3 Guys And A Playboy Bunny

3 guys and a playboy bunny staring karen mcdougal

by niccin

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It begins with 3 friends donating blood on campus.

They are in the waiting room when Karen’s sexy voice summons them to step into the room.

They each take a couch and are amazed to see this beautiful nurse sitting with her legs crossed at a desk.

Her outfit leaves nothing to the imagination as her heaving breasts create nice cleavage and her legs look gorgeous in those white panty hose.

She asks each of them to lay back and relax as she walks across the
room to get the supplies.

Now the guys get a full view of her sweet ass under that once piece outfit and notice that the top buttons have trouble holding back those tits.

Nurse Karen stops at the first guy and begins by taking his pulse.

As she bends at the waist the other 2 began panting as her skirt rises up to expose the bottom of her plump ass.

One of them tries to get the attention of his friend who was busy staring at her breasts as Karen watched his pulse race. She asked him if he was okay and he mumbled yes. “Little nervous? Don’t worry I’ll take care of you”

As Karen finished taking his pulse she noticed a bulge in his pants and by now the staring of the other two was obvious.

“You boys like what you see?” “You probably didn’t expect this did you?” “Well I know what you’re thinking

and frankly it excites me!” “Maybe I should you a physical before I take your blood, how does that sound?”

Unable to speak they each nodded in agreement.

Karen walks to the door and closes it. Her own juices now stirred by the thought of getting fucked.

Karen stops at the first one and says, “I think I’ll start with you.”

She removes her hat and shoes first and rubs her stocking covered foot in his crotch. “You look ready!”

Her delicate hands began caressing her body from head to toe. She unbuttoned the top three buttons to reveal

Her fabulous tits. “You’ll need to get those clothes off don’t you think?” He quickly jumped out of his clothes.

He wanted to touch her but Karen was in control. “Not so fast she said just lay still”

She finished undoing her dress and let it slide of her arms to the floor. She bent over to remove her thong but left the silky thigh highs on. She gently rubbed his cock between her tits as her lips descended towards his crotch.

She sucked and licked his member briefly to make sure he was really hard.

“You two enjoy the show, you’ll get yours soon enough” Karen whispered.

Licking her fingers she rubbed them between her thighs and moaned with anticipation.

She straddled him and slowly lowered herself.

Once his c*ckhead penetrates her swollen p*ssy lips she stops to take a deep breath. Then inch by slow inch she lowers herself down the length of his stiff impaling rod until it is all the way up inside her juicy p*ssy. Karen sits there triumphantly, savoring the moment and the feel of his cock inside of her.

Karen begins riding him slowly at first. Her breasts bouncing enticingly in time to her increasing up and down movements.

“Yes! OH yes!” Karen shouts as he began to pump his c*ck up into her. In less than a minute they were humping and bumping in rhythm with each other. The smile on Karen’s face and the soft whimpering sounds she is making leaves no doubt that she is totally enjoying herself.

Karen suddenly screams when without warning a c*ck is rammed into her a*shole. She looks over her shoulder and sees a guy with a devilish grin on his face. “I’m gonna f*ck the sh*t out of you,” he tells her as he begins to thrust his long, thick, hard c*ck in and out of her tight, sensitive a*shole. Karen’s body is now being rocked back and forth.

“Oh God!” This is so good! Yes, yes yes!” she shouts as she tries to synchronize her movements with those of the men.

She’s enjoying the double penetration as she bucks wildly between the two men.

Her moaning increases in volume with each penetration.

Not being able to hold out any longer, the other guy stands in front of Karen. His c*ck slaps against her cheek,. Karen looks at him through lust bleary eyes. Karen grips his a*s cheeks and swallows every inch of his c*ck until her nose is buried in his kinky pubic hair. She compresses her lips and slurps up and down the length of his shaft.

“Oh sh*t!” yells the guy she is riding. He grabs her pounding hips and holds her in place as his c*ck erupts in the depths of her p*ssy. Karen uses the muscles of her p*ssy to clamp down on his discharging c*ck. He lays back, unable to move because of the servicing Karen is getting from his friends above him. He is forced to lay there as she continues to mash her dripping p*ssy against his withering c*ck.

The guy in her mouth takes a fistful of her hair and yanks her head forward, holding her face on his c*ck. He grunts and unleashes his creamy c*m down her throat nearly gagging her. He pulls out and chokes his c*ck over Karen’s beautiful face drenching it with his slimy c*m.

The guy f*cking her a*s wraps his arms around her and groans loudly as he floods her a*shole with a river of hot c*m.

Not yet reaching her climax Karen orders the boys to switch positions and continue to pound away at her.

Her moans turn to screams as the men start to pound even harder the second time.

Her body begins to shake violently and all 3 guys explode as Karen’s own juices explode from her p*ssy.

“Please don’t stop!” Karen begs “I still want more!”

The men comply as they each pick a spot and continue to pleasure her.

Karen is loving it and is in a state of almost continuous orgasm. Her ass and p*ssy have never felt so good.

The session ends when fatigue overcomes the urge to f*ck. Everyone is exhausted but satisfied. Karen is lying on the floor with her entire beautiful body covered in sweat and c*m. She is so tired that she could barely move. Her a*shole throbs with a dull pain and c*m is running out of it, her jaw is sore and dripping with hot, sticky c*m and her p*ssy twitches uncontrollably with post orgasmic bliss as a blend of c*m and her own juices trickle out.

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