A Dream Of Jennifer Love Hewitt

A JLH Dream

I had a dream last night about JLH. We were sitting by a pool with
a group of other people. I had no idea who they were, nor did I
care. While we were sitting there, Jennifer said she had to get
something from her room and smiled at me. She got up and walked
off. She was wearing a red bikini that was skimpy in the backside,
but was not a thong.
After she entered the house, I casually got up and walked in as
well. I went to her room, and she was looking through
a bag on her
bed, bending over slightly. I walked over to her and gently dragged
a finger across her ass. She turned around, acting startled. I then
leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, then on her lips, and
pulled away. She stared at me for a moment, then kissed me on the
lips. Our tongues met, and we put our arms around each other. We
then laid down on the bed, and ran our hands all over each other. I
ran my hands up her sides, over the curve of her ass, and up to her
bikini top. She dragged her fingers up and down my back,
occasionally grazing my ass. When I got up to her shoulder, I took
the bikini strap and slid it down slowly, exposing one of her
breasts. I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked on it lightly.
She let out a soft moan, and moved her hand to my ass, squeezing it.
I then moved over to the other breast and moved the bikini top down.
She pushed me onto my back, and took her top off completely,
exposing her perfect tits. She leaned over and kissed me on the
mouth, then started kissing her way down my chest. I played with her
nipples while she went further down. She then slid my trunks off.
The room had gotten rather warm, and we both started to sweat a bit,
her tits glistening. She took my cock in one hand, and kissed the
tip, then licked the sides. Smiling at me, she then took the whole
thing into her mouth, down to my balls. Her head started to bob up
and down, her tits bouncing around. She kept sucking, taking my rod
all the way in and out, occasionally stopping to suck my balls.
After she did this for a while, she stopped, looked at me, and said,
"This is a bit unfair, isn’t it? I mean, you have all YOUR clothes
off!" She stood up and slid her bikini bottom off, exposing a nice,
trimmed pussy. She then got back on the bed, and moved on top of me
into a 69 position. Her pussy over my face, I parted her pussy lips
with my hand, and slid a finger inside her. She groaned loudly,
then took my cock back inside of her mouth. I started sucking on
her clit, flicking it with my tongue, then inserted a second finger.
Her tits pressed against my stomach, she kept sucking my cock like
a champion. I then removed my fingers and slid my tongue into her
hole, moving my fingers to her ass. I gently pressed against her
asshole, not entering it. She groaned again, then said, "Oh, god!
I have GOT to have you inside me." She got off of me, turned around
and straddled me, guiding my cock into her pussy. Once she got it
in, she started moving up and down, slowly at first, then moving
faster. I grabbed her hips and pulled her up and down on my rod,
watching her tits move in unison.
After doing this for several minutes, I looked her in the eyes and
said, "Do you wanna REALLY feel good?" She looked at me curiously,
then smiled slyly. I got out from under her, then moved behind her
and entered her from behind. I grabbed her ass, then started to
fuck her doggy style. I was nice and slow at first, then got faster
and deeper. I then slapped her ass and started to really slam into
her hard. She was screaming with pleasure, begging me to fuck her
harder. I pounded my cock into her, then reached under to squeeze
her tits. She yelled out, "I am gonna cum! YYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSS,"
and she started to shake violently, as a massive orgasm took over
her body.
When it subsided, I slowed down to a halt, then turned her over and
looked at her, a look of relief in her eyes. After a few moments,
she said, "I want you to cum," and pulled me up to her. I straddled
her stomach, and she grabbed her tits and said, "Put it here." I
gladly placed my cock between her tits and she squeezed them around
it. I moved my cock between her now very slick tits, fucking them,
the tip of my cock hitting her mouth when I moved forward. I
started to feel my balls tighten, and moved even faster, yet tried
to hold back as long as possible. I screamed out that I was going
to cum, and she replied, "Yes, give me all of your cum. I pulled my
cock from her tits and stroked it a few times, then unloaded. My
cum went all over. The first spurts hit her in the face, then I
pointed them at her tits, shooting gobs of cum onto them. When I
stopped, I used my cock to rub the cum into her breasts and face.
She looked up at me and smiled. "So, do you want to go back to the

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