A Beezus and Ramona Reunion

Title:  A Beezus and Ramona Reunion

Author:  Tori

Codes:  FF, Ff, CONS, FIRST

Subject:  Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Joey King

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Oh God…….Oh SHIT……..OHHHH FUCKING GOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!  Yes, lick me harder……Suck my clit you fucking BIIIITTTTTCCCCCCHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”  Selena squirted her girl cum all over her lovers face and was shaking from her third orgasm.  She looked down and smiled as Vanessa Hudgens kissed Selena’s body and finally kissed her lips.  The two kissed deeply for several minutes while Selena tasted her own pussy.   Vanessa snuggled against her lover and softly caressed Selena’s breasts as Selena came down from one of the most intense orgasms she ever had.

Vanessa reached over and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.  Selena softly kissed her cheek and forehead while she channel surfed.  She stopped when she came to the Fargo marathon on FXM.  They watched and snuggled when Vanessa noticed one of the actors.  “Hey, isn’t that the girl you made that terrible movie with a few years ago?”  Selena looked closer and said, “You know what, it is.  That’s Joey, Joey King.  mmmmmmm, she really grew up nice.”  She thought for a moment and then pinched Vanessa’s nipple hard.  “Bitch, that movie wasn’t that bad. “  Vanessa chuckled and said, “Come on, all your movies suck, so do mine, especially the one we made together.  The only good thing about that flop was meeting you and having this perfect body in my bed.”  Selena kissed her deeply and then the two went back to watching the show.

When the commercial came on, Selena started to laugh.  Vanessa asked what was so funny.  Selena told her that when she was making that movie with Joey, the little girl had walked in on her getting DP’d by John Corbett and Josh Duhamel.   Vanessa looked at her and said, “No fucking way.”  Selena said it was true.  She had the hot’s for both her male costars and had been sucking off Josh on a regular basis and then one afternoon during a break she made her move.  She took both of them back to her trailer and the next thing she knew, they were fucking her.  It was the first time she did anal and it hurt like hell.  They were both pounding the shit out of her when Joey walked in.  Selena saw her staring at them and then she ran out of the trailer.  She said that Joey never said a word about it but she often caught her staring at her when she wasn’t looking.  She then commented on how cute she’d become.  Vanessa slapped her tit and called her a cradle robber.  They watched TV for a little while before both of them drifted into sleep.  The next day, Selena couldn’t stop thinking about Joey.   They hadn’t kept in touch after the movie and Selena wondered what was happening with her former costar.  She called her agent and asked him to get her number.

“Joey?  Hi, this is Selena.  Selena Gomez.  How have you been?”  Joey paused for a moment and said, “Hi Selena, I’m doing great, how are you?”  The two girls spoke for almost thirty minutes, catching up and talking about their careers.  Selena told her that she’d watched Fargo last night and thought about her “little sister” and decided to call.  Joey told her she was happy that she did and then also commented on how much she liked her music.  Selena told her she was sweet for saying that and then asked if she’d like to get together and maybe grab some dinner or something.   Joey told her she was just finishing up a project but that she’d be back in LA by the end of the week.  Selena gave Joey her private number and told her call when she got back into town.  After they hung up, Selena smiled and pictured the little girl staring at her.  She felt her pussy getting wet and she was soon getting herself off with her fingers.

True to her word, Joey called Selena that Saturday and the two made plans to meet for dinner.  Selena made reservations at a nice quiet place in Pasadena and told Joey to meet her at 7pm.  Selena dressed in a pair of dark brown leather slacks that hugged her ass perfectly.  She then put on a light blue strapless bra that showed through her white silk blouse along with matching panties.  She finally slipped her tiny feet into four inch heels.  She let her hair flow naturally and kept her makeup soft and conservative.  When she arrived, she was seated at a corner booth and waited for Joey.  She saw her former costar come in and waved.  She stood and smiled as Joey walked over to her.  She had on a cute little floral summer dress that was probably a little too short but suited her frame perfectly.  She also had on white socks and pink Chuck Taylor’s.  Selena gave her a big hug and kissed her cheek and told her she looked adorable.  Joey blushed then told Selena that she looked absolutely beautiful and hugged her again.  The two sat down and ordered some drinks.  Selena had a glass of white wine and Joey, being only 15, ordered a diet Coke.  They talked while they ate and then shared a huge piece of chocolate cake for desert.   The two sat there catching up for almost three hours and then Joey’s phone rang.  Her Mother was outside, it was time to go.  Selena paid the check and walked out with Joey.  She went over and said hello to Joey’s Mom and then gave Joey a long hug and kissed her on the cheek.  She told her what a great time she had catching up and promised Joey that they would stay in touch.  Joey promised back and then got into the car.  Selena waved as they drove away.

Selena walked over to her car and found Vanessa leaning up against it with a huge grin on her face.  Selena grabbed her and kissed her hard.  The kiss lasted several minutes and then Vanessa asked her how the evening went.  Selena told her how much fun it was to catch up.  Vanessa remarked that Joey was pretty cute and Selena punched her arm and asked, “Who wants to rob the cradle now?  She’s only 15 bitch.  I think that’s a little too young, even for you, slut.”  Vanessa laughed and said, “Maybe, maybe not, but I know you were thinking the same thing, weren’t you?”  Selena smiled and told Vanessa she was going to teach her a lesson when they got home.  What she didn’t say was that sitting next to Joey in her cute little dress made her pussy dripping wet.  They got into their cars and drove home as fast as they could.  They didn’t make it past the front door before both of them were naked and falling onto one of the huge white couches in the living room.  They kissed and petted and then got into a 69 and licked each other until they came over and over again.  Vanessa grabbed Selena by the hand and took her upstairs and they made love until finally falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day, Vanessa spent the morning packing, getting ready to fly to Vancouver to start shooting her new movie.  Selena sat on the bed and watched her gather her stuff and she started to cry.  Vanessa sat next to her and told her she was going to miss her too.  Then Vanessa suggested that she call Joey and invite her over.  Selena said she’d think about it.  They shared another long kiss and then Vanessa finished packing.  Selena stood on the front step and watched Vanessa get in to the Airport Limo and head off.  She went back into the big empty house and cried again.  She missed her Vanessa already.

Selena rambled around the big house the rest of the day and then headed over to her parents for dinner.  They noticed how sad she was now that Vanessa was gone and made every effort to cheer her up.  She decided to stay the night and went up to her old room.  She sat down on her bed and pulled out some old scrap books and looked through them.  One of the pictures brought a big smile to her face.  It was of her sitting between John and Josh and she thought about the two men fucking her in her trailer.  She pushed her hand down into her panties and got herself off reliving that amazing day.  After she came, she licked her fingers and then fell asleep.

The next day, she got a phone call from Joey.  She wanted to thank her for dinner and told her she had a wonderful time.  Selena asked her if she wanted to come over and spend the day by her pool.  Joey was so excited and Selena heard her ask her Mom if it was OK.  Joey’s Mom said sure, she’d drop her off after lunch.  When Selena went down for breakfast, her parents were surprised to see the change in her.  She told them that she was going to head home and that she loved them.  After breakfast, Selena got into her car and went home, smiling the entire way, thinking about seeing Joey again.  Joey got there a little after noon and the two girls headed back to the pool.  Joey was amazed by Selena’s house and told her how beautiful everything was.  Selena told her she was sweet and showed her where to change.  She said she’d meet her out by the pool and then went out and took off her cover up and laid down on one of the chaise lounges.  Joey came out a few minutes later and Selena had to catch her breath.  Joey had on the skimpiest little pink bikini she’d ever seen.  It barely covered her pussy and breasts and Selena could tell that she was shaved.  Selena wasn’t dressed like a Nun either.  Her baby blue bikini was equally revealing.  Joey sat down next to Selena and started rubbing suntan lotion on her legs and shoulders.  She asked Selena to do her back.  Selena gently applied the lotion to the young girls back and fought hard not to take her right there.  Joey returned the favor and Selena closed her eyes while Joey’s soft hands caressed her shoulders and back.  The two laid back and enjoyed the hot sun.

Joey asked her if she lived here all by herself.  Selena told her no, she shared the house with her girlfriend.  Joey looked over at her and said, “You have a girlfriend?  You mean you’re a, a, a lesbian?”  Selena giggled and said, “Yes silly, I’m a lesbian.  My girlfriend is Vanessa Hudgens.  I thought everyone knew we were a couple.”  Joey told her that she hadn’t heard about it but then again, her Mom didn’t let her watch those entertainment shows and with school and working, she really didn’t have time.  Selena asked her what she thought about it and Joey thought for a second and then asked, “do you love each other?”  Selena looked at her and smiled and said, “I don’t know if it’s love but I care for her deeply.  She left yesterday for six weeks on set in Vancouver and I miss her.”  Joey looked at her and smiled.  “Wow, I hope I find someone like that someday.”  Selena told her that with her being so cute, she was surprised she didn’t have boys knocking down her door.  Joey blushed and told her she was too young to date and besides, boys made her nervous.  The two sat back and soaked up the rays and then Joey looked over and said, “Selena? Can I ask you about something?”  Selena looked over and said, “Sure, anything, you know that?”  Joey asked, “Well, remember when we were shooting Beezus and Ramona?”  Selena chuckled and said, “Of course silly, how could I forget?”  Joey swallowed and then said, “Well, I remember walking into your trailer one day and saw you with John and Josh and they were doing horrible things to you, remember?”  Selena started laughing and sat up and looked at Joey.  “Joey, they weren’t doing horrible things to me, they were fucking me.”  Joey sat up and asked, “Why would you let them fu…. do that to you?”  “Well sweetie, I was horny as hell and they are both sooooooo good looking and besides, I wanted them to.”  Joey thought about it for a minute and said, “But you like girls now?”  Selena said that she liked boys too but she didn’t feel the same way with them as she feels with Vanessa.  She told Joey, “There’s something about making love with another woman that’s missing when you do it with a man.  Do you understand?”  Joey moved over next to Selena and wrapped her arms around her and said, “I’m really happy you called me.  I missed my big sister.”  Selena kissed her on the forehead and said, “Awwwww sweetie, I missed you too.”  Just then, Joey leaned up and kissed Selena on the lips.  Selena opened her lips slightly and slipped her tongue into the young girl’s mouth.  They kissed for several minutes and then Joey pulled away.  “Wow, that was really nice.”  She kissed Selena again and then placed her hand on Selena’s breast and gently squeezed.  Selena slid her hand down and started to rub Joey’s pussy through her bikini bottoms.  Joey spread her legs slightly and let Selena run her finger up and down along her slit.  Selena pulled the material aside and while she was still kissing Joey, she pinched her little clit and Joey came immediately.  Selena could feel her wetness on her fingers and brought them up to Joey’s mouth and let her taste herself.

The two spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and sunning and playing with each other.  Selena showed Joey how to make her cum with her fingers and then Selena went down on her and licked her sweet young pussy until she came.  After Joey’s Mom picked her up, Selena went back into the house and went up to her bedroom and opened her laptop.  She called up Vanessa and was soon Skyping with her.  She looked at her beautiful girlfriend and kissed her lips on the screen and told her how much she missed her.  Vanessa kissed her back and made a heart sign with her hands.  “I miss you so much baby.”  Selena told her about her day with Joey and asked her if she was alright with it.  Vanessa looked at her and told her she was.  “Look, we aren’t exclusive or anything like that.  I’m glad you were able to have a little fun while I’m gone.  Besides, I kind of figured something was going to happen.  I saw the way you looked at her at the restaurant.  She’s hot.”  Selena then looked at Vanessa and asked, “What do you think about maybe introducing her to your little sister Stella?  I think they’d make a cute couple.”  Vanessa sat there speechless for a few minutes.  Selena knocked on the screen, “Hellooooo, earth to Vanessa.”  Vanessa looked at her and said, “You know, I think that might be the best idea you’ve ever had.”  Selena broke into a big smile and said, “You might love me but I love you more.”  The two spent the next few hours naked, masturbating while they watched each other and came many times.  They didn’t want to say goodbye but eventually they logged off and Selena went to bed.  She hated sleeping alone and went over and got one of Vanessa’s teddies and held it to her face and took in her scent.  She drifted off to sleep and dreamed of her girlfriend all night.

The End.

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