7 Days In The WWE – Day 3: Laying Lusty Lovely Lita

7 Days in the WWE

Day 3

Laying Lusty Lovely Lita

Starring: Lita

Lita sat in the lounge in the backstage area of the arena for tonight, wearing a tight black top, that were exposing her heavenly looking tits and a pair of tight jeans.

Damn she looked hot tonight, so I thought of whistling at her so I did, she turned and said did you do that, in a sudden moment of madness I nodded, she called me to sit on the sofa next to her I did, as I moved over I saw a trademark thong poking out the top of her jeans, she pulled her top down to amaze me and reveal her bra–less beautiful
breasts, she said trying to tempt me, if you want them come and get them, as she got up and walked off.

I followed her all the way to a point were she disappeared as I looked around a dull lit room, the door shut closed as I turned and saw a topless Lita walking towards me, I got oh so hard in my pants. She must have noticed it as she fell to her knees. She pulled out my throbbing hard member she sat it between her tits and began to rub her tits sandwiching my hard member between her adoring tits and gave me a tit wank I felt the need to shot and I did right across her ample chest she rubbed it in and licked it all up, she turned over looked up at me and said fuck my brains out, so I did I stuck my cock in her ass and got and pumping rhythm going, I felt her body heat up to spice it up a bit, I stuck 2 fingers in her pussy and played with her clit whilst fucking her ass hard. We both orgasmed at the same time, we came together and then I told Lita she had to go and accompany Edge to the ring for his match and I kissed her tits and then left like nothing happened.

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