9-X Part II: Kristin Kreuk

9-X Part II: Kristen Kreuk

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Note: I’m also writing the “LUCK” series. Read it too, because the “9-X” series conclusion will tie in with the “LUCK” series conclusion.

Note: My previous author name was DDRXVENGEANCE@yahoo.com, now it’s just DDRx


9 is an top secret Artificial Intelligence
program developed by the government to fly jets. His name is 9, because he was their ninth attempt. As time went on, 9 became smarter, hence giving the government the idea to make him more than his original purpose. They got a human test subject to make 9 into a super solider. They amped up his basic human abilities, giving him twice the strength of a bodybuilder and three times the endurance of a marathon runner. The 9 program was successfully downloaded into the test subject’s brain. But, it didn’t want to fight, it just wanted to do human activities. They decided to give him a room with a TV in it, so that he could entertain himself in between training sessions. As it watched TV, 9 saw a bunch of hot celebrity chicks. This made him have curiosity for sex. But when he wasn’t allowed to get any pussy, he went on a rampage, killed everyone and escaped the facility. He developed a serum called “9X” that quintuples a human’s sexual drive, making them extremely horny, that way any celeb he wants to fuck, won’t be submissive. It works guaranteed on males, but with females, it doesn’t work if she is in strong love with someone. With a full vial, it wears off after two hours, and partially erasing their memory. These are the stories of a sex crazed, part AI, part human, named 9.

9-X TARGET: Kristen Kreuk

“I need sustenance to sustain my basic bodily functions, especially after participating in such a rigorous sexual activity.” 9 was talking into a small personal recorder, as he drove out of New York, headed south. He had just fucked Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson, and robbed Stacy’s rented a black 2004 BMW 545i. He removed the licensee plates and turned off his headlights, so he could speed. Since he is an advanced human, he could see in the dark, just as good as a cat. A cop did see him and pursued him, but 9 killed him before he got a chance to report anything to other cops. He killed him by throwing a pocket knife through the cop’s windshield, into his head, right between the eyes, causing a serious accident. I guess he was desperate not to get a ticket.

He put his personal recorder down and shifted into fifth gear and swerved pass four cars and found an exit. It was late, he had been driving for hours, and was hungry. He arrived at a drive thru McDonalds. He ordered the number one combo. He parked his car in the parking lot and and ate his food inside the car. Three minutes later, he then noticed a Chrysler Crossfire convertible enter the drive thru. He looked closely to the person who was driving it. It was Kristen Kreuk! He almost choked on his burger. He gulped his food down and decided to follow her. He followed her down the highway for like three miles, until she made an exit.

Kristen noticed that she was being followed when she noticed that a car without it’s headlights turned on was following her. 9 looked and saw her reaching for her cell phone. He started to speed up, ramming her car. She screamed, and dropped the phone under the seat, almost loosing control of the wheel, and swerving off the road. There were no other cars around, and it was late at night, in a secluded, forested street. 9 shifted up a gear and sped to the side of her car. He evasively turned to the right, damaging his side doors and knocking her car down the slope on the side of the road. As Kristen’s car crashed down the slope, 9 pulled the hand brake, and did a 180 degree turn. He slowly drove down the slope. He noticed that Kristen was ok, and was already running into the woods, screaming. 9 pursued her.

“Stupid girl! How could she run into the woods? That just makes it easier for me!” 9 said, as he began running faster and faster. He was four feet from her and jumped forward, knocking her down. She began crying. 9 turned her around, holding her arms, pinning her down.

“Noooo! Noooooo! What do you want?” She said, sobbing.

“To fuck the shit out of you? Is that ok?” She struggled, but to no avail.

“Nooo! Please! I’ll do anything!”

“Opening your legs would suffice.” 9 said, ripping off her shirt and bra, making her small breasts bounce. Kristen moved her leg and kicked 9 in the nuts, making him scream in pain and release his grip. “Ohhhhh, damn, my nuts!” Kristen got up and ran towards her car, bare chested, with only blue jeans and high heels on. 9 got a 9X vial from his pocket and threw it at her, pricking her right in the neck. She fell onto the ground, face down. 9 got up and went towards her, unzipping his jeans, and letting his dick fall out. His dick began to slowly rise as he looked at Kristen’s hot little body. Kristen rolled over and got up. Her boobs were dirty with soil. She licked her lips as she looked at 9’s eleven inch cock in awe.

She unzipped her jeans, letting them drop, and then kicking them away. 9’s dick was already halfway to boner, at the sight of her skinny, yet slightly muscular body. She had on little pink panties, that were just begging to be removed. 9 took one step forward, right next to her. She turned around and slowly bent over, as she removed her panties. She giggled as she felt his cock rub against her ass. 9 couldn’t stand it anymore and rammed half his dick in her tight pussy, even before she could finish removing her panties.

“Ohhhhh! Ohh yeah! That’s what I like!” She said, almost falling forward. 9 slowly inched his huge dick into her super tight pussy. She wasn’t a virgin, but she was damn tight, making 9 grunt as he entered. “Ohhh god, yes… keep going! Oooo, it feels like you are tearing me apart!” 9 finally got all eleven inches into her tight snatch. Kristen’s pussy muscles are extra sensitive, as they were stretched with 9’s cock. He started inching in and out at a slow, but hard pace, making her have a quick, but strong orgasm. He wiggled around inside her, trying loosen her pussy a bit, but had to remove his dick, to allow all her cum to splurt out. He caught some in his hand.

“Lick this. It’s your own special recipe!” He said, smiling viciously. Kristen turned around and licked, her own cum, off of 9’s hand. She savored the taste in her mouth, moaning.

“Mmmmmm. That’s good stuff.” He picked her up and lay her on the damp grass. He then continued his journey into her tight pussy, forcing his bulging boner inside her. After he got it inside, and her pussy muscles were a bit more relaxed, he started pumping her hard and fast. She moaned erotically and lustfully, having an orgasm every minute or two. With 9’s super endure, he slammed her cunt for over an hour, even making tears come from her eyes. Cars would pass by, but they couldn’t see them, since they were covered by a slight slope.

Both their bodies were sweaty, preferably Kristen’s. Sweat glistened off her gorgeous skin, dripping down her forehead, as she threw her sweaty hair all over the place. 9 rammed her pussy as hard as he could, making their groins meet each other, in hard thrusts. His pelvis slammed her clit which each downward thrust and would rub it with each upward thrust, making her pussy on FIRE. After an hour and twenty minutes, she couldn’t take the pressure any more and was approaching her strongest orgasm of the night. (And probably her life!) “OHHHHH, MY GOD! OHHHH IT’S SOO GOOD! OHHHHHH! I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CU-U-U-U-M!!!”

“Cum all over me, you little slut!” 9 said, not taking a second worth of break from pumping his rod into her tight little snatch. She began to tremble, and squeeze her fingernails into 9’s arms.

“I’M GONNA CUUUUUM! OHHHH YEEEAAAAAAAH!” She had such a powerful orgasm, her body trembled uncontrollably, screamed at the top of her lugs, banged her head against the grass and nearly passed out. 9 had to pull out, and allow her sore pussy to gush out her steamy cum. She fingered her clit wildly, as she gushed out, what looked like, a gallon of cum. As the orgasm stopped, her head fell back, and her legs fell flat. She was super exhausted after an orgasm like that. 9 had no mercy for her sore messy pussy and just jumped inside her, making her yelp. “Ohhhhh god! Fuck me! I love it! Yes! Yesss! Ohhhh, yeah!” 9 pumped her for two more minutes, slightly cutting her pussy, since it was stretched so much. He then felt his balls tense up. He rammed his cock inside her one last time and unloaded a steaming stream of cum after another, deep into her pussy. “OHHHHH! OHHH, YEAH! FILL ME UP! FILL ME UP! DROWN MY PUSSY! OOOHHHH!” The warmth of his cum filling her up made her have one last orgasm. “OHHHHHHH!!”

“Take my seed, you slut!” 9 screamed, as his orgasm continued for over seven seconds. He threw his head back as he felt the incredible feeling of her warm cum engulf his cock. Her pussy muscles clenched his cock, milking out every last drop. After a ten seconds, 9’s orgasm was too much for her pussy, forcing him to pull out, while her pussy overflowed and splurted out a mixture of their cum.

“Ohhhhhhhhh… Wow… That was great.” She said, out of breath.

“Thank you.” 9 said, getting up.

“If all you wanted to do was fuck me like you did, you could have just flashed your headlights at me, or something.” 9 smirked and walked away. “Hey, you are just gonna leave me a cummy, bloody mess, who ever you are?” She said, struggling to get up, but to no avail. 9 turned around.

“What the fuck do you want? To cuddle?” 9 got in his car and drove away, leaving her naked, with a wrecked car, in the middle of nowhere. He continued heading south, as he continued leaving his log entries on his personal recorder.

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