A Day with Shay

Title: A Day with Shay

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Shay Mitchell

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, BDSM

Disclaimer:  “This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.” Comments? john.garces01@gmail.com is where to find me.

It’s no secret that Shay Mitchell is one of the most personable celebrities on YouTube, and as such, she is one of the most likeable celebrities in the world.

But even her assistant thought that her latest idea was crazy, and she didn’t hesitate to tell her that.

“Shay, are you sure about this? I mean, I’m sure there are a lot of your fans that would want to take certain liberties with you given the nature of this contest, and I don’t think it’s a good idea,” she told her, Shay not budging about wanting to do her “win Shay for a day” contest.

“Let me live a little. Besides, I’m going to announce that I’m doing a YouTube video documenting the day we spend together, so that should keep them in line,” Shay protested to her assistant’s objections, going off to film her video announcing the contest and already looking forward to spending a day with one of her biggest fans and getting it on video.

“Whatever you say Shay…” her assistant said as she left Shay alone to film the announcement video, vowing to not interfere no matter what kind of trouble this contest might bring for her.

“Hi guys. It’s Shay. I am just posting a quick video to announce that I am doing a YouTube contest where you can win me for a day,” Shay announced, a smile on her face as she looked into the camera and gave all of her YouTube subscribers a nice look at her tits in the low-cut white shirt she was wearing.

“Now I know what you boys out there are thinking, and probably some of my ladies, too, but this will be filmed for a future YouTube video, so keep it clean,” Shay teased everyone at home watching the video, before promising to agree to do anything that the winner wanted to do with her.

“And when I say anything…I mean anything…” Shay teased, winking at the camera as she finished up the video, rushing off to have it edited and get it out to her fans.

The contest winner was going to be chosen by whoever Shay and her assistant decided had given the best reason for wanting to meet her, and Shay already knew that she was going to let a guy be the winner of the contest.

She had her reasons for this, of course, mostly because she wanted to give one of her male fans the chance to get lucky with her, but she would never give off that impression on YouTube for the world to see.

But when she saw the answer of a young stud named Daniel, who won her over by saying that he just wanted his favorite celebrity to know he was alive, Shay knew that he had to be winner.

“Hi Daniel. This is Shay. I’ll be doing a video to announce you as the winner soon, but I just wanted you to know that you won and I’m looking forward to seeing you and spending the day with you,” she wrote him in an e-mail, Daniel’s eyes lighting up when he saw her response.

“Shay, that’s great. You always have been my dream girl, and I promise you a day you’ll never forget,” he e-mailed her in response, hoping he didn’t sound too excited so as to give anything away about his plans for her.

Daniel had always been known as a stud, but had never had much success with women, so naturally, he did have a fair amount of nerves when it came to meeting Shay, but he couldn’t get out of his mind Shay assuring that she would “do anything the winner wanted her to do.”
And like most guys, Daniel had a few very specific things he wanted to do with Shay, mostly involving her body, so when he saw Shay arriving up to his front door on the day they had agreed to meet, he couldn’t contain his excitement about it.

“Shay, hi. Good lord, you’re even sexier in person,” he told her as he opened the door and let her into his house, already gawking at her in the tight white button-up shirt and cut-off shorts she is wearing, his dick already growing hard in his pants from looking at her sexy long legs and her tits threatening to bust out of the shirt.

“Aw, thanks Daniel, but I’m really nothing special,” Shay sheepishly replied, blushing visibly as she did, which made Daniel’s cock rock-hard in his pants.

“You’re something special to me Shay…” Daniel told her, really starting to lay it on thick with her as he brushed her arm, making Shay flush a little as she felt the heat start to radiate from between her legs.

“So what did you have in mind for us today Daniel? And remember, when I said I would be willing to do anything, I meant it,” Shay reminded him, hoping he would get the message sooner or later and throw her down somewhere and ravage her to relieve the growing wetness between her legs as she placed her phone on the coffee table next to the couch and hit record.

“I’m glad you asked Shay. Because there’s only one thing I’d like to do with you…” he told her as he moved in for the kill, laying a kiss on her as they sat down on his couch and pushing her flat on her back on it when he felt Shay hungrily returning his kiss and throwing her legs around him.

“MMM…such a good kisser…” Shay giggled as Daniel made out with her, her hands going to the back of his head to keep him there as they swapped spit, while his hands started wandering down her sexy body.

“That’s not the only thing I’m good at,” he bragged to her as Shay raised an eyebrow and started pushing his head towards her shirt as his hands undid the buttons and raised it over her head.

“Show me what else you can do baby. And don’t hold back. I am yours for the day, after all,” she told him as he undid the black bra she had on under the shirt and started licking her nipples, quickly making them erect.

“UH,” Shay moaned softly as he started to nibble on them, his hands working their way between her legs and reaching for the button on her shorts as he went from nibbling on her nipples to sucking her tits, taking the whole breast into his mouth and working his mouth around it.

“You like that Shay? Wait until I work my mouth over your pussy baby,” he told her as he had his way with her tits, Shay throwing her head back in response as he slid her shorts and panties off of her.

She had always been super sensitive when it came to her tits, and every lover she had ever had, male or female, had earned their way into her pussy by making her cum from working them over first, and Shay was now certain that Daniel was going to be next.

“I’m gonna make you cum, aren’t I?” he teased her as sucked on her tits, slapping them around as he felt her pussy with his fingers, three of them sliding into her wet, greedy cunt as he turned his attention to her most private area.

“Yeeesssss…” she squealed as he started fingering her, Shay in heaven at the feeling of what he was doing to her body as he finger-fucked her, wanting nothing more but to have his dick inside of her.

“I’m going to fuck your pussy with my dick now Shay. And I’m gonna cum in you when I’m done baby,” he told her, Shay shaking her head yes and hungrily pulling his face in for a make out session as he aimed his dick at her hungry fuck hole and slid it into her, wasting no time starting to forcefully thrust in and out of her pussy.

“OHGOD…” Shay hissed to herself when she felt Daniel start fucking her, her eyes already rolling back in her head and having trouble focusing on anything but the cock that was going rhythmically in and out of her.

“FUCK you’re tight Shay,” Daniel whispered to her as she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper into her cunt, her walls wrapping tightly around it as he pounded away on her pussy.

“Fuck me Daniel…OHGODYES…” she moaned as her hands went through his hair, his dick cutting a path through her pussy that she was sure hadn’t ever been cut before as she arched her back for him and started pushing her hips back into his.

“G-gonna c-cum…” she hissed as her eyes rolled back in her head and her pussy went off all over his dick, firing off several rounds of her juices out onto it as he held her arms over her head, laid a long, deep kiss on her and returned the favor.

“Cumming in your pussy Shay baby,” he whispered as he came in her, moving his hips back and forth and firing off a round of his thick sticky seed into her with every movement he made into her.

“MMM…so good…” Shay mumbled almost incoherently as he pulled out of her, her legs hanging limply off the edge of the couch as they made out some more, Daniel knowing just how he wanted to continue things with her.

“Bend over the couch and give me your other hole baby,” he commanded her as Shay obediently did as she was told, already under his spell as she looked behind him and smiled, wiggling her ass as he came up to her and placed his hands on her hips.

“I’m gonna fuck your pussy again first,” he told her as he ran his dick along her slick cunt lips and slipped it inside of her again, Shay grunting as he entered her from behind and started thrusting in and out of her tight box again.

“OHGOD…fuck me…” Shay moaned as he fucked her from behind, her walls tightening up as he pounded away inside of her, his hands reaching around in front of her to pinch her nipples and squeeze her tits.

“I could get used to this Shay. Too bad it’s only gonna be for a day,” he softly whispered to her as he kissed her neck and squeezed her tits, his dick hammering away inside of her as her walls started to squeeze tightly around it.

“UH…fuck…you feel so good…” she softly moaned as he had his way with her pussy, throwing her head back as he buried himself balls-deep inside of her and did her best to ride out her orgasm as it approached.

“Cum for me Shay. And then allow me to lose another load in your pussy,” he whispered to her as she came all over his cock for the second time, squirting a fresh load of her pussy cream all over it as he gave her a few more thrusts and came deep into her cunt again.

“YEAH,” he whispered as he shot his cum into her, Shay reaching one of her hands down to her clit to rub it as he thrust into her and filled her.

“Taste me,” he whispered to her as she slipped a few of her fingers into her cum-drenched pussy after his cock left it, scooping out some of his seed and sucking it off of her fingers as he slid his cock into her tight ass and started thrusting away.

“Dirty girl. Maybe I’ll test out just how dirty you are later,” he told her as he started fucking her ass, Shay rocking back and forth against his dick as he worked his way in and out of her tight back door.

“UH,” Shay responded, unable to do anything but moan out sexily in response as he had his way with her ass, already formulating where the rest of their day together was going to go as he felt her pussy.

“Cum for me baby,” he whispered softly in her ear, rubbing her cunt as he slammed his dick deep into her ass and held it there as he came into her bowels, flooding them in his seed just as he had her pussy.

“FUCK…it feels so good cumming in your ass…almost as good is it did cumming in your pussy…” he told her as he filled her tight ass with his seed, pulling out of her and playfully pushing her to her knees.

“I’m sure someone as dirty as you has done ass-to-mouth before,” he teased her as he presented his cock to her, Shay’s eyes lighting up as she stuck her tongue out and started licking the head of it before devouring it between her lips and beginning to suck on it.

“MMM…MMM…” she moaned as she sucked away on it, her hands stroking it as she worked it over with her mouth, lost in her own little sexual adventure with this stud who she didn’t even know until a few hours ago.

“Yeah, suck it Shay. Gonna cum down your throat real soon,” he told her as he pushed his hips into her face, resting his dick at the back of her throat as he felt his cum rushing up into his balls again.

“Come on baby. Give it to me,” she teased him, winking at him and pulling off of his cock before wrapping her mouth back around it just in time for him to cum down her throat with a grunt and a push of his hips.

“MMMMPPPPPHHH,” Shay hissed as she held onto his cock with both hands and greedily drank his seed down, smiling her sluttiest smile at him when she finished.
“What now stud?” she asked him as they shared a kiss, Daniel leading her to the bedroom as Shay picked her phone up off the coffee table to make sure it could record everything in there, too.

“I’m gonna blindfold you, tie you up and fuck your pussy again,” he told her as he blindfolded her, Shay moaning and sinking three of her fingers into her pussy in anticipation of being fucked again as Daniel carefully placed her hands around his headboard and tied her up at the wrists before tying her ankles as far apart as he could get them.

“I’m gonna get really deep this time Shay,” he told her as he kissed her and lined his cock up with her pussy, sucking on her tits as he slid into her and started fucking her once again.

“MMM…OHGOD. Fuck me. I can feel every thrust baby,” Shay moaned as he had his way with her yet again, her tight cunt wrapping hungrily around his cock as he speared her.
“That’s because your blindfolded baby. Other senses have to make up for you not being able to see,” he told her as he roughly thrust into her, her back arching as she threw her head back and begged him to make her cum again.

“Daniel…make me cum baby. I want to cum all over your hot fucking cock…” she pleaded with him as his strokes into her got harder and deeper, his hands going gently around her throat as he felt her walls tighten up even more.

“You like it rough baby? Let me choke you,” he whispered to her, the sensation of his cock tearing up her pussy and his hands around her throat too much for her as she came like a leaky faucet all over his dick.

“FUCK YEAH,” he whispered to her as he choked her a little more and slammed his hips into hers, cumming deep into her spread-wide pussy as he slid balls deep into her and spewed his seed into her.

“MMM…it feels so good when you cum inside me…” Shay hissed as his cum filled her up again, Daniel pulling out of her and placing his cock between her tits when he was done cumming.

“Time to fuck these luscious titties Shay,” he whispered in her ear as he started fucking her tits, slapping them around and twisting her nipples around in his hand as h moved his dick back and forth in the crevice between them.

“MMMPPPHHH…slap them around…” Shay moaned, Daniel having tapped into every depraved sex act she enjoys and turning her on more than she could ever remember being turned on as he slapped her tits a little more aggressively, his cock disappearing between them as he positioned it right at her chin and mouth.

“Gonna cum soon Shay. Mouth or face?” he asked her as he started fucking her tits one last time, her nipples hardening at the thought of him cumming again.

“Spray it all over me baby. Give me your hot load,” she huskily whispered as he took his cock out from the space between her tits and aimed it at her chest, shaking it a few times as he came all over her stomach, tits and face.

“MMM…I love a nice hot load I can rub into my skin…” Shay whispered as she started rubbing his cum into her skin, using her tongue to lick at some of it that landed on her face as he stepped back and started pissing on her.

“I hope you love golden showers baby,” he teased her as he rained his piss down onto her, Shay sticking her tongue out and drinking as much of it as she could while letting the rest shower all over her.

“Uh-oh. I think I need to go clean myself up in the shower now…maybe you’d like to join me?” she teased him, still licking her lips as Daniel rained one last round of piss down onto her, landing it in her hair as she got up and headed to his bathroom.

“I’d love to, you dirty girl,” he told her as he placed her phone on the bathroom counter and waited for Shay to start the shower and call for him to join her.

“Daniel…come here baby…I need a little help getting cleaned up…” Shay teased him as she poked her head out from around the shower curtain, smiling suggestively at him as he stepped into the shower with her,

“God you look sexy,” he told her as he took the bar of soap that was on the ledge and started rubbing it all over her pussy, Shay’s hands guiding him as he made circular motions with it.

“Let me clean this dirty, filthy pussy,” he teased her as he ran it over her pussy a little more aggressively, eventually sliding a few of his fingers into her as he used his other hand to run the soap over her tits, tweaking her erect nipples as he did so.

“MMM…fuck me…” she whispered to him as he finger-fucked her pussy, Daniel obliging and gently pushing her into the wall of the shower stall as he parted her legs and slid his dick back into her.

“Ask and you shall receive,” he teased her as he threw her legs around him, the water from the shower hitting both of them as he thrust in and out of her again.

“OHGOD…OHGOD…” Shay whispered over and over again, her tight cunt walls wrapping tightly around his dick as he buried it inside of her over and over again, hitting every spot inside of her that really set her off.

“Thank you for this Shay,” he told her as he started sucking on her tits, Shay throwing her head back against the wall as she felt another orgasm once again approaching.

“Make…me…cum…” she purred as he nibbled on her hard nipples, sinking himself balls-deep into her as he held himself inside of her.

“UH,” Shay moaned as she started cumming for him, her overworked pussy managing to spasm around his dick once more as she shot a fresh load of her cum out onto his dick.

“Cumming,” he whispered to her as he pushed himself into her one last time and came deep into her pussy, bathing her womb in one more round of his seed before pulling out of her and turning the shower off.

“MMM…you’re the best I’ve ever had,” she told him when they had put their clothes on and made it back to his couch, beginning to make out with him when they both caught a glimpse of the clock.

“Look at the time Shay. Looks like our day together is over,” he whispered to her as Shay pulled him close and gave him one last kiss, slipping her number into his pants pocket as she got up to go.
“That doesn’t mean we have to be over babe. Give me a call sometime,” she whispered to him, rubbing his dick through his pants as she walked out the door, thinking maybe she had finally found a man who could keep up with her kinkiest sexual desires.

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