A Charli XCX-Mas

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Charli XCX (aka Charlotte Emma Aitchison – British pop music singer)

A Charli XCX-Mas

A celebrity erotic story; cons, oral, MF, facial,

by DaxG2001 (daxg2001@yahoo.co.uk)

*     *     *

I don’t consider myself to be a Good Samaritan or anything like that. I donate to the odd charity collector, do the odd ticket raffle, and maybe hold open a door or two for people as I pass. Well, it is London, England after all and a couple years in an office job somewhat dulls the senses and more often than not small acts of kindness are ignored or worse, treated with contempt. Maybe that day it was because it was the festive spirit taking over as we entered December of 2014, the Christmas songs playlist in my music player, or the very fitting Santa hat topping my short brown haired head. Whatever it was, I felt like doing the right thing when I saw her stumble with her bags. And it was the best decision I’d made all year, and then some.

“Hey, you alright there love?” I asked as I moved over, dodging past other pedestrians heading the other way as I knelt down, helping the lady collect up the couple of filled up designer shopping bags she was carrying. “Need a hand?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe!” She answered with a laugh, at least being good natured about this as she looked up to me. Wow, talk about stunning! This raven-haired beauty was a knockout, and the bright red lipstick covering her lips helped with that along with the dark eyeliner. “Nice hat mate.” She smirked, her accent showing she was certainly English.

“Cheers. Fits the season, or at least the month.” I chuckled, giving her a smile before I reached down and made sure her bags were alright before taking a couple into my hands. “Need a help carrying these until you get a taxi or something?”

“Well aren’t you a right Santa’s Little Helper?” She smiled again, giving me a nod as we both stood up. It gave me a moment to see her in a big, fashionable jacket which certainly suited for the cold London weather, and certainly put my plain jeans, baggy kind of hooded jacket, and shirt underneath to shame in terms of style. My black flat shoes were more practical however, especially for this task than her high heels. “Actually, my hotel isn’t too far down this way. If you don’t mind lending a hand…” She trailed off, a motion down the street she had been heading in as there seemed to be a slight, very slight suggestive hint to it. At the time, I’d written it off just as he being appreciative of my offer.

“Not a problem love! Lead the way… Oh sorry, the name’s Dave by the way.” I said to introduce myself. Yeah yeah, I know. Dave from London. Shut it, I didn’t pick the name.

“Nice to meet you Dave. I’m Charli… Charli XCX. Heard of me before?”


Truth is, I hadn’t. Don’t listen to too much commercial radio or pop music since a few years back. More off a non-mainstream music fan but I can appreciate the classics, and I can sure appreciate a gorgeous woman when I see one. Turns out that Charlotte, or her stage name Charli XCX as she insisted I call her, is a rising pop star who’d this year broken into the big time, getting success in America and here in the UK. As it happened I did recall hearing a song she gave vocals to called “I Don’t Care”. Had something to do with driving cars into a bridge or something. Like I said, not a pop fan so maybe it was a reference that went over my head.

All I knew was my offer of helping her had led to this – me settling down her shopping bags in her lavish hotel room. She’d told me she was making the most of international chart success and splashing out for Christmas, and underestimating how much she’d end up spending and buying led to her eventual stumble and her needing my assistance. Hell, if I had money alone to spend a night in a place like this, I’d probably do the same. Maybe order a taxi though but hey, I’m not the stunning music starlet here.

“I want to thank you Dave for helping me out…” Speaking of Charli, she had scooped up one bulky looking bag – the only one from the set that didn’t seem to have a brand on the side I noticed, setting it on the bed as she gave me a somewhat flirty smile. “And since you’re clearly into Christmas, I’ve got the perfect present for you.”

“Hey, I’m just glad to help. But if you’re offering, then I’m not going to say no.” I replied with a smile of my own. A sexy babe wanting to reward me? She couldn’t be meaning… No, could she?

“Stay right here then, and I’ll be right back…” She said, pointing to the bed, and from how she didn’t move as she pointed she wanted me right where she wanted me.

I obliged of course, who the Hell wouldn’t? When I sat down, she smirked, turned, and I watched her depart into the bathroom of the hotel room, closing the door and locking it behind her. It gave me the change to ditch my shoes and socks, making myself feel a little at home since it seemed clear I was welcome here for a while at least. Was she making herself more comfortable? Putting on a show like a true performer just to offer me a watch or something to test if I was having dirty thoughts or something? Perhaps applying some devious liquid to a rag, about to use it to knock me out and the next time I wake up it’ll be in a dungeon in a secret basement, tied up to a chair and naked as a… OK, sorry, but I had a wild dream once after a dare to eat a whole block of cheese in quick time and it sometimes pops up again.

Minutes later, the door unlocked and I looked over, and what I saw not just made my eyes widen and my jaw drop, but it damn near pitched a tent in my jeans. Charli XCX, the gorgeous dark haired singer was looking far from “goth-punk” in her choice of festive and sexy outfit. A bright red with white trim and balls “buttons” Santa’s Little Helper outfit, complete with a similar red and white Santa hat resting on her head. The attire was tight fitting, a short but wide skirt that showed off her tanned legs, and low cut at the front and showing off deep, pushed up cleavage and a hint of a white bra that was causing it.

Licking those bright red lips Charli took her time to walk over towards were I stayed sitting on the edge of the bed, gazing and taking in the sight of her fantastic body as she stood in front of me, putting on another show as she bent over forwards in front of me, my eyes staring at her tits being shown off. I heard a murmur of approval as she reached down and ran a hand over my hardening package, a brief squeeze making me groan and in turn her laugh a little.

“I fucking love the Christmas spirit… It’s all about… Giving, right?” She said in a seductive to put it mildly voice, rubbing over my dick again to get me hard within my jeans, deliberately letting me see her boobs as she played with my package. “And for helping me out, I’m going to give it to you good Dave…” She vowed as she slipped down in front of me to her knees, her hands reaching up towards my belt.

Stunned and lost for words I could only stare and watch her undo my belt and then unbutton my jeans, and feeling her tug at me brought me around somewhat as I shifted up to raise my arse up, letting her bring down the clothing but with such force and speed they were already down far below my knees before she reached up again to take a hold of the waistline of my boxer shorts.

“Ho fucking ho, right?” She said with such a naughty, dirty tone that it made me swallow, my pants now yanked down to my feet and I didn’t get any time to kick them off before Charli almost ripped my boxers as he hauled them down. I got a much needed moment to process what was happening as her eyes widened as she got a clear look at my freed cock.

I’d long given up on why the gorgeous, dark haired pop starlet wanted to fuck me. Whether it was just a dose of good karma on my part, an actual reward for helping her out, or maybe she just wanted to satisfy an urge and I was the lucky guy who gets to, hopefully, do that and then some. Hell, I didn’t even care at this point, only pleasure rushing to my thoughts the moment she gripped my cock and started stroking me.

“Fuck me! Didn’t fucking think you’d be packing something…” Charli said with a smile as she looked up at me, sliding her hand up and down along my meat. I wouldn’t certainly call myself all that well hung, no way am I a pornstar or anything, but I’m a bit over average. Maybe 7 or so inches, and kind of thick to go along with it. From that sexy smirk on her face and the way she was licking those bright red lips, I could tell she approved of me, and the glances down at my meat showed she had some hot plans for me as well.

“Guess we’re both getting a present tonight then…” She murmured slightly, squeezing my rod at the base before delivering another couple of strokes, making me moan as I fidgeted with my feet, kicking off my pants and trying to do the same with my boxers.

Narrowing her eyes with another sultry look, her hands snapped down to stop me, finishing the task for me and tossing my underwear far across the room. In a red hot, commanding way she smacked her hands onto my knees, spreading my legs apart and allowing her to inch in before me. I couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful “Santa’s Little Helper” as she started to stroke my shaft once again with a series of firm jerks up and down my rock hard pole.

“Let’s see if you can last…” Charli XCX said, but it sounded more like an order as she raised an eyebrow slightly, bringing herself down closer to my dick. One single lick along the underside of my cock, slowly moving from the top of her hand to the crown was more than enough to make me moan, and she gave me a second for good measure.

“Ahhhhh… Mmmmm shit…” I exclaimed, my eyes locked onto that pretty face as her tongue started to slide across the top of my cock, working around in small, circular motions around the slit and briefly brushing over it. Her hand went back to work on me, pumping up and down over the shaft while she licked over my tip, all the while staring up at me with a sensual gaze. Yeah, she was in fucking control here. She loved it and holy Hell so did I because that slow and steady tongue lashing was feeling amazing.

“Yeah… Sit back and enjoy Dave…” She gave another order, but in a more sensual voice as she gave the underside of the head of my tool a quick little lick. Spitting onto the crown, she used her hand to jerk my whole length to spread that saliva over me. I can’t exactly brag about having gotten head as they say from scores of women before, but I was sure of one thing. This was not the first time Charli had sucked a cock before, and I wasn’t even between those amazing looking lips yet. There was skill in those hands, no doubt a sign of a musician, and add in her stunning festive outfit with deep cleavage on display? Yeah, Christmas had come pretty damn early for me. A thought in the back of my mind hoped I didn’t cum early as well.

“Mmmmm oh fuck Charli!” I moaned out the moment she opened her mouth and took my cock up inside, her hand just gripping the base as she guided me in and then wrapped those bright red lipstick covered lips around my manhood. She didn’t give any warning about kicking off the BJ, and she wasted even less time in starting to bob her head on me. Tightly wrapped around me I might add, sucking on me firmly as she eased her head backwards and forwards towards my crotch, moving my tool into her mouth that felt so damn good, perfectly warm and nicely damp and would be reason alone for my moans.

“Ahhhh… Mmmmm shit… Yeah, like that love…” I said, keeping my arms back behind me so I can keep leaning slightly, allowing a view right down at the sexy pop singer sucking my dick, her head moving smoothly up and down as she took in a few inches of me along with the head into that talented mouth of hers. Her hand was staying busy as well, jerking off the lower part of me that she isn’t sucking on at the moment, perhaps more of a simple technique rather than making sure every part of me was getting pleasured. All I knew was this felt incredible, the upper half of my length getting slurped on slowly and surely, and I swore I heard a slightly muffled groan escape her was she moved up and down on my tool.

“Mmmm!! Mmmmm yesssssss… Ahhhhh…” All I could do was moan, my eyes fixated on the red hot sight of the “Break The Rules” singer bobbing her raven-haired head back and forth over my stiff rod that was gradually getting a nice coating of her saliva as a result of her seemingly experienced action. She pulled back towards the crown, focusing on it to suck on and using her hand jerk off the rest of my dick but with more rapid pumps than before. It did allow me to see the upper part of my member having now a noticeable red covering to it along with the hint of saliva, a result of her lipstick smearing from the repeated sucking – as if the whole site of the skimpy Santa Suit wearing beauty wasn’t hot enough already so far.

“Yeah, you fucking love that, don’t you?” Charli cooed with another seductive look, bringing her face close in to flick her tongue teasingly over the tip. Before I could answer her, she pushed her face down back onto my dick to make my intended words be a deep moan, and I swear the sexy British singer was smiling around my shaft as she went back to blowing me. Her hand stopped stroking me now, changing to fingers just holding the base to make my rod be straight and steady for her, and again this must be from practice as it was needed from the way she increased the pace of that bobbing, dare I say hungry motion on my man meat.

“Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm fuck Charli!! Oh shit… Mmmmm!!” I groaned out, watching in awe of her oral talents as she pushed down nearly to the base, her other hand appearing for a moment to brush her long dark hair away over her shoulder so there was no restrictions to my view or distractions for her task. She gave me another of those dirty looks before closing her eyes, and I caught another muffled moan coming from her as she pressed down all the way this time, those pouty red lips meeting her fingers for a brief moment, before her hand slipped away and grabbed my thight.

Deepthroat. Sure, like I said, I wasn’t hung like a porn star or that, but damn it felt fantastic to have my whole cock up inside Charli XCX’s warm, damp mouth, now not even having to move on me to cause me to moan. Her gorgeous face was pressing into my crotch, not fazed by my pubic hair at all as her nose touched my skin and my balls rested against her chin, and this was all helping to further coat my length with her saliva as she stayed right down onto me. She never gagged for a moment as well, but I could hear her groaning herself around me as she kept this deep throat action going. There was no doubt a joke someone, somewhere could have made about singers being good with their mouths, or maybe one about a casting couch earning a deal. All I cared about was the fantastic feeling I was getting from my rod hard cock being fully contained inside the soothing mouth of one of pop music’s sexiest and rising starlets.

Did it ever feel amazing, and unsurprisingly making a bead of sweat run from my forehead from how well she was handling my dick, still remaining right onto me to keep this deep throat going like she was savouring the feeling or taste of my rod. Or maybe still testing I could last like she said what felt like a lifetime ago. Again, not bragging or anything – even though currently, I don’t think anyone could blame me having Charli XCX sucking my entire cock while dressed up like a sexy Santa – but I never thought of myself as a minute man. She said we’d both get a present out of this, and I was intending to give her a “gift” just like she was giving one to me right now.

Opening her eyes to give another naughty glare, she slowly, teasingly lifting her lips all the way up and off from my cock, letting me see how stained with her lipstick along with her saliva my shaft was now, a hot enough sight for us both if the way she licked her lips was any indication. Most importantly for us both I was still rock hard and ready for more, a fact she was all too aware of as she looked approvingly over me as she got back to her feet, and I returned the gaze with one of my own over her form-fitting and skimpy festive attire.

“That’ll do for the warm-up, right?” Charli smirked as she pulled me up by the shirt, moving me around away from the bed. In the next moment she reached into the top of her outfit, pulling out a condom packet from it and showing off another talent with that mouth, she expertly used her teeth to tear open the packaging. Dropping down, she plucked the rubber out and slipped in onto my dick. Safety first, right? Considering I didn’t have any condoms on me or in my wallet, I absolutely had no complaints, especially since I knew where this would be heading next.

Turning around in front of me, she bent over forwards and spread her legs, placing her hands onto the bed before her and looking back over her shoulder at me, her Santa hat still on the top of her head to top off the complete sexy Santa look. I was getting the full view of that short skirt raised up, and seeing her, certainly from my close up view, fantastic looking arse covered in white, lace-like panties. I didn’t subscribe to any lingerie catalogues or anything like that, but these looked expensive. They also looked to be noticeably wet over the crotch, probably ruining them but confirming something else – she was just as turned on with this no-strings encounter as I was.

Placing my hands onto her ass I heard her gasp for a moment, a glance up at her showing she was intently awaiting my next move, not exactly seeing me due to her raised skirt. Considering my next move, I thought to Hell with it. I could haul down these panties like she’s done to me when this started, but since I was willing and she was certainly waiting, why bother with such a delay? Giving her a nod and a wink, I reached and instead pulled her panties to the side of her nicely tanned behind, revealing her indeed wet and shaved-looking pussy, and even the feeling of cool air on her lower lips was enough to make her release a low moan.

“Alright love, let’s see how this “present” fits your stocking…” I said, no doubt a goofy smile appearing on my face from that cheesy line, but thankfully I cut off the sure-fire put-down that was about to come from her when I pushed my cock forward into her snatch. Her and I both moaned out, her mouth staying open as I pushed my condom-wrapped rod forward into her, meeting resistance just from how tight she was. And I mean tight! Not like a virgin, no offense to the woman but it was bloody obvious she was no stranger to fucking, but certainly she was no loose tart or anything.

“Mmmmm fuck! Yeah, shove it in…” Charli demanded already, even as I started to thrust my hips back and forth, working my dick into that tight and damp feeling hole as I used one hand to keep her underwear to the side. It was both selfish and for the benefit of us both, as I gave me an unrestricted view of my shaft moving in and out of her snatch as well as full access, letting me build into a steady rhythm to give it to her from behind like this.

“No worries Charli… Ahhhh! Fuck! You feel so fucking good…” I admitted with a groan, my other hand holding onto the side of that Santa skirt of hers for no real reason, but if I was going to grip something it might as well be part of the reason why I’m banging her in the first place. She certainly didn’t object, still looking back at me with moans of her own, her mouth staying open just a little bit was she felt my tool pushing in and out of her snatch in a steady motion.

“Mmmm! Yeah… You don’t bloody… Ahhhhh… Feel half bad yourself…” She moaned back at me, licking those full red lips for a moment as she started to actually push back against my thrusts, resulting immediately in her shapely to say the least, panties-covered ass meeting my waist so that all my inches were now inside her snatch. Was it from her really being into this? Wanting to give me the full reward? Or being so horny now, as seemed to be the case from how wet she was just after giving me a blowjob, that she wanted to be really fucked? I didn’t exactly know for sure, but I could take an educated guess as I kept my steady pumps going to nail her in this bent over position.

“Ahhhh… Thanks love… Mmmm… Just tell me… Ahhhh! How you like it…” I did the best at some kind of conversation, but what exactly do you say to one of the music industry’s sexiest talents as you fuck her in her snug pussy in an unexpected, one night stand? Needless to say, I’d rather my actions did the talking for me, hence why I brought my hand away from the skirt to reach in, giving her arse a firm slap while giving a harder pump at the same time.

“MMMM! Like fucking that!!” She moaned loudly, the glint of lust in her eyes making her approval clear as she continued to rock back against my pumps. That was all the orders I needed, so I kept those forceful, paced strokes coming as I sent all of my man meat right forward into her tightness, my hands gripping her backside with one ensuring her underwear was kept to the side while I banged her pussy. The feeling of her pushing back against every one of my pumps made it all feel even better, my seven or so inches fitting perfectly into her love box that was so wet and hot all around me as our bodies connected each time she rocked her hips backward and I plunged forward into her twat.

“Ahhhh… Mmmmm! Mmmm shit…” I grunted, my hips working back and forth at a steady pace, more than enough to cause my balls to smack into her tanned skin each time I worked my tool into the “Boom Clap” singer while she kept on moving her curvy, Santa Suit-clad body backward against those thrusts. It was only as I loved over her outfit, wondering slightly myself how both her and my own festive hats were staying on our heads considering how forcefully our frames were meeting one another, that I noticed I still had my shirt on.

Perhaps just going with the moment, I moved my hands off her rump, feeling the brushing sensation of her panties grinding against my dick as I kept myself thrusting in and out of her tight, wet snatch to keep the both of us moaning out in quite a shameless, naughty but very nice manner. As I unbuttoned my shirt, impressing myself by being able to keep my thrusting rhythm smooth without missing a beat, I saw the English babe’s eyes intensely watching my action with a clear hint of anticipation. Sliding the clothing off and showing off my certainly far from bodybuilder but nicely toned upper body, her response was a bite down on her bottom lip along with a firmer push back against my thrust into her slick snatch.

“Mmmmm… Talk about… AHHHH… Unwrapping a present…” Charli XCX moaned lowly, letting out a sexy laugh at her own corny line but at this moment and coming from her, it was hotter than any XXX-rated line I’ve ever heard. I gave her a chuckle and a smile of my own as I tossed my shirt away, ending with a moan as I rammed my condom-covered length back all the way straight into her pussy as my hands returned back onto that sexy, rounded arse as I pulled her panties back and gave that butt another spank, resulting in another moan being let out by the dark haired, horny Santa’s Little Helper I was getting to fuck.

“Mmmmm!! Merry… MMMM!! Fucking Christmas, right?” I grunted, feeling sweat forming across my face as I kept up this steady but firm thrusting pace to send my entire length all the way into her tight pussy that felt simply divine all around my inches. The thrill of giving it to such a sexy celebrity was a pleasure in itself, but knowing she was just as eager and wanting this as well made it even more hotter as I banged her from behind over and over again while she remained bent over in front of the hotel room bed. Not forgetting her choice of outfit, that skimpy and stunning Santa outfit topped with a hat that matched my own festive headgear of course enhanced all the sensations I was feeling as I rammed her pussy full with my length.

She clearly felt the same, maybe even more as I saw a layer of sweat coating her pretty facial features, her eyes narrowed with a seductive glare and her mouth open in almost a perfect O-shape with a stream of moans and sinful groans escaping the “goth-pop” singer as I filled up her pussy with pump after still pump from my seven inch and nicely thick cock. Giving back as good as she’s taking it, she’s still rocks her hips backward with perfect timing to meet my motions, sending her rump slapping back to connect with my waist as I plunged forward, that sound of skin meeting skin ringing out around the room and mixing with our cries of pleasure from this Christmas “themed” sexual encounter.

“FUCK!! D… Dave! Babe, pull… UHHHHH! Pull out babe!” Charli gasped out, her hands gripping the bed sheets as she made the demand. That sudden cry caught me off guard for show, and slightly worried I was doing something wrong I complied, making us both groan with noticeable disappointment as I pulled out of that tight hole.

“What’s wrong? Did I…??” I started to question but once again showing her commanding, feisty side she whipped around, grabbed me, and shoved me down to land back-first onto the bed with my legs hanging off the end. I barely had time to sit up before she pounced on me, making me groan as she mounted me and I could feel her wetness rubbing over my rod.

“Fuck you’re good…” She grinned, licking her lips again as she grinded down onto my tool and teasingly sliding her hands over my chest. “Got me really… Ahhhhh… Fucking worked up… Now let me really give you a present to fucking remember!” She stated, reaching under her Santa skirt in order to blindly guide my condom-covered dick back into that pussy without even bothering to remove her panties again.

“Mmmm!! You fucking go for it love!” I grinned back at her, more than happy to lay back and put my hands up onto her thighs as she yet again wasted no time at all in getting to work, bouncing her Santa Suit covered body up and down onto my cock, putting so much force behind the motion that the smack of skin hitting skin could be heard just moments after she started on me. I moaned out, not able to see my cock being taken into her box due to the skirt but I could damn well feel it, and it felt even better already than all the previous time I’d spent giving it to her from behind.

“AHHHHH… Oooooooh FUCK!! Mmmmm!! I fucking will!!” The gorgeous pop star vowed with closed eyes, her head tilting back slightly but keeping her Santa hat still on her head as she rode my length, slapping her pussy down into my crotch each time she drops down sharply into my body before quickly rising up almost to the crown to repeat the motion. To say what I’d done to her had left her worked up was an understatement and I was reaping the rewards now, watching her bounce away on my tool as her curvy body lifted and lowered in an almost effortless manner that would put porn stars to shame.

“MMMM!! Awwwwww shit!! Ahhhhh!! MMMM…” As much as I could have just stayed and let the starting to further sweat now beauty keep on riding away onto my manhood like a woman possessed, my hands were feeling frisky so I moved them upward, going onto the front of her Santa’s Little Helper getup and pulling it down, exposing her ripe, great looking tits encased in a tight, white bra. They definitely matched the panties, but were barely containing her boobs now from how much effort she was putting into riding my dick, making her chest bounce away in time with the rest of that stunning body.

“Mmmmm… You want these fucking tits?? Huh?? MMMM!!” She cast another dirty, narrowed eyed look at me as she came to a sudden stop on my rod, using a grinding motion to work her snatch into my crotch and cause both to groan out in joy. Licking those bright red lips, she moved her hands up and in an act of pure lust tore her bra off from her body, letting those fantastic, tanned tits be freed and in the next moment grabbing my hands to place them onto her mounds.

The moment I squeezed her breasts it set her off, making her moan as she resumed the horny task of bouncing away on my stiff pole, gliding up and down swiftly over my inches as her desire controls her actions and kept her working over my cock as I groped and felt up her lovely boobs.  She didn’t care about how much her make-up was starting to smear and be ruined from how much she’s sweating, not to mention that sexy Santa outfit also getting rather ruined as it sticks to her body but it all makes her look even hotter and dirtier than she has been over the course of this intense to say the least one nighter.

“MMMM!! Oh FUCK!! MMMM!! Oh yes YES YES YES!!” Charli yelled out, her body still dropping down hard each time she drops and takes as much of my dick into her still tight and now dripping wet twat to make a slapping noise sound out to signal the connection of her desirable, curvaceous frame meeting my nicely toned one. I’d long stopped looking down at that direction, the skirt of her festive attire blocking any view of my dick being taken into her snatch, so my focus was to her upper body, especially now that my hands had full permission to fondle and play with her tits while she rode me.

“AHHHH… Holy fuck!! MMMM!! Fucking ride it Charli!! MMMM!! Ride it!!” I moaned encouragement, not that she needed it from the effect my squeezing of her boobs were having as the beautiful pop music singer rode my cock with the skill of a seasoned porno veteran if not even better. As my rod was being swiftly taken in and out of her tightness, strands of her jet-black hair were sticking to her pretty face and her hands gripped my wrists to ensure I stayed fondling and toying with her boobs, as if I had any plans of not having a go with the tits she let loose for me what felt at this point to have been weeks ago since this position kicked off.

“FUUUUUUUCK!! AHHHH!! OH SHIT!! MMMM!! Dave!! OH YES DAVE!! YES!!” She screamed out with a gasp, her bounces starting to get frantic and mistimed, the effects of keeping up this intense pace becoming further clear if the sight of the sweat-coated and make-up ruined face wasn’t proof enough of that. Her breasts still bounced even in my groping grip as she still used a hard pace to raise and lower herself onto my dick that I felt pulse within that soaking wet hole, a sign I knew myself that if this carried on for much longer I would not be able to last.

Stuck in a place perhaps close to Heaven, underneath one of the current pop music scene’s hottest both in terms of talent and drop-dead gorgeous looks, I didn’t plan on telling this horny Santa’s Little Helper to cease and desist her expert riding motion even as it left me a sweating, groaning mess on her hotel room bed. Indeed, all I could do was moan, watch her sexy frame move swiftly and forcefully up and down onto my seven inches in such a manner that not only did it blow any previous sex I’d experienced before clean out of the water, but it set the bar really damn high for any future partners to match.

“YES!! AHHHHH!! MMMM!! YES DAVE!! YES YES YESSSSSS AHHHHHHH!!” Closing her eyes again, she grabbed my hands again and made me tightly grip her boobs, digging my fingers in but before I could question this action I felt the exact reason why. Her pussy clamping around my cock unlike anything I could have dreamed of before, and a final long and loud scream of pleasure before Charli XCX started to cum all over my dick. She kept bouncing away, maybe out of instinct but whatever the reason it made me keep on moaning myself as my cock throbbed from the increased friction I was getting from her dripping wet snatch that was leaving my condom-wrapped rod further coated with her juices.

“HOLY FUCK!! MMMM… OH FUCK!! I’M… AHHHHH… I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM CHARLI!!” I managed to grunt out as sweat dripped from my face, hissing through my teeth as the pop starlet still bouncing on my pulsating dick continued to make herself ride out, quite literally, this sexual high as her snatch stayed extra tight around my member. At this point I barely could think of anything other than the hot, wet feeling surrounding my dick as the beauty mounting me rode me aggressively, and I registered the colours of festive red and white along with the raven-hair of said stunner impaling herself on my pulsating pole.

Mercifully, that’s how I could describe it, she eased her body off from my rod and let go of my hands, and it allowed me to collapse down back onto the stained from our sweat sheets of the hotel room bed. I just had a second if even that to draw in some desperately needed air but my attention was ripped back to reality as I felt a hand pulling the condom off from my shaft, causing me to raise my head up and slightly the rest of my upper body for one last sexy sight.

“You’ve fucking earned this Dave!” She grinned as she kneeled between my legs and gripped my tool, tossing the condom carelessly over her shoulder and not even bothering to wipe her hair away from her face or over her shoulder. Making sure I was watching she wrapped those full, pouty red lips around my dick and starting sucking, bobbing her head up and down onto the top half while using the hand to jerk the lower part, almost exactly like how this had all kicked off. I moaned deeply, staring at her as she raised and lowered herself onto my man meat, hungrily servicing me and even now groaning around that throbbing rod even after having gotten off herself moments ago.

“AWWWWW FUCK!! SHIT!! HERE… HERE IT CUMS!!” I warned with a loud moan, and it was warning enough as she raised her mouth up, using her hand to stroke away on my cock as she opened her mouth, intentions clear as she stuck her tongue out. The payday arrived in thick, hot streams as my load blasted out harder than I’ve ever cum before, all over Charli XCX’s stunning, already sweat coated and make-up ruined facial features. She groaned, closing her eyes as my jizz splashed down onto her face, landing onto her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, over her right eye, some hitting her dark hair at the side, and indeed managing to land into that open mouth and onto her tongue.

The best sex of my life without question, and a massive amount a spunk that I couldn’t believe had built up but it was absolutely fitting to give her the facial she deserves as the Santa Little’s Helper dressed singer had her gorgeous face well and truly coated, the look topped off by the festive hat she still somehow managed to have on her head. I groaned, my cock finally spent and softening even as she still stroked me off and sensing this, she pressed her ruby red lips together and with a single, shameless gulp she swallowed down the spunk she’d collected, making her moan out in satisfaction from the taste.

“Mmmm… Thanks for the fucking present…” Charli said, reaching up to clear away my cum from her eyes so she could gaze up and grin at me, licking her finger clean of the jizz for good measure.

“Fuck… Fuck me! I should be fucking thanking you for that!” I responded, managing to laugh for a moment before I collapsed back, a part of me wondering how I was still alive at this point.

“Don’t worry… A shag like that just made this day the best…” She smirked, standing up and licking her lips. “But thank fuck I bought another of this outfit, because this if bloody ruined!” She laughs, tugging at her sweat-soaked Santa suit.

“Yeah… That’s really lucky…” I murmured, still trying to collect my thoughts after the best sex of my damn life. Feeling a hand moving over my chest, I looked to the side and saw the gorgeous popstar looking down at me.

“You look spent Dave… A real fucking shame. Since I was hoping you’d help me slip out of this… Because you and me both could use a shower.” She stated, another filthy smile on her cum-covered face.

Did she just offer that? Doesn’t that only happen in fantasies? Or those erotic stories online where a random barely conceived original character manages to hook up with a beautiful celebrity? Forth wall? What wall Deadpool?

“That, that we fucking do Charli…” I responded with a grin, sitting up on the bed as she took me by the wrist and lead me towards the bathroom.

*     *     *

A couple days later, the memories of that first red hot hook up with Charli XCX fresh in my mind, and the memories of the following few hours of that evening and the following morning slightly less exact but no doubt just as pleasurable, I had confirmed to myself that it had been what it had been. A one night stand, a no strings attached hook-up. A one in a lifetime, and one that no one would believe if I tried. I’d never meet her again let alone fuck her, and I’d only see her if I tuned into a music award show or looked up a music video online.

Then out of the blue a request on social media. Obviously seeing who it appeared to be, I accepted. A minute later I got a private message.

“Got a friend who’s well interested in what you gave to me. Up for a pre-Xmas party? ;)”

I needed to go shopping myself for some clothes now. Oh, and some condoms…

*     *     *

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