A Beautiful night: Jennifer Connelly And Vivian Cardone

A Beautiful Night: Jennifer Connelly and Vivian Cardone

By: Emily and Nicola

(FF, Pedo, Oral, Scat-eating, foot fetish)

Synopsis: Jennifer has just finished her first day on A Beautiful Mind. She is very tired and has just entered her apartment.

A knock on the door is heard; Jennifer annoyed with the interruption goes to answer it. She opens the door “Oh, hi Viv, what are you doing hear?” Jen asked politely. “Sorry Ms Connelly, but you forgot your phone.” Viv gives Jen the phone “Oh thank you very much.” Vivian Cardone is Jen’s eight-year old co-star in the movie.
“Oh, I’m sorry Viv, please come in.” Jen invited the young girl to her apartment. “Do you want something to drink?” Jen asked, “No thanks, I got to go, I’m scared of the dark.” Viv responded “What, a big girl like you.” “Yes, big girls like me.” Jen started to feel something in her stomach, as she was looking at this beautiful adolescent she started to get weird impulses. “Are you okay Ms Connelly?” Viv asked “I’m fine and please call me Jen.” Jen responded. Jen thought to herself “How I would like to taste her small pussy.” “I better be going.” Viv said “Don’t go. Let’s watch a movie.” Jennifer said in desperation “I’d love to Jen, I really would. But my parents are out of town for the shoot and I am staying on my own.” Viv responded. “So why don’t you stay in my place tonight.” Jen asked “I don’t want to be a bother.” Viv responded, “Oh please, I’d love to sleep with you.” Jen just realised what she said and is extremely embarrassed. Viv looked at her “I will stay Jen, because to me you are beautiful.” Viv got a chair and stood on it. Once on the chair she gave Jen a passionate French kiss.

“I’m glad you feel the same way, Viv.” Jen asked, “I’ve always have since we began shooting.” Viv responded. Jen started to take Viv’s coat off. Viv got hold of Jen’s dress straps and pulled them down. Jen’s dress fell to the ground and she was wearing silk white underwear. Jen undid Viv’s buttons on her dress and her dress fell, Viv was wearing no underwear at all only a pair of white tights, and black shoes. Jen gasped at her young body, her small pointy tits, her small round ass and her hairless red pussy. Jen took hold of Viv and carried her to bed. Once there Jen laid Viv on the bed and kissed her lips again. “Do it Jen, kiss it for me.” Viv told Jen. Jen went down to Viv’s young pussy and kissed it, she then inserted her tongue into her pussy. As Jen licked Viv’s pussy, Viv was moaning and experiencing her first ever orgasm. “I’m going to explode.” Viv shouted. Cum exploded in her pussy and shot right through to Jen’s mouth. Jen tasted it and swallows it. “Let me taste yours Jen.” “Sure sweetie.” Jen said. Jen took off her underwear and her shoes, she was completely naked. Viv also removed her tights and shoes. Jen lay on the bed and Viv started kissing and sucking Jen’s left tit. Jen was enjoying this, she never explored sex with a girl, but she was enjoying every minute of it. Viv did the same with the other tit, once she finished she went down to Jen’s shaven pussy and started to lick it Jen was moaning and soon she was cumming. “Oh my god I’m going to cum!” Jen shouted. Cum shooted into Viv’s mouth and she swallowed it. Viv went up to Jen and kissed her on the lips.

“That was good, Viv. Where did you lean to do that?” “Don’t know this was the first time I have ever done it.” Viv responded. Jen looked down to Viv’s small feet. She got off the bed and knelt at the foot of the bed. There she grabbed hold of Viv’s left foot and started sucking her toes. “You like my feet, don’t you.” Viv said “Mmmm.” Jen was enjoying the sucking of Viv’s stinky feet so much she couldn’t answer. When Jen finished she took hold of Viv’s right foot and sucked her toes. When Jen finished she got up went to Viv and kissed her. Viv could taste her oder in her mouth. “Could I do yours now?” Viv asked “Of course, Vivian my body is yours.” Jen answered. Viv smiled at that comment and she got up and went to the foot of the bed and took hold of Jen’s left foot and she started to suck Jen’s toes. “Mmm” Viv moaned, Jen loved it too. When Viv finished she did Jen’s other foot. Viv went up to Jen and kissed her on the mouth.

“Viv, are you still a virgin?” Jen asked “I am.” Viv responded “Can I bust your cherry?” asked Jen “Won’t that hurt?” “It will at first but soon you will have maximum pleasure.” Said Jen “Then do it Jen.” Jen kissed Viv and got up and went to the next room. She came back a few minutes late with a strap-on dildo. “Viv, darling. I am going to lie down and you be on top.” Jen said. Jen lay on the bed and she positioned Viv on top of her. “Are you ready?” Jen asked “Yes Jen” Jen then lowered Vivian on to the dildo; the dildo was entering Viv’s pussy, until Jen heard a pop. Viv started to scream, Jen was ready to pull out. “Don’t Jen, it will go away.” Viv cried out. Soon the pain subsided and Viv started to go up and down, on Jen’s dildo. Jen smiled and Viv enjoyed the fuck, cum cam out of Viv’s pussy. “Now, Viv position your ass over the dick.” Viv did that and Jen started fucking Viv’s small clean asshole.

Once they finished, Jen gave Viv a drink, Jen also drank it. After a few minutes, Viv said “I’ve gotta poop.” Then come with me. Jen picked Viv up and put her inside a Jacuzzi. Jen went inside to and laid at the base. “Viv, position your ass over my mouth and shit on me.” Viv smiled and did just that. Jen started to take the shit in her mouth and chewed on it and swallowed it. More logs came out and Jen was eating away. When Viv finished Jen’s face and body were covered with faeces. Viv said, “I’d like to try some.” Jen responded, “Then get on the floor and I will shit on you.” Jen positioned her ass over Viv’s mouth, Viv started licking Jen’s asshole, a few small pieces of faeces landed on Viv’s tongue and she swallowed. Jen let out her shit and Viv started to catch it in her mouth. She retched at the taste of it, but she soon got use to it and she started to chew on and swallow it. Once Jen was finished Viv’s body was covered with faeces and Jen’s body was too. Jen and Viv kissed each other and licked the shit off their bodies.

Both Jen and Viv took a shower. When the finished Jen gave Viv a white silk robe and a pair of flip-flops, Jen wore the same. “Let’s watch a movie.” Jen said, “Let’s watch something romantic.” Viv responded with that comment Jen passionately kissed the little actress.

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