40 Inches All Around Baby

40 Inches All Around Baby

Story by: Money
Sex scenes by: Mocker Tricksterson

Celeb: Kelly Clarkson
Codes: MF, oral, cons

DISCLAIMER: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened. This is total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality. Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please. Any questions or comments on the story send them to rockcook5@yahoo.com that being said I would like to thank Mocker Tricksterson for doing the sex scenes
I am grateful for his help on this project now on with the story enjoy.

40 Inches All Around Baby

Well it has been a long 2 years in the desert with uncle sam. Keeping my morale up and staying happy had been a grind. Talking with my family and knowing that they couldn’t make the nearly 24 hour drive to see me land back on american soil was almost too much. I did get a special note from home saying an old friend made it big in hollywood while I was gone. I wasn’t sure who it was. I had a few ideas but was mostly clueless.

When the plane landed it felt so good to be home. We disembarked the plane, turned in our equipment and went to a big homecoming celebration. Knowing my family wasn’t going to be there I decided to call home to let them know I made it safe. Talking to my brother on the other end I was told I had a visitor out there. I asked who and he said “Kelly”. I said “bullshit” thinking he was yanking me around when I felt hands come up over my eyes and heard a sweet as honey Texas accented Hello.

I totally froze. Most people don’t realize how dangerous it can be to surprise a trained soldier, especially one just back from a warzone so I took a deep breath and gently removed the soft hands from my face. Whoever it was behind me was most certainly a woman, the pressure on my spine from the C cup bearhug told me that.

I couldn’t take it anymore and turned around. The person in front of me wasn’t right off then it clicked. My friend who made it big was Kelly Clarkson. She was certainly no longer the chubby girl from my time in Texas. She was easily 50 lbs. lighter than the last time I saw her. She had always been stacked as hell but the slimmer waist made her breasts much more noticeable. It had been 2 and a half years since I’d seen her Boy hollywood had really been kind to her.

“Hello,” Kelly said ” Uh, remember me?” snapping her fingers in front of my eyes to get my attention.

I shook my head to clear it and said ” Oh, sorry, my fault, come here.”

We embraced. She smelled like cinnamon and lavender. I had been gone too long. I had almost forgotten what a hot woman looked or smelled like. God, she felt great. I could have sworn she was a D cup or maybe she was going commando just for me.

I had one final formation before being released for 48 hours of down time. This one I liked, with Kelly as the special guest to sing the national anthem upon our return. Now it made sense why she was here decked out in a short blue skirt cut off just above the knees, denim jacket, a longsleeved red pullover shirt that really showed off the great dimensions of her chest and fuck me pumps.

We were congradulated on our job and dismissed. I finished my mandatory shower, being stuck on a plane in the same clothes for 4 days really does a number on you. After drying off and getting dressed my roommate arrived to shower and crash for the next 2 days.

I was about to crash myself when he said “Some celebrity chick was walking around asking for money.” He laughed “Can you believe she has the best job in the world and she’s still looking to get paid?”

I started laughing myself. I told him that I’d go set her straight. He slapped me on the back and said “Go get her wildman” and closed his door. I wasn’t even out the door before he was out cold snoring.

I found Kelly at one of the monuments not far from my room. She was still in her ceremonial getup. I snuck up behind her and put my hands over her. “Specialist (Money) reporting as ordered. Miss”

“Well it’s about time. I almost gave up.”

“Shall we disappear?” I asked

“Yes let’s,” Kelly said with a smirk ” Lead the way”

We started walking to her car. I was feeling a bit playful so I slapped her right buttcheek with my hand. It sounded like a 12 gauge shotgun. She jumped and and squeaked then gave me a look of “It’s on now buster.” It wasn’t a problem I had something for her later anyway at her hotel.

The whole 30 minute drive I was so wiped out from the trip I just lay my head on her shoulder dozing in and out and sneeking a peek at her chest out of my left eye from time to time.

When we arrived at the hotel we took the celebrity entrance. I hopped out of the car heading for the elevator, Kelly right on my heels shooing me inside. Her suite was on the 10th floor so we were stuck for 10 minutes listening to god awful elevator music so I decided to fake being tired and leaned back onto the rear elevator wall, getting a nice back profile of Kelly. Her legs had meat of them for sure but she had more on her chest. Right then Aerosmith’s “Love in an elevator” started playing in my head. I took a chance and decided to start pushing her buttons. I blew in her ear and she turned around, slamming me into the wall. She wrapped her hands around my collar and put her lips 1 inch from my face.

“What?” she asked.

“Did you know the top button of your jacket is undone?” I asked

“Yeah what about it?”

“Jesus Christ, it’s tough trying to carry on a nice conversation with you, ya know? By the way you ever put your hands on me like that again you won’t like me.”

Kelly seemed to muse this over for a second “What if I did something you weren’t expecting and turned the tables?”

I thought about it for for a moment or two “like what?”

She ran her hand up my leg bumping into something just above my kneecap.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” she apologized, “Did I hurt your knee?” I smiled and put her hand back down on my leg.

“That’s not a kneecap, it’s too big and thick”

Kelly’s eyes got as big as saucers when it clicked what she had. “How big is it?”

I started laughing. “Trust me it’s big enough for you. Lucky for you were almost to the room.” The doors opened with a “ding” Kelly went for her room key and dropped it in front of the door giving me a nice view of her ass as she bent down to pick them up, but she finally got it open and dragged me inside.

“Are you hungry?” she asked. “Not really, but I could use some coffee.”

“Oh, I don’t drink coffee, it would make my throat too rough. Some people go for a husky tone but not me.”

“Yeah but the hotel does provide complimentary coffee right?”


“Well, I’ll just make myself some. What do you want?”

“I have chocolate milk in the fridge and a jar of cinnamon on the counter of the kitchen. Could you make me up some?”

“Sure. Wait this room comes with it’s own kitchen ?”

“Perks of stardom honey. I try never to rely on room service if I can help it.

“Okay, where is it?” “down the corridor on the left.”

I found what I needed started the coffee machine to brewing and went back into the front room. Kelly wasn’t there.

“Over here baby!,” came a voice from a room that turned out to be the bedroom. Kelly was spread out on the kingsize bed stretching out that fabulous body. I noticed that the skirt had slipped revealing a tanline and no panties.

Kelly took the cup and drank down some of it. What I didn’t know was that I wouldn’t get to the coffee for hours and that when I did, I’d really need it because for the next 24 hours I would be swept away by a sexual hurricane named Kelly.

I knew something was up when she started to rub on me and asking me to strip. I said “You first, I haven’t seen a decent looking woman in a while.”

I got the hint I’d said the wrong thing when she shouted, in a voice that would make my drill sergeant back in basic proud, “Decent? Decent? I am so far above decent it’ll make your head spin man!” “You want to see the goods? Fine here you go! She tore off the denim jacket, then the skirt flew across the room. I was surprised when she didn’t take off her pullover but instead grabbed it at the collar and pulled straight down the middle ripping it perfectly in half. As I’d suspected she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I couldn’t do anything but run my eyes up and down her bodacious curves, paying special attention to her massive tits and the thin landing strip of brown fur around her slit. Standing naked in front of me she pointed right at me and barked, “OK get with the program!”

“But I..I…” I startedto stammer, finally finding my voice, sort of but she cut me off.

“CLOTHES NOW!!!” Make with the naked quick and I’ll fuck your brains out.”

That’s all the motivation I needed I pulled off my favorite jersey and tore my shirt apart like the hulk Kelly apparantly couldn’t wait all all I saw was a brunette blur from my chest down getting rid of my pants. I wasn’t wearing boxers and Kelly got the full view of my package.

“My, you weren’t kidding, were you?” “Ten inches?”

“Twelve” I said proudly

“A real foot long huh? Well let me have a taste of your hotdog, baby.”

With that her mouth engulfed me, managing to deep throat the entire Kielbasa, not something many women can do. I closed my eyes and tangled my fingers in her soft, lustrous hair as her throat muscles massaged me and her tounge wrapped around my cock like a python. The first shudders that indicated I was about to come went through my body and she pulled off me.

“Oh no, your not getting off that easily, not without some quid, pro, quo.”

With that she got up and pushed me backward until I fell onto the bed. my knees were dangling off the edge.

“Scooch back,” Kelly said as she joined me. “There’s plenty of room, it’s a queen size.”

“For a queen. your right, way too much room for you to be sleeping alone.”

“Well I won’t be will I? Now worship your queen as is proper.”

So saying her majesty straddled my face and lowered her cunt down on it. I was more than happy to oblige, sticking out my tounge into her pussy as happily as I hoped to soon be sticking my dick. I thrust and lashed it inside her for all I was worththen found her clit and whipped my tounge across that.

“HOLY FUCK!” she screamed. “LORD JESUS THAT’S GOOD!!” She ground her pussy down on me until I could barely breath and then exploded a burst of pussy juice on me when I took my teeth and nibbled her clit while also sucking. She thrashed on top of me and pounded the bed furiously.

When she stopped cumming I rolled her off. Her eyes hadn’t yet come back into focus when I pushed my meat missle into her.

Unh, she said, her eyes rolling back into her head as her fingers clawed into my back deep enough to draw blood. Her legs may have been a little thick for some guys taste but she showed that they were composed of muscle, not fat when she wrapped them around me tight enough to make my ribs creak.


Rolling/Falling out of bed the next afternoon I felt like I had been hit by a freight train. At least with my military stamina I wasn’t in too bad a shape.

I looked over at Kelly. She was still sleeping. If I didn’t know better I would have sworn that I could hear her purring like a kitten. I never considered myself Don Juan or anyone like that but Kelly doesn’t seem to mind at all.

I decided to get a shower while she slept then fix dinner. God she was a posessed minx when it came to sex. I ran the shower, washing the sweat and other stuff off my body trying to think when a hand came across my waist. “Hey, That’s not mine,” I thought.

“Kelly?” I said turning around “What are you doing in here?”

She gave me a smile as big as Texas. “You, if I’m lucky. Besides, I was looking for money but I think I just hit the jackpot.”

While she said this she reached down and stroked my member. God, she has great hands soft, sensitive, yet strong.

“Wait a second, Kelly” I said. “I’m done with the shower.”

“But I’m not done with you,” she said in a singsong voice. I couldn’t help myself I reached out and grabbed her ass with both hands. She moaned loudly and stepped back to let the warm water run over her ripe body. She reached up and took the showerhead set it on massage and pushed it into her pussy. I watched and stroked my cock as she moaned in a mini orgasm then pushed her against the wall as I sank it into her cunt. She was still sensitive from yesterday so I started slow but picked up the pace as she urged me on.

“MORE, MORE!! Harder you bastard, fuck me HARDER!!” she screamed as her legs wrapped around my waist, making my own legs and the pressure of our bodies against the wall the only thing holding us up. Finally I came in her and pulled out, leaving her to sink to the floor as I went to fix dinner.

There wasn’t much in the kitchen but I whipped a couple of packages into the microwave and went to peek into the shower where I saw her, hands were braced on the wall letting the water run over her body.

I was just about to take the chicken parmasean out of the microwave when Kelly came out of the shower into the kitchen wearing only a towel.

“Hey moneyhoney” she said, voice dripping with senseless tone.

I looked up, letting my eyes run over the lush body that was barely concealed by the towel, which clung wetly to her every curve. “Yes?”

“Let’s forget dinner” she said.

“What?” I asked

“I’m curious about how much stamina you have,” she said as she dropped the towel and ran her hands up and down her ripe breasts. “Come on let’s just go at it like bunnies. I’ll make this the best 48 hours of your life. You know once thier over you may not get them back ever again.”

Hungry though I was it didn’t take me long to come to a decision. “Okay when do we start?”


I reached for her, picked her up and set her on the counter which had just enough room to fit her plump ass. I bent down and sucked on her already erect nipples then moved my hands to take over while I dipped my head in between her spread legs to lick her wet pussy.

“Yesss,” she moaned. “Eat me!” Make me cum with your tounge.” After a few licks up and down her slit I pushed my tounge in to feel her legs clamp around my head like a vice. She’d shown me her oral talents earlier, now it was my turn. I felt her clit pop out and took it between my teeth and sucked while she exploded, digging her fingers into my scalp hard enough to draw blood while noises came out of her mouth you usually only heard from a fire engine.

When I was able to pry my head out from between her legs I picked her up in my arms and carried her into the living room.

“What are you doing?”

“Well I figure this is the only room of the suite we haven’t performed a sexual act in, so let’s make our collection complete.”

She smiled and nodded so I set her down and sat on the couch while she mounted me. Sex instead of dinner had been her idea so let her do some of the work for once. I wasn’t disappointed as she took my pole and guided it in then rode it for all she was worth while I buried my face in her soft, warm tits. It wasn’t long before her fingers tightened on my shoulder and mine around her waist as we came gloriously together once more.

Man I thought she would never get finished. She was right though those were the best 48 hours in my recent memory. The idea that we have to go back to our normal lives like this never happened was more than a little depressing. Then my cellphone started ringing. It was one of my superiors telling me everyone was given a 4 day weekend so don’t report until Tuesday morning. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Get ready for round 2” I told her about extended leave.

“I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk right for a month.”

She looked at me a little strange. “Is that a threat or a promise?” she asked.

I pretended to think about it. “Hmmm, both, deal with it.” I carried her back to the bedroom.

She groaned. “Again?” Your insatiable, you know that right?”

“And your point is what? Come here.” I pulled Kelly to me but she put her hands between us and said, “Can’t we cuddle a little?” I thought about it. “Yeah why not,” looking at the clock. Why don’t we take a 24 hour break? I think we need some rest.”

“Deal” was Kelly’s final word before the lights in the room dimmed.


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