my cock and bent her over the table in front of me. Her ass was gaping and I considered sticking it in there but I knew I wanted to enjoy it so decided to leave it for another time.

I placed my hands on both of her hips and pushed my cock into her pussy. Gemma squealed as I pushed my full length into her relative ease and started to fuck her pussy. The actress grabbed the other end of the table with both hands and matched my pace with her ass pushing back into my stomach, the view of a wobble was very sexy. I let out a grunt as I started to feel my balls tighten and I knew it wouldn’t be long. Even though her orgasm had ended, Gemma continued to moan as I pushed my cock into her repeatedly.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me good, cum in my pussy.” Gemma moaned in between breaths,

Never one to disappoint, I pushed my cock harder into her, ensuring the full length of my cock went in and out of her with only the tip remaining. Getting closer, I increased my pace and placed my right hand on the small of her back. I pushed down hard as I felt myself getting closer, her body oozing sex as Gemma looked at me from over her shoulder. It became too much and I shot my cum into her waiting pussy. I thrusted my way through to ensure that all of my cum filled her pussy before pulling out and sitting down on the chair.

“Oh my God, that was good.” Gemma said as she returned to her feet.

“I know, we were always good in the bedroom.”

Gemma let out a little giggle before starting to put her clothes back on. She looked great nude but the sight of her in lingerie was just as sexy, maybe even a little more. Noticing that I was watching, she gave me a spin as she slotted the thong between her arse cheeks. Sadly she started to put the football kit on depriving me of the excellent view of her body.

“Looks like you won!” she said as she pointed at the screen.

I looked up to see that the football had indeed ended and the players were going through their standard ritual of shaking hands and swapping shirts. I’d suggest we do the latter but I knew I’d be seeing them very soon anyway.

“What are your plans for the rest of the day?” Gemma asked as she handed me a coke.

“I’ve gotta go up to this set to see Anne Hathaway and then I have a date.”

“A date? Are you fucking serious? You’ve only been here a few days.”

“Well I’ve been here a week and I am serious, this being a casual thing.” I said gesturing between the two of us.

“This is Hollywood darling, everything is a casual thing. Especially next week when I come to your grimy little flat and let you stick it in my arse.”

“Promises promises.” I said as I gave her arse a little tap.

“Well put some clothes on as a painter is due to be here shortly, I’m sure he won’t want to see your cock. I gotta run, table read to do for a new film. Might be fun sitting across from one of your holiday fuck buddies with your cum inside me.”

Before I could ask Gemma who she meant, she put her sunglasses on and disappeared out of the bar. Feeling a bit of a dick by standing naked in a bar, I quickly got changed and returned to my car. I jumped into the Porsche and entered the location of the film set into the sat nav. It gave me three routes but the times didn’t include midday LA traffic. Instead of going short and sitting in a traffic jam, I headed along the long route to take in some lovely coastal views. In the end, it didn’t take me as long as I thought and i parked up next to the security office. They signed me in and let me know which way to go to Anne’s trailer.

I could hear some shouting as I approached some assistants stood outside, slightly unsure what to do with themselves. I also noticed a young blonde girl who appeared to be amused, giving that look only a teenager girl could give. She had a pretty face and her breasts were held in a bikini top and jeans, typical California girl from the look of it.

“Is Miss Hathaway in there?” I asked the girl as I approached her side.

“Yeah, having another argument with the director, holding up filming yet again.”

“Um.. why?”

“Topless scene.”

“She doesn’t want to do one, I’m guessing.”

“No, she does. Her idea.”

It was little annoying to only get short answers from her when my attention was torn away by the trailer door bursting open. A man in his early forties, who I assumed was the director, stormed out only to be flocked by the assistants. He was shouting at them but I couldn’t catch everything he said. Prima donna and witch came up a few times though. That was when Anne walked out of the trailer.

Dressed in jeans and a red vest, her porcelain skin looked stunning when the sun shone down on her. She looked around to see if anyone was about and caught my eye before returning into the trailer and closing the door. The blonde girl mouthed good luck to me as I approached the trailer, my knuckles rapping on the door. I heard footsteps approach and when the door opened I was not greeted by the actresses smiling face but one of anger. She pushed passed me with surprising strength considering her size and she stormed down the steps.

“Miss Hathaway. I’m Richard Cole, we’re supposed to have a meeting,”

She looked back at me for a moment and I thought she was going to calm down. Instead she grabbed a rock from the floor and threw it at me. I ducked but still was shocked by her reaction. When I looked back up, she had pushed her way past everyone and disappeared from sight. I walked down the steps and was greeted by the blonde girl again.

“So me wishing you luck didn’t exactly work out, did it?”

“Not really. I’m Richard by the way.”

“Yeah, I heard you before the crazy bitch threw a rock at you. Good duck by the way, you’ve got good reflexes. Nice muscles too.” she said as she pinched my bicep.

“Um.. thanks. She like that a lot?”

“Well I’ve only been on set two weeks and this is fourth tantrum I’ve seen. There’s a few younger actresses on the film and they’re all topless. That’s why she wanted one, didn’t want to be shown up when hers are still pert and suckable.”

“That why none of the other actresses about?”

“All in hiding but for me. I’m lucky, I was 17 when my contract was signed so my girls only come out when I want them to.”

“Lucky boys. What’s your name?”

The blonde pushed passed me, her large breasts pressing into my chest. There was a smile on her face as she did this and she bit down onto her lip before disappearing into the trailer. I looked around to see the place deserted so I followed the blonde into the trailer.

“Good decision, man. I’m Natalie and yes I am 18 now.”

“Well I wasn’t going to ask.”

“Don’t ask, don’t tell; I like it.” she said she bent over to pick something up.

She clearly did it so I would look at her arse as she held the position for longer than was required. The denim material clung to her arse and the line of her thong was very noticeable.

“Here, catch!”

I looked up to see a camera heading my way which I was able to catch. Natalie stood up and whipped off her vest to reveal bra-less boobs. They were very pert with small areolas and  nipples.

“I’m due to fuck a guy and thought I’d tease him before i get there. Take a few shots of the girls for me.”

“I’m not a photographer.” I protested.

She stepped towards me as her hands moved up and pinched her nipples to make them more noticeable.

“No, you’re a director. So direct me. I’ll make it worth your time.” She said with a cute smile

I brought the camera up and shot a couple of quick photos of her boobs. I went to include her face but she stopped me, wanting plausible deniability. I got up close for a few which seemed to excite Natalie by having someone that close to her. I then moved to the sofa and snapped a few from a low angle.

“Lose the jeans.” I told her.

“The jeans?”

“You want to excite him, don’t ya? You’ve got a great ass, tease him with it.”

Natalie seemed to like the explanation and quickly stripped her jeans off. The front of her thong was cut very low so it was obvious that she was clean shaven. Natalie spun around to show her cheeks separated by the thin red material and I started to shoot some pictures. She bent over in a variety of positions before bring her hand down and giving it a slap.

We continued for about five minutes before Natalie took the camera out of my hands. She quickly fiddled and sent the pictures off to the unnamed boy before turning her attention back to me. I looked at her as she stood clad in only her small red thong and a smile.

“Thank you for doing that Richard, he’ll enjoy knowing it’s from Anne’s trailer.” Natalie said before throwing the phone to the side.

“Well, you’re welcome. Though I can’t complain with the view I’ve had.”

“I bet you can’t.” Natalie said as she cupped her breasts. “These girls get all of the love but it’s sweet you noticed my ass too.”

I laughed at her comment as she stood in front of me. A look in Natalie’s eyes changed slightly as she looked over me, considering her next move. I was still on my knees and looking up at her flat stomach and pert breasts, I noticed a slight wet patch on her thong.

“You know, it’s a shame that I’m already on a promise as I think you’d be a great fuck.” Natalie said as she walked towards me. “The imagination of your cock pushing into my pussy as you grab my hair… oh god!”

She dropped down onto her knees and grabbed my head. Natalie pulled it forward and placed her lips onto mine, pushing her tongue aggressively into my mouth. Her fingers draped down my chest as our tongues intertwined, for someone so young she was a fantastic kisser. The kiss stopped and she pulled her head away from me.

“You know, just because I’m not gonna cum, doesn’t mean I can’t make you.”

I smiled and made my way to my feet, my crotch just few inches from her face. She moved her hair away and looked up at me.

“I know I’m young but I know what I’m doing. Just don’t make me a one and done.”

Her hands made their way to my belt and quickly undid the metal buckle. She slid my jeans down and looked at my hard cock in my boxer briefs. Her fingers outlined the bulge before stroking my balls. She let out a little giggle before pulling the briefs down and allowing my cock to spring free. Natalie gave a smile of acceptance as her fingers delicately worked along the length of my cock, she seemed to be measuring it in her head. Finally she allowed her hand to fully grasp my cock and started to pump, feeling the skin move in her hands. Her wrist rolled with relative ease as she moved her fingers along my cock.

“It looks and feels really nice.” Natalie said with an innocent voice. “Let’s see how it tastes.”

As her hand slid to the base of my cock, she put the head into her mouth and locked her lips down. Pairing the sucking with moaning, her head bobbed up and down. I placed my right hand on her head and stroked her hair while her tongue made good work of my cock.

“God Natalie, that feels so good.”

I could only hear a muffled acceptance as she sucked down. Her tongue rounded the head on the out suck and licked the underside of the length on the in suck. I looked down and could barely see her face, her hair covering up the sight of my cock in her mouth.I didn’t think I needed to do much more than enjoy the show.

Natalie started to gulp down as she took my cock fully into the mouth, the head of my cock almost hitting the back of her throat. She seemed to have a good gag reflex as there wasn’t any sign of struggle. Her hand moved down and massaged my balls as she sucked hard.

My phone started to ring in my pocket and Natalie’s eyes darted straight to it. She held position for a moment as she seemed to contemplate what to do before taking the cock of her mouth and looking up to me.

“Why don’t you answer it? I’d love to suck your dick while you’re speaking to someone. It’ll be fun to see if I can make you cum while they’re still on the line.”

Natalie quickly popped the cock back into her mouth and resumed her sucking like nothing had happened. I took the phone out of my pocket to see Brie Larson’s face pop up. I pressed the button to accept the call and placed the phone next to my ear.

“Hi Brie, how are you?”

“Oh, you did save my number. And here I was thinking I could surprise you.”

“Better luck next time Cap.”

“Oh, I’m sure Chris will have an issue with you calling me that.” She replied to my comment.

As the conversation started, Natalie increased the speed of her sucking on my cock, trying to live up to her promise to make me cum while on the phone. She looked up as she started to slurp loudly.

“What’s that noise?” Brie asked.

“Oh, just some kid. No manners nowadays.” I replied.

I reached down and placed my hand on her head and motioned for her to continue her fast sucking.

“So… anyway… tomorrow night. I think I mentioned that there was this party and that I may have needed a date.”

“I recall.”

“So… oh come on dude, don’t make me ask like a loser.”

“I’d love to come.” I replied, closing my eyes from the pleasure of Natalie’s sucking. “Should I swing by yours?”

“No, I have a driver and we will pick you up. Just text me deets. It’s casual as well so don’t show me up by wearing a suit, certainly not a tight one to show off that cock.”

Brie laughed at her comment and hung up the phone. I knew I should probably text her the address but I had more important things to pay attention to. I could see Natalie smiling with my cock in her mouth, she seemed to enjoy the fact Brie was oblivious to the action. I wasn’t getting frustrated and just wanted to cum.

I reached my hands down and grabbed a handful of hair in both of my hands. Natalie locked eyes with me as she knew what I was about to do. I moved her head slowly at first but started to increase the speed as I fucked her mouth. Her gulping seemed to get louder as my cock went in and out of her mouth, the speed being helped by the thrusting of my hips. I started to bunch her hair up in one as I was getting closer to cumming so I could see her face better.

On a final out thrust, I shot the first load of cum into her mouth. Her eyes stayed glued to mine as she swallowed the cum as it landed into her mouth. I continued to thrust through it to ensure all of my cum finished in the younger girls mouth, her tongue circling the head of my cock as it came to an end. I pulled out and looked at the blonde on her knees.

“That was the good.”

“Not bad for a child, am I right?” she said with a laugh. “Right, we better get changed and out of here before the nut case gets back.”

It didn’t take me long to pull on my clothes and fasten the belt but I stood there to watch Natalie cover her near naked body. It was a shame when the bikini top went back on as her breasts were fantastic. We left the trailer after ensuring the coast was clear and Natalie happily walked me back to my car. She gave me a peck on the cheek as I got into the driver’s seat and made me promise to not forget her. I was sure I wouldn’t.

The drive back to the condo was long due to traffic but it gave me time to think about the trip so far. I’d had more sex on this trip than I’d had in my entire life. I was still hoping to have more through my combination of dates with Summer and Brie but my thoughts went back to the one who had seemingly got away. I knew Daisy would be back the next day but with me going to the party, it would be doubtful I would have time to see her. Meeting up in London was a possibility. I got a text from Summer with the location of the restaurant and a time to arrive so I knew I had a while to get ready for the date.

I chose to wear something simple for the date, I’d spent a lot of time in suits in the time I’d been on this trip so I put a check shirt and chinos on to pair with a nice pair of brown shoes. I was under the belief I would have a few drinks so i chose to get an Uber to the restaurant. The ride only took about 20 minutes but Summer was already waiting when I arrived.

I don’t know why but I was surprised that she wasn’t wearing a mask. Her face was completely uncovered and shone in the lights with a slight hint of a tan, her red lipstick looked very bright against her skin. She wore a dark orange dress that cut off past her knees, it wasn’t tight fitting but wasn’t completely loose either. The top of the dress cut down to show off some cleavage but her breasts weren’t the largest. She knew how to make the most of what she had.

“How are you Summer? You look beautiful.”

“Thank you Richard.” she said as I kissed her cheek. “Started to think you wouldn’t show.”


I looked at my watch to see that I was ten minutes late, the Uber must have taken longer than I thought. I looked to see a little button was sitting on the table.


“I’m sorry, I’m not used to LA traffic. What is this?”


She looked at the box and laughed as she returned her view to me. Licking her lips, Summer pushed the box forward to me.


“A controller.”


“What for?”




“You?” I asked. “I never knew you were a robot.”


“Well I have played one so maybe I’m here to hunt you down and kill you.” She said as she laughed, “My husband is at home so I can’t take you there. This is so we can have a little fun while at dinner. Press the button!”


I picked up the controller and looked at it. It didn’t have any telltale marks or labelling so there was only one way to see if she was telling the truth. I pressed the button and Summer gripped her hands to the table. Her eyes started to roll her eyes back and she bit down on her bottom lip. I took my finger off the button and sat down on the chair. I looked across to Summer and smiled.


“This seems to be a fun little toy Summer. You used it a lot?”


“First time for that actually. It was a nice little blast, hope your fingers are as good on my pu…”


Summer stopped short as the waitress arrived at the table to hand us our menus. She didn’t leave while we perused them and I knew this would present a fun opportunity to use the button. I told the waitress my order for a starter and a main and looked across to Summer. She started to go through her starter when my finger pressed down on the button. Summer seemed to try and hide her pleasure but as she answered a yes or no question, a moan came out of her mouth. The waitress looked a little confused as she wrote it down. Summer gave me a quick look in between conversation but I knew she wanted to carry on.

The waitress left the table as I looked directly at Summer, my finger hovering over the button. Summer smiled before taking a sip of her wine, waiting patiently for a press that wasn’t going to come.

“You have no idea how close I am to cumming.” she whispered.

I laughed as I let my finger hover over the button, seeing the anguish in her eyes. She desperately wanted me to finish her pleasure before the waitress came back. I looked over to the waitress and could see she was watching while talking to a friend. We had an audience so I thought I’d get it done. I placed my finger onto the button and watched as Summer squirmed in her place, letting the pleasure sensor do its work.

Summer kept her eyes on me as the orgasm cut through her body, the only real sign was her hands gripping the table. She gave me a nod to take my finger off as she enjoyed the flow of pleasure run through her. Finally she slapped her hand on the table as the final whisp hit her and she leaned back into her chair. She blew out a deep breath and moved a strand of hair from her.

“Well I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never quite been fingered like that before.”

I laughed.

“I’ve never fingered anyone like that so we can count ourselves lucky.”

“Unlike the guy Felicity hurled on last night!”

“Well it depends on what he’s into I guess.”

We both laughed at this and I could feel her leg run up mine as the waitress returned with the starters. She seemed to linger a moment hoping there would be more to see until Summer shot her a dirty look. She quickly turned tail leaving us to our conversation.

Nothing much more happened during the dinner as Summer seemed concentrate on filling herself with her food. She told me about how she manages her home life with the parties and how she was first introduced to them. It was apparently through a Firefly co-star but she didn’t divulge which one. She did mention it was a she though.

The meal took about an hour to consume before the bill was presented to us. I paid the handsome fee but I couldn’t really complain as the meal was top notch.

“Come with me.” Summer said as she grabbed my hand.

She led me through the restaurant and I started to feel like Henry Hill in Goodfellas. Suddenly we went through a door and headed upstairs. Two flights later we were out on the roof. No romantic lighting, all we had was air ducts and piping. I turned to look at Summer who had closed the door and started to strip off her dress.

“What’s this then?” I asked gesturing around.

“Well like I said, my husband is home so I can’t take you there to fuck.”

I laughed at her reply and leaned on the wall behind me.

“What about foreplay? This place doesn’t seem exactly suited to it.”

“I’ve already cum and my pussy is wet.” Summer said as she lowered her dress to the floor. “This foreplay enough for you?”

I looked over Summer who stood there just like the night previous. Her breasts stood out proud with her pert nipples pointing on end. She still wore her panties but there was a notable wet patch from her previous orgasm.

“You’re body looks amazing.” I stated as the dusk light hit her body.

“Well nothing much has changed since last night. What’s weird is that I’m the only one who appears to be getting naked!”.

With that comment, Summer hooked her fingers into her panties and drew them down her legs. She threw them over to her other clothes and stood there completely naked, just as she did at the party.

I licked my lips as she walked along to one of the ducts and leaned against it. I know I didn’t want to leave her waiting and started to strip my clothes off. As a few buttons came undone, I stopped and remembered how kinky Summer was, according to Felicity. I kept the tie in my hands as I strode over to her.

“I don’t see any reason for me to be naked.” I said as I arrived in front of her.

She didn’t really look shocked as I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her into a kiss. Our tongues attacked each other with passion. Her hands rested on my chest which allowed mine to creep to her pert arse, giving it a tight squeeze. A moan came from her lips as she felt the squeeze.

As we broke the kiss, Summer kept her blue eyes locked on. I smiled before spinning her around so her back faced my body, my crotch coming into contact with her arse. She rubbed her cheeks against my hardening cock as I grabbed her hands.

“Well this is different you kinky bastard” She said with a laugh as I pulled her hands behind her and wrapped the tie around them.

“Well like you said, no foreplay. Just some fucking in a dirty place like you want.”

“Ha ha… so slutty of me to want it.”

Summer emphasised this by leaning forward into a bent over position and wiggled her arse. I undid the zip on my pants and slid my cock out, rubbing the head against her pussy lips. A moan came from her mouth and I could see her lips were already moist. I pushed my cock into her pussy and her moan turned into a gasp.

“Fucking hell!” she shouted as I pushed my full length into her. “No wonder Felicity recommends this cock!”

I took hold of Summers hips and started to thrust into her pussy, the tightness of the angle gripping my length. I could hear her juices squish as my cock worked its way through her pussy.

“Felicity told a lot of people?”

“Fuck yeah, that mouthy bitch can do a lot of good in a week.” Summer answered through her moan. “If you go to San Diego, you’ll be rolling in pussy. Now pull on that tie.”

I did as Summer commanded and watched her arms get yanked back. She seemed to get off on the initial pain as her body started to push back on me.

I watched as my cock was engulfed by her lithe body, the length getting covered by her juices as it slid in and out. I pulled the tie back some more as she moaned loudly from the fucking.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s just how I like it.”

I could only see her face slightly as she leaned her head back but her eyes were closed with pleasure. As the moans continued, I was able to increase the speed of the thrusting. Her pussy getting wetter as we fucked.

“Oh God, i love the feel of it.”

As her moans started to get louder, Summer pushed her body back into me to increase the speed of the thrusting. The girth of my cock rubbing her pussy lips as her body moved forwards and backwards.

“Spank me! Spank me!” Summer demanded.

I lifted my hand back and brought it down hard onto her arse. A squeal of pleasure came from her mouth as my hand made contact with her skin. The squeals got louder as I spanked her more, a red mark getting created on her firm right cheek.

“I want you to cum in me.” she sneaked out in between moans.

“I will, I’m so close Summer.”

“Me too, this is so horny.”

Summer pushed herself up to arch her back as I grabbed both of her hips to thrust deeper into her. As my cock met the back of her pussy, I could see a bead of sweat run down her body.

“Holy shit! I am so close.”

This was like holding a red rag to a bull and I increased the speed of my thrusting. Her moans were matched by my grunting as we tried to push each other as far as we could.

“Yeah, flex that pussy Summer. Fuck!” I moaned as Summer tightened her pussy.

Instinctively, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as I pushed forward into her. Summer grunted as I did and quickly transitioned into screaming as her orgasm took hold of her.

I could feel her pussy juices slush about as she screamed her way through the orgasm. I held onto her hips and carried on thrusting to reach my own end. Summer started to go limp as she rested in the afterglow of her orgasm so I had to hold her up as I pushed in.

Finally, I pushed in one final thrust and started to shoot my creamy load into the actress. I closed my eyes as I felt my balls tighten and the liquid started to fill her up. I continued to thrust until my sack was empty and then let go of Summer’s body.

She rolled around to lean against the vent as she looked up at me, a wide smile on her face. I looked down to see cum and pussy juice sliding down her leg but it didn’t seem to bother her.

“Well that was a very nice fuck Mr Cole.”

“I agree, that dancing history of yours has  kept that body supple.” I replied as I handed her her clothes.

“Well I do what I do.” Summer replied as she started to get clothed. “Nice touch with the hair pulling, I didn’t think you’d be that kinky. Next time you’re in town, I’ll need to ensure the Spouse is away and I can show you the games room.”

I zipped myself up as I listened to Summer and laughed at the idea of her having a special room.

“I’ll RSVP you now then.”

We made our way to the fire exit stairs, Summer had been a bit loud and wanted to avoid the clientele. We shared a kiss at her car before she drove off into the night. It wasn’t what I had expected when i arrived but it was good to add another name to my holiday list.

I looked at the time to see it was late, certainly too late to call someone else.i decided to head back to the condo and have a good sleep in preparation for Brie.

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