7 Days In The WWE – Day 2: Stacy, Stacy

7 Days in the WWE

Day 2:

Stacy, Stacy

Starring: Stacy Keibler

Stacy called me into her dressing room as I walked by, she told me to lock the door, and then she walked up to me and slapped a kiss on my lips I stood in shock for a second then I shot straight at Stacy and began to kiss her neck passionately, as I worked down her ample chest I pulled her top off letting it drop to the floor, I caressed her breasts as she smiled at how good I worked her breasts, Stacy then pulled away and unfastened her hotpants they looked glued to her amazing hips, as the hotpants fell I saw her
g-string stuck up her cute ass, I pulled it out and pulled down her g–string flashing her bald pussy as I worked on her chest I got down to her pussy and began to work her clit whilst dropping my fingers inside her as she moaned so loud. She got me off, got changed and told me to leave. As I left I got one last kiss to end it.

So I left oh so happy.

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