5 British Blonde Bimbos Are Brought Down

5 British Blonde Bimbos Are Brought Down

**This story’s obviously not real and the celebs described would never do any of these things and if you’re under 21 or object to extreme descriptions of sex and violence you should not read this.**

The five prisoners all awoke at roughly the same time. Not surprising as all had been doped to be out for a preset amount of time. All five were trapped inside identical cells in a line, brick wall between each cell so none were aware of who was next to them. Each of the prisoners was stark naked , each had their hands tied then looped over a high hook in the cell while
their ankles were shackled to metal rings in the floor of each cell. Each had a ball-gag tied tightly into their mouth. Each of the prisoners was British , blond, a bimbo and in a whole heap of trouble.

They prisoners were :

1) Jenny Frost – One third of the UK pop act Atomic Kitten.

2) Sarah Harding – A member of the UK band Girls Aloud, born from reality TV.

3)Denise Van Outen- Former TV presenter now West End star.

4) Emma Bunton – Former Spice Girl , Baby Spice.

5) Jennifer Ellison – Soap Actress turned Pop star.

Each had been carefully targeted and drugged by various methods. It was a large enterprise , but then there was a lot of money backing the project, and now all five were trapped , chained in an undergrounds prison miles from civilisation.

A figure strode purposefully to the centre of the area in front of the cells and stood with hands on hips watching the five blonde bimbos slowly regain their senses. It was unmistakably a woman who stood before them, she had a Amazonian figure with perfect full breasts and was clad in a black, leather catsuit. She had knee high black boots and wore a leather mask to hide her features. When she spoke her voice was mechanically distorted so she could not be recognised.

She spoke to a small man to her left side “ Jailer. Why don’t you wake these sleeping bitches properly”, the voice was full of malice and authority.

“Yes Mistress”, answered the horrid little man with a grin missing a few teeth.

He disappeared for a few seconds then reappeared carrying a hose and proceeded to empty a deluge of freezing cold water over all five of the captive sluts. They were all wide awake in seconds and screaming into their gags. The Mistress laughed at them. “Enough”. The Jailer stopped on command, “ you may leave for now”, and he went without argument.

The five bodies jerked spasmodically on the bonds as the cold air found the freezing water on their bodies. The Mistress came closer and addressed all five (although they were not aware of the others presence ).

“You should feel honoured that I have chosen you, I am The Mistress, I am Your Mistress. I have brought you here for one purpose – that is to feature each of you in a hardcore pornographic movie. You will be instructed to do disgustingly perverted things and you will do them without argument. I will only allow you release once you have agreed to perform , and you must give me a convincing performance otherwise I shall not release you . And punish you further. Yes, punish you, for until you submit to perform you shall be punished cruelly in whatever way I decide. ”

She paused and five pairs of terrified eyes stared at her in incoherent fear.

“Once the film is finished I shall release it on the internet and then release you to get on with what is left of your career”.

The Mistress went up close to the first cell and asked Jenny if she would submit , she refused, so did the next three but Jennifer , the youngest of the bimbos nodded her head frantically desperate to escape and with least to lose as her career had stalled so far since leaving acting behind.

The Mistress left and returned with six men. Two went to Jennifer Ellison’s cell and released the little scouse bitch placed her in handcuffs and led her off. The other four men each entered a cell placed headphones over the remaining four blonde bimbos ears and a tight fitting hood over their heads. The Mistress waited until she got a thumbs up from the men then pressed a button that sent waves of static and white noise coursing through the headphones loudly , instantly making all four shake their heads like they could escape the noise.

The Mistress smiles and strode off to Direct the first of her films .

1) Jennifer Ellison The Schoolgirl Fuck Slut

An easy one this as the Mistress had the little blonde bitch dress as a schoolgirl ( replete with white blouse, tie, short skirt and white underwear. Her hair in cute pigtails. Jennifer’s role was simple ) – just as well as she was pretty dumb – in that she would tease , then strip , then suck and fuck two old men in a room for 90 minutes. So under complete direction of The Mistress, Jennifer did this and it wasn’t until she was on the small underground set that she found out they were really old men, one was 80 the other 83 but they had decent sized dicks and had been guzzling viagra. Under orders from their Director the men were not gentle with Jennifer and once she had stripped down they each fucked all of her holes, indeed there was double vaginal penetration at one point. Jennifer maintained her part but inside wanted to cry and did so when the final scene was over as both octogenarians shot massive loads of cum all over her face.

The Mistress was pleased and led Jennifer off to be cleaned up then hypnotised. You see she had lied to her prisoners and had hired a most proficient hypnotist to erase their memories of their lost time , they would return to their lives none the wiser and completely bemused when the sex tapes appeared on the Internet.

As The Mistress prepared to see which of the bimbos would be next her benefactor walked up behind her. He was a multi billionaire and had paid for the whole operation in return for something he would get once all the films were complete and he certainly was not cowed by The Mistress.

“Why are you hypnotising them now ? Why not do it beforehand then instruct them for the film ? Surely that would be so much easier”.

The Mistress turned to face her benefactor, “ Yes, but I want to break them all. I want them to know, even for that short time that they agreed to participate in the humiliation they are undergoing and to know for that time that it will be broadcast to millions “.

“ You are a cruel Bitch aren’t you ?”.


The Mistress strode over to the cells and ordered the men to stop the remaining blonde bimbo’s torment. All four looked to be suffering from some form of shock. The Mistress once again walked past each cell and asked if the inhabitants of each wanted to be next to star in their own personal porn movie. Both Sarah and Emma said yes, Jenny just shook her head while Denise spat on The Mistress. She ignored Denise for now , knowing that eventually she would be broken.

“Well it looks like we have a tie. Sarah.Emma. Unfortunately I only have room for one star so we’ll have to have a competition to decide who goes and who stays for more torture”. With that The Mistress left and returned with two bottles and two plastic funnels, she entered each cell and placed them between Sarah and Emma’s legs.

“The first slut to piss into the bottle will star in my next film . The other will stay for the next torment and , additionally will drink the others piss”.

Within seconds both girls were straining and Sarah quickly let flow with a flow of yellow urine which gathered into the bottle. Emma couldn’t see but heard enough and bowed her head in defeat. The Mistress entered Sarah’s cell , took the nearly full bottle then took it to Emma Bunton and forced the Spice Girl to drink and swallow the younger pop stars piss. The Mistress emptied the bottle over Emma’s hair then laughed at her discomfort.

The Mistress commanded three of her men to enter the cells and set up the next punishment for the three remaining bimbos. The men attached snappy crocodile clips to the prisoners nipples and to their labias, then attached them to some apparatus in each cell. The Mistress, once the men were finished addressed Jenny, Emma and Denise. “On the floor is a red button and to your right and left on the walls are two red buttons . You must keep all three buttons depressed or receive an electric shock like this”. With that The Mistress activated a device that sent shockwaves through all 3 bimbos most sensitive areas via the clips. Laughing she turned on her heels and attached a dog collar to Sarah Harding ( who was relieved not to be still in a cell ) and made her walk like a dog into the next room to prepare for her humiliating video.

2) Sarah Harding The Pitfighter

The Mistress told Sarah that she was fortunate as if things went her way she would not have to perform sexual acts in front of the cameras. But it was a bum deal as she found out reading the “script”. In it the blond victim has to fight two black amazons and after losing these butch lesbians get to abuse the blonde fuck slut as they see fit. Problem was it was a real fight and Sarah had no chance and was submitting within minutes leaving the two large but muscular black lesbians to have their wicked way with her. And it was wicked. Having pummelled her to submission they each fitted 12” strap on dildos and proceeded to fuck Sarah Harding’s holes as never before. Throughout Sarah was thrown around like a rag doll and the film ended with one of the ladies parking her large ass over Sarah’s cute blonde face and smothering her into unconsciousness.

Sarah was dragged away, cleaned up and hypnotised into forgetting the details of her ordeal until the tape broke on the internet.

Which left three very tired blondes, each time they had moved their feet or arms they had received electric shocks and by now all three were begging for their torment to end. The Mistress strode in front of their cells and ordered them to be released from their bonds and they sunk to the floor. This time when asked all three begged to be next to star in their own personal porno , even Denise , but The Mistress had already decided she should suffer that bit extra for her earlier defiance. So as Emma Bunton, Jenny Frost and Denise Van Outen knelt sobbing on the cold stone floors of their cells The Mistress produced three pairs on thigh high stiletto boots, each pair was a filthy mess and The Mistress described in great detail and relish exactly what their soles had trodden in prior to being in front of the three remaining bimbos. The Jailer entered each cell and handcuffed the sluts and The Mistress told them that whoever cleaned the boots best would escape next while the other two would endure more punishment. She left the three blonde bimbos scrabbling around desperately trying to tongue their boots.

All three tried desperately and degraded themselves with their actions without knowing that The Mistress was just toying with them and had already decided who would be next . And so it was that The Mistress decreed that Girlpower did indeed rule and that Emma Bunton would make a porn movie next. Emma almost celebrated this.

This left Jenny and Denise in their cells. The Mistress ordered the Jailer to set them up for the next stage. He brought in two specially modified exercise cycles with two large dildos on the seats. Both girls were sat on the dildos ( one in the pussy and one in the asshole ). They were then tied to the handles and The Mistress spoke to them “This is your chance for some respite sluts. When you pedal the other bimbos dildos will inch up slowly and yours will withdraw slowly. So the faster you pedal the less you will be penetrated until I return”. She left them to get on with it and went to direct her Spice Girl porno.

3) Emma Bunton’s Extreme Bukkake

An easy one to film this as all Emma has to do is enthusiastically walk into a room full of guys ,peel off her robe to reveal her nubile , naked body and get on her knees and ask the men to cum forward. And the 110 men specially picked have no problems with striding up to the beauty and wanking off and shooting their loads over her face. She isn’t allowed to use her hands and they are allowed to stick their dicks in her mouth if they want to. All the residue cum is collected and at the end for the camera Emma has to smile and guzzle down almost a litre of cum.

As Emma was led away to be hypnotised The Benefactor spoke to The Mistress.” Not too physical that one was it ?”

“What would you rather I had the guys beat her as they wanked off ?”


“Well just imagine our Miss Bunton’s face and feelings when she sees that video, or better yet when her family and friends see it “.

And so there were two. The Mistress went to the cells and enjoyed watching Jenny and Denise compete for a less sore pussy and asshole. Their faces were wet with sweat and The Mistress watched them for a while before ordering the trial to halt. Both Jenny and Denise were broken now and offered no resistance as they were released and left on the floor of their respective cells. As the two helpless captives lay on their floors two men entered each cell, placed a plate on the floor by their faces and dropped their trousers and shit on the plate then they exited the cells without even looking at the girls.

The Mistress addressed her two remaining prisoners ,” The first one of you who eats what is on the plate before you can make their film next”. This brought protestations from both.

“Whoever is last will make the hardest of the five films and will have to undergo one more session of torture. Do you bimbos understand I am giving you the chance to make your fate that much easier ? Now eat , or pay the penalty “.

Reluctantly Jenny Frost and Denise Van Outen got to their knees and examined their next meal. Neither was in a hurry to start but Denise took the plunge and , holding her nose crammed the shit down her throat. Jenny had just taken a bite when Denise said she was finished.

The Mistress spoke , “Well done slut. However , I am afraid that Jenny is going next and you are to receive one more punishment”.

“But you said …”, Denise started,

“Ah yes , but I lied”, smirked The Mistress and had Jenny led out of the cells. Denise lay sobbing on the floor her mouth a disgusting mess from what she had just done. With a cruel intonation in her voice The Mistress said, “ Since you are such a toilet slut, while Jenny makes her film you can help my jailer to clean the toilet block here”.

The little jailer entered the cell and handcuffed Denise then led her away where for the next couple of hours she would put her tongue to use in cleaning out well used toilet bowls, floors and acting as a urinal if the men there ordered her to. She quickly got used to the smell and taste of piss.

4) Jenny Frost Takes The Most

A simple film this as super sexy Jenny begs for men to fuck her. Her pleas are met by 10 guys all with cocks bigger than 10”. All her holes are filled and more by the end of the tape Jenny is sweaty , covered in cum and despite herself smiling at the good, hard fucking she has taken. Her smile is wiped off when as an unscripted finale all the guys circle around her and piss all over her. All that is captured on film for public consumption.

The Mistress left Jenny to be dealt with and entered the toilet block in the facility. Denise Van Outen’s head was in a urinal , her tongue lapping away as the jailer stood over her urinating onto her face and the porcelain.

Waiting until he stopped , The Mistress asked the jailer how Denise had performed , his answer was blunt “She’s a right little slut. That nasty tongue of hers has been licking everything in sight”.

“Good , escort her to make up . I want her looking her best for her film”.

5) The Degradation Of Denise Van Outen

The beautiful but tarty Denise kneels on a towel and asks for her lovers to come forward. She must feign delight as three men step into shot , all are hideous- fat , greasy perverts with cheesy grins. Denise must make encouraging noises as they tear off her clothes and begin to fuck her like a cheap whore. Grubby hands grab her beautiful hair as their cocks fill each of her holes simultaneously and she is filled full of their cum. The men leave and the naked and spunk-covered Denise beckons on the second wave and onto the screen file two men with each leading an Alsatian dog. Mentally Denise is broken and she does as the script orders and sexily plays with the beasts large cocks before stretching back and guiding one into her mouth and one into her pussy , she very obviously orgasms on tape and once the animals have cum the final shot is of Denise Van Outen smiling into the camera as dog cum slips down her chin from her full mouth.

With the hypnotism treatment a success all five blonde bimbos head back to their lives feeling stretched and changed but unaware of exactly what has passed in the last 24 hours , they will know once the tapes start to emerge.

With all five of her enemies having been dealt with as she wanted The Mistress headed back through the facility to see The Benefactor, She no longer walked so confidently as she knew what was to come. She entered his office.

“You can take off your mask now”, he ordered.

She peeled the leather mask off to reveal the stunningly gorgeous brunette Kirsty Gallacher as The Mistress.

“Why don’t you take off the rest of your clothes as well”, there was a self satisfied smirk on his face. Kirsty took off the rest of her outfit and stood naked in front of the man, her perfect breasts strutting out and the thin streak of dark pubic hair leading down to her pussy. She shivered involuntarily but not from the temperature.

“Now Kirsty, I have kept my part of the deal. I have supplied all you needed to ruin the lives and careers of these blonde rivals of you. All the men, equipment and facilities I have paid for, don’t you have something to say to me.

As pre-arranged Kirsty Gallacher got down on her hands and knees and begged her benefactor thus “ Please Sir, fuck my virgin asshole”.

The man had agreed to do all this because he was so obsessed with Kirsty Gallagher , he was a multi-billionaire and could afford it and the asshole of the one he wanted lay before him. As Kirsty knelt there he spoke to her , telling her how he would fuck her and what it would feel like and as he spoke he undressed and then without warning penetrated her anally, his 9” penis thrusting forcefully in , eliciting a scream from Kirsty. He paid no heed and continued brutally fucking her , his mind, having already achieved his fantasy wandering off to his next potential conquest.

He fucked her for 25 minutes and by the end Kirsty was almost delirious and did not notice him reach back into his trousers and take out a pair of handcuffs , quickly he snapped them around Kirsty’s wrists . Before she could say anything her withdrew from her asshole and pulled her up by the hair and jammed his cock straight down her throat, she gagged and struggled but he just laughed at her and pinched her nose between his thumb and forefinger to increase her predicament . Seconds later , though it felt much longer to Kirsty , he pulled out and shot a giant load of cum all over her beautiful face.

As she lay gasping for breath on the floor he started to get dressed and spoke over his shoulder to Kirsty as he did so.”I’ve got to go now. I’ll leave you in the hands of the Jailer and the crew , they’ve got one more film to make . One I’ll sell privately for a lot of money. You are the star bitch , we’ll do everything you did to those girls and more. And you will do it willingly or you’ll star in your very own snuff movie. Once you’re done you won’t be hypnotised and you can feel the ‘fun’ of waiting for the film to make it into the public domain. Nice doing business with you cunt”.

With that the benefactor left and the last scene he saw of Kirsty was the jailer slappin gher hard on the cheek then bending her over to insert his cock in whichever of Kirsty Gallacher’s holes he saw fit.

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