A Day At The Beach

A Day At The Beach (ff)

Fun. But strange.

There was a lot of that going around. While the average person filed
off to see Jim Carrey mug for the camera once again at the
supermegaplex of their choice, down Mexico way in a small town named
Puerto Nuevo, something special was happening.

Salma Hayek & Jessica Alba were laughing.

They’d finished a day of shooting their new movie, which was an
adventure in and of itself. A hot young USC’s film student’s
treatment had, according to tabloid legend, somehow
ended up on the
desk of Spielberg, who was having the independent film about a Latino
coming of age and dealing with his crazy sisters. It had gotten
great buzz, and Hayek & Alba both were hired as sisters of the
protagonist. After the initial uncertianties, they had become
friends on-set, a modified sort of Stockholm Syndrome that kept
things nice & peaceable. Though the kid was young and borrowed a bit
from Hitchcock’s book, early shooting had gone so well that they’d
earned the next day off. However, after having to be up at 7 for
makeup and shooting most of the day, they’d decided to go to a small
restaurant and eat lobster and kill some stress by way of margarita.

The sunset from the second floor was magnificent, and they quickly
absconded away to nearby Rosarito, where they danced at a few clubs,
fueled the fires of many a young man’s imagination on the dance
floor, and of course, didn’t have to pay for a single one of the 19
drinks they put away between them. They somehow managed to get to
the condo/hotel they were staying at for the duration of the shoot,
and went to quiet slumber next to each other still in their skimpy
party dresses at the crack of 4 a.m.

But at 11 a.m., it all came crashing down. The sun was too bright to
ignore and they both moaned in a dazed stupor; tried to get things
together. As they tried to shake loose the last remnants of their
respective hangovers, Salma suggested they go down to the beach just
down the way and chat, try and get rid of this mental cloud while
working on their tans. Jessica agreed to it, and left to get ready.

Salma was lying on the secluded beach in a rainbow-striped bikini on
a towel. A bottle of lotion and a cooler laid next to her, and she
was starting to grow impatient of waiting. She looked at her watch
(1:12) and as she looked up again something caught her eye that
would’ve stopped any male heart and quite a few female ones as well.
Jessica was ambling up the beach, with a football poking out of a
nicely wrapped towel in one hand and a stereo in the other.

"Now why didn’t I think of that?" Salma thought to herself as Jessica
drew even nearer. The Beach Boys were singing about finding a new
place where the kids were hip as Jessica put down her stuff and gave
her castmate a solid hug.

"You look absolutely amazing for someone who drank her weight in
vodka last night!" laughed Salma. It was true. Jessica had come
back wearing a cut off gray shirt with the words "Don’t fight the
feeling. You know you want me." in white. The shirt was just
barely covering what it needed to–had it been a student, it would’ve
gotten 72% for the class–and she had finished the ensemble with a
black bikini bottom.

"Really?" asked Jessica quizically, but with a smirk on her face.
She looked herself over and turned around, part to check, and part
for show. "I still wasn’t thinking right, so I just put on what I
sleep in."

Jessica laid out next to Salma, and smiled. "I hope you brought some
food. Thank God you remembered the lotion, the sun’s already way up
there." Salma smiled at her younger counterpart. "Not to worry."
She rummaged around in the cooler, and produced a nice large slice of
seedless watermelon. "Last one the bodega had," said Hayek. "You
don’t mind sharing it with me, do you?" "Oh, no! Not at all!"
exclaimed Jess. Truth was, she would’ve liked to share a lot with
Salma. But her head kept telling her to chase those thoughts away.
They both kneeled over the fruit, and began to eat. Their headaches
becoming a thing of the past, they both ate away.

The sound of Jessica slurping away, the look of her face and her
shirt wet with the sticky sucrose gave Salma a weird feeling. She
couldn’t quite put her finger on it and it worried her. She had
gotten to know Alba quite well, and thought maybe she was just
worried about script matters. She settled back down to her modified
brunch. Jessica was tingling all over. All her nerve endings seemed
sparked and she was sure her nipples were about to break out of this
fabric. The thoughts came down in a torrent now, sparking her vivid
imagination of what she’d actually been doing an hour ago to herself
in the shower thinking about her attractive co-star.

"Hey, Salma? You mind oiling me up?" asked Jess, biting her lower
lip. "You make it sound like a chore!" laughed Salma back at
her. "Come here." All too happy to obey, Jessica slid back to
Salma. Hayek got out the lotion and went to work. Slowly her hands
went up and down Jessica’s smooth legs. The thoughts were a dull
roar like the blue waves against the surf. No matter where Alba
tried to turn her thoughts, it was too much. Hayek’s hands ran over
her stomach, and as they got to the fringe of the shirt Jessica
reached back, pulled Salma slightly forward, and leaned backward to
kiss her, feeling her hard nipples into her back.

Salma didn’t react outwardly to the kiss, but perhaps by making sure
Jess had to stay in the same hotel, and by hanging on to the hugs
they’d exchange, her body was trying to tell the heart the message.
Jessica looked at her with some serious lust in her eyes and before
Salma could say a word, Jessica was right on top. Her body and heart
were acting as one now, and Salma would reap the benefits. She was
all over Salma’s face with kisses and slurps.

"You’re so good…so good…" she kept saying on the rare occasions
she came up for air. They French kissed as Jessica undid her top and
snaked him from her. She quickly showed the same devotion to the
breats she had to the face, and Salma quit trying to resist. She
brought her hands and rested them firmly on Jessica’s ass as Jessica
continued work and began to tongue-fuck her navel. Salma loved that–
it was a quirky bed thing of hers hardly any previous boyfriend had
done, but she loved it all the same and began to tug her nipples to

Sometimes the body knows before the heart does.

Alba quickly yanked down the bottoms and began to eat Salma out.
This was great. "Mmmmmm….yeah…" were all the words Hayek could
muster as she wondered how could Jess do this? She knew the
simplicity and wonder of it: you simply acted like you were at the
best taco shop in the world. "That’s it, Jessica, that’s it!"
encouraged Salma. She was wondering how she got in this, and why she
should be getting this from someone nearly half her age, but
Jessica’s skilled mouth was getting it done. She slipped in a couple
of fingers to her box and Salma knew a meteor couldn’t stop her from
cumming now. She began to curse and cry out to God (in Spanish!) and
soon…but Jessica backed off. "No, no, please, please!" cried
Salma, but Jessica was about to take it even further. She got a cube
of ice from the cooler and slid it in and out of Salma’s toes. Salma
had never had such sensations done to her. Jess slid the cube in and
out of her toes and then began to suck them off. Seeing Jess’ sexy
smile, feeling her tongue caress her skin, "Where would I rather be
than this?" she thought betweeen moans. Jessica decided to go back
to her clit after a while and munched down on it fiercely.

"I’m going to…I’m going to..OH GOD! JESUS JESUS JESUS I’M GOING TO
CUMMM!" screamed Salma, and suddenly a white hot flash of light hit
as her entire body was rocked with the fiercest orgasm of her life.
She came for nearly a solid minute. Jessica managed to swallow the
initial fluids but after that she just let it happen, cascading down
her pretty face, keeping some of it on her lips, her cheeks, ripping
off the shirt so it could trickle down her breasts. Salma laid back
and breathed for the first time in years it seemed to her. On her
knees still, exhausted but happy, drenched in the cum of her lover,
Jess relaxed visibly. "God, you were so good. I was waiting for that
last night." Salma laughed and said, "Time to return the favor,
mami." Chris Issak began to play and Jessica was tingling all over
again. Salma licked off all over her cum, the mere touch of her
tongue sucking away on her firm nipples almost made Jess come from
the start. Salma laid her down and covered her body in lotion,
emptying the bottle. With her hands resuming their work of covering
the legs, she slid her leg between Jess’ and rubbed away on her clit
with it. Jessica was sliding a finger in and out of her mouth in
anticipation and then Salma’s breats slid over hers and rubbed in the
lotion on hers.

"FUCK!" moaned Jessica. She really wanted to go longer, but she saw
Salma rubbing away, her nipples getting hard and her body about to
burst again and she couldn’t take it. "I’m going to…Jesus Salma,
faster, yeah…I’m going to…" and suddenly Salma pulled her on top
of herself for a 69.

Viva Mexico.

Jessica eagerly slurped away again, she knew Salma was getting off on
this just as much as she was and suddenly Hayek was underneath her
drinking her juices and it was her turn to eat. "Mmmmghh!" was all
Alba could manage. Salma reached into the cooler, and went for her
secret weapon: an ice dildo. She took half of it in her mouth, and
slid the rest of it into Jessica’s ass. Jessica’s head snapped back
from the coldness and she went after her pussy with renewed vigor.
The muffled moans started to sound alike. Jess got a couple rounds
into Salma’s face and chest and Salma came in Alba’s face for the
third time. Jessica rolled off the top and Salma thought she was
done, but she wasn’t. She was going to exhaust every last drop of
energy she could muster. She held her hands with Salma’s, and
positioned herself. They kissed and held it. Their pussies began to
vibrate against each other and neither broke the embrace. After some
more rubbing, Salma firmly placed her hips on Jessica’s ass and let
it ride. Jessica was bouncing up and down like a small child
recently given some sugar, and their slick bodies threw it all to the
wind. Both of them nearly got off at the same time, their mutual cum
managing to splatter Salma’s stomach and the upper part of Jessica’s
torso with the force.

They collapsed happily, and smiled at each other.

"We have to do that again." said Salma between moans.

"The moment I get enough strength." smiled Jessica, cuddling up and
lying down on Salma’s stomach.

The waves lapped against the shore, the hearts were satiated, the sun
shone away on their exhausted bodies, and Marvin Gaye played in the

It was quite difficult to imagine a day off better than this.

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