7 Days In The WWE

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. In no way it is meant to intend that the described scenery has really happened. It does not intend that the involved people have ever been or will ever be involved in the described proceedings. If you are easily offended by explicit sexual material DO NOT READ ON, also if your underage or if this material and/or the described proceedings are illegal in your country.

7 Days in the WWE

Day 1

Meeting Trish Stratus

Finding a door open as I walked down the hall, I had to look in and see what was in there, I stood just in someone’s locker room
looking around for any clues to say who it was. Someone in the backroom was singing as I moved to see who it was I shut the door slowly as I crept through. I got too halfway through and the sounds of running water grow loud above the singing. I got round the corner and found a long stretch corridor of showers, there was steam blowing out of one down the other side, as I walked down the steamy room clothes were being thrown from the cubical there was a top and skirt then was a big bra and a pair of tight thongs sitting on the floor as I looked in I found Trish Stratus was in there.

She was standing under the running water letting it travel between her massive tits, down to her shaved pussy. I stood watching her caress her tits as the water runs of them, I felt my cock harden and rise as I watched the Women’s Champion show what has made her a six time champ, I jumped inside the cubical Trish jumped but when she saw my throbbing cock she settled down as I ran my hands through her hair and down her amazing body over her tits and into her pussy, Trish was moaning as I worked my fingers around her clit. Trish shot her woman juice on my hand then she licked it all off my hands, when it was gone she let the water run down her again as she knelt down took my throbbing cock in her hands and working it, she stuck it far down her throat and sucked it all until I shouted I’mmm cummmmiiiiiingggg and I released my spunk in her mouth, I had to admire her as she looked up at me with a mouthful of my spunk letting the shower water drop on it to leave a nice mixture to swallow, she got up I pushed her against the wall and stuck my throbbing cock in her ass and she jiggled about screaming as I pleasured her ass, I got a rhythm going pumping in her ass as I pushed my fingers inside her clit as it dripped off the water, she then hung her head back and screeched FUCK MY ASS FINGER MY CLIT MAKE ME CUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! She shot on my hand as I moved it to her mouth she again drunk her own juice.

She turned the water off and said I think you’d better go now as I’ve got Vince here soon you wouldn’t want to get caught on your first day, I got out the cubical and grabbed my clothes got them on and ask Trish to get out as she did, I wanted a last rub of her tit, she rapped a towel round her and showed me the door, I got a kiss before I left and I LOVE MY TRIAL AT WWE.

6 Days to go!!

Part 2 cummin’ soon

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