7th Heaven Is Right!

Note: As you well know, this is a work of fiction, nothing like this happened, don’t try it at home, stay in school…you know the drill. This story is a continuation of Beverly Mitchell is a Slut? If you haven’t read that, I recommend you do. Not that you need to to understand the story, but for your own enjoyment. Please respond if like this story or the other, I LOVE feedback of all kinds. Tell me you loved it, tell me you hated it, tell me what you want to see more of, less of, tell me what you want next, what you’re favorite band is, whatever you feel like including. And if you’re a sexy lady, tell me where you are, and
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Man, I was in literal heaven! The last few weeks had been a whirlwind for me, and I couldn’t be happier. I walked around LA with a 24/7 grin on my face. I even smiled when I slept. When I got around to sleeping that is. Usually I was way too busy fucking to get around to it. After my interview with Beverly, I knew right away that I needed to move to LA, I just had to. Being a friend, and grateful for all the ‘exercise’ I gave her. So, she set me up with a place to stay, which was with her. And even a job as a stagehand on ‘7th Heaven’. It was fantastic. I had a great job, an amazing place to live; I was in a tropical climate. And to top it all off, a slutty little whore to fuck as much as I pleased. One couldn’t ask for more, or so I thought. I didn’t think life could get any better, that is, until my first day on the set of the show.

It was a warm Sunday morning. I remember it well. All the actors had to go in that day for a reading of the script, and all us stagehands had to go in and help set up the sets for the shoot the next day. I woke up and had a quickie with Beverly. Man, she was insatiable. We probably had sex at least twice a day, and that was on a slow day. I was happy to oblige of course. We got dressed and headed out to her car to head to the studio set. We were both dressed casually. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, as always. Beverly was wearing a white tank top with no bra. Her massive tits jiggled and shook as she walked, her nipples could be seen through the sheer fabric. She wore form fitting jeans and a pair of heeled sandals to top it off. She looked very fuckable. Even though we had just screwed less then an hour before, I could feel a familiar feeling in my jeans stirring. I opened her door for her, pinching her ass teasingly as I did. She giggled sweetly and got in. As we drove, I purposely hit a few potholes, glancing over as I did, watching her delicious tits shake and jiggle. She figured out what I was up to pretty fast. When we hit the highway, she finally spoke.

“If you want to see them, just ask me, ok?” With that, she lifted off her tank top, showing her fantastic tits. Even though I had done everything under the sun to them over and over again, it always excited me to see them. My cock was like a branch in my jeans, straining.

“Thanks. But if we crash, it’s your fault.” I said. She laughed. “I can’t believe I’m actually going to working on an actual TV show. Thanks again.”

“You’re welcome. But I should be thanking you; I haven’t been in this kind of shape in awhile.” We both laughed. I kept stealing glances at her chest, admiring them. She noticed and smiled again. “I would keep your eyes on the road mister. Here, I’ll help you forget them.” She reached over with her tender, light hand, unzipped my jeans and tenderly removed my cock. It was fully erect, all hot and hard. She wrapped her cool hand around it and started to jerk me off slowly as I drove. I moaned as she kept pulling on me, but I kept our deal and focused as much as I could on driving. Soon both her hands were around my cock, stroking me fast and hard. Her pretty face was staring straight at my cock, her globes shaking, her hands flying, coaxing my cum. It felt so good. As she kept jerking me, she undid her pants and slipped out of them, letting them rest on the floor. Now she was completely naked, sitting next to me, jerking me off as she rubbed her own sopping pussy. Thank god she has tinted windows, or we might be all over the news tomorrow, I thought. All of a sudden, to my surprise, she hopped on top of me, straddling my waste, facing me. I leaned around her, looking over her shoulder.

“The fuck are you doing? I almost crashed?” I asked, confused, angry and excited at the same time.

“I gotta have you in me. Just drive, I’ll do all the work.” With that, she lowered onto my cock. My hardness sank into her. She was warm and soaking wet. My cock felt so good inside her. Her twat felt like velvet, surrounding me. She bobbed up and down, fucking me as I drove. Thank god, we were on the highway. I set the cruise control and just steered, enjoying the impromptu fuck. She grinded against my cock, shoving me all up inside her, reaching all up in her. My whole 8 inches filled her. She moaned and wailed as she bounced. Her tits were shaking right in front of my face, and it killed me that I couldn’t suck on them. I had to watch the road. I could feel my cum boiling up inside my balls as she rode me, harder and harder, faster and faster.

“Oh god, yes, I’m cumming, I’m CUMMING!!” she screamed. She flung her head back and screamed as her orgasm hit her. I could feel her pussy tighten, contract, and relax as she came. It squeezed and milked my cock, and I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“I’m cumming too!” I yelled.

She looked down at me, her face red and flushed. She looked so sexy, almost animalistic, just filled with pure lust. “Do it, fill me with your spunk. Come on, do it now, cum for me!”

I went back to the road as I blew my load. I grunted and groaned, almost passing out as my orgasm hit me, hard and intense. I fired my boiling, greasy load inside her, filling her up. My cum splashed all around insider her cunt. I came for almost a whole minutes, each time spewing loads of semen all in her pussy. She squealed and moaned as she felt me filling her up. After I was done, she pulled off me and sat back down her seat. I was breathing heavily, but I was beginning to concentrate a little more on the road. My spent cock, covered with both our juices, still hung out my pants. She was breathing hard too, sitting next to me, slipping her shirt back on. My cum was leaking a little out of her pussy. She noticed it, scooped it up in her fingers and sucked it down.

“Good to the last drop.” She said, smiling. I laughed back. I reached down and put my soft cock away. I didn’t want it getting hard again; we were too close the studio. She got dressed and fixed herself up, and we drove the rest of the way to the studio in silence, basking in the glow of a great fuck.

* * *

The day dragged on. The actors had been hustled away to a room for the reading, while I and the other guys set up the set and crap like that. Very boring, but it beat school. But it was kind of a downer, to go from fucking one of the hottest young stars of the day, to being around a bunch of middle-aged union guys. No offense to them at all, but come on, who would you rather be around? Lunchtime rolled around, and while everyone else shuffled outside or to a restaurant, I wanted some peace and quiet. I stole away to one of the bedroom sets and just relaxed, enjoying my meal.

“This isn’t a fucking cafeteria buddy!” a bitchy, yet familiar, feminine voice yelled. I jumped. Both surprised and upset. I looked up and right into the pretty, actually heart stopping face, of actress Jessica Biel. Wow, I thought, she looks amazing in person. She wasn’t wearing any make-up, but her sexy eyes and well-proportioned face looked just as amazing as it does on the show, in her movies, and during photo shoots. Even though I liked Beverly a little better, I had certainly jacked off once or twice to her as well. (What living human being couldn’t?) That Gear spread was phenomenal. She acted on the show like such an innocent soul, but was a fucking slut outside of it. And now, here she was, in the beautiful flesh. Her long brown hair was tied into a ponytail. She was wearing a tight halter-top, her cleavage more then showing. Her tits weren’t as big as Beverly’s was, but they were nice, perfect for her slim, athletic body. Her tight, dark jeans looked like they were sculpted perfectly for her long, lovely legs and prefect ass. She was wearing white tennis shoes. I loved those; they always made a girl look so innocent. But I could tell Ms. Biel was absolutely not the definition of innocent at all.

I stammered a response, but partly because I was nervous at the fact of being caught, and partly cause I was very aroused from being in the presence of Jessica Biel. “Um, well, you see, I’m with the crew and…well, uh, it was crowded and….you see, I was tired, and, but…”

However, she found the time to cut me off, “Stop. You know what, I could care less. I just came up here to grab my purse. Get the hell out of my way.” She pointed to a purse, sitting on the bed behind me. I hadn’t noticed it when I had sat down. I scooted over, allowing her access to the purse. When she leaned over to get it, I couldn’t help but sniff, smelling her, taking in her scent. She smelled heavenly. I looked at her hand, small and lithe, well manicured. I growing erection was clearing showing, and I moved, trying to hide it. I took in a generous view of her ass as she grabbed the purse. I slowly started to rub myself, unable to help myself. First, the fuck in the car with Beverly, and now, sexy Jessica right in front of me, I had to try and get off.

Just at that moment, she looked over, and I froze, hand on my pants, stroking through my jeans my diamond hard erection.

“What the…Jesus Christ, what the fuck do you think you’re doing!?”

Isn’t it obvious?, I thought. But I was speechless. But, my lord, did she have a foul mouth, and temper! To be honest, that was turning me on too.

“You’ve got some balls, fucking getting off while I’m right here!!” She grabbed my head and pushed me down on the bed. She placed a knee on my chest, holding me down.. “Now, I’m gonna teach you a lesson. Now, pull it out.”

I didn’t do anything, a mixture of emotions stopping me. Fear, anger, excitement. “Pull…I mean, what? Pull what out?”

“Your goddamn cock! You want to get off so badly, do it now, right here in front of me. DO IT!” She yelled, right in my face. Her lovely face was twisted into a face of anger and horniness, but she was still just as beautiful, even more so.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. It was fully hard. Precum seeped out the tip. I slowly ran my hand over it and started stroking it, looking at Jessica as I did. Fuck, she was a hot bitch. I focused on her immaculate cleavage as I jerked off, feeling it all, getting so turned on. I grimaced in pain though when she pushed down hard on my chest with her knee. I stopped jacking and looked up at her, confused.

“Stroke that motherfucking cock fast and hard. That’s how you’ll do it. I’m trying to punish you for being so rude!”

I had no other recourse then to oblige her command. I moved my hand over my steel pole fast, my hand flew up and down, blurring. I gripped it hard, like a vice. With all the force and speed, I was rubbing my cock raw, just like she wanted me to do. As my hand flew, I looked directly in her face. She was staring directly at my cock, her eyes full of fury and lust.

“Faster, harder! Do it! Jerk off harder! Punish yourself!” she urged me.

I did as told, and went as fast and as hard as I could. I started to feel less and less good, and more and more painful. This must be the punishment part, I thought. My dick hurt like hell, I was rubbing it raw. My arm ached. Pain shot threw it. It felt like it was going to fall off. The muscle ached, everything did, all I wanted to do was cum, to end the pain, and also to feel the pleasure of masturbating to Jessica Biel.

“Oh please, it hurts, I want to cum, can I please cum?” I pleaded with her, my eyes tearing from pain and pleasure.

“Do it, shoot you fucking dirty boy load.” As she said this, she grabbed her shirt collar and ripped it open, exposing her tits. She was wearing no bra. Her tits were on full display. They were amazing. B-cups, all tanned, just like the rest of her body, with perfect little nipples on the tips. They were perky and absolutely a wet dream to see. They weren’t big though, on her frame, and that was the only difference between hers and Beverly’s. But seeing them pushed me over the edge. I jerked a couple more times, my cock and balls went through a spasm, and I screamed in relief and ecstasy as I shot by hot, creamy load. I aimed my beaten cock at her chest and shot it all over her tits, coating them with my pearly cum. Each new blast splashed on them, covering them with the sticky substance. She tossed her head back and moaned as she felt my warm spunk on her newly exposed tits.

“Yes, more, more, MORE!!” she screamed, demanding it. I shot a few more times, shuttered and collapsed in a worthless heap on the bed. My poor cock leaked a little amount of cum out. I looked at my cock. It was red and it felt all hot. My arm was sore, and my hand was just as red and abused as my cock. I took in deep breaths, beads of sweat rolling down my face. I looked at Jessica. She was rubbing my spunk all over her tits, spreading it all around, making her tits all wet and shiny. She looked down at me and smiled for the first time. The tone in her voice changed too, to being sweet and caring, and nice.

“Very good, you’re not a bad boy, you did as you were told.” She reached down and started to rub my soft, maltreated cock. “Let me reward you. I’ll do all the work this time, you just lay back and relax.” She smiled, leaned down, and sucked my cock into her mouth. Her warm saliva on my hurt dick felt amazing, and I immediately started to get hard again. She sucked my cock, taking in about half of it, bobbing her head up and down as she sucked. She fondled my balls as she sucked. My cock was up to full length and hardness in no time. I started to weakly buck my hips, trying to fuck her face. As I started, she bit down on my cock. I howled in pain. She took it out and jerked it off with her hand.

“I said, lay back and relax, I do all the work. You do any work again, and I bite it off!” Her voice was mean again, and her face angry. I nodded and leaned my head back. I closed my eyes and waited. I felt her suck on it again. She couldn’t deep throat me like Beverly, and she wasn’t as good at as Beverly either, but it was still very good. And I mean, come on, it was Jessica Biel, who was I to complain?

She sucked on it, swirling her tongue all around my shaft and the head. Her warm, soft hand squeezed and rolled my balls around. It was all so good, and it took my mind off my hurting cock and arm in the most amazing way. After a couple more minutes of being in the heaven of having my cock sucked by her, she took her mouth off of it, I didn’t open my eyes, and a second later, I felt something wet, warm and tight. I opened my eyes and looked. There, on top of me, was Jessica Biel, completely naked, with my cock in her completely shaved pussy. Her legs were on either side of me, and she was riding me hard, bouncing on top of me. My hard cock was disappearing and reappearing from her tight cunt. Her tits bounced slightly as she fucked me. I had the urge to grab her hips and fuck with her, but I remember what she had said, let her do it all. So, I laid back and let her fuck the shit out of me. I took the time to look her sexy nude body up and down. She was completely tanned, and looked stunning. Her long, sexy legs squeezing my hips as she fucked me turned me on so much. I also noticed she was still wearing her white tennis shoes. I moaned and groaned as she kept fucking me. She rode me harder and harder, bucking her hips, ramming her pussy down hard onto my cock.

“Oh god, yes, I fucking need this. Bev said you were such a goddamn male slut! Fuck yes, FUCK YES!!!!” she yelled as she fucked me hard.

So Beverly had told her. I thought. I’ll have to thank Beverly later. I wanted to say something, but I remembered, and she might not like it. Not wanting to her to flip out and end this, I kept my mouth shut, and just moaned in enjoyment.

All of a sudden,, she grabbed my head and held it against her tits. She let out a high pitched scream. I felt her legs clamp against me and her pussy vibrate around my cock. She came hard, smothering my face against her now dried cum covered rack. I sucked on a nipple, helping her through her orgasm. When she came down from it, she shoved me back, and lifted off my cock. Her pussy was leaking juices, my cock glistened with them. She stood next to the bed, in all of her nude, post coital glory.

“Damn, that was great. I came so hard. I love your cock.” She said sweetly. She smiled at me when she saw my disappointment that I hadn’t come. “Don’t worry, I said I’d take care of you, and I will. We still have plenty of time left over from lunch.” She looked at my sweaty body and my cock and licked her lips. Then she turned to the hallway and yelled, “Okay, you can come on in. He’s all ready for you.”

Catherine Hicks walked into the room. For those of you who don’t know her, she plays Mrs. Camden on the show. All of a sudden, I felt so embarrassed. She was older then my mom, she was a woman in her forties. But that wasn’t what did it. It was the fact that she was such a good mother on the show, and I couldn’t get that image out of my mind. It was like I was lying there with my cock fully hard and covered in pussy juice after fucking an incredibly hot chick and my mother walked in. She was even dressed motherly. She was in a dark blue sweater that hid her body, and a long blue dress that went all the way down to her high heels.

She smiled at me and looked me up and down. Then she turned to Jessica and said, “Wow, he looks like he is a lot of fun. Is he?”

Jessica laughed and said, “Damn straight. Take him for a ride!”

Catherine laughed too and began to strip off her clothes. I still laid there, but I was starting to get a little soft. I mean, I like women off all ages, but I didn’t find Catherine Hicks that particularly attractive. But, I was willing to try anything once.

As I watched Catherine get naked, Jessica was talking to me. “Beverly told us both what a good fuck you are, so we wanted a piece for ourselves. I tried you out and wanted to see if you were willing to play along, and you were. So, now, she’s gonna play around with you. Got it?” I nodded my head. Catherine stripped down to her bra and panties. She had pockets of fat on her, and she had some stretch marks from age, but overall, she wasn’t bad looking at all for her age. Jessica saw me watching and getting hard again and smiled. “I love to watch though, so I’ll just sit here and masturbate while you to fuck each others brains out.”

Catherine finally took off her bra and panties. She was trimmed down below and it looked nice and inviting. She was clearly very wet and turned on. Her tits were nice. They had nice size to them, but they had a little bit of a sag to them. Still, she looked very good for her age. She sauntered over to me and bent down next to me. The moment she wrapped her hand around my cock and started to pull, I totally forgot the mother complex, and only saw her as a hot, sexy older woman who wanted to screw my brains out. I alternated watching her smooth, mature hand run up and down my cock, sliding over the head, pumping the shaft, her nimble, experienced fingers making me feel incredible. I had an awful case of blue balls from not cumming to Jessica, and Catherine was helping me out in the nicest of ways. The other thing I was watching was Jessica across the room. She has furiously masturbating as she watched. Her fingers rubbed her clit, pried open her lips, dipped inside. She was playing with herself like there was no tomorrow.

Catherine lowered her head and started to suck on the head of my cock, sucking it hard, her tongue dancing all over it. She gripped my shaft with both of her hands, pumping me and she sucked on the tip of my cock like a vacuum cleaner. I gritted my teeth, it felt so fucking good! Who knew Mrs. Camden was such an excellent cocksucker? She was definitely better then Jessica, and she was tied with Beverly. Catherine let go of my cock and shoved her face down, thrusting my cock completely down her throat in one deft move. Her tongue was licking my balls as my dick rested in her experienced throat. Her nose was buried in my public hair. She started to bob, hard and fast, making me fuck her throat as hard and deep as humanly possible. I glanced over at Jessica. She had jammed 3 fingers into her sopping cunt and digging deep and hard. She was writhing, and so was I. We were all so horny, the only thing that mattered was cumming. Hard.

With a pop, Catherine slipped my cock out of her gullet. “I’m on period this week, so you’ll have to settle for my ass. Is that okay honey?” she asked me. The tone was the same as if my mom were asking me if it was okay if we were having chicken for dinner. I nodded slowly, speechless. I was so hot, hard and horny, I didn’t care which hole Catherine gave me, I just wanted one.

“Good”, she smiled sweetly, stood up, and lowered her ass down onto my cock. I nudged the head in, feeling it penetrate the rim. Then, she shoved down and I was instantly inside her ass. It was rather loose as she started to fuck me. She must get it fucked a lot. But Beverly’s ass was a virgin when I fucked her there, so I only have that tightness for comparison. Catherine rode me hard, making me fuck her ass hard and deep. It felt so good. I wanted to cum almost right away. She moaned and groaned, looking right at me as I sodamized her.

“Tell me before you cum, ok dear?” she asked, her voice wavering, my cock buried deep in her ass. I could only manage a slight nod. I was so turned on and wanting to cum so badly that I needed all my brain power to hold off my orgasm. I looked over at Jessica and saw her cumming. She was thrashing, 4 of her fingers crammed into her pussy. Catherine was bouncing hard on my cock. She started to sound like she was crying almost. The, she grabbed my hair and pulled it hard as she screamed, “I’m CUMMING!!”

Her cumming from my hard cock in her ass, and Jessica cumming for masturbating brought me to the finish line. “I want to cum too!!”

With that, she pulled off me, sucked my cock. The sight of her sucking my cock that had come straight from her ass did it. As I came, she pulled it out of her mouth and pointed it right at her face. I fired my load, and shot out, creaming all over her face. She kept jerking me as I shot my greasy spunk all over her face. I had never cum so hard, I had held it off for so long, and now I was cumming in gallons. She and Jessica moaned as my cum drowned Catherine.

After I had cum, I laid back, exhausted. Catherine stood up, her face coated with my cum. She walked over to Jessica and smiled. Jessica stood up and the kissed. Jessica licked the cum off of Catherine’s face, then they tongue kissed, sharing my cum. They moaned the whole time, and it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

After that, they got dressed. Catherine left first, looking just as innocent and motherly as she first did. Jessica was about to leave when she turned and said, “Now, get off of your ass, and get back to work asshole!” She smiled and winked. I was tired, drained, and ached all over.

* * * *

As I fixed up the room from my excapade with Jessica and Catherine, a hectic woman came running by.

“Hey, is everything ok ma’am?” I called.

She came into the room. She had a worried look on her face. “Actually, no. Can you help me?”

“What do you need help with?”

“I have an emergency at work. I’m a doctor, and my husband is busy in a meeting until 10 tonight, and we have no one to watch our daughter tonight.”

“Oh, so you’re looking for a babysitter?”

“Yes, could you do it please?”

I was taken aback. “Um, not that I am not untrustworthy, but you barely know me.”

“Well, you work with the union, and I’m sure you know my daughter, she works on the show. Mackenzie Rosman.” She said.

“Oh, ok. Yeah, I know her.” I actually didn’t, but I knew of her, and I could always use a little extra money. “Sure, I would be more then happy to help.”

“Oh my god, thank you sir, thank you so much! I’ll give you a ride there now. You don’t know how much this helps me and my husband out young man!”

I smiled. “No problem. And the name’s Kyle.”

An Hour later

I was flipping through the TV channels. There was nothing on. Mackenzie had gone to her room to change for bed, and her mom had just called. She wouldn’t be home till after midnight, and her father not till tomarrow morning. So, I was stuck here for the night. But, it wasn’t bad at all. They were gonna pay me 10 bucks an hour, they had a satalite dish, great snacks, and best of all, their 12 year old star daughter didn’t need any babysitting really. She could take pretty good care of herself.

I heard footsteps coming down there stair, and a minute later, Mackenzie came in. She was wearing only a long t-shirt. Her curly brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail for the night. She sat down on the floor next to me and turned on cartoons. I didn’t protest. As she watched it, I kept staring at her, and realizing how great she looked. She had beautiful chestnut hair, deep brown eyes, and her tanned skin was blemish free. One of the benefits of youth, perfect skin. As I kept looking her up and down, I realized she was quite attractive. She had a pretty good body for a 12 year old. She couldn’t have started puberty more then 6 months ago, but she was well on her way to being one hot bitch!

I didn’t find anything wrong as I admired her legs, but when I thought about her young pussy and her growing tits, I noticed my raging hardon, and stopped myself. What the hell am I doing!? I’m not a fucking pedophile, and she’s only… then I stopped thinking. Who cared how old she was? She was becoming a woman, and needed to know these things. And besides, I really wanted to pop her cherry, and who better then me, a guy who knows what he’s doing. And, it would complete the set. I could proudly say I fucked all the girls on the show. I sat there for a few more minutes, formulating a plan. Should I ask her? Fool her into doing it? The problem with those methods is that I could get in trouble. And that was something I didn’t need. Then, it hit me. I would play on her natural curiosity, both as a child, and as a burgeoning sexual being. I took a deep breath, and proceeded.

“Wow Mackenzie, you’re very pretty.” I told her.

She looked up at me and smiled. As I looked into her deep brown eyes as she looked at me, I saw how happy I had made her with my comment. Fuck, she is so goddamn hot! Her brown eyes were the most amazing part of her beautiful face. Her smile was perfect, and it just made her that much more attractive. I felt my cock surge, growing harder and bigger than ever. It was definitely because of the fact that I was about to fuck this 12-year-old sexpot. “Thank you Kyle.”

I scooted off the couch and onto the floor next to her, still looking right into her eyes. “Do you have a boyfriend? I’ll bet you do, you’re so pretty.”

She blushed and giggled. “No, silly.”

I looked at her. “Why am I silly?”

“Just cause.” She giggled again and scrunched her nose. God, I wanted her.

I moved closer to her. “I was asking because usually girls who as good-looking as you have boyfriends. Sometimes more than one.”

“Oh. Well, I don’t know why I don’t have one. I guess none of the boys in my class like me. They don’t like girls that much.”

I laughed, remembering when I was in school and that young. We did avoid girls. How funny it was, until hormones kicked in, and we suddenly couldn’t get enough of them. “They’ll come around, don’t worry.” As she sat there, the t-shirt had ridden up high on her. She was sitting with her legs out in front of her, spread slightly. I followed her legs all the way down, admiring their length. I could even make out a little bit of her white cotton panties she was wearing. I put my hand on her young, bronzed thigh. The skin was incredibly smooth, and I could feel its warmth. She noticed it there, but it was pretty far down, near her knee, so she didn’t seem to care that it was there. “Maybe you need someone older to be your boyfriend.”

I could see it in her face. She was intrigued and curious, both by what I meant and by my hand on her leg. “Like who?” she asked.

I moved my hand up and down her leg, rubbing it, feeling the silken skin against my hand. “How about me? Do you like me? I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world.” I could see her eyes were enticed by me. I was giving her exactly what she wanted to hear. “Do you think I’m handsome.” She blushed and turned away from my gaze, embarrassed. I leaned in more, still rubbing her leg, going higher and higher up her thigh each time I rubbed it. “You don’t have to be scared or embarrassed. Boyfriends and girlfriends tell each other that they like each other all the time. They like to make each other feel good about themselves.” I tried to sound as caring and sweet as I could, trying to hide how incredibly horny I was, blocking my animal lust for her. Not to mention my raging boner, which could be clearly seen through my jeans. I had a massive pop tent sprouting.

She turned back to me, still red as a beet, but looking still hot. “Y-Yes, I think you’re a very handsome boy.”

“Don’t be scared, it’s okay, you can say it. But I’m not a boy, I’m a man, ok? And you are a very pretty woman.”

She quickly looked back at me, her smile beaming more then it ever had. “You really think I’m a woman?”

“Of course.” I smiled back. As I did, I slid my hand up her thigh, touching her panties. She quickly jerked back, stopping me.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m just touching you, trying to make you feel good. Don’t you want to have some fun?”

Her face got a worried look on it, and she bit her lower lip slightly. “My mommy and daddy said that nobody except them and my doctor can touch me there.”

I smiled and moved close to her again. “That’s a rule for little girls. But you’re a woman, and my girlfriend, so it’s okay.” I started moving my hand up to her panties again. I reached her panties, and started to rub her pussy through them. At first she had an embarrassed look on her face, like she was upset with me doing this. She was also red as a tomato. From that, I could tell she had never even kissed a boy before. I leaned in and kissed her, to make her more comfortable. I wanted her to feel like a woman who was expressing her feelings with her lover, not a molested little child. She was awkward at first, trying her best to match my lips against hers. They were soft and full, and she tasted great. There was nothing like kissing a virgin mouth, not to mention doing other things to other virgin holes. At least, I assumed as much. I had never taken a girls virginity, and the fact that I was taking Mackenzie Rosman’s was the most exciting thing I could imagine. As our lips danced together, she began to get more into the groove of it. For a beginner, she was quite good. I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She jumped a bit at it, but eventually went back to enjoying our embrace, relaxing. My tongue darted and danced around her mouth, massaging her tongue. I felt her tongue start to do the same. She was learning how to French kiss from me, and that made the entire experience more exciting.

After a few moments, our kiss broke. I could still taste her in my mouth. She was just sitting there, looking at me. I looked back. Her lips were slightly parted, I could tell she had thoroughly enjoyed the kiss too.

“Wow”, was all she said.

“You’re an amazing kisser Mackenzie. I’m very lucky to be your boyfriend.” I smiled at her.

All of a sudden, she was beaming and talking a mile a minute. “I loved that! That was my first kiss, and it was so good! I really liked your tongue in my mouth, I felt really nice! You’re a great boyfriend. Can we do that some more, huh, please?”

I laughed. “Woah, woah, slow down. We can do all of that as much as you want.”

She sat up on her knees, all excited. “Great. Know what felt really good? When you were touching and rubbing my…” she paused and got an embarrassed look again. She broke eye contact with me and looked down. “My….my, you know….” She motioned down to her crotch. I understood what she was trying to say.

“Your vagina?” I asked. She looked back and nodded. I smiled at her and took her hand in mine. “You can say it, it isn’t a dirty word. It’s a great word. It’s one of the most fun parts of your body.”

She looked at me, confused a bit. “My……vagina? Really?” she asked, testing the word.

“Yes, and there are so many other names for it. Like a pussy, a cunt, a slit. You can say all of those words. To me though. Those are boyfriend and girlfriend words, not mommy and daddy words.”

“Ok. I’ll call it my….pussy.” she said, and she smiled, looking back into my eyes, I didn’t see any childlike curiosity in them, but only womanhood lust. “Just for you.”

We kissed for a few more minutes, embracing for a while. I broke free and tried my hand at going a little farther. “Do you want me to make you feel real good?”

She nodded her head furiously. “Yes! Isn’t that what boyfriend and girlfriend do?”

“Yes, but before we do anything more, you have to remember, you can’t tell anyone at all about this. This is our little secret, ok?”

“Yes, of course!”

“Take off you shirt and panties for me, I want to see my pretty little girl all naked for me.”

She leapt up without hesitation. She yanked her shirt off. Her bare tits were on full display for me. They were small, growing, probably a small b cup at the moment, but they still had time to grow. They were capped with little dark nipples. I noticed they were very hard. She was probably as turned on as I was. I remember my first time, when I was with Beverly. She must have been feeling the same way. Excited, scared, horny, embarrassed. But together, mixed, it all felt great. Then she thumbed down her panties and kicked them across the room. Her pussy was magnificent. She was completely bald down there, of course. Nothing had grown there yet. Her lips were clearly on exhibit, and she wet down there. I licked my lips and felt my pole in my pants, still very hard. God, she was amazing fully naked. She clearly wasn’t a woman yet, but she was also not a little girl by any definition.

“Now lay down on the floor and spread your legs for me. I’m going to make your whole body feel good.”

She did as she was told. She laid on her back, and spread her legs. I got between them and slid my finger into her sopping, virgin pussy. It was so fucking tight! My finger could barely slide in.

“Oh, oh jeez. What… what are you doing?”, she asked. Her voice was filled with concern, but it was mixed with pleasure.

I ignored her at first, working my finger slowly, in and out, working her open a bit. Then I looked up at her as I slid in a second finger. “Don’t you worry at all. I’m your boyfriend, and I want to make you feel good all over>”

“But…I mean, ohhhhhh!” she moaned, and laid her head all the way back against the floor, her face twisted into a face full of pleasure. I kept fingering her, moving them in and out. She was still so goddamn tight, but she was loosening up a little bit. Pussy juice leaked out and all over the floor. My fingers were covered in wetness. God, she was sopping wet! I had never even heard of a pussy that could be so wet. I leaned into her pussy and licked it. It was a long, slow lick with my broad tongue. It started all the way down to all the way up to her clit. She screamed out, her little voice filled with unmistakable pleasure. She kicked her legs as I continued to finger and lick her tight, bald pussy. Her head thrashed back and forth, moaning and panting like a beast. My tongue furiously darted all along her lips, tasting all around her sweet cunt. My fingers flew in and out of her pussy, finger fucking her hard and deep, opening her up. I started to suck on her clit, and that pushed her over the edge. She screamed at the top of her little lungs, clamped her legs tight against my head, and came all over my face. Moisture flooded my face, drenching my lips. I sucked it all down, it all tasted so good.

When she came down from it, I got up and sat on the couch. She was red faced from cumming so hard, and there was wet spot on the floor from her. She sat up and looked at me. “That felt so good, when you kissed my…my pussy like that.” She was gasping for air, tired from her orgasm. “What was that?”

“What I did, or what happened to you?” I asked.


“Well, what I did was called giving you head. I loved it too. Your little cunt tasted so good. And what happened to you was called an orgasm, or cumming. You came.”

She stood up, looking at me, curious totally about what we were doing. “Well, it was amazing. Can you make me…cum again, please? PLEASE!!” She pleaded with me.

I laughed. “Of course, as much as you want. But first, I need a little fun too. Turn around and show me your ass.” As she turned, I pulled my cock out of my pants. It was incredibly hard and the head was deep purple. I was so turned on, and seeing her tight, little, perfect ass was the perfect sight for my release.

As I jerked off, she turned around, still pointing her ass at me. “What are you doing? How come you’re doing that to you pee-pee?”

I stopped for a second, my full cock on display. “Well, you’re so hot and pretty that you make me want to feel good. And I want to orgasm just like you did, and this one way that boys can cum.”

She turned around and just watched me as I jacked. She kept inching closer as she watched. I just watched her, her pretty face and her curiosity making me hornier by the second.

“Can….can….can I try….try that?” she asked cautiously, pointing to my cock.

I stopped and took my hand off my cock. “You want to jerk off my cock for me, make me cum?”

She smiled, her eyes still fixed on my hard dick. “Yes, I want….i want to make you cum. I want to play with your….cock.” she giggled at the word cock.

“Go ahead.”

She turned around and knelt down between my legs, my hard dick only about a foot away from her face. It killed me to see her do it. I was so transfixed by her fine ass. It was so goddamn hot! I knew I had to somehow fuck it, but that was later. She wrapped her small, nimble fingers around my cock. Her hand was so tiny and childlike that her fingers could barely touch around my cock. I looked at her. Her big, brown eyes were lost in her lust for me. Her face had an expression of pure and utter curiosity about what we were doing. But her pussy had been so wet when I had ate her out, I knew she loved it. She started to move her hand, up and down, jerking me like she had seen my doing. At first she starting doing it slowly, testing the waters so to speak. Feeling my hard, warm, yet soft and firm skin against her cool, small hand. The purplish head was leaking precum all over her hand as she moved it over the head. It acted like a self-lubricant, making my cock and her tiny hand glisten. As she continued doing it, she started to smile. I grunted and groaned, feeling her jack me off. It felt so fucking good. Plus, the look on her face was priceless. She was smiling, enjoying it. I started to buck my hips, fucking her hand as she did so. She was a smart little whore, and she got the message. She started to pump her hand faster and harder, running it all up and down my hard, slick shaft. Her little buds of tits shook as she jacked harder and harder. I was moaning so loud. All of it, her hand, her expression, was the most erotic experience of my life.

As she kept jerking me, she asked me, her voice shaking, both with the act of her hand flying over my dick, and with the anticipation of the sex that was to follow. “What is this wet stuff coming out? Is it the same as my wet stuff? Did you…did you cum too?”

I did my best to answer her, I was getting so lost in the pleasure. “No, I didn’t cum yet Mackenzie. That’s called precum, it helps make my dick nice and smooth.”

She giggled, still jacking. “Oh, ok. Well, it’s working. So, what is it like when boys do cum? Is it like when girls cum, the same as I did?”

“No, honey. When boys cum, they shoot a whole lot of all that wet stuff.”

“Oh, cool! Can I see that, please, PLEASE!” she pleaded with me.

“Yes, I would love to show you. All you have to do is put my cock in you mouth.”

She stopped jerking me off. “In…in my mouth?”, she asked nervously.

“Yes. I put my mouth on your privates, and now you have to do that same with mine. Just put it in your mouth and suck on it like a lollypop, and then I’ll cum and you can see it.”

She just sort of looked at me, confused. Then she said, “Ok, if you say so.” She leaned down, opened her little mouth wide, and put my cock in her mouth. I leaned my head back and moaned. Her hot, tiny mouth felt immaculate around my cock. She closed her mouth around it and started to suck on it, like it was a straw. “How does it taste?” I asked between gasps.

She pulled her head back. “It tastes ok, I guess. Is this how I taste?”

“No, you taste amazing, like honey.”

She beamed again, showing me her fantastic, innocent smile. “well, boyfriend, you taste good too.” Then she put her mouth back on my cock and started sucking on it again. She wasn’t bobbing her head, or swirling her tongue. As blowjobs went, it wasn’t that good, but I kept in mind she was an amateur, her first time sucking a fat cock, and that made up for the not so goodness of the suck job. I knew I needed to instruct her.

“Bob you head up and down, try and see how much you can fit in your mouth.”

She did as she was told. She kept sucking and started to move her head, up and down. She got about half of my cock down before she started to gag a bit. “Like that? Is that good?” she asked when she pulled her mouth off of it.

“Mmmm, it’s very good girlfriend. It feels very good, you are such a good girl. Keep going, I’m almost going to cum.”

She put my cock back in her mouth, and started to suck and bob like before. She kept it up for a few more minutes, and I couldn’t take it anymore. “Oh my god, Mackenzie, I’m going to cum. Pull it out and jerk it off, watch it, SHIT!” She pulled it out and jacked it. After a few pumps, my cock spewed. Rope after rope of jism shot out into the air. She squealed in delight, watching my pearly cum shoot all over. Some of it fell onto my chest, and the rest hit Mackenzie in the face. She didn’t seem to care at all, she was so happy.

After my orgasm subsided, I sat pack, panting. Mackenzie was rubbing the cum all over her cute face. “It feels so warm, and sticky. It’s neat!”

I smiled. “Yes. Wow, Mackenzie, that was great. You are really good at that. You’re the best girlfriend into the world.”

She was beaming, like a girl who had won first prize at an art show. She stood up. She looked so goddamn sexy! There she was, standing in front of me, stark naked, her pretty little face coated with my cum. “You’re the best boyfriend in the world! So, what do we do next, huh?”

My plan had worked. She couldn’t wait to get more. I had turned her from an innocent child, to a slutty woman. “Just stand there for me for a minute, let me get nice and hard for you again.” She stood there, turning around for me, showing me her ass as I jerked off. She played with her tits like I asked her to. I got hard again in no time. What hot-blooded man couldn’t?

When I got hard again, I instructed her to lay down on the floor. She did,

and I got between her legs, my cock poised right at her pussy opening. It was sopping wet, gleaming for me. God, she wanted it so badly. I rubbed my cock head against her opening, prepping her, opening her lips up a bit.

“I’m going to put my cock inside you now, ok?”

“Will it hurt?” she asked, genuinely concerned.

“Maybe for a moment, but then it will feel really, really good.”

She bit her lip, then she said, “Ok, do it.”

“Ok. When I do that, that’s called having sex, or fucking.”

“F…fucking.” She tested the word.

“That’s another boyfriend/girlfriend work, ok?”

She smiled. “I know. Do all boys and girls do this?”

“Yes. In fact, this is how babies are made.”

She sat up abruptly. “Don’t put a baby in me please!”

I calmed her down. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to do that.”

She laid back again, anticipating what was to come. I slowly inched my cock into her. Holy shit, was she tight!! I eased it in, testing it. I swear, I could almost hear my cock stretching her open, squeaking. Her face twisted in pain for a second as she adjusted. Then she relaxed, and I put it in more. For a while, I kept inching it slowly. Then, I started slowly thrusting, moving my cock in and out of her. Her face of pain twisted into a face of pleasure. My hips pumped more and more, thrusting into her deeper, harder, faster. Soon, I was slamming into her, her pussy fully adjusted to my cock. Her little tities shook. I fucked her hard and deep. She and I were screaming, moaning in pleasure. I leaned down and kissed her. She kissed me back, even sliding her tongue into my mouth first.

“Roll over and get on all fours Mackenzie. Let me fuck you hard from behind.” I yelled as I pulled out.

She quickly obliged, rolling over, pointed her ass right up at me. “Please, put it back in. I want you to…Fuck…me hard!”

Hearing her childlike voice begging me to fuck her just turned me on so much. I grabbed her little ass and slammed my cock into her, all of it, in one powerful thrust. My body smacked against hers, and I started to fuck her. Her whole body shook, she was screaming, her head shaking back and forth in pleasure. As I kept nailing her from behind, I pried her ass open. Her tiny brown asshole looked so goddamn inviting. What the hell, I though. Might as well take all of her virginity at once. I realized she was in the heat of passion, so in one quick second, I pulled my cock out of her tight virgin pussy, spit on her asshole, and shoved my cock in it. She bawled in pain as I tore open her asshole. I didn’t care. My cock was nailing her ass. Fuck, it was so tight. I was like a warm, velvety vice around my dick. She kept yelling, asking me to stop, it hurt. I was so horny from her, and her ass had looked so inviting when I was jacking off it earlier. To my delight , her moans changed from those of pain, to those of pleasure. I was fucking her ass for all it was worth, while reaching down and finger fucking her pussy at the same time. I brought her to 2 more orgasms that way, and then I felt mine boiling up inside my balls. I yanked my cock out of her ass. It barely came out, her holes were so tight! Not anymore, I though, grinning to myself. I was so turned on, I didn’t even need to stroke myself to cum. My cock exploded all over her adorable, small, tanned ass. Shot after shot of my greasy load landed on her beautiful ass. I had never shot so much cum on my life. After it was over, her ass was coated with tons of my cum. I feel back, exhausted. She turned around, my cum still dripping off of her ass. She plopped down next to me on her knee. She looked so fucking sexy. My dried cum still on her face. Her body was glistening with sweat. It looked so statuesque, glistening with sweat and so tanned, my cum and her cum running down her legs.

“That was the best thing in the world! Ever! Can we do it again? I love it when I cum! And when you cum too, you know! Why did you put it in my ass? Who cares, it felt so good Well, actually, it all hurt at first, but after that…WOW!! So, can we do it again, can we? Can we?”

I smiled, I was so happy. “Of course we can Mackenzie. I’ll do anything you want to her, as much as you want. Are you ready to learn a little more?”

“Sure!” she piped up. “Anything, as long as it makes me feel good.”

“Oh, it will”. I smiled. She was mine, putty in my hands. She was not only able, but willing to experiment. “So, let’s try something new, shall we?”

“OK”, she said.

I looked around. ‘Now, where is that dog at…..”

The End

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