A Bad Night in a Back Alley


Author Name Dark Cloud

Codes : nc, MMMF, oral, anal, Watersports, viol, beast

Celebs: Kimberley Walsh, Nicola Roberts

Disclaimer: This is a very adult themed piece of erotic fiction and should not be read by anyone under the age of eighteen or by anyone who does not like hardcore descriptions of sex and violence. The people written about here would never act like this in the real world.

Kimberley Walsh put her glass down and suddenly had the urge to puke. The room was spinning and the noise from the DJ’s set was thumping in her ears. Nicola Roberts, her band mate in Girls Aloud and who Kimberley was out on the lash with that evening saw her friends state and came over looking concerned.

“What’s wrong Babe?” the ginger girl asked grabbing her friends elbow.

“Dunno, but feel I sick, need to get out of here!” there was a hint of desperation in the curvy brunette’s voice as she lunged towards the exit.

Nicola guided her by the arm towards a side door.

“This way babe, it leads to a fire exit, I’ve used it myself a couple of times” this said accompanied by a knowing smile from the pale redhead.

They were in a Club that Nicola had recommended in Liverpool and it seemed strange that Kimberley was like this, she was well known to be able to handle her drink, not like some of the light weight drinkers in the UK pop scene. Nicola pushed the silver handle and it opened and the two of them spilled into a quite, bare corridor, she led Kimberley down it and opened another door and they spilled into the cold, dark night in a deserted, gloomy alleyway. The fresh air hit Kimberley like a hammer and she gasped and bent over as if she would be sick but couldn’t manage.

“I’ll give you a little privacy, take your time babe” said Nicola before heading back inside and closing he door behind her.

Kimberley barely registered her friends departure, she bent over and dry retched and it was a few minutes before she felt well enough to stand up and lean against the wall. She gave a shiver as the cold night air really hit her. In her silver T-back top and tiny, matching skirt she was exposing a whole lot of flesh, which was fine in the club but out here it was fucking cold! Feeling slightly better she pushed the door only to find it didn’t move, clearly it only opened from inside. She thumped it with her hand, her head ached with the physical effort.

“Nic! It’s me! Let me in!”

She waited a few moments before banging again but it was no use and she could hear the dull thud of the music inside, no one would hear her.

“Fuck! I’ll have to walk round.” she hissed and started to walk down the alley, in her tall high heels.

She made it ten feet into the gloom before realising she was not alone in the alley. Lined across the width of the wet cobbles before her were three, dark figures silhouetted in what light there was. Something in their stance immediately scared the Bradford lass. She instinctively knew this was bad and spun around to go back the way she had come only to find three dark figures coming that way too.

They said nothing but Kimberley opened her mouth to scream but when she let go she suddenly felt a severe constriction on her throat. One of the figures had tossed a wire lasso that hit it’s mark around her neck and he jerked it viciously hard. She stumbled and dropped to her knees and in that instant the six men were on here. Hands grabbed her long, curly hair and pulled her face up only to slap it hard and spit on it. A foot kicked her ribs and she wailed but that noise was cut off by the noose around her neck. Her legs were kicked and stood on and before long she was blacking out and falling on her face in a puddle in the dingy, dirty alley.

She awoke a few minutes later to find herself now naked and on all fours and being roughly fucked in her ass. Kimberley had never experienced anal sex before and it hurt like hell, especially as the guy in her bowels at that moment was not a small guy. The other five were in front of her all with their cocks out jerking off. As she pushed herself up onto her arms the rope around her neck was jerked again to show her she still was in peril there. The guys laughed as her eyes boggled. Then one stepped up and spat on her face before putting his hand on it and wiping his saliva over her pretty features.

“Gang rape bitch, that’s what this is and you’re not going to like this one little bit!”

With the rope still choking her but slackened off slightly, a finger pried her jaw open and a cock was forced in there with a threat.

“If we feel any teeth tonight bitch then I have a claw hammer here and I will break every fucking one of your pearly whites. Understand!”

He held the hammer up so Kimberley could see it was no empty threat and somehow she managed a terrified nod as her mouth was invaded.

Thirty yards further back in the alley Nicola Roberts watched events from behind a dumpster. She had her own micro dress pulled up around her waist and her panties pulled to one side as she fingered herself furiously while watching Kimberly’s plight. Nicola smiled. She had brought them all down. Left Cheryl standing on a chair with a noose around her neck, Sarah in bondage in an abandoned warehouse, Nadine reduced to a brainless, pet dog over in the States and now this. Kimberley getting hers in a dirty back alley. Kimberley wasn’t quite the cunt the other three were but she was still going to get her just deserts according to Nicola. And the best thing? She was paying for all this with the band’s own money! She nearly burst into laughter thinking about it while watching her band mate take a cock in the ass and one in her mouth. She stifled the noise and continued to frig herself silly not wanting anything to interrupt her viewing pleasure, after all she had instructed the boss to do far more than just this to her ‘friend’.

The gang fucked Kimberley in each of her holes, they took particular pleasure from sticking their cocks into her big mouth once they had finished fucking her ass, demanding that she taste her own ass. Somehow Kimberley was still conscious throughout it all, occasionally when the rope around her neck was too tight she nearly blacked out but not quite. And soon a new, painful invasion of one of her orifices brought her back round again. After an hour they had seemingly all came and the cobbles below where Kimberley knelt were a mess of cum and sick (she had gagged several times as hard dicks were forced down her throat). She was a naked mess, her curly hair looking like it had been pulled through a hedge with cum splattered on it and her face, her body a collage of bruises, marks and dirt and her make up smeared all over her face. She lay face down in her own vomit and sobbed as the guys zipped up again.

The guy who was in charge waited a moment then reached down and jerked Kimberly’s head up by her normally faultless hair. With a sweep of his hand he brought a straight razor right to her scalp and took of a huge chunk of it right from her forehead. She wailed out loud so he grabbed the chunk of hair from the ground and shoved it forcefully in her mouth while he continued to hack off most of the rest of her locks. She looked wild now, inhuman and when he finally finished and tugged the hair from her mouth she looked down in a daze at her hair surrounding her. At that the other guys crowded around her and each began to piss on her. Six hard yellow streams hit her head and face from all angles. It stank and Kimberley knelt there like a zombie while she was debased like this.

They had all been drinking before this and of course they had all cum recently so their piss was thick and stinking and it clung to the singers features and seeped inexorably into the corners of her mouth. It seemed to go on forever, wave after wave of urine splashing over her and puddling at her knees. Which was bad for Kimberley as once they were all done her newly shorn head was forced into the puddle of piss and she was made to slurp it up from the dirty ground.

Further down the alley Nicola is too far gone, her hand was moving frantically at her clit now. Seeing her friend shaved so brutally then used as a urinal was too much for her now and though she was trying to hold off her orgasm it couldn’t be for long. Seeing Kimberly’s face pushed into the puddle of piss tips Nicola over the edge and she had to bite her lip to hold back her gasp as she squirts and creams herself, spraying her cum on the ground where she was kneeling. Drained she rocked back and opens her eyes in time to see Kimberley being dragged, by the rope around her neck, bodily along the alley to where Nicola knows there is a van waiting and the assailants fun is just beginning.

Nicola stays there for the moment savouring what she has wrought. All those other bitches destroyed, just the thought of all that they had endured because of her made her tingle again. She gave a small, contented sigh and with the end of the alley now deserted she grabbed the edge of a dumpster and pulled herself up. Before she was vertical though a plastic carrier bag had been pulled over her head and tightened by an unseen assailant from behind.

Nicola cried out in shock at this and began to struggle but a swift kick to the back of her knees dropped her down onto them where the bag was tightened further and seconds later her arms went limp and she slumped to the wet cobbles.


Nicola came too several moments later. In that short period her dress, her knickers and her shoes had been stripped from her lithe body and she had been dragged further up the alley in the opposite direction and then hauled through a wooden door that look, to all intents and purposes, looked deserted. In fact it wasn’t, a group of vagrants had broken through the door and set it up again to look as if undisturbed and during the cold Winter it was a noted safehouse for them to doss down at night. That night there were five there when the sixth dragged the naked, unconscious Nicola Roberts in by her hair. He was called Harry and had the reputation of being the dirtiest, smelliest, nastiest tramp in London and it was well deserved.

He dragged Nicola’s lifeless body across the dirty floor, past the others and dumped her on a pile of jute sacks in the corner.

“Who the fucks that Harry?” asked one of his contemporaries.

“Never you fucking mind Sid. I fancied some young meat and went out an got some, you and the others might get what’s left after I’ve finished with her – if there’s anything to have!”

The others cackled and made various noises but the let him get on with his own thing. Vagrants were like that, they wouldn’t get involved in an others business for anything. Harry dumped Nicola in a dark corner so she was curled up and stark naked at his feet. She was still breathing, he could see that he hadn’t killed her. He gave her a rough kick with his boot but got little response. Was she playing possum? He decided to find out. He undid the bit of string around his trousers, shook out his stinking dick and started pissing on Nicola’s face.

His piss was almost toxic with all the alcohol and substances he took. The smell alone was horrendous and as soon as it hit Nicola’s face she gave up pretending to be unconscious in a heartbeat.

“Stop, uuurgh! Bleauuurgh!”

The dumb ginger bitch quickly figured out that opening her mouth to complain was pretty fucking stupid as the acrid piss flowed into her mouth and some went down her gullet. She clamped the lips shut but gagged on what had gone in and then it went the wrong way down her throat and she coughed, sending some flying out her nostrils and more splashed on her tongue and into her mouth. She writhed on the ground but Harry just stood over her and kept pissing all over her face, unrelentingly.

It was a gross, yellow deluge that seemed to Nicola to have no end. It seemed to her that she was drowning in tramps piss and was just the most awful feeling of her life. Eventually Harry did start to dry up to just a little dribble and he wasted no time in pulling Nicola to her knees by her sodden ginger hair.

“Right you carrot topped bitch you can suck my fucking cock now, it could do with a bit of a wash!”

Rather dumbly Nicola opened her mouth to protest which allowed Harry to ram his filthy dick into her gob and start to face fuck her with it. It was a fat, thick dick with no great length but was repulsive due to it’s hairiness, it’s griminess and the terrible stench it emitted. Nicola gagged on it almost immediately but Harry gripped her hair harder and refused to allow her to pull off it. His horrible cock was pressing against the sides of her mouth, her tongue and the top of her mouth and it was all too much for her. She choked and then vomited the alcohol from earlier coming up in a rush and filling her mouth and coating his cock then spilling from the corners of her mouth.

“Uurgh! You filthy bitch!” exclaimed Harry as he pulled back then slapped Nicola hard on the cheek. She dropped to her hands and knees retching the rest up and gasping for breath.

Harry grabbed her by the hair and forced her head down until her face was rubbing in her own sick. He rubbed her face in it for half a minute and when he pulled her up she was a total fucking mess. Harry hauled her up so she was standing in front of him and started shouting at her and unfortunately due to his general lack of teeth he was spray saliva and spit all over her face.

“Jesus bitch! You are fucking useless. Now I am going to stick my dick in your mouth again and if you puke or pull off it I am going to kick your fucking head in! Understand! Well get a fucking move on!”

He shoved the crying ginger singer to her knees and in terror she started to suck at his even more disgusting dick. It tasted worse than awful and Nicola felt her gorge rise again and had to fight to suppress it as she sucked him. He had a grip of her ginger hair and was jerking her head back and forth on his cock, choking her on it.

“That’s it you worthless cunt take it! Take all!”

He came in floods of sour, viscous fluid in Nicola’s disgusted mouth, she gagged again, tearfully but somehow managed to keep it down, fearful of the tramps rage if she spewed again.

“Now you worthless little whore, I’ve had my fun I think Fred get shot, don’t you?”

The thought of another of these dirty, smelly vagrants invading her was repellent but Nicola was scared now and with Harry standing over her she didn’t have the courage to say no. She nodded her head desperate to placate him. He smirked and turned to a corner and shouted.

“Fred! Here boy! Come over here got someone here wants to suck your cock!”

Nicola’s eyes boggled as a thin mongrel pushed itself to its legs and trotted over to the tramp. Harry ruffled the dogs head and stared at the red head.

“Well? What are you waiting for you dumb bitch, get sucking?”

Nicola froze. How had her so carefully planning nights entertainment went so badly wrong? She stared at the beast and could not move. Which made it all the more brutal when Harry grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and spat at her.

“What are you waiting for cunt! Think you’re too good to suck Fred’s cock do you? Well bitch you ain’t fit to kiss his little doggy asshole, are you?”

He grinned mirthlessly as he grabbed her hair and made her nod her head.

“What’s that bitch? You are fit to lick his asshole? Well let’s see.”

Fred was looking around bemused as Harry forced Nicola Robert’s pale face and pushed it into his dirty doggy asshole. The smell was rank, he was not a clean animal. Harry’s grip was strong and powerful, Nicola felt helpless to resist it.

“Come on girl, lick it or god help me your nose will never leave his asshole!”

Nicola could hardly believe she was doing it but eventually she opened her lips and extended her tongue and started to lick….

Less that five miles away Kimberley Walsh was dragged unceremoniously, by the rope around her neck into a dark, abandoned studio. The men that had so brutally attacked and assaulted her in the alley were manning the camera equipment and setting up various lights. Kimberley was shoved to her knees in the centre of the room and left there as the man dragging her moved off. Kimberley sobbed and feebly felt at her destroyed hair. Finally, she found her voice and started to ask the men what they were doing with her. They all ignored her until a new man entered and stood before her and answered.

“We’re here to make a movie and you’re the star. Have you heard the term ‘snuff movie’?”


Back in the ramshackle tramps home Nicola was busy sucking the foul dog’s cock with the information in her head that next she was going to take it in her pussy and god knows what Harry the crazy tramp had planned for her after. Whichever, thankfully the world at large had heard the last of all the talentless cunts that make up Girls Aloud.

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