A Day In The Life Of The S Club 7 Girls

Disclaimer: None of this really happened. This story should not be read by anyone under 18. This story depicts illegal acts including underage sex and rape. This has no bearing on the sexuality of Rachel Stevens.


S Club 7 danced to the music. They were at a concert in Wembley. The lights were hot and they were sweating. Tina looked down and saw a sexy 17 year old boy. He saw her looking at him and looked around to check no one was looking at him. He pulled the zipper on his trousers down and released his trouser snake. Tina signalled him to stay afterwards. After the performance Tina met with the
guy again and gave him a backstage pass. She told him to come to her dressing room in an hour. Their manager told them all to go to their dressing room’s.

Chapter 1: Rachel and her biggest fan.

Rachel sat brushing her hair in dressing room. She’d done well tonight. There was a knock at the door and Rachel went to open it. There was a 15 year old girl. Evidently with a backstage pass.

“Hi.” Said Rachel

“May I come in?” Asked the girl.

“Sure, what’s your name.”


“That’s a lovely name.”

“Thank you, may I say that you are the hottest looking woman I have ever seen!”

“Well thank you, I suppose.”

“Tell me, do you like girls?”

“Do you mean like girls of LIKE girls.”


“Occasionally, not often though.”

“Really? I LOVE girls but I’ve never had sex.”

“What at all.”


“Well how old are you?”


“Well you’re still young. Someone’ll fuck you.”

“Yeah, right, everyone else I know already has fucked someone.”

“Well look at you, for a 15 year old your pretty hot.”

“Oh thanks.” She said sarcastically.

“Well let’s have a look. Brunette, I like brunettes. Err… blue eyes. Beautiful face. Slender legs. Beautiful waist. A pretty big pair of breasts.”

“Not as big as yours.”

“No but they may be one day.” The more Rachel talked with Louise the more she became turned on.

“Louise what would you say if I said I wouldn’t mind fucking you?”

“I’d say then fuck me bitch.”

“Good answer.” Rachel subconsciously grabbed her crotch and squeezed. She moaned. She moved over to Louise and kissed her. She started to unbutton Louise’s shirt. And Louise grabbed Rachel’s crotch just as Rachel had done except harder. They stopped kissing. “You are a horny bitch aren’t you!” Rachel finished unbuttoning Louise’s shirt to reveal a beautiful black lace bra. Louise didn’t bother with buttons, she just ripped Rachel’s boob-tube of to reveal her bra-less breasts.

“Wow!” She said. And started to massage Rachel’s huge pair. They were 36D at least. Rachel undid Louise’s bra to reveal Louise’s still-forming 34B’s. They embraced kissing again. And Rachel took of her knickers to reveal that she was pantieless. Louise took of her skirt and started to suck Rachel’s nipples. Rachel was wet as hell and pushed Louise down and the floor, she got on top of Louise and got into position for a 69, both girls licked frantically until both came on each others faces and they lay on the floor embraced together.

Chapter 2: Jo gets raped by the S Club 7 manager.

Jo went to answer the knock at the door, it was Tim, the S Club 7 manager. She let him in.

“Hi, Tim.”

“Hello, Jo. I’ve come to talk about your performance tonight. You didn’t do very well.”

“Well I’ll do better next time.”

“There won’t be a next time, Jo, S Club 7 is about to become S Club 6.”

“No, you can’t!”

“I’m your manager and I can. As far as the press are concerned it’s because of creative differences.”

“What can I do to stay in?” A wicked smile formed over Tim’s face.

“I am going to fuck you.”

“No, this is the ultimatum, fuck me or you’re out of the band.” Jo saddened.

“What do I have to do?”

“Just do everything I say.” Jo nodded. “You will reply to everything I say with yes, master.”

“Yes, master.”

“Now first I want you to remove your shirt.”

“Yes, master.” Jo said sadly. She took of her skirt to reveal a white cotton bra.

“Very good Jo. Now remove your leggings.

“Yes, master.” Jo removed her leggings to reveal a matching pair of panties. Tim removed his clothes to reveal a 12 inch dick.

“Now Jo, remove your bra.”

“Yes, master.” Jo started to sob, tears rolled down her cheek. She removed her bra to reveal two large breasts.

“What size are they Jo?”

“They are 34C, master.”

“Very good Jo. Remove your panties.”

“Yes, master.” Said Jo removing her panties to reveal a hairy crotch.

“My, my Jo, you are a natural blonde.” Said Tim.

“Yes I am master.”

“Jo I want you to give me a blowjob and swallow.” Tears formed in Jo’s eyes again.

“Yes, master.” She sobbed. She walked over to Tim. She placed her mouth around Tim’s cocks head. She ran her tongue up and down his member and Tim moaned. She moved her mouth further down Tim’s cock until she was halfway. She looked up at Tim with sobbing, begging eyes but Tim’s face was only of malice. She knew what she had to do, she moved further down his cock until it was almost suffocating her. And then she got to the end. Her tongue ran up and down it and she began to go up and down it with regular rhythm. She bit down on his cock ever so softly and he came. She spat it onto the floor.

“Jo, I told you to swallow.”

“Yes, master.”

“I have to punish you.”

“Yes, master.” Tim sat down on a chair.

“Get on my knee.”

“Yes, master.” She bent over his knee not knowing what would happen next her tears full of tears.

“Now you are a naughty little girl for not swallowing aren’t you.”

“Yes, master.”

“Naughty little girls should be punished shouldn’t they.”

“Yes, master.”

“Now what is the best way to punish a naughty little bitch.”

“I do not know, master.”

“I’ll tell you.”

“Naughty little bitches have their bottoms smacked.” Tears filled in Jo’s eyes.

“Yes, master.” She shot forward as Tim’s hand rammed into her arse. He smacked her arse extremely hard. It was very painful for Jo and he smacked until her arse was red. He stood her up.

“Now that was a fair punishment for a little bitch who performs wrong and doesn’t swallow her master’s cum isn’t it?”

“Yes, master.”

“Now I want that little bitch to get down on her hands and knees.”

“Yes, master.”

“Place your arse high in the air.”

“Yes, master.” Tim walked round to the rear of Jo. His thumb circled her tight shit-hole. It went into her. Jo screamed in agony.

“Now you can guess what is going to happen next can’t you.”

“Please master, please don’t violate my shit-hole. I’ve never had anything in their. Please don’t I’ll do anything you want, just don’t violate my shit-hole. I’ll drink your urine if I have to. Please master, no!” Jo sobbed.

“I’m sorry Jo, the performance I could of forgiven, I would of taken you missionary but you didn’t swallow my cum and you must be punished!”

“But master you have already punished me!”

“That was the beginning!” His cock rammed up Jo’s arse. It was halfway in already and Jo screamed in agony. Tim hadn’t even bothered to lubricate her arse. He pushed it in further and further still and started to pull it in and out in regular rhythm. Soon he came inside of Jo. Jo sobbed. What he want her to do next?

“Now Jo I want you to give me a tit-wank.”

“Yes, master.” OK that wasn’t as bad as she was expecting. His cock had already risen to attention again. She placed her tits around his cock and took it up and down until he came in her tits.

“Jo, lie back and spread your legs.”

“Yes, master.” Jo did so and Tim entered her cunt. Going in and out rhythmically until he found himself at her womb of all places. He came emptying his load into the place where her baby would one day be born.

“I hope you’re on the pill. This could be very bad publicity for you. Pregnant without a husband. If not there’s always the morning after pill.” Tim snarled and left. But he would be back again to punish Jo for not swallowing.

Chapter 3: Tina and the 17 year old.

The 17 year old knocked on Tina’s door.

“Come in.” She said. He opened the door and their she was naked. Her tits were small but her cunt was beautiful and shaven.

“But I’m a virgin!” He said.

“Well there’s gotta be a first time for everything! Lock the door.”

“But I only showed you my cock as a joke. When you said I should come here I thought you meant to talk.”

“Ooo….you’re so naive I like that. Take your clothes off.” He did so revealing a 10 inch cock.

“Impressive tell me how old are you and what is your name?”

“I’m called Chris and I’m 17.”


“And you’re still a virgin? If you can hide that and be a virgin at 17 you must be what? Gay?”

“No I’m straight, well bi-sexual actually.”

“Well this is going to be quick. I’m going to give you a blow-job. Then we will fuck. Then you will leave. Understood.” Chris nodded.

“Great.” Tina walked over and kneeled down in front of Chris. To Chris’ surprise and delight. Tina managed to get his cock down her throat in one go. Her teeth bit into his cock softly. He moaned. Her tongue ran up and down his cock and he came. “Well that was quick wasn’t it?”


“Don’t worry you are inexpierienced. Well looks like I can’t fuck you for a while so how about you do something for me?”

“Like what?”

“Ever ‘drunk from the furry cup’?”

“Yes, once with my ex-girlfriend.”

“Well again you get too.” Tina pushed his head down to her mound and he began to lick and eat. Somehow he was excellent and Tina came on his face. Tina noticed his cock had risen to attention. She pushed him down on the floor and jumped on his rigid cock. She rid it like a donkey. As she rid it she pushed her small tits up. Much to Chris’ delight. They both came simultaeneously and Chris got dressed and left.

Chapter 4: Hannah has dp.

Hannah answered the knock at the door. It was Bill and Ben the two extremely muscular security men that Hannah hired. They had come for their payment.

“Oh I’m sorry I don’t have it.”

“Well we aren’t leaving without payment of some kind.” Said Bill.

“Some kind? Huh? How about a fuck?”

“You joking? Fuck Hannah Sperritt?”

“Well you’ve both got such georgeous bodies.” Bill and Ben nooded at each other.

“We’re in.” All 3 of them took their clothing of. Hannah had a small pair of tits about 32B but her cunt was a beautifully shaven one. Bill’s cock was 8 inches, Ben’s was 10. Each of them started to suck one of Hannah’s nipples each until they were both rock hard. Hannah kissed Bill and then Ben. Then she sucked each of their cocks until they came in her mouth then she lay on the floor where she spread her legs and both blokes put their tongues in her cunt until she came. Then Ben lay down on the ground and Hannah started to ride his huge cock. Bill got in behind and went up her shit-hole. Eventually all 3 came simulataeously.

And they all left.

Chapter 5: The girls admit what happened.

The girls all sat in their part of the tour bus, the boy’s were in another part.

“I fucked a 15 year old girl after the concert.” Said Rachel.

“Actually I fucked Bill and Ben.” Said Hannah.

“What the flowerpot men?” Asked Tina.

“No the security guards.”


“I took the virginity of a 17 year old.” Everyone looked at Jo.

“What did you do Jo?” Asked Rachel.

“Nothing.” Relied Jo miserably. “I’ll be back in a minute. She went to where Tim was.”Tim.”


“Thinking about what happened I enjoyed it. How bout we do it again sometime?” Tim smiled.

“I would like that.”


By Chaos.

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