AJ’s Only Chance

AJ’s Only Chance

By Kojain

Disclaimer #1: This is story is completely fictional and unreal. If you get easily offended, then please click the BACK button on your browser now!

Disclaimer #2: This story is a spin-off of the Isaiah’s Series I did with Dragon333, used with his permission. There might be a possiblity that we will link our seperate stories together. If you want to understand more, read Dragon333’s new series titled “Caleb’s Second Chance”.

Celebs: Kelly Rowland

Codes: cons, eborvy, MF

Chapter 1: A Short history on AJ

is an teenager who lives with his parents. He’s an upper class citizen who lives in a peaceful part of town. He’s currently on summer break until his Senior year starts next month. However, AJ isn’t very happy with his life. He was highly sheltered by his parents due to their hard upbringing and because of this, he doesn’t have any friends inside or outside of school. He doesn’t go to parties, he never went to any of his school dances, he hasn’t even had a girlfriend. Not that it would matter because she would have to get past his parents first. He doesn’t care about his wealth. He would give everything up just to be able to live. But in the current situation he’s in, he doesn’t see that happening anytime soon.

Chapter 2: AJ’s Current Life

It was a quiet evening in AJ’s neigbhorhood, then again it is every night there. He was sitting with his parents eating dinner whle discussing what plans he has for the future. Nothing he really wants to talk about, but he decides any conversation is better than none.

“Honey, your father and I are very proud of how you’ve been doing. I know you can’t wait to complete your senior year and then take on college.”, AJ’s mother said.

“Yeah, I guess.”, AJ replied.

“What’s wrong, son?”, AJ’s father asked.

“Well, Dad. I feel that I’m so closed in. I mean, I don’t have any friends even in school. The only people I talk to are the people on the internet and I can’t even see their faces.”, AJ explained.

“Son, you’ll have all the time in the whole to make friends! Why are you going on about this?”, his father questioned.

“Because, I can’t live a normal life! Every other teenager has friends, maybe even a girlfriend.”, AJ explained.

“You can have a girlfriend sweetie. Remember Lisa Benet?”, his mother asked. “According to her mother, she’s been asking about you lately.

“Yes mother, I do remember her. I also remember my first date with her.”, AJ sighed.

“How did it go?”, his father asked.

“Let’s just say this dad, that was my first and last date with her.”, AJ answered.

“What?! She’s a nice girl AJ. What is wrong with you?!”, AJ’s mother asked, slightly upset.

“Her favorite subject is herself Mom! How boring!”, AJ grumbled.

“And you think those hoodrats that you go to school with are any better?”, AJ’s father asked.

“Come on Dad! I’ve talked to a few of them before. They aren’t as bad as they look.”, AJ explained.

“Son! Those tramps just want what every low life woman wants. A man with alot of money so they won’t have to do any work.”, AJ’s mother said.

“Listen to your mother AJ. She knows what she’s talking about.”, his father lectured.

“Well, I want to go to a dance this year. It’m going to be a junior year in high school and I want something to remember it by.”, AJ explained

“If you go to some dance, you better make sure the girl you take lives up to my standards.”, his mother said.

“And what are your ‘standards’ mom? High-class and nose heldup high?”, AJ asked.

“Please don’t talk to you mother like that. Just don’t introduce us to some stank that’ll use you for your money, understand?”, his father asked.

“Yes Father.”, he sighed.

“Honey, we just want whats best for you.”, his mother assured him.

“What about what’s best for me?”, he asked, “I’m 17 years old already! I’m not a child anymore!”

“As long as you live under this roof then you’ll listen to what we have to say, understand?”, his father questioned.

“Fine dad.”, AJ mumbled. “Excuse me. I’m done. Going to my room now.”

AJ sulked to his room, still can’t believing in the things his parents said. Sure, anyone would be happy as hell to live in a big house in a nice area. But what good is it being rich when you really don’t have any friends? He felt like a prisoner in his own home. He only wished things were different. He lied down in his bed and went into a troubled sleep.

Chapter 3: The Meeting

AJ sat quietly by himself at an internet cafe in town. He does have an internet connection at home, but he feels better when he’s not in the house and away from his parents. Not to mention that the cafe he’s at makes some pretty good iced coffee. He either visits this place or he goes to the park, but seeing how it’s pretty hot outside, he’d rather be in a cool place so he doesn’t get sick from the heat.

After finishing his iced coffee, he gets up from the public computer he was on and decides to leave. The moment he walks out of the cafe, a wave of heat hits him. He notices a building being worked on not too far ahead, he’s careful not to trip and fall on anything nearby. As he walks pass he sees a black woman up ahead. Looking upward, he sees that a wheelbarrel full of bricks is about to fall. Sprinting forward, he rushes ahead to try and save the woman.

“Look out!” AJ yelled.

The woman looked back at him with confusion, he looks up to see the wheel barreling come down on her. He quickly grabs her and pulls her out of the way before she’s crushed by the ton of bricks. They come down smashing the sidewalk, missing them both.

“Sorry about that! Are you two okay?”, a worker yells from above.

“Yeah. We’re fine.”, AJ yells back.

After getting his breathe back, he looked at the woman he saved. She must be at least in her mid 30s. She was wearing a green shirt with black jeans. Her hair was made of pigtails and she had a silver headdress on.

“Thank you for saving me young man.”, she smiled at him.

“Your welcome.”, he said. “Are you okay?”

“I am well my dear.”, she nodded.

For some reason, she looked deep into his eyes. She took her left hand and caressed the side of his face. AJ’s normal reaction would be to pull away, but for some reason he felt alright with this woman.

“Please come over with me. I would like to talk to you.”, she said.

AJ nodded, as if he didn’t have any other choice. They walked over to a nearby park and sat down on a bench. It seemed rather awkward because this was a much older woman with him being a teenager, but it didn’t seem she was going to harm him.

“It’s nice to meet you AJ.”, she said.

“Nice to… Wait! I never told you my name!”, he gasped.

“I know. But the spirit that watches over you told me.”, she explained.

“Spirit? Are you a psychic?”, he asked.

The woman laughs, “I am a gypsy my dear. You may call me Madam Moniquee.”

“Gypsy? Are you going to place a curse on me?”, he asked, scared.

“No, my dear. I would never place a curse on one who saved my life.”, she smiled.

“Well… What did you say earlier? About a spirit who watches over me?”, AJ questioned.

“Indeed, your guardian spirit. The one who kept you company when you were feeling lonely. Don’t you remember when you were a toddler and you cried in your room when your parents left you alone with the babysitter, your guardian spirit came over to kept you company. She also helped you sleep better when you went to bed depressed. Don’t you remember always having someone watching over you when you were alone?”, she questioned.

“A… Are you serious?”, he asked, “Then again, I vaguely remember a woman who would hold me during my dreams. But I thought she was just some dream I had.”.

“No AJ. She is very real. And she would like to finally meet you.”, Madam Moniquee smiled.

“W… What?”, he asked, still not sure whether to believe her or not.

“There are other spirits out there. There are good and there are bad. You have the ability to call upon them if you so desire.”, she explained.

“Me? but I’m just a teenager. What can I do?”, he asked.

“Here. Take this booklet.”, she said, handing him a pocket sized booklet. “It will explain everything you need to know. And everything you’d like to know.”

He looked at the small, brown booklet she gave him curiously. Still unsure if this woman was real or not.

AJ looked up to thank the woman, but when he glanced next to him she wasn’t there. He looked around to see if she was walking away somewhere. But he didn’t see any trance of her. With that, he decided to get on the nearest bus and head for home.

During the bus ride, he overheard a few other teenagers talking next to him. They were saying things about how it must be cool to be so rich and live in big houses. After listening to them talk for a few more minutes, AJ decided to step in.

“Being rich isn’t as cracked up as it looks.”, AJ said.

“What are you talking about?! People like that got so much money!”, the male teenager said.

“Yeah, but can money buy you friends? The best things in life are definitely for free if you ask me.”, AJ explained.

“You gotta be kidding me.”, the male teenager’s friend said.

“Nope. It actually pretty lonely when you are rich, because the people who are try too hard to be your friends are the ones who just want to use you.”, AJ stated.

Both teenager boys looked at him, “Damn. It’s like that?”, one of them asked.

“Sure is. Not to mention your parents try to keep you away from so many good things in life because they feel the need to protect you so much.”, AJ said.

“No way.”, one of them said.

“It’s true. Better watch what you ask for.”, AJ said as he got up to get off the bus at his stop.

It was just a block away from his house, when he arrived his parents were just about finished with their packing. He forgot they were going on their summer vacation for a week and a half. He refuses to go with them because he’ll just end up being bored.

“Honey, are you sure you don’t want to come with us? Won’t you be bored here alone?”, his mother asked.

“No mom. I have just about everything I need to keep myself entertained. Besides, you and dad always to go some boring resort that doesn’t have anything for me to do.”, AJ said.

“Come on now son. Don’t talk like that.”, his father said.

“It’s true. Last time I went to Cancun with you guys I was so bored out of my mind that I thought I was going to go insane.”, he told his father.

“Alright. Fine. Stay here and keep the house clean. If you decide to go out anywhere make sure you set the alarm.”, his father ordered.

“Yes dad.”, AJ sighed.

“And remember, No girls or any parties in this house.”, his mother added.

“What parties? Besides the few people I talk to on the internet I don’t have any friends.”, AJ grumbled.

“Okay. Okay. Well, we’re leaving now. We have to catch our flight sweetie.”, his mother said, kissing him on the cheek.

“See you within a week or so.”, his father said.

AJ stood in the doorway and waved his parents goodbye as they drove away from the house. After they left, he sat in the living room to watch TV. After about 15 minutes of watching TV, he remembered the booklet that Madam Moniquee gave him before she disappeared. At first he was just going to throw it away, but he decided to look through it. Before he knew it, he was very interested in what was written. He recalled the gypsy mention his guardian spirit, and looked at the passage where it talked about calling forth a spirit. It mentioned that the spirit you call depends upon the color candles that are using during the ritual. For this summon he needed white candles. According to the booklet, white means purity. Lucky for him, his parents has a good amount of white candles they use when they want to throw one of their fancy dinner parties. He took what he needed to perform the ritual and went into his room. He sprinkled some salt into a shape of a big circle in his room. Taking some of the white candles he found, he lit them and placed them outside of the circle. There was enough light made by the candles he lit to read the passage from the booklet that he needed to recite. AJ then chanted the words:

“I call out to my guardian angel, reveal yourself and help me through my life of fable!”, he announced with much belief. He looked around to see if anything was going to happen. Nothing. Not even a gust of wind. He repeated the line a few more times, only to get the same amount of silence.

“Please! My guardian angel! Reveal yourself to me!”, he begged. He eventually gave up when nothing happened after a few more minutes.

“I guess this was too good to be true then.”, he sighed, and blew out the candles and started to sweep the salt off his floor. He put the candles away then went back to watch TV in the living room for a few more hours until he had enough and went to bed.

Chapter 4: Strange things happening

AJ woke up from his bed to a phone call around 10 AM. He reached over to his nightstand to answer it.

“Hello?”, he answered, still half asleep.

“Hello hun, how are you doing?”, his mother asked from the other side.

“I’m good mom. How was the flight?”, he asked.

“It was good. We’re just getting up ourselves. We’re going to do a few things around here. Your father wants to check the office complex out here before we do anything.”, she said.

“Oh that’s great.”, AJ replied, trying to sound interested.

“What are you going to do today?”, she asked.

“Probably nothing. I might take a walk or something. That’s about it.”, he answered.

“Alright. Just remember to lock up and set the alarm.”, she said.

“Yes mother. I know.”, he answered.

“Okay. Take care.”, she said.

“You too mom.” He said before hanging up.

AJ decided to get up. He looked outside to see that it was cloudy. He figured it was going to rain soon. He sighed and went to get himself a bowl of cereal for breakfast. After eating he looked to see if the weather would improve. Apparently not as it started to rain slightly. He went to his computer to log on and chat with his internet friends. Nothing much seemed to be happening online. The day went by before he knew it, then suddenly he heard the familiar sound of thunder rumbling. It seemed like it was going to storm.

“Oh no. I hope there are no blackouts.”, he grumbled to himself.

It was getting close to evening and it seemed the storm wasn’t about to let up anytime soon. He quietly watched TV as it rained outside as the hours went by. It was around 9 PM when the power suddenly went out, turning the house completely dark. In a panic he quickly got up and found a flashlight to turn on. Not wanting to waste the battery, he found a few candles that he lit from the other night and put them on. He didn’t know when the power was going to be back on. So he just sat quietly in the candle lit living room. Soon enough, he became tired and fell asleep on the couch.

When AJ woke up the next morning, the sun was shining brightly into his room. Then he released something, he felt asleep on the couch last night shortly after the power went out, but now he was in his own bed. He looked at his clock which was blinking 12:00, showing that the power was restored overnight. But he doesn’t remember getting up and going into his room at all. He got up to check the living room, only to see that the candles he lit were blown out. He decided to search the house to see if anyone came in, but all of the doors and windows were locked. If no one came in, how did he end up in his own bed? He shrugged and decided to go about his day. He quickly ate breakfast then hopped into the shower. After he washed himself off and exited the shower cabinet, he looked within the steam and he thought he could see a woman’s figure within the steam looking at him, smiling. As the steam faded, so did she. AJ rubbed his eyes to make sure he was having some sort of illusion. He shrugged and started to dry himself off.

AJ decides to take a walk to the grocery store to pick up a few items. Luckily, his parents left him a good amount of money to get whatever he needs to survive the week alone. He doesn’t buy much, mostly because he walked here and he won’t be able to carry alot home. After he makes his purchases, he leaves the store. As AJ walks across the street, suddenly a speeding car comes out of nowhere. AJ doesn’t have time to react because it’s coming so fast. Before the car can make contact, he is pulled away by some unseen force. The car kept going as if nothing happened. AJ looked around to see if anyone was close enough to pull him out of harm’s way, but he didn’t see anyone within range. He quickly picked up his belongings and walked home.

Once he got back home, he put away his food stuff in the proper places of the kitchen. He sat on the couch and started to think of all the strange things that’s been happening. Is he dreaming this all up or is he going crazy? Or maybe it had to do with that gypsy he met. Did she play a curse on him or something? He played his Playstation 3 for awhile until he felt tired and decided it was time to turn in for the night. He fully got into bed and moved around until he found a good spot, he relaxed and closed his eyes. Before he fell asleep, he felt someone kiss him gently on the cheek. He quickly rose up and looked around his room. No one was there. He lied back down and went to sleep.

The next day AJ went to the Book Store for awhile. He couldn’t stay too long because his parents were out of town. He poked around for a few hours until he decided it was time to leave. He was about halfway to the bus stop when some guy in a black button-up shirt and blue jeans stood in his way.

“You in a hurry man?”, he asked.

Ignoring him, AJ tried to walk around, but the person step in front of him.

“I asked you a question. You better not ignore me.”, he growled.

AJ once again tried to move around, but the guy wasn’t having it.

“You wanna get by me, then you gotta pay.”, he said.

AJ glared at him, but still didn’t say a word.

“Oh you’re not gonna say anything?”, the mugger snared, then opened his shirt to reveal a gun he had in his pants. “You better give me some money now kid.”

AJ tried to back away, but the mugger kept moving in on him. Suddenly, the mugger reels his head back in pain. He holds his lip as blood starts to come out of it, as if someone came out of nowhere and punched him.

“Y… You little bastard! You think you brave now, huh? Now you really gonna get it!”, he yelled, reaching for his gun.

Before he could get his hand on his gun, he hunched over, holding his groin in back. An unseen force kneed him hard and he crumbled to the ground. AJ was shocked at what just happened, but decided he wasn’t going to stay around for this guy to come back after him. He took this time to beat a hasty retreat.

He walked away from the mugger, then he heard him yelling, “You little fuck! Get back here!”. AJ turned around to see him charging at him and reaching for his gun. Just as he pulls the weapon out of his pants, he suddenly trips. AJ then hears a gun go off, and the mugger’s body remain motionless.

AJ walks into his house and locks the door. After setting the alarm, he sits down in the living room to think about what just happened.

“What is going on?”, he thought to himself, “Did that gypsy bless me with incredible luck or something?”.

He decided not to make anything big for dinner. He made a bolonga sandwich and had some orange soda while he watched TV to get his mind off today’s little event. As he was sitting on the couch, he felt as if someone was sitting right next to him. He looked over and saw nothing, but it still felt like he wasn’t alone in the house. He shrugged it off thinking it was just something in his mind. Hours passed as he watched TV and he decided to go to bed early. He lied in bed awaken for awhile, mostly due to what happened today. He then felt as if someone was lying in bed with him and holding him, as if to protect him. He felt himself get relaxed, as he started to fall asleep he heard a gentle female voice whisper ‘See you soon.’.

Chapter 5: Guardian Spirit

AJ sat at the table finishing off his cereal. After what happened yesterday, he decided he’ll stay in today. His father called shortly after he was finished with breakfast. AJ didn’t tell him what happened because he didn’t want his father to worry about him. After he hung up the phone, he looked around for a moment because he thought he felt a warm breeze move in. For some reason, he knew he wasn’t alone in the house.

“W… Where are you?”, he yelled. No response.

In a panic, AJ quickly ran into his room and looked in his closet. He pulled out a wooden baseball and started to look around his home for an intruder. He checked all of the windows and doors to see if they were locked. After assuring that the house was secure, he calmed down.

“Man, I really need to relax. I think I’m losing my mind.”, he thought out loud.

“Yes. You really should. I won’t hurt you.”, a female voice answered.

AJ was about to respond, but he slowly turned around to see where the voice came from. He then looked upon a black woman with long hair, wearing a shiny bronze outfit which showcased her medium sized cleavage.

“What the…?! How did you get in here?!”, AJ yelled, wielding his bat.

“Are you going to hit me with that sunflower?”, the young woman grinned.

He looked at her with confusion, then he looked at the makeshift weapon he had in his hands. Then he realized he was actually holding a large sunflower. He dropped it then ran into the living room. But when he got there, she was already ahead of him.

“No! Who are the hell are you?! Get away! I’ll call the cops!”, he yelled.

“Relax. I’m not going to harm you.”, she said.

“Please! Get away from me!”, he yelled.

She then waved her hand in front of her mouth. When AJ tried to yell for help, his mouth opened but no words came out. He tried to scream and holler, but still no sound came out from him. He looked at the young black woman in fear as she approached him. He was so scared that he couldn’t even move.

“I’m not going to hurt you. Please trust me.”, she said, looking into his eyes. “It’s okay.”

AJ didn’t know what else to do. But then again, how would this sound to the police. Someone broke into his house while the alarms were on?

“It’d okay. I know you’re scared. But it’ll be okay.”, she smiled at him, opening her arms to give him a hug.

AJ slowly moved in and accepted her embrace. She smelt so wonderful and so warm. In fact, he wasn’t afraid of her anymore. She released him and asked, “Would you like your voice back now?”.

All AJ could do is nod.

“Okay. Here you go.”, she smiled, then waved her hand slightly.

AJ could feel his voice return to him, “Who are you?”, he asked.

“My name is Kelly Rowland. I’m your guardian spirit.”, she answered.

“Guardian… spirit…”, he asked.

“You don’t remember summoning me?”, she giggled. “I call out to my guardian angel, reveal yourself and help me through my life of fable.”

“What?! So it worked?!”, AJ asked, shocked.

“Yes it did. I’ve always been in your life AJ. Remember when you were a toddler and you cried because the babysitter ignored you and left you in your room? I held you in my arms until you stopped crying.” Kelly explained.

“But if you’ve been in my life back then, and I performed the summoning just a few days ago, then how come you didn’t appear then?”, AJ questioned.

“It’s been a very long time since we last saw each other. The summoning help regain the strength I needed to be in contact with you again.”, she stated.

“So, it was you who carried me to my room the night of the black out while I was asleep? And saved me from getting hit by that car a few days ago?”, AJ asked.

“Don’t forget beating up that guy who was trying to rob you.”, she grinned.

“Thank you. Thank you for everything. I always knew I had someone watching over me. I told my parents but they never believed me.” AJ stated.

“You are very welcome.”, Kelly smiled.

“But… Wow! I didn’t think you would be so… beautiful.”, he said.

“Oh my… Thank you very much! Aren’t you the charming one.”, she blushed.

“I guess no one can see or hear you but myself I take it?”, he asked.

“Of course, only that is, if I want them to.”, she said.

“That’s a good thing. My parents are on vacation, but if they saw you here they would…”, AJ explained.

“Murder you?”, she interruped, “I know. Your parents have kept you so closed in that never really let you have what you wanted most. A friend or a relationship.”

Kelly and AJ sat in the living room and talked on for hours. Kelly explained that she came into being the moment he was born into the world. She also mentioned that she did in infact talk to the gypsy woman in order to reach him. AJ was so happy that he had a friend, even though it was someone only he can see. Their conversation when on without any of the two realizing what time it is.

“Wow! It’s getting late.” AJ said.

“Are you tired?”, Kelly asked.

“Not really, but I’m trying to get ready for school again in a few weeks. It’ll be my junior year.”, he explained.

“Oh? Well, let’s go into your bedroom.”, she smiled.

“Umm… Okay.”, he said.

As she held his hand and walked to his room, she asked, “You never had a girl in your bedroom before, have you?”.

“I never had a girl in my HOUSE let alone bedroom.”, he stated.

“I see. How do you feel about me coming in with you?”, she asked.

“Well… Honestly, a little nervous. But other than that, I’m cool with it.”, he said.

AJ sat on his bed and Kelly sat down next to him, he did his best to conceal the erection he was currently having.

“Are you alright over there?”, Kelly asked.

“Yeah. It’s just…”, AJ said, blushing.

She giggled, “It’s okay. Don’t be ashamed.”

“Okay.”, he said, feeling better.

“So, you’ve never kissed a girl before at all? Not even in school?”, she asked.

“Nope. Never.”, he said, sadly.

“Well, would you like to kiss me?”, she asked.

“Umm… Alright.”, he said, unsure of himself.

Kelly moved her head in and kissed him gently on the lips. AJ enjoyed the feeling of her soft, warm lips against his. She moved in closer and kissed him deeper, embracing him in a hug as they liplocked. All the while, AJ’s erection seemed to have gotten even harder.

“Oh my…”, she grinned, looking down at the tentpole in his sweatpants. “I think I woke someone up.”

“I… Ummm…”, he studdered.

“It’s okay. Relax.”, she smiled. “Tell you want. I’ll let you touch my breasts if you let me touch that.”

“Sounds fair.”, he said.

Kelly Rowland then removed the top part of the outfit she had on, revealing her B cups to AJ. He was in awe as he looked upon her amble tits. She took his hands and brought them to her chest, which afterwards he started to caress gently.

“Ooooh… Yeah. Do that. It’s feels great.”, she moaned as he rubbed and played with her breasts. AJ was in disbelief in what was happening, he was just about ready to be awoke if this was a dream. As he kept playing with her chest, she started to rub his leg. She then reached over and pulled his sweatpants down, letting his manhood spring freely from it’s confines.

AJ stoppped playing with her boobs as she reached down and started to stroke his hardened penis with her hand. He sighed quietly as he watched her have him a handjob, still not believing that it’s a spirit he summoned a few days ago performing sexual actions on him.

“Wow… Umm… That feels good.”, he said softly.

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?”, she giggled.

AJ nodded his head in delight.

“Then you’re really going to like this.”, she said with a wicked grin. She moved her head down and licked the crown of his dick, sending shivers down his spine. Then opening her mouth wide, she took it in her mouth. All he could do is watch as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, enjoying the feel of her warm mouth and wet tongue swirling around it. If anyone walked in on this, they wouldn’t see Kelly. All they would see is AJ with his sweatpants down to his ankles and his dick dancing around on it own. He gleamed as she gobbled as much as she could fit in her mouth, making very little teeth contact.

“Oooh… Kelly… It feels good.”, he moaned.

She pulled her mouth off and started to stroke it again, “Is it going to spit at me soon?”

“It might if you keep doing that for too long.”, he said.

With a grin she stood up and pushed him to the bed on his back. She slowly crawled on top of him and held his dick straight above her pussy. AJ watched as she bit her lower lip and slowly mounted herself on him, entering her moist pussy with ease.

AJ groaned loudly, shocked by the immense pleasure that just shot through his body. With a grin, Kelly started to ride him like a horse. She bounced up and down on his cock like she reached up and gently held her breasts. He always hoped his first time would be great, but not as good as this. She was grinding him like a pro while all he did was lie back and enjoy, leaving most of the work to her. She caressed his chest as she kept her riding, which was getting more frenized by the second. It was only a matter of time before he was about to reach his first climax with a female.

“Kelly…”, he whispered, “Kelly… I think I’m ready to cum now.”

With that said, she dismounted and pulled him off the bed. He stood up in front of her as she sat on his bed and stroked dick, aiming it at her breasts.

He moaned loudly as his orgasm finally came forward, and assaulted her chest with his essence. She kept stroking as more cum drenched her boobs. She sighed as his cum hit her. After she completely milked him of his cum, she moved in and kissed the head of it, causing him to yelp slighty.

“That was… incredible!”, AJ finally manage to say.

“Oh really? You’re just saying that, aren’t you?”, Kelly giggled.

“No! I didn’t think my first experience would feel so awesome!”, AJ said.

“I’m glad I was able to make you happy dear. I’ll always been by your side whenever you need me.”, she said.

“I didn’t think a guardian spirit could… well…”, he was saying.

“Have intercourse?”, she laughed, “I’m YOUR Guardian. I can be anything to you. Sister, Mother, Lover, Best Friend. Whatever your heart desires.”

“Awesome! I’ll keep that in mine.”, AJ said, getting tired.

“Get some rest now. We’ll talk more in the morning.” she said.

AJ crawled into the bed, Kelly holding him gently. He was fast asleep within minutes. He wanted to stay awake, but he just couldn’t. As he fell asleep, he started to wonder if this was all just a dream.

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