A Date With Beverley Mitchell

Disclaimer this is a work of total fiction and is not REAL. If you are offended by adult content then don’t read it. This is for entertainment only and is not to be read by a under age person.

Hello my name is Jake and live in beverly hill’s you know the place with all the TV and movie stars. Well this is a story about my date with Beverly mitchell who play’s Lucy on the show 7th heaven on the WB. Beverly mitchell lived a few block’s from my house and I used to see her all the time at school when she was not taping on the set of her show. One afternoon I asked her out on a date and she said that she’d love to go.
Can you pick me up at 6:30 tomorrow evening she asked. That was a friday night and I didn’t have any thing better to do with my time. Sure I said wondering if I could get in the pant’s of the star. When I got home friday after school there was a phone message for me from Beverly asking if I could pick her up at the set instead of her house. I phoned the station and asked them to tell her that it would not be a problem. Some lady form the network said she’d pass the message on and that all I had two do was give my name at the gate miss mitchell had said that I was expected and left instructions as two where to go inside. I told the limo driver that we were going to the set instead of her house and we would have to leave earlier than planned. Sure thing boss he said. My parents are both rich and they paid for my very own car. Sam my driver was also my bodyguard and was a great friend to boot. I can’t tell you how many time’s he saved my ass from the cop’s or some other dumb fucker who had to get stupid. I’m as tough as they come but some time’s there’s a reason to have a guy like Sam around. We got to the studio at 6:15 and they told us to park and walk to the set. Beverly was in her trailer some tech said when I asked. Sam found the trailer and I knocked on the door. Who is it she asked? It just Jake your date tonight I replied. Oh great your here she said come on in the door is open. I told Sam to waite out side and that I’d be fine it’s not like she can hurt me or any thing I said as I opened the door and got inside. Beverly was laying on the sofa in the back and she was wearing a tight T-shirt that showed off her tit’s to great effect and a nice tight pair of leather pant’s with high heel boot’s to match. Sorry you had to come out here she said as the door shut behind me Jessica was being a bitch and the taping ran late. No worry’s I said it’s not often I get to go on the set of a tv show. This place suck’s she said and I hate it here. They tell me what to do and who to see as if my private life is any of there damn business anyway. So they tell you who you can and can’t see I said? Yep they even got mad and fired the last tech on the set this morning because I invited him back to my trailer and fucked his brains out she said. That blow’s I said so you don’t do every thing they tell you to. No way she said they even told me to keep my sex life down because they don’t want the perfect Lucy to get knocked up or any thing. I smiled and said well then that means they will probably kick me out if I fuck you so hard that they can here you over on the other side of the lot right I asked? I don’t know she said want to give it a try? My answer was to pull off my shirt and show her my well muscled chest. Beverly smiled and sat up as she pulled off her T-shirt and showed me that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. I’ll bet you aren’t wearing any panties either I said as I pulled of my pants and laid them aside on the chair. Beverly grinned and said why don”t you come find out. Beverly was wearing a tight pair of short’s that showed off her ass to great effect and I took hold of them and unbuttoned the top button and then slid the zipper all the way down. As her short’s loosened there grip I saw that she was wearing panties and that the were black lace in a thong that rode up high on her hip’s and covered very little. I smiled as I leaned forward and kissed her standing only in my boxer’s. Beverly was not shy as she kissed me back hard and drove her tongue against mine and grabbed my package through my boxers. As we kissed I pushed her shorts down till they fell around her ankles and she stepped back wards and out of them. Clad only in her black panties she walked backward toward the bed that sprawled in the back of the trailer. As she sat down and moved back I told her not to worry about any interruptions Sam had orders to keep every one else away until we were done. Nice she said as I knelt before her and leaned down to kiss her again. Beverly laid back and opened her thighs a bit as I laid down next to her and we kissed passionately. I was amazed at how horny she was as I ran my hand’s all over her body and she ran her’s down the front and inside of my boxers. Unh I sighed as I felt her take hold of my cock and squeeze gently but firmly. Beverly smiled and said I like a hard man. I decided to show her hard and so I rolled up on top of her and pushed her back down on the bed and pinched her nipple’s hard. Ahh she moaned as she felt me move my mouth over one and take it in to suck on. Ungh, ungh, ungh she cried as I sucked her tit’s hard and would not let her up. Beverly responded by taking hold of my cock even harder and she began to stroke it up and down firmly working it harder still. I could hardly waite to fuck her brains out but first I was gong to teach her a thing or two. I moved lower still and placed my mouth right at the center of her panties covered crotch and bit down hard. Ahh she cried startled at the sensation that went through her. She had released my cock and I moved my hip down so she couldn’t get it back until I was ready. Lay back and enjoy I told her as she sat half way up. I quickly pulled her panties off and threw them to the floor. Beverly shaved her pussy and it was nice and pink before me. I griped her thighs and pushed them apart as I lowered my mouth and tasted her for the first time. She was soon thrashing around and begging me to go harder and deeper as my tongue drove her insane. I bit down on her clit and sucked it hard as she screamed and bucked her hip’s up against me face. Fuck me please she begged as an orgasm tore through her and she creamed my face. I was in heaven Beverly Mitchell of the WB show seventh heaven was begging me to fuck her brains out in her trailer on the show’s lot. I was not going to deny my self or her the privilege of screwing her and I removed my face and mouth as she panted on the bed. Turn over I told her as I moved up and got ready to fuck her brain’s out. Take me now she pleaded as she lay there. I want you from the rear I said as I grabbed her and rolled her on to her belly. Beverly rolled over in compliance but she shot me a look that spelled trouble if she did not get fucked soon. I pulled her hip’s back toward me and she rolled back up on her hands and knees. I spread her thighs apart exposing her sex and saw that she was definitely ready for me. Quickly I placed the head of my cock at the wet entrance to her pussy and shoved it all the way inside. Beverly screamed as she was filled up and she told me that it felt great. I grunted as I started to fuck her from behind and she began to moan and scream that she was loving every seconded of it. Who knows how long I knelt there my cock pounding in and out of her tight cunt but soon I could feel the pressure begin to build up in my balls. As the sound of beverly’s moaning and panting rang in my ears the feeling of my balls slapping against her thighs was driving me over the edge. I told her that I was going to cum and the I was going to shoot it right into her tight cunt. Beverly moaned even loader and told me to hurry. I dumped my wad deep inside her and when the last of it was out I pulled my cock out of her and just knelt there. Beverly collapsed on the bed face first and sighed. She was covered in sweat and so was I. I looked down at her and my still some what hard cock grew stiff again. Beverly’s nice and shapely ass was right before my eye’s and the thought came to me that she should be thoroughly fuck and that her ass was as yet probably untouched. Beverly I said as I used both hands to pull her leg’s apart have you ever had a guy fuck you in your ass? Hunh she asked dazed. I pulled her hip’s up a bit and asked again have you ever had a guy fuck your ass? No she said. Well you are now I replied. With that I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her tiny asshole and pushed it inside. Beverly screamed as my cock went in and opened her ass to me. Relax I told her it feel’s great after a few moments. Beverly started to relax and I had to grit my teeth to keep from moaning about how good her tight ass felt against my cock. She had me in a vice like grip that was really turning me on. As she relaxed I slowly sank all the way inside of her and enjoyed the tight fit. Beverly told me to hurry up that she had to be home early tonight as she had an early taping tomorrow morning. With a grin I slowly began to fuck her tight ass reaming her like a pro. Soon Beverly was moaning and pushing back against me as we fucked. Hey Beverly I said just thing what the network would say if they knew that you liked it up the ass. Like I care right now she said as she moaned again. For an hour it seemed I reamed my cock in and out of her ass stretching it out as much as I could. Soon Beverly and I were both soaked in sweat and she said remind me to have the trailer cleaned up before tomorrow. No problem I grunted at her as I felt her tighten her ass cheeks and milk my cock some more. Beverly and I both orgasmd together and collapsed on the bed with my cock still inside of her ass. As my cock got soft again I pulled out and rolled over and on to my back next to her. Beverly said hey before you go let’s grab a shower ok. Sure I said. Naked Beverly got up and headed to the shower and turned the water on full blast. I hope you like it hot she said. The hotter the better I replied as I sat up and went to join her. She was standing under the water and she looked hot as hell with her tit’s hanging out and every thing else just there for the eye to see. Sorry about the early night tonight she said as she kissed me wetly. No worry’s so why do you have to tape tomorrow I asked? Jessica was being a bitch and we have to redo about 30 min of tape from today. Say she asked can you pick me up after? Sure when do you thing you’l be done I asked? Around noon I think and then I’m free for the whole week. Your not back until a week from monday I asked? Nope that’s the reason I’m pissed off Jessica messed up the first weekend I’ve had off in month’s she said. Well I said we can spent it together if you want? Great she said well before we go let me give you something to remember me by. With that she dropped to her knee’s and took my cock into her warm wet mouth. Beverly sucked my cock like a pro and I was certain now that I was going to fuck her again as soon as I could. As I thought about how long it would take me to fuck her again and my cock had gotten rock hard thanks to her tongue and the pressure of her lips wrapped around it. I was gasping and moaning as she milked me for al I was worth and I told her that soon I was going to cum. Beverly slid her lip’s to the tip of my cock and she smiled and said in my mouth or in me? Get up I told her. I had no worries that she would sallow every drop down her throat but I wanted her ass again. Beverly grinned at me as she turned around and bent over shoving her ass toward me. I wasted not time and griped her ass cheakss and spread them apart and entered her ass as soon as my cock made contact with her tiny puckered hole. Ahh she screamed in pleasure as she felt me go all the way inside of her. I held her hips tight and began to fuck her mercilessly in the ass as she wailed and came again and again in the shower. Beverly’s tight ass was driving me crazy and I could barely contain my load from the seconded I entered her. Beverly screamed that she loved it and that sent me over the edge and my hot load deep into her tight ass. After it was over we both rinsed off and got dressed again and Beverly told me that she’d call and we would have to do this again soon. We kissed passionately before we left and I climbed back in to my limo and told the driver to take me home.

To be continued….

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