A Cindy Crawford Sandwich


By Stardog Champion

The searing mid day sunshine brutally fell on the golden Jamacian sands
and dozens of its inhabitants. Tourists however were not the ones taking
in the glorious beauty of the beach, gentle blue surf and soft breezes.
Some of the most beautiful women in the world were the ones posing and
primping thier million dollar bodies and pouty smiles for several
cameras that endlessly churped like lively crickets up and down the

After four straight hours however, tensions on both sides of the camera

were beginning to increase.

Cindy Crawford knelt, trying her best to hold her pose for over a minute
when she finally had to exhale and refill her lungs with a dose of fresh

"What are you doing Cindy?" a photographer anxiously barked at the model
with his thick German accent. "We have to wait until the light is just
right…suck it in!"

Inhaling a large dose of fresh air, Cindy restruck her pose. She thought
humorously to herself how most any other man in the world would give
anything to be in the position that the photographers were in,
surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women wearing bikini’s on a sunny
beach and getting paid for it. Yet, those photographers did nothing more
than treat the girls as if they were mindless, well proportioned,

After 16 years of modeling, Cindy Crawford had worked her way to the top
of her chosen field. With numorous tv and movie deals on the table,
Cindy had to seriously ask herself why she was holding her breath for
minutes at a time while being yelled at, trying to survive the grind of
far flung, tedious photo shoots when she could have a much simpler
career doing steady tv work back in the States.

Standing in front of the onrushing surf, Cindy prayed the water would
find its way up the beach for some measure of refreshment. Under the 100
degree heat of the sun, wearing only a skimpy dark blue 2 piece, a
frustratingly ticklish bead of sweat trickled down her cleavage, forcing
Cindy to fight the urge to break her pose and wipe it away. Thankfully,
a helper on the set came up and wiped it off Cindy’s chest like it was
nothing more than a drop of rain on the hood of a car.

Finally at 4pm, needing to get thier pictures developed to meet the
magazine’s deadline, the photographers called it a day.

While several of the younger models gathered together in small cliques
to discuss how well they thought they had done and which photographer
they should best try to make an "impression" on later that night at the
clubs, Cindy walked all by herself towards the hotel not wanting to take
part in the young girls’ giggly banter.

Cindy knew the newbies were setting themselves up for a big
disappointment down the road. You could sleep yourself up one or two
rungs of the ladder, but to truly make the bigtime and to stay there,
you had to have more than the ability to look good on film and to give
good head.

Cindy knew she still had that intangable going for her. What was lacking
though was the youthful exhuberance of her counterparts. The years of
constant travel, constant attention and constant noteriety had made
Cindy long for some semblance of a normal existance.

Walking wearily of the beach, Cindy briefly stopped to discuss how the
shoot went and her plans for later, with her agent.

Taking the terrycloth robe from her agent’s hand, Cindy made a beeline
for the hotel’s back entrance, needing something to eat, a shower, then
a long nap.

"Are you going out later?" her agent asked curiously.

"Probably..I need a nap though," Cindy replied. "I’ll call you when I
wake up."

In truth, Cindy did not feel much like going out. Before entering the
hotel lobby, Cindy cast a longing gaze back out towards the rythemic
calm of the ocean and took a long deep breath. She had been to so many
beautiful and exotic locales during her career that at some point all of
them had began to look alike. Rarely did she ever have the time or
energy to truly appreciate the beauty that constantly surrounded her.

Her life in paradise all too often consisted of staring at a camera,
holding a pose or attempting to memorize lines. For a rare brief moment
on the patio of her Jamaican hotel, Cindy felt an intense desire to soak
up as much of the beauty of her surroundings , sensing deep within
herself that her days of visiting these places as a star were numbered.

Walking down the stairs into the seaside hotel cafe, Cindy had changed
from her sweaty 2 piece bikini into a more conservative white sundress
and a pair of sandals. With her long brown hair tied up in a tight bun
on the top of her head underneath a chic, floppy hat and a pair of
designer sunglasses to shield her eyes from the sun as well as the
possible gawking onlookers, Cindy sauntered into the main dining area
and took a seat at a corner table with a splendid view of the shoreline

No one seemingly recognized her as Cindy Crawford, the model and tv
star. She was simply another beautiful woman, one among many lounging in
the outdoor resteraunt. She was however one of the few attractive women
eating an early dinner at the cafe who was dining all by herself.

The inevitable wandering gazes from the men seated on the patio quickly
fell on Cindy seated alone. She was routinely use to this. Secretly , it
did give her great satisfaction to get noticed as a desirable woman
without the pretense of those admiring her knowing exactly who she was.

Cindy folded her long legs underneath the table and began to survey the
menu that was waiting at the table.

She spent a few moments pondering her choices when a deep, thickly
accented voice from behind startled her slightly,"May I help you?"

Placing her hand across her chest to compose herself, Cindy looked up
and saw the handsome dark Jamaican waiter holding his order pad in one
hand and a cold glass of ice water ,for his lovely customer, with in the

"I’m sorry….," Cindy giggled, catching her breath trying to apologize.
"I didn’t mean to jump….I didn’t hear you walk up."

"My name is Stefan," The waiter said in his syrupy broken English. Not
even acknowledging Cindy’s initial surprise, he continued politly. "I’ll
be your waiter today..here is your water ma’am …. whenever you are
ready to order…..just give me a little wave….OK."

As the twentyish waiter stood there in his crisp white waiter shirt and
shorts, Cindy was struck by the contrast of Stefan’s smooth dark skin
under his white uniform. Being a health nut herself, Cindy also noticed
how strong and toned his legs looked as they grew like treetrunks out
from the tight, thigh length shorts that he wore.

The two shared a brief smile and he Cindy ordered.

Waiting for her light ceasar salad and soup to arrive, Cindy couldn’t
help but feel many of the men at the bar working up the courage to try
and come over talk to to her while she lounged alone. Some were even old
enough to be her Father, she cringed, use to the unwanted but flattering
attention. Some of the men also appeared to be college boys, obviously
in Jamaica on thier summer vacations, but old and young alike, had thier
sights set on the lovely model in disquise waiting at the corner table.

"Here you are Miss…if you need anything else…I’ll be right over
there….just wave, " the friendly waiter smiled as he sat the soup and
salad on the table in front of Cindy.

"Oh..that looks delicious,"Cindy replied hungrily."Thanks…Stefan
….is it?

"Yes….its Stefan..and yes..its looks delicious," He slyly replied,
looking more at Cindy’s cleavage as he stood above her than he did at
the meal.

"Enjoy," Stefan said before attempting to leave his customer to her

Before he could turn and walk away, without consciously setting out to
do it, Cindy reached out her hand and demurly extended it towards the
young waiter. Stunned for a moment, Stefan took Cindy’s small white hand
in his and squeezed it, bringing a smile to both thier faces.

""My name is Cindy," the disquised model heard herself say."Thank you
for your service."

For a fleeting moment, both Stefan and Cindy focused on each other’s
hand, feeling how good thier brief interlock felt to each other.

Quickly, Stefan was away to another table and Cindy slowly lowered his
hand back against her lap as she began to nibble at her dinner while she
thumbed through a fashion magazine while lounging away the afternoon.

Several minutes into the meal, in mid bite of her salad, an arm reached
down from behind and a hand rested beside Cindy’s plate of food.

Cindy recoiled slightly from the rudeness of the gesture. She looked
over and saw a tanned arm out of the corner of her eye, the shiny,
nearly blinding reflection from the Rolex around the man’s wrist
glistened against the dark glasses Cindy was wearing. As she decided how
to respond to such an obvious come-on Cindy took a breath to calm
herself before reacting . As she breathed in, Cindy was repulsed by the
strong, overdone aroma of the colonge that the man standing behind her
was wearing.

"Can I help you!" Cindy said ,more than a little perturbed, without
turning around.

"Oh…I’m sure you can," The older gentleman casually replied. "Me and
my business associates couldn’t help but notice you over here eating
alone..and we felt like it was such a shame. Here you are….a beautiful
woman such as yourself shouldn’t have to eat all by herself. You look
familiar…haven’t I seen you on tv or something?" he asked, standing
directly above Cindy, staring directly down at her breasts resting
snugly inside her sundress.

Cindy fought the overwhelming urge to elbow the older gentleman right in
the privates. She knew he would never see it coming and it was certainly
warrented. As usual however, Cindy took the high road.

As the older man swung into view and confidentally took a seat beside
Cindy at the table, Cindy looked loathingly at him answered his

"NO," Cindy said sternly but calmly. "I’m sure you don’t….you must
have me mistaken for someone else."

He continued to stare at Cindy, and even behind her dark sunglasses, she
felt like she was sitting there undressed in front of him and this made
Cindy burn with contempt.

"Would you like to come over and finish your meal with me and my
friends…we’re going out later…maybe dancing or something…would
you like to join us," He offered in his best used car salesman voice.

Noticing the gold band on the man’s left ring finger, Cindy calmly
asked,"Will your wife be there?"

"No," He quickly answered, expecting the question."No she won’t. I’m
here on business with a few associates. My wife and I have…an open
relationship. And the way I see it…there’s no reason you can’t have
one too. I’m sure your husband would understand if his very beautiful
wife wanted to have a little fun here in paradise."

"I’m sure he wouldn’t, "Cindy replied slyly, restraining her venom. "But
I think he would ask me to have much better standards if I was going to
cheat on him. Now, would you please leave me alone."

Cindy’s words struck him as if several arrows had cut through most of
his vital organs. Without speaking, the man in his late 50’s slumped
back off his chair and walked gingerly back across the cafe to rejoin
his friends at the bar, all of whom had smiles of ‘I told you so’ etched
across thier faces.

Looking back down at her half eaten meal, Cindy realized she had lost
any vestige of an appetite. Laying down a the money to pay for the meal
along with a generous tip for the friendly young waiter, Cindy pushed
away from the table and left the cafe for the comfort and solitude of
her hotel room for a long nap.

The four hours of sleep turned out to be just what Cindy needed. Waking
up slowly, Cindy could faintly hear the music coming from the street, 6
floors below, as another wild and unpredictable night of partying got
underway on the beaches and bars below.

Cindy cuddled under her silk sheets, enjoying the way the thin white
covers felt clinging to her naked body.

Looking at the small clock beside her bed, Cindy saw that it read
10:03pm, still early for a resort area such as Jamaica. Cindy however
had much more sedate plans than joining the parties along the beach.

Rising off the king sized bed, letting the sheet fall gracefully off her
naked frame back down onto the mattress, Cindy sauntered to the bathroom
to take a long hot shower.

Her long golden tanned legs flexed sexily as she strolled across the
thick plush carpet and eventhough she was all alone in her room, Cindy
still felt a slight twinge of embarrassment when she looked down and saw
that both her pink nipples were visibly erect because of the soft cool
air breezing through the opened window.

As goosebumps began to rise on her firm belly, Cindy quickly made her
way into the wash room, closing the door behind her.

After turning on the shower and moving the knob to hot, Cindy sat back
and waited for the steam to fill the entire room before she disappeared
behind the black shower curtain.

Feeling like a goddess as the sizzling water hit her body and the steam
rose around her, Cindy let her mind wander back to the meeting hours
earlier with the rich older gentleman that tried to pick her up. He had
tried his best, Cindy thought to herself. Flashing his expensive Rolex,
offering her a night of dinner and dancing with his wealthy friends,
even plainly telling her that his wife didn’t care about what he did
when he was down there on business.

As wretching as the proposal was, Cindy still took some measure of pride
away from it, enjoying having that kind of power over men. She secretly
loved having the ability to simply wait for them to come up and talk to
her because of her natural beauty and presense. She took a lot of joy in
being their prey.

Still, as the waters from the showers rained down on her tall naked
body, Cindy privatly wondered what it would feel like to actually be the
hunter for a change. She couldn’t remember the last time she had made a
conscious decision to set out and find a man. They always seemed to find
her first.

An instant erotic jolt coursed through Cindy’s genitals out of nowhere.
Tingling down her spine until it crashed against her crotch, Cindy
thought longingly of turning the tables and seducing a man rather than
the other way around. Cindy imagined what it would be like to be the one
on the prowl.

There in the heavy humid air of the foggy shower, Cindy Crawford gently
eased her long soft fingers into her quickly moistening, completly
shaved pussy and lovingly teased it for several minutes.

Allowing her legs to part slightly, Cindy leaned back until her
shoulders and the back of her head were resting against the slippery
back wall of the shower stall.

With her hands softly burrowed between the soaked expanse of her crotch,
exploring every square inch of her pubic region, Cindy convulsed in a
series of rolling, quaking motions as a self made orgasm swept through
her body.

Letting a litany of low mewing moans groan out of her mouth, Cindy was
thankful that the rush of the shower masked the sounds she was making.

Drying herself off, Cindy’s mind drifted back to earlier in day once
again. This time remembering the hotel’s jacoozi on the second floor
that overlooked the ocean. Cindy reflected on how relaxing she thought
it would be to soak up the soothing bubble jets of a jacoozi as she
gazed out over the calm cauldron of the ocean.

"That’s what I’ll do," Cindy said out loud to herself as she looked at
her lovely, showered body in the hazy full length bathroom mirror.

Slipping on the same two piece blue bathing suit she had worn for the
photo shoot earlier in the day, Cindy tossed a light robe over her body
and grabbed a bottle of champagne and placed it in a bucket of ice
before heading downstairs for a quiet evening of enjoying her post
orgasmic glow in the pulsatating waters of the jacoozi.

Approaching the second floor balcony that held the jacoozi, Cindy heart
gleamed with relief that no one else was using the facilities. She was
going to have the tub completly to herself.

Flipping on the switch and watching as the swirling waters came to life,
Cindy placed her left hand into the whirlpool to see if the temperature
was right. Satisfied it would be comfortable, she dropped the thin robe
off her shoulders and gracefully descended into the swirling depths of
the tub. Placing her head back against the headrest, Cindy sat back,
closed her eyes and began to soak up all the luxurious relaxation she

Fading in and out of sleep, Cindy didn’t know if the faint voices she
heard were coming from inside her head or actually from her
surroundings. As the voices grew louder however, she could clearly hear
someone say, "Oh ..my…"

Opening her eyes quickly, Cindy saw that two people were really there.

"Ohhh…." Cindy blurted out. "I guess I must have just dozzed off." As
her eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light of the jacoozi deck, two
vaguely familiar faces came into view. Looking up from the tub,
squenting her eyes to focus on the fuzzy faces above her, Cindy’s gaze
traced up the frame of two young black men. Slowly, Cindy recognized
them as the two waiters she had seen at the hotel’s cafe earlier in the

Both men seemed to recognize the beautiful woman as well as they both
smiled down at Cindy from the edge of the tub.

"Stefan…right..you were my waiter from earlier today?" Cindy said,
relieved and a little surprised she had remembered his name.

"That’s exactly right, " Stefan replied. "This is my friend and

"Hello Julius," Cindy smiled up to Stefan’s buddy. "My name is…"

"Cindy," Stefan answered, showing the attractive 33 year old woman
lounging in the tub they had indeed remembered her from the cafe as

"Do you mind if we join you?" Julius asked, not even waiting for Cindy’s
response before he and Stefan began to take thier shirts off.

As Cindy tried wetting her tongue to answer, she watched as both young
dark men peeled down to pair of sleek, skimpy speedos.

"Su..sure…," Cindy stammered. "This is a public tub..isn’t it?"

"Yes…Yes…..it is a public tub, Cindy," Stefan answered seductively.
"But it can be made to be private.

Cindy looked up at both boys who were smiling as if they were on the
inside of a joke that Cindy didn’t have the privilige to be. A moment
later, Stefan was walking back to the entrance to the jacoozi room and
with a simple turn of the key he had fished out of his shorts, he
guarenteed that there would be no further interruptions to thier
evening in the tub.

"One of the advantages to working here is to know where they keep all
the keys," Julius said wryly as Stefan returned to rejoin his friend in
stripping down. "We come up here every now and then to wind down after a
long day at work."

Cindy wanted to add the word,"alone" to finish Julius’s thought, but
from looking at the way the two young guys looked, she could figure out
the answer on her own.

A moment later, both Julius and Stefan began submerging themselves into
the bubbling cauldon to each side of Cindy, leaving her sitting
nervously between them. As thier chisled bodies dipped under the crest
of the bubbles, Cindy couldn’t help but shyly noticing the obvious
bulges in both young men’s obscenly tight swim trunks.

As Julius and Stefan worked thier way into the tub and began to feel
just how good the warm rushing water felt , both guys let out a deep
long pleasurable sigh.

"Feel’s great… doesn’t it?" Julius leaned over and asked Stefan.

"Umm…hmmm," Stefan replied. "Great view too," he added, conspicuiosly
not looking out across the balcony towards the ocean that was barely 100
yards away.

Without even thinking, hearing the surf roll against the beach, Cindy
replied, looking with passionate appreciation over the balcony, "It is a
great view!"

Over small talk for the better part of the next 15 minutes, Cindy
discovered both Julius and Stefan were 22 and working thier way through
college on the island. Cindy told them that she was down in Jamaica on
business but didn’t want to tell them exactly who she was. She didn’t
even want to imagine what would happen in the tabloids if they caught
wind of this innocent jacoozi conversation.

Sitting in between the two hulking studs, Cindy rationalized that
sitting in a hot tub with two incredabily well built young stallions for
a married woman and a celebrity like herself would certainly make for
some hard to explain gossip. "I’m in real estate," She confidentally

Growing more and more aware of the butterflies in her stomach, Cindy
felt her insides becoming as warm and unstable as the waters seething
around the outside of her body as she continued to talk and laugh with
the two local young men.

"Look," exclaimed Julius, raising out of the tub slightly."That’s the
Shelton Ferry coming back into the dock for the night. "

Turning to Cindy , he continued."My Father runs the company….its the
biggest ferry on the island."

Seeing the pride in Julius’s face and hearing it in his voice, Cindy
felt obliged to raise up out of the tub as well and to take a look.

When she did, both Stefan and Julius got a much better view of her as

What they saw was a tightly toned, golden tanned goddess with shoulder
length chestnut brown hair, long smooth legs, pert, firm breasts and an
hour glass waistline all held together by a not so modest, blue two
piece bikini.

Julius and Stefan shared a momentary glance of appreciation with each
other as Cindy watched the gorgeous lights of the ferry sparkle as it
made its way back into the dock.

Both boys had lifted themselves out of the water as well along side
Cindy. Now out of the water, both Stefan and Julius could no longer
conceal the erect straining ridges that bulged obscenly out in front of
thier speedos.

With the intent of looking down to make sure she wouldn’t slip on the
slick floor of the jacoozi, Cindy gasped audibaly when she noticed both
concealed, snakelike tubes.

She blushed realizing just how aroused both young men had become sitting
in the tub beside her, still they had been perfect gentleman and hadn’t
even hinted at making a move on her eventhough she was dressed so
provocativly. Remembering her philosophical episode back in the shower
an hour earlier about the curiousity of being the hunter for a change
rather than the prey, a wave of strange carnal energy coursed up and
down her spine causing a rash of goosebumps to raise on the skin that
wasn’t still bathed in the hot tub.

Looking from side to side ,longingly down over each of the black studs
beside her, every primal nerve ending in her body wanted them inside of
her. Eventhough she was a happily married, million dollar model who
could have any man she wanted, at that moment she craved nothing more
than to be the two local boys ‘fuck’ for the night. Thankfully, in the
dim light of the jacoozi deck, neither kid could see how Cindy blushed
from such a lustful thought.

Cindy then calmly and decisively made her move.

Inching up closer to the young waiter that had served her earlier, Cindy
slipped her long, demure arm under Stefan’s and gently began rubbing his
washboard abs.

Stefan jumped from the surprise when he felt the lady’s soft fingers
begin caressing his chisled ebony flesh. Before he could react, Stefan
felt Cindy’s lips softly rest on his muscular shoulder as she gently
kissed him. Whispering up to them in a distant yet urgent voice, Cindy
sighed,"I need you boys to fuck me….right here….right now."

Stefan first looked down at the beautiful woman throwing herself at him
then cast an amazed glance over to Julius beside her who had an equally
awestruck stare. Trying to determine if what was happening was simply a
dream or not, Stefan let his eyes fall back to Cindy and saw that she
was steadily lowering her hand down his broad chest to the jutting front
of his swimtrunks.

Cindy Crawford’s long fingers dug into the strained fabric of Stefan’s
bathing suit until she could feel the heat from the bestial power of the
penis inside of it make her hand feel as if it was on fire.

Rotating her wrist upwards, Cindy was able to slip two of her fingers
into the tight waistband of the trunks, attempting to reach inside and
feel the twitching occupant inside pressing powerfully to get out.

As she planted a series of butterfly kisses on Stefan’s ears and thick
neck, she suddenly felt the smooth ebony skin of the proud erection
fully grown inside Stefan’s shorts. Straining her hand deeper into his
trunks, Cindy could feel just how thick and long Stefan’s eager cock was
as it pressed against her small white hand.

With a deft tug of her wrist, Cindy pulled Stefan’s trunks down far
enough for his huge black dick to jump out of its shackles, aiming
upwards towards the sky like a shiny black switchblade.

"Oh….My..," Cindy gurgled in intense admiration as the full sight of
Stefan’s fully erect 9 and half inch cock angled up directly at her.

Opening her hand as far as she could, Cindy clasped her grip around
Stefan’s jutting monster, softly flexing her palm and fingers until she
had built up a steady up and down rythem, jacking off the young man’s
rock solid cock."I can’t take my hands off you.." Cindy sighed quietly
into Stefan’s pec muscle, signaling her full sexual surrender.

As Stefan and Cindy shared a deep, passionate, and sloppy french kiss,
Julius had unfurled his tight swimtrunks as well ,allowing his cock to
proudly swing side to side as he moved closer to Cindy.

Her white body disappearing between both muscular young black men, Cindy
felt as if she was somehow slipping into some dark, lustful alter

Grinding harder against Stefan’s granite like body as thier tongue’s
explored each other’s mouths, Cindy swooned from the collective power of
Stefan and Julius’s four hands as they freely roamed over her tanned
skin. For the time being, Cindy Crawford was no longer a model, wife and
actress, she was simply a desire filled slut on the prowl who had
successfully cornered and captured her prey.

Firmly grabbing a handfull of the blue strings of Cindy’s bikini top
from behind, Julius yanked the knot free and let the light covering fall
off her shoulders. With her top pulled completly off, the model’s soft,
full breasts mashed against Stefan’s chest, bringing a huge expression
of happiness to his dark, youthful face.

Quickly discarding the bikini top poolside, Julius immediatly bent down
and grabbed Cindy’s dark blue wet bikini bottoms and slowly eased them
down her trim thighs as well. Rubbing his fingers down Cindy’s long
golden legs as he lowered the garment, Julius’s dick hardened even more
as he felt just how good Cindy’s white skin felt under his touch.

Pushing the panties under the waterline of the tub, Julius smiled
broadly when he saw Cindy nimbly step out of them one foot at a time,
letting the panties float around the tub under the swirling whims of the
water jets. Looking up at her from behind, the 22 year old Jamaican
native couldn’t believe the completly naked beauty that he was gazing up

Sensing Cindy’s complete nudity and her unwavering surrender, Stefan
pulled back and sat on the side of the tub, allowing his throbbing cock
to twitch lewdly in the air between him and Cindy.

Trying to look into Cindy’s eyes which were fixated on his bobbing cock,
Stefan cockily ordered Cindy down to her knees."Get down there and suck
it…suck my big black dick…. Cindy. Get it nice and wet and then I’ll
fuck you with it…..that’s what you want…isn’t it?"

Cindy’s glazed brown eyes hestitantly rose to Stefan’s and when she
nodded ever so slightly, Stefan could see her admission written across
her pretty white face.

Kneeling down between Stefan’s powerful legs, Cindy once again grabbed
Stefan’s glorious black wand by its thick base and dropped her head
directly into his crotch, trying wantonly to fit its ice cream scoop
sized head into her fully stretched mouth.

Looking down into Cindy’s strained face, Stefan’s cock throbbed even
harder as he gazed down at the small cute mole just above her lips. Oh,
how he dearly wanted to spew his pent up load all over her pretty mouth
and cheeks when he finally was ready to empty his bloated black balls.

When Cindy had finally jammed a good deal of Stefan’s cock into her
gaping mouth, she could feel his muscles tense underneath her as she
slowly raised his hips, pushing as much of his black root against the
back of her throat as he could.

Feeling the white woman’s saliva, slithering tongue and ivory white
teeth glide over his nearly 10 inch pride and joy, Stefan let out a low
groan of carnal pleasure as he recieved the best blow job of his life.
Momentarily raising his eyes off Cindy going about her duty below,
Stefan winked over to Julius, signaling his buddy to grab the bottle of
baby oil from his poolside bag and to move in as well.

Cindy managed to stuff nearly two thirds of Stefan’s massive organ in
her mouth, and felt distinct pride in doing so, it was by the the
largest cock she had ever had the privilige of seeing face to face.

Kneeling between his outstretched legs worshiping Stefan’s uncircumsized
manhood, Cindy strained her eyes upwards to look at the black adonis
whose head was tilted backwards as he enjoyed the thourough blow job he
was performing.

When Stefan tilted his head back down, his gaze locked on Cindy’s.
Grinning widely, he nodded his head, urging Cindy to get to her feet,
that it was time that she got fucked.

Reluctantly, Cindy let Stefan’s saturated, glistening black stalk fall
heavily out of her mouth as a spittle of her saliva clung from Stefan’s
large bulbous cockhead to her cherry red lips.

Straddling her legs to each side of his, Cindy positioned her naked
crotch above the powerful young black fucktoy she was preparing to
mount. Gracefully easing down, Cindy felt her completly shaved vagina
press down on the meaty erection directly underneath it.

Seeing this absolulty stunning goddess rise above him, her long stringy
brown hair nesting lovingly against her toned shoulders and her eyes
filled with determined lust, Stefan realized her was almost ready to
slide his dick inside the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

Stefan and his various friends from the island had fucked many woman
since he got the job at the hotel, too many to count. Married women,
tourists, women on business, young and old, fat and thin, many of which
in the very whirlpool they were in now. This however was slightly
different for Stefan. Through the myraid of curious tourists,
unfullfilled wives and long forgotten one night stands in the past, what
he was slowly easing his dick towards now was high class, prime, grade A

Both Cindy and Stefan shuddered as thier bodies grinded together when
his burrowing cock drilled inside her pink vaginal walls. Cindy flexed
her pussy’s constrictive muscles tightly around his dick when Stefan
grabbed her by her lovely white ass cheeks and squeezed them hard
between his long fingers.

Cindy cried, burying her face against Stefan’s barrel like chest.

As thier rythem began to synchrinize and Cindy realized she was going
to be able to handle Stefan’s entire manhood, she confidantly and
brazenly began grinding her hips hard against him, gasping with each
downward thrust on top of his jutting black joint.

ON…COME ON..," Stefan haughtily implored in his thick Jamaican accent.

With all the strength he could muster in his 200 pound frame, Stefan
slammed in his cock in and out of Cindy relentlessly, causing the
beautiful model’s pert titties to shake violently across her chest from
the rapid, deep assault. Reaching up with both hands to cuddle her
jiggling breasts, Stefan raised his hands as well and covered Cindy’s
small white hands with his much larger dark ones and helped the lovely
naked beauty massage her titties while he continued fucking her.

Holding hands while thier bodies savagly collided, Cindy collapsed her
full weight against Stefan’s chest when she felt her sexual sanity begin
to boil.

With her mouth close to Stefan’s ear, Cindy begged him to finish her
off."Please cum in me….my God..pleaseeeee..cum in me…I’m.. sooo..
hooottt!" she panted.

Looking over top Cindy’s messed up hair, Stefan could see Julius quickly
making his way back into the tub with a bottle of baby oil in his hand.
Bending his head slightly, like a father whipsering silently to his
child, he implored Cindy to hold on for a few seconds longer.

"Don’t cum just yet Baby….you’ve got our two dicks all night for as
long… and as hard… as you need them…just relax and check out what
we have in store for you," He said gently.

As he was telling Cindy ‘not just yet’, Stefan slowed his thrusts to a
deep pussy stretching, grinding motion. Happily, he felt Cindy slow hers
as well.

Even at that slow methodical pace, the feeling to both participants was
sensational. "What are you going to do to me?" Cindy asked weakly, out
of breath already.

"What do you want us to do to you?" Stefan asked cockily.

"Do anything….just don’t stop fucking me….please…. just don’t stop
fucking me," Cindy replied, fighting back the tears of joy welling up
inside her.

The mingling of Stefan’s burning cock splitting her womb combined with
the delicate cool breeze blowing off the beach tickling her ass made
Cindy nearly delirious as she continued to slowly ride him like she had
been instructed.

Suddenly the ticklish cool breeze that had been teasing her anus by
something warm and hard. It was Julius’s hand. Cindy was so enthralled
with what Stefan and the way he was sawing her down the middle, she had
totally forgotten there was another eager and equally virile stud behind
her, waiting for his turn.

"What are you doing?" Cindy softly mewwed, consciously having a only
slight inkling as to thier plans.

"Have you ever been DP’D?" Julius hissed from behind as he stuck his
long middle finger, coated with baby oil, gently into Cindy’s tight,
pink virgin asshole.

Gasping from the invasion with a mix of fear and arousal, Cindy tried
wrenching her head back and pleading for mercy." Dammitt….
please….no…I don’t think I can handle it in there."

"Don’t worry about it Baby..we’ll go slow…we haven’t killed anyone yet
doing this," Stefan said soothingly as he brushed Cindy sweaty hair out
of her face and kissed her deeply on the lips.

Feeling Cindy’s weight further collapse against his, Stefan shared a
knowing glance with Julius sharing the realization that although they
hadn’t in fact killed a woman with thier double teaming…..it had
however taken many of them a couple of days to get back to thier normal

"Your gonna do just fine," Stefan gently added, before kissing Cindy on
her flushed cheek and straining neck.

"UUURRGGGGHHH," Cindy growled as Julius added a second finger inside
Cindy’s virgin asshole, pushing them in all the way in, down to his

Digging her fingernails into Stefan’s meaty shoulders, the towering stud
looming over top of her smiled down wickedly from the sweet pain of her
gripping nails. Working his cock inside Cindy’s quim deeply as Julius
opened up her behind, Cindy let out a loud scream tinged with both
pleasure and pain.

"I think she’s ready Mon, "Julius said from behind.

"Then give it to her," Stefan ordered.

Stefan held motionless under Cindy’s weight, his hard cock still pulsing
between the folds of Cindy’s shimmering and quaking pink pussy, allowing
Julius time to work his erection into her rubbery pink hole.

Petting her gently on the head, Stefan could feel Cindy’s whole body
jerk noticably above him as Julius pressed his huge ebony spear against
the entrance to Cindy’s cherry ass.

Every muscle in Cindy’s body seemed to strain and shudder as Julius
anally split her apart, inch by torturous inch.

"Relax baby….you’re doing just fine," Stefan softly whispered into
Cindy’s ear, reassuring her the best he could.

"Ohhh..Goddd..its soooo..tight…GODDDDD…
it slowwwwwww," Cindy’s voice trailed off as she mashed her lips
together, straining to accomodate Julius huge black wand into her

With another squirt of baby oil deep into Cindy’s opened ass crack,
Julius cock slowly slipped even further up her ass with a couple more
short deliberate strokes of his powerful hips.

"I can’t believe …you both…. are in meeeee.." Cindy exclaimed,
finally raising her head and swinging the hair out of her eyes so she
could see.

The look of greedy libidinal need etched across her face, and the carnal
desire in her eyes showed Stefan that Cindy was indeed ready for the
full assault he and Julius were preparing.

With a nod of his head to his partner, Stefan and Julius began seesawing
thier immense manhoods slowly in and out of Cindy Crawford’s gaping
asshole and stretched pussy until both cocks felt as if they were part
of a rythemic two cylinder piston, dwelving deep into her innermost
unchartered depths.

Stuffed full of nearly 20 inches of hot hard black cockmeat, Cindy felt
her body shudder from head to toe as she realized there was nowhere else
she would have rather been at that moment.

Bouyed by her desire to visually capture the moment, Cindy bravely kept
her head up so she could take in every thrust and expression of virile
power both boys unleashed upon her, sandwiching her with thier cocks
rubbing together in a demonic sawing rythem inside her cunt and ass.
Immeditaly, Cindy felt the fuse was being lit on an overwhelming orgasm.

Cindy’s ass was now working back and forth savagly between the two young
men, bringing uncontrolled gasps each time she slammed her tight behind
or juicy cunt against thier bloodfilled ebony spears.

As Julius’s swinging, lust bloated balls slammed into Cindy’s toned hips
with every downward push, he realized his orgasm wouldn’t be long in
coming either considering the tightness of his predicament. Raising his
large strong hands up to Cindy’s chestnut brown hair from behind, he
took two stingy, sweaty handfulls and pulled Cindy’s head back to him
just, stopping just at the point that it would have been painful for
the gorgeous woman.

Underneath Cindy, Stefan’s expreassion had become very exaggerated and
unstable as Cindy Crawford writhed spasmically, like she was being
electricuted on top of him.

With her head flailing backwards, Cindy could feel every muscle in her
body scream as she wrapped her arms tightly around Stefan underneath
her. Like a female wolf in heat, Cindy shrieked upwards towards the sky
as both young men pressed her between thier bodies like a sweaty ,
humping vice.

"AAAAAHHHHH….OOOOHHHH…AAAAHHH," Cindy screamed, as her face
contorted wildly. Cindy’s orgasmic release nearly pierced both Stefan
and Julius’s eardrums as they felt thier syrupy white cum bubble out of
thier balls, through the steely length of thier cocks and finally out
into thier respective claims inside Cindy’s body.


With Cindy’s body tightly pressed between both Stefan and Julius’s
chest, forced to weather the young mens’ virile onslaught as her body
lurched and shook violently, she could feel the insides of her pussy and
her tight asshole be bathed in a virtual cumbath as thier sticky thick
ejaculate repeatedly and rapidly fired inside of her most sensitive
inner regions.

Julius and Stefan continued to sandwich Cindy ruthlessly as they emptied
every ounce of thier lust inside the beautiful body of the woman who
had given all of herself to them. When they were both completly spent,
each stud pulled away slowly leaving Cindy nakedly kneeling between
them, too exhausted to even stand.

Both young men smacked thier spent cocks across Cindy’s lovely face and
white ass, cleaning off the remnants of thier release, before Cindy’s
weight gave way, causing her to collapse into the still relentlessly
pounding swirl of the hot tub. Stefan and Julius took thier places
beside Cindy and kissed her face, neck and breasts tenderly, waiting for
Cindy to recover…..


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