A Creamy Swirl

A Creamy Swirl


The story herein is nothing more than a fantasy written by a fan of the involved celebs and in no way represents known actions of said celebs. This is just fiction and isn’t meant to harm anyone. Now if you’re under the legal age to view adult rated, NC-17, stories in your local then please turn away now.

Justin was sitting down watching TV, flicking through channel to channel… BORED?!? I think so.

Justin finally turned the TV to something interesting BET (A/N: HOLLA!!)

Free: Welcome back to 106 & Park. Let’s get straight into the countdown
at No.4

A.J: This female artist is off da chainz, she has been in the top 5 (Holds up five fingers) percentile, here’s Foxy Brown with “When The Tables Will Turn.” (A/N: I never seen the video but I heard it, and I heard the video was good too!)

Free: Go Foxy.

“Foxy is hott, mmm.” Justin said to himself. “Dayum Foxy you look good.” His eyes are now glued to the screen as he is now focusing on Foxy Brown and his mind starts to drift off…off…off…off…

“Yo wuddup boo.” Foxy whispered in his ear.

Justin looked back in Foxy’s eyes. “Jus chillin, you?”

“Horny that’s all.” Foxy said as she rubbed Justin’s curls.

“Well then just close your eyes and fantasize, and just realize when I materialize in front of your eyes, that you won’t compromise with any other guys, because I cut them down to size, and YOU’LL get Justinized.” Justin roughly pressed his lips against hers. Foxy pressed harder. Justin laid her back on the couch and cocked her legs opened wide. They kissed and kissed. Justin pulled away and pulled down Foxy’s hot pants, and no shock to Justin she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Justin smiled and licked her form lips to her thighs, he teased her as he slowly rubbed his fingers over her clit, he kissed it, pat it and finally put his head between her thighs licked her, sucked her. He slid his fingers inside her as he licked and sucked her. She thrust against his face violently as an orgasm ripped through her. Then he moved over her, kissing her.

Foxy had to return the favor, Justin sat up on the couch nodded to Foxy. She pulled down his pajama bottom, sliding them down to his feet, he wasn’t wearing no underwear, surprise to Foxy. She stroked his hard cock, till the precum rolled down her hand, she took in half teasing Justin, Justin rubbing her head softly, after teasing she engulfed all of him, Justin moaned as her head was bobbing up and down, sucking Justin into a trance, minutes later Justin shot his hot seed into Foxy’s mouth, spilling a little on her lips, she licked his cum off her lips and winked at Justin.


Justin woke up from his dream and cursed the phone. “Hello.”

“Justin guess what?” JC said.

“What man?”

“Foxy is to do a single with us.”

“Foxy as in Foxy Brown?”


Justin smiled and licked his lips. “When we meet?”




Justin hung up the phone and smirked again and relaxed on the couch and put his hands behind his head and sang. “A dream that you wish will come true.”

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