10 days in Hollywood – Day 3

Title: 10 days in Hollywood – Day 3

Author: RTMinotaur

Celebs: Brie Larson, Alice Eve, Jessica Chastain. Featuring Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone, Elizabeth Olsen and Amy Adams

Codes: MF, oral, anal, facial

Disclaimer: Please note that this story is a 100% work for fiction and the characters are not reflective of their real life counterparts and are not endorsed. Any similarity to real life events are pure coincidental. At the end of day, this is a fictional fantasy story, nothing more. Enjoy!

Light peeked through the curtains as I opened my eyes. I wasn’t sure if it was the squelching noise that did it but I was awake now and completely unsure of the time. I extended my left arm out to touch the spot next to me but it was empty.

Rubbing my eyes, I started to come to and I could feel the reason why I woke up. Her mouth felt incredibly warm on my cock and it was incredibly wet and well lubricated. Her tongue running up and down the side of my length as the head run along the top of her mouth.

I grabbed the top of the sheet and threw it back, looking down at the top of the brunettes head as she went up and down my cock. Aware that she was no longer covered, Brie looked up at me with my cock in her mouth. It popped out of her mouth, hitting my stomach, as a smile grew across her face.

“Good morning Richard. I thought you’d appreciate this kind of wake up. “

“Oh, I really appreciate it. “

Life is good.

Brie wriggled up my body, licking my chest on her the way, before kissing me on the lips. She grabbed my cock and slid it straight into her awaiting pussy, already wet from her excitement. As I entered her, Brie let out a little moan and the smile on her face grew bigger. Her warm pussy surrounded my cock as she leaned up on her arms and started to move over me allowing my cock to go in and out of her.

Her hands had done a good job of exciting her as she was already quite wet and I brought my arms up to her breasts, flicking her nipples to excite her some more. She moaned at my touch as I rubbed my index and middle fingers over both nipples, grabbing them in between my fingers and pulling with a little force.

“Oh yeah, that feels nice.” She moaned as she increased the pace of swaying, her eyes closed.

Pulling away from my fingers, Brie sat upright and bounced on my cock, wanting to get to her orgasm quickly. I took a moment to admire her body as I looked up at her, her pussy was glistening and her breasts looked incredibly pert. I watched them heave and jiggle as she bounced on top of me; they looked incredible.

Brie grabbed my hands and forced them to her hips and I slipped them around to cup her arse. Her speed increased more as her moans turned into screams and I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock. She moved some hair out of her face, slightly out of breath from reaching her orgasm. I leaned up and took her face in my hands, bringing my lips to hers. My tongue force its way into her mouth and massaged hers passionately. She moaned into mouth as I kissed her, allowing me to spin around and push her back onto the bed.

I looked down her in the eyes as I made one big thrust into her. She moaned as her orgasm was still fresh, my cock fully inside her giving her a new sensation. Grabbing her left leg, I brought it up over my shoulder and I placed some soft kisses on her muscular thigh. I thrust into her hard, pinning her shoulders to the bed, feeling the tightness increase with her leg held up. Leaning down, I pinned her shoulder down with her leg, the look of lust in her eyes increasing as I started to dominate her. Brie brought her arm around and scratched her nails down the length of my back before grabbing my arse.

“Yeah, fuck me. Fuck me hard.” She moaned as I thrust deeply into her.

After a few more scratches on my back, I pulled my cock out of her. There was a look of disappointment in her eyes but I knew I wasn’t going to cum in that position; she was too wet. I picked her up by the arm and threw her forward on the bed; she landed on all fours and knew exactly what I wanted. She lowered her front so her chest was flat on the bed, her hole begging me to be entered. I positioned myself directly behind her and plunged my cock straight into her pussy, the wetness allowing my full length to go straight in.

Grabbing her hips, I pushed myself into her pussy hard and held onto her hips tightly. She had given up with the moaning and was screaming with pleasure as I fucked her pussy in complete contrast to what happened the night before. Letting go of one hip, I used my right hand to grab her hair and pulled it back, her eyes trying to peek over to lock them with me. She tried to say something between the moans and screams but failed, instead enjoying my thursting.

My orgasm approached immediately and I shot cum directly into her pussy. I let go of her hair as I climaxed and held onto her hips tightly, intent on keeping us in the same position. I arched my head back as I tried to catch my breath. It seemed to last forever but I eventually pulled out and sat on the bed, my back against the headboard. Brie collapsed onto her stomach before rolling onto her side and looking at me with a smile on her face. I smiled back at her, feeling incredibly satisfied.

“Now I thought you were a good gentle boy. That was not gentle…”

“I guess you just brought it out of me. Sorry.” I replied, a bead of sweat rolling down my face.

“Do not apologise, that wasn’t fantastic. You fucked the speech out of me at one point.” She said laughing, “You want breakfast?”

Then it hit me that I was supposed to be meeting Emilio. I looked over to the side to see my phone on the chair next to change of clothes Brie had provided me. Walking over, I picked it up to see that I have six missed calls and they were all from Emilio.

“I’d love to but I got to go meet my guy, we have a meeting this afternoon about a possible project. “

“Okay, well I certainly hope that I’m going to get to see you again before your wares are fully pimped out.”

“If I can fit you in, I would love to see you again.”

“Well you fit in me fine so I’m sure you’ll be able to return the favour.” She said with a devilish grin,

I called Emilio to let him know where I was and he agreed to collect me. Brie got dressed into her gym kit as I spoke to him and went to make a coffee pot for us. The change of clothes she provided didn’t fit perfectly but they were clean and didn’t smell of sick so they had the advantage over the suit. Going downstairs, I joined Brie for the coffee and she told me all about the research she was doing in preparation for starring as Captain Marvel.

It was really interesting to see how passionate she was about the project, more than you would expect from other blockbusters. She said it came from doing smaller types of films and how much you had to care about them to get them made in the first place. Bringing that sort of attitude to larger films is what ensured the soul would remain in them.

Emilio arrived about half an hour later and we went our separate ways. She took my number and promised to text me when she saw the screener of my film. I was a bit excited to see what she would think of it as she seemed to have good taste. Emilio seemed just as impressed as I was with her and was flabbergasted when I told him of my experience with her. He congratulated me on the success rate I had since I’d arrived in LA but warned me to keep my business head on with the meeting we were heading to.

Twenty minutes later, we were in the Grove to meet Amy’s producing partner Brett. He appeared very friendly as he approached us, dressed in a dark blue shirt and a light green shirt, a bit of an outlandish combination in my opinion.

“So how was the party last night? I hope you had a good time, I’ve been to those a few times.” Brett said just after the waitress took our order.

“Well it was quite eventful, more so than I expected.”

“Yeah, it’s one of the wild ones. There are plenty more sedate ones out there so don’t get too used to it!” he chuckled through his reply. “And Melissa, did you meet her?”

“Um… yeah. She was…” I paused a moment to think of what to say. “Did Amy say she’s going through a divorce?”

“Yeah, she started it late last year. Why? What happened?”

“Well she was incredibly drunk, like really far gone. When I arrived she was singing show tunes while wearing a cape. She sought me out later but before we had a change to properly talk, she was sick all over me.”

“Not the best first impression, huh?” Emilio interjected.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry Richard, we’ll have a chat with her about it. “

“Don’t be too hard on her; I’m sure the embarrassment will be enough. “

“Although she instigated it, she’s not taking it too well. She is worried about what people will think of her, especially considering the leak from a few years ago.”

She was part of the Fappening leak in 2015, pictures she took with her husband of them having sex had been splashed and viewed by millions. She was just in the process of getting the Supergirl role so wasn’t as affected as some of the bigger names.

“I’ll see if I can arrange something with her to give her the opportunity to apologise. I’m sure she’ll make another impression on you, a better one this time.” Brett advised.

“Have you thought about Brie Larson in the role instead?”

Brett laughed as I changed the subject slightly.

“Yeah, she was who the character was based on but Marvel has her completely locked up. We’d have no chance.” he replied. “Any is doing a reading for some supporting actresses in a few days. I checked with Emilio and he said you have the day free but can you come over? It would be great if you could join her and give your opinion.”

I looked at Emilio and he nodded.

“Yeah I could do that. Send me the details over and I will be there.”

As we finished arranging it, the food arrived at our table and we tucked into eating. I learned the history of Amy and Brett’s friendship as they started in the industry at the same time but on opposite sides of the camera. She had even joined him and his husband on their honeymoon cruise. The meeting went really well and it was agreed they would send the contract details to my management company for them to review and for me to sign when I returned to London.

The meeting concluded after several hours of chat as we got to know each other better, laying a path to make the working relationship easier. We shook hands after the meal and agreed to keep in touch in case there was any change of plans.

After they left the room, I waited a couple of minutes as Emilio went to pay the bill and we walked out into the sun light. There was nothing planned for the rest of the day so we took a walk around the Grove and Emilio gave me an insight into the people he’s worked with. We were just entering a store when his phone rang and he had to take a call. I walked on into the store and looked through the available shirts when I noticed a blonde follow me in, seemingly checking me out. I couldn’t see her face but she was wearing a short white dress and a pair of sandals on her feet, the straps going up her tanned legs.

I was about the approach her when I saw Emilio walk into the store.

“I’m really sorry man but my brother’s been involved in a car accident. I’ve got to the hospital.”

“Oh jeez, don’t apologise. Go on, I’ll make my own way back to house. Let me know later how he is.”

He brought himself in before walking out of the store. I went back to the shirts and I noticed that the blonde had seemingly disappeared. I grabbed a couple of shirts from the rack and walked back to the changing area. There was no one admitting people so I walked into one of the stalls and stripped my top off. I grabbed one of the shirts and slid it on, fidgeting with the cut on my shoulders a little bit. There was no mirror in the stall so I walked out to the changing corridor where I noticed a full length mirror on my way in.

Standing at the end of the corridor, in front of the mirror, was the blonde woman from earlier. I could tell it was the same person due to the strapping of the sandals; they snaked up her smooth calf muscles and stopped just short of her knee. The white dress was gone and she stood there clad only in a black thong, she had a nice rounded bubble butt, toned by the gym and squats. My view of the reflection of her breasts was blocked by her back but I could tell she was thin with an exquisite curve to her hips. I couldn’t see her face as her head was turned to the side and only her nose snuck out from behind her hair.

“This store was supposed to be closed for me this afternoon and me only.” she said in a thick middle-class English accent. “But I saw you come in and I couldn’t resist letting you stay. “

The voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it.

“And why would you let me stay?”

“Because I’ve wanted to fuck you for years Richard and this seems like as good a place as anywhere.”

She bent down as she pulled the thong down her legs, showing good flexibility by keeping her legs straight. I watched her movement with eager eyes, the lips of her pussy peeking through her thigh gap. It looked smooth and tight from this angle. As she stood straight, she lifted her foot up and removed her thong from it. With a good aim, she threw it over her shoulder and into my waiting arms.

“Put that in your pocket; consider it a trophy for your war chest.”

“I know you, don’t I?” I asked, still unsure who it was.

“Course you do darling,” she said as she turned to face me. “You did go out with my friend.”

I had a look of disbelief as I saw Alice Eve standing naked in front of me. A few years ago, I had gone out with her friend Elizabeth for a few months and her friends disapproved of me, they were all upper class and a guy from the east end of London was not someone they should date. Eventually, they told her that I’d slept with Alice when we were working on a play together, which broke her heart and our relationship.

I had tried to make her see the truth but they had set her mind completely against me and I couldn’t salvage our relationship. I didn’t know how much Alice had been involved in the break up but she had remained the focal point of my hate for these years.

“And why should I want to come anywhere near you?”

“Because look at me…”

I did as she commanded and surveyed her body. The work in the gym had certainly paid off; her stomach was incredibly flat and quite toned from crunches with her abdominal muscles showing through in a feminine way. Her breasts had always been large, about a 32D I think, and they had a great shape to them because of the gym work, no sign of sag whatsoever. Looking down, her legs were long and toned with a nice tan on them and waxed completely smooth. Speaking of smooth, her pussy was completely free of hair and looked to be very neat, no labia showing through.

“You’ve got me there.”

“Trust me, when everything went down with Elizabeth, I was conflicted and did tell her that I didn’t do anything but she’d known that I wanted you. Why did you think they told her it was me who shagged you? There were plenty of others who were much sluttier than me. Also, she knew she what went on in the theatre and how all actresses are hussies.”

I laughed at her comment.

“But I have a much more personal reason. “

“Which is?” I asked as she started to stride towards me.

“After you, she became a bit of a whore herself, fed up of being the good girl all the time. So she had a couple of affairs and then fucked my husband when we were at a party. She sucked his cock as I sat in the next room with her parents! So I vowed, if I got the opportunity, I’d suck you and fuck you and send her a picture of it to enjoy.”

I smiled as she stepped in front of me, her lips only inches from my own.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before you made the leap across the Atlantic, you’re too talented to stay with the London stage.”

“And your husband?” I asked

“That guilty little shit? He knows the deal. In London, I’m the prim and proper obedient wife. Just as suited to someone of my station, like papa wants me to be.”

“And in Los Angeles?”

“I’m whatever the fuck I want to be. “

Alice leaned in and placed her lips on my own; her hands brought up and gently rested on my chest.

“Why would I want to be a part of your revenge plot?” I asked

“Because she wasn’t the only heartbroken one? Because I’m fucking gorgeous and standing naked in front of you with perfect breasts? Because you’re bored? I honestly couldn’t give a shit!”

I was taken slightly aback by how crude and forthright she was being.

“I’ve known you five years and in that entire time, I’ve wanted to fuck you. You’ve got a nice cock and you know how to pleasure a woman, I’ve literally heard the orgasm. Unless of course you’re no longer the Richard Cole I know and you’re just some Hollywood hipster pussy now.”

I had to give it to her; she knew how to rile me up. She brought her mouth close to mine and licked my lips, her tongue tapping my nose as he pulled away. I looked at her with a ton of hate in my eyes, the girl was an utter bitch but she was completely right and her body looked too amazing to turn down.

“Get your phone then.”

She turned heel and walked to the end booth. Leaning it to grab her phone, I took the opportunity to look at the side view of her body. She was very lithe and breasts and bum appeared large in comparison to the rest of her body. After picking the phone up, she walked back to me and started to lean in and kiss me but I stopped her with a hand to her shoulder. I grabbed the phone and scrolled through the options to access her album. It was full of selfies and some group shots of her friends. I was disappointed there were no nudes but came to the conclusion she was much more careful than that.

“If we’re doing this; we’ll do it my way. On your knees slut!” I commanded.

Alice did as commanded and looked up at me with willing eyes. I took the phone and snapped a photo of her face. She couldn’t help but hold a pose and let out a little giggle as I started to snap. She stopped as she saw the serious look on my face though.

“Get on with it then and we’ll see if you earn the right to have my cock in you!”

Alice took the hint and undid my belt, even on her knees she was at a good height. She pulled it from the jeans and threw it into the changing room next to us. Slowly, she undid the buttons on the jeans without breaking eye contact. I’d switched over from the camera to the video and hit the record button; she was a natural looking down the lens. I decided to have a little fun.

“So who are we dedicating this video to?”

Her eyes looked a little bit shocked but she eased into it. She lowered the jeans and my boxer shorts, allowing my already hard cock to hit her in the face. She nuzzled it while giggling before grabbing hold with her right hand. Placing a kiss on the head as she pulled the foreskin back, her eyes returned to the camera. She took the head of the cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around. Alice’s eyes rolled up to show her enjoyment and made a muffled sound.  She took my cock out and held it close by.

“You may not have understood but I said this is dedicated to Slutty Lizzy Grantham.”

Alice immediately returned my cock into her mouth and started to suck up and down it. Her mouth wasn’t the biggest so only managed to get half of it down before my cock hit the back of her throat. She kept her gaze on the camera as her mouth went up and down my cock, her left hand reaching around and gripping my arse cheek. A lot of saliva worked up in her mouth and she spat some on my cock after pulling it out of her mouth and pumped it with her right hand.

“God this cock tastes nice Richard. Can’t believe Lizzie gave it up.”

Alice was about to put my cock back into her mouth but stopped as the head reached her lips. She winked at me before dropping her head down and running her tongue along my balls, licking all around. I kept them shaved for just this purpose and she took each ball into her mouth and sucked on them.

“God this feels good.” I moaned as she hungrily sucked on my balls.

“My pussy is drenched; I can’t wait for you to get in there!”

“Well stand up and I will.”

Alice jumped up from her knees and wrapped her arms around me. Overcome with lust, she forced her tongue into my mouth and wriggled it around ferociously; I struggled to keep her phone in my hand and dropped it onto the floor. I lifted her up in my arms and took her right nipple into my mouth, sucking on it hard. She moaned as I played with her sensitive nipple; wrapping her legs around me and grinding her pussy into my abdomen. I gripped her arse hard as I swapped between her nipples, sucking and biting them in turn.

“Christ, I need that cock in me.”

I lowered her to the floor and kissed her lips, holding in her head in place as our passion was inflamed even more. As I let her go, Alice bit her lip and looked around the area. She turned around and walked to the mirror and before rounding the corner. I followed in her footsteps while stroking my penis to ensure its hardness, feeling her pussy juices on my cock. As I turned the corner; I was greeted by the sight of Alice on her side, laying on a leather sofa, her legs spread and fingers teasing her clit.

“You better get here before I finish myself off.”

Following her instructions, I immediately put my knees on the leather and moved my cock to her entrance. I smiled as I slowly slid my cock into her awaiting pussy, sliding in easily due to the wetness. I started to thrust into her tightness when I remembered to use the camera in my hand. I turned on the video and filmed her body as my cock into her pussy, her legs wrapping around my hip.

“Tell the camera how much you love my cock!”

“Oh my god…. So much…. So good.” Alice said in between moans.

“Can you imagine anyone giving it up?”

“Lord no, stupid bitch!”

I chuckled to myself as she let it out the insult, knowing how much she was loving my cock in her. I reach beck my hand and slapped her arse hard, timing it to hit as my cock reached full length inside of her.

“Harder! Make me cum!” Alice screamed.

I followed her instructions and continued to spank her arse as I thrust into her harder. Her body started to shake as she started to climax so I continued to thrust inside of her. I reached my hand again and gave her arse the hardest slap.

“Oh my God, yes! I’m cumming! Ooohh!”

Alice’s body fell limp as she enjoyed her orgasm and I slowed my thrusting. I looked over her naked body as she laid there still for a moment, her eyes closed and her hands gently rubbing her breasts.

“You ready for the money shot?” I asked.

Meekly, Alice nodded her head and slid down onto the floor, moving to the front of me on her knees. I moved to sit down on the sofa as Alice grabbed my penis and moved it to her mouth. Stopping her hand, I shook my head and pointed at her breasts. She knew exactly what I wanted and, as I turned the video recorder back on, Alice placed my cock between her pert breasts and started to move it in between her.

Alice was looking down at her breasts as she pumped hard, a little bit of pre-cum seeping out.

“I’m going to cover you like Lizzie wanted but never got!”

She looked at me with a smile as she increased the pace of the pumping with her breasts. She lowered he head just as my cum started to spurt out hard, covering her. Like a trooper, she carried on pumping allowing all my cum to spray over her face, neck and chest. To my surprise, she rubbed my penis over her nipple, depositing the last of the cum on it. As the camera rolled, she lifted the breast to her mouth and sucked the cum off of her nipple.

“That was lovely, thank you Richard.” Alice said to the camera and finishing off with a wink.

I put the phone to the side and leaned back against the wall, Alice already getting off her feet and walking into a cubicle to retrieve her dress. She returned to me with her dress and bra back on but was clearly not wearing the thong as it was will in the pocket of my trousers.

“Thank you Richard, I enjoyed that revenge fuck and you were really good. I may approach you again for a normal fuck, maybe pass your name around the girls. You’ll get to shag the whole crew then.”

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, cum still on her face, and massaged her tongue on mine. I felt her grab the phone as she stood back up.

“I’m going to go out the back exit, more private that way. You leave by the front in five minutes; the manager is across the road so she’ll come back over when she sees you leave.”

She walked out toward the shop floor without saying as much as a good bye. I let out a sigh of relief after what had just happened and smiled at my experience. After a couple of minutes, I realised the stupidity of me sitting in a changing room semi-naked and I got up to put my clothes back on. I left the shirts I was trying in the changing area and headed to the front of the store.

I decided to walk around the Grove for a bit to get comfortable in the city a bit more; I imagined I would be spending more time here if the deal to direct Amy’s film went through. I browsed in a few of the clothing stores and the Apple shop; buying several new tops and an Apple watch to take back home before popping into an artisan coffee shop.

I realised that I hadn’t checked my phone all day so decided to scroll through it while drinking my latte. There were two voice mails and a text message waiting for me after I turned it on. The text was from Emilio to inform me that his brother was okay but being kept in for observation. It was unlikely he would be with me tomorrow so would e-mail my inventory later on in the day. I clicked onto my voice mail and listened to both of the messages.

“Richard, this is Amy. I’ve spoken to Brett and he told me all about last night. I’m really sorry about what happened with Mel. I’m having dinner with her tomorrow so I’ll speak to her then about it. I know she’s having a hard time but that amount of drinking in a public party will do her no good, she’ll get a reputation. I’ll see you in a couple of days for the tests.”

I clicked onto message two.

“Hi, I hope this is Richard Cole. My name’s Kirsten Dunst and I am an actress. I’ve heard you’re in town and that you may have a new project. I’m looking to make some sort of come back and would be really interested in meeting you. My number is 874-698-144; hope to hear from you. “

The second message was certainly a turn up for the books. I’d had a crush on Kirsten since I first saw her in ‘Bring It On!’ and she’d aged very well, though I hadn’t seen her in anything since ‘Batchelorette’. I made a mental note to get the rest of my week planned so I could try and fit her in, maybe get a bit more than just a lunch meeting.

I must have gone into a bit of a day dream because, when I came to, there was a red head standing over me. I recognised her instantly as Emma Stone, the star of ‘La La Land’ that everyone was excited about at the moment. She smiled at me before sitting in the seat opposite me.

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind me bothering you. I’m Emma. You’re Richard Cole, right?” She said as she extended her hand.

I took her hand and shook it with a smile on my face.

“That is me and there’s no need to introduce yourself, I know who you are. I’m a big fan of your work. Easy A is a masterpiece. I’m surprised you know who I am though. “

“Well it was my friend who recognised you,” she said nodding to a brunette in the corner. “But once she did; I had to come and say hello.”

“Oh thank you. Your friend looks familiar too, is she famous?”

“Yeah; her name’s Elizabeth Olsen. She wanted to come over but she’s on the phone with her ex, they’re going through custody issues over a dog.”

“Well then let’s hope that doesn’t get messy.”

“No. Well anyway, I just had to say I really liked ‘Dandelion’. I thought it was really romantic and a good departure from your stage work.”

“You know my stage stuff?” I asked

This surprised me as I had written a few plays but they’d only been performed at a few small theatres in the UK. It would be the equivalent of ‘off off Broadway’ and had been limited to a few hundred people for each play.

“Well I was filming in London and caught one during one of my days off. I was a lot less famous then so it was easier to go incognito. A friend has seen all of them so she arranged for videos of yours and a few other people’s plays to head my way.”

“Thank you, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them. A few were quite personal but I’m glad others appreciate them.”

“I don’t mean to pry but did you do any of the sex stuff? I mean it can be a bit full on if you’re a prude?”

My mind wandered as the film had three sex scenes and my experience with Amy called back to two of them.

“A couple yeah, others are from what my friends have had. I mean, sex is a part of life, there’s no reason to be afraid or hide from it. Nothing the body does naturally should be taboo.”

“Even the orgy?” she blurted out before going slightly red.

“Well I’ve never been involved in an orgy but never say never.”

I was wondering where this would be going when Elizabeth called over to Emma, indicating the time and that they had to leave.

“Oh, I’m sorry, we have to run. There’s a concert tonight and it’s a while away so we’ve got to head off. I’ll see you around.”

I nodded to her and said goodbye as she left. I took the opportunity to look at her as she did and was surprised that she had a bit of an arse on her. She always seemed tall and thin so a nice feature like that was appreciated. After they left, I finished my latte and checked the time. It was starting to get on in the afternoon so I decided to head back to the condo for an early night and to write some pointers on the script Amy had sent me.

After picking up an Uber, the drive back to the condo went quickly as the traffic wasn’t too bad. The forty five minutes in the car gave me the opportunity to read through some business e-mails and the itinerary from Emilio. Luckily he’d decided to give me a day by day play for the next week. Tomorrow seemed a fairly easy day with a viewing of a film by Spanish director Diego Mendes. There were numerous parallels between us so it would be interesting to see what he was bringing to the table. The next day would be free for some writing, while there were also interviews and a couple of parties to attend in the next week.

I was delighted to see that what my management company classed as a work trip seemingly mounted to attending a few lunches, parties and the occasional interview. For someone who had grinded at his job for 10 years, this was the least taxing working fortnight in my life. I arrived back just after 6 o’clock and was ready for a night of script reading but I noticed that the lights were on. I shrugged it off as Emilio probably left them on when he came to meet me this morning.

I walked into the house and there was some R’n’B music playing throughout the house. I knew there was a sound system but I hadn’t had the opportunity to play with it, the sound was crisp and volume even as I walked through into the lounge. There was I was greeted with the back of a red headed woman. She wore a long see-through robe with a white bra, a matching lace thong and suspenders visible underneath. She was swaying to the music and appeared to have a glass of wine in her hand. I coughed softly to get her attention and she turned around to look at me.

“You appear to be your underwear in my house.”

“Yours? I thought you were just renting.”

“Well technically leasing for the week. But still the point stands.”

“Lucky I’ve already poured you a glass then.”

The red head walked to the kitchen and grabbed the second glass of wine from the side. She turned around and I noticed the heels that she wore weren’t the tallest but they accentuated her legs, making her seem much taller than she was. She walked over to me with confidence and her thin body suited the underwear, her flat stomach exposed by the robe. She handed me the glass, her fingers lingering on my hand as I took it.

“This isn’t going to knock me out cold, is it?”

“No of course not, I need you awake for what I have planned. I’m Jessica.”

“I know who you are. I actually met a co-star of yours earlier; Emma Stone.”

“Ah, she’s a sweet kid. Bit easy to intimidate with sexuality though. I’m sensing you’re not intimidated though.”

“What makes you think that?” I asked as she leaned on the edge of the sofa.

“You’re not blushing and you haven’t once looked at my tits. “

“Maybe I’m arse man!” I said with a smile.

Jessica nodded her head and immediately turned around. She removed the gown leaving her in the underwear only and bent over the arm of the sofa. I approached her and ran my hand down her back. She shivered at my light touch as I followed her spine down to her arse. I looked at the underwear and saw the thong was over the suspenders, allowing it to be removed while keeping the suspenders in place. I reached my hand over the right cheek and could feel the firmness. She was a few years younger than Amy but her arse was similarly toned. I gave it a slap and she let out a little yelp as my hand contacted her cheek.

“That’s got a nice feel to it.”

“A vegan diet and plenty of squats; the perfect combo for a firm ass and soft skin.”

“And why do I get this opportunity?” I asked as I slid my top off.

Jessica went to stand back up but I placed a firm hand on her back, keeping her in the position.

“I’ve had two Oscar nominations and didn’t win either. I need that gold in my life. I’ve known some directors but I think you’re the one to get me over the line.”

“You could audition like everyone else!” I stated as I kicked off my shoes and socks.

“I have enough talent to do that but so do many others. I’m fed up of losing out the action roles to Emily Blunt, the quirky indie roles to Zooey Deschanel or Bryce Dallas Howard and comedy to Emma Stone!”

I undid my jeans as she looked back, licking her lips at the obvious bulge.

“So what makes you so special? Why shouldn’t I try and fuck them?”

“Blunt is always away filming, Zooey wouldn’t cheat on her husband, you’re not Bryce’s type and Emma is frigid.”

I slide my boxer shorts down and stood there naked in front of her, my penis standing in full size pointing at her

“And I’ll let you fuck my ass.”

Jessica licked her lips again as I approached her and gave her other cheek a hard slap. My cock rubbed against her pussy through the material and I could feel the wetness, excitement exuding from her entire being. Aware of the red mark on her arse, I reached my fingers over and, with a very light touch, slid my fingers over back, feeling slight goose pimples appear at my touch.

Jessica let out a little moan as the head of my cock rested at her slit, only the lacy material of her thong stopping it from entering her. She reached around and undid her bra, slipping if off of her shoulders and throwing it to the side. She rested her head on the cushion, her eyes seeking me out as I continued to rub back. I noticed the mirror at the end of room and watched her face as I teased her more. I always thought she had quite hard features but the face looked incredibly soft as she felt the pleasure of my teasing.

I decided to take control a little more by grabbing the robe and removing the material used to tie it. I grabbed Jessica’s hands behind the back and tied them in place; loose enough for her to move them but tight enough to ensure they’d stay behind her.

“I haven’t been with someone this forceful for a while.” She said to me, facing me via the mirror.

“Well maybe you need to be dominated a bit more. This isn’t going to guarantee you a place in my films…”

“I only need to guarantee your cock in me for now.” She said cutting me off.

I reached my hand down and moved her thong to the side. Running my hand along her pussy, I could feel she was very wet and ready for my cock to be inside her. Her pussy was smooth except for a small bit of hair on the top, similar to how Amy was. Maybe all Hollywood red heads are the same, a show of pride for their hair colour.

“Give it to me!” she exclaimed as my fingers came into contact with her now exposed clit.

I stepped forward slightly and pushed my cock into her, half way at first but I was able to fully slide myself in with a few thrusts. I looked into the mirror to see Jessica had closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of my full length in her pussy. The tightness made it obvious that she didn’t do this sort of thig regularly so maybe I could count myself lucky.

Taking note of the comment she had made earlier, I licked the fingers that had teased her pussy just before my cock had gone in to make them wet. I could taste her sweet juices and considered stopping for a moment to taste her pussy. I’d already slept with two girls today without going down on either of them but one look at her face in the mirror and I could tell that would be a mistake. Jessica’s eyes were closed and her face was a mask of pleasure, need the refreshment that only an orgasm could bring.

Instead I moved the thong further to the side and teased her arsehole with my thumb. I continued to thrust into her to heighten the pleasure but she still let out a yelp of pain when I slipped my first finger in.

“Should I stop?”

“No!” she said in between moans. “But I want to cum before you go in there.”

I took her words seriously and increased the pace of my thrusting, the occasional slap to her arse cheeks as I did so. I kept looking at Jessica’s face and her eyes remained closed as I pushed into her hard, her mouth open and moaning all the way through. I could feel the pace increase as she started to push back hard in time with my thrusting, the sofa rocking with our movements.

“Yes, just there! Oh my God!” she exclaimed in between the moans.

Deciding her pushing back would be more than what was required, I concentrated on her arse.  My finger was starting to go in and out fairly easily so I decided to push on. Spitting some saliva down for extra lubricant, I gently moved my middle finger in to join the index and moved the two in motion as Jessica pushed back more, the occasional grunt joining her moans as she became more animalistic. Her hands fidgeted with the lace as the pleasure took over so I reached over and grabbed a load of hair.

As her hair was pulled back, Jessica opened her eyes to look at me, a deviant smile on her lips. I pushed further in to her arsehole, a third finger joining in, and Jessica licked her lips as she got closer to her orgasm. I let her hair go and pushed her back to the sofa, my hand grabbing her hip and giving it a squeeze. Finally, after a few more thrusts, Jessica screamed loudly as her orgasm took over.

“Oh shit! That’s so good, just there. Hold it!”

I held the position allowing her to go through the motions of the orgasm. Her body started to relax as her orgasm subsided but I wasn’t ready to finish just yet. I undid the lace from her hands and she immediately drew them underneath her body. I couldn’t see her face but I could tell she was smiling with the afterglow. I withdrew my hard cock from her pussy and primed it with her juices.

Instinctively, Jessica spread her legs wider before bringing her arms around and spreading her cheeks. I took my fingers and slowly inserted my cock into her arse, taking it slowly at first. Her face contorted to show she was uncomfortable to start with but that soon changed as I thrust slowly and she got used to it being there.

“You finish yourself good in there.” She said she removed her hands from her arse.

“I will, you’re gonna be filled up.”

“Good, I can’t wait to feel that warm spunk in me.”

Jessica raised herself up as she leaned on her hands so she was in a better position and I started thrust into her harder. The tightness of her pussy was nothing in comparison to her arse and I could feel her muscles pushing down hard on me, the friction causing pleasure with every thrust.

I gripped onto her arse cheeks as I pushed further in, Jessica looking at me through her the ginger hair as I did so.

“Mmm,” she moaned as I pushed into her hard.

I became aware as to why when I saw her lift her index finger to her mouth and starting to suck on it. He tongue entwined her finger as she moaned through the sucking.

“God I taste so nice after an orgasm. I better get you to lick my pussy next time.”

“Next time?” I asked

“Cast me in something and you can have any which way, any time.”

I smiled at the thought of that and I could feel myself getting closer. I gripped onto her hips and rapidly increased my thrusting into her; I wanted to fill her arse fully, shooting my entire load into her. I reached my hand back and gave it another hard slap.  I could my balls tighten and I leaned my head back as I came insider her, thrusting through the entire spurt and only stopping when the cum stopped.

I pulled out of her and gave her arse another little slap before walking back to the wine glass and drinking it down. As I finished the drink, I watched Jessica walk towards me completely naked. The ginger pubic hair was very neatly trimmed and her breasts were fairly small but nice and pert. It was great to finally get a look at her glorious body.

“Now that was a fantastic fuck. Looks like directing isn’t the only thing you’re good at.”

“Thank you, I do try my best. Would you like more wine and stay for some food? Maybe we can discuss some project ideas.”

Jessica smiled at the proposition and leant on the side of the kitchen island.

“That sounds like a lovely idea. “

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