12 Gauge Training

Title: 12 Gauge Training

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Carrie Underwood, Paige VanZant

Codes: FF, cons, oral, toys

Summary: Carrie Underwood trains with Paige VanZant

Disclaimer:  The following is a consensual story featuring two female celebrities. Any similarity to reality is coincidental. This idea, like a bunch of my stories, came to me randomly while I was trying to sleep.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – thebiglove126@yahoo.com or chat with me on YIM. When it comes to requests, I am currently not taking them anymore. I’ve allowed too many to go unfulfilled so it’s not fair to say I’ll take them and then do nothing.

“For someone who has only been doing this for under a year, you’re doing pretty damn good,” Salvatore, the trainer for the Knockout Zone gym in Miami, told his client, Carrie Underwood.

It had been eight months since the recently divorced Underwood bought a place in Miami, wanting to get away from the memories of her ex-husband, Mike Fisher. Mike was still a star in the city of Nashville, being one of the top players on the Predators NHL team. She heard his name, saw his face and heard how good of a man he was and it made her sick. The mother of one had walked in on him in her bed with a member of her sound crew, causing her to immediately file for divorce.

Now a full-time resident of South Beach, the thirty-three-year-old country superstar took a hiatus from music to focus on being a mother on being a new woman. On her first weekend in the city, she found the mixed martial arts gym and started training in the combat sport. The entire staff was amazed at how quickly the rookie took to the sport, helped by how in-shape she had kept herself. After eight months, she had drawn the attention of the trainers of professional fighters, including the trainer of one of the youngest stars in the sport, “12 Gauge” Paige VanZant.

The strawweight fighter was going to in Miami for the weekend and was seeking a sparring partner. She was very surprised to hear the name of Carrie Underwood as a potential partner and out of curiosity, selected her. Due to media appearances, she arrived at the gym as the sun disappears over the horizon. With Carrie’s son visiting his father for the weekend, the singer had no problem with the late appointment.

Paige arrived in time to see Carrie take down one of the female trainers and put her in a choke hold. She was impressed at the ability of the amateur and went off to the locker room to change. Minutes later, Paige walked towards the cage, wearing lime green shorts and a black sports bra; her hair tied back in a braided ponytail. Carrie quickly followed, dressed in an ultra-tight pink tank top and black shorts that almost could be classified as underwear; her hair tied in a regular ponytail.

The women touched gloves and began to spar. Despite all the progress Carrie had made in her short time training, competing against a professional was much more intense than sparring with a trainer. Carrie took two jabs and was taken down very quickly. Paige wrapped her arms around Carrie’s throat and tapped her out in under thirty seconds.

“Okay, okay, enough jokin’ around,” Paige said, helping Carrie to her feet. “Let’s go for real.”

Carrie looked nervous, thinking she had given her best. A little doubt started to swirl inside her, something that did not help as she was taken down and tapped out again, this time in under twenty seconds.

“Okay seriously, I heard you were good, let’s go,” Paige said as they started again, once more ending fast. “Okay, you really need to stop messing around. One more chance,” she said.

The matchup ended quickly once more and the professional fighter felt like this whole thing was turning into a massive waste of time.

“I’m sorry,” Carrie said. “I guess my trainers must have overhyped me.”

“Yeah, no shit, you freakin’ suck,” Paige said, walking out of the cage.

“Hey Paige, go easy on her,” Salvatore said. “We told you she was inexperienced.”

“Yeah, you were told that she wasn’t going to be a fair fight,” another trainer said.

Paige did not seem to care about the men’s words until she felt a rush of air blowing by her as Carrie raced off to the locker room, audibly crying. She looked back at the men, who both looked extremely bothered by the professional’s attitude. The smug anger on her face slowly faded as she realized her mistake. She nodded at the men and started towards the locker room to chase after the crying amateur.

Carrie ran past her locker and into a bathroom stall, shutting and locking the door before sitting on the toilet and crying into her hands. She ripped the black sweatband off her head and used it to wipe away her tears. She had become a big fan of Paige during her training and to hear the girl be so aggressively rude to her broke her healing heart.

“Carrie? Carrie?” Paige called out as she entered the locker room. “You in here?”

Carrie silenced her cries, hoping that Paige would leave her alone but was unable to, letting an inadvertent loud sob out. Paige walked into the bathroom are and lightly knocked on the stall door.

“Carrie, I know you’re in there,” she said. “Can you come out?”

Carrie ignored Paige’s request and continued to cry. Paige grew impatient and used her fingernail to unlock the stall and pull the door open, seeing the crying singer looking up at her.

“Come with me,” Paige said, extending a hand.

Carrie let her sweatband hit the floor and grabbed Paige’s hand. The younger woman led her back into the locker area, sitting her down on a bench.

“Look, I went a little crazy out there,” Paige explained. “I said things I shouldn’t have said and I am sorry. You don’t suck, you’re just new.”

“I thought I was progressing,” Carrie said through tears. “Everyone had told me how good I was doing and that I was pro-ready. I was stupid for listening.”

“You aren’t stupid, they were just building up your confidence,” Paige said. “Without confidence, you’re worthless in MMA. Trust me, I lost a bit of confidence and that’s why I’ve lost two of my last three fights.”

“Well my confidence is pretty shot now,” Carrie said, wiping away another tear. “I should probably just stay in my home gym from now on. I kind of got exposed on front of my trainers.”

“You need to stop being so hard on yourself,” Paige said, putting an arm over Carrie’s sweaty shoulder. “But about this personal gym, I know you’ve got cash so is this a big one or a small one?”

“Big,” Carrie responded. “My entire basement, about the size of the floor here.”

“Can I see it?” Paige asked. “I’ll give you a free training session, as an apology.”

Carrie smiled for the first time as Paige gave her a big smile and a quick hug. The girls gathered their belongings and headed out of the locker room hand in hand, surprising the trainers.

“12 Gauge must have a way with words,” Salvatore told the other man.

Paige and Carrie got into their respective cars and headed to the beachside house. Carrie had a feeling that she was being to forgiving and trusting of the women she barely knew, a flaw that was to blame for the situation with her marriage. She shrugged that off and kept positive thoughts, believing that Paige was truly sorry for insulting her.

Once at the house, Carrie blended a protein shake for herself and her guest before heading upstairs to change into a different set of workout clothes. Paige wandered her way downstairs to find the gym, very impressed with what the superstar singer could put together. She grabbed onto the cage and gave it a quick shake, testing it and finding it much sturdier than most she had trained in. As she stepped inside the cage, Carrie came down the stairs wearing a new pair of black shorts and a bright orange sports bra, showing off her amazingly tight body.

“Damn, I didn’t think you’d be so in-shape,” Paige said. “Guess I should pay more attention.”

“Thanks,” Carrie said, taking a sip of her shake. “I don’t think I’ll ever look as good as you. I;ve got twelve years and a pregnancy on you.”

“I’d say that you’re a pretty bad ass bitch,” Paige said with a laugh. “You had a baby and still look like that. That must’ve taken a shit ton of work.”

“Way too much,” Carrie nodded as she walked past Paige and entered the cage. “Come on, teach me how to not suck so much.”

Paige smirked before beginning the training session. She spent the next half-hour trying to teach her older student how to perform takedowns, lockups and submission holds. This was much more intense and hands-on of training than Carrie had experienced at the gym. She quickly learned that the men and women who had been training her were not showing her what a true fighter would go through, probably out of fear of hurting a single mother worth over seventy million dollars. The amateur learned more in this first half-hour than she had in the previous eight months combined.

After a quick break, the next half-hour was spent teaching Carrie how to escape hold and apply counter holds. Paige taught her how to reverse almost every one of her holds. Once she felt her student was ready, and after another quick rest, “12 Gauge” took the training wheels off and started to give her a full effort.

“Ready for a full spar?” she asked, looking Carrie up and down.

“Come at me,” Carrie said while stretching.

“Careful what you wish for,” Paige responded.

The women squared off and, while not a quick thirty second bout, the professional still showed exactly why she was making money from mixed martial arts competition. Paige put Carrie in an armbar and made her tap after about a minute. Paige relaxed her hold but continued to keep Carrie’s arms between her legs, nuzzled tightly against her crotch.

“Um, Paige?” Carrie asked. “You want to let me go?”

“Oh sorry,” Paige said with a nervous laugh.

“It’s okay,” Carrie said as she got control of her arm back. “Let’s go again.”

“You sure?” the flustered pro asked.

“What’s the matter? Is 12 Gauge scared?” Carrie mocked as she bounced around. “Put ‘em up.”

The girls touched gloves before starting another match. Paige quickly grabbed Carrie’s left leg, hooking her arm under her crotch. Paige stared Carrie in the eyes but did not do anything but hold her in place. After a few seconds, Carrie pushed Paige down and tackled her on the ground. The pro squirmed around, trying to prevent the hold her student was trying to apply. Soon, she maneuvered herself around and found her face underneath Carrie’s crotch.

“What the?” Carrie asked, feeling a deep inhale from the nose wedged against her pussy. “What are you doing?”

Carrie stood up and looked down at Paige, who looked as guilty as a person could look. Slowly, she made her way to her feet and looked the older woman in the eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I should probably go.”

Paige started to leave the cage when Carrie grabbed her by the arm.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. “I don’t want you to leave.”

“After that, you probably do,” Paige said, still looking nervous.

“After what?” Carrie asked, genuinely confused.

“You just caught me sniffing your, um, there,” she stammered, pointing at Carrie’s crotch. “And I held your arm against mine and forgot to let go because…”

“Because why?” Carrie quietly asked.

Paige did not say a word but instead leaned in and planted a quick kiss on Carrie’s lips. The older blonde was shocked as she felt the twenty-two-year-old blonde’s lips press against hers and pull away before she could react. Paige looked guilty as she started to leave again, but was stopped by Carrie again. Without saying a word, Carrie planted a longer kiss onto Paige, grabbing the back of her head to keep her from trying to run again.

The younger woman pressed her hand against Carrie’s exposed stomach, feeling her tight abs underneath her fingers. Slowly, her hand made its way to her shorts and began to tug at them when the kiss broke. She started to pull her hand away but Carrie held onto it, guiding it down her shorts. The women shared a smile as the fingers slid past Carrie’s lightly trimmed pubic hair and touched her damp, swollen clit.

“Fighting gets me really happy,” Carrie said. “I’ve never had anyone to share that with since I train in a public gym and I’m not exactly a fan of men after my husband cheated on me.”

“I’m the same way,” Paige said, her fingers hooking inside of Carrie’s cunt, tickling her insides. “But I have someone on standby to get the energy out.”

“Women included?” Carrie asked before a loud moan escaped her lips. “Fuck!”

“Yes,” Paige said. “I prefer it. They know what I want.”

“I’ve never…oh SHIT…been with a girl,” Carrie said as Paige worked her hand across her cunt.

Paige gave Carrie another kiss as she dug more of her hand in the older woman’s shorts. Eventually, she pulled the shorts down, breaking the kiss to drop to her knees. Carrie looked down at Paige’s glowing eyes staring up at her.

“Oh fuck!” Carrie exclaimed as Paige held her pussy lips open with two fingers from fingerless-gloved hand and lightly blew into her.

Without breaking their locked eyes, Paige’s sharp little tongue escaped from her mouth and started to circle around the waiting entryway. Carrie’s body was starting to shake as jolts of electricity shot through her body because of the pro fighter’s tongue teasing her. Soon, the teasing was gone and insertion took its place. The point of Paige’s tongue disappeared inside the singer’s snatch.

“Fuck!” Carrie yelled as she backed up to the cage, which was now the only thing keeping her on her feet.

Paige placed her hands-on Carrie’s thighs and pushed her hard against the cage, holding her in place and letting her do all the work. She began to bob her head back and forth, rubbing her nose hard against Carrie’s throbbing clitoris, a moan from both women coming with each bump.

“Faster,” Carrie moaned, running her fingers through Paige’s hair, and undoing her braided ponytail.

Paige pressed her lips against Carrie’s cunt lips, sucking in and out while her tongue shot forward and back. Carrie’s fingers hooked into the cage to keep her balance as she started to lose control of her body. Once her clit ended up being sucked into the girl’s mouth, she lost it.

“GOD!!!” Carrie screamed as her entire body convulsed, her legs going limp.

Paige used all her strength to keep Carrie standing as the orgasm rocked her body. The older woman’s fingers were holding on for all they were worth to keep her from falling on her teacher. Every muscle twitched and sent shockwaves through Carrie, whose eyes were halfway rolled back to her brain. Eventually, she could no longer stay upright and lost her grip, causing Paige to release her mouth from the leaking cunt it drank from. After catching her, Paige gently lay her down on the mat and stared into her sparkling eyes while the orgasm subsided.

“Wow, wow, wow,” Carrie panted as she spread her damp thighs apart, allowing Paige to crawl between them.

“Ever tasted yourself?” Paige asked, receiving a shake of the head.

Paige reached down and coated her fingers in Carrie’s sweet nectar. She held her wet hand over her mouth and lowered it down to Carrie. The older blonde gently licked and kissed her essence from Paige’s fingers. Soon, she forced her tongue between the fingers, wanting to feel the warm embrace of her tongue wrestling with her trainer’s. Paige pulled her hand away and locked into a rough make-out session with her tired student.

After what felt like an hour, but was only a minute and a half, Paige pulled her head up and away from Carrie. As their eyes locked again, Paige ripped her sports bra off and tossed it out of the cage, showing Carrie her small chest.

“They’re so cute and tiny,” Carrie softly said with a laugh.

Paige smiled and lowered her breasts down to Carrie, who started to salivate once she saw them. The older woman wrapped her hands around Paige’s back, pulling her close and wrapping her lips around one of her pointed nipples. The young fighter let out a primal growl as she felt teeth softly nibble on her rock-hard nipple. Carrie alternated between both nipples, giving equal attention with her tongue, her lips and her teeth.

Slowly, Carrie’s hands slid down Paige’s lightly-sweat-coated back until she found her shorts. The younger woman let out a giggle as she felt two hands slide under her super-tight shorts and grab onto her toned ass.

“Wow,” Carrie said with a nipple on her tongue. “Your butt is really hard.”

“Thanks,” Paige said, slowly twerking for a few seconds. “I try.”

Carrie continued to grab and pinch at what she considered to be the perfect backside. Paige did not seem to mind her butt being squeezed, moaning and groaning with each grab. After her shorts were pushed past her ass, Paige sat up straight and looked down at Carrie. She wiggled herself out of her shorts, leaving her completely naked. When she straddled her older student once again, she felt the woman’s fingers tickle the bushy hair that sat above her nuclear-hot cunt.

“That feel good?” Paige asked, grabbing Carrie’s sports bra and pulling it up enough to expose her breasts.

“Not as good as this,” Carrie said before digging her hand between her own stomach and Paige’s dripping cunt.

As soon as she felt the slick, hot liquid that was starting to poll on her own body, Carrie wiggled a finger between Paige’s lips, entering her extremely tight pussy. Paige grasped onto Carrie’s exposed breasts and squeezed with each forward movement of the finger inside her. After a few seconds, the glove that Carrie was wearing seemed to get in the way, so an idea hatched in her brain.

Carrie slid out from under Paige and rested her on her back. The older woman pulled one of her black gloves off and rolled it up until it was as close to phallic-shaped as possible. Paige gave her a sultry look as it clicked as to what was about to happen. Carrie held the rolled-up glove at Paige’s waiting pussy and started to push it in.

“Oh my fucking GOD!” Paige exclaimed as the thick glove stretched her pussy on its way in. “Ahh!!”

Carrie giggled as Paige kicked her legs out, spreading them almost to a split while her butt clenched. She could tell that Paige was having some difficulty taking the large object in her tight entrance but was not about to stop. With a bit of work, the entire glove, except for a little bit that she held onto, fit inside the young woman. The girls’ eyes met; Carrie winking while Paige looked nervously satisfied.

“Feel good?” Carrie asked.

Paige nodded, causing Carrie to slowly pull the glove out and push it back in. It did not take long for Paige’s eager cunt to produce enough lubrication to allow the soaked glove to slide in and out without any effort. Carrie was amazed at how wet her young lover was getting, enough to begin forming a dark puddle on the pearly-white mat. The juices started flowing past the glove and onto Carrie’s boney fingers, down her hand and dripping to the mat.

Once the glove became too damp to be useful, Carrie’s brain came up with another idea. She pulled the hairband out of her ponytail, allowing her shoulder-length blonde hair to flow. After pulling her top all the way off, joining her lover in complete nudity, she held two fingers together and started to wrap the hot-pink hairband around them until it got too tight. Her fingers, tied to together with a large bump from the band, would resemble a mini-penis in a silhouette. Without saying anything, she shoved her manual sex toy deep into the waiting girl.

“Oh my god!” Paige screamed as she felt the bump of the band rub against her vaginal walls. “Fuck! Fuck!”

Paige tried to grip the mat, needing to hold on from the rush of pleasure the raced through her nerves. Carrie crawled over Paige, pushing her breasts against hers while roughly slamming her fingers in and out of her. The girls pressed foreheads together, Carrie staring down into the vulnerable girl’s eyes, not allowing her to see anything else.

“Cum for me, ‘12 Gauge’,” Carrie whispered. “Cum for Carrie.”

Paige was grunting in a high-pitched tone rapidly, barely able to breathe from the amount of lust that took over her body. Once Carrie planted a soft kiss on her lips, Paige could not hold off any longer. She reached up, grabbed Carrie’s face and planted a deep French kiss on her as her body exploded in a massive, wet orgasm. The puddle on the mat grew double the size as her pussy released a torrent of juices that sprayed around Carrie’s fingers. The older woman giggled through the kiss as she felt some of the vaginal spray hit her legs.

After an orgasm that Paige thought would never end finally ended, Carrie lowered her body down until she was lying flat atop the exhausted fighter. She pulled her soaked finger out and traced it along Paige’s lips before tasting it herself. Paige looked up at her and licked her lips before they shared a laugh.

Carrie rolled off Paige and lay next to her. Both women, naked, wet and exhausted, grabbed each other’s hands and stared at each other for nearly twenty minutes. Carrie was the first to sit up, stretching her arms wide and looking down at her little lover.

“Wow,” she said. “So, that’s what lesbian sex is all about.”

“Yep,” Paige laughed. “It’s a wonderful thing.”

Paige rose to her feet and embraced Carrie in a tight hug that seemed to last forever. Eventually, the naked blondes broke the hug and started to leave the basement gym, not bothering to gather their clothes.

“Mind if I stay the night?” Paige asked as she followed Carrie up the stairs, her eyes locked on the beautiful round ass in front of her.

“Like you had a choice,” Carrie said with a laugh.

“I thought we proved that you can’t beat me,” Paige said.

“Unless I put my pussy in your face,” Carrie responded. “By that standard, I’ll be winning all night.”

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