9-X Part I: Stacy And Torrie

9-X Part I: Stacy & Torrie

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Note: I’m also writing the “LUCK” series. Read it too, because the “9-X” series conclusion will tie in with the “LUCK” series conclusion.

Note: My previous author name was DDRXVENGEANCE@yahoo.com, now it’s just DDRx


9 is an top secret
Artificial Intelligence program developed by the government to fly jets. His name is 9, because he was their ninth attempt. As time went on, 9 became smarter, hence giving the government the idea to make him more than his original purpose. They got a human test subject to make 9 into a super solider. They amped up his basic human abilities, giving him twice the strength of a bodybuilder and three times the endurance of a marathon runner. The 9 program was successfully downloaded into the test subject’s brain. But, it didn’t want to fight, it just wanted to do human activities. They decided to give him a room with a TV in it, so that he could entertain himself in between training sessions. As it watched TV, 9 saw a bunch of hot celebrity chicks. This made him have curiosity for sex. But when he wasn’t allowed to get any pussy, he went on a rampage, killed everyone and escaped the facility. He developed a serum called “9X” that quintuples a human’s sexual drive, making them extremely horny, that way any celeb he wants to fuck, won’t be submissive. It works guaranteed on males, but with females, it doesn’t work if she is in strong love with someone. With a full vial, it wears off after two hours, and partially erasing their memory. These are the stories of a sex crazed, part AI, part human, named 9.

9-X TARGET: Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson

9 walked along the streets of New York. He entered a television store and saw a WWE commercial. It said that Summerslam would be at MSG, tonight. He watched in awe as he saw one of the matches for that night. Stacy Keibler vs. Torrie Wilson in a Bra and Panties match. He saw that they were both hot, but decided that his target was Stacy.

He left, hot-wired a car and drove to MSG. He made it to the back entrance way. He cracked the two guards necks and put their bodies in the trunk of the car. He took one of their outfits and put it on. He went inside and made his way to Stacy Keibler’s room. He knocked on the door.

“DDR? Did you come back for more? One second!” 9 did a voice check on the female that spoke and identified that it was her. He picked the door lock and entered. Stacy stood there completely nude, drying off from taking a shower. “Who the hell are you?” She said, trying to cover herself up.

“I’m 9.”

“Well, 9, get the hell out!” She said, covering her perky boobs with one arm and her neatly shaven pussy with the other.

“Aw, come on! Don’t tell me you are fucking shy! Your trademark is bending over when you enter the ring! You have to be less hypocritical. Ah, humans!” Stacy became confused with the word ‘human’.

“Human? What are you, a goddamned robot or something?” She said, sarcastically, with a pissed off look. If she only knew!

“Actually, artificial intelligence in a human body.” Stacy nodded her head in rage.

“What the hell… Get out of here now!” Torrie Wilson stepped out of the shower, fixing her towel. Her delicious body was still humid, as her tan skin glowed beautifully. Her boobs protruded out above the towel, exposing the top of her areolas. 9 looked on smirking.

“Who is he? He’s kinda cute…” 9 rose an eyebrow, as he saw her face turn slutty.

“Torrie! What is wrong with you? I don’t know who he is!” Torrie stopped smiling. She held her towel, fixing it. 9 jumped at Stacy and pricked her with the 9X serum. She collapsed, yet still conscious, on the floor.

“What did you do to her?” Torrie asked, frightened.

“I just gave her a little persuasion for some… fun.” 9 jumped on top of Torrie and injected her as well. She didn’t collapse, but she did fall back onto the wall. 9 walked towards the door and locked it. He began removing his shirt and jeans. Stacy was the first to turn horny. She locked eyes with 9.

“Hey! Didn’t I tell you to… hey… he he he… You work out?” Stacy got up and walked towards 9. He removed his boxers. “Ohhh my… It’s so big! And it looks so tasty!” Without foreplay, or without any hesitation, Stacy got down on her knees and took 9’s ten inch cock in her mouth. Torrie looked on, fingering her pussy, up through her towel.

“Wow Stacy! You little slut! First DDR, now 9. You little hoar!” Torrie said, while sticking her index, middle and ring finger inside her pussy. 9 looked at her confused, wondering who was DDR?

“Who’s DDR?” 9 asked, as Stacy slurped up and down on his cock.

“This guy. He’s a man whore.” Torrie said, fingering her pussy at a fast rate. 9 didn’t even pay mind to her and just stared at Torrie as she fingered her pussy wildly. “Ohhh, my pussy is on fire!”

“Torrie, come over here, so I can lick that delicious hole of yours!” Torrie smirked and walked towards him. She seductively removed the towel. Now 9 had a raging hard on at the sight of Torrie’s body, and Stacy’s mouth. Torrie stood by him and felt his muscular arms. “Sit on my hand.” Torrie looked at him weirdly, but did. Without any strain, 9 picked up Torrie, by the ass, with one hand. His strength, truly, was twice the strength of a body builder. He sat her on his shoulders and gobbled away on her pussy, licking her clit and making her moan. Stacy continued giving 9 a really wet blow job. 9 put both his hands on her head to guide her along his bulging cock. He then began forcing his cock deep into Stacy’s tight little throat. She began to choke, and 9 pulled out. Stacy laughed while couging.

“Wow, that’s such a big cock!” Stacy said, with a trail of her saliva that ran from her lips to 9’s dick. She continued sucking like a beast, bobbing her head. Torrie began moaning louder, as she had a wild orgasm that went down 9’s chest and abdomen. Stacy stopped the blow job and began licking his abdomen and chest, to get a taste of Torrie. She then went back to her blow job, as 9 held Torrie by each ass cheek, lowering her down. 9 pulled out his dick from Stacy’s mouth. “Ohh, I wanna taste your cock some more!”

“Why don’t you taste some pussy instead?” They looked at each other and embraced, kissing wildly. Stacy and Torrie would have done it anyway, even if they weren’t under the influence of the 9X serum. They began fingering each other’s clits and grabbing each other’s ass. 9 smirked viciously, as he beat himself off. 9 decided that enough was enough. As much fun as it was to see them kissing and touching each other, he wanted a piece of the action. He got behind Torrie, pushed her back down, arching it and rammed his dick into her already wet pussy, making her yelp.

“AHHH! Ohh my god! You caught me by surpri– OHHH! OHHH! OHHH FUCK YEAH!” 9 began pumping her ruthlessly. Her pussy was already a bit swollen from sex she had earlier, and now it was worse and worse. And 9, being an advanced human, he had super stamina. He fucked her so hard, and so fast, that after a minute she fell onto the floor, trembling and screming, as cum violently shot out of her pussy. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Stacy laughed, as she watched Torrie in pain.

“God, Torrie! You can’t take more than one dick a day? Ha ha ha ha h-woah!” 9 picked Stacy up and sat her on his dick, pulling her ass up and down, making her ride his 11 inch cock at a super fast rate. “OHHH MY GOD, YES! OHHH YEAH! OHHH! OHHH! OHHH! OHHH, FUCK! OHHH GOD! UGHHHH! AHHHHHHHH!” Stacy had a violent orgasm, that made a super loud splurting sound, as it exploded out of her pussy every time 9 entered her.

“Ohhh, you like that, you little slut! Don’t you?” 9 said.

“Ohhh fuck yeah! Ohhh fuck yeah! OHHH FUCK YEAH! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” Stacy rode 9 furiously, having another crazy orgasm. Her cum seeped out of his dick, as it continued entering her messy pussy. The cum rolled down his shaft, down his balls and onto the floor. Torrie went and licked the cum off the floor. 9 saw and lifted Stacy off of his dick. Almost a liter of her cum splashed out of her pussy, falling onto Torrie’s face. Torrie wiped her eyes and licked up as much cum as she could, while 9 turned her around, making her face down, completely flat on the floor. Without warning, lubrication, or ease, 9 rammed his cock into Torrie’s ass, making her scream at the top of her lungs.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Stacy looked at the sound of her scream. Torrie felt a sharp pain up her spine, as seven, out of the 11 inches was in her ass. 9 slowly forced the other four inches inside, slightly breaking the crack of her ass, making her bleed. 9 threw his eyes to the back of his head as her anal muscles gripped his cock very tightly. “OHHH IT STINGS! DON’T FUCK ME! PLEASE, IT HURTS!” She screamed. Was the 9X serum wearing off already? It had only been forty minutes! 9 had to make sure.

“You don’t want it?” He asked.

“No, I do, but I’ve never had anal before and it’s too big to fuck my ass!” 9 smiled.

“Well, to bad, cause I’m ‘a fuck you anyways!” He started fucking her hard, as she screamed loudly.

“Nooo! Please don’t! NOOO! IT’S TOO BIG! IT FEELS SO GOOD… STOP IT!” Stacy put her hand over Torrie’s mouth, that way no one cold hear. Torrie’s eyes were watery, as she was raped, but loved it. Torrie had extremely violent orgasms, that would explode out of her pussy and make her body tremble in uncontrollable convulsions. After twenty minutes, she passed out with a super strong slam into her bleeding asshole. Stacy watched in awe.

“You made her pass out, and you still haven’t came! It’s been over an hour!”

“Yeah, I know, I know! I’m good!” 9 said, as he removed his cock from her red, sore, bloody asshole. Stacy hadn’t noticed the blood. She frowned.

“Wow… that’s not right! If she was bleeding, why didn’t you stop?” The 9X serum may quintuple the sex drive, but not mess with common sense. “That’s not right.” 9 became infuriated.

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT’S RIGHT AND WHAT’S WRONG? You humans are all the same!” Stacy had a frown of confusion on her face.

“What are you?”

“Ohh, I’m human, but… just not your average human. Now, do you want it in the ass or not?” 9 said, staring at her sweaty body.

“Of course! Just don’t hurt me like that!” She said, getting up. 9 picked her up and put her against the wall. He, again slammed his dick without any lubrication. “OHHHHHHH! FUCK! Didn’t I say don’t hurt me, you know I think you should just leave.”

“Leave? I’ll leave after you release a few gallons of cum from your pussy, and I unload some of my stuff on or into you!!!” He slammed Stacy’s asshole at a violent rate, making her bleed as well. Tears came from her eyes, but because of the 9X serum, she urged him to fuck her harder and faster, since she loved anal. He held her one of her gorgeous legs up against his shoulder, giving him perfect access to her messy pussy, while he ruthlessly pumped her asshole. He made a fist and began sticking it inside her pussy.

“OHHH FUCK! NOOOO! YOUR HAND IS TOO BIG!” 9 moved a bit to the side, so he could fuck her ass and fist fuck her pussy. After two minutes of forcing his hand inside her wet, jizz filled pussy, he succeeded. He fist fucked her with a super fast rhythm, while he slammed his cock into her pussy. “OHHHH! IT HURTS SO MUCH! KEEP GOING! NO, PLEASE STOP! KEEP FUCKING ME! OHHH, MY ASS… MY PUSSY! OHH YEAH! OHHH PLEASE, STOP, I BEG YOU! KEEP GOING! OHH! OHHHH! OHHHHHH! STOOOP!!!” After twenty more minutes, Stacy had one more orgasm, soaking 9’s fist. He pulled his hand out of her super stretched pussy and smiled as her cum splashed all over the place. After over an hour and a half, he was ready to blow. He let Stacy’s leg drop to the floor, and completely pressed her against the wall. He slammed his meat into her ass, hard, as she cried and moaned lustfully. She almost fell, but rested on 9’s dick as he screamed out in orgasm. His balls tightened up and he released his boiling hot seed into her ass. “OHHH YEAH! FILL ME UP!” Her anal muscles tensed up, milking his cock. He pulled his cock out, turned her around. She fell onto her knees and took his seed all over her face and hair. He rammed his cock into her throat, making her cough. He unloaded his last few drops onto the back of her throat and pulled out. Stacy was swimming in cum and sweat, as she collapsed, semi unconscious. Cum dripped out of her mouth and pussy. Her asshole dripped cum and blood. Though she sexually loved it, because of the 9X serum, her mind knew that she, and Torrie, had just been brutally raped.

“Thank you, ladies!” He laughed viciously, while putting on his clothes. He left Stacy and Torrie a sweaty, cummy and bloody mess. He stole their money and their rental car keys and drove away to get something to eat. He headed south, out of New York. Torrie and Stacy were taken to the hospital, but didn’t remember a thing. Only vague thoughts about sex. The government tracked 9 down to New York, and when they got word through their sources in EMS and at the hospital, they went to interview Stacy and Torrie. They got no information from them, since the 9X serum partially erases it’s subject’s memories. 9 is a devastating force, and should be killed for what he did, and what will continue to do. There is no right thing about rape, and one day… soon or in the future… someone will make him pay.

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