ANT Farming

Story title: ANT Farming

Story by: Money

Story codes: Mf, oral, anal

Celeb in story: Sierra McCormick

Author cameo by Tricky

Feedback: YES email or message boards

Age note: Sierra is 16 in this story

Story summary: Author has been having sex with jailbait celeb under his friends nose but he is close to uncovering the truth will his buddy turn him in or not?

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened it’s total fiction any feedback can be sent to either the message boards or I would like to thank Tricky for the needed cameo it really made this project easy now on with the story

Living life in the shadows is good but when you hook up with a celeb you run into the problem of a spotlight shining on you when you don’t want it fortunately I have skated around that for 2 years but it was getting harder since I had gotten involved with Sierra McCormick the petite blonde from the mouse empire. It started out innocent enough then spiraled into something far more adult what made things tougher my buddy Tricky would follow her on certain days trying to get photos to sell so I would wait till late at night to visit her sneaking passed security in various ways since she was still 16 I was risking serious jailtime if I was caught but it was worth it even with Tricky getting close.

“Ah nuts she vanished again it’s gonna be days before she pops up again.” he said

“Don’t sweat it her schedule is bananas anyway.” I said

Tricky gave me the usual whatever look rolling his eyes with Sierra off the radar he was sure to grab pics of Emma Watson or Sofia Vergara at an event to make up the difference so that was my green light for a visit he would be busy for hours.

Later that night

I was able to slip through the security net easy enough with Sierra leaving an exit door unlocked along with a special signal letting me in the guards were always posted in the lobby so I had her to myself till morning.

“You made it.” she said

“I was in the neighborhood.” I said

She looked great in her little outfit (?) her boobs were coming in nicely she went from a whole lot of nothing to rather sizable 34B’s in about a week Sierra was going to be stunning when she got older.

“Took you long enough to get here.” she said

“I had to hide your schedule Tricky’s sniffing around again.’ I said

Sierra started giving me a massage on my shoulders while kissing me since I was taller than her by a good foot or more it took some effort before I sat on the bed she was clearly frisky.

“I don’t want to walk right for a month.” she purred

“I can help with that.” I said

I ripped open Sierra’s shirt getting a grip on her perky boobs as she flopped on the bed going for my pants letting my monster cock loose.

“Been too long.” she purred

“Yes it has.” I said

She was humping my dick with her boobs as her blonde hair flew around Sierra sucked me off getting over half my shaft down her throat with no gag reflex.

“Love this huge thing.” she moaned

“Just getting started.” I said

We kept flipping each other over to be on top almost falling off the bed on a number of turns our clothes falling to the floor in the process I sucked her tits as Sierra rode my meat bouncing along the way.

“Plow my pussy babe.” she growled

“On it.” I said

I drove my hips into her body slamming my thick shaft as far as possible without making her scream but she was close no matter what I tried.

“Gonna…gonna…” she moaned

“Not yet.” I said

I tried pulling out but she kept pulling me back in wrapping her legs around my waist sliding my meat across her clit over and over.

“pump me full of that baby batter.” she cooed

“Can’t hold it.” I said

I exploded inside Sierra the sheer volume that pumped out was shocking as her orgasm hit I had my hand over her mouth to stifle the screams it worked but she did bite a couple of fingers while clawing my back.

the next day

I could barely stand up after all that sex Sierra clearly got off on having lots of it at a time normally I could keep up with her but sometimes she would be ready long before I recovered.

“That was fantastic I would love some breakfast in bed.” she said

“Maybe next time I’ve gotta run before security spots me.” I said

I walked right by Sierra’s handlers in a bathrobe, sunglasses and slippers going the other way to the unlocked exit door I always covered my tracks with the security cameras never showing my face at all I got home showering off any evidence of my visit right before Tricky arrived.

“Jackpot I got some great shots wish I could have gotten Sierra for a trifecta.” he said

“Maybe then again she could have been knee deep in unicorns, rainbows, and glitter.” I said

Tricky laughed at the idea even though I had been plowing her brains out while Sierra fucked me like a sex crazed lunatic just hours ago.

“Yeah that’s a funny picture.” he said

“I’m sure it is.” I said

Tricky would probably have kittens if he knew what I had been up to with Sierra I didn’t know if he would turn me in so I just kept it quiet changing gears.

“I’m bored I need a guys night out and you can be my wingman.” he said

“Hmmm, not feeling it man I’m sure you can score without my help.” I said

“Not an option we both need to get out.” he said

“Fine maybe bowling will liven things up who knows what will happen.” I said

He agreed to it rather quickly I tried to think of a backup plan but he wasn’t listening so I had to go along with the plan when I saw a big monkey-wrench as we setup Sierra was on the lane next to us Tricky went bonkers for a minute.

“Holy shit it’s…her.” he said

“Breath dude.” I said

Before I could stop him he started snapping pics Sierra was nice about it but I could tell she wanted me to step in without tipping our hand that we have met before.

“If I get some candid stuff they pay extra.” he said

“Slow down man don’t make me get the elephant rifle and sedative darts again.” I said

“Friend of yours?” she asked

I was able to play off Tricky’s antics and get Sierra to relax around him my brain was on edge however this was the closest I had ever been to her in public or with my clothes on and sitting here watching her talk with Tricky having no clue I had fucked her every chance I had for 2 years just made me laugh on the inside.

“I’ll be nice.” he said

“Good would hate to have you a drooling mess on the floor.” I said

“Your so adoreable if only we could date.” she said

For a split second I thought she spilled the beans I’m glad Tricky didn’t pick up on it but he did play along adding fuel to an unseen fire between Sierra and me.

“Why can’t you it’s not like you guys rip each others clothes off and do totally depraved things every night.” he said

“Yeah your right.” I said

“Hell that would be awesome if you did.” he said

“Your just saying that.” I said

I could tell Sierra was ready to have sex she was already dry humping me with her eyes and giving me her signal to go somewhere else and get busy a subtle lick of her finger with the tip of her tongue I cracked under the pressure

“Don’t worry I’ll find a ride home.” he said

“Your the best buddy.” I said


I almost crashed twice with Sierra jerking me off in the car if it wasn’t for the seatbelt she would have been sucking it instead with Tricky’s blessing we made a beeline for my place none of my neighbors were home yet I was still fumbling around for my key to the door when Sierra jumped on my back pawing at my shirt slowly ripping it.

“Inside.” she purred

“Got it.” I said

Sierra always had a fun aggressive side I liked but it was quickly turning into a full on nymphomaniac slut side the longer the session went on as we stumbled into the (?)

We were naked before we even landed on the couch Sierra could do all the screaming she wanted as my monster snaked it’s way up her ass she opened her legs wide.

“Been a while for this.” she moaned

“Yes it has.” I said

We scooted across the living room from the couch to chair even taking a moment in the archway where I nearly had Sierra crawling up the wall as I pumped my meat inside her ass she wasn’t screaming yet but she was close.

“Moooooorrrrrrreeeeeee.” she groaned

“Already giving you plenty.” I said

I picked her up slamming my rod in her ass more making her body convulse on every stroke Sierra was really getting into it even arching her back kissing me.

“Bed…now.” she said

“Your the boss.” I said

I could tell Sierra’s orgasm was building by the volume increase in her moans and squeals as I continued to pound her ass nearly driving her through the bed.

“HARDER!!!” she yelled

“You asked for it.” I said

Sierra was screaming into the pillow yet I couldn’t hear her from the loud noises being created by the shaking bedframe and my orgasm about to hit.

“I’M CUMMINGGGGGG!!!!” she screamed

“Me too.” I said

Sierra’s orgasm was epic her swear laced screaming fit lasted long enough for my balls to nearly drain totally even as I pulled out more spunk plastered her back up to her hair just as the bedframe collapsed with a loud crash.

The next day

It was almost noon and I was just coming around to wanting to wake up we were still naked with Sierra’s arms around my neck and her nose in my neck she was just starting to wake up when Tricky opened the door.

“Hey Money I’m just dropping my camera off before I go to the airport for safe keeping I’ll be back in a few days…oh hey Sierra.” he said

“Hi Tricky.” she said

We heard a number of loud thuds going down the stairs before they stopped for a moment we thought Tricky was injured bad until we heard him.

“I’m ok just fell down the stairs and got a spork jammed in my leg from seeing Sierra naked.” he said

“Good to know.” I said

Tricky was totally cool with the idea of me and Sierra he never bothered me about it and never ratted us out to the media which was great for his birthday Sierra hooked him up with her costar Stefanie Scott but I’ll let him tell that part if he wants to.

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