A Beautiful Flower Blossoms

A Beautiful Flower Blossoms: Marie Osmond Cums Into Her Own….And Loves

Marie Osmond decided she might as well use the Mariott hotel room she’d
rented for the night. She’d rented the hotel room anonymously so she
could privately meet the young male stud she’d arranged for with the
escort service in downtown L.A. The experience had been much more than
Marie could ever have hoped for. She thought about it now and didn’t
really know what she’d expected but he’d really given her more than her
money’s worth. Marie knew for one
thing that she’d never been fucked
liked this young male gigolo had just fucked her. Marie was still in a
daze from the bedroom experience and she figured she might as well
sleep there for the night since her kids were safely with her brother,
Donnie, and his wife. Not only did she feel she should recover the
money she’d spent on the room, but Marie really wanted to hold on to
the amazing evening she’d had with Bryce as long as she could.

As Bryce had prepared to leave the hotel room, he had kissed Marie
gently and told her how much he had enjoyed his little encounter with
her. She knew he had to leave since their tryst was over, but Marie
had secretly hoped Bryce would change his mind and come back into her
room right then for another sexy roll in the sack. She would have
gladly paid him for the extra time, but the door closed and the bolt
clicked as he went back to the escort service which had sent him out
and probably to his next assignment for that night.

Marie had said to him, "Bryce, I’m sure I enjoyed this evening much more
than you did. Maybe we could get together again sometime." Bryce
didn’t know quite what to say as he washed off and put his three-piece
suit back on before saying goodbye, kissing Marie on the cheek, and
slipping out the room door. He didn’t know how to respond openly
because Bryce felt an almost uncontrollable urge to reach out and cup
one of this beautiful woman’s full mature breasts under the material of
her blouse but knew he really couldn’t do that in keeping with the
rules he worked under. He hadn’t been allowed to ejaculate inside her
cunt and once his assignment was finished, he was supposed to get
dressed and leave.

Marie had been taking a warm sudsy bath when Bryce arrived and knocked
on her door. After the hour he spent with her and after he’d fucked
her to an explosively overwhelming orgasm, Marie drained the bathtub
and ran another hot bubble bath to soak in and allow her to pamper
herself. Since she’d forgotten to put her bra and panties back on
before Bryce arrived, she’d only straightened her skirt and rebuttoned
her sheer beige blouse after their passionate fuck as her stud got
dressed and then left her room. As Marie stood by the waiting bathtub,
she slowly and sensually peeled her now-wrinkled skirt and blouse off
and let them drop onto the bathroom floor.

As Marie stood there in the luxurious bathroom, she felt a new hunger
and need burning in her belly. She realized that her nipples had grown
pointy and hard again and were sticking out boldly from the tips of her
full breasts, and she could feel new wetness beginning to seep from the
lips of her just-fucked cunt. For an instant, she replayed the events
of the previous evening from the moment her young stud arrived and
knocked on the room door until he pulled his cock out of her orgasming
pussy and ejaculated his hot semen all over her voluptuous body. Marie
had found it unbelievably sexy when her young lover shot his cumload
all over her heaving tits, and across her stomach. For one thing,
she’d never seen a man’s erect cock as big as Bryce’s and then for him
to stuff her cunt full of it and fuck her to an explosive orgasm was
almost more than Marie could take in.

Marie climbed into the warm, relaxing bubble bath and as she lay there
naked in the water realized that her sexy mature breasts were jutting
up from the sudsy water. Marie had always thought her breasts looked
nice and were sexy. She reached up and cupped one curved orb in each
hand, her fingers grazing the sensitive nubs of her erect nipples. The
touch of her hands on her breasts felt so good and she squeezed them
firmly, tweaking the nipples and sending electric shocks over her body.
Marie felt a guilty pleasure at the sexy hot sensations she was
feeling from her own hands touching her body wantonly like she’d never
really known before. But Bryce had made her admit the desires, the
feelings and the hot insistent sexual needs that had been begging for
release inside her for years. Marie’s right hand then moved down
across her soft belly, and slipped down to the bush of brown pubic hair
that began just above the vee of her thighs. Her fingers brushed
through the thick bush of pussy hair and then her probing finger found
the sensitive clit which was already wet with her own juices. Marie’s
finger rubbed lightly back and forth on her clit, bringing a sigh of
passion from her lips.

As Marie allowed her index finger to slide on down into the folds of her
wet pussy lips, her thoughts flashed back to the cunt licking Bryce had
given her only a couple of hours earlier. He had been very assertive
with her, noticing her shyness and reluctance to do what he felt sure
she’d hired him to do – fuck her passionately and give her pleasures
she couldn’t seem to find otherwise. She remembered how he’d spread
her legs as she leaned back against the bed and boldly licked her hot
wet cunt as he cupped her naked asscheeks in his hands. The wantonness
and sexual abandon she’d experienced had almost overwhelmed her but his
encouragement and firmness in helping her tear down longtime sexual
barriers had made it a very liberating and sexually arousing
experience. Feeling a man’s mouth and lips licking and kissing her hot
horny pussy were a first for her and for it not to be her own husband
was more than her mind had been able to deal with. Despite her
internal resistance and a voice telling her she was a slut, Marie
surrendered to what she knew she wanted to do with Bryce and he
continued to inflame her passions with his sexy knowing touches and
comments. As Marie recalled the moment when Bryce had sexily asked
her, "Marie, are you ready for a ride?" as he held her there on his
knees with her skirt bunched up around her waist, her wet pussy only
inches from the large erect cock jutting from his groin, she dug two
fingers inside her tight pussy and began to slide them in and out,
bringing an increasing desire to experience another powerful orgasm and
even more, to be fucked again by a hot passionate lover. Moans of lust
slipped from Marie’s lips and she began to buck and undulate in the
warm bath water as her fingers began to move in and out of her clasping
cunt more quickly and she tried to stick her fingers as deeply inside
her pussy as she could reach. Marie felt her left hand squeezing her
heaving left breast and her tongue licked her lips as she remembered
the moment when Bryce had come to the moment of truth and inserted the
first 4 inches of his swollen insistent cock swiftly inside her tight
cunt. She let out a more lusty moan as she remembered how he’d then
shoved another 3 or 4 inches of his thick hot cock inside her pussy,
reaching well beyond where any of her husbands’ cocks had ever been
able to probe. Marie’s ass was jerking up and down in the water to
match the rhythm of her hand fucking in and out of her pussy that felt
like it was on fire. She realized then that she was nearing another
sexy orgasm and Marie’s heart jumped with happiness and joy as she
fully let herself go into what she was bringing about with her own
body. When the explosion of her orgasm began in her loins, Marie kept
up the constant fucking motion of her fingers and tweaked both her rock
hard nipples as she found herself moaning, "Oh Bryce, yes, yes, fuck
me, lover, fuck me harder and faster – FUCKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE."

As her climax flooded over her entire body and Marie could see a rosy
flush spread over her breasts and upper chest, she laid back in the
warmth of the water, allowing the glow of her cumming to last and last
as long as it would. Her mind began to wander then from the
self-generated orgasm she’d just experienced for the first time in her
life to the life-changing fuck she’d had with Bryce. As she realized
that some of the lifelong inhibitions and constraints she’d allowed to
totally control her sexual life had been blown away by a male
prostitute, Marie felt both guilt-ridden and also a freeing of her life
as a grown adult woman when she thought about what she and the sexy
virile young man had enjoyed together. Now she had virtually no
regrets about calling the escort service and having Bryce sent to her
room. And suddenly Marie began to think of another area of sexual
experience in her life that she’d often toyed with but had never
seriously considered or even been willing to contemplate beyond a
passing thought. Marie realized that she was lying there naked
thinking about what it would be like for her to fuck a sexy hot black

"No, Marie, what are you thinking about?" she immediately asked herself.
"There’s no way!! You’ve just been fucked by a young male stud and
now you’re thinking about what it would be like to hop in bed with a
black man. No, what are you thinking??" But Marie was really tired of
this controlling voice that tried to tell her what she could and
couldn’t do in her own life.

Marie’s mind began to reel from the inner conflict between the years of
social constraint and self-imposed standards that she’d always allowed
to control what she did and how she conducted herself sexually and
emotionally. She knew there was no way she could dare even think of
having sex with another man besides her husband – but now she’d just
done that. And she’d actually loved it. And here she was now thinking
about what it would be like to have a hot black stud’s big horny cock
filling her horny white pussy, and shooting his huge white cumload
either inside her or all over her like Bryce had. Marie knew there was
no way she could fuck with a black man so that any one else would know
it. There was no way!! But, who had to know? She was registered in
this hotel under an assumed name. She’d call the escort service and
ask for another date to be sent over and no one would ever be the wiser
but him and her. She’d almost talked herself into doing it then
convinced herself it was the most stupid idea she’d ever had. And then
Marie decided she was "going for it". She was going to make that phone
call to the service. When Marie got out of the relaxing bath, she
slipped on a robe she’d brought with her without putting anything else
on underneath it. She picked up the phone and then hesitated a few
seconds before dialing the escort service again. When she’d finished
the call, Marie had asked that a young black male between the ages of
25 and 35 be sent to her hotel room within the next couple of hours.
She’d given them a different name, this time Jane Larner, and then
Marie Osmond laid back on the bed and tried to relax and sleep a little
while before her "date" arrived and knocked on her hotel room door.

Marie was unable to fall asleep as she’d hoped. Instead she lay there
on the bed, replaying over and over again the decision she’d made.
Several times as she lay there waiting for the minutes to pass she
changed her mind and nearly called the service back and cancelled her
"date". At one point she decided that this was totally insane, that
she’d be ruined forever if anyone ever found out she’s slept with a
black man or that she’d had sex with anyone other than her own husband.
Marie almost got up from the bed, put her clothes back on and checked
out. Before she went through with that decision, however, she
convinced herself again that this was exactly what she wanted to do –
right here and right now.

After resting for about an hour, Marie Osmond got up from the bed,
straightened the sheets and bedspread, and decided to freshen herself
up a little bit. Standing in front of the vanity mirror in the
bathroom, she ran a hairbrush through her thick lustrous brown hair as
she stood looking at her own reflection. "Hmmmm, Marie, you’re not a
bad looking woman for someone who’s carried and given birth to seven
kids," she thought to herself. Even though she was in her early 40’s,
Marie felt that she was still a very attractive and very desirable

To reassure herself of her appearance, Marie reached down and untied the
single tie that held her robe together, covering her naked womanly
body. Pulling the robe back and exposing her full out-thrusting
breasts, she noticed the contrast her dark nipples gave to the
porcelain whiteness of the rest of her breasts. Her dark nipples
matched the darkness of her own eyes. Her breasts didn’t stand out
quite as boldly as when she’d been in her twenties but she felt they
were still very sexy and beautiful. Her hand trailed on down over her
stomach and as her fingers touched her bush of pubic hair, Marie
thought about the orgasm she’d helped herself have a little earlier.
Marie realized she was so horny that she wanted to play with her pussy
again – but she resisted the temptation to satisfy herself and decided
to save her sexual hunger for what was coming. As she looked at her
shapely legs and full rounded ass, she smiled to herself, knowing that
she was still sexy to men.

Marie repaired her makeup from her earlier fuck with Bryce and decided
to redo her lipstick and blush as well. She made sure her makeup
accentuated her distinctively beautiful facial features without
appearing to have too much on. After all these years of appearing in
front of TV cameras, she was a master at making sure she looked her
best for an audience. Right now she was preparing for an audience of
one – the man who would walk into her hotel room shortly.

Marie knew being fully clothed when her "date" arrived would seem
strange since she had no intention of leaving the room with her escort.
She also realized that forgetting to put her bra and panties back on
when Bryce had knocked on her room door had actually worked out very
nicely. Removing them would have been an unnecessary barrier and might
have given her time to change her mind.

Instead of remaining naked under her robe, Marie slipped on a
snugly-fitting, bust-emphasizing black lace teddy that she’d brought
along to the hotel. She had always enjoyed wearing sexy lingerie and
nightgowns and this black teddy made her feel very feminine and sexy as
she smoothed the fabric down over her legs and thighs.

Marie had become so preoccupied with "getting ready" that she jumped
when she heard a firm but quiet knock on her hotel room door. Her
breath caught for an instant and then she took a deep breath, slowly
let it escape from her lungs, and then walked over to the door and
smoothly opened it.

Marie couldn’t believe she was doing this for the second time in one
night – opening the door to a total stranger, an unknown man who she
had arranged to have come and fuck her. Marie didn’t really know what
to expect but she felt her heart jump when she saw the young man
standing there – a very good-looking young man of medium height and
build casually standing there with a beautiful smile on his face. He
was dressed much more casually than Bryce had been in a polo shirt and
dark slacks.

"Ms. Larner?" the young man asked expectantly as he waited for Marie to

"Yes, please come in," Marie answered as she stepped back and allowed
the black man to enter her room. This "date" hadn’t brought flowers
like Bryce had since the escort service knew that these late night
appointments usually had more intense purposes in mind. Why waste the
cost of flowers when they were simply going to be tossed aside as
clothes were flying in every direction.

The young black stud introduced himself as Philip Williams and quickly
made his cellular call to let the escort service know he’d arrived in
Marie’s room. As she stood watching her escort talk on the phone,
Marie noticed Philip’s obvious muscular build under his sports clothes
and when her glance moved down to his groin she saw the very
distinctive large bulge created by his cock and balls. In fact, Marie
could tell that his cock was already semi-aroused from the fullness it
made in his pants. Marie felt a sudden gush of wetness in her pussy as
she eagerly anticipated this sexy hunk taking his clothes off and
letting her see his naked body.

Suddenly Marie thought again that being alone with this stranger in her
hotel room was very wrong and what she’d planned to do with him was
against everything she’d been taught and lived by her entire life.
"What were you thinking, Marie?" she heard herself saying. As Marie
Osmond stood there struggling with her own desires and needs, her eyes
took in this sexy young black man’s trim athletic physique, his firm
strong hands, and his winning smile. Should she or shouldn’t she??
She realized her palms were feeling sweaty, her pulse was racing, and
she was breathing faster. What Marie had arranged to have happen was
scaring her to death – and then she decided, once and for all. She was
going through with it. If she didn’t, she’d never know what she’d

Philip suddenly said to Marie, using her assumed name, "Jane, was there
somewhere you wanted us to go tonight or something you wanted to do?"
He felt he knew what this beautiful woman’s plans were but he had to
play the game and let her guide their time and activities together.

Marie took a deep breath, hesitated for an instant, and then answered,
"Yes, first of all, my name is Marie. Please call me that and I want
you to take me to bed, Philip, and I want you to fuck me until we’re
both thoroughly satisfied."

Smiling as he heard Marie tell him exactly why she’d had him sent here,
Philip said, "OK. Marie it is then….and your wish is my pleasure. I
won’t leave here until we’re both satisfied tonight. This night is all
yours, Marie."

Marie stood there motionless, anticipating this attractive young black
man’s first touch as Philip walked over to her and reached out to take
her in his arms. This was his first "engagement" for the evening and
he actually wanted to strip Marie naked and fuck her immediately but
he’d learned tremendous self-restraint and pacing in his 3 years
working for the escort service. His balls were full of hot urgent cum
and he was extremely horny but he was sure he’d have relief before too

Philip took Marie’s robe-clad womanly body in his arms and pulled her
strongly against him. He loved the feel of her full breasts pressing
against his chest and he buried his face against her soft neck,
breathing in her perfume, as his right hand slipped down to her ass and
firmly cupped the roundedness and curves of her behind in his large
hand. Philip’s lips moved up Marie’s neck and the side of her face as
his hands continued to explore her body.

Marie’s arms were around this young stud’s strong body and her hands
felt the muscles in his back and shoulders as they stood together,
locked in their lusty embrace. As Philip’s kisses moved steadily along
Marie’s cheek, he suddenly looked Marie in the eyes, saw the raw lust
and passion barely smoldering underneath the surface there and his lips
closed hotly over hers. Marie’s breath caught for an instant as Philip
kissed her and then she let herself go into the intensity of the kiss
as she felt his hand behind her head pulling her face closer to his.
She felt herself suddenly relax and really give in to what was about to
happen with this hot young stud as she felt his hand slip up between
their bodies and cup the fullness of her right breast. Her nipple
instantly grew harder in response and Marie heard her breathing grow
ragged as she realized how much she wanted this man to take her to bed.

Marie slipped her hands under Philip’s polo shirt, caressing his firm
stomach before she grabbed the material of his shirt and began pulling
it up and off over his head. Philip knew this experience was going to
be hot. He liked a woman who let him know what she wanted and would
take the initiative like beginning to undress him even before he began
to do the same to her. He knew that this sexy woman must be as horny
as he was. Little did he knew that Marie was still wavering between
having sex with him and calling the whole thing off.

As Philip undid the tie holding Marie’s robe together and pulled it back
from her, he found his cock growing much harder as he saw the sexy
black teddy she had on underneath. His cock had grown so thick and
long that it was cramped in his pants, and he reached down to undo his
pants and unzipped them, freeing the large thick shaft of his hardening
black cock as he pulled its full length out of his bikini briefs.
Philip’s cock was at least eight or nine inches long and very thick
when he was fully aroused.

When Marie saw Philip begin to shed his pants and free his beautiful
hunk of manhood, she felt her legs almost grow weak under her. She
bent over and wrapped her soft hand boldly around the shaft and head of
his big black dick. Marie was in awe as she felt the width and
hardness of this sexy young man’s hard dick. She had touched an erect
cock before, but she had never licked or sucked any man’s dick. Never
in her entire life. Not even her husband’s. The desire to actually
take an aroused man’s mushroom-shaped cockhead in her mouth, to taste
it and feel the texture of it in her mouth overwhelmed Marie and she
bent her head forward, taking the pre-cum leaking tip of Philip’s
proudly upthrusting cock between her lips. Philip was still standing
there with his briefs between his waist and his knees and Marie had
caught him halfway undressed and was beginning to suck on his dick. He
let a moan of passion loudly slip from his lips as he felt the wetness
and heat of her mouth closing over his hardon. Philip stood there for
a minute, then he reached down, cupping Marie’s breast in his hand,
squeezing it and feeling the nipple grow hard and perky under his palm.
Marie kept her mouth over the head of Philip’s cock, taking all of it
into her mouth, then she slowly began to move mouth up and down on the
head, taking it all in then some of his cock shaft, then moving her
mouth up until only the very tip of his cock remained in her lips. His
moans grew louder and more insistent.

Philip let Marie suck on his hard cock for only a few minutes, then he
reached down and pulled her to her feet and gently pushed her back
towards the waiting bed behind her. His passions had been inflamed
much quicker than normal and he knew he wanted to move the tempo of
their encounter together along more quickly. He laid Marie back onto
the bed and crawled up over top of her as he reached down and gently
pulled the straps of her teddy down and to the sides off of her
shoulders. He kept pulling downward until the material of her teddy
slipped off of both her full upthrusting breasts, and Philip leaned
down, taking Marie’s left nipple and much of her breast into his
sucking, wet mouth.

"Ngggghhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, oh yes, Philip," she moaned as she felt his
lips lock over her hyper-sensitive tit and send electric shocks down
through her breast and throughout her entire body. She actually thrust
her tit up into his kissing mouth and she reached down between them and
felt the huge full length of his engorged cock pressing hotly between
their bodies. Philip responded to the hot touch of her hand on his
cock by grinding the huge lump of his hot manmeat against her
teddy-covered groin. He moved his mouth to her other tit, finding the
nipple on it equally hard and aroused.

Philip had shrugged his briefs all the way off, dropping them onto the
floor. He pressed his bare cock against Marie’s pussy mound underneath
her teddy and grinded it sexily up and down against the already wet
material of Marie’s teddy crotch. Marie felt the friction of her
soon-to-be lover’s huge cock rubbing against her clitoris and hotly
inflamed pussy and her own horniness and arousal began to build higher
and higher.

Marie was just about to tell Philip that she didn’t want to wait any
longer – no, that she couldn’t wait to fuck — when she felt him reach
down between their bodies, and his hand closed over her pussy through
her teddy. Philip could tell how aroused she was by the intense
wetness of her crotch. He looked her in the eyes again and could
clearly see that she was more than ready for their fuck to move to the
next level. Philip reached down with one hand and deftly unfastened
the two snaps holding the crotch of her teddy closed. The crotch part
snapped wide open, revealing Marie’s beautiful hot cunt, soaked with
her pussy juices and crowned by a beautiful thatch of deep brown pussy
hair. Philip wanted more than anything to just take his long thick
cock shaft in his hand and rub the head in Marie’s cunt wetness before
he mounted her and fucked her into oblivion. But again he restrained
himself, reaching down with his right hand and slipping one finger up
and down the soft hot lips of Marie’s pussy, then he slipped one finger
in between her tight cunt lips, slipping it in the wet depths of her
pussy as far as his finger would reach.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yes, mmmmmmmmm," Marie moaned as she felt Philip’s digit
penetrate her and spread her pussy lips apart even slightly. He
responded to her moans by sliding his pussy-lubricated finger in and
out of her clasping cunt. Marie bucked her pussy up against his
probing strokes and Philip knew the time was right. Without further
delay, he pulled his finger out, and taking his long engorged cock in
his left hand, rubbed the big full head of it in her soft pussy lips,
made sure the head was fully wet and slippery from her own juices, then
he angled himself up over this horny woman’s body and wedged the tip of
his thick cock in her pussy, pushing inside her as his cockhead gained
position to enter her sexy cunt. As his cock slipped inside Marie’s
pussy, she began to moan more loudly and Philip couldn’t help but let a
moan of delight and lust escape his own mouth as he felt inch after
inch of his rampantly horny cock bury itself inside Marie’s cunt.

"Fuck me, baby," Philip begged Marie as he felt his cock totally
swallowed by hot pussy, and then he began instantly to pull his cock
out on an outward stroke, leaving her warm snug pussy as quickly as he
entered it. The cool air on the wetness covering his cock shaft felt
cool but when only his cockhead remained inside of Marie’s undulating
pussy, he began to pump his length of meat back inside her again.
Marie couldn’t get enough of his cock, her pussy seemed to be on fire
and her passion and hot need to fuck was so intense that she wrapped
her legs around Philip’s back and was fucking up off of the bed in
rhythm with his passionate strokes down into her. She’d wanted to fuck
back with Bryce in this same way but the awkward way in which he
positioned her and penetrated her for their fuck had made it impossible
for her to do anything but allow him to fuck her to orgasm. This time
she was determined to be as much a part of their frantic fucking as her
male stud was.

Philip leaned over and kissed Marie hotly on the lips again as he began
to drive his hugely erect cock in and out, in and out, in and out of
her wildly gyrating cunt at a quicker and quicker pace. She was
moaning and whining under him and then he heard her say, "I want to get
on top. Please, let me get on top and fuck you. Pleeasseee." Philip
was glad for Marie to change positions with him and without pulling his
cock out of her tight cunt, he rolled the both of them over on the
king-sized bed, keeping his cock buried deep inside her the entire
time. As soon as Marie was stable and sitting on top of her lover’s
body, she began to use her thigh and stomach muscles to drive her pussy
up and down on this hot black man’s huge cock shaft. Her large full
breasts jiggled sexily up and down as Marie bobbed up and down, taking
Philip’s cock in and then nearly losing contact as she rode up on his
length. Philip let her ride up and down a few strokes before he took
her by the waist and began to drive his ass up off of the bed to meet
her mid-stroke. Then he felt his own climax beginning to build and he
knew he had to re-position in order for him to be able to shoot his cum
load off without ejaculating inside Marie’s pussy.

Without saying a word, Philip continued to piston in and out of Marie
but rolled over again. He was thrilled when he realized that she was
suddenly exploding into her own orgasm just as he got her on her back
again. As Marie’s breaths grew faster and her moans louder, he
realized that she was climaxing on his black cock. Philip stroked in
and out of her pussy several more times and then he quickly pulled out,
aiming his cock straight at her heaving tits as he stroked his long
cock and a huge glob of white hot cum shot all over Marie’s full
breasts. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy and her pussy still
undulated underneath him as she felt Philip’s hot jism smacking against
her nakedly wanton body.

As Philip shot wad after sticky wad of cum onto Marie’s belly and tits,
she thought to herself, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm, now this was worth all the worry

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