A Day At The Pool

A Day At The Pool

by Unknown

Kristin Kreuk was in her hotel room one-day feeling bored out of her
mind. The heat was getting to her, she was sweating and feeling very
uncomfortable. She decided to go for a swim in the hotel pool. She
picked out a blue bikini and started to put it on. The bikini top
was a bit tight on her and she could clearly see her erect nipples.
The bikini bottom was even tighter. The folds of her pussy could
clearly be seen through the material. She then put on a white towel
robe and went to the pool.

She was glad that no one was there to see her in the revealing
She dived in, it was such a hot summer that the water felt
like heaven as it washed over her incredible body. Kristin was
enjoying her swim when I arrived. My father owned the hotel and I
took advantage of all the perks…like using the pool. She acted as if
she didn’t notice me as I jumped in the pool and started to swim
some laps.

Kristin soon became tired of swimming and decided to go sun off on
the lounge chair. As she exited the pool she gave me a great view of
her fabulous ass hidden by the tight bikini. She lay down on the
chair and closed her eyes. She was absolutely gorgeous. I went to
the edge of the pool to get a better look at her body. She was so
beautiful, just lying there basking in the sun. The sight of her
lying there on her back was very arousing. Her skin a beautiful
almost glowing tan with little beads of perspiration springing out
all over her body. Her little tits standing up proud and pointing
straight up. She could even make out her aureole and nipple poking
up, almost as if she were cold, or aroused. Her smooth stomach
stretched taught by her posture on her back, and even her pubic
mound thrust up and outlined by her skimpy suit bottom. I watched as
she started running her hand up and down her stomach. Just the
slightest motion that you wouldn’t even notice if you weren’t
watching. Her hand sliding over her beautiful clear skin, spreading
the moisture on her stomach and slowly gliding down until just her
fingertips were tracing along the top of her bikini bottom and back
up to about her belly button.

Then she opened her eyes and saw me staring at her.

“What the hell is wrong with you…… you fucking perv!!!” she yelled.

“I’m so sorry, its just that you’re so beautiful” I replied

She blushed a little “You know you can’t be staring at women like
that” she continued

“I know, I’m very sorry” was my answer.

She stood up and sat at the edge of the pool right next to me.

“Hi, my name is Kristin Kreuk”

It all clicked, she was the chick from Smallville

“I love your show” was all I could say

Again she blushed “Thanks”

As she was saying this, she started shivering and cupped her arms
around her chest. It squeezed her tits together, plus her nipples
were showing a considerable sign that she was cold. She must not
have realized, but she was giving me a considerable look at her

Kristin Kreuk was, sitting in front of me in a wet tight swimsuit.
It was cold, and her nipples were sitting through the thin fabric.
We started into a small conversation introducing our lives and

My dick got very hard looking at her young tight body, but she
didn’t see it as I was still in the water. She started to gather her towel “Let’s go get some ice cream . . .
my treat”

As she got ready to leave she bent over on her knees, her butt facing
me. As she lent over to pick up her towel, her wet pussy lips were
squeezed through her thighs. The suit was tight, and her tight mound
could be quite clearly seen. It clung to the v-shaved valley that
was formed, the suit emphasizing her deep cunt.

“Come on get out of the pool”

I couldn’t get out cause she would see my huge boner and I would be
so embarrassed. But I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. I slowly
got out hunched over in an effort to hide the shape of my hard dick.
But it was useless, she saw it immediately. Her face turned red with

I couldn’t believe the circumstances, I could of died. But I noticed
that Kristin’s face was turning from shock, to slight embarrassment.
Was that a sly smile on her face?

I could not believe my luck with her next question. “So”, she
slightly mumbled, “could you give me a look”. And she nodded
downwards, making it very clear what she was talking about. I
thought I was now in a position to bargain. “No” I said, risking on
a reply from her. “Unless, you show something”.

Kristin smiled and glanced at her body. She kneeled in front of me
and cupped each breast in her hand. She started to rub them
together, making them look even larger. She then sighed as with each
thumb she started circling her nipples. Her nipples stretched
through the fabric, the circles around them becoming darker as she
got more aroused. She started kneading each tit, she took two
fingers and started pinching her nipples between them. They squeezed
between each fingertip, almost bursting between them. She started
wincing and making slight squeaks as she pinched harder. Her nipples
were almost flat between her fingers, and they were large nipples.
She rubbed hard, but gained control. She opened her eyes and glanced
at me, “Now show me”, she ordered.

I removed my suit and placed them at the side of the pool. Kristin
gave a quick gasp. I was huge. I stood in front of a kneeling
Kristin Kreuk. My cock stood straight up towards Kristin’s face, it
was purple, wide and long. Pre-cum started dribbling from it’s head.
Kristin was dying to touch it.

“Touch me”, I asked, in half a gasp.

She shook her head. She wanted to tease. She squeezed her nipples
tighter. “Wank for me. I want to watch, I’ll make it worth your

I grasp my member and started slipping my hand up and down, making
it glisten with wetness. Kristin took hold of each swimsuit band and
slowly lowered the top half of it. Inch by inch of her skin was
revealed. Her breasts really were fantastic. Firm and rounded. She
stopped just before her nipples appeared. Again she held them in her
fingertips, however this time there was nothing covering them. They
were deep scarlet from the pinching, and jutted from her breast. She
continued squeezing, however her eyes weren’t closed, they were
focused squarely on my cock, which was being wanked slowly, making
sure it didn’t finish too quickly. Kristin smiled approvingly. She
looked up into my eyes. They were focused on her breasts. Hers
stared at the slapping of the cock. She enjoyed the wet slipping
sound it made. She was incredibly horny, and it was having an
enormous effect on her. She needed to touch herself, and yet didn’t
want to expose herself completely. She needed to keep some of herself
hidden for later. She sat cross-legged, with her legs spread wide,
her lower half still covered by the bikini bottom. This caught my
attention. By now Kristin had been out of the water long enough to
be completely dry. However there was a large dark patch at her
crotch, she was so wet. Kristin noticed my glance and tried to
spread her thighs wider. This stretched the material of the swimsuit
tightly across her crotch. If she was trying to be even slightly
modest about herself, she need not have bothered. The fabric was so
stretched, that it showed every outline of her pussy. He could
clearly make out her engorged lips, some sort of inner fold of
flesh, and within that, some sort of deeper valley of flesh between
the folds. If it was not covered, Kristin’s total cunt, clit, lips
and vagina would have been on complete display. The fabric wedged
into this valley, and stretched so that it placed pressure on her
clit. It created a type of unbearably pleasurable itch that had to
be scratched.

She saw me getting overly excited about seeing her half naked body
and suddenly stopped.

She sudenly put back on her bikini top and stopped.

“Why don’t you pass by my hotel room tonight for the real show?”

I was so pissed because I would have blue balls the whole day until
tonight but I had to agree. Kristin made her way to her room horny as hell and couldn’t wait for
tonight, she called up her close friend

“Hey Brooke, wanna pass by my hotel tonight, I’ve gotta surprise”

Kristin then went and lay down on her bed. She was thinking to

“Damn, I can’t wait for tonight, fucking Brooke Burke and some
stranger… it’s going to be great!”

The night had finally arrived and I found myself knocking at
Kristin’s door. She greeted me and invited me in. She was wearing a tank top and
tight jeans. She immediately grabbed me and pulled me on top of her on her bed.
She stuck her tongue down my throat and explored my mouth. My dick
began to grow and Kristin could feel it grinding into her pelvis.

“I’m not sure what to do, it’s my first time” I murmured under my

“Wow a virgin, this must be my lucky day, don’t worry I’ll teach you
everything” she replied excitedly.

She unfastened my shirt and I shrugged it off. I shivered.

“Are you cold?” she asked.

I shook my head.

She then removed her jeans and top to reveal her toned body covered
only by her white bra and panties.

“Here, undo my bra.” I reached for the front clasp, but my hands
trembled so much with nervousness, I couldn’t open it. “Let me,” she
said, and then she took my hands away and unclipped it. The two cups
fell away and I gazed for the second time today at her wonderful
breasts. They were firm and round. She took my hands and put them on
her breasts. She closed her eyes and sighed as I ran my thumbs
across her nipples.

Already I was hard in my pants. Kristin opened her eyes and saw the
bulge, and then she unfastened my belt, pulled down my zipper, and
then tugged down my pants and underpants. My stiff prick pounced
upwards. She grabbed it in her hands and rubbed it back and forth,
felt it pulse with desire. Kristin placed her thumbs under the rim
of her panties and pulled them down. She sat down on the carpeted
floor. Her knees were together, her arms spread out behind her. She
then walked towards me, she reached out and held my dick gently. It
was quite a long time since she had done this and it brought very
fond memories flooding back. ‘Lie back and enjoy the sensation, I
guarantee you’ll enjoy it,’ she said.

She started slowly rubbing my cock. She was surprised how large and
rock hard it was. I said how good it felt. Kristin said, ‘Its going
to feel even better soon.’ She felt my dick twitching in her hand in
no time at all I had cum and ejaculated my sperm all over her hands.

She then lay on the bed and spread her legs, revealing every fold of
her pussy. It was glistening wet.

“Just put your head between here and do what comes naturally”
Kristin said with a smile

The smell of her juices was distinctly inviting, and her cunt was
without any hair. I felt along her legs running my hands up to her
ass. As my head slid down between her legs, I again began to smell
the wonderful musky aroma of her wet pussy. I opened my mouth so my
lips could meet her moist lips of her pussy. As my lips touched her
pussy, I began to lick the outsides of her lips. As soon as my
tongue touched the lips of her pussy, Kristin let out a long moan
and I knew she was really getting off. Kristin’s pussy was so hot
and wet; I was in heaven. I spread the inner lips of her pussy with
my fingers and began to run my tongue up and down her inner lips, up
to her clitoris, and then back down.

Kristin began to move her hips back and forth as I inserted my
tongue into her vagina. I stuck my tongue into her pussy as far as I
could and then pulled it back out and slid it back up to her
clitoris. I began to make small, firm circles around her clit, and
as I licked it directly, I felt her entire body jump. I sucked her
clitoris between my lips and Kristin began to moan. I slid my tongue
back into her vagina over and over. I then moved it back to her
inner folds of her pussy and began to lick faster and faster. I
moved back to her clitoris and sucked it between my lips and gently
nibbled it. Kristin’s breaths were coming in short pants now and her
hips were pulsating up and down on the bed. Kristin’s body stiffened
as I began writing the alphabet on her clitoris with my tongue.
Within seconds, I felt her body shudder, her legs began to quivered,
and finally, she let out a soft moan as she came. After the
sensation Kristin arose with the biggest smile on her face. ” Now
it’s time for real penetration. ”

By now Kristin was ready for my prick, and she showed it. She was
hot and sweaty feeling up her pussy. “Just shove that big boy
straight in here” she demanded. I stepped forward, my cock leading
the way. I stopped at the entrance to her pussy, “are you sure” I
asked knowing what I wanted the answer to be. “Stop talking and fuck
my cunt” she replied, I ran the head of my cock over her pussy lips
only parting them slightly, the anticipation was killing her, I
pulled my cock until only an inch was left inside her she tried to
impale herself on my cock but I held back. I pushed the entire
length of my cock deep inside her in one huge stroke. She screamed
out her climax to the world as her second orgasm of the night ripped
through her. I shot my seed deep inside her cunt.
“That was amazing,” said Kristin as she came down off her cloud, “I
really needed that.”

“Now you take a rest its Brooke’s turn”

“Brooke who????” was my reply

“That Brooke” she said pointing to the corner

When I turned around I saw the most beautiful sight in the world.
Brooke Burke with her panties around her knees and two fingers
plunged in her tight pussy. Seeing this my dick quickly became stiff
once again. Kristin noticed this, she firmly grabbed my cock “Not
yet mister, you had your fun . . . . . for now”

Kristin walked over to an ever so patient Brooke. Kristin took
Brooke’s fingers from her pussy and licked them like a dick.

“Baby I’m going to eat your pussy and make you feel sooo good.” Said

On hearing this Brooke got a sly grin on her face.

Kristin’s hands roamed all over Brooke’s body, through here hair,
down to her luscious neck, and on to her small tits. Brooke was so
wet she couldn’t take it any more she screamed for Kristin to eat
her pussy, Kristin was happy to oblige. Kristin got down on the
floor and spread Brooke’s legs. For a moment she sat and stared at
the beautiful twat that was in front of h er, and then buried her
face in it. She licked very slowly at first then began to quicken
her pace, at the same time massaging Brooke’s clit in her left hand.
Before long Brooke was moaning very loudly. Brooke’s body began to
pulse and throb, “I’M CUMMING!!!!!”, Brooke’s screamed at the top of
her lungs. Kristin’s face was covered in Brooke’s juices.

“I would love to return the favor if you don’t mind?” said Brooke.
“Oh by all means, please do” retorted Kristin.

Kyle laid back on the floor and spread her legs. Brooke knelt down
between her legs and started sucking on her clit. “Ohhhhhhhh…”
Kristin let out a throaty moan, and cupped her own breasts. “Oh,
Brooke… ” Brooke’s tongue and teeth played over her pussy like an
expert, as she was licking Kristin’s juices. Brooke opened her mouth
wide and swallowed as much of Kristin’s pussy as she could, trying
to swallow her cunt. Kristin loved this and screamed aloud
PLEASE, FUCK” Kri sten began to ram her cunt into Brooke’s face and
fuck her mouth and nose. Brooke held onto Kristin’s calves as
Kristin held her cunt hard against her face as her orgasm subsided.

“Now its time for a threesome” moaned Kristin, motioning me over
with her finger. I was very excited. Brooke couldn’t wait she
started to finger herself.

My dick was rock solid, and my balls were swollen with cum. Kristin
sat me on the floor then bowed her head and started sucking me off,
while I watched Brooke ease her finger into her dripping slit. Soon,
she added a second finger, and started finger fucking herself quite
roughly. I watched the juices drip down her thighs and onto the
carpet. She started getting noisier, gasping out loud, then moaning,
eventually crying out. She was going to cum pretty soon, that was
easy to tell. Just as I was nearing the edge, Kristin pulled back
and my dick slipped out of her warm sucking mouth. She playfully
slapped my bobbing dick.

“Down boy, you’re not wasting all that cum
in my mouth. Brooke wants it all in her tight pussy.” I couldn’t
believe my ears. As if to prove it, Kristin kneeled on the floor
between Brooke’s legs, and spoke to Brooke.

“Baby, lift your ass up so I can finger it.” Brooke shifted her position a little, and in
one quick motion, Kristin licked her finger and slipped it deep into
Krist en’s ass, Brooke crying out loud at the rapid invasion, which
pushed her over the edge to orgasm. Her legs spasmed as she
climaxed, her fingers working her pussy and Kristin are working her
ass. When she had finished cumming I leaned forward and took hold of
Brooke’s hand, and gently licked the juices from her fingers. Her
eyes glazed over.

Kristin picked me up off the floor and made me lie down on the bed
on my back, and she helped Brooke kneel over me. That way she could
control the penetration. Brooke gently lowered herself onto my dick
while Kristin guided me in. Brooke’s pussy was very tight. Soon I
came to a stop when the end of my dick pressed against her hymen. W
ith Kristin’s hands tightly grasping Brooke’s ass, Brooke pushed
down slowly breaking through her hymen, and I slid all the way in.
She grimaced at the brief pain, but it soon went away. She slowly
started riding me, gradually building up speed. It felt incredible,
she had a great trick of squeezing her muscles holding my dick
tight. After about ten minutes of this, I could feel my orgasm
starting to build, and Brooke had hers. She threw her head back and
cried out, as Kristin rubbed her clit hard. Her juices ran down her
crotch and onto me. She slowed down her riding motion and eventually

Now it was Kristin’s turn, but since my dick had already tasted
Kristin’s pussy she agreed to let me fuck her up her ass. But to
take my time because she had never taken it up the ass. This was
unbelievable I was going to fuck two of the most famous and best looking asses
in the world.

I stood her up and she bent over. She held her ankles so her ass was
right open. I oiled my now throbbing cock and aimed it f or her
sphincter. Pushing hard, I slid the head in and watched as her anus
tightened around it. Then I pushed again and slipped my cock down to
the hilt. The inside of her ass, felt so tight and hot, I had to be
very careful not to cum straight away. I managed not to and slowly
fucked her ass. Building up speed, I could hear her start to cry out
in pleasure and I could fell her anus tighten. After a few more
thrusts, she came loudly and I could see the juice running out
between the lips of her pussy.

I let myself go then, and with one more push emptied my load of hot
cum, into her asshole. I pulled out, and she turned round and stood
up. She kissed me hard on the lips, then knelt down and licked the
cum and sweat off my dick, seeming to enjoy the taste of her own
ass. Then a shocked look came over her face, she turned to Brooke,
“Honey, have you ever given a b low job?” “Nope” replied Brooke, “I
was never really comfortable giving head”, she continued. “Well we
can’t have that, I took it up the ass, so you have to give him head.
Don’t worry I’ll help you.” Now open wide” Kristin said, holding
Brooke’s head. Brooke was sitting back from my cock. She still
opened her mouth as she was told. Kristin pushed Brooke forward, her
mouth sliding over my cock. She gagged as it hit the back of her
throat, and tried to pull away. Kristin held her in place.
“Just wait a moment and control it, you’ll be fine in a mo” she
said, running her hand through Brooke’s hair. After a minute or so,
Kristin slowly released Brooke’s head. Brooke stayed on my cock. She
closed her lips around my hardon and gently started to suck.
“What you do is suck and bob your head up and down” Kristin said,
kneeling down next to Brooke. She grabbed Brooke’s right breast and
started massaging it. Brooke slowly started bobbing her head, and
sucking well.

“That’s how to do it!” Kristin said with a laug h. “Here I am
teaching my sister how to give a blowjob in a threesome. What is
happening to the world?” she said with a sexy smile, leaning forward
to suck Brooke’s breast. Brooke let out a moan around her mouthful
of cock and closed her eyes to heighten the sensations. Kristin saw
her enjoyment and slid her right hand down to Brooke’s crotch.
Brooke opened her legs and allowed Kristin access to her now very
wet pussy. Kristin slid two fingers in and started gently rubbing
Brooke’s clit. Brooke simply moaned and started sucking harder. She
bobbed her head more rapidly. She was doing well for her first time.
“You’d doing well Brooke” I said, enjoying the warm wetness of her
mouth. She didn’t say anything, and just kept blowing me. Brooke
then started going faster. I looked down and saw Kristin rubbing her
clit hard, causing Brooke to speed up. I felt my climax approaching
and started rubbing Kristin’s clit hard. Brooke orgasmed first,
shuddering as she did. All the while she kept giving the blowjob. I
then felt my cum rise, and held Brooke’s head. I pulled back so just
the head of my cock was in her mouth, then came. Brooke looked
shocked as I shot my wad across her tongue. After I’d finished, I
stepped away. Brooke simply knelt with a mouthful of cum, unsure of
what to do with it.

Kristin wasn’t going to let this opportunity parse her by. She
jumped on Brooke, knocking her onto her back. She extended her
tongue and then kissed Brooke. Brooke opened her mouth and accepted
Kristin, and they shared my cum in a deep, french kiss. After they
broke the kiss, Kristin swallowed. Brooke followed suit and also

“Damn that tastes good” Kristin said, licking her lips. “What’d you
think Brooke?” she said, stretching her amazing body.

“It tasted good. I don’t know why I’ve never given blowjobs before”
she said, wiping the cum off her chin. She then sucked her fingers

“Well you are a naughty boy, you’re getting all the fun, fucking me
in the ass and getting blojobs” said Kristin with a smile. She
pushed me over on my back, and climbed on top of me, pushing my
renewed hardon against her wet pussy.

“I think I need a good fuck ing” she said, teasing her pussy with
the head of my cock.

“Give me it hard” she said, opening her legs as far as she could. I
gave her kiss and pushed my cock into her. She closed her eyes and
sighed, enjoying the feeling of me sliding into her. She came right
down on my cock and began bouncing on me. She closed her legs and
pulled them tightly around my waist, pulling me in tightly to her.

“Oh god this feels so nice” she said through an ecstatic moan. She
rocked forward to pressure her clit. She started rubbing it on my
cock as we shagged. She then tensed, and convulsed before grabbing
my shoulders and screaming before as an orgasm tore through her
small body. She continued to bounce on my cock throughout the
orgasm, but it wa s evident she was a bit tired after it. She was
slower as she bounced. I lifted her off me, and put her on her knees
before pushing her onto all fours. I got behind her and pushed my
cock into her again. She thrust back to get me inside her, as I
thrust forward. She instantly impaled herself on 7″ of hard cock,
causing her to gasp in a pain/pleasure sensation. I started
thrusting hard into her, and sped up from my previous pace.

She then pulled her legs tightly shut, clamping my cock into her
pussy. I couldn’t escape (not that I wanted to) and kept thrusting.
Her pussy was now like a vice, so tight around my cock I wouldn’t
last much longer. I reached up to feel her breasts that swung with
every thrust. As I strummed her hard nipples with my thumbs, she
pushed a hand down to her soaked beaver. She pushed her fingers
inside and started to rub her clit. I pushed real deep into her with
my next thrust. She let out a groan and shuddered, her arms
collapsing beneath her. “I’m gonna cum soon Kristin. Where d’ya w
ant it?” I said. Kristin was practically stoned.

“In….my….pussy” she gasped, before dropping her head and
continuing to thrust backwards. I felt my climax coming and started
to thrust real hard and fast. I drove myself right into her, and let
my load go against her G -spot. She gave a scream and shuddered
violently. She screamed again as her high-intensity orgasm hit her.
Her pussy clamped down on my cock, milking it for the cum. She gave
a long groan and then dropped onto the bed, gasping for breath. I
collapsed on her back after I’d finished shooting inside her, and
felt her breathing hard. I kneeled up after grabbing some breath and
pulled my softening cock from her tight pussy. It slid out easily
from her wet snatch. I got hold of Kristin and rolled her over onto
her back. She had her eyes shut and was just about regaining breath.
I laid down next to her and put my arm around her.

Brooke then laid down in the middle of us and we all fell asleep.

The End

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