10 Days in Hollywood: Day 9

Title: 10 Days in Hollywood: Day 9

Author: RT Minotaur

Celebs: Brie Larson, Cobie Smulders, Elizabeth Henstridge, Elizabeth Olsen, Daisy Ridley, Karen Gillan, Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Saldana

Codes: MF, oral, voyeur

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. I am always looking for feedback and conversing about my stories. If you would like to, please send an e-mail to feedback.minotaur@gmail.com.


I woke up while it was still dark to see the outline of a person walking into my room. To be honest, it was a little terrifying to say the least. I’d had a few fights before but wouldn’t exactly class myself as tough.

“Hi Richard.”

“Daisy?” I asked.

I turned on the lamp to be greeted by Daisy Ridley, her ever present smile pointing back at me.

“Jesus, how did you get in here?”

“Emilio picked me up from the airport so he let me in.”

“To scare the shit out of me?”

”Well I want something out of you but I don’t think scaring you will get it for me.” she answered with a giggle. “Come here.”

I picked myself up out of bed and looked at her. She was in a casual sundress, not too dissimilar to the one she wore the last time I saw her. As I reached her, she placed both hands on my shoulders and pushed me onto the end of the bed. The brunette actress straddled my lap and I couldn’t resist reaching down and squeezing both arse cheeks. Daisy rubbed her crotch into me as she placed a kiss on my lips and slid her tongue into my mouth. It massaged around as I started to slide my hands under her dress. I felt her bare cheeks barely contained by her thong and massaged her smooth skin.

Daisy pulled away from the kiss and pushed my head down. She had undone the top slightly and fished her left breast out. I sucked on her small nipple to elicit a moan from her lips. They were only small but I enjoyed them nonetheless. Just as I was wrapping my tongue around her nipple, she pulled my head up and put her mouth to my ear.

“I’m going to fuck you tomorrow. I’m gonna fuck you so well, you’ll forget all about the others. Good night.”

As those final words left her mouth, she breezed off my lap and walked directly out of the room without saying another word. Her footsteps sounded quick and, a few seconds later, the front door slammed close.

“I suppose I better go back to bed then.”


10 Days in Hollywood: Day 9

Starring Brie Larson, Cobie Smulders, Elizabeth Henstridge &, Elizabeth Olsen

Featuring Daisy Ridley, Karen Gillan, Scarlett Johansson & Zoe Saldana

MF, Oral, Voyeur


Having nothing to do on my penultimate day in LA was a lovely relief. I spent the majority of it sunbathing by the pool and catching up with the news from home. In a surprising move, it was all terrible and I felt lucky to be out of it. I spoke to Emilio on the phone about the visit from Daisy and he couldn’t stop laughing. Unsurprisingly he’d already got the info from Daisy on the drive to Malibu and thought she should have ramped it up even more. That comment went down like a lead balloon as I felt frustrated enough.

As the afternoon progressed, I made a small effort to look my best for the party. I shaved my face, tossed my hair about and had a good long shower. Taking the advice of being slightly casual, I chucked on a pair of linen trousers and light shirt. Summery but not overly casual, a good combination I thought. The doorbell rang just after I finished so I turned the tap off. I walked down the steps and was greeted by a view I hadn’t expected.

“Hey fucker!” Elizabeth Olsen said as she greeted me with a smile. “Not the blonde goddess you were expecting?”

“No, I thought Brie was meeting me.”

“She was and she was gonna fuck you in the car. So I put a stop to that.”

“Why? Want some yourself do you? I recall…”

“Recall whatever you want slut but we’re gonna be late so get in the car.” Elizabeth replied before walking back to the car.

I took the steps between the house and car to check out Elizabeth. She obviously didn’t get the memo about it being casual dress as she wore a long red dress. It hugged her curvy body to allow her arse to stick out and it looked very delectable. I followed her into the back of the car and the driver started our short journey.

“I’m getting the feeling you don’t really like me Liz.”

“Elizabeth.” She replied.


“My name is Elizabeth.” She replied  “Only my friends call me Liz and you’re not my friend.”

I looked at her face and she just smiled at me.

“Listen, Emma liked you and wanted to feel you inside her so I facilitated that like a good friend. Brie likes you so I thought I would be nice. Truth is after I saw you with Emma, I kinda want to fuck you.”

“My father always told me to ignore anything someone says before the word but.”

“Nice reference.” Elizabeth said with a smile. “I’m a big feminist but I’ve also got the need to fuck a lot. As a woman, this gets you labelled a slut. I am not a slut, I am strong confident woman who likes fucking. Then you come along with your handsome looks, decent body and big cock and do everything I want to do. But you get away scot free without a bad reputation because you’re a man. That pissed me off.”

“Well I’m sorry about that Elizabeth. I personally believe you can fuck who you like when you like.”

“Because you might be one of them?” she asked with a knowing look on her face.

“Well no. But… yeah. I mean I can’t say it doesn’t not influence my thoughts.”

“Men are so simple.”

Elizabeth giggled for the first time and it seemed like the ice was starting to break between us. We had a nice conversation about our differing career paths for the next twenty minutes with Elizabeth placing her hand on my thigh throughout. It seemed like it would progress into something more when we arrived at our destination.

“Come on, I’ll babysit you while we wait for Brie.” she said exiting the vehicle.

I took the opportunity to check her arse again before following her out of the car. Elizabeth took my hand and we walked into the party.

“Where is Brie?”

“She’s talking to the producers about future Captain Marvel films. She’s got really into the character.”  She replied as we entered the building.

“Well I’ve seen the pictures of her lounging about in the onesie.”

“She looks great with the zip undone.” Elizabeth said with a wink.

I looked around the party and saw several of the big marvel names. Zoe Saldana was standing on a circle with her husband, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky. Benedict Cumberbatch walked out to the decking with Mark Ruffalo and Dove Cameron and Chloe Bennett were talking by the pool. I must have seemed a little lost so Elizabeth pinched my hand and pulled me towards the bar area.

“Don’t go too far, don’t want you getting stuck in any vaginas on my watch. Not sure Brie would be too happy, she was so wet for you earlier.” Elizabeth said as she grabbed a drink.

“Did you?”

“Pft, I wish. She’s loving cock so much I’ve got no chance.”

“Shame, it’s a nice pussy.” I said without thinking.

I looked at her to see she had cocked her eye brow at me.

“Well a nice cock deserves to fit inside a nice pussy.” Elizabeth replied sipping on her drink.

“I’ve got a nice cock?”

“Maybe.” She said, lightly tapping my cock. “Let’s check.”

Elizabeth put her drink down and headed towards the staircase. It moved further into the building and I got a great look of Elizabeth as I followed her up the stairs. I was sure she deliberately swaying her arse for me to look at. After we went up two flights, Elizabeth took a hard left and walked into a large bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at me.

“Now I know I’ve seen it but it was busy going in and out of my friend at the time so if you’d be so kindly.”

I started to undo the linen trousers when the door slammed open with two girls kissing each other. They fell backwards onto the bed causing Elizabeth to bounce off. I wrapped my arms around her to catch her and it was first time I got to feel her body. It felt very firm and she instinctively slid into me.

Before doing anything more, Elizabeth turned around and tapped one of the girls shoulders. They stopped kissing and the girl on top turned to face Elizabeth. For the first time I saw it was Cobie Smulders who plays Maria Hill in the MCU.

“This room was taken.”

“You’re still wearing clothes!” she said pointing at me. “And this little English slut is soaking, gotta fuck her now.”

“Fine, but we’re not leaving. Hope you don’t mind having an audience.” Elizabeth said as she grabbed my shirt and dragged me to the other side of the room.

I looked past Elizabeth to see Cobie had dropped down to the girls breasts and was happily sucking on her nipples. I was pushed down onto the chair and Elizabeth dropped down to her knees in front of me.

“This isn’t really how I expected this to go but we need to make do.” she said as she undid the trousers and slid them down my legs. “I reckon we have half an hour before Brie gets here. Let’s see what we can do in that time.”

She grabbed the sides of my boxers and pulled the them down to allow my cock to spring out. I won’t lie, the image of Cobie Smulders mouth fucking the younger girl had already made me semi erect but the sight of Elizabeth on her knees completed the erection.

“Whose the other girl?” I asked nodding to the action on the bed.

‘Lizzy Henstridge. Simmons in that Agents of Shield show.” Elizabeth replied as she massaged my cock. “Every party we have she gets fucked by one of the movie stars, she’s our little fuck toy. Looks like it’s Cobie’s turn.”

I looked over to the scene on the bed as Elizabeth concentrated on jerking my cock. Both of the women were now naked and it appeared that Lizzy was eating Cobie’s arse. Before i could really get into watching, my attention was snapped back to Elizabeth as I felt her tongue run along the head of my cock. I looked down to Elizabeth to see she had locked her eyes on me.

After holding eye contact for a moment, Elizabeth dropped her head down and took the entire length of my cock in her mouth. There didn’t seem to be any struggle at all as I felt her lips drop down.

“Oh, that feels good.”

Elizabeth seemed to take delight in this as she took some short sucks on my cock as her head went up and down a little bit. I kept my eyes watching her as she concentrated on moving along my cock in small lengths to ensure the head stayed in her mouth.

My eyes were briefly taken away from her as I heard the girls moaning to get louder. Cobie had moved onto her back to let Lizzy lick her pussy. The sight was obscured slightly by Lizzies body, her own pussy covered by the purple lace of her thong, but I could Cobie’s breasts moving up and down. They rested well on her chest and her nipples pointed high.

I looked down to Elizabeth as she allowed my cock to escape her mouth, her mouth dropping down to my balls. Rather than suck them, she stuck her tongue out and rolled it along the skin of my balls. Luckily I’d shaved them in the day so there was no hair to get in the way.

Elizabeth grabbed my cock with her left hand and started to pump it as her tongue made its way around my sack. Her eyes were closed with concentration as she started to enjoy herself.

“You’re tongue feels so good. I can’t wait to cum.”

“Hold on big boy, I’ve got another plan in mind.”

Elizabeth cut her speech short as she popped one of the balls into her mouth and swirled it around. This along with the pumping of her hand made me feel like I was in heaven.

“Fuck..” I mumbled as I enjoyed the pleasure.

Elizabeth stopped pumping my cock before releasing my ball. She looked up with a giant smile on her face, this girl enjoyed sex. She raised herself onto her feet and turned her back to me.

“If you could be so kind.”

Instantly knowing what to do, I sat up from the chair and undid the zip on the back of the dress. It went down to just above her arse and I could see she had gone sans bra. Elizabeth bent over as she slide the dress down her body, deliberate rubbing her almost pantie clad arse on my cock. Her eyes were locked straight ahead.

I looked over to see what Elizabeth was watching. Cobie was now screaming as she reached her orgasm, Lizzy’s head being held against her pussy. I could see over her shoulder to see that Elizabeth was licking her lips at the event in front of her.\

Elizabeth turned around and immediately pushed me back onto the chair. She allowed me to take in the view for a moment. Her breasts were large and her nipples fully erect. They were pert and looked firm. My eyes trailed down to her flat stomach and her skin looked flawless. Finally I reached the pussy and could see that the panties were crotchless. Her pussy was shaved except for a neat line about her lips but her clit was sticking out and looked very enticing.

“Wow!” I mustered.

“I know, you are one lucky bastard.” Elizabeth said as she dropped to her knees.

I expected her to resume the blow job but she surprised me by sliding my cock in between her breasts. Maintaining eye contact, she moved her breasts along my cock for my pleasure. The grip tightened a little as she pressed her firm breasts together.  The girls from the bed whooped as they look a moment to watch.

“I bet my tits feel great on your cock!” Elizabeth whispered.

“God they do. They’re firm.”

“Oh yeah, the boys and girls love my tits. Come on, fuck my big hooker tits man whore.”

“Big hooker tits! Whooo!” yelled Lizzy from the bed.

I watched as Cobie pushed Lizzy onto her back and made her way to the girls pussy to return the favour. In the meantime, Elizabeth broke eye contact to hold her breasts tighter and massaged my cock. The tightness felt so warm, I doubted I could last for a long time. I started join in and thrusted my hips a little, starting to fuck her amazing mounds. Elizabeth seemed to enjoy that as she matched the speed.

“That’s it, come in toy. Fuck my tits, fuck my big hooker tits.”

Elizabeth seemed to be getting a lot of joy from the titty fuck that I started to increase my own speed. The two actions together felt amazing and I could see Elizabeth salivating over the idea of me cumming.

“Where do you want it?”

“Over my tits of course! Are you ready?”

I nodded my head and Elizabeth released the grip her tits had on my cock. This was replaced by her hand as she aimed my cock at her breasts and pumped her hand as quick as she could. She had a good grip and she effortlessly matched what her breasts had done.

I looked over to see that Lizzy had straddled Cobie’s face and the sight of her arse bouncing, along with Elizabeth’s wanking, was enough to put me over the edge. I shot my load of creamy cum all over Elizabeth’s breasts with both of her nipples and areolas covered in the sticky substance. In fairness, she continued to pump until the cum had finished spouting and not a drop fell to the floor. Elizabeth stuck the head of my cock in her mouth and cleaned the remainder off with her tongue.

“Very tasty.”

“That was amazing, such a great blow job.”

“I work well. Now settle there for a moment.” Elizabeth said.

I watched as she stood up and approached the girls on the bed. She grabbed Lizzy by the head and forced her down to her tits. She made the actress lick up all the cum from her tits while Cobie Smulders continues to chomp away at her pussy. She let go of the English actress and turned her attention back to me. It was a great sight as I got a better opportunity to look over her body. It looked so good, I want to lick all over.

I raised my hands to hold Elizabeth’s hips as she settled down on lap. My cock pushed into her moist pussy with some ease as she let out a moan, her face was intoxicating close up. As my full length reached inside her, she settled herself into a gentle rhythm riding my lap, enough for me to slide my hands around to her arse.

“Mmm, grab a big hold and enjoy. This won’t last long.”

I grabbed both cheeks hard as she leaned forward and draped her breasts into my face. I stuck my tongue out and gently licked her nipples as they stood on end close to my face. Elizabeth seemed to be in a hurry to reach her orgasm before Brie arrived as she started to speed up her grinding. As she did so, her breasts got closer to my face and I was able to get one into my mouth, making the licking and sucking much easier. I lowered my teeth down and bit hard onto her nipple.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s it baby.” Elizabeth moaned.

I let go of her nipple and repeated the process with the other breast, which elicited more moans from her. It was almost like Elizabeth was in a competition as I could heard Lizzy Henstridge starting to scream behind her as her orgasm got closer. I grabbed Elizabeth’s arse hard with both hands as the girl started to grunt her way through the fucking. Although her pussy was tight, I could start to feel getting wetter with every entry my cock made into her.

“Oh god Elizabeth, you feel so good.”

“Emma was right.” Elizabeth said as she rode the cock hard, “you do feel good”

Elizabeth placed her hands onto my shoulder and started to bounce as hard as she could, speeding up the fucking as fast she could go. I could hear Lizzy complete her orgasm in the background as Elizabeth started to build up to hers. She had replaced the long grinds with shorter ones at a higher speed, my cock staying quite far inside her pussy.

“YES! YES! YES!” Elizabeth screamed as she grabbed my head and pulled it to her breasts.

I settled there as she bounced on my cock, willing her orgasm to get closer. It had seemed like a long time that we had been in this position but it was only a short in reality. I could Elizabeth’s body start to shake as she flexed her pussy, her orgasm starting to explode inside of her.

“Oh my fucking yes! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, yes! Yes! Yes!”

She screamed as the orgasm started to wash over her body, her skin slick with perspiration. I sucked on her right nipple to heighten the pleasure as she started to feel good about what was happening. Elizabeth pushed me back into the chair as her orgasm was coming to an end, her grinding slowing to a stop. She looked down at me with a wide smile and a giggle before moving off my lap and collapsing onto the bed. Cobie and Lizzy had both disappeared leaving the two of us alone.

“Seems the audience left.”

“This party is full of people fucking. Why waste time with someone you’ve just conquered when there’s so much more about?” Elizabeth replied as she sat up.

“That the hint for me to leave?”

“Well Brie should be here by now and you’ve got some groundwork to do if you want to get into her ass tonight. Off you fuck!”

I laughed at Elizabeth’s comment before pulling my linen trousers up. I fastened them before returning downstairs to the party. Much to my surprise, no one had batted an eyelid despite how loud the girls had screamed. I assumed this was all part of the course and every Marvel party had loud orgasms. Walking into the kitchen to grab a drink, my plan was to hang around until Brie arrived and then try and make a sharpish exit, preferably to her place.

I stood at the breakfast bar with my beer watching the party shenanigans when I felt a hand place itself onto mine. My eyes immediately looked to see who it was, only to be greeted by a pair of pale smooth legs in a short black dress. They continued to survey up to take in the thin frame, average sized boobs, the smiling face and red hair. Karen Gillan blew me a kiss as our eyes met.

“How convenient to find a sexy man all alone at a bar.”  her Scottish brogue making my pants rumble.

“Well the last person I was with told me to fuck off.”

“Yeah, you seem the sort of person who would elicit such a reaction. Though they might change their mind if they saw what you were packing.” she said with a wink.

“And what if they still had?”

“Then they must just have something against the bastard English.” she said as I felt her hand move around my back and give my arse a squeeze. “Luckily, I don’t have such an issue if you would like to run away and fuck me against a tree.”

“Back off Ginge!” i heard from behind. “He’s already got a bedfellow tonight and she doesn’t have a fire crotch.”

We both turned around to be greeted by Brie Larson. Her skin was tanned, which made her blonde hair shine, and a dress that clung to every curve. Unlike our original meeting, she wore a powder blue dress that really complimented her curves. Karen quickly backed off after the look Brie gave her and the two of us were left alone.

“Hope she wasn’t bothering you.” Brie said as she took my side.

“No of course not.”

“Why does she want to fuck you?”

“She’s rooming with a friend, someone who knows me quite well and what I can do in the bedroom. I guess girls share stories when they’re drinking.”

Brie laughed as she grabbed my shirt and pulled me down into a kiss. I placed my hands on her cheeks and slid my tongue into her welcoming mouth, her tongue wrapping mine into a knot. Her hands stayed on my hips but pulled me closer so our bodies were touching and I could feel her breasts press against me. We pulled apart but she kept her eyes on me.

“The correct answer was because you have a big cock and know how to use it.”

She giggled to herself and picked up a glass of champagne, which she quickly downed. She leaned up to kiss my lips softly before a cough to our side broke it from progressing further. We looked to find Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Saldana staring at us.

“So this is the one you wanted us to meet? I’ll give it to you, he’s cute.” Zoe said.

“Bit on the short side though,” Scarlett commented. “I’m sure it’s fine when he’s horizontal but what if you want him to pick you up, slam you into a wall and really pound you.”

All three of us looked at Scarlett shocked for a moment as she was really getting into it.

“I’m sure he’d be happy to let you find out.” Zoe said winking at me.

“I wanted you to meet him as he’s gonna be a big time director soon. You’ve both seen his film.”

“Yeah, with subtitles.” Scarlett replied laughing,

“And now you’ve put a face to the words. Keep an eye out for this boy.” Brie said smiling.

She looked pleased to introduce me but Scarlett just rolled her eyes and walked off. Zoe shot a disappointed look at the back of the blonde actress before leaning in to give Brie a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

“Ignore her Brie, she’s in a really bitchy mood at the minute as she’s in limbo with that comedian.” she said before turning to me. “You on the other hand I will have to keep an eye on. If a role comes up directed by Richard Coles, maybe I’ll put my hat in the ring.”

She moved over to me and placed a soft kiss on my lips as her hands rested on my chest. Zoe let go of my chest and walked off to leave Brie alone with me again.

“Well that was weird.” I commented as I took Brie’s hand.

“Yeah, she was all for meeting you earlier. Scarlett is strange but I reckon Zoe might be quite open to fucking you.”

“That wouldn’t bother you?” I asked.

“I’m fucking you behind my boyfriend’s back, I think it would be rather hypocritical of me to be angry at someone for wanting to fuck you. Plus I did arrange for Elizabeth to ride you earlier.”

“You knew about that?”

“Knew? I orchestrated it like a puppet master. She took some time to be convinced following the party but after watching your live show with Emma, she came around to it.”

“Does everyone know who I’ve fucked in this town?”

“No but you do have a habit of fucking my friends. Now let’s blow this joint so I can blow you.”

Brie took me by the hand and started to lead me out towards the exit. As she did, I caught sight of all six girls I had interacted with that night. Scarlett scowled, Zoe blew a kiss, Karen looked envious and Lizzy and Cobie waved. As we reached the door, Elizabeth was waiting for us. She brought Brie in for a hug and kissed her on the cheek. She opened the door for us before pinching my arse as I passed by her.

“Enjoy the ride!” she yelled as we walked out.

“What did she mean by that? Where are we going?” I asked as I entered the car after Brie.

“What makes you think she was talking to me?”

We settled down in the limo and shared some champagne as the car drove away from the party. She explained that due to the long meeting, she didn’t want to risk some other girl to get their claws into me so arranged for Elizabeth to shag me as a stop gap. I was happy Elizabeth got over her hesitancy to do it.

“So we’re cruising through LA heading back to yours very slowly.” she said as she slid one of the straps of her dress over. “I hope this is roomy enough for you.”

“It is but wouldn’t your house be better.”

“My house has my other half there, I don’t think he’d appreciate it.” Brie said as she slid the other strap off. “Not as much as you’ll appreciate it.”

She put the glass to the side and walked into the middle of the limo floor. Kneeling on all fours, she slid the dress down allowing her bra clad breasts to fall free. Brie continued to remove the dress from her body, leaving her bottom clad in a matching thong and her heels. She threw the dress to the side before rising up onto her knees only and facing me.

“So… do you appreciate this?” she asked,

I looked over her body and I had to admit it looked amazing. I dumbfoundedly nodded my head at Brie, which caused her to smile. Her hands slid around her back and unclasped the bra. She held it in place for a moment before throwing it at my face. After catching it, I placed it to my side and looked at the topless beauty. It had only been a few days since I last saw them but they still looked fantastic.

“Nice, huh?”

“You know they are.” I replied while looking at her nipples.

“Then why don’t you come over here and suck them?”

I dropped down to my knees and shuffled over to Brie and looked her in the eye. Her nipples were already erect and she let me know that it was due to horniness than the cold. She let out a moan as I rubbed her left nipple with my tongue. I took the encouragement and moved to place her nipple further into my mouth.

“Oh yeah, suck my nipple.” Brie moaned.

I wrapped my arms around her body and squeezed her arse as I made a meal of her breast. As my hands held onto her cheeks, Brie brought my head up and placed as hard kiss on my lips. She slid her tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately, leaning her body into my own. I squeezed her cheeks again before she pulled my head away from the kiss.

“You’ll get that soon.” she said as she moved my head to the side to see the bottle of lube. “ But i gotta get mine first.”

Brie pushed me back to give herself some space before dropping onto the floor. She looked up at me as she spread her legs, allowing me to see the wet patch on the front of her thong. I shuffled forward slightly and took hold of her thong, sliding it down her legs to reveal her pussy. It was just like before, a slight line of hair above her clit that was already peeking out from her lips.

I put the thong into my pocket as I started to place some kisses on her legs. Brie moaned as my lips slowly moved down her calf to her knees, my tongue licking her skin a little. I moved down to her thigh and the moans got louder as she felt the tickling sensation. As I got closer to her pussy, Brie started to rotate her hips in anticipation.

“Less teasing Richard, come mouth fuck my pretty pussy.”

I dropped my body and down placed my lips on her lower set and allowed my tongue to seek out her clit. It wasn’t that hard to find it as Brie was so horny, her clit was enlarged. Brie moaned loudly as I dragged my tongue slowly along her clit, her body shaking with the pleasure. I took that as a good sign and started to slowly increase the speed of my licking.

“Oh yeah Richard, that’s just the spot.” she moaned.

I peeked up to see her breasts heaving and her hands rubbing her hair, unsure how to react to the pleasure. I continued to lick her clit and felt her legs moving toward my head to trap it into position.

“Don’t even think about moving, I want to cum on your face big boy.”

I understood my role in this perfectly and started to speed up the attention I was giving her clit as Brie continued to moan. I looked up to see Brie’s hands had moved from her hair. The left hand was playing with her nipple and her right moving its way to my own head. As I felt her fingertips touch my head, I pushed my tongue inside her pussy for the first time.

“Oh God!” she screeched.

Her legs trapped my head as my tongue thrust in and out of her pussy, my nose at the perfect height to rub her clit at the same time. As I continued with my tongue work, Brie took me by surprise and rolled us over so she was on top straddling my face. She managed to do it so my flow wasn’t disrupted and I continued to push my tongue into her. As her breathing intensified, she started to bounce on my face to assist the tongue fucking I was giving her.

“Oh yes, yes, yes! Fuck my pussy, yes, with your tongue! There there there!”

As I heard her moan, I slid my tongue out of her pussy and started to rub her clit again. My hands were able to move back around to her cheeks and I took advantage of her distraction by moving my fingerstowards her arsehole. I pushed on her clit further and could hear the pitch in her voice raise.

“Oh my! Fuck, I’m so close. Please, yes yes yes!”

As my first finger entered her arse, my tongue flicked her pussy as hard as I could to get her to orgasm. As I looked up, I could see her grabbing her breasts hard and pulling on her pink nipples. She continued the rhythm of her bouncing as my tongue ran along her little button before my second finger entered her. That seemed to push her over the edge.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck, I’m cumming. Ugh, yes!” Brie screamed.

I allowed my tongue to continue to lick as her body was overcome by her orgasm, her juices starting to drip out of her, directly into my mouth. She started to slow the rolling of her body to a stop as she felt the orgasmic joy run through her body. She moved down my body slightly, inadvertently causing my fingers to move further inside her, and leaned her face down to me. She grabbed the sides of my head and yanked me into an aggressive kiss

“Fuck you lick pussy well! Suppose you better get me on all fours and collect your reward.” She said looking in my eyes before moving her lips to my ear “Get some lube on you and fuck me hard and fast. I want your cum in my asshole quickly.”

Brie climbed off me and crawled to the seats to bend over. I grabbed the bottle of lube and poured some over my penis as I moved towards Brie. She wiggled that pert arse at me as I approached and giggled as I poured the lube over her, the cool liquid tingling. I didn’t really need to do any more prep work for the arse fucking as Brie was a pro but I rubbed the lube in anyway as I just loved getting my hands on it. I undid the trousers I was wearing to unleash my erect penis which made Brie bite her lip.

“Come on big boy, I’ve been waiting all day for you to fuck me. Stick it in!” Brie commanded as she looked at me over her shoulder.

Deciding to take no prisoners, I did just that. I spread her cheeks with my hands and slid my cock directly into her arsehole. The head entered on its own first, which caused a moan of discomfort to come from Brie. Slowly I started to thrust my cock into her and she got used to it being there. I could see Brie was rubbing her chest into the soft leather to cause an excited sensation in her nipples and that added to how turned on I was

“Fuck Brie, how do you keep this arse so tight?”

“Squats, plenty of squats.” she moaned as I started to increase the thrusting speed.

“Well it feel amay-zing.” I said as I pushed my cock further into her.

“Well don’t cum just yet, you haven’t even rough housed me yet.”

Knowing what she meant, I pulled my hand back and brought it down onto her arse, causing her cheek to wobble. Brie let out a grunt as she felt the contact and shouted out for me to do it again. I was happy to oblige and brought my hand down a second time to cause a red mark to start to appear.

“Oh yeah, fuck me harder.”

I moved my spare hand to her shoulder and held her close as I pushed my cock into her tight arse, the sensation on my cock feeling amazing. I continued to give her arse a few more strikes until a handprint started to appear. I felt that was enough there but as I looked at Brie enjoying the fuck, I could see what was next.

“Oh Brie, I can’t wait to cum in you.”

“And I can’t wait to feel your cum fill me up!” she replied.

I reached down to grab a handful of her hair and pulled on it, causing her head to snap back a little and her body to raise off the leather. I started to buck my hips in a higher tempo to cause smaller thrusts inside of her. She moaned as she felt it and looked at me with pleading eyes. She tried to push her body down so she could return to rubbing her nipples on the leather. Finally, I let her do that and held onto her hips as I started to my final descent.

“That’s it! Come on boy!” Brie shouted. “Fill me up! Fill me up!”

I started to breath loudly as I looked down to the area my cock was thrusting into and pushed as hard as I could. Despite the tightness, my cock was able to push in and out of her fairly easily. Brie started to push back a little as placed the side of her head on the leather seat and I knew i wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“Fuck I’m going to cum!” I moaned.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Brie screamed.

I held onto her arse tightly as my body pushed forward and I started to fill Brie’s arsehole with my cum. I closed my eyes as I felt spurt after spurt shoot out into her. Brie pushed back the entire time to ensure she creamed as much out of me as she could. As I felt the final drop dribble out, I let go of her body and collapsed backwards. I then noticed that the car wasn’t moving.

“Oh my word, that was some good fucking Mr Cole.”

“Too right Larson, your body is like a playground.”

“Only one for the best of performers.” she replied as she collapsed her entire body onto the seats.

The door opened and I was greeted by the sight of the driver. The air was relatively cool for LA and I could see the rented condo at the end of the drive.

“I’m sorry to chuck you out like I’ve used but I have. I gotta get back to the boyfriend now and probably have to suck on his balls.” she said before whispering “Yours are better though.”

“Well I’m back to London tomorrow so I guess this is goodbye for now.”

“Well you keep my panties and it gives me an excuse to see you when I’m in London next. Unless I accidently lose another pair while I’m cumming on your face.” she replied with a cheeky wink.

I leaned in to give Brie a kiss on the lips as I put my penis back into my pants and started to do them up. I left the car to a knowing nod from the driver and walked to the front door, hoping not to get any nightmarish visits. I turned to wave at Brie but the car had already made its way to the exit and drove off.

“Well that was lovely.” I said to myself. “Suppose I better pack.”

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