A Dream Girl Caught In A Dream

–A “Dream” girl caught in a dream–

Steve wrote: based on a fictional experience with Melissa Schuman, the
teen pop diva from the group Dream. I found her passed out a a party in
California. Don’t let her blonde hair, blue eyes, and cute smile fool
you….this girl loves to party!!

I watched on as Melissa took another shot of colorful liquid. I sipped
on my mineral water and pretended to be drunk like everyone else. You
may say I am a pussy for not drnking, but being drunk was not my goal
for the night. I had much bigger plans.

Hours pass and I watch the party-goers drop like flies. Some staggered
outside to hop in taxis. Some being complete moronic assholes trying to
drive home only to pass out in the drivers seat before they put the keys
in. But there was only one person on my mind….MELISSA from Dream!

Boy was she hot. Perfect face. Perfect body. OMG She is hosting this
party, and wearing house clothes. Did I menion she was wearing a large
T-shirt, no socks or shoes, and possibly NO SHORTS underneah. She must
really feel safe at her own place. I could blow my load just watching
her drift off into a drunken sleep. That is when I made my approach.

I walked over quickly, acting like a good friend helping out.

“Don’t worry Melissa, I will get you to bed safe and sound.” I stood her
up and put her over my shoulder. Just then, her bodyguard stood up. He
was buzzing as wel, and had alot more fat then muscle. He staggered to
me in a weak attempt to stop me. I knocked him out in one punch and
carried Melissa to my car.

It wasnt long before I was pulling into my drive way. The 10 minute
drive seemed like 10 hours. I carried her to my bed, laid her down, and
locked all the doors and windows…the mission was complete. Now I can
get started.

I drank some water then I peeked in at Melissa. She was fast asleep.
Looking over at her I notice that her blanket was off her body and her
T-shirt had ridden up showing me her plump virgin pale sexy ass. As she
still slept deeply, I tiptoed up to the bed and stared down at her then
petted her ass gently and squeezed it lightly. Her body responded
however her breathing told me that she was still a passed out. I moved
my hands up the side if her body thankful that she was on her side
allowing me to pet all that I wished. I slide my hand under her left arm
reaching to touch her breast. I cupped it and massaged it gently.

My hand then slid back down her side to her ass again. I repeated this
several times feeling her and exciting my self with the feeling of her.
I pressed my hardening cock against her ass rubbing it up and down
slowly. Then I moved my hands between her ass cheeks and around her
panties brushing over her pussy and stopping with a little rub at her
clit to test her body’s reaction. I thought to my self how much I wanted
her right then and debated on taking her. I debated on how to attempt
the removal of her panties. I used a nife to cut her silk panties off.
I couldn’t believe I was going to do this. Carefully I cut the panties
away from her body.

Seeing her naked ass, my cock was hard.

Melissa is now panty-less body begged me to intrude further, or was it
my throbbing cock? I slid my fingers into her wet pussy, circling the
silky-smooth lips. The wetness told me she must have been having some
good dreams, or my petting had afflicted her. I thought of which way I
should take her and several positions came to mind. I pondered moving
the left leg further over putting her on her stomach, that way if she
awoke I could hold her down until I finished within her. I decide to try
and keep her asleep and left her the way she was. Still on her side I
spread her legs a bit so my left knee would be able to fit between her
legs without disturbing her much.

I slid my balls up her right inner thigh. It felt good, I continued
sliding up and down the smooth silky softness of her inner thigh, each
time my cock got closer to her wet opening. My exploring fingers had
spread the inner-lips open from before and I could see her wet
glistening pussy. This excited me more seeing that open wet pussy. The
head if my cock pressed against it. I looked for a reaction and then her
ass moved. At least her body was awake to my probing. I started to
stroke her ass with my hands. Oh how I loved that ass. I couldn’t help
myself. I buried my face in her ass and licked and sucked it all over. I
shoved my face between the ass’s cheeks touching its forbidden opening
with my tongue circling it. My cock jumped against her calf as if in
jealousy of my mouth I could wait no longer.

I repositioned my self with my cock back at her open wet pussy. I took
out a condom more to hide the evidence of my intrusion than anything,
she would not be able to claim anything.

Slowly I began to penetrate her. I weakly controlled my thrust as I
entered. Trying not to disturb her with any other part of my body or too
much moving of the bed. You have no Idea how hard that can be. My left
hand found its way to her breast, I couldn’t resist touching them. My
balls rubbed against her inner thigh, they loved this. She was still
asleep but her breathing quickened along with my pace. My heart raced
though I maintained a steady moderate pace, still not trying to move the
bed much. I came to the point that I would normally hold back for any
time that I would have consent and kept thrusting deeper and deeper
pleasing only myself. I saw her mouth open in an understandable moan but
her eyes remained closed. Her body quivered, I could have sworn she was

Her moans became audible, but quickly turned to talking. “Wha.. what…
what is going on?” Her voice made my male instincts kick in. I flipped
her on her belly, dick still in her, and pinned her to the bed with all
my weight. Oh I couldn’t go this far and not cum. I would have sore
balls for the next month. She struggled and said words I couldn’t make
out due to her drunken state. I held her wrists from behind and moved
only my hips up and down, in and out of her tight hot pussy. I was like
a rabbit, fucking at a high-rate of speed. I smelled her hair and felt
her hot young body strugging underneath me. That, with the warm almost
HOT juice from her tight pussy made my blow my load. My dick and balls
squirted atleast 10 times. It felt so good. Not only did I fuck a young
hotty….. I fucked at young celebrity hotty! I didn’t want to pull my
dick out. She froze. I froze. What should I do next?

I quickly pulled out and threw on my pants. She laid their motionless.
Oh she was sure to jump up and bitch and cry and say i was dead…. but
as i looked closer….. yep, she was passed out again. HA HA! the drunk
pop tease. She won’t remember a thing. I took her back to the party.
Well not the actual party. More like I drove to a neighbors house, sat
her on the door step, rang the door bell, then put my car into drive and
floored it. Did she get taken home? Did she remember it? Who knows??
With Melissa’s luck, she probably was found by a man similar to me, that
did similar things to her. HA HA HA! One can only hope that this guy
writes about it.

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