A Career Change

Title: A Career Change

Author: Tori

Celebs: Laura Marano

Codes:  MF, MMMF, anal, oral, gangbang

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Laura Marano bent over and took her boyfriend’s cock up her ass for the third time that night.  Lately, he’d been obsessed with the brunette beauties bung hole.  Not that she minded, after all, she’s been taking it up the ass since she was 14 but she would like him to fuck her pussy every now and then.  This time it took him almost 40 minutes to fill her already dripping hole with his cum.  After he finished, she went down on him and cleaned her ass off his softening cock and swallowed down what was left of his load.  He looked down at her and asked her, “What are you slut?”  Laura smiled and said, “I’m your dirty anal fucktoy.”  She kissed his cock and he said, “Don’t you ever forget that bitch.  I’ll take that ass anytime I want.”

The next morning, she found it a little too painful to sit down so she stood drinking her coffee while she looked out the kitchen window.  She didn’t hear her boyfriend walk up behind her and was slightly startled when he pulled her panties down and shoved his cock up her ass once again.  She dropped her cup into the sink, shattering it and splashing coffee everywhere as he pounded relentlessly into her sore, gaping hole.  She grabbed hold of the faucet and took his cock and soon started cum over and over again.  He was slamming his cock into her, telling her what a whore she was.  She started begging him to fuck her harder and deeper.  Finally, when he came, she felt his hot cum filling her bowels.  He pushed her down onto her knees and made her clean him up once again and then went upstairs for a shower, leaving her dripping cum onto the kitchen floor.   She felt degraded but also completely satisfied.  She knew then and there that she was an insatiable anal whore and even though she wanted for more from him, if taking it up the ass kept her man happy then so be it.

After her boyfriend left, Laura took a shower and got dressed.  She needed to run a few errands so she headed downtown.  It took her almost ten minutes to find a parking space and as she walked down the street, she passed a porn shop.  She knew she should keep going but something inside her made her go inside.  She immediately walked past the clerk and headed to the peep show booths in the back of the store.  There were over a dozen small booths and she found one empty.  She locked the door and dropped some coins into the slot and sat down to watch a young blonde girl getting gangfucked by a dozen black men.  When she started to play with her pussy, she could hear a man in the booth next to her jerking off.  She saw a hole in the wall and looked inside.  She could see him stroking his hard cock.  She closed her eyes and pushed two fingers into her dripping wet cunt, moaning loudly.  When she opened her eyes, she saw the man’s cock sticking through the hole.  Laure instinctively started to suck him off.  Her warm mouth made him cum almost immediately.  She swallowed the hot load and kept playing with herself.  She heard the man leave and then a few minutes later, there was another cock pushing through the hole, this one black.  She’d never sucked off a nigger before so she licked her lips and took the massive meat down her throat.  She gagged herself on the foot long cock for almost ten minutes before he finally came.  Laura sucked off five more guys before she left the booth.  Out in the store, the men all looked at her.  One of them said, “Holy Fuck!  That’s the chick from that Disney show.”  Laura quickly ran out of the store and went to her car.  She sat there for a few minutes before going home, her errands could wait.

Later that evening, she got a text from a friend of hers that told her she was all over twitter.  Everyone was saying how she was caught sucking cocks in a Hollywood porn shop.  Laura didn’t know what to do.  She decided the best thing was not to say anything.  When her boyfriend came home, he confronted her about the stories.  She told him they were true.  She told him she didn’t know what came over her but she loved every minute of it.  She loved sucking all those cocks.  Her boyfriend just looked at her, called her a filthy whore.  He dragged her into the bedroom and sodomized the cute actress before finally filling her ass with cum.  When he pulled out, he quickly shoved a huge butt plug into her ass, forcing her to keep his load inside of her.

Sometime after midnight, a very sexy Laura Marano was led into the same porn shop she visited the previous afternoon.  Her boyfriend held a leash attached to a dog collar around her neck.  She was wearing a short black leather skirt and a blue sequined tube top.  She had on six inch strapped heels and her shaved pussy was exposed to everyone.  The men in the shop all stopped dead in their tracks and stared at the sexy 20 year old starlet.  Her boyfriend told her to get to work so she walked over to one of the men, dropped to her knees and pulled out his cock.  She stroked it and then turned to look at the other men and said, “Well, come on guys.  Let’s get those cocks out.”  They all quickly gathered around Laura and took turns getting sucked off.  She was soon swallowing load after hot load of cum.  Some of the guys came on her hair.  They soon had her stripped naked and a filthy blanket was spread out on the floor.  Laura climbed on top of a fat guy with a six inch cock and started to grind her pussy on him.  She took another in her mouth and when butt plug was pulled out of her ass, she felt a cock enter her.  This one was much bigger than the others and she came almost immediately.  Everyone was cheering and clapping as they watched the former Disney teen get DP’d.  Each guy took a turn on her over the next few hours.  She saw several of them filming her with their phones but she didn’t care.  She only wanted to get fucked.  It was just before dawn when her boyfriend covered her with the blanket and took her home.  When they got there, he told her to clean her nasty ass up so she went upstairs and drew a bath.  She sank her well used body in a hot bath and sat there thinking about what she’d done.  An hour or so later, she walked into the kitchen and found a note.  It was from her boyfriend telling her they were through.  It said he didn’t want to be with a nasty whore like her anymore.  She sat down but for some reason she didn’t cry.

Later that morning, she got a phone call from her manager.  He needed to see her right away.  When she walked into his office, he started in on her.  Calling her a whore and telling her she was finished.  No one was going to hire a whore.  He told her videos of her at the porn shop were all over the internet and there was no denying it was her.  She told him it was true.  She was a whore and all she could think about was getting cock.  Nothing else mattered to her.  He grabbed her, bent her over his desk and pulled her jeans and panties down.  He shoved his cock into her ass and fucked her.  When he finished with her, he told her to go home and wait for his call.  He’d figure something out.

A week later, Laura Marano, former Disney starlet and singer was on the set of Gangbang Girls 35.  Over the next several hours, eight black men fucked her in every hole.  She got DP’d and also did double anal.  By the time the filming was finished, she’d swallowed over twenty loads of cum and her asshole was so gaped, you could drive a Mack Truck inside of her.  The movie made millions and was soon followed by another and then another, each more depraved than the last.  Laura Marano was a full-fledged porn star, she even did a scene with Max Hardcore where he made swallow his piss.  Later that year at the AVN Awards, she won Best Newcummer, Best Anal Scene and Best Gangbang Scene.  During her acceptance speech, she thanked her former boyfriend for turning her out and also thanked her manager, which whom she was now living with, for getting her her first role.

The End.

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