10 Days in Hollywood – Day 4

Title: 10 Days in Hollywood – Day 4

Author: RTMinotaur

Celebs: Kat Dennings, Amy Adams, Melissa Benoist

Codes: MF, MFF, cons, oral

Disclaimer: Please note that this story is a 100% work for fiction and the characters are not reflective of their real life counterparts and are not endorsed. Any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. At the end of day, this is a fictional fantasy story, nothing more. Enjoy!

I woke up to the bell of the house being rung. It was still fairly early in the morning, I thought, but I checked the time on my phone and noticed it read 7:45am. I dragged myself out of the bed and walked down to the front door, dressed in a pair of boxer briefs only. I opened it to see a pretty girl, 19 I’d say, and an older gentleman staring back at me.

“Mr Richard Cole? I’m Alberto Jacobs from Kriezer Prestige Car Hire.”

I nodded.

“Emilio Alvarez Quesarillo has put an order for a car for a hire car for the next seven days. Could you just sign here and Cindy will give you the keys.”

I wiped the sleep from my eyes as he forced the contract in front of me. I didn’t know Emilio’s full name but it was too much of a coincidence if it wasn’t him. I took the pen from the man and signed the contract line and input the date. Alberto walked off and the girl, Cindy, handed me the keys before having a cheeky look at my crotch. She winked in my direction before joining him and the two drove off.

I looked at the drive way and saw that they had left a Porsche 911 Targa 4S for me. I smiled and walked around the car, ensuring no scratches and to ensure I wasn’t dreaming. I smiled as I thought about the fortune I was having on this trip.

“God, I hope it’s manual.”

Day 4

Starring Kat Dennings, Melissa Benoist & Amy Adams

Featuring Daisy Ridley & Felicity Jones

MFF, MF, Cons, Oral, Facial

The previous night, I had spent several hours with Jessica after our encounter and I found her to be a very funny woman but a little bit desperate in her continuing hunt for an Oscar. I told her about the project I was working on with Amy and the second script I had just finished writing. She expressed an interest in both despite there not being a role in either for her. I did agree to consider her for any future roles though it was partially inspired by wanting to sleep with her again.

I had a few hours to kill before the film screening so I made myself a nice healthy lunch of eggs, which I would like to say was through choice but, in reality, was due to the lack of sausages and bacon. With a pot of coffee to drink, I sat outside and reviewed my script for any changes before sending over to the proof readers at the management company to go through with a fine tooth comb. I was interrupted by my phone ringing with an unrecognised number.

“Hi Richard, it’s Daisy Ridley here.”

“Hi Daisy, how are you?”

“I’m good thanks. I just thought I’d give you call as I saw your film last night.”

“And?” I asked.

“Oh I liked it.”

“Ah, thank you. It’s great to hear so much positive feedback about it. “

“Would you want to do lunch and we can talk about it more?” she asked

“I’d love to but I can’t sorry. I have to go to a film screener to do some networking. I get the feeling your boyfriend wouldn’t be too happy either. ”

“Don’t mind him; he needs to get over his petty jealousies. Work is work.”

“How are things with him anyway? He seemed a bit angry as I left the hotel on Tuesday.”

“It’s complicated. Oh, Felicity wants to say something.”

I smirked as I heard the phone being passed over.

“Hey Coley. I’ve been invited to a masquerade ball on Sunday but my date has cancelled on me. Fancy coming?”

“A masquerade ball? Like the Venetians had? Sure but I don’t have a mask.” I replied

“That’s okay, you wear black and I’ll provide the mask.”

With that, Felicity hung the phone up and there was silence on the line. I was intrigued by the party invitation from Felicity; I’d not been a masquerade ball before so I did wonder if it would be a formal party or one that fell into decadence. I noticed the time was getting on so I decided to get dressed and leave a little early, why wouldn’t I pass up the opportunity to drive the new car for a while before I was due to attend the screening.

I drove the car around the hills for a bit, enamoured with its ability to take the corners at a good speed. I had got a bit carried away so I took a slight breather to enjoy the view before heading down to the screener in Burbank. I’d enjoyed the networking opportunity at the start and felt genuine interest in my film. I was asked my opinion of Diego’s films but I thought it was wise to be a sycophant and just say that I liked them and that I was looking forward to watching this latest one. It would be a bit rude to come to his own film and say he was peddling pretentious nonsense.

I noticed the star give me a couple of looks before the film but she hadn’t approached me. I wasn’t sure it this was because she didn’t have time or want to but I did take the opportunity to check her out. Her long black hair cascaded over her shoulders and her white blouse only showed a little bit of cleavage, though it was obvious there was a plentiful bounty underneath. She complemented her hour glass figure with a black pencil skirt and a pair of red heels.

The film itself was exactly as I expected, two hours of nonsense and the film finished with the main male character choking to death quite graphically. There was a stunned silence as it ended and it continued as Diego stepped up onto the stage and did an impromptu question and answer session. Eventually we were allowed out for a drinks reception to discuss the film some more and Diego approached me.

“Richard, I can already tell you did not like it.”

I nodded.

“I wouldn’t say I didn’t like it Diego, it’s just that I didn’t understand what I was going for. You know me and my simplified romances.”

“Ah, it is about commercialisation and how it destroys love and our soul so we don’t have to bow down to it.”

“Yeah…” I replied, clearly showing I had no idea what he was on about.

“And he made me be sick four times as he didn’t like the colour of it.”

I turned around to see the female star, Kat Dennings, approaching us.

“I had a palette that had to be obeyed my dear Katherine. Ah, I must go see this lady.” He answered before walking off to leave the two of us alone.

“You know he hates you right?”

“Does he? We’ve only met a handful of times. How do you know that?” I asked her

“He took me out for dinner to try and get into my pants and just trashed you the whole night. Apparently you slept with some girl he liked, Caroline I think?”

“Caroline? Jesus, I had a year-long relationship with the girl. It’s a bit silly that he’s hung up on that.”

“He’s an idiot! Come on; let’s go sit on the balcony.”

Kat led the way and it gave me an opportunity to check out her body a bit closer. She wasn’t a stick thin girl but her boobs and arse dwarfed her waist and the fitted clothing she chose to wear showed it off fantastically. She stopped as we reached the end of the balcony and drank some more red wine, looking out into the car park.

“You know, I look at all these cars and wonder whose is whose. I think it would display a lot about their personality. Obviously Diego has a Prius.”

“What do you have?”

“Currently a Mustang, plenty of grunt and it rides the clutch hard. You?”

“Well back home, I live in the centre of London so I don’t have one. Luckily I don’t get noticed so I can just jump onto the tube.” I answered.

“That’s very wise considering the congestion charge and the significant lack of parking.”

I looked at her with a surprised expression about her knowledge.

“I spent a lot of time in London when I was filming the last Thor film. I had to get taxis everywhere with Natalie refusing to ride the underground.”

“They do get a bit crammed.”

“And here? What you got to get around?” she asked, leaning over the balcony to display a little more of her cleavage.

“Well I got driven around for the first few days but the guy whose babysitting me had to have a few days off. They’ve hired me a Porsche Targa for the next week.”

“Holy shit, really? I’ve always wanted to fuc… ride around in one of them.”

I smiled as she almost admitted a fantasy.

“Well ask nicely and maybe you’ll get to… ride around in one.”

I gave her a wink as we clinked glasses together. I was enjoying our flirting when she was dragged away to go and chat to some producers leaving me on my own to look out into the mess of cars. A few other people approached me and asked me about my career, hopes and dreams and it was a rather dull affair as the people there were more of Diego’s mould than my own. I decided that after five hours of film and chat I wanted to leave and do some writing of my own so I headed towards the exit. I walked to my car to see the figure of Kat leaning on the car next to it smoking a cigarette.

“I got bored of those people so I thought I’d come here to look at your car.”

“Yeah, it’s a beauty isn’t it? I’m hoping I can buy my own one day.”

“I have to get over to Thousand Oaks to see a female friend. You fancy giving me a ride?”

“I don’t know where that is so you’ll have to point me in the right way but yeah, I can give you a ride.”

She smiled as she stubbed out the cigarette and got into the passenger’s seat. We drove out of the parking lot and headed out onto the 101 to head in the right direction. She seemed very comfortable in the seat and enjoyed the feeling of the car during the times we were able to pick up a bit of speed. I looked over in her direction and was sure she had undone a couple of the buttons as her cleavage seemed much larger than before and I could see the material of her red bra.

“This car seems like it handles well. Fancy taking us off the highway to somewhere more secluded. I mean so we can hit some corners hard!” she said emphasising the final word.

“Sure, I did the hills earlier and it handled the corners really well, no matter how hard I hit them.”

“Really? Do you give it hard often?”

As we came into a wooded road, Kat started to stroke my leg softly.

“I give it hard when it’s needed.”

“Take a left here.” She commanded.

I followed Kat’s instructions and headed left down through a small tunnel. The road was twisty and she let out a cheer each time I sped around a corner, getting closer to the kerb each time. She kept her hand on my thigh, squeezing it as she wailed with delight at the speed we were keeping.

I didn’t know where we were but it surprisingly secluded for Los Angeles, based on my limited knowledge of the area. As were hitting some speed, a deer walked out into the middle of the road. I just swerved past it, knocking some dust into the air, and I had to fight the steering wheel to keep the car on the road. When I was able to get a handle on it, I decided to slow down a little and have a breather.

I looked over to Kat and her face was beaming, her lips curved into wide smile and her breasts heaving heavily within her shirt. She pointed her arm to an upcoming lane.

“Take the right there and stop after about 100 yards.”

I steered the car in and drove down the dirt track as she instructed. I stopped in what appeared to be a cove of trees and took a moment to breath after enjoying the ride. I didn’t get much of a rest though as Kat jumped straight onto my lap and straddled me, immediately forcing her tongue into her mouth. I kissed her back hard as my hands went to her arse and gave it a big squeeze.

“Oh god, this car gets me so hot!”

She reached back and ripped her shirt open, her breasts pressing hard against her bra. I undid the rear clasp and she threw it into the passenger seat. Her small nipples pointed right at me and I took her right breast into mouth, sucking on it hungrily. Kat let out a moan as she started to grind into my lap.

Taking as much of her large breast into my mouth as I could, I bit down onto her nipple as I sucked on it. After I released her nipple, she pulled my t-shirt over my head and it joined her bra and shirt on the other side of the car.

I grabbed Kat’s left breast and started to suck that nipple too, making it as hard and as wet as the right one. She moaned louder as I worked her nipple, her grinding becoming more rhythmical and harder into my lap. I reached down to her arse and found the zip of her skirt, sliding it down as far as I could and releasing part of her thong clad arse.

“Oh god, I so need you to fuck me,” she moaned as I bit harder on her nipple.

I knew I had worked her up well enough so I reached over to a button that collapsed the passenger seat. Knowing what I wanted, Kat jumped onto the passenger seat and got onto all fours. I reached over and lowered the remainder of the zip, fully revealing her plump arse. I slid the skirt and red thong down, revealing her smooth pussy already wet from the excitement. Kat looked back over her shoulder, her face filled with lust, and she winked at me.

“God I hope you’ve got a good cock, I need to cum hard.”

I smirked at her words and undid my jeans, dropping them down past my knees. My cock was already hard from her grinding and the sight of her on all fours, eagerly waiting for my cock, made it even hard, I dropped my boxer shorts down and moved to kneel behind her. I placed my hand on the small of her back to keep her in place as I lined my cock up with her pussy. Kat instinctively gave her arse a wiggle and I plunged my cock straight in.

Kat let out a loud moan as my cock went in and her muscles immediately tensed. Her excitement was obvious as it went in fully the first time and, before I could start to thrust, Kat started her own rhythm. I kneeled there as Kat took the lead and she whipped her head back and continued to moan loudly.

“Oh yes, this is what I need. Slap my ass!”

I listened and I raised my hand and brought it down to spank her, her cheeks wobbling as I did. The spanked seemed to ignite something in her and she lowered her chest down, pressing her breasts onto the seat of the car. The pushing back seemed to change into her twerking with my cock inside her and I continued to spank her arse hard.

“Oh God yeah… harder… please so much harder…” Kat said in between moans.

I could sense she was getting closer so I followed her instructions; I started to thrust into her with long hard thrusts. I raised my hand back and forcibly hit her arse, leaving a bit red mark. Her moans became louder and turned into screams as the pleasure started to overtake her and making her body shake.

“Oh yeah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming”

Her body shook more as her wetness increased but I continued to thrust into her. Her moans continued as she was overwhelmed with pleasure. I held onto her hips hard to keep her in place as I continued my thrusts.

“No more, no more, I don’t want you cumming in me.”

I slowed my pace as came to a stop as her back was covered in sweat. I pulled out of her as she rolled over onto her back, her shaved pussy staring at me. I licked my lips as I looked over her amazing body, her beasts resting on her chest and rising and falling as she breathed heavily.

“Straddle me!” she commanded. “Fuck my tits and cover them with your spunk.”

Doing as Kat told me, I moved to straddle her stomach and fitted my cock in between her breasts. Her hands squeezed them together so the mounds held cock in a vice like grip and I started to fuck them. Her small nipples were standing on end as her eyes never left my face. Her face was completely filled with lust as she bit her lower lip, still covered in the afterglow of her orgasm. I could feel the soft skin of her milky white breasts move up and down my cock and saw the enjoyment in her eyes. She loved the control her breasts had over men and getting them fucked brought a lot of pleasure to her.

I could feel that I was about to cum so quickly pulled my cock out and started to jack off using my hand. Kat leaned up so I would have a better target. My balls tightened and I decorated her amazingly pert breasts with my cum. Kat giggled as the shooting continued and I leaned back against the glove box of the car. I let out a breath as Kat starting to rub the cum into her milky white skin.

“That was an epic fuck, now I’ve got my Porsche riding experience.”

I laughed as I jumped over to my seat and sat back down. I was relieved to see that we were still alone but I don’t think either of us would have objected if someone had been watching us. I pulled my jeans and boxers up as Kat brought her seat back up and passed me my t-shirt. After I put it on, I looked over to see that she still sat there naked and made no effort to put her clothes back on. She turned and smiled at me as her hands moved around to indicate we should start driving again.

“You’re just going to sit there naked?”

“Yeah. I mean we’re only five minutes from my friend’s house and I’ll have to get changed anyway.”

I laughed at her reply and turned the engine on and gently reversed the car out, following her instructions to her house.

“So how did you know about such a secret spot?” I asked.

“Oh you’re not the first guy I’ve fucked in those woods. You are the first once I’ve left fuck my tits in here so at least you’re one kind of first.”

“First Londonder?” I asked hopefully.

“God no, fucked plenty when I was filming Thor. Even had a threesome with another actress.”

“Natalie Portman?”

“That little princess? God no. This one was wild, maybe I’ll introduce you.”

I pulled up outside the house and it looked like a rather large log cabin. There was a light on and a girl stood outside the front door, waving when she saw it Kat,

“Well it was lovely fucking my director’s enemy. When you’re in LA next, feel free to hit me up and I’ll let my pussy meet your cock again.”

“It’s been a pleasure Kat.”

She leaned it and kissed me on the lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth as she did so. She tapped my cheek as she pulled away before gathering her clothes. I watched her arse as she walked in and licked my lips with desire. Her friend didn’t even seem surprised that Kat was completely naked and the two of them disappeared into the house.

The drive back to Los Angeles was a long one; the traffic was much busier than it had been for the past few days but it gave me an opportunity to catch up on some podcasts. I must have looked a bit odd laughing to myself as I listened to Elis & John, drivers I had seen LA did not appear to be enjoying themselves. Their faces varied between stern, bored and angry. My enjoyment was stopped by a phone call from an unknown number.


“Hi Richard, it’s Amy. How are you?”

“I’m not too bad, just driving back into the city. How are you?”

“I’m very good. I have spoken with Melissa and she’s very sorry about what happened on Tuesday. Her friend Candice told her what happened the next day and she was in tears.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t be, it’s her fault; the silly bitch.” Amy replied. “She wants to apologise to you in person and to perform, to show you her worth for the role. Can you pop round to her hotel tonight?”

“Hotel?” I asked as I thought she’d have a house.

“The ex is in the house and, as she doesn’t spend a lot of time in LA this time of year, she is staying at a hotel for her months break from filming.”

“Okay, well I have nothing to do tonight. When and where?”

“Intercontinental Hotel , downtown LA. Room 654, get there for 9 o’clock.”

“Okay, I will be there.”

I terminated the call and looked at the clock, it was now 6.30 and I was about half way back to the condo in the Hills. I quickly checked on google and I wouldn’t make it back there for another 45 minutes with the current traffic so knew I would be cutting it fine. Melissa hadn’t made a good first impression on me so I did consider taking my time but I thought that would be a bit of a dickish move and that wasn’t really me.

I was just turning up the hill when my phone rang with another unknown number.

“Hello, Richard Cole speaking.”

“Hey Bubble Fucker!”

And that line let me know who it was immediately.

“Hello Miss Arterton, how are you? Are you sure you’re allowed to speak to me?”

Gemma was the first famous person I had slept with but I hadn’t seen her for a number of years as her husband found out about our affair. She got divorced afterward but by then social circles had changed so we hadn’t run into each other for quite some time. I’m surprised she still had my number.

“Well I’m a single lady now so I control my own destiny.” She replied.

“How can I help? Are you going to tell me my film was quirky too?”

“No, your film was shit but I’m calling you about something far more important. What are you doing on Monday?”

I had to think back to the itinerary Emilio had given me.

“I’m due to meet Anne Hathaway on her film set but that’s not until the afternoon I don’t think. Why do you ask?”

“Why do I ask? Oh, how Hollywood you’ve become!”

“Should I know something about Monday?”

“Uh yeah… FA Cup fourth round. West Ham – Charlton, our derby!”

I then remembered about the football (soccer) match that had slipped my mind. Gemma was a big Charlton Athletic fan and, although the two teams hadn’t played each other for a number of years due to Charlton tumbling down the leagues, there was still a big rivalry between the two East London teams.

“Your derby! We still have Spurs, Chelsea and Millwall above you.”

“Fine, be that way. I’ve got no one to watch it with so fancy coming down to Santa Monica to be my viewing buddy?”

“Yeah sure. Guessing it’s a 9am start, where to?”

“O’Callagheys, a shit den Irish bar. Wear your colours, I will be.”

“Okay Gem, I’ll see you there Monday.”

She terminated the call and I arrived back at the condo. Due to traffic, I was a little bit longer than I expected and did not arrive back until 7.30pm, only allowing me an hour and a half to shower, eat something and get across the city. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and headed straight up to shower and make myself look pretty. I decided to dress in a white fitted shirt and grey trousers, no jacket or waist coat so I looked smart casual and I gelled my hair a bit smartly, different to my usual straight of bed look. There wasn’t much food I could snack on so I quickly made a sandwich and headed out of the door, a good turnaround of 45 minutes. I jumped into the car and used the satnav to direct me to the hotel.

I hadn’t been prepared for the downtown traffic; everything seemed completely manic in comparison to the roads I had gone down with Kat. Eventually I arrived at the hotel but I was about 10 minutes late; that annoyed me as I prided myself as being on time. I gave the keys of the Targa to the valet and walked into the hotel. It seemed full of business types and not the sort of luxury you associate with glamorous actresses. That sort of made sense as this was a business meeting for all tense and purposes.

I rode up the elevator to the sixth floor and looked around for a sign; room 654 was to my right so I headed down the corridor until I came to the door. I knocked on it and waited for the door to open. It came ajar and Melissa sheepishly popped her head out.

“Hi Richard; thank you for coming.”

“That’s okay Melissa. I think we got onto the wrong foot before; hopefully we can have a better meeting now. Do you want to let me in or are we going to a restaurant?”

“No we’re not.” She answered.

Melissa opened the door and revealed herself to be in a see-through blue negligee, a matching red lace bra and panties and red stockings. I looked her up and down with a shocked look; she had a good athletic body which was highly complimented by the underwear.

“Let me help you with that.” Melissa said as she undid the buttons on my coat.

She slipped the material from my shoulders, her mouth breathing next to my ear and stood in front of me.

“I’m really sorry about what happened at the party, that isn’t me and I want to show you that I am worth the part. We want to show you together.”

I was enticed by what she meant by we and I followed her into the room. I took the opportunity to look her over; her legs were smooth and long and she a nicely toned arse, the material of her panties showed a lot of it and cut off half way down. Her stockings didn’t seem to be connected to a garter belt and stood up on their own. I looked around the open plan room as Melissa handed me a glass of wine and we clinked our glasses together.

“I’m glad you decided to join us, she’ll be out in a minute. Why don’t you have a seat?”

I nodded my head and sat down in the chair she was motioning to. It was conveniently placed as Melissa stood in front of me and, displaying great flexibility, bent down to pick up a pile of papers from the coffee table. The sight of her bent over in front of me was remarkable, the material stretched more and I could see the soft skin of her arse through the material. She must have also been turned on as the material clung to her pussy lips and displayed a light camel toe.

Melissa stood up and walked to the other side of the table before standing to face me. She coughed a little and silently read the words on the paper.

“I’m now going to read a soliloquy if that’s okay with you.”

“Of course it is; what is it from?” I asked finding it hard to keep eye contact.

“It’s from William Shakespeare’s Henry V. Someone told me you were a big fan of the Bard and I thought this would be appropriate as I play superhero and the character in Amy’s script is a leader.”

I nodded my head.

“That’s a good choice and yeah I am. Thought Othello is my favourite rather than Henry V.”

“Oh, should I do something from that?” she asked, slightly unsure of herself.

“No that’s okay. You do what you’ve prepared.”

Melissa smiled at my response and read the paper again. She placed it down in front of her, giving me a nice view of her cleavage and she stood up straight in front of me. Her eyes glazed a little as she looking to middle distance and started.

“What’s he that wishes so? My cousin, Westmoreland? No, my fair cousin; If we are mark’d to die, we are enow to do our country loss…”

She went through the start of the soliloquy and seemed completely lost in the words. Having never seen her acting before, I was both surprised and impressed by her handling of it. About half way through I felt someone’s hands go on my shoulders followed by their lips on my neck. The hands, small and feminine, moved across my shoulders to my chest and started to undo the buttons.

“This day is call’d the feast of Cripian. He that outlives this day, and comes safe home, will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam’d.”

Melissa continued with the speech seemingly unaware of what was happening to me. The lips had moved from my neck to my ears and she was breathing softly into it.

“I told you she was good.” She whispered into my ear.

“She is.” I replied. “I really should have listened to you Amy.”

“So is she in? Or does she need to impress you more?”

“No. She’s in but let her finish.”

I looked at Melissa as she had started to stride up and down the room as she got into the speech more. She may not have been dressed in a lot but I was transfixed on her face as she went through the Bards words. Amy had stood up and walked around the chair, draping herself over my lap. She was dressed in a dark blue dress which also showed off the redheads figure but none of her body.

She continued to undo the buttons of my shirt until they were completely undone and helped me take my shirt off. Amy bundled it into a ball before taking a smell and throwing it to the corner of the room. Amy pulled me to her lips and we kissed with her tongue massaging my own. I wrapped my arms around her and could feel the zip on the back of the dress. I started to slide it down to the bottom as Amy held her hands to my face before pulling away. We turned our attention to the young blonde as she came to the end of the speech.

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile, this day shall gentile his condition. And gentlemen in England now a-bed shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here, and hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks that fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

As she finished her words, we both applauded her effort. Melissa, completely delighted with how the soliloquy went, smiled before taking a bow.

“That was an excellent read, thank you very much Melissa.”

“You really think so? Thank you Richard, I just… I wanted to do it really well for you.”

“Well you did. I think I’m on the same page as Amy and Brett now, you definitely have what it takes to be the lead in this film.”

Amy got off my lap as I finished my sentence and stood in front of me. She moved the dress off of her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. In a matter of a few minutes, another hot actress displayed her arse directly in my face; Amy wore a white thong but no bra. I grabbed her by the hips and leaned forward, my lips pressing against her arse cheeks.

“Good idea Richard, I think it’s an appropriate time to celebrate the coming together of the producer, director and star.”

I looked up to see Amy grab Melissa and pull her into a kiss. The sight of the blonde and the older red head kiss made my cock hard and I attempted to stand up. Before I reached my feet, Amy moved her leg back to hold me in place before breaking the kiss and walking to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the two of us.

“Melissa, I think you should show Richard your appreciation. Suck his cock!”

My eyes darted from Amy’s chest, her nipples showing her excitement, to Melissa’s face as she dropped down to her knees in front of me. I leaned back as she made short work of my belt and trousers and lowered them down my legs.

“Are you sure about doing this?” I asked

I saw Amy frown before Melissa returned her eyes to me.

“It was my idea.” Melissa answered as she removed the shoes and socks from my feet.

My trousers quickly followed and I sat there in my boxers, my bulge very obvious to her eyes. Melissa leaned in and starting kissing around my abdomen, teasing me before the main show. I looked over to Amy and she had a large smile on her face, her fingers already in her underwear as she watched the show.

I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the feeling of Melissa’s lips on my body. She wasn’t pressing too hard and her fingers softly made their way around my hips, sending a shiver up my body. I looked down to her and noticed her eyes hadn’t left my face since she had started. I motioned with my head and Melissa leaned up, pressing her lips against mine in a gentle kiss. I felt her hands tugging on my boxer shorts so I leaned up a little and Melissa slid them down my body.

Throughout our action, Amy had been teasing her body with her fingers but she moved further back onto the bed and opened the side drawer. She removed a dildo from it and placed it on the bed next to her. As she slid her thong off, I returned my gaze to Melissa who had started to stroke my cock. We kept our eyes locked together as her hand expertly moved around my cock, moving up and down in a swift motion and her thumb massaging the head.

“I’m noticing a significant lack of mouth on cock action!”

We both looked toward Amy, noticing she had made herself a nice little den at the top of the bed. Surrounded by pillow, her thong was now at the end of the bed and she seemed to sitting comfortably on the dildo, the noise letting us know the vibration was on.

I looked to Melissa, who had returned her gaze to me, and I brought my lips to kiss her again. As the kiss broke; Melissa’s fingers returned to stoke my cock and her lips kissed their way down my body. As she reached my pelvis, Melissa held my cock in place and took it into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock as her hands stroked it some more. I let out a slight moan to Amy’s delight as I felt my cock get engorged by Melissa’s mouth.

Her lips reached my skin with my whole length in her mouth as her hands dropped to my balls and started to massage them. Melissa quickly drew her mouth up and off my cock, allowing it to hit her in the face, and licked the side. She let out a little laugh as my cock hit her and she licked up and down the side of it.

“You liked that, huh?” I asked her.

Melissa nodded her head as she took one of my balls into her mouth. She swirled it around as I lowered my hand and held my cock in place for her. As she withdrew my ball from her mouth, Melissa looked at me and bit her lower lip. I pulled my hand back and hit her in the face with my cock, Melissa letting out a moan of enjoyment. I knew this girl was going to be dirty so I decided to penis whip her again and she let out another moan.

“You guys are going to make me cum soon. Melissa, I’m going to give you a challenge.”

Melissa turned around and looked at Amy as she remained on her knees.

“What is the challenge Ms Adams?”

“I’m going to lay here and let this vibrator fuck me. You have to make Mr Cole cum in your mouth before I reach my orgasm. If you fail, you will not be allowed to have one of your own.” Amy answered.

Melissa seemed happy with the challenge as she turned around and dived directly onto my cock, taking the whole length into her mouth in one go. Her head bobbed enthusiastically as Amy sat on her vibrator. The moans from the bed started to get louder and it encouraged Melissa as she stroked my cock hard in motion with her mouth.

I could feel Melissa’s tongue swirl around the head of my cock as I moaned with the pleasure from her blow job. She aggressively massaged my balls as they started to tighten and I opened my eyes to see Amy had moved onto all fours as she held the vibrator to her pussy, her moans starting to become uncontrollable. She was seemingly peaking when Melissa sucked on my cock hard, bringing me closer. My eyes caught Melissa’s and we held each other in a gaze as she held her position. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock while her hand stroked it and I knew I was only moments from climaxing.

“I’m cumming.” I said out loud for Amy’s attention.

Amy was grunting and moaning on the bed as I filled Melissa’s mouth with my cum. Like a good girl, she held the position and took the entire load in her mouth, allowing a little to dribble out mouth as she withdrew my cock. She stood up and looked very proud of herself when Amy grabbed her from behind. Spinning her around, Amy forced her mouth onto Melissa’s and kissed her so they could share my cum between them.

“God Richard, you taste so nice in her mouth. “ Amy said after releasing Melissa.

“He does, that was the best cock I’ve had in my mouth for months.” Melissa said as she sat on bed, collapsing down onto it.

Amy walked over to me and sat back on my lap as she had earlier in the night. She leaned in and we kissed passionately, her tongue massaging me out as her hand rubbed along my chest.

“I think that was a good start. Do you think maybe we should make her cum?” Amy asked.

“Well we have already so maybe she should too; she is the star of the film after all.”

“And how do you think we should do it?”

“I have an idea.” I said as I picked up Amy in my arms.

Both naked, I walked us over to the bed and tossed her roughly down. The bed was quite bouncy so she span as she hit the bed and ended up on her stomach. I offered an arm and lifted Melissa up onto her feet, placing a kiss onto her lips and grabbing her arse roughly.

“Do you want to cum Melissa?”

“I do.”

“Do you want to scream loudly as your director and producer pleasure you?”

She nodded.

“And would you like it with a cock, a tongue or both?”

She stood there for a moment, switching her gaze between myself and Amy. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips, her tongue remaining in her mouth. As she pulled away, she ran her fingers down my chest before walking around the bed to where Amy was sat. She bent over and kissed Amy more passionately, her tongue going into Amy’s mouth. She shook her arse suggestively before pulling back and standing between us.


“Excellent answer Melissa. Do a strip tease for us.” I commanded

I moved to the bed and sat down on the edge; bringing Amy in to snuggle into my side. Her hand massaged my thigh as we watched Melissa sway her hips to some imaginary music. Melissa started off by removing the blue negligee slowly, swinging it in her hand above her head before throwing it our way. Amy caught it and held it close to her pussy as Melissa turned her back to us and went back to rhythmically swaying her hips. You could tell she was a bit of a dancer and her arse popped out well with her moves.

“That’s it Melissa, I’m getting strong movement here.” Amy said as she wrapped the negligee around my cock and started to use it as a stroking instrument.

“That is such a good arse!”

“Thanks, it’s taken me loads of work to get it like this. Maybe you can fuck it before we finish filming.” She said as her hands snaked to her bra and unhooked it.

Melissa dropped the bra to the floor and posed still with her hands above her head before performing a dance move called a slut drop and did the splits on the floor. Amy stopped stroking my cock and dropped her mouth down, taking a slight taste of it as my hand stroked her back softly. Melissa looked over her shoulder to us, her nipple slightly peeking through, and winked at me as she Amy with my cock in her mouth.

Amy’s head came back up as she watched Melissa stand in place and pop her booty out to us. She shook it before running her finger down her arse and over her pussy, rubbing her lips slightly. I could see Amy getting turned on as she licked her lips and moved her hands towards her own pussy, fingers stretched out to tease her clit.

“I think we’re ready to see the rest of you.” I said as I leaned forward.

Melissa listened to my words and lowered her panties to the floor, bending over as she did earlier and exposing her pussy lips to us. She kicked them to the side and started to move her stockings but I held out my hand to stop her.

“You’re keeping them on.” I said as I motioned for her to spin around.

Melissa obliged to my request and stood in front of me completely naked, her pert nipples standing on end to show how turned on she was. I looked down her flat stomach to her pussy. It was kept neat in a landing strip but was the hairiest pussy I’d seen since I’d been here. I pulled her forward and placed a kiss on her pussy lips, eliciting a loud moan from her. I stood up as I passed her to Amy who repeated what I did, allowing me to walk behind her to check out her arse. I wrapped my arms around her to cup her breasts as Amy continued to place kisses on and around her pussy. I gently stroked her breasts, occasionally flicking her nipples as my hands past, and I kissed my way up and down her neck.

Melissa seemed to be in heaven with Amy going down on her but I knew I didn’t want her to orgasm like this. I noticed on the side table there were condoms so I released Melissa’s breasts and walked towards them. Melissa instinctively reached out for my hands which I held and gave her a reassuring wink. She looked a little disappointed as I let it go but that was soon forgotten she titled her head back and screamed a moan of pleasure. I watched Amy hungrily eat Melissa’s pussy as I undid the packet and put the condom on. This was clearly not her first time going down on a girl and Melissa seemed to be in heaven.

“I’m sure we could make a killing just filming you two!” I joked as I walked.

Amy pulled away from Melissa’s pussy and shot me a dirty look.

“Enough people on the internet have seen me fuck!” Melissa said as she turned to face me.

I nodded as I remembered the pictures and videos that were released in the fappening; silently cursing myself.

“How do you want me?” she asked as she grabbed my cock; stroking it to ensure the condom was fully on.

“Get on all fours on the bed.”

Melissa followed my command and climbed onto the bed and assumed the position. I whispered something into Amy’s ear and she straddled the bed next to Melissa, rubbing her hand onto Melissa’s back. Looking at her enlarged lips, I didn’t think it would be long until Melissa was having her orgasm due to the work Amy had done on her pussy. Melissa, at this point, was desperate to cum. Amy grabbed her hand and sucked on her fingers as I grabbed her hips and slid my cock into her pussy.

“Oooh.” Melissa moaned feeling my length inside her.

I started thrusting into her tight pussy, it was incredibly wet but I was able to get a solid motion. I placed my hands on either side of her cheeks and spread them wide to expose her arsehole. In agreement with my whisper, Amy dropped her mouth down and slid her tongue into Melissa’s arsehole, eliciting more moans from Melissa.

“Do you like the feeling of my cock while Amy tongues your arsehole?” I asked

“Yes…” Melissa moaned.

“Are you going to be our little slut on set?” Amy asked

“Yes…” Melissa moaned in answer to her.

I thrust into her harder, feeling myself wanting to cum. I bucked onto her hips hard as Amy continued to lick and tease Melissa’s arsehole. The moans coming from Melissa’s mouth were getting louder with every thrust and I saw Amy slide a finger into her hole. That seemed to knock Melissa over the edge and she screamed through a mighty orgasm, soaking my condom clad cock with her juices. I slipped out of her pussy and she collapsed onto the bed.

“That was so good; I haven’t cum like that in years.” Melissa mumbled from the bed.

I tapped her on the arse as Amy looked at me with a broad smile.

“I think you still need to cum, huh?”

I nodded my head and Amy dropped onto her knees on the floor.

“Pepper my face with it!”

I removed the condom from my cock and gave the outside a lick as it was still covered in Supergirl’s juices. I chucked the condom into the bin as Amy looked up at my cock expectantly. I stroked it my hand to test to see how long it would be and I knew that it would be over Amy’s face soon.

“Play with my balls.” I told Amy.

She complied with my request and I stroked my cock hard, holding it in place to aim for her face. She had a smile on her face as some pre-cum came out of my cock to signal I was close. Amy nodded her head to show she was ready and I shot my first stream on cum onto her face. She squealed in delight as I continued to unload on her face, taking some into her mouth. I took a step forward as the power reduced and I rubbed my cock on her face to get cover her with my cum.

After I was finished, Amy rubbed the cum into her skin and kissed me on the lips. Her hand reached around and grabbed my arse, digging her nails in. We turned to Melissa and noticed that she had fallen asleep, knackered from the session with us.

“Bless her; that seems to have taken a lot out of her.”

“Yeah, we’re going to have a lot of fun fucking that little slut.” Amy said as she looked over her body. “You want to stay?”

“Nah, I’ve got an early start tomorrow so I better head back to the condo for a sleep.” I said as I picked up my clothes and started to get dressed.

“Okay, I’ll shower and clean this place up. May as well stay and then I can get her to return the favour and lick my pussy in the morning.”

I grabbed Amy and locked her into a passionate kiss, feeling her small nipples dig into my chest.

“I look forward to seeing you in a few days. Think we’ll be able to hook up before I leave?”

“I don’t know, I’m really busy for the next week. I’ll try though. What do you want to try?” she asked.

I reached around and parted her arse cheeks with fingers, gently rubbing her arsehole.


I laughed before leaving Amy and Melissa in the room. I smiled to myself about the experience as I headed downstairs and collected my call from the valet. The drive back to the condo was busy but not as busy as the drive to the hotel and it was insightful to see Lois Angeles at night. The drive through Hollywood was interesting as it seemed as busy as the day with people jumped in and out of clubs. I checked my watch and the time was ticking over to midnight by the time I reached the condo.

There was a car parked in the drive way but it wasn’t one I recognised. I exited my car and walked to the porch where Daisy was sitting on the porch bench waiting for me.

“Hey Daisy, what are you doing here?”

“Um… we had another falling out and I was kind of getting tired of it so went for a drive to have a think.” She answered

“He hasn’t hurt you, has he?”

“No, no of course not. He may act tough but he’s a pussy. I just wanted to test out a theory before I decide on something. “

“What’s the theory?”

Daisy leaned forward and placed a kiss on my lips. She wrapped her arms around me and slid her tongue into my mouth. I put my arms around her and held her close as we kissed, my hands instinctively moving to her arse and giving it a squeeze. She ran her tongue along the top of my mouth and I could feel her hand slide to my front and cup my crotch. She slowly pulled away from my mouth and looked me in the eyes.


Daisy walked past me and got into her car. She seemed to think for a moment before turning the engine on and driving away from my condo. I stood in shock as I watched her go, unaware of why she had just kissed me.


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