9-X Part IV: Paris Hilton

9-X Part IV: Paris Hilton

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Note: I’m also writing the “LUCK” series. Read it too, because the “9-X” series conclusion will tie in with the “LUCK” series conclusion.

Note: My previous author name was DDRXVENGEANCE@yahoo.com, now it’s just DDRx


9 is an top secret Artificial
Intelligence program developed by the government to fly jets. His name is 9, because he was their ninth attempt. As time went on, 9 became smarter, hence giving the government the idea to make him more than his original purpose. They got a human test subject to make 9 into a super solider. They amped up his basic human abilities, giving him twice the strength of a bodybuilder and three times the endurance of a marathon runner. The 9 program was successfully downloaded into the test subject’s brain. But, it didn’t want to fight, it just wanted to do human activities. They decided to give him a room with a TV in it, so that he could entertain himself in between training sessions. As it watched TV, 9 saw a bunch of hot celebrity chicks. This made him have curiosity for sex. But when he wasn’t allowed to get any pussy, he went on a rampage, killed everyone and escaped the facility. He developed a serum called “9X” that quintuples a human’s sexual drive, making them extremely horny, that way any celeb he wants to fuck, won’t be submissive. It works guaranteed on males, but with females, it doesn’t work if she is in strong love with someone. With a full vial, it wears off after two hours, and partially erasing their memory. These are the stories of a sex crazed, part AI, part human, named 9.

9-X TARGET: Paris Hilton

“I must rid myself of this vehicle.” 9 was, as usual, leaving a log entry in his personal recorder. “It was probably seen by one of my creators, and they could easily track my whereabouts. I am only a mile from Miami right now, so I can find a vehicle over there. It is already approaching night time, so it will be easier to steal a car. And… on a different note, having intercourse with an eighteen year old female was most enjoyable. Perhaps with one younger than eighteen, would serve as a more enjoyable mate.” He stopped his log entry.

9 didn’t understand the rules that humans had set. He just wanted sex from famous chicks, and didn’t care who he had to kill to do so. He was a menace that had to be stopped! He arrived in California a few minutes later. He arrived at heavy traffic. He became impatient and parked his car. He walked towards a road block, that was directing cars in another direction. He decided to ask the cop why the cars were being directed.

“Officer, why is this street blocked?”

“What, do you live under a rock? The VMAs were tonight, and the after party is right over there, in that club.” He pointed behind him. 9’s eyes opened in amazement. There was a club, with a bunch of celebrities entering. The music was loud, and there were lights flashing everywhere. If he could get in there, he could have access to a lot of celebrity pussy! He looked around and saw over thirty cops protecting all points to the club. There was a wall of barricades, blocking people or cars, from crossing the street over, to the party. He knew it would be easy to get inside the party. There probably weren’t any passes needed to enter, since no pedestrian could enter the block, let alone the club! But getting pass the cops… That was a different story. He needed a distraction. He had a plan.

“Thank you, officer.” 9 walked away. He arrived at his car, which was a block away. He got a piece cloth and put it in the gas pump hole. He brought out the lighter, that he took from Avril, and set the piece of cloth on fire. He tried not to run, just walked fast, not to make it obvious. The towel was slowly consumed by fire and the fire entered the gas tank. The black BMW exploded, making everyone in their cars, and the cops, cover their faces and duck for cover. As the cops shielded their faces, 9 jumped the barricades and ran towards the club. The people entering the club didn’t even hear or see the explosion, due to the loud music and flashing bright lights.

9 entered through a back entrance, just in case there was any security. It was dark in the area he entered. It obviously wasn’t the dance floor area. He looked and saw several VIP rooms. He entered one and saw Paris Hilton sitting in one. She was alone, with her legs crossed, drinking a martini. She smiled, at the sight of him.

“It’s about time, lock the door.” 9 locked the door, not knowing what she was talking about. He reached in his back pocket, to get a 9X vial, when he realized he only had two left. He forgot that he had a bag full of them in the car, that he just blew up! “How long are you?” She asked. His mind left the 9X predicament and looked at her.

“How long is what?” He knew it couldn’t be what he thought it was, so he asked. She got up and walked towards him. She had on a slutty red dress, that was super short, and showed great cleavage. She had that lustful look she always has, as she stopped in front of him. She massaged his dick through his pants. He couldn’t believe it! The most probable and logical explanation was that she was waiting for someone to come fuck her.

“What do you think I’m talking about?” She said, rubbing his shaft, through his pants. He started to get a boner. “Wow… it feels so big!” He smiled and decided to play along.

“You damn right it does.” He let go of the 9X vials, still in his pocket. He wouldn’t be needing it this time! She was already horny! She started to kiss him, inviting her tongue into his mouth. She unzipped his pants, and reached inside. She brought his dick out and broke the kiss.

“Wow! I’ve had a lot of dick, but none this big!” 9 thought to himself, ‘God, what a slut!’ She got on her knees and took his cock in her mouth, giving it a hand job at the same time. She worked magic on his dick, deep throating, head bobbing, piss hole tongue fucking, ball and shaft massaging. Anything and everything, but… really good, since she has so much experience. 9 has great endurance, but her fabulous blow job sliced a big part of it. She bobbed her head like a maniac, giving a really wet blow job. She would gasp for air once in a while, letting some saliva drip off of his cock. She sensually massaged his rod with her left hand and massaged his balls with her right hand. She took his head again in his mouth. She devoured his pre cum lustfully. “Mmmmmm, mlmmmmlmm, mmmmm!” After a full twenty minutes, 9 had to pull her away because she wouldn’t stop.

“Damn! You are good, but, I think you were getting a little carried away! I need some of that pussy!” She got up off of her knees.

“Sorry, I do that all the time. Now…” She turned around and bent over, exposing her pussy. She had no panties on, as she usually didn’t. 9 smirked. “I need that huge dick inside my pussy!” He penetrated her moderately tight pussy, making her moan. “Ohhhh yeah!” He started pumping her at a fast motion, as she held on from the wall. She had an orgasm in under a minute, arching her back. Her pussy muscles gripped his thrusting dick and unloaded a sticky warmth all over his head and shaft. He fucked her standing for twenty minutes, then decided to change positions, as her hot, skinny, yet muscular, legs began to give out from the back breaking pumping. She stripped nude and he sat on the fancy leather couch. He loved her little body, and huge boobs. She sat on his lap, impaling herself with his eleven inch rod. “Ohhhhhh!” She began riding him furiously, putting her hand on her ass. “Ohhhh, ohhh! OHHHHH!” She had an orgasm right away, that seeped down his shaft, as she rode him. “OHHH FU–UUGHH–UCK YEAH!” She rode his dick for twenty minutes, but didn’t have any more strength.

“I’ll take over.” 9 said. He held her ass cheeks and picked her up and down.

“Ooo, strong man! Ohhh Ohhhhh! Ohh! Fuck yeah! Oww! It’s so big! IT’S SO BIG!!!” She played with her nipples as she closed her eyes and arched her back. In no time, she had another explosive orgasm, throwing her sweaty hair back. “OHHHHHHHH, GOD!” Her orgasm continued for a good five minutes, as he picked her up and down. After only ten more minutes, he exploded inside her, shooting his seed deep inside her pussy. The warmth turned her on even more, giving her one last orgasm. He picked her up and sat her next to him. She kissed him and gave him two hundred dollars. He took it, they got dressed and left for the door. There was a knock at the door. He opened the door, to see a black dude standing there.

“What the fuck do you want?” 9 asked.

“I’m here for Paris. I’m from the escort service.” Paris looked at the guy and dropped her jaw.

“Hey, that’s right! I specifically asked for a black guy! You aren’t black, and you fucked me! Who are you?” She asked 9, pissed off. 9 turned around and gave her a stabbing look, scaring her.

“Did I make you cum and scream?” 9 said, in a low voice.

“Well… yeah, but I don’t know who you are!” Paris said.

“Well, you don’t know who he is either, don’t you?” 9 asked, pointing at the dude.

“He’s got a point, baby!” The dude said. Paris stopped frowning.

“I guess you are right. Fuck it. Just don’t tell no one, okay.” Paris said. 9 walked out.

“My words exactly.” 9 walked away, and Paris closed the door, so she could have some… fun with the escort service dude. 9 walked around and saw Beyonce Knowles walk out of the women’s bathroom. He smirked and followed her.

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