A Charming Day

Joe was sitting in a bar one day, pissed at his asshole boss.
Suddenly three beautiful girls walked in. As they came closer he saw that
they were Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs. Joe thought
about how much he’d like to fuck them, when they continued moving toward him.
Surprisingly, they weren’t just moving in his direction, they were actually
coming to see him.

Holly started speaking to him while the other two stood behind her and
giggled. Holly explained that she and the others were on the set of Charmed
when the idea hit them to just find a random guy and have an orgy. Joe was
that guy.

Always suspicious, Joe asked them to sign a waiver stating that he didn’t
talk them into anything they didn’t want to do. About a week later the
papers were drawn up and the girls signed. The contract specified that Joe
could do anything he wanted with them. The last to sign was Holly, who was
reluctant. But at the insistence of her friends she signed. “How bad can it
really be?” She asked aloud as she signed. She would soon find out that it
could be plenty bad.

On the arranged date the girls showed up in a warehouse Joe had rented
and modified. He told them to take off their clothes and they did. Then he
chained them to the wall, so that their arms were spread out and their feet
were about three inches off the ground. They giggled the entire time,
blissfully unaware of what they would soon endure.

“Who will I fuck first?” Joe asked aloud. “How about Alyssa?”

He undid her chains and walked her over to the center of the room, so that
the other two could see what he was about to do. Alyssa stood there naked
and asked “so what do you want to do first?”

Joe’s answer came in the form of a fist to Alyssa’s gut. Her knees
buckled and she fell to the floor. Joe shot a glance at the other two. They
couldn’t believe what they had just seen. Suddenly their faces took on a
look of panic. They knew that as soon as Joe was done with Alyssa, it would
be their turns.

Out of breath, Alyssa mover her lips but no words came out.

“Stop that, you crazy bastard!” Rose yelled from the wall.

“You bitches signed a contract stating that I could do whatever I want.
Well, that’s what I’m going to do.”

As Alyssa tried to get back onto her feet, Joe kicked her in the stomach.
She fell down again. Once she was back on the ground Joe kicked her in the
back. She arched her back in response to the pain. Then he stomped her
hand. She began to cry and tried to scream. He helped her back onto her
feet, and then he punched her in the face. She fell down again, her bottom
lip cracked and bleeding. Joe continued punching her, until her face was
unrecognizable under all of the bruises and swelling.

“Now I’m going to fuck your ass, Alyssa.” Joe said. As the two on the
wall begged Joe to stop hurting their friend, he flipped Alyssa over onto her
back and forced his dick into her ass. She must have gotten her breath back,
because this finally made her scream out loud. She begged Joe to stop. Her
blood started pouring out of her ass as Joe stretched and ripped her rectum.
He took some of the blood on his hands and smeared it on Alyssa’s face. When
he informed her that it was her own blood on his hands, she again screamed
for him to stop.

“I know a famous actress like you understands the concept of contractual
obligation.” was Joe’s only reply. He continued fucking her virgin ass until
he came inside of her. As he pulled his dick out, the completely exhausted
woman fell to semi-consciousness.

He looked back at the wall and said “who’s next?” A look of fear was
apparent on Rose and Holly’s faces. Joe walked over to the wall and
unchained Rose.

“Suck all of Alyssa’s blood off of my dick, Rose.”

Rose was disgusted and terrified. “Please,” she said, “Don’t hurt me.”

“If you do what I say, I won’t hurt you. But if you disobey, then I will
beat you worse than I beat Alyssa. Now get to it.”

She walked over slowly, and put Joe’s dick in her mouth. She was
reluctant at first, so he shoved his schlong deep into her throat. She tried
to back away, but Joe held her steady until she stopped gagging. She sucked
him until he came. He blew his load right down her throat, she choked and

“Good, Rose. See that wasn’t so bad. Now I want you to go over there
and unchain Holly.”

Rose got back onto her feet and walked on over to the wall where Holly
was chained. She undid the chains and led Holly to the center of the room.
“Holly,” Joe said, “get on all fours.”

She did as ordered, and then Joe chained her down in that position. Then
Joe handed Rose a pin. “Rose, use that pin to scratch the word ‘slut’ into
Holly’s back.”

Hearing that, Holly screamed. “Please, Rose! Don’t hurt me!”

Rose looked back at Joe with a terrified expression on her face. “Please
don’t make me hurt Holly. Please.”

“If you don’t I will beat you. You’ve seen what I’m capable of. Now do
what I tell you, or else.”

Rose lowered her eyes, then spoke again. “Holly, I’m sorry.”

Holly screamed again and began to cry. Rose began her task. She dipped
the pin into Holly’s skin, drawing blood. Then she began moving the pin,
carving first an ‘s’, then an ‘l’, a ‘u’ and a ‘t’ into Holly’s back. Holly
cried through the whole thing, a look of fright on her face. Joe took some
of the blood from Holly’s back and put in on his finger, then plunged the
finger into Holly’s mouth.

“Taste that, Holly. That’s your blood.”

She began to cry even more. Her sobs became deeper.

“Oh, it isn’t that bad. The wounds aren’t even that deep.” he said to
her. When Rose was done, she threw the pin across the room.

“Good job, Rose.” Joe said. “Now put your entire fist in Holly’s ass.
Holly screamed when she heard this, but by now Rose knew better than to
disobey Joe’s orders. She put two fingers into Holly’s butt.

“It’s too tight.” She said. “I’ll never get my entire fist in there.”

“Force it.” Joe replied. ” No matter how much Holly screams, keep on
working until you get your entire hand in there.”

Rose got to it. Joe sat down in front on Holly, so he could watch the
expressions of agony on her face. He began to whack off, excited by her
pain. When he felt himself about to jizz, he got up and came all over
Holly’s back. Shortly after that, Rose had worked her entire hand into
Holly’s asshole. Holly passed out from the pain.

“Good job, Rose.” Now pull your hand out.

Rose’s hand came out with a popping sound. It was covered in blood. Joe
told her to lick the blood off, which she did. She was visibly disgusted to
be licking her hand just after it had been in Holly’s ass, but she did as
ordered. When she had licked her hand clean, Joe said, “give me your hand.”
She gave him her hand, and he broke her thumb.

She screamed. “I did everything you said! You said you wouldn’t hurt me
if I did everything you said!”

“I lied. Now suck my dick, and swallow my cum. Don’t spill a drop, or

She began sucking Joe’s dick. When he felt that he was about to come, he
pulled his dick out and came all over the floor.

“You stupid bitch, you spilled some. Now you have to suck it again.”
“But that isn’t fair! You pulled your dick out!”

Joe shut her up by grabbing her hand and squeezing the thumb that he had
broken. “Suck it and don’t spill a drop this time.”

Wincing from the pain of having her thumb squeezed, Rose quickly set to
work sucking his dick. Finally he came in her mouth, and let go of her
thumb. She fell onto the ground, crying. Joe got his stuff and left the
three of them there.

The next day Joe received notice that the three of them wanted to bring
criminal charges against him. When he produced the signed contract stating
that he could do whatever he wanted to them, their case vanished. The same
thing happened when they tried to sue him.

Charmed had to stop filming for the rest of the season because Alyssa’s
face was so badly bruised. One night while watching a Charmed rerun, Joe
heard a knock at his door. He opened it, and saw Alyssa, Holly and Rose.
They explained that they actually liked what he had done. Turns out that
these celebrity girls are used to being treated like royalty, but deep down
they all want to be treated like shit. After watching the rest of the show
they did it again.

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