10 Days in Hollywoood – Day 1

Title: 10 Days in Hollywood – Day 1

Author: RTMinotaur

Celebs: Daisy Ridley

Codes: MF, cons, oral

Disclaimer: Please note that this story is a 100% work for fiction and the characters are not reflective of their real life counterparts and are not endorsed. Any similarity to real life events are pure coincidental. At the end of day, this is a fictional fantasy story, nothing more. Enjoy!

10 days in Hollywood – Day 1

By RT Minotaur

Starring Felicity Jones and Amy Adams

Featuring Daisy Ridley

MF, Cons, Oral

To say it started for me in a cold office in Central London would be a bit of lie. My career path started when I was a 13 year old in school and, as someone who had no singing talent, I tired of the theatre department continually doing musicals. Therefore I did what any right minded individual would do and I wrote a play.  After one performance, I quickly fell out of love with acting but loved the writing and directing side and decided that would be the career path I would follow.

From the age of 17, I worked in theatre and film production in one form or another and wrote plays to be performed by small theatre companies. Then my big break came when I had the opportunity to write and direct a small film at 28. 11 years of hard work had paid off and, twelve months later, I was strolling along the red carpet at my own film premier.

That was 3 months ago and I had just finished writing what I hoped would be my follow up feature. I had resisted the temptation to make a bigger film and had kept the story small and compact so I could work more on my craft.  I’d got to the point where the final draft was finished and was called into the office of my agent/manager. He told me that there were a few production companies voicing interest in my follow up but he was sending me to Los Angeles.

The distributors had shown my film to industry insiders and my manager wanted to get my name out there. I didn’t have a lot of interest in branching out yet due to my lack of experience but he’d done right by me over the years so I put my faith in him. Plus I hadn’t had a proper holiday for years so the idea of staying in a hotel and being wined and dined on the company credit card was not something I was going to turn down.

From that meeting, I was able to get the tube back to my apartment and I felt a rush of excitement. Just short of two weeks in Los Angeles would give me a nice little break from the writing and I could experience a whole new side to the industry. After being given a few days to pack and buy some new clothes, I was sat in a first class seat on the BA flight from London Heathrow to LAX.

I imagine that the 11 hour flight would be an irritation if stuck in the standard seats. Luckily for me, the management company had paid for me to fly first class and I was enjoying the experience. The seat was very comfortable and there weren’t many people around. Considering it was a night/early morning flight, the majority of people were asleep so I was left alone for quite a while.

We had been in the air for about five hours and I had been binge watching ‘Narcos’ on their media system since we took off. I was about half way through the first season when I felt someone sit down and tap me on the shoulder. I removed my headphones to see a beautiful brunette looking at with a cute smile. She looked vaguely familiar and was dressed in a loose fitting red dress. All I could tell from it was that she was quite thin.

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind me bothering you but you’re the only other person awake and I’m a little bored.”

“That’s okay. I’d offer you a drink but I think even the stewardesses are asleep.” I replied.

“Oh, that’s okay, I’ve already got one.”

She reached around down to the floor and picked up a bottle of wine. She brought it to her lips and swigged some back. She then reached for the curtain and pulled it across so no one would disturb us.

“Privacy is a must in my industry!”

That was the comment that made my brain click into gear and recognise who she was. I was now sitting in a private booth with Felicity Jones, star of Rogue One and A Monster Calls. That was the last movie I saw of hers and she was looking a lot healthier now than she did in that film.

“I thought I recognised you; you’re Felicity Jones aren’t you?”

“I am,” she replied leaning in to kiss me on the cheek “and you are?”

“I’m Richard Cole.” I answered.

“The director Richard Cole?” she asked.

I nodded my head in reply and smiled.

“I really liked your film. It was so quirky.”

“Quirky? Sure, I’ll take that as a compliment.” I replied.

“It is. I really wanted to play that Judy character; she was so intelligent and funny.”

“I’m sure the hot tub scene would have put a stop to that.”

She snorted out a little laugh as I made that comment.  The scene I was talking about was halfway through the film where the two main characters, Judy and Arnold, were in a stranger’s hot tub and had to run away when the owners returned home. They were supposed to be in their underwear but a game of one-upmanship occurred on set between the two actors and both ended up doing it naked.

“Well I’ve done a bit of nudity before in ‘Chalet Girl’ so that wouldn’t bother me. Plus I have a fantastic arse.”

It was my turn to laugh at her comment.

“I’ll keep that in mind for the next one.”

“I can audition it now if you like?”

I raised an eyebrow as she gave a little giggle. I turned to her slightly in my seat with a quizzical look on my face. Felicity stood up and then mounted the seat on her knees, her front facing towards the seat. She quickly popped her head out of the curtain to make sure no one was around and then turned it to face me. She gently brought her finger to her lips to shush me before lifting her dress.

As the red dress rose, the curve of her arse started to be revealed and she leaned forward so it would stick out a little more. She was wearing a blue thong that framed her arse fantastically. Noticing me liking it, she gave it a little wiggle. I decided to push my luck and reached out to give it a little stroke. She then reached her hand down and hit mine softly.

“If you’re going to touch it, at least give it a nice big manly grab!”

I did exactly as she said and grabbed her right cheek. It was nicely toned but had a bit of a wobble to it. She let out another giggle as we could hear someone loudly whisper her name. Felicity popped her head out of the curtain and invited the voice to us. She quickly spun around on the seat and plumped herself down; acting as though nothing had happened. The curtain opened and it revealed another cute brunette who was wearing a pair of jeans, a grey t-shirt and a leather jacket.

“Richard, this is Daisy. Look Daisy, I found that director you think is cute.”

“Fliss, you can’t say that! My boyfriend is over there.”

Daisy nodded to a guy sleeping in the far corner. He didn’t look like anyone I recognised so I assumed he wasn’t famous.

“Oh it’s fine, we’re good at keeping secrets in this aisle, aren’t we?’ she said, nudging me with her elbow. I just nodded. ‘Look, I’ll be over in a second; I just have to finish my conversation with Richard.”

Daisy’s face had gone a little red with embarrassment and nodded back before closing the curtain and walking off.

“I don’t think you needed to embarrass her like that.”

“Well it’s true and her boyfriend is a bit of a dick. Don’t get excited though, she isn’t going to fuck you while she’s with him, too much of a good girl.”

She then whipped out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down a telephone number.

“This is my LA number, give me a text and we can plan.”

I raised an eyebrow to her.

“She’s too much of a good girl to fuck you. I, on the other hand, am too good not to fuck you.”

Felicity gave me a little wink before standing up and heading back to her seat. I laughed to myself before putting the piece of paper in my pocket. I had tried to get back into the show but all I could think about was the fact that Felicity and her friend seemingly wanted to fuck me. At this point, I figured out who Daisy was.


It took me a little bit of time but eventually I drifted off to sleep for a couple of hours. It had been a pretty uneventful flight except for the one notable exception and the plane landed at LAX at 7am. Between leaving the plane and picking up my luggage, I’d made the occasional bit of eye contact with both Felicity and Daisy but there was no more social interaction, just the usual looks you give other passengers you recognise.

Once I’d got my luggage, I walked out to see a short Latino man holding a sign with my name on it. I nodded and walked his way.

“Hi, I’m Richard.”

“Oh cool. I’m surprised, you look too unassuming and chilled out to be a director. Certainly not like them Star Warsers over there,” he said pointing at Felicity and Daisy.

They seemed a little bit stressed as crowds of fans started to flock to them to get an autograph. They’d obviously reached a level of fame that I didn’t have, certainly were more recognisable with them being in front of the camera.

“I’m Emilio, I’ll be looking after you while you’re here. Think of me like a PA but much cooler. Anything you want, I’ll be able to get it for you; as long as it’s legal!”

He winked as he said that and I gave a little chuckle to myself. I grabbed the handle of my bag and followed him as we started to walk towards the exit.

“They gave me your film to watch. I liked it, it was quirky.”

I didn’t think I’d hear it described as quirky twice in several hours. I smiled as I followed him out into the LA sunshine.

“I have to be honest; they’ve not really told me what I’m supposed to be doing.”

“Yeah, they never do with first timers. That’s why I’m here. To be honest, your slate is free for most of today to help get over the jet lag but you’ve got a busy day tomorrow. You have a casual meeting with an actress later in the afternoon but then you’re done.”

“And what exactly is a casual meeting?”

“Oh they just hang out with you, see if they like you and if you hit it off then they’ll look for a project to work on with you. You’ll be classed as an indie guy, so don’t be expecting some hot shot!”

“Do you know who the actress is?” I asked.

“Not a clue but they’ve told me to make myself scarce.”

“Well I’m sure I can tell you afterwards. Can we go straight to where I’m staying please? I’m think I need to rest up a little.”

“No problem at all.”

We reached the car and I put my stuff into the trunk. I’d packed light as commanded by the management company. They said I’d be given clothes to wear for most of time I was out here.

Emilio explained that he’d moved to LA when he was a kid and had found a niche acting as a city guide for business men. This had evolved into looking after out-of-towners for movie agents and he’d been doing the role for 20 years, making enough money to retire. He’d decided to carry on as he got to meet people from all over the world and the job had made him very popular with women. The traffic was heavy so it took a little bit of time but eventually we reached the large property in the hills.

“So this is your pad for the next ten days, they’ve gone all out for you.”

We entered the property and were immediately in the large lounge area. He gave me a little tour of the downstairs which included the kitchen, a games room and a small box bedroom. We worked our way upstairs to the two bathrooms and several bedrooms, settling into the largest bedroom that included a balcony.

“I could have guessed this where you would want to stay, it’s got a great view down into the valley and you can see the pool from here.”

“Yeah, it’s very nice. Bed looks very comfortable.”

“They only order the best for these kinds of places. Look Richard, I’m going to head off so you can rest up for later. Actress lady will be here for about 3 so you’ve got plenty of time to chill out, make yourself look pretty and generally do nothing. I’ll be back for 10 so we can go through a lovely itinerary for your day tomorrow. See you later Richard.”

“See you later Emilio.”

We slapped hands and he left me alone in the room. I stood on the balcony for a moment before hearing the door close. When I knew it was safe, I pumped my fist in the air and jumped on the spot. It looked as nerdy as you’d expect. This was the nicest house I’d ever been in, never mind stay in and having my own pool topped it off.

I looked at my watch and saw that I had six hours before my guest would arrive. I stripped my clothes off and jumped into the bed. Grabbing my phone, I changed the time to local and put the alarm on for 2.20. I laid my head down and feel into a much needed slumber.

I woke up to the buzzing of the alarm and felt a little bit groggy.  The light from the curtain was blinding me a little bit so I had to search the side table with my hand for the phone. I knew I’d have about half an hour to get ready if she was on time so I stumbled out of the bed and into the en-suite bathroom. I turned on the shower and the room was filled with steam very quickly. I stripped off my boxers and threw them to where I thought the door was.

I was in the shower for a good five minutes before jumping out to dry myself off. I picked up my boxers, which had ended up in the sink and put them in a draw that I decided would act as the laundry basket for the time I was here. I needed a coffee to wake me up a little so I headed out of the bedroom, stopping for a moment to go and grab the towel.

“Screw it!” I said to myself

You’re not going to get many opportunities to walk around your own LA pad naked so I decided to give the towel a miss.

I skipped down the stairs and entered the kitchen. The percolator was on the near side counter so I filled it up with water and put some coffee into the top. Switching everything on, I walked over the window to look out into the garden; there were a few lounge chairs dotted around the pool and a hot tub nestled into the corner.

“Nice arse!”

I immediately spun around with a look of shock on my face, my hands going down to cup and hide my package. I looked at Amy Adams standing directly in front of me, her sun glasses lowered down her nose and her eyes staring directly at me.

“Um… hi. You’re early?”

“Yes, well no. Well not technically, I said I’d be here for threeish and it’s a quarter to.”

I silently cursed myself as I must have spent longer in the shower than I expected.

“How did you get in? You haven’t got a key have you? I haven’t even got a key!”

“They gave me one as they said you might have been delayed with the flight and traffic. Look, as much as I’m enjoying the view, I don’t really want to talk business while you’re busy hiding the good stuff. It’s a gorgeous day so you go upstairs and put some trunks on and I’ll meet you by the pool.”

She gave me a smile before walking to the back yard. I was completely mortified but knew I wasn’t dressed for any kind of business meeting, never mind a meeting with an Oscar winner. I ran up the stairs, my hands remaining where they were until I got back into the bedroom. I closed the door and sunk onto my knees before breathing a sigh of relief before hitting my head against the door.

“Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!”

At this point, I realised I didn’t bring any trunks. I sighed before getting up and starting to search the drawers in the bedroom. Everything seemed to be the right size for me and good quality clothing so I was thankful that they had provided some clothing for me. Eventually I found a pair of swimming trunks in one of the lower drawers. I put them on and headed down through the house and came into the pool area.

Amy was laying down on one of the lounge chairs on the far side of the pool. She’d discarded the dress and hat she’d arrived in and was clad in a very sexy black swim suit that showed off her lithe body.

“Glad you could join me” she said as I approached her. “I’m not going to say it’s an improvement but at least I can look you in the eye rather than figure out how to get you to raise your arms.”

“Well I’m happy to talk to you without being embarrassed. And I probably would have come down clothed or with a towel if I knew my guest was punctual. You are the actress I’m supposed to meet, right?” I asked.

“No, I just like to stalk young, sexy and naked directors. You’ve caught onto my ruse!”

She laughed as she removed her sunglasses and looked directly at me.

“Yes, I am the actress who’s supposed to be meeting you. I really liked your film and wanted to know what you were like. Maybe you have a role in your next film for an ugly over hill ginger.”

“Ah, you’re not over the hill and certainly not ugly.” I replied, not realising I fell into her trap.

“Ah, so the younger man can find me attractive.” She laughed as I sat down on the next lounger to her. “I notice you didn’t say anything about the ginger.”

“Well your hair is very obvious and hard to hide. Plus I have seen ‘The Fighter’ so…”


I alluded to her scene where she was wearing a see through bra in the film where you could see her bright pink nipples. I did bite my tongue as I was pushing my luck again but she laughed the comment off as she took a sip of the soft drink she must have prepared before coming out.

“So what did you like most about the film?”

“I enjoyed the humour that was throughout the film, the emotions were raw but everything seemed real. And the passion that everyone had in the film, it seemed to seep out of every pore.”

“Thanks, I did try to make the characters seem real to people. I thought it would struggle to translate to non-British people.”

“Oh, it translated. Well for me it did anyway, though maybe not everyone will have met people like those in the film or experienced some of those things.”

“And was there a part that made you think ‘this is a guy I want to work with’?”

“Yeah, the scene on the hill did it for me.”

The scene she was talking about was the end of two characters stories where they followed an old wise man’s tale that if two people stayed on a mountain together they would come down in love. It was speed shot through the night using two dummies with close ups of the actors cursing each other at the start but ending up having sex at the top and then falling asleep in the arms of each other.

“So was it the falling in love or the sex on the mountain?”

I joked as she swung her hair around and leaned forward to look at me.

“Well, I’m a married woman so the falling in love bit is out of the question but we are technically on a mountain.”

I looked at her as she smiled at me, completely unsure about what she meant by that. Amy put her drink to the side and stood up in front of me.

“I’m going to the hot tub, care to join me?” Amy asked.

I nodded my head as she walked past me towards the hot tub. The swimsuit she was wearing had a high cut which showed off about half of her arse and I took the opportunity to take a good look at it. For her age, it looked pert, quite toned and a little bit more a handful. I stood up and followed her, bringing the two drinks with me.

She was already submerged by the time I reached her, only a small bit of cleavage showing over the water. I walked up the steps and entered the hot tub, taking a seating position opposite her. I looked to my left and saw the view overlooking the valley beyond heading towards the ocean; it would make a romantic view at night time.

“So I seem to have told you all about my admiration for you, what films of mine have you seen?”

“Well the first time I saw you act, I didn’t know it was you until much later on. So the first time I knew it was you were Night at the Museum 2.”

“Oh, that whole film was fun to make. I had such a laugh. So what was the film that you didn’t know was me?”

“Cruel Intentions 2!” we said together

“How did you know I was going to say that?”

“Because no one knows that was me, they think that the girl there fell into obscurity like the other two.”

She laughed as she said this and covered her mouth. It was a surprisingly bitchy comment from somebody who seemed to have cultured a reputation of being so nice all of the time.

“I actually keep in touch with Robin, he’s a lovely guy but he just made the wrong choices in projects. What did you think of American Hustle?”

“I really liked that; I thought the five of you were excellent in it.”

“Oh my God, if you get the chance to work with Bradley, he’s just the best. He would work so well with the kind of drama you made in ‘Dandelion’. He’s so good at dramedy.”

“I thought you were here to get work for you?”

“No, I’m here to get work for you actually. There’s a script I’m looking to get made, I need the right director and someone suggested you. I wanted to make sure I could get along with you before I started to put the wheels into motion.”

“Would you be starring in it?” I asked.

“No, my plates too full but I have someone in mind. I’ll get them to meet you in a few days. I’ll be on as a producer, just call me the puppet master.”

Amy reached out of the pool towards her drink but couldn’t quite reach where I put it. She raised herself up to turn around and bent over the side, giving me and excellent view of her rear. The bathing suit rode up a little bit to give her a slight wedgie and revealing more of her toned cheeks. After finishing her drink, she spun around and caught me staring.

“So it looks like you are a little pervert then. I could be your boss; you shouldn’t be looking at me like that.”

“I think it’s only fair considering what you got to see earlier.”

“Well that was completely by accident. You were just parading around naked; it could be said that you set it up and planned for me to see it.”

“But I didn’t know who was coming. Also you were early.”


“And if I take the blame?”

“I imagine I will walk around with an air of superiority.”


I rolled my eyes and she laughed at my comment. I noticed that during our exchange, Amy had moved closer to me so that she was only a few inches to my side. The silence continued as she moved towards me, gently sliding onto my lap and wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

“But I think we can both agree that I liked what I saw.”

Amy moved her head in and pressed her lips against mine softly. I let my hands stroke her legs as she pushed my lips apart with her tongue and searched mine out. I could feel my cock getting harder by the second as the red head placed her hands to the side of my face. I felt a chill run through her body as I stroked the inside of her thigh, a shiver allowing me to know that I wasn’t the only one getting excited.

“I hope this isn’t part of the interview.”

“No, you’ll get the job regardless. This is just about pleasure, I mean, who doesn’t want to get fucked while looking at that view?” Amy asked.

Amy got off my lap and wandered over to the side of the hot tub looking over the cliff. She stopped at the edge before bending over and giving me a full view of her arse. Looking over her shoulder, she winked at me before giving her arse a little wiggle. Enjoying the teasing she was giving me, she leaned over the edge of the hot tub, giving me a similar view as before with a hint of camel toe thrown in to boot.

Amy returned to a standing position and moved the straps of the bathing suit off of her shoulders. She turned about face and strolled towards me, a look of lust in her eyes that I hadn’t seen before. She straddled my lap, her covered crotch making contact with my own and she shuffled on the spot to tease me a little bit more. She lowered the right hand side of the suit, unveiling her pink nipple, grabbed me by the hair and forced my mouth to her breast.

I took her nipple into my mouth and started to flick it with my tongue, a moan elicited from her mouth. Reaching around her toned posterior, I pulled her bathing suit up so it looked more like a thong, giving one a cheek a big grab with my hand. Amy grabbed my hair and yanked my head back before forcefully kissing my mouth, her tongue entwining mine.

She brushed the loose hair from her face as she stood up and looked down at my crotch through the bubbles. Reaching over to her left she pulled the bathing suit down to reveal her other nipple. It wasn’t as hard as the right but she gave a slight pull on it as she lowered the bathing suit to her stomach. She her thumbs in each side and slid the suit down her body and legs, revealing a small tuft of hair above her pussy.

“I hope you’re hungry.”

Amy stepped out of her suit and let it float to the top of the water. She walked passed me and out of the hot tub. My eyes followed her as she walked over to the table by the grill. I jumped up to my feet and followed after her, skipping over the side rather than taking to the steps. Amy was sat on the edge of the table by the time I reached her and she immediately pulled me into a kiss. I pulled out of the kiss and started to nuzzle into her neck.

She let out a little moan as I could her feel her hand rub my cock through my swimming shorts. She started to move her hands into the shorts but I grabbed them and shook my head. I pushed her backwards and started to kiss down her body, taking her nipples into my mouth and licked along her flat stomach.

I lowered myself down and brought her right leg over my shoulder. Starting at the knee, I kissed my way up her thigh towards her sensitive area. She shivered and moaned softly as I reached the top of her leg, before I grabbed her left leg and repeated the process.  Her hand reached down and grabbed my hair, pushing my head towards her pussy. I decided to go in slowly and kissed around her lips softly, feeling the wetness of it.

“Oh God, you’re such a tease!”

I smiled to myself as I heard her say that and decided to go in for the kill. I licked the length of her pussy from the bottom before searching for her clit with my tongue. I touched it with the tip and I could feel Amy hit the wooden table with her hand.

“Just there!”

I rocked my head in a fluid motion as I rubbed her clit with my tongue and Amy started to move her hips in motion. She let out a moan as I lifted my arm up her body and gave her breast a rub, gripping her nipple between my fingers. I felt Amy grab my hand and lifted it up further, taking my index finger into her mouth and started to suck on it. I leaned my head back and flicked her clit harder with my tongue.

“Oh God yes, stick it in!”

I followed her instructions and slipped my tongue into her pussy. The wetness was surprising and seemed to get wetter as I pumped my tongue in and out of her pussy. I could feel Amy change her position as she leaned up on her elbows, my hand remaining on her chest, grabbing her breast hard.

“Jesus, you’re good at this. I’m so close to coming.”

I smiled as I heard that and went back to her clit, rubbing it in a circular motion with my tongue. I could hear Amy’s moans becoming more frequent and her breathing heavier; so I started to circle her clit faster, pressing down on it.

“Ohhhh yesss. Right there please… I’m… so…”

She threw her head back as I pressed harder on her clit, her orgasm starting to commence. I could feel her clit start to recede as her pussy got wetter, keeping my tongue pressed on it lightly but not moving at all. Amy collapsed back to lie flat on the table so I removed my mouth from her pussy and stood up between her legs. Amy opened her eyes to look at me and smile came across her face.

“Well you’re definitely going to get the directing job now.”

She laughed as her tried to get up; I offered her my hand and pulled her up onto her feet. Amy fell into me from the forward motion and kissed me on the lips. She reached down with her hand and gave my arse a squeeze.

“Now, I’m not going to lie; I’m not very good at sucking cock. I once lost a job because of it.”

Amy then took my hand and we walked back to towards the hot tub. As we reached it, Amy turned around to face me, kissing me on the lips again. She undid the string on my trunks as we kissed and she lowered them down, my cock flopping out fully erect. She grabbed it with her hand and stroked it with a soft touch.

“But like I said earlier, who doesn’t want to get fucked while looking at that view?”

Amy turned around and bent over the side of the hot tub, spreading her legs so her pussy was lined up with my cock. She grabbed my cock and pulled it to her, allowing the head to enter her. Even though she had just had an orgasm a few minutes before, her pussy felt only slightly wet. I pushed my full length into her and grabbed her by the hips. I started to thrust slowly into her to start off with but my pace increased quickly.

I looked at her arse as it moved to and fro, so enticing to look at. I gently rubbed her right cheek before pulling my hand back and giving it a slap. It seemed to awake something in Amy as she lifted herself up with her hands on the tub and started to push backwards as I thrust into her some more. I slapped her arse again causing Amy to look back to me.


I followed her command and spanked her harder as I pushed my cock in, my left hand digging into her hip as I bucked harder. Amy was moaning harder and I could feel myself getting closer to climaxing, my right hand continuing to spank her and causing a red mark on her arse.

“Where do you want me to come?”

“How close are you?”


Amy pushed back hard to make my cock slip out of her pussy. She dropped down to her knees and stroked my cock her hand.  I gave her a nod to indicate I was about to cum and Amy popped my cock into her mouth. She sucked on the head as her hand continued to stroke up and down my cock. I grabbed onto the back of head as cum started to spurt out into her awaiting mouth. Amy continued to bob her head up and down, taking the whole load in her mouth.

After cum stopped flowing, she took my cock out of her mouth and gave a noticeable gulp as she licked her lips. She gave a naughty giggle as she stood up and looked at me. We were very lucky that this place had a lot of privacy, I’m sure neither of us wanted any photos of us standing naked in the garden. Amy walked over to me and kissed me on the lips, forcing her tongue back into mine.

“That was a nice meeting, thank you Richard.”

“You’re very welcome Amy, I had a fantastic time. Are all casual meetings like this?”

“I’m sure any meeting between us will be.”

She walked back towards the house and put her awaiting dress on. I pulled up my shorts and followed her back into the building. She handed me the keys before grabbing her bag.

“Now I don’t want you to think that I used you for sex and then abandoned you, I just have to get back to the studio for a night shoot. I’ll send over that script and get you to meet the actress I have lined up.”

“That sounds good, looking forward to giving it a read.”

She leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips before turning around and leaving the house. Smiling at my first experience of a Hollywood actress, I looked at the clock and saw that it was 5 o’clock. The time had gone quick but I still had a few hours before Emilio would arrive. I decided to go and get a change of clothes into something a bit dryer and watch some television while I waited for him.

I’d been watching random television channels for an hour or two when I remembered I was supposed to text Felicity to let her know where I was staying. I walked upstairs and grabbed my phone from the side. It had the piece of paper with her number next to it so I punched the number in.

“Hey Felicity, hope you’re good? It’s Richard from the plane. I’m staying in the hills. How far away are you from here?”

I put my phone into my pocket and I walked back downstairs to make a cup of coffee. I’d just finished making my coffee when I heard the phone buzz on the side. I picked it up and opened the reply.

“I was worried you forgot about little old me!”

“With an arse like that! How could I?!”

A few minutes went by before I received a reply but it was in the form of a picture message. I opened the message and was greeted with a nice toned arse in a colourful bikini, though it looked slightly bigger on screen. Sadly most of the cheeks were covered up by the material. A moment later a new message appeared.

“Just a healthy reminder for you! Come round to the hotel tomorrow, we’re in the Malibu Beach Inn.”

“I’ve not been given my itinerary for tomorrow but I’ll try my best. You there all day?”

“I will be; I’ll make sure I’m in something easy to remove.”

“I look forward to it.”

After my brief exchange with Felicity, I decided to put on a film while I waited for Emilio to arrive. He was a little bit earlier than expected and came dressed in a bright pink suit.

“Are you going out?”

“Yeah, my cousin is having his birthday party in some Orange County gay bar and he wants everyone to come out in bright colours. So let’s do this quickly because I would like to go out and get laid!”

“Alright, what am I doing tomorrow?”

“Starting off, we’re in Burbank for an interview at Collider. I’ll be picking you up at 8.30am sharp. After that we’ll be going for lunch with some distribution execs, the production company want your opinion on who gets to distribute your film.”

“Well that sounds like a lot of fun.”

“I know but then you get to hang out with me all morning. You have a couple of hours to spare in the afternoon so you can chill out, visit the beach…”

“Actually, I got someone I need to see in Malibu.”

“Oh yeah? The actress from today?”

“No, a girl I met on the plane. She wants me to come for a drink and a bite to eat.”

“Sure, sure. You’ll be eating something…”

Emilio laughed and gave me a slap on the shoulder.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll drop you off in Malibu and give you three hours for your bite to eat. Then we’re back here for a styling and off to a party for Young Hollywood. Plenty of pretty, nubile and eager to please actresses for you to… have a drink and bite to eat with.”

He pointed to a stack of papers he’d left on the desk for me.

“There are some scripts they want you to read through. The top one is ‘The Pier’, they said it’s from Amy Adams and that she’s keen for you to direct.”

“Yeah, she mentioned that earlier.”

“Oh, she was the actress. Always wanted to meet her, what was she like?”

“She was something else!”

He gave me a smart look before laughing again.

“I read between the lines well. You have a good night my friend, get reading!”

He shook my hand and headed out of the door. I was left to my own devices so I picked up the script that Amy wanted me to read.

“Well, let’s see what this is all about!”

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