9-X Part III: Avril Lavigne

9-X Part III: Avril Lavigne

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Note: I’m also writing the “LUCK” series. Read it too, because the “9-X” series conclusion will tie in with the “LUCK” series conclusion.

Note: My previous author name was DDRXVENGEANCE@yahoo.com, now it’s just DDRx


9 is an top secret Artificial
Intelligence program developed by the government to fly jets. His name is 9, because he was their ninth attempt. As time went on, 9 became smarter, hence giving the government the idea to make him more than his original purpose. They got a human test subject to make 9 into a super solider. They amped up his basic human abilities, giving him twice the strength of a bodybuilder and three times the endurance of a marathon runner. The 9 program was successfully downloaded into the test subject’s brain. But, it didn’t want to fight, it just wanted to do human activities. They decided to give him a room with a TV in it, so that he could entertain himself in between training sessions. As it watched TV, 9 saw a bunch of hot celebrity chicks. This made him have curiosity for sex. But when he wasn’t allowed to get any pussy, he went on a rampage, killed everyone and escaped the facility. He developed a serum called “9X” that quintuples a human’s sexual drive, making them extremely horny, that way any celeb he wants to fuck, won’t be submissive. It works guaranteed on males, but with females, it doesn’t work if she is in strong love with someone. With a full vial, it wears off after two hours, and partially erasing their memory. These are the stories of a sex crazed, part AI, part human, named 9.

9-X TARGET: Avril Lavigne

A damaged BMW 5 series sedan was cruising through the highways of the United States, headed south. It would only stop for food and gas, and when the person driving… it would see a… target. 9 was that person. He is human, but has the deciphering and problem solving abilities that only an Artificial Intelligence program has. He was not evil, but confused about the loopholes and rules on human ideals. The main one was sex. He found nothing wrong with rape. He had already done it to many female celebs and was recording an entry for each one that he did. Four days had passed since he encountered Kristen Kreuk, and in that time in between, he had ‘met’ with other celebs. He spoke on his personal recorder, while he drove, doing about 115 mph.

“Why do you have to initiate a series of steps before getting with the opposite sex? Human beings need to continue reproducing, or else they will cease to exist. They must continue the process of procreation or they will face the inevitable fate of extinction. I can not decipher the logic behind dating… ” 9 stopped when he saw a sign, for an arena, that said ‘AVRIL LAVIGNE PERFORMING TONIGHT AT 8:00 PM.’ He looked at his watch. It was 4:38 PM. He pressed the stop button on his personal recorder and continued driving. He got off at the next exit and went to the arena. He parked his car in the arena parking lot and went inside. He went to an employee only elevator and snapped the guard’s neck. He went to the locker room floor and made his way to Avril’s room. He arrived at a door that said ‘AVRIL LAVIGNE’ on it and kicked it down. There were two guys inside, fixing up her room.

“Who the fuck are you! Get out of here, before I call security, asshole!” One of the guys said. 9 looked around, but didn’t see Avril any where.

“Shit, it appears that I have arrived prior to her arrival. Where is she?” 9 asked.

“Maybe you didn’t fucking hear me, cock sucker! Get fuck out of here!” The guy walked up to him to punch him. 9 grabbed his arm, broke it, and threw him across the room into a mirror. The other guy looked at 9 in shock. 9 walked towards him, slowly.

“Dude! I don’t know where she is, don’t hurt me!” He said, whimpering. 9 picked him up by the neck and held him high, almost touching the ceiling.

“Do you want to suffer the same fate? WHERE IS SHE, YOU STUPID HUMAN?” He asked, infuriated. The guy was choking, and struggled to talk.

“Chhhgrrgghg… She– crglrghlchh… She’s at the– chrllgglrch… hotel across the street!” 9 smiled.

“Thank you.” 9 said. He threw the guy across the room, into a table, breaking it in half. He exited the room, went up the elevator and went across the street. He went into the hotel and went across the street. He went inside and went to the front desk. There was a female attendee. “Hello. How many of the first class suites are taken, because a friend of mine is staying in one of them.”

“I’m sorry, unless you are staying there, or the person you are looking for can vouch for your visit, I can not give out any client information.” 9 frowned. He brought out a 9X serum and injected her. She nearly passed out, but in four seconds, turned horny. “Maybe you and I could get a room ourselves, big boy.”

“Then give me a key to Avril Lavigne’s room, so we could go up there and fuck her.” He said.

“Good idea, she’s hot!” She searched the computer and gave him a key.

“Thank you… You know… it’s better you wait down here, I’ll come back down later.” 9 walked towards the elevators.

“I’ll be waiting!” She said, fixing her boobs. 9 went up the elevator to her room. He inserted the key and the green light came on, signaling that the door unlocked. He jumped inside and closed the door. He saw Avril, completely nude, being fucked by some guy.

“Who the fuck are you?” She asked. Her and the guy went to cover themselves.

“You little slut! Damn, I’m gonna enjoy this.” 9 said, walking towards his bed, removing his clothes. The guy got up and tried to punch him, but 9 tangled the guy’s arm up with his shirt, rolled out of it, and threw him against the wall, knocking him unconscious.

“Holy shit! Get the fuck away!” Avril said, crawling away to the edge of the bed. 9 let his pants drop. Avril stopped panicking and stared at his cock. “Woah… Uh… wow… get away! That doesn’t change anything! Get away from me!” 9 brought out a 9-X serum vial and came at her. “What the hell is that?!? Someone HELP ME! HEL–” 9 pricked her in the neck. “Owww! You mother fucker! What the hell…” She became a little woozy. Seconds later, she looked at him. “Wooaahh… Is that cock real, or am I fucking high? Speaking off which, pass me that joint, will you.” 9 turned and saw two marijuana joints resting on an ashtray. He took it and gave it to her. She took a long, deep inhale. After a few seconds, she started laughing. “He he he he he he he he he he he he he. That’s good weed. You want any?”

“No, thank you. Marijuana slows down reaction time by–”

“What are you a fucking commercial?” Avril said, smiling.

“No, I am simply stating the horrible side effects that it causes to the human brain and reflexes.” 9 said.

“What about the good, huh? What about the good, huh? What about the good, huh? What about the good, huh? That’s what I’m fucking talking about!” She started laughing uncontrollably. 9 shook his head.

“Ahh, humans.” He took the reefer from her and put it back on the ashtray. He moved the blanket from her body, and licked his lips at the sight of her young, hot, little figure. He opened her pussy lips and inserted two fingers into her pussy. He began massaging her pussy muscles, making her laughter cease.

“Ohhhh. Wow, you are good at that.” He started jamming his fingers in and out, in a super fast motion, making her moan. He enjoyed the warmth and slight wetness building up inside her. He soon sunk in all four fingers. “Ohhh fuck yeah. Ohhh you are so fucking good. Keep going! Keep going! Keep going! OHHHHH!” After a minute of this, she had an orgasm, soaking his hand.

“Ohh, the little slut likes this, doesn’t she?” He said, as he removed his hand. Before he could, she took his hand up and licked her cum off of it. “You fucking hoar. I like that.” He made a fist and started to slowly enter her pussy. “Let’s see how you like this.”

“Ohh fuck! Your fist is so big, keep going… no… wait… Tie me up, first.” 9 stopped.


“I have a pair of hand cuffs in my bag. You know, for instances like these.” 9 smiled.

“You little worthless slut! So this is what you do, huh?” She laughed. The 9X serum really unlocks their sexual lusts, not adds on to it. In other words, she would probably do these things anyway; just now, she is more accepting into doing it. 9 got the hand cuffs from the bag. He noticed she also had a paddle and brought it out too. He cuffed her to the headboard.

“Ohh, yeah. This is what I am talking about. Now you can do what ever the fuck you want to do with me. And the chain is long enough for me to turn over onto my belly!”

“Yeah, that’s great. Now shut the hell up and reflect on the mistake you just made. I can do what ever I want to do, to you, without hand cuffs, imagine with them!” Whether it was the effects of the 9X serum, or herself, she only returned a smile to him. He made a fist and started to push it into her wet pussy. After a few seconds of struggling, her pussy swallowed up his hand.

“OHHHHHHH MY GOD!” He pushed in as far as he could go, even slightly opening his hand inside her. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She had a long, powerful orgasm, screaming at the top of her lungs. He reached for the ash tray. He put the joint out on her knee, making her scream. “OWWW! You bastard!” He threw it out the window and reached for the ashtray. He pulled his hand out of her pussy, and just as he had predicted, a tidal wave of cum splurted out of her pussy. He caught as much as he could in the ashtray and fed her own cum to her. With no hesitation, she drank as much as she could down. The rest trickled down her cheeks.

He then climbed up to her face and rammed his erect, eleven inch cock into her mouth. She sucked like a pro, as he savagely fucked her mouth. She choked every once in a while, and he would pause for half a second, so she could get a breath. Once she did, he continued pumping his dick in and out of her mouth. She loved the sweaty, salty taste of his cock and his pre cum. She closed her eyes in ecstasy as he fucked her mouth, and she swallowed down his pre cum. He continued doing this for ten minutes, until he got bored. He pulled out, breaking a trail of pre cum and saliva that was connected from his dick to her mouth. She gasped for breath.

“God, what a cock! Owww. My knee still hurts.”

“Ohh, let me even it out for you.” He got a lighter, that was on the table, He held her other leg and burned her other knee for a few seconds.

“OWWWWWW! You crazy bastard!” He threw the lighter away and turned her whole body over. Her arms were crossed, and she was face down. He got the paddle.

“Hand cuffs. Burning. Fisting. More Burning. Oral. Hmm… what next?” He said, thinking sarcastically. He smacked her ass with the paddle.

“OWWWWWWWWW! You asshole! That was too strong!” Avril said, in extreme pain.

“Really? Cause I was sure I only used a quarter of my strength.” He savagely hit her ass for two minutes straight, making her ass red and sore. He ignored her screams, and just got a stronger boner. He stopped. “Was that any stronger?” He said, sarcastically. She had tears in her eyes.

“You asshole. Please… I like to be spanked, but not so viciously!” He slapped her ass with his bare hand. “Owww!” He took the paddle handle, which was only about four inches long, and rammed it up her asshole. “DAAAMN! Without any lube? Are you fucking nuts?”

“Actually, yes, I am!” He pulled the handle out, threw it to the floor and pounced on top of her, burying his cock into her sore ass. A lightning bolt like pain ran up her ass, and up her spine.

“FUUUUUUUUCCCK!” As she screamed, she pulled her arms outward, slightly cutting her wrists. 9 brutally fucked her in the ass for over an hour, doing what he always does, making her asshole bleed. She had violent orgasms, one after another. Her body was so perspired, she was sticking to the sheets. “OHHH FUCK YEAH! FUCK MY ASSHOLE! I LOVE HOW YOU FEEL INSIDE ME! OHHH YOU FEEL SO GOOD! BREAK ME IN HALF! OHHHHH! FUCK MY SORE ASS! FUCK IT! FUCK IT! OHHHHHH! OOOOHHHHHHH!!!” She had one last orgasm, before 9 pulled out. He smiled, looking at her gaping, sore, cummy, bloody asshole. He turned her over. She smiled as she felt the pain in her backside. “Oww. Oww. Ohhh, ohhhh. You still haven’t came yet! Wow!” He lifted her legs up and penetrated her pussy, sending shivers through out her young body. “Ohhhhh!”

“Ohh, you like that too, huh?” He started fucking her wildly, sending her into uncontrollable orgasms. She yelled breathless words, as she closed her eyes, moaned and pushed her hips up, to meet his thrusts. After fifteen minutes, he had stretched her pussy out, beyond what words could describe. He felt his whole body drown in goosebumps.

“OHHHHH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUUUCK ME!!!” He pulled out. Her pussy shot out a ridiculous amount of cum. Now it was his turn. He exploded an extremely huge load of cum, all over her pussy, abdomen, boobs, face and hair. “Ohhh yeah! Ohhh yeah!” After twenty seconds of shooting out wads of hot jizz, he fell on top of her, as they both took heavy breaths. He put his cock in her mouth, so she could clean it off. After that, he got up, and got dressed. He decided to take the lighter with him. It might come in handy. He went for the door. “Hey, you gonna leave me like this?” 9 turned.

“Ohh, I’m sorry.” He reached for the keys. He walked towards the bed. “Here you go.” He threw the keys out the window. “Oops!”

“You douche bag!” 9 laughed, and left her a sweaty, cummy, bloody, tied up, burnt, sore mess. He gave the key to the girl at the front desk. The 9X serum had already worn off, and she didn’t even remember him.

He opened the hotel door and stepped one foot out and then froze. He dropped his bottom jaw. He saw four black Ford Crown Victorias and government agents pointing guns at him. The government somehow tracked him down!

“9!!! FREEZE! WE WILL NOT HESITATE TO OPEN FIRE!” One of them said. He looked around. He held the door with his foot and put his hands up. He looked and saw a huge, golden metal flower pot, just feet from where he was standing. It was three feet in diameter and four feet in height. He knew it was his only chance.

He evasively jumped behind it. They shot at him, causing huge panic inside the hotel. The sound of glass shattering and screams drowned the area. Without any strain, 9 picked up the pot and hid behind it, as he ran to the elevator. The agents ran inside after him, shooting. A barrage of bullets flew his way, but none hit him, only the flower pot. He got in an elevator and went to the roof. The agents took the elevator next to it, only about ten seconds later. He got off at the roof and looked down. He was about thirty stories up, and he knew he couldn’t survive the fall. He ran to the opposite side and saw a pool down below. He had perfect vision, and could see a sign that said it was eight feet deep. That might not have been enough, but it was his only chance. He jumped on the ledge and looked down. The other elevator opened.

“FREEZE! 9! DON’T JUMP!” One of the government agents said.

“What’s the difference, you were going to kill me anyway!” he said.

“Is it you that has been raping celebrities?” One of the agents said.

“Rape is such an ugly word,” He said, looking back, smiling.

“Unbelievable! Rape is fucking wrong! We didn’t create your program for this!” 9 frowned.

“I’m not fucking A.I. anymore! I am a human being!” He said, infuriated.

“You are artificial intelligence that was DOWNLOADED into a human mind! Your body may be human, but you are not!” 9 frowned. He stuck his two middle fingers at them and fell backwards. “Noooo!” They ran to the edge.

“HA! HA! HA! HA!” 9 laughed, as he fell. He landed perfectly in the pool, startling everyone. In only five seconds, he was already out of the pool, and running towards the parking lot. They could not shoot him, due to all the people. He got in his car and drove off. He escaped capture, and escaped death, for now. He knew he had to get rid of the BMW, so he drove south, into Florida, to steal a new car.

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