A “Crystal” Jewel

A “Crystal” Jewel
By: jolinfan
(MF, cons)
Crystal Liu

Disclaimer – Yes, this is a work of fiction. Yes, Crystal Liu is real. Yes, this story is my own. Yes, you should be over 18 (or 21 or whatever is legal where you are) if/when you read this. Yes, I do appreciate feedback. And thank you for reading. Enjoy.

It was perfect for “Dragon Girl,” Liu Yi Fei. Just 22 years old, she was finishing up her academic career at Stanford practically in total anonymity. Still, the occasional Chinese student would recognize her, and of course, would act stupid around her, but she’s learned by now to just brush those “silly boys” off. However, given her celebrity status, she still led a difficult life. Each vacation she had to rush back to either Taiwan or Hong Kong, or China, or another Asian country for a photo shoot, movie, or whatever it may be. Her professors have understood for the most part. But it was a lonely life as Crystal was either working, in class, or when there were times she was free, she hid in her apartment, out of fear of being recognized.

I first noticed her in my 8 AM class, as she sat next to me in the back of the lecture hall. She was absolutely stunning! Her long jet black hair pulled to one side (away from me) so that I had a perfect view of her gorgeous face. She was busy concentrating on her notes as I kept gazing at her.

“Seen enough yet?” She whispered, breaking me out of my trance.

“Um… yeah.” I whispered back, and quickly looked back at my notes. Still, I kept sneaking glances at her the entire period as she continued on her note taking.

The bell rang, and we quickly left. Since Stanford was so large, I figured that: a. that’s the last time I’ll see her. And b. the next time we share this class she’s gonna sit far away from me.

So it was a surprise when I saw her standing just outside the lecture hall as the students filed out. “Hey!” I said, as I walked up to her. She again gave me a glance, but looked away.

“Hey look, I’m sorry,” I began. “Just that I thought you were gorgeous.” She kept looking away. “Anyway, that’s it.” I shuffled off when I suddenly heard a voice from behind. “I’m Crystal.” This time, she was looking at me, and stuck her hand out. I shook her hand as well.

“And I’m Sam. Wanna fuck?” Open mouth, insert foot.

She took her hand back, and instantly gave me a cold look.

“See you then.” And that was it for my first contact with her.

The next week, I came to class and sure enough, Crystal was sitting at the far end of the lecture hall. That was all right as I was able to just spend my entire time just staring at her.

As soon as class finished, she disappeared. “Of course,” I thought as I filed out of class.

I walked out of the building and across the quad when I saw Crystal sitting on a bench across the way. I walked over to her again.

“Hey, I’m sorry ‘bout last week.” I started.

No response. So I shuffled away again,

A couple of weeks later, Crystal came back from one of her photo shoots and piled into her apartment. She looked around and seeing noting enticing in the fridge, decided to go grab a bite. She walked down the street to the restaurant and ordered a quick meal. I saw Crystal but this time kept the gaze to notes. Crystal, however, saw me and walked over. “Mind if I sit?”

I looked up, and of course, I wasn’t going to say no. She slumped into the booth as I closed my book. “Hey look, I’m…” she shook her head so I stopped.

“You’re sorry, right?” She finished. I nodded sheepishly.

“Yeah, I tend to say stupid things at times. My mouth kinda got ahead of my brain.” She cracked a smile.

“I suppose I should apologize too,” she started. “I just have this self-defense mechanism against guys since they’re always trying to hit on me. “

“Well, you’re gorgeous, I can see why they’d be macking on you!” This time she blushed. “Yeah, but it’s more than that…”

“What, you’re gorgeous, and you’re smart, what else do you need?” I offered.

“How do you know I’m smart?”

“Well, you’re sitting in Professor Dumbledore’s class… that ain’t easy to get through, ya know.” This time her smile seemed more genuine. “No, it’s more than that…”

With that, we had a great night just talking, and getting to know each other. But, she kept her distance.

As we got to know each other more, I found out more about her background – her dancing heritage, how she got into acting, her years of modeling, and her wanting to be “normal” at Stanford. I empathized, and didn’t press her. She appreciated it and we became close friends. We’d email or call often, or I would take notes for her, and she’d share her ideas and dreams. Still, she’d never mention her relationships, and I wouldn’t pry.

The year went by quickly and soon we were coming up on graduation. I knew that the times I spent with Crystal had been wonderful but once we graduated, she’d go back to her celebrity life on the other side of the ocean.

I’d grown to care deeply about her, but still as a friend. I knew she felt the same.

The weekend after the exams, I was sitting in my apartment, trying to clean up when Crystal called.

“’Sup sweetheart? Ya coming over? All right.” With that, I cleaned up as much as I can when she knocked on the door.

I opened and she walked in, crying. “What happened?”
“Asshole agent.” She whispered as she sat down on my couch. “Asshole agent got me a role but I had to sleep with the fucking director first.”

“Well, was he worth it?” I joked. But she was in no mood. I sat down next to her and just gave her a hug.

“Fuck no!” she bellowed. “I wouldn’t fuck for a role! But my agent said that if I wanted to make it big, this is what all ‘good actresses’ will do! I’m not Gong Li or Zhang Ziyi! Let them fuck the directors!” Yeah, she was pissed.

“Look,” I started. “You sure as hell don’t have to. You’ve got brains, beauty, AND principle. That’s a pretty sweet combination there.”

“But what if I don’t get any more roles then?”

“Then don’t go for them! There’re a ton of thins you can do aside from just one movie. Besides, you’ve got a life to live!” She gave me another hug.

“I suppose.” She felt genuinely better. “Do me a favor, just hold me for awhile, all right?” I just hugged her and she put her head on my chest. I didn’t say anything as she felt warmth from my hug.

Pretty soon, she was asleep and as I tried to ease her down on the couch, she woke up. “Mmm… how long as I out?”

“Dunno. Feel better?” I asked.

“Yeah, thanks Sam. I feel so much better now.”

“Wanna stay here for the night? It’s kinda late.”

“No, I got another shoot tomorrow. Have to get up early.”

“OK, then.”

We stood up, and I leaned in and wrapped Crystal in my arms as she melted in the embrace. I knew it had been a difficult year for her, balancing celebrity and student lives. But I wanted her to know that here, she can be herself, just Crystal, not a celebrity. I think she knew that and truly appreciated being treated like a person and a student. It is truly difficult to find a true friend in the crazy world of celebritydom.

As I held tightly onto Crystal, I could smell her sweet scent and felt her heartbeat against my chest.

“You know, I’m just so lucky to have a great friend like you.” Words that would’ve pierced my heart when I first knew her, but I understood my role as our friendship grew. “What can I ever do to repay you?”

I let go of her hug and laughed. “How ‘bout a fuck?” I laughed as this was something we had joked about all year. It was “my standard answer” whenever she asked to repay me. Of course she’d never take up the offer, and I’d never thought about getting that from her. After all, she was my friend, we have a great friendship, and I like being her confidant. I looked in her eyes as she smiled that demure smile that has made the world jealous.

All of a sudden, she pushed me and I fell backwards onto the sofa. With one quick motion, Crystal lifted her shirt over her head and flipped it off to the side, as she breasts were barely contained by the bra. “Ww… wh… what are you doing?” I stammered as she looked at me with that doe-eyed innocent look.

She flipped her hair up into a bun and quickly knotted it. “Giving you what you want.” She whispered as she leaned on top of me and planted a kiss on my lips. “B… bu… but…” was all I could murmur as she pressed her lips hard against me. My head started to swim wondering what the hell is going on, but she knew exactly what she was doing. Crystal sat up and straddled me as I quickly pulled my shirt off. She unhooked her bra and for the first time, I saw Crystal’s perfect breasts. Perky handfuls with big nipples pointing straight out. I reached up and cupped the breasts as Crystal moaned with pleasure. She leaned on top of me again as I held her close and smelled her smooth, pearly white skin. She definitely took the time to take care of herself and it showed. We reversed positions so that she was now lying on the sofa and I was on top of her. As we kissed, I moved my hand and started rubbing her perfectly shaped ass. Crystal for her part reached and unbuttoned the jeans and with a deft move reached into my underwear and began fondling my dick. I lifted up so that I could slide my jeans off and as I kicked it away, Crystal broke the kiss and looked up at me.

“This what you wanted?” she whispered as I just gazed at her. Crystal then let go of my dick and quickly slid her jeans and panties off in one motion. Now, this beautiful doe was pure and naked underneath me. I used my finger and started to rub along the outside of her clit as Crystal moaned in pleasure. I rubbed along and on top of her muff as she just arched and moaned as waves of sensation surged through her body. She grabbed onto my dick and started rubbing up and down the shaft quickly. I had to slow her down as I would’ve exploded already but I was doing my best trying to hang on.

I just continued to rub her clit furiously as she jacked me off and all of a sudden, her legs closed up, trapping my hand as she shook from orgasm. Watching Crystal in this state, I just shot my load all over her pure skin. I lay down next to her and kissed her again, thinking that this was it, since we’ve obviously crossed a line in our friendship. As her panting finally subsided she turned and nuzzled against me. “Mmm…” was all she could say as I gently brushed Crystal’s cheek. As we lay there, Crystal reached down and wiped a drop of my cum off her smooth taut stomach. She seductively licked her finger, enjoying the taste of cum. She then sits up and starts licking the shaft of my dick and balls before finally slipping it into her mouth. As I watched Crystal begin bobbing her head up and down my shaft, I grabbed her head and unhooked the bun, letting her hair fall down and brushing against my stomach. Damn, this was an incredible sight. Crystal just kept up the pace when I pulled her body around so that she was straddling my face and her neatly trimmed pussy was looking right at me. I reached up and covered her snatch with my mouth and sucked on it, tasting Crystal’s juices as she let out a moan in pleasure. With my tongue, I pushed deep into her clit, taking time and flicking her G-spot. I could hear Crystal moaning despite my 8 inches in her mouth as she was getting oral fucked from me.

As I was tensing up, ready to shoot my load again, she stopped and turned around, facing me again. She positioned my dick right below her snatch, and in one quick motion, she sat down on me, letting out a huge “Unnnngghhh…” I just shot my load into her and kept pulsing as she just sat there, taking it all in. Her eyes were closed and she bit her lip as my dick finally stopped pulsing. But before I could even say anything, she started to run her pussy up and down my shaft again. My dick stiffened up in no time as I saw Crystal kept my dick inside her snatch the whole time. I hardened again inside her, and she felt the sensation, letting out a small smile. She tossed her hair back and began to ride my dick. I reached up and grabbed both of breasts, fondling and playing with them while she just rode me. This was absolutely magnificent as Crystal’s hair stuck to her sweaty body, and her face in absolute lust. Who would’ve thought this was possible back on that first day when I met Crystal. But Crystal finally climbed off me and she got up. She leaned over the edge of the sofa’s armrest. No prompting needed as I got up and stood behind her, my dick again aimed at her wet clit. I began entering into her and started a pace, as Crystal thrusted backwards to match my rhythm. After a few moments, I turned her around, and she sat on the armrest of the couch. She wrapped her legs around me as I entered her and lifted her up. She bounced up and down for a little while, and despite this incredible feeling, it was difficult concentrating on fucking Crystal while trying not to drop her. So I carried her and dropped her on the bed, falling on top of her. I pulled Crystal’s legs so they were up around my shoulders as I drove as deep as I can into her. I kept pumping into her as she began whining and moaning loudly. I didn’t care if my roommates were around – I was fucking Crystal “fucking” Liu!

I kept up the pace and as her moans and screams got louder, I kept driving into her until finally, I shot my load deep into her. Crystal again screamed in ecstasy as I collapsed on top of her, both of our sweaty bodies twitching and pulsating. Finally, I rolled off of her and she again snuggled against me. I just held her in my arms quietly. We both knew our friendship is now changed, but into what is the question. But we can save that for another time.

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