A Britney Story

A Britney Story

by Mousegibson3


The story herein is nothing more than a fantasy written by a fan of the involved celebs and in no way represents known actions of said celebs. This is just fiction and isn’t meant to harm anyone. Now if you’re under the legal age to view adult rated, NC-17, stories in your local then please turn away now.

I couldn’t believe it. I was actually backstage at a Britney Spears concert. I could see her on stage from where I stood. She was performing “Boys” with Pharrell Williams. Talk about breath taking. Her body moved with the music as if she were the

I knew she was going to be a star. I knew from the first time I watched “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” And here she was now, exceeding what I felt her potential was. Here she comes off stage for a costume change.

“Come on.” She said to me grabbing my arm and dragging me with her.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Costume change. You’re going on with me for the next song.”

“Um, no I’m not. I’m not making a fool of myself.”

“Don’t worry. All you have to do is sit there.” With that, she dragged me to the changing area.

“Here. Put this on, and hurry.” She unbuttoned her shirt. I turned my back to her.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Well, I have to change too,” she answered. “It’s not like you haven’t seen a naked woman before.”

“True, but I’ve never seen a naked celebrity before except on the internet and in the movies.”

She walked up behind me and grabbed my arm and turned me around. “Here, help me get out of this bra. And for god’s sake, start changing yourself.” I unbuttoned it for her, and she slid it off and threw it in the corner. “And yes, they’re real, and as you can see, the pictures you got from the net are fake. Now change.”

I don’t remember changing, but I did. I couldn’t stop thinking about the heat coming from her body when I unbuttoned her bra. I remember seeing the moisture on her neck from the previous dancing. I remember her putting on a bright red bra. I remember that when I did have my clothes off, she made a comment about me needing to think of something else because the pants I would be wearing would look like a pitched tent if I didn’t, and that that would be pretty a embarrassing thing to happen to someone in front of 30,000 people.

I finally stepped in front of the mirror, and saw that I was dressed as an ancient Egyptian man, and Britney was dressed as a belly dancer. Then I saw what she meant. My penis was sticking straight out causing the front of the baggy pants I was wearing to bulge out. Shit! Okay. Okay. I know what to do. I closed my eyes.

“Christina Aguilara. Christina Aguilara.” I kept repeating over and over.

“What are you doing?” she asked. But she saw in the mirror that my erection had starting to go down. She started to crack up laughing, and she had a wonderful laugh. It was worth the embarrassment to hear it.

“All right. Let’s get out there.”

Well, evidently I wasn’t just an ordinary Egyptian man. I was an Egyptian King, and Britney was my slave. I sat on a chair that was carried out on stage by four guys, and Britney performed a remix of “I’m a Slave 4 You” that had an Egyptian sound to it. The performance started off with her doing a belly dance in front of me. First performing for me, and then for the audience and back to me. She then started the song, and her and the four guys that brought me out danced. Every time she hit the chorus, she came up to me and did something absolutely sensual. One time she ran her hand across my face, and another she ran her fingers through my hair. On the last chorus, she moved her hands slowly down my chest to my pelvic area, and just missed my penis on her way down my legs. Christina Aguilara. Christina Aguilara. Christina Aguilara.

Finally it ended, and man was it intense. I was able to avoid any embarrassing incidents, but I think that if I had to go through it again, I would have pulled an American Pie internet scene, and I’m sure Britney would’ve been real impressed by that. The four guys that carried me in carried me back off stage. Britney came and grabbed me again, and took me took the dressing room again.

“You did pretty good. I thought you were going to lose it there for a second at the end.” She was getting undressed again. Her hair had a little of a wet look from the sweat on her neck.

“Well, I almost did lose it.”

“Well, you don’t have to go through it again. You can just sit back stage and enjoy the rest of the concert.” I had already started to get undressed. “By the way, Justin would have blown his load if I did something like that to him.”


“Yeah. I mean the guy would cum just watching me dance.” I laughed.

“I thought you were devastated by the breakup.”

“Yeah right. That was just the media making something out of nothing. I was just mentally exhausted. I started in this business when I was 16, and it’s been nothing but 100 mph ever since. I just needed a break. Breaking up with Justin was the best decision I could ever make.”

She stepped up to me real close. “I really appreciate you going out there on a whim.” Once again, I felt the heat coming from her body. I could see the moisture on her skin. It was maddening being this close to her. “I really, really…” she started to whisper, but instead kissed me softly on the lips. It was amazing. More than I ever imagined. She pulled away from me, and looking tenderly into my eyes said, “Wow.”

I stared back, wanting to see her heart to see if she meant it, and I saw that she did. “Ditto that wow.” She just kept staring at me. “Um, I know this a great moment, at least for me it is, but don’t you have to go back on.” This brought her back.

“You’re right. Okay. What song is next? Um. I’m Not a Girl…right.” She puts on this white button up blouse with small red flowers on it, and a pair of blue jeans that I thought for sure she never squeeze into, but somehow did. I wanted her right then, but controlled myself.

I spent the rest of the performance watching from the stage area. Every time she came back for a costume change, she passed me a look that sent lust racing up and down my spine. It was heaven and hell. It was painful and pleasurable. I didn’t really know which to feel. All I know is that I couldn’t stop smiling, and I probably looked like a goof, but I didn’t care.

The concert finished up right around 11:00 PM. Britney walked off the stage looking exhausted. Her top clung to her skin because of the sweat from all the dancing, and the black roots in her hair were more noticeable because it was wet. She walked up to me and took a deep breath. I moved my hand up to her face, and brush some of her hair back that was covering her right eye.

“You look exhausted.” I told her softly. She was still beautiful though. My hand went from her hair down to her shoulder, and then slowly down her arm to her hand which I squeezed gently. She smiled and looked up at me. God. That smile. I will never forget it.

“I’m fine. C’mon.” She squeezed my hand back, and started pulling me with her.

“Whoa. Where we going? Last time you did this, I ended up on stage.”

“Trust me. You won’t be sorry.” I wasn’t going to argue with her. Hell, I would have gone anywhere with her. It didn’t matter.

Once again she led me back to her dressing room. When we got there, she pulled me close to her. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and she put hers around my neck. Her shirt was still moist. It felt really good being this close to her. I picked her up off the ground, and she made this little squeaking sound that was just adorably cute. I kissed her long and softly on the mouth. I put her down, and she pulled my shirt up and over my arms and head. She ran her fingers down my chest, and grabbed my hand.

“C’mon. I need to shower.” Those words hit me hard. I mean I was being led to the bathroom so I could take a shower with Britney Spears, and she was right, I wasn’t sorry.

In the bathroom, we kissed, and I unbuttoned her blouse, and slid it down her arms. She was wearing a black silk bra. I undid the clip in the back, and slid it off too. She unbuttoned my pants, and they fell to my knees, and I stepped out of them. I pulled away from her, and kissed her neck. Then I kissed her shoulder, and breasts. I kneeled down and kissed her belly. Her body tasted a little salty from the sweat, but I still meant to taste ever inch of it before the night was over. I slowly pulled the cut off shorts she wore down around her ankles, and then off. She wore a thong that matched her bra, and I slid those off too.

She went over to the tub, and turned on the water. While she did, I took my boxer shorts off, and then joined her. She switched the shower on, and we got in. She faced me while she drenched her hair with water, and I picked up the body wash puff, and wrapped my arms around her waist so I could get it wet. I put a couple of drops of Caress on it, and created a nice lather. Starting at her neck, I massaged the soap slowly on her body. I worked my way down, but paid particularly close attention on her breasts. I moved the puff around them starting from the outside and advanced it inward until I reached the nipple. I kneeled, and washed her stomach and the area around her pussy. I noticed the pubic hair was trimmed neatly, but continued past it, and started her legs. It seemed to take forever to wash them. They went on and on. I had her put her foot up on my shoulder with her leg bent at an angle. I started the puff on her butt cheek, and move it methodically down her thigh to her calf, and finally the foot. I repeated this on the other leg. I put the puff down on the tub floor, and as I stood up, I ran both my hands up her legs, and over her clit. I slid them onto her waste, and kissed her softly. I pulled away from her, and turned her so that her back was to me. I stepped towards her until my erection touched her near her lower back. I bent around her and picked up her shampoo, and put a liberal amount onto her hair. I worked it slowly into her hair. I flipped her hair over her right shoulder, and started to massage her shoulders. She leaned her head back underneath my chin for a moment, and then leaned forward to rinse her hair. I massaged her upper back, by rolling my thumbs in little circles on her muscles. You know what, it doesn’t matter how I touched her. All that mattered was that I was touching her.

She turned back facing me, and looked into my eyes with her head tilted to the side, and eyes angled up at me. “You’re turn,” she told me softly. She proceeded to bathe me employing as much, if not more, gentleness than I did with her. I enjoyed every moment, every touch, and every look.

After she finished, I rinsed off, and we got out of the shower.

“You go wait out in the dressing room, and I’ll be in there after I dry my hair,” she told me. I started to walk out, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me to her, and kissed me hard this time. Her tongue worked past my lips. We kissed for a long time. Finally she pulled away. “Now you can go.” As I turned and walked a way, she slapped my ass. I turned back, but she just smiled, and waved me out. As I walked out the door, I remembered that my clothes were in there, but before I could turn, she shut the door. I searched around for something to wear. I thought of the outfit I wore on stage. I looked around for it, but couldn’t find it. Now what, smart guy, I thought to myself. Then I saw them. They were the garments Britney wore during “I’m a Slave 4 You.”

“What the hell,” I said out loud. I put them all on, and then sat on the couch in the room. I waited several more minutes when finally the bathroom door opened. My jaw dropped at what I saw. Britney was dressed as she was in her very first video, “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”

“Well, I’m glad you like. I see you had the same idea. Might I say yummy?” I had forgotten how I was dressed.

“Yeah. Well, I figured that you worked so hard on stage to please me that I should repay the curtsey.”

“Okay. You first,” she said to me. I knew it was going to be embarrassing, but didn’t care. I went over to the boom box she had and found her newest CD setting next to it. I put it in, and pressed play. “I’m a Slave 4 You” started, and with it, I started to do my best belly dancer impression. My hips swayed to the music as best as I could make them. I turned my body as I circled my hips. I’m sure I looked ridiculous, but Britney seemed to be smiling so I guess I was doing okay. When the chorus came, I made sure I was close to her, and I lip-synched to her words, “I’m a slave for you,” and as I mouthed the words, I ran my hand down her chest. I spun myself, and again lip-synched to her words, and did the same thing with my other hand. When the music was over, I was out of breath. She was looking at me softly.

“I know, I was horrible,” I acknowledged.

“No. You were…cute.” I laughed.

“C’mon. I had to look stupid.”

“No way. Hey, when it comes to dancing, I don’t lie. You were great.” She smiled, and I knew she was telling the truth. She got up off the couch. “Sit down,” she told me. I, of course, asked no questions and sat. I was sweaty and hot from the dancing, but didn’t care. “Now for the first of your many rewards.” She changes the CD out, and hits play. “Hit Me Baby One More Time” starts, and she immediately starts to dance. It was different than what she did in the video, but god was it better. As she moved to the music, she started to take off her clothes. She started with the gray sweater she wore, and ended with her panties. All she was left wearing afterwards where the thigh high socks, and shoes. Her body was amazing. She walked over to me, and removed the lower half of the belly dancers outfit. I was definitely hard, and she seemed pleased about it that fact. She ran her tongue over the very tip of my dick, and it sent shutters up and down my back. “Yummy,” she said. Then she took it in her mouth slowly, running her lips about half way down its length, and even though I didn’t cum, it felt like I had several time over. She started off slowly, rocking her head up and down, and sucking gently. As she continued, though, she quickened her pace, and sucked harder. It was like she was starving, and my dick was the only thing that could satisfy the hunger. And she meant to be satisfied. I don’t know how I kept myself from coming, but I did.

“I thought you are a virgin,” I said when she pulled her mouth off.

“I am, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t practice.”

“You mean, you and Justin?”

“No way. Like I said, he couldn’t get past the dancing part. I have, you know, toys.”

“Yeah. I get it. I just can’t believe that you’d have some.”

“I am human you know. I have needs. If you’re good, maybe I pull some of them out.” With that, she spit on my dick, and lube it up with her hand. She then wrapped her breasts around my cock, and moved her body up and down, allowing me to fuck her between them. And here I thought her mouth work would be the best, but having my dick slide up and down between her tits was almost too much. She seemed to be able to push me to the limit, and then bring me back before I came. It was amazing. I finally stopped her.

“Your turn,” I said to her. We switched places. I started by playing with her nipples until then rose up and got hard. She seemed to enjoy the sucking, squeezing, and flicking. I kissed her stomach, and belly button ring. Finally I kissed her where she wanted to be kissed. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy, and tapped her clit with my forefinger as I did. I started to quickly massage it with my tongue. I did so with purpose, and the more she moaned from what I was doing; the more that purpose became a need to me. For the time we were together that night, pleasuring her was the reason God had put me on this Earth. I gently sucked on her clit. Her breath had a distinct quickness to it, and her moans grew louder. I knew that she wanted to come, but I did not let that happen just as she seemed to do to me. I stopped working her clit, and turned her around so that her back was to me. Her knees were on the floor, and she rested the upper half of her body on the couch. I slowly ran my tongue down the crack in her ass until I reached the tight hole that resided there. I worked my tongue back and forth and around it. As I did, I took my fore and middle fingers and pushed them up her pussy. I finger fucked her fast as my tongue worked on her ass hole. She stopped me after she was nice and wet.

“I’m ready,” she said. “I want you to really fuck me.”

She lay with her back on the couch. I spread her legs around my waist, and slowly penetrated her pussy.

“Too late to turn back now,” I told her.

“It’s okay, there’s no one I’d rather lose my virginity to.”

So I fucked her. Slowly at first, but as she became wetter, I moved faster, and with more force. Soon I was fucking her so hard that she had to keep herself from moving up on the couch by placing her hands on the arm and push back against my thrusts. The skin between us clicked. She moaned loudly, and her breathing became rapid. I picked her legs up and put them together on one shoulder causing her to tilt slightly to one side. Her moaning became louder, and she breathed faster. Finally, she came hard, but I didn’t stop. I kept slamming my cock into her pussy, and she came several times. Finally I slowed, and stopped. Again, how I kept from cumming is a mystery to me still, but I hadn’t.

“That was amazing,” she said, “It was never like that when I masturbated. It felt like I cummed more than once.”

“You did. It’s one of the great things woman can do…multiple orgasms.”

“What about you. Aren’t you supposed to cum too?”

“To tell you the truth, I probably should have done so like 8 times all ready, but somehow I haven’t.”

“Well we’ll have to fix that,” she said. She goes over to her bag, and pulled out a strap on.

“Ummm, what do you plan on doing with that?”

“To tell you the truth, I’ve seen double penetrations in movies before, and I’ve been curious about it, but I really don’t think I could ever have sex with two guys at once so I want to try something.” She takes some scissors, and cuts a hole out below the fake dick. “Here, put this on, and stick your dick in the hole. Now you should be able to double penetrate me yourself.” As bizarre as the request was, I wanted to do it. She got up on her dresser, and spread her legs open. I put some lubricant on the strap on, and worked it into her ass so I could open the hole up some, and also to lubricate it a little. I worked it in and out for a little bit, and then pulled it out for. I cleaned the lubricant off, and also cleaned it as I didn’t want to chance infecting her pussy because of something from out of her ass. I re-lubed the strap-on, and work it slowly into her pussy, and at the same time pushed my cock into her ass hole. It was tight, but the lubricant helped a lot at first as I worked slowly as to give her hole a chance to expand a little to allow for an easier fit. Finally, I was able to pick the pace up, and actually got going about as fast and as hard as I was going just a little bit earlier. It was definitely amazing. The strap on cock moved quickly in and out of her pussy, and my cock moved quickly in and out of her ass hole.

“Fuck me,” she kept saying. “Fuck me harder.” Once again her breath had quickened and her moans became loud squeals. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m going to cum again.” And she did, but this time I was close myself. I pulled out of her, and started to jerk myself off. She got off the dresser, and knelt down in front of me. She opened her mouth wanting to catch my special juice. Finally, I exploded into an orgasm. The first shot totally missed her mouth, and hit her in the forehead, but the rest of it landed in or near her mouth. After I stopped, she took my cock and sucked on it wanting to ensure none of my cum went to waist. Finally she stopped, and then looking up at me innocently, she swallowed. She also wiped the cum that hit her in the forehead onto her hand, and lick it off as well.

“It doesn’t taste as bad as I thought it would,” she said to me. “The consistency is horrible, but other than that.” She got up from her knees, and kissed me hard. She pulled away. “So. You wanna go to L.A. with me?”

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