A Beautiful End To A Long Day For Ananda L.

A beautiful end to a long day for Ananda Lewis
by Matt K.

She had just gotten done shooting a segment for the show and thought to
herself, "Damn, where do we get these people." She had gotten out of a
hut on the isle of MTV after shooting a sort of dating game. Ananda
thought to herself, "Damn crazy people will do anything to be on TV."
She was tired after waking up at 5 am for an early morning shoot for a
segment. Ananda stepped out of the hut and looked at the surf breathing
in the sea air, causing her chest to strain against the black
bikini top
trying to hold them. The cameraman called her in for the closing
segment, "C’mon Ananda, two more minutes and your out of here girl."
"Uhh, thank god I’ve been up all damn day."

Ananda finished up and closed the show and she jetted out as fast as
she could. Ananda got into her Ford Expedition and started down the road
towards the hotel. "Hmmm," she thought, "Why the hell am I going back to
the hotel." Ananda wanted to do something, she thought of going to one
of the many night clubs on the island but, thought she’d done enough of
that. She thought of the beach but, that idea quickly grew old to her.
Then she remembered a spot she and Daisy Fuentes had once found. On the
side of one of the volcanoes on the island there was a bubbling spring
they had once discovered on a hike. That was two years ago and she
wondered if the little spot was as deserted as the time they had found
it. Ananda took off towards the shore where the volcanoe was located.

Ananda stepped out of her car still wearing her black bikini with the
sheer black wrap around her thin waist. She grabbed a pair of boots out
of the back of her car and started her way up. The climb was more
difficult than it used to be she thought. She stopped halfway to look
down and look around the shore below her. She couldn’t see a person for
miles which she thanked god for, considering how much humanity had been
on the beack all day near the MTV portion of the isle. Ananda took a 10
minute rest and started her way back up. As she pulled herself over a
ledge on the volcanoe she had found her spot. hidden behind some leafy
shrubs she saw steam rising and knew she had found her old spot. Ananda
took off her wrap and boots and stepped into the warm steamy spring. The
bubbling water felt like a jacuzzi. Ananda slowly stepped into the
spring letting her body get used to the steaming water. She had settled
neck first into the water and and sat down in the water when she heard
the shrub move. "OH SHIT!" she heard a man yell. She turned her head to
catch a glimpse of a naked white man moving back behind the bush.

"Sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be up here." said the voice. "It’s
Ok i thought this place was deserted too." Ananda looked at the man now
behind the bush who was putting on a pair of swim trunks. Ananda took in
his masculine body. He didn’t look like the frat boy type that she saw
all over the island. He was 6’1 about 197 pounds and had a body that
seemed to have no fat on it. The man stepped from the bush now dressed
in a pair of swim trunks. "Sorry, I usually don’t see anybody up here,
I’m Matt." the man said as he extended his arm to Ananda who had stood
up. They shook hands as Matt asked if he could join Ananda as he stepped
into the hot water. Ananda said sure and then said, "and here i thought
i was the only person that knew about this place." They both chuckled a
little and Matt answered back, " Yeah so did I, I like to come here
after I’m done surfing." Ananda looked at his bright smile and said, "
Yeah it’s beautiful up here, I’m surprised so little people know about
this. So are here on vacation?" "Yeah, but not from college I come down
here once a year to catch a few waves but, I usually try to not catch
the spring breakers. They become annoying after awhile." Matt replied.
Ananda laughed at the last statement and said "Yeah I know what you
mean. I’ve been around them all day." Matt looked at her cleveage bounce
up and down as she laughed. The steam had formed droplets that were
flowing down Ananda’s generous breasts. Matt then recognized the MTV VJ.

"Yeah, you must have been around them all day. Where do you guys film
most of your stuff? On the south of the island?" Matt asked. Ananda
said, "Yeah, where do usually surf?" "Usually anywhere I can find.
Usually around the coast on this side of the Isle has pretty good waves.
They get really high sometimes it’s really beautiful. See look for
yourself." Matt pointed towards the Ocean. Ananda turned around to look
at the Ocean making her step out of the pool however she kept her legs
in the warm water as she looked towards the crashing waves. Matt looked
at her from behind. He took in her beautiful jet black, wavy hair as it
went down a perfectly formed back which widened into the greatest ass he
had ever seen. From his view point he could see her breasts hanging down
being supported in the air only by two thin bikini straps. Matt took in
the view and then stood up in the water as well and stood next to her.
"It’s beautiful….." said Ananda looking out into the ocean as the sun
began to set. "That’s not the only thing…" said Matt. Hearing this
Ananda turned to look at his eyes which were staring at her. She giggled
and said "Why thank you, I don’t mind the company I’m with either."
Ananda said with a smile back to Matt. Matt leaned downwards toward her
as they were now breathing heavily on each other. They kept their lips
perhaps an inch from each other’s as they tilted their heads. Matt took
his hands and put them around her toned waist. He pulled her to him as
her tits mashed into his chiseled chest.

Ananda returned the kiss as they began to dance their tongues around in
each other’s mouths. Ananda felt a huge erection coming from Matt into
her stomach. She opened her eyes as she felt the enormous prick rubbing
against her stomach. Matt lowered his hands and grabbed a handful of her
ass into each each of his hands. He lifted Ananda out of the water and
sat her on the edge of the spring. Matt kissed down her neck and into
her chest. Matt grabbed her breasts in each of his hands and kissed
around them and through the black material covering her breasts. Ananda
put her hands in his long brown hair. She looked down to see him sucking
on the sides of her breasts. She had never had anyone make her feel like
that. Matt began to kiss down her stomach as his hands grabbed her sides
and eased her onto her back. Ananda had her eyes closed as she moaned in
pleasure when she opened her eyes as she felt the sides of her string
biking bottoms come untied and she could feel Matt’s hot breath on her
cunt lips. Matt rubbed his cheeks against her thighs and ran his tongue
around her count lips. He licked the lips up and down as he played with
Ananda. Ananda’s aching pussy needed his tongue. She clamped her thighs
around his head as he darted his tongue into her pussy. He played with
her rubbing his tongue up and down each side of her pussy walls. As it
built up it exploded as one of the best orgasms she ever had. Her juices
coated his face as she looked down to see him eagerly lick her up.
Ananda opened her thighs and crouched to him as she kissed him.

Ananda could taster her own fluids on his tongue as her hands roamed up
and down his white pecs and spectacular abs. She continued to taste
herself on his tongue when she reached down into his shorts. She was
startled to feel the biggest penis she had ever had in her hand. She
slowly rolled her thumb over the foreskin and head of the penis as she
jerked it slowly in his shorts as she continued to nibble and kiss him.
They both stood in the springs when Ananda broke their kiss. She kneeled
in the spring as his waist was just above the water while she was neck
deep in the hot, steamy water. Ananda pulled his shorts down. As Matt
stepped out of them she looked as his fat cock bounced between his legs.
It wasn’t even hard all the way and this hard white donkey cock was the
biggest one she had ever seen. See grabbed it in the middle and eagerly
put the head in her mouth. She looked at him with just the head of his
cock in her mouth. She sucked the head and while in her hot wet mouth
kept running her tongue around the slit and head of the cock all the
while jerking it with her hand.

This was the best blowjob Matt had ever received and it took abotu 4
minutes untill his cock began to throb. Ananda felt the enormous white
cock in her mouth about to explode. Feeling this she went from sucking
gently on it to releasing her hands and deepthroating the cock. She put
it almost all the way in her mouth and down her throat. Matt began to
fuck her face untill finally the cum hit the back of her throat with a
ton of force behind it. Ananda swallowed and began to eagerly lick the
cum off of the now enormously flaccid cock in front of her face. Matt
grabbed her shoulders and lifted her up making her stand up. The water
cascaded down her still clothed breasts. Matt attacked the breasts with
his mouth as Ananda slid the top off of her. He finally got his tongue
onto her fantastic nipples. Ananda moaned in pleasure as Matt lifted her
out of the spring and layed her on the ground. He lowered his head near
her feet as he sucked on her toes, then traveling his tongue up her
calves, up her thighs, slightly giving her now puffed up pussy lips a
good lick and up her stomach in between her clevage.

Ananda loved the feel of his tongue and just as he kissed her almost in
rhythym. As she felt his tongue invade her mouth she felt his enormous
cock begin to invade her pussy. He broke their kiss and sat up as he
thrust himself as far as he could. Ananda lay on her back thigh’s spread
as she felt his pelvic bone hit hers. He was now inside of her and his
white cock with it’s slight curve was now filling her completely. She
could have layed there in ecstasy forever with this huge cock inside me,
she thought. Then as soon as he had filled her she felt completely
empty. Then she was filled again and in total ecstasy. Matt was now
slowly pounding into her as far as she had ever been fucked before.
Ananda enjoyed the feeling as much as she could and she laid back
rubbing her enormous black breasts.

As Matt’s pounding began faster she could feel her cunt tightening. She
could feel his cock begin to throb again and just as she began to
convulse and shudder from the biggest orgasm of her life she felt him
blast the biggest load of cum into her pussy. Matt remained in her
untill his cock went limp and he slowly removed his cock from her cunt
as he collapsed next to her and they laid side by side. Ananda moaned
from the pleasure she felt. She slowly dug a finger into her cunt as she
played with herself. She rolled on her side and smiled as she looked at
the sweaty man lying next to her. As she played with herself she ran her
hand across his pecs and abs before making her way down to his cock
which lay sideways with a pool of cum in the foreskin hiding the massive

Ananda squatted and loving kissed the cock and licked the cum out of
it’s sheath. She began to work the cock with her mouth and hand untill
again it stood up in the air. Ananda stood over Matt as she lowered
herself onto the enormous prick. She slowly moved up and down untill
Matt’s muscular arms reached up to grab her tits. As he played with her
nipples massaging the enormous breasts he reached around her waist and
began to hold her up and lower her down onto the cock. Each time she
lowered down she felt as though she was being split in too.

"GOOOOOOOOOOOOD give it to me, give it to me," She screamed repeatedly.
She was so loud the whole island could hear her. "Give me that white
cock!!! God give it to me!!!!" Finally as the sensation built up in her
She dropped down in a hard slam on the cock as her ass hit his abs hit
cock shot a huge load up into her. She spasmed a bit before laying down.
They both went back into the spring and kissed and cuddled for the rest
of the night. They left around 2 am in the dark of night. Ananda went
back the next day looking for him………..

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