3LW’s Dungeon

3LW’s Dungeon

By Dragon333

©June 8th, 2006

Celebs: Kiely Williams, Adrienne Bailon, Jessica Benson

Codes: FF, nc, bon, spit

::DISCLAIMER:: none of the events in this story are real. It is all fake and made for entertainment purposes only. If you are offended by anything sexual, or offended by non consensual sex, then read no further.

Chapter One: Adrienne’s awake

Adrienne Bailon felt her hanging her head down and her eye lids
were a tad bit weak to open them just yet. She couldn’t feel her feet touching the ground and as she tried to wiggle them, she realized they were touching nothing but air.

“Where am I? Where did I just come from?” she asked herself aloud as she didn’t remember the last thing she did. She looked to around to see that she seemed to be in some kind of a prison, or a dungeon as she saw nothing but concrete and emptiness. She tried to move her arms but realized her wrists were tied to a wall above her head. Adrienne was glad to see Kiely come into the door and walked towards her. Kiely was wearing a ghetto blue du-rag, a tight white tank top and baggy blue jeans. “Kiely! I’m so glad you’re here! Get me out of here, will ya?” she said excitedly and relieved.

“I’m the one who tied you there, bitch!” Kiely said with a confident grin on her face. She got her teeth “fixed” and no longer had that sexy gap that had given her extra flavor to her good looks. Kiely then grabbed her co-singer’s tits with both hands and grinned at them. She squeezed enough to let Adrienne feel a bit of pain and make her go “aahh.” “I’ve been wanting to feel these things ever since we first started our group back when we were 13 and 16! I finally get to live out my fantasies! I finally get to touch your sexy tits!” Kiely continued to caress and rub her hands all over Adrienne Bailon’s big tits. Adrienne struggled to stop Kiely from touching and caressing her C cup breasts but it was all to no avail. “Stop resisting, bitch! It’s futile to stop me from getting what I want!”

“Kiely! Kiely, please! Please let me down, Kiely!” Adrienne begged her co-singer.

“I hate you, bitch! Shut the fuck up!” Kiely said as she smacked Adrienne in the face. It was hard enough to leave a red mark on her cheek.

“That’s it! No more playing Ms. Nice Girl! Get me out of here NOW, Kiely! UNTIE ME NOOOOOOOOW!!!” Adrienne yelled out in a loud firm voice while she struggled to get herself free. Kiely laughed in her face.

“Don’t command me, bitch! I AM the one in command now! I’m your master! You’re mistress! In fact, I am you’re EVERYTHING! Who’s your mom?” Kiely asked her. A silence. Kiely bitch slapped her slave again; even harder than the last time. Adrienne felt a tear roll down one of her cute cheeks as she finally decided to give in.

“Y-You are.” she sobbed.

“Tell me you’re my bitch!”

“I’m your bitch.” Adrienne mumbled while she hung her head in shame.

“LOUDER! Say it louder, you slut!”

“I’M YOUR BITCH! Kiely, you KNOW I’m your bitch!”

“Oh yes! You even added my name to the twist of this domination I’m having on you. I like that.” Kiely then tilted Adrienne’s head up by the chin by her finger and leaned in and kissed her on the lips. “You know, Adrienne, your tits really got bigger by more than double since we first started our little music group.” Kiely then gave Adrienne’s twins another two handed squeeze, this time giving her nipples a little rub before she completely released her big hands. More and more tears fell down Adrienne’s face as Kiely played with her free breasts, as her pride was demolished knowing the fact that there was nothing that she could do about her getting free touches and feels of her naked and beautiful breasts.

Chapter Two: Party Time

“I’m going to get a cup. I’ll be back in about five minutes, so don’t move.. Not that you can.” After a moment while Kiely was gone, Adrienne’s eyes lit up in relief as she saw her other co-singer walk into the room. It was Jessica Benson, the dark skinned black breasted, cool clothed black girl.

“Jessica! I am so glad to see you!” Adrienne said excitedly.

“Adrienne, what are you doing there, with your titis and body all uncovered for all to see. Nice nipples by the way! You have great tits!”

“Kiely tied me up and is abusing me! Please, Jessica, help me! Kiely’s gone crazy! Get me down from here!” Adrienne begged as she felt her eyes water.

“That’s horrible!” Jessica exclaimed.

“I know!”

“Did she spit in your face?” she asked her.

“No.” Then Jessica put on a big smile and walked up to Adrienne, gathered a throat full of spit and spread Adrienne’s mouth open with her thumbs and spit all of the throat gathered spit into her mouth. Adrienne started to cry out loud now, feeling the shame and sadness that the person she thought was going to help her, was the person that just joined in on torturing her.

“Swallow it, slut!” Jessica demanded her. Her slave did just as she was commanded. “That’s my li’l turd! I got to be the first to spit in your face!” Kiely then returned with a big plastic cup in her hand. Kiely put on a big smile.

“By the look on this bitch’s face, it looks like you successfully tricked the skank just as planned!”

“You fucking back stabber, Jessica!” Adrienne said crying with tears rolling down her face, as she could only wish to wipe the tears off.

“And what the hell you going to do about it, huh, Adrienne?” Jessica said, taunting her. “Kiely, do you want to spit in her face to?”

“Don’t mind if I do!” Kiely sat as she spit in Adrienne’s eye. Then as Jessica laughed, Jessica spit in her other eye. The two dominating girls then continued to spit all over Adrienne’s face as with each wad of spit, Adrienne cried louder and more. Soon enough, Adrienne’s entire face was covered in Jessica’s and Kiely’s saliva. “Jessica, wipe the bitch’s eyes off! I want her to see what I’m gonna do to her now!” Jessica did just that and with her thumbs, rubbed off the spit from Adrienne’s eyes.

Kiely then took a mouthful of Adrienne’s big tit in her mouth and sucked it. She gave her boob slightly slow and steady sucks. Jessica smiled at Adrienne as she whimpered.

“You know, Adrienne, you should feel so lucky that you get to have Kiely sucking on those big things. You get to have her big, luscious, soft, sexy lips wrapped around your milk bottles, sucking on them, making you feel so good.” Jessica told her.

“IT DOESN’T FEEL GOOD!!!” she screamed out.

“Oh it doesn’t? Then why is your pussy dripping wet?” Jessica pointed out. Kiely sucked harder and harder now, sucking in all the flavor of her tit to her throat, as she enjoyed sucking Adrienne’s big boob, knowing she couldn’t do anything about it, and the softness of her breasts on her big lips. Kiely finally released her lips from her tit when she felt it was about to ache.

“Ahhhhh.” said Kiely as if she just drank a refreshing soda. “I was gonna use this cup to pee in and make you drink it, but I have a better idea.” Kiely then got a 2 liter bottle of sprite and poured some sprite into the cup.

What could Kiely be possibly thinking with sprite? Adrienne thought to herself. Kiely poured sprite into her mouth as if she was about to drink it, but instead smirked at Adrienne with her mouth closed, swirled the sprite around in her mouth and sprayed all of the sprite soda in Adrienne’s face. While Adrienne’s crying continued to grow louder and lengthier, Jessica took a mouthful of Adrienne’s boob and Kiely did the same with her other boob and began to suck. They continued to suck, this time ravishingly on their co-singers big breasts and feasted on the milky fun bags attached to her petite body. They kept sucking until both of their jaws ached. They had so much fun doing whatever they wanted to Adrienne, tasting her, spitting on her, turning her into their personal bitch, they had such a good night sleep.

“They’ll have to untie me sooner or later right?” Adrienne said sadly and in a cute voice.

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