A Date With Destiny

This story is purely fiction and does not depict the sexualities of those involved

I had received a free backstage pass for a all star concert that had Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Anastacia and Destiny’s Child, among others.

After the concert I went backstage to meet the stars.

I got on surprisingly well, especially with Destiny’s Child, and was astounded when Beyonce Knowles asked to see me in her suite around 9 o’clock. I was so excited by this, impatiently waiting for 9 to come round.

Finally it did and went up to her suite politely knocking on the door. No answer. I
knocked again, still no answer.

Puzzled, I looked around, soon finding a note with a key attached to it. I let myself in, walking into the empty room

I immediately heard ushered voices in the bedroom adjacent to the one I was in

I made my way over to where the noise was emanating, pressing my ear against the door

The noises were muffled, but it sounded as though someone was having sex

Curious, I opened the door slightly, peering round the crack

To my amazement, I saw Beyonce on the bed, her band mate Kelly Rowland’s head buried between her legs. I gasped. I was so turned on, my cock was raging hard

I heard more noises and saw Michelle Williams appear from the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel

She looked over to where I was standing, gazing her eyes directly on me

I had been spotted!

Beckoning me, she led me over to the second bed, running her hand up my leg, edging closer to my cock. She rubbed it, making it hard within seconds

She slowly undid my zip, slipping a hand inside, fumbling for my hardness

After a few moments of pleasure, she slipped my pants and underwear down to my knees, kneeling in front of my crotch, taking my cock in her beautiful mouth, sucking on it gently

I was astounded that someone this beautiful and famous was sucking my cock.

I looked over at the bed. Kelly and Beyonce had swapped positions, with Beyonce eating Kelly’s gorgeous pussy

The sight was too much for me and I warned Michelle of my imminent climax

She moved faster over the length until I exploded in her waiting mouth

She took it all, lapping it up feverishly, until there was nothing left

She let go of my cock and I looked down at her. Drops of my jism ran down her chin, and I smiled

She bent over the bed, instructing me to fuck her.

Not having to be asked twice, I mounted her and she wiggled her hips to let me go in further

I fucked her with wild abandon, her screams encouraging me even more

Beyonce and Kelly were now in a 69 position on the bed opposite us

The sight before me was amazing, two beautiful black women eating each other out right in front of me!

With another one fucking me so incredibly. I was in heaven!

Sensing me watching them, they stopped what they were doing, coming over to the bed where we lay

Kelly kissed me instantly, her hot tongue probing my mouth. I kissed her back, meeting her delicious tongue with mine

Beyonce had taken over from Michelle, and was sucking my cock, her tongue running over the bumpy surface. Michelle had buried her face in Beyonce’s snatch, licking at sucking at her treasure

The scene was too much for me, and I exploded into Kelly’s tiny mouth, sending my jism flying

Beyonce helped her to lick me up, and I soon had two gorgeous girls sucking on my softening member

She then moved up to my mouth, giving me long lingering kiss, and I tasted myself on her.

Kelly ran her hand over my cock, and I felt it harden again within seconds

Placing my cock at her love hole entrance, she guided it in. I sighed as the soft walls of her cervix surrounded my meat

She impaled herself on me, fucking me with haste. I knew at this rate, I wouldn’t last long

I told her to slow down, and she did so, moving instead at a steady pace

Michelle kissed me hard on the lips, nibbling at them gently, making them bleed

She moved over to Beyonce, kissing her, mixing my blood with her saliva

I watched as the two girls embraced passionately. I interrupted, giving them a sweet kiss, our tongues frantically entwining

The two girls turned their attentions on each other, moving into position.

They ate each other’s pussies out, and I was stunned that they knew what to do. I never expected this!

Kelly was working wonders on my cock, and I felt myself about to explode once more

Sensing this, she stopped her movements, sliding her mouth off my raging hard on

She told me to come over her tits, and I did, coating her liberally with my cream

She rubbed it into her chocolate skin, massaging it gently between the crevice of her beautiful mountains

Michelle and Beyonce stopped their movements, making their way over to Kelly

They licked my milky cream off her skin, occasionally mixing it between their mouths

Stunned, I lay there and watched, amazed at the incredible sight before me

Once done, they lay back on the bed

Beyonce looked at me with a twinkle of mischief in her beautiful brown eyes

“I hope you got all night” she said to me in her soft Southern Texas drawl “cos this ain’t over yet………..”

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