A Date With Jennifer Love Hewitt

A date with JLH

disclaimer: this is a story, it is not true.

By: Sbranto

I took a cab to Jennifer’s house, and realized that I
was an hour early. I had participated in a charity
raffle and won a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt, who
had kindly agreed to participate in the charity
event.I had brought a camera along, in the hopes of
taking some pictures of Jennifer. Figuring that she
probably wasn’t home, I nevertheless rang the
doorbell. She came to the door in an evening dress,
looking absolutely stunning. She was a small woman,
only 5’2, tanned, and slender. She invited me in, and
told me that I was
a lucky guy – over 1,000 people had
bought raffle tickets for a date with her. When I told
her that I had flown in all the way from the East
coast, she sounded stunned, saying “you flew across
country for a date with me? You really know how to
make a woman feel special! I am going to do everything
I can to make this an absolutely unforgettable
evening.” I had an strong urge to give her specific
suggestions as to how she could make my evening
enjoyable, but I refrained from responding.

She ordered dinner – pizza, which arrived an hour
after she ordered it. While we were waiting for
dinner, I told her how I loved her t.v. show, Time Of
Your Life, how I thought the show and her acting
talents were underrated, and how sad I was that it got
cancelled. “Your so sweet” she said, “I put my soul
into that show, and you’re the first person who’s told
me that they liked my performance. Most people tell me
that without my breasts I would be nothing.” I seized
the opportunity, “You have immense breasts – I mean
acting talents, and I am convinced that your sex – I
mean your success is assured.” I blushed, realizing
that I had made two Freudian slips in one sentence,
but Jennifer just smiled a radiant smile and thanked
me. The doorbell rang and she brought in the pizza. We
both had a few slices and discussed her upcoming

After we had finished eating, I asked to see her
bedroom, and she agreed. As we entered her bedroom,
she asked “are you seeing anyone?”. I responded that I
wasn’t. She gazed at me with a look of sincerity,
purity, and beauty that only JLH could give. “That
must be really hard, don’t you get sexually
frustrated? I mean, doesn’t the sperm build up in your
testicles?” I was shocked, I hadn’t expected her to
start talking about this, but I sure as heck didn’t
want to change the subject. “It does”, I said, “but
what can you do about it?” “Well, you could always
masturbate. I love to masturbate, even though I’m
sexually active.” I didn’t know how to respond, so I
said nothing.

She sat down on her bed. “I realize that you were
probably hoping to sleep with me, but I wasn’t going
to allow anything to happen unless you treated me like
a lady, with respect. You’ve passed the test, John,
and tonight you can do absolutely whatever you want
with me.” “You shouldn’t say that” I stammered,
“people might get the wrong impression.” “John” she
whispered in that sweet, innocent, but matter-of-fact
way, “I can see a large bulge in your pants, so I’m
guessing that you want to do all sorts of things to
me. Go for it.” I looked at her, and she smelled of
soap and perfume. I didn’t need any more
encouragement. I kissed her passionately, sticking my
tongue as deep into her mouth as I could. I took her
bottom lip in my mouth, and began sucking on it. She
felt warm, and her skin was silky smooth, incredibly
soft. I placed my hands on her breasts, feeling their

Jennifer unstrapped the gown, and then removed her
bra. Her large breasts popped out, and I immediately
sprang upon them, fondling them, kissing, licking, and
sucking them. Her nipples were quite large, and I
could feel that her hefty, soft breasts were entirely
real. She stroked my hair, saying “I get the feeling
that this is going to be quite a night!” She was now
in her panties, which I removed, and she stood naked
before me. I looked between her legs and saw a full,
thick bush of dark brown hair. I stroked her pubic
hairs, then quickly removed my clothes. “Oh, wow!” she
said when she saw my engorged member “your so big!”
She cupped my testicles with her fingers, and began
feeling my balls. She put her fingers on the tube
running from one of my balls. “That is the ductus
deferens. It’s the tube where your sperm flows out.”
She followed the tube up to the base of my dick. “This
part is known as the bulb of the penis. She kissed my
dick, working her way up to the tip. “The tip is known
as the glans.” I was impressed by her knowledge of the
male reproductive organ.

I laid down on the bed, and told her that I wanted to
fuck her breasts. She smiled, and took a drink of
water. Jennifer then positioned her mouth an inch from
my cock and slowly deposited a mouthful of saliva on
it. She then massaged her saliva into my penis until
my entire member was wet, put my dick on her breasts,
and began sliding my dick into and all around her full
breasts and erect nipples. Each thrust sent my fully
erect penis into warm, soft flesh. Jennifer was
sighing, telling me how big I was, how this was
stimulating her sensitive nipples. I knew I couldn’t
hold out much longer, so I laid her down on the bed,
and put her hands on my dick. She immediately began
stroking it, using more of her saliva as lubrication.
After a couple of minutes of her stroking and sucking
I could feel my orgasm welling up. I hadn’t had an
orgasm in a week, I felt my balls were going to bust
open. The orgasm kept building, as I could feel the
sperm traveling down my urethra. I let out a yell as
it spurt out onto Jennifer’s face. Jenn kept stroking,
and my cock kept pumping, until her nose, cheeks,
mouth, lips, and chin were drenched in thick, creamy
semen. I took out my camera and took a photo of her.
She smiled for the camera. “Don’t worry”, I said,
these photos won’t get out into the public.” “I’m not
worried. There are so many fakes out there of so many
celebrities that no one would believe you if you said
it was real.”

“John, that was really impressive, it felt like 5 guys
came on me. I don’t know which is more impressive,
your really big dick or the torrent of sperm you just
released on my face.” I gasped for breath, and
Jennifer went on – “Every guy I’ve ever dated has
humped my breasts and cum all over my face, so Im
pretty familiar with getting facials. But only one man
has exceeded you in penis size and semen output.” I
had to ask “who?” “Alec Baldwin. The guy has a 10 inch
dick and when he came all over my face it felt like 6
guys gave me facials at once.” I realized now that
Jennifer Love Hewitt wasn’t nearly as innocent as she
would have the public believe.

I went down on her, kissing her inner thighs and
nuzzling her bush. I could feel how wet she was, and
my re-invigorated cock slid deep inside her. She
gasped as she took my penis in, and I could feel the
tip of my dick touching her cervix. I wanted to kiss
her some more, but then I saw her cum covered face and
decided to suck on her breasts instead. I grabbed her
ass and pounded as hard as I could, as she wrapped her
legs around mine and put her hands on my butt, pushing
me in her. She egged me on, saying, “oh you’re so
big, god you’re enormous, you’re such a big man. Pump
me full of your essence.” With that encouragement, I
shot another massive load deep inside her, I must have
coated her entire vagina and cervical canal with
sperm. After a few moments of clutching her warm body
I pulled out, and she sighed, “that was amazing, when
you were cumming I could feel your dick twitching and
jerking inside of me, then I felt the warm sensation
of your sperm inside me. As soon as she said that a
thick puddle of semen flowed out of her vagina and
onto her thighs. I picked up my camera and took a
picture of my semen running down her smooth leg. She
wiped it up with her fingers like it was hot fudge,
and put her fingers in her mouth. She wiped her
fingers clean, and rolled her tongue around as if she
were sampling a fine liquor. She then swallowed my
cum. “It’s weird, but each guys sperm is different.
Your sperm is very salty, very thick. Scott Wolf’s
semen was more watery, it had a tangy taste. Alec
Baldwin’s semen was very gloppy. Carson Daly’s jism
was sweet, and Joey Lawrence’s cum reminded me of clam
chowder. I could go on and on.” “I’m sure you could” I
said, wondering how long was her list of lovers.

Hearing her talk like this was getting me aroused
again, and I told her that I wanted to pound her ass.
“Well, if I can fit Alec’s dick up my ass, I should be
able to handle yours.” She opened a drawer and brought
out a bottle of vaseline. “Lubricate my ass and your
manhood, then just slide it in.” I did as I was told,
then I had her lie on all fours on the bed. I saw her
lovely butt right in front of me, and immediately
began licking it. “Oh, that’s an interesting
sensation. No one has ever licked my ass before.” I
kept licking, going as far down as her thighs, then
going back up to her cheeks, bathing her in my saliva.
“Are you going to lick my ass, or fuck me up the ass?”
She asked. I grabbed ahold of her hips, opened her
butt cheeks, and shoved my penis deep inside her anus.
I had never done anal before, but I could tell she had
by the ease with which my member slid in. I pounded
her for several minutes, with her on all fours
touching herself while I pounded her ass as fiercely
as I could. Her heavy breasts jiggled, and she
grunted after each thrust. She smelled strongly of
saliva and sperm, which she was pretty well coated
with. I grabbed ahold of her body and pushed as far
into her as I could, and my dick pumped her ass full
of jism. She continued fingering herself, with me
still inside her and clutching her tightly, until she
let out a scream and her body quivered in orgasm. I
removed myself from her, picked up my camera, and
photographed my jism dribbling out of her ass. We both
fell asleep, exhausted.

The next morning I awoke to find her asleep beside me.
I was aroused again, so I moved my erect penis right
into her mouth. That woke her up, and she tried to say
something, but with my member in her mouth she was in
no condition to speak. She then grabbed ahold of my
dick and began sucking in earnest. I was amazed at how
good she was – the tip of her tongue kept swirling
around the sensitive tip of my dick, sometimes
flicking it, sometimes lapping it. I took a photo of
her sucking on my dick. I could feel an intense orgasm
coming on, so I grabbed her head and began thrusting
away. A thick, warm load spurt into her mouth, forcing
her to puff her cheeks out to avoid spilling any. It
took her three swallows to get it all down. “Well,
since you’ve taken care of my breakfast, why don’t you
join me for a shower? I gladly joined her, and
massaging her young body with soap was the most
sensuous feeling I’ve ever had. I flew back to
Washington a blissfully happy man, with memories to
last a lifetime, and a set of photos guaranteed to


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