A Crazy Night for Gaga

A crazy night for Gaga

Author: Fantasy Fiction

Codes: MF, Rape, Oral, Bond, Mast

Celebs: Lady Gaga

Disclaimer: This is Fiction, it did not happen. Fantasy is legal.

This is my first ever story. Hope you enjoy it.

The applause of the crowd was still ringing in Lady Gaga’s ears as she walked around the backstage area of the arena. She had just completed another performance in her mammoth “Born This Way” tour and was looking forward to the end of the tour now that she was more than halfway through it. She snapped out of her mind and found that she had come to the door of her dressing room. She pushed it open and exhaled happily. She had agreed with her manager that as the next arena was only about 10 miles away, she could sleep in the arena tonight and travel tomorrow instead of having to sleep on the tour bus. The room contained a bed at the one corner with a bedside table next to it, a couch with a TV on the wall in front of it, a fridge full of food and drinks, a built in wardrobe and a bathroom just off the main room. Gaga sighed as she slipped out of her dress, let it pool around her feet before stepping over it and walking over to the wardrobe in just a light blue pair of bra and panties. She picked out her clothes for the night, choosing a pink polo shirt with a pink skirt with the matching pink pair of high heels. She went over to the fridge and picked out a bottle of water, enjoying the feeling of the cold air on her skin. She opened it and gulped down about a quarter of the ice cold liquid while settling herself on the couch and turning on the TV. After flicking through the channels and finding nothing good and no new news stories she decided that as she had fought to sleep in the arena and a proper bed not the tour bus, that she had better get all the sleep she could. She walked over to the bed and crawled under the white duvet cover and, glad to be back in a proper bed for once, fell asleep.

When Gaga awoke the first thins her mind realised was that she was cold and that something was closed around her wrist. As she woke up more, she saw that she was somehow on top of the bed. She turned to look at her wrist and saw to her horror a pair of metal handcuffs. She turned over and saw another pair on her other wrist. She was now getting more worried by the second. Sure she’d done some kinky stuff before and it had featured handcuffs, but those had been the pink fluffy kind, not the sort used by the police. Also she’d been in control so she’d been able to stop things before they got too crazy. She looked down the bed and saw what she assumed was the person who’s handcuffed her. He was around 6 foot in height and was dressed in a black T-shirt with a pair of black jeans and black trainers. His face while not the Hollywood style of handsome, was still good looking and if Gaga wasn’t handcuffed and he wasn’t there, she’s find him attractive. However due to her current situation she find him terrifying. Her voice quivered as she spoke for the 1st time.

“Who are you?”

His voice was deep as he replied.

“That doesn’t matter. Anyway I’m amazed that your first question is who I am. I was expecting you to be smarter.”

Gaga’s voice quivered even more as she asked her next question.

“Why are you here?”

He laughed as she asked the question

“Why am I here? I’m here because I’m one of your fans who watch your videos where you strip to nearly nothing and then don’t let people see the goods. Well I’m sick of it so I’m going to see the goods and more whether you like it or not” he replied with a slight amount of humour in his voice.

At this news Gaga started to struggle more against her bonds and started screaming. This made the man laugh out loud.

“You really think that that is going to work? Look at the time you stupid girl”.

Gaga turned her face towards the bedside table on her right hand side. The luminous face of the clock there read 1:20am. She turned back to loom at her captor.

“It was easy getting pat the monkeys that you had outside. All I had to do was slip into a store cupboard for a few hours until they left. “The clothing” he said motioning down at his outfit “meant I wasn’t seen”.

As he started talking he started undoing his jeans.
“Anyway I believe that I came here for a reason and so I better get to that reason.

Before Gaga could react to his last words, he was on top of her straddling her just above her bra-covered tits. He pushed his semi-erect dick against her mouth. She kept her mouth tightly slight to try and stop his advances. Annoyed at was Gaga was doing he pushed her head hard to one side. It bounced off the covered mattress knocking the air out of her mouth and opening it. He wasted no time in shoving his dick straight into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged on his cock in her throat as he grabbed the back of her head, curled his hands on her brown hair and face fucked her. She gagged even more as he fucked her mouth faster and at a more frenetic face while Gaga inadvertently added to his pleasure as anything she did with her mouth made her tongue move all over his cock increasing the feeling of fucking her throat. He soon came with a deep sigh as he felt his cock unload. He kept his cock down her throat as he reached down to her bra. He placed one hand below the material holding the 2 cups together and pulled upwards ripping the bra into 2 pieces and off of her. Her 34B cup boobs bounced as the bra was ripped off of them. He reached down and started fondling them, squeezing them and pinching the nipples. His actions made Gaga let out a moan of pleasure from around his cock. His left hand stayed at her right tit while his right hand went further down her body, slipping under the waist of her panties down to her pussy. He rubbed up and down her pussy making Gaga moan continuously around his cock as he pressed 1 finger into her pussy while his thumb flicked against her clit. Her moans increased in volume as she felt her orgasm build and suddenly felt it drop as he removed her hands from her pussy and her breasts. His saliva covered cock slipped from her mouth and Gaga enjoyed the feeling of being able to breathe through her mouth again. She looked at her assaulter, her eyes begging him to make her cum. He read this in her eyes and spoke again with laughter in his voice again.

“I knew it. You have had so many myths and downright lies swimming around you since your career started. Yet you can’t stop your body telling me that you were enjoying that. Oh and you’re not going to be cumming.”

Gaga tried to mask her disappointment but failed, the misery clear on her face. She asked another question to try and take her mind off her current situation.

“How are you still hard? You came down my throat”

His hand moved into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out the blue packet. Gaga moaned recognizing the Viagra (Gaga didn’t know however that his was modified so the effects lasted half as long). She had used it during her kinkier moments by adding it to a man’s drink and teasing his erect cock before fucking him. She therefore knew that her attacker would be hard for hours.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of the man’s hand close around the waist of her panties before pulling them upwards. Gaga squealed as the cotton panties pinched her pussy before being ripped away. Sensing what was to come next, Gaga closed her eyes before trying to forget her situation. She failed though as she felt the man’s 8 inch cock rub against her pussy.

The man reached down spreading Gaga’s pussy open before thrusting into her, pushing 2 inches into her immediately. He continued to thrust in and out of her pushing more and more of his cock into her pussy. He and his friends had commonly talked about how tight she must be when they saw her videos. Now though he realised that she was tighter than any of them could have guessed. Despite losing her virginity as soon as she legally could and sleeping with as many people as possible, she still had a pussy as tight as a virgin’s. She let out a groan of pleasure mixed with horror as her orgasm built while her pussy muscles squeezed the man’s cock. She had learnt this skill to please a boyfriend years ago and now it was her pussy’s natural response to feeling a cock inside it.

Gaga felt the man’s hips press against her as he bottomed out in her pussy. When this happened he lifted her body so that her ass was off the bed and started fucking her faster, plunging his cock deep into her pussy before withdrawing, leaving an inch in her before plunging back in. Gaga’s orgasm was building and felt like a tropical thunderstorm. At that moment however the felt the man’s cum plaster her womb and then the orgasm die down as he withdrew from her.

He dropped Gaga back onto the bed and once again her eyes showed her disappointment that she had once again failed to cum. He reached over and opened the draw of the bedside table and withdrew her pink IPhone. He flicked open the lock and fiddled it the settings for a moment, while Gaga watched him hoping that she would finally be allowed to cum. She felt that her wishes were granted when he reached for her pussy. However he spread her pussy and pushed her phone inside, her pussy spread obscenely and in agony as the phone was pushed deeper. The man then pulled out his phone and dialled a number. At once Gaga’s phone started vibrating deeply in her pussy sheeting bolts of lighting up her spine. It took just 10 seconds for Gaga to cum, her squirt falling just short of the man standing 3 feet away. Just as she came down from the 1st orgasm the second one overcame her body. She let her head fall down as she let out an animalistic howl in response. Every time Gaga came down from one orgasm her next one crashed over her while the phone continued to overstimulate her pussy. Gaga finally passed out after her pussy squirted out her 6th orgasm, the strength of it causing her to black out while her squirt hit the man on the leg.

When Gaga woke up the following morning the memories in her head were blurry due to the continuous orgasms. She could however remember being raped as her torn bra and panties confirmed. Apart from that nothing else was crystal clear. She got off the bed and walked over to the wardrobe pulling on a new jet black set of bra and panties. She stuck her pink polo shirt and skirt back on deciding to wear them until she went out on stage that night. She pulled on a pair of blue converse’s and went out to the bus to get to the next arena. She sat up front with the driver until half-way through the journey when a jolt of pure pleasure shot up her spine. Making her excuses she went to the bedroom at the back of the bus, locked the door and pulled her panties aside. Her pussy once again spread obscenely as the phone fell out of her pussy onto the bed, still ringing. Suddenly the memories of the previous night came flooding back. She rejected the call and immediately plunged 2 fingers into her pussy as she remembered the pleasure her rapist had given her.

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