A Day On The Job

Fic Title:A Day On The Job

Author:Andrew Troy Keller


Pairing:Teri Hatcher/m


Summary:A freelance handyman arrives at Teri Hatcher’s house to do some work for her,only to have a sweet smell of perfumed bath water lure him to the actress’ nude body.

Warning:Male/female sex


It was on the 22nd day of April that I had started doing my freelance handyman job for all the home owners of Hollywood,California and so far,I’ve been doing a pretty good job without so much as a single thing to distract me from ever compleating my job.

But that was before I
had gotten to the home of an actress named Teri Hatcher,who had called and told me that she was in need of some work to be done in her kitchen.

Just then,as soon as I had walked into her house,I had suddenly caught a whiff of perfumed bath water coming from upstairs and it was that very scent that had caused me to go up the steps and over to the door of the upstairs bathroom,where I was surprised to see the actress herself sitting naked in a bathtub full of water.

And after she had looked upon me and smiled,she had steped out of the tub,wrapped her arms around me and kissed me ever so passionately on the lips,just before she had helped me take my clothes off and we had placed our nude bodies into the tub.

Then,after I had placed my stiff cock inside her pussy and started carressing her firm breasts,a sudden wave of pure and untamed erotica had came over us…and we were enjoying every minute of it.

Just then,a few minutes later,after we had started moving harder and faster and our lovemaking has reached its final mile,the both of us had came and allowed ourselves to catch our breath within the bathtub of our erotic pleasure.

And after I had left Teri’s house,I had taken a deep breath and said,”You’ve done great today,Kid.”

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