7 Days 7 Nights

Title: 7 Days 7 Nights

Author: Gareth Matthews

Celebs: Linda Lusardi

Codes: MF, mast, oral, anal, mff, rape, exh, viol

Disclaimer: This story is not a representation of any of the celebs mentioned and was created by my perverted mind and should only be viewed or read by anyone over the age of 18.

William was getting married to hid long term lover in seven days but a chance meeting today on the way to work could change all of that. While on the ferry to Southampton from the Isle of White he meets a female. She’s blond, about his height slim and what caught his attention was the black knee length rain coat that was buckled by a belt around the waist. The female looks at William, smiles while suggestively rubs one of her high heeled boots against her leg. She then stands up smiles and then suggests he follows her, William is intoxicated by the female stranger that he would follows her over the side if she wanted but she lead him down a dead end passageway undoing the belt of her coat has she goes. At the end she turns around to face William holding open her coat, to his surprise she is naked underneath the coat only wearing black stockings and suspenders.

Then to further the surprise she ask ‘Do you want to fuck me now?’

To answer the question William walks up to the female pushes her back against the steel bulkhead kisses her and replies ‘Yes I do want to fuck you!’

They fumble with Williams belt and trousers which soon fall to the floor followed by his boxers.

The female then starts off the session by giving him a blow job before fucking up against the bulkhead, the stranger bringing one of her stocking clad legs up to waist height which William grabs and pins it to her side. The female is soon moaning that’s she about to cum then she screams has her body bucked in orgasm.

A short time later William’s turn came and when he said that he was about to cum they

stopped fucking and the female sank to her knees and took his salty load all over her tits. After fucking William got dressed and then they went their separate ways.

Once in work William just had to tell John about the female on the ferry and how they had fucked and she had taken his load all over her tits.’How big were her breasts?’ John asked.

‘Fucking big like fucking balloons fully inflated!’ William replied.

John then laughed and said ‘William don’t forget in 7 days your getting married to my sister!’

Once off the ferry Linda Lusardi headed straight home to her flat got dressed and grabbed a ring binder from the table and headed back out and straight over to her publisher with the lasted part of her new book titled Linda Lusardi’s 200 lovers. Now in the publishers she showed the details of her last part of the book titled my last lover. Linda Lusardi told the publisher that this section would be ready within a week. Linda Lusardi then left and headed back to her flat where she phoned William on the card she had picked from his wallet that she had picked from his pocket while they had fucked.

William arrived at Linda Lusardi’s flat at 18:00 has arraigned on the phone when she had phoned him at work. He found the spare key and then let him self in to the flat and headed straight to the living area where he finds a bottle of expensive French champaign in a bucket of ice, two glass flutes and a note beside a TV remote.

The Note read: Lover turn on the TV. William sat down and turned the TV on and there

was Linda Lusardi spread out on a bed in a black silk negligee, playing with her self. After a while he got fed up with the TV so turned it off and threw the remote on to the couch beside him. Then his mobile rang and when he looked it was the same number who had phoned him to tell him she had his wallet. ‘Why have you turned the fucking TV off my fucking pussy was starting to get fucking soaking has I fucking performed on the camera for you!’ Linda Lusardi said.’I just want my fucking wallet back!’ William replied.

‘I will after You fuck me again. So look over your fucking shoulder towards my bedroom!’

William looks over his shoulders and there was Linda Lusardi in her bedroom doorway mobile in one hand wearing her black silk negligee and waving Williams Wallet in her other. Linda Lusardi then walks in to the living area and over to William.

‘Before you get it back has I have already said you must fuck me or no wallet!’ Linda Lusardi remarked.

‘I have told you I am due to get married in six days so give me my fucking wallet!’

‘No, No, No, has I said no wallet not unless you fuck me!’ Linda Lusardi remarked has she removed her negligee, Linda Lusardi then grabs William’s hand and places it between her thigh on her soaking wet pussy. ‘Feel how wet I am William!’ Linda Lusardi moans.

William then stand up and undresses and then kisses Linda Lusardi and they sit down on the sofa, then she sinks to her knees between his legs and starts giving him a blow job to get him nice and hard. Once he’s fully erect they have sex on the floor in front of Linda Lusardi’s couch then on the couch in different positions, they start off on the couch missionary, then cow girl, reverse cow girl, doggy style before completing the fuck session with William blowing his load over her face and tits. After the fuck Linda Lusardi hands him the wallet but on the condition that until he gets married he still sees her. Once William had left Linda Lusardi got all of tonight’s action down on paper for her new book then went out to meet her publisher for a drink and some girl on girl sex action. When William got back to his rented Southampton flat he phoned his girlfriend and then went to bed.

After the day from hell in the office all William wanted to do was get back to the flat, shower and watch the news on the TV and while he’s watching the news his mobile rang. William looked at the number and instantly recognised it has Linda Lusardi’s. ‘What do you want now?’

‘You Fucking me what else!’ Linda Lusardi replies

‘So get the fuck over here fucking now I am fucking horny has fuck. I want cum raining off my fucking pussy has you fucking bang me!’

Then the phone goes dead, William then puts of his trainers and heads over to Linda Lusardi’s flat.

When he arrives he knocks and Linda Lusardi opens the door in a robe, stockings and suspenders. ‘What the fuck are you doing her I have company and to busy for a fuck!’

‘You what you fucking phoned me begging for me to call so that we could fuck and have my cum raining off your fucking pussy. So who’s here can just fuck off!’

‘So why don’t you tell them your self to fuck off has your here to bang my fucking pussy!’

‘I fucking will!’ William remarked has he burst in, on entering the bedroom he finds a black

female laying on the bed in just stockings and suspenders. Linda Lusardi had now joined them in just her stockings and suspenders holding he robe. ‘Haven’t you got to tell her some thing!’

Then Linda Lusardi and her publisher laugh, they then together undress William for a threesome. After the threesome Linda Lusardi gives William a blow job then he leaves.

William and John were working in the office when a package and a envelope addressed for William arrived at reception so John went down to collect it. On returning he placed them on William’s desk. William returned saw the package and envelope from Linda Lusardi so opened the envelope first read the note and the note read: Saw these today in my favourite underwear shop and the thought of you wearing these almost made me cum in my knickers. Hope you like them and don’t forget you must ware them to dinner tonight.

John picked up the note and the knickers and then remarked ‘Oh William its their so your colour these do suit you dear!’

William just snatched them off John and placed them in his desk until later when he went home to his flat.

Once home William, striped off put the stockings on first then the suspenders and finally the g-string, then his jeans and a polo shirt before leaving for dinner with Linda Lusardi. William meets her at the restaurant and she is wearing a black cotton summer dress stockings, suspenders, knickers and high heels on. They sit down to dinner and has their eating she starts caressing his leg under the table, then she leans across and asks ‘Are you wearing my presents tonight?’

‘Yes I am!’ he replies has they continue the dinner.

Once they had finished eating Linda Lusardi led William in to the female toilets and straight in to a cubicle where they strip off their clothes William standing there in stockings, suspenders and knickers Linda Lusardi striped down to the same. Then she gathered up his clothes and went out laughing. ‘Linda Lusardi get the fuck back in here with my fucking clothes. So I can put them back on!’

‘No fucking way ware mine you fucking tranny!’

William has no choice and puts on Linda Lusardi’s dress and high heels then joins her back in the restaurant Linda Lusardi wearing his jeans, polo shirt and trainers.

‘I have settled the bill so we have now wined and dined and now we head off to a hotel

room to 69!’

They leave the restaurant and head across to the hotel were Linda Lusardi had booked them in and straight up to their hotel room and William striped down to his panties, stockings and suspenders Linda Lusardi was soon out of her panties and pushing Gareth back down on to the hotel room bed and start their sex session in the 69 before putting the bed through its paces. Linda Lusardi taking William’s load all over her face.

After William had dressed in his proper clothes and left Linda Lusardi pulled out a writing

pad and put it all down on paper and returned to her flat and wrote it all up in the main book.

After finishing work early the day before he’s due to get married William walks past one of

the local book shops and sees a photo of Linda Lusardi in the window with a sign saying coming soon Linda Lusardi’s new book Linda Lusardi and her 200 lovers. So William heads straight around to Linda Lusardi’s flat has no one’s in he lets him self in and on the table is a draft copy of the very book and listed has her 200th lover was William. She had written every thing they had done to the first session on the ferry to last nights session in a hot tub at a swingers club. William felt violated by it and just has he finished reading Linda Lusardi walked in and when she noticed him reading the draft copy she froze.

‘William I can explain. Every thing I really loved you the ferry was meant to be a one off but my publisher wanted me to do more with you for the book!’

‘Lying fucking slag!’ William replied has he slapped Linda Lusardi on the face then ripping open her blouse and slamming her head on to the oak table. Now Linda Lusardi was pined down bent over the table William with his free hand reached up her skirt yanked down her knickers and remarked ‘Put this in your fuck book how your 200th lover found out he had been used then slammed your head in to the table and raped you with a wine bottle!’

William grabbed the empty wine bottle from the table slammed her head again onto the table and raped her first with the bottle then dropped his trousers and forced his now erect cock in to her and raped her pulling out to cum all over her dress.  He then pulled up his trousers before again slamming Linda Lusardi’s head in to the table, he remarked ‘Fucking Lying slag you fucking just got what the fuck you deserved!’ and then he rains a few punches down on Linda Lusardi head and body.  The beating then stopped and just before he stormed out he throws her to the floor and also gave her a few kicks to the stomach making Linda Lusardi throw up on to the floor, has he left he slammed the flat door leaving Linda Lusardi laying on the floor sobbing like a school girl her knickers still around her ankles laying in her own vomit badly beaten, the pages of the book thrown all over the floor by William has he storms off.

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