A Cold Night

A Cold Night

By Tweetie 2k


Mya was coming from a long jog on her treadmill in the basement, it was hot as hell down there, sweat beads were dripping down her face as she got off and left the basement. She wiped her face and as she went upstairs. She took her shower then came out and put on some short shorts and a tank top, the short her little cleavage.

She walked around the house all day, because she was lonely, nobody to talk to, nobody to call. All her peoples were out of town or didn’t want to be bothered. That’s kind of how she felt, she really didn’t want to be bothered, being that her boyfriend was on tour,
leaving her all alone, not knowing when he’ll be back. I think you get the picture.

That night Mya walked around some more, then she got kind of hungry and wanted a snack. She went to the refrigerator search didn’t find what she wanted, then checked the freezer “Bingo!” she said to herself as she the last Popsicle out of the box, her favorite flavor too “Cherry”.

Mya sucked on the Popsicle for a while and started to think. ‘Should I?’ ‘No’ ‘I couldn’t’ ‘Could I?’ ‘I couldn’t’ then she sucked on the Popsicle some more then it came to her. ‘I could.’

Mya ran upstairs to her bedroom took off her clothes and laid back on the bed. She laid down on the bed, licking the Popsicle, thinking of her boyfriend, and she grew even hornier, sliding the Popsicle down over her breasts, making the nipples taut. She moaned softly, sliding the Popsicle lower until it was gliding across her warm lips and clit, sending electrifying shivers throughout her body. ” Mmm, ahhh, ” she moaned, sliding the tip of it inside just a little. She briefly wondered if it would break, than thought if it did, it would melt anyway, so she slid it inside, gasping at the intense pleasure it caused her. She stroked herself with it slowly, careful not to break it, moaning and writhing, about to explode. She slid it in deeper moaning louder than possible “Mmm… mmm… yea… yea…” she started sliding in deeper and deeper faster and faster. The friction drove her crazy as she let out a loud moan. Almost breaking the Popsicle. Her body jerked and twitched as she was about to cum on the shrunken Popsicle. Then it hit her, she could hold it any longer, she exploded right there on the Popsicle and the bed.

Her love juices which had turned red because of the color of the Popsicle, dripped all over the bed covers. Mya let out a tiny moan as she took the out of her. She had another and started licking what was left on the Popsicle. She lick the Popsicle clean and ate was left on the Popsicle.

Mya love this feeling of something cold in her. She wanted another one, but remembered she fucked the last one. Mya was mad and remembered this ice in the freezer. She ran downstairs as quick as she could. She grabbed a bucket of ice and retreated to her room. She laid on the bed again and started rubbing the ice in a slow circular motion on her clit. She loved this feeling. She rubbed and rubbed till the ice melted, letting the water ran smoothly into her hole, she moaned as it did. She picked up some more and repeated the process, she repeated this at least five times.

The sixth time she slid the ice in her hole and let it sit till it melted, she repeated this at least ten times. She then picked up some dry ice and shoved three at a time in her cunt, which drove her over the edge, she shoved more into her cold wet cunt.. She moaned at her at newfound love for ice.

She looked in the bucket and found she had no more ice to fuck. Mya laid back in the bed, and let the ice continue to malt in her cold wet cunt, it took at least thirty minutes for all that ice jammed into her pussy to melt.

She could wet for it to melt infact she wanted more, and since it was December she looked out the window and saw a huge ass icicle hanging above the window, she thought herself ‘What the hell?’ and stumbled her way over to the window. She looked at the icicle and licked her lips, thinking something that big ramming her pussy till it melted. She opened the window and grabbed the icicle. It was kind of hard to get at fist but she managed. She finally got and threw it on the bed, right after closing the window.

She jumped on the bed and sucked on the icicle, she then slid the icicle down over her breasts, making the nipples taut, again. She moaned softly, sliding the icicle lower until it was gliding across her warm lips and clit, sending electrifying shivers again throughout her body.

She rubbed it very slowly over her clit letting out little tiny moans escape her mouth “Ohh… ahh… uhh.” Then without any warning to her pussy she rammed in the huge, monster icicle into her pussy, she moaned loud enough for the neighbors to hear. She worked it in and out harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Making her moan louder and louder. “oohh… yes… yes… mm… mmm… ahhh… ahhh… yea… yea.. oohhhh… yyyeeesss… more… moree… oohh… god… yes.” She was fucking herself with this big monster icicle, and enjoying it. The icicle was melting and melting fast as it went in and out of her cunt. Mya couldn’t take it anymore the friction and speed and her orgasm was taking over her. She let out as loud moan as she came all out this monster icicle.

Mya just laid there panting and out of breath, as this cold icicle stayed inside of her.

Mya didn’t realize that someone was watching her till he spoke up.

“Having fun?” he chuckled and clapped his hands.

Mya’s face went red as she looked at her boyfriend. “JC?” she smiled.

“Mya.” JC smiled. “You were wonderful.”

“How long have you been there?” Mya asked.

“When you shoved that ice up inside of you.” JC smiled.

“You’re not gonna tell your friends are you?”

“No Mya… I love your new fetish.” He crawled on the bed next to and took out the icicle and sucked Mya’s love juices off the icicle, and Mya just smiled, as she and JC engaged themselves into a deep passionate kiss.

THE END???? MAYBE!!!!!

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